The Shining Fantasy [Updated 10/18/2015]

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Legends… Prophecies… War…  Heroism… Genocide…  These are some of the characteristics that rest in the Algian solar system. Four planets existed in the solar system and each had their own unique twists to them. Palmara, the first planet in the solar system closest to the sun, was a small planet made of mostly molten rock. Not many habitants could exist in such a planet, unless they were branded to the molten heat of the planet and the sun. Thanks to current technology, very few settlements of demons, angels, and humans alike lived there. Motavian, the second planet from the sun, was a planet ideal to our current Earth. Due to the recent attacks from a planet far off, and war, the planet’s resources and technology has downgraded to swords, hatchets, and old buildings like castles and huts. Motavian has been the middle point of war between four different ideals for over 1000 years; making it battle scarred, and a monument of death. Somehow, civilizations continue to thrive. Due to Motavian’s size, it had four moons that orbited the planet named Raven, Silan, Gethos, and Crothan. Farther in space, rested the icy planet of Dezian. Due to its extremely cold temperatures, and atmosphere, the planet is listed as an inhabitable planet, and caution is given to all space exploration to avoid it as much as possible. Any ship that has entered the planet’s atmosphere never returns. Finally, the last planet is also an uncharted planet. Every fifty years, the planet comes in alignment with Motavian, Palmara, and Dezian creating a distortion on every planet, resulting in a vacuum towards the mystery planet. Being uncharted, and unexplored, the planet has undergone numerous name changes… and currently it’s called “The unknown Planet”; or planet U.

The four moons around the planet Motavian is where the story takes off. Each moon is home to specific races. Raven is the native home to humans and elf-like people called Mystics. Being listed as the most technologically enhanced moon in the solar system, Raven plays a key role in the war over the solar system. With technology, strategic superiority, and the willpower to fight, all knew of the force Raven became. Gethos, the second moon around Motavian, was a holy ground for angels of all types. It is the only society ruled by one royal family, and the only race to have no interaction with any other race. Their main enemies are the demons that live on Silan. Using an ancient artifact called “The Holy Elevator”, they transport anywhere in the solar system at the blink of an eye, making them the fastest moving force. Silan, the third moon, is the main threat to all moons and planets of Algian. With the ability to be reborn in the “Pit of hell”, the demon-spawns are listed as immortal unless struck with a holy weapon carefully forged on Gethos. Lastly, the moon of Crothan is listed as inhabitable due to its weak atmosphere and structure. The core of the moon has been destroyed, making it completely inhabitable.

Currently, between the forces of Gethos, and Raven, they are at an even standoff with the forces of Silan. Working together, they’ve successfully purged Motavian of the demons from time periods to time periods. With Gethos having the only means of killing demons, Raven has to maintain the truce between the two, forcing interracial interaction. Within each society, this has split some of the populations apart, creating enemies and problematic groups. Fighting one another, and the common enemy, has taken its toll on the truce, and its own people while Silan has recently been gaining ground on Motavian.

Chapter one: A new beginning


Buildings stretched from the surface of the planet to the tip of the sky. Its massive city stretch across the entire planet. With the core being stabilized by technology, there are small parts of the planet that have barren patches, or exposed lava. Vehicles no longer require road to run; they are able to fly at their content. Bridges and support beams connect a majority of the buildings, also holding them from leaning. From space, you could see massive domes covering the cities, and towns. With the toxins being released from the core, and the chemicals used to stabilize it, the air is unbreathable. It’s the capitol’s job that every city and town stays connected with tunnels; and to sustain oxygen. By default, the wealthy could afford using the teleporter system, which would instantly teleport you from one place to another; with a fee.

The streets of the capitol of Raven, Zerma, are not kind to the non-wealthy. Unless you are involved with the agency, or a business, you lived in an alley, or the sewers, scrounging for food and water. Every day, people die due to starvation, or being unable to tend to their families; or worse, suicide. Organized gang attacks against the capitol building have become more common, reducing the recruitment for more agents to join the war against Silan. In fear, or disarray, the population began getting complacent with how things are and are unwilling to pitch in to help the war, including donations or pitching in fundraisers. One organization, in particular, was not like the gangs attacking, but they strived to help where the Agents were unable to help. Because of large crimes, agents had to prioritize the cases, resulting in small robberies, murders, and crimes to be under looked. This organization claimed the title “Reunionites”.

Mateo, the leader of the Reunionites, was a bulky man with dark blue eyes, smooth black hair that reached to his shoulders, and slight brownish skin, standing about 5’10”, wore khaki pants with black combat boots. On his chest he wore a black T-shirt with a black trench coat that stretched to the floor. He wore a small utility belt with little vials attached to it, along with a beam pistol holstered on his left and right side. In his left combat boot, he had attached a combat knife, so if he was stuck in a hairy situation, he could easily escape. On his left side, he holstered a hilt that emitted a beam of light capable of piercing through anything it touched; known as a beam saber. Inside his trench coat, Mateo liked to carry shades, in case the sun was too bright.

Emmy, Mateo’s best friend, was a tiny, skinny mystic woman with a touch of tan skin, long green hair that dangles down her lower back, deep green eyes, standing about 5’2″, wore a green skirt that stretched to her kneecaps with a green tank top that stretched to the length of her skirt top. On her feet, she wore loose traveling sandals. Her belt was pure black, with beam pistols on her left and right side. She also has a retractable staff holstered behind her pistol. Unlike Mateo, Emmy often carried a green purse and kept all her weapons inside, being a fashion nut.

The two were walking down 17thAvenaue, a street that had a direct connection to the capitol building, licking on ice cream. Emmy, having a strawberry ice cream come and Mateo, having a turtle dipped Chocolate ice cream come, smiled as they were walking happily down the street. As they came to a stop sign, Emmy slowly looked at Mateo’s face and smiled,
“Beautiful day isn’t it?”
“Very…” Mateo smiled back, “But this ice cream is seriously over the chain!”
“Yea! Of course! It’s scrumptious! Feeling the succulent taste of strawberries and ice cream swirling in my mouth is like a mouthful of explosions! I could take over the world with this feeling of excitement and joy!” Emmy shouted, thrusting the ice cream into the air, standing on one leg.

Mateo paused, and sort of stepped away from Emmy, glaring at her like she lost her mind.
“One day I will be queen of strawberries!” Emmy jumped with excitement.
“I… I get the idea, Emmy!” Mateo laughed, stepping close with Emmy again.

Catching the corner of his eye, Mateo looked towards the other side of the street, watching the sun glisten over the water. As Emmy began walking forward, Mateo started walking across the street towards the banister of the road. Emmy, not paying attention, clutched her ice cream with both hands, and began staring at it maniacally,
“One day, when all the strawberries are collected, I shall grab my strawberry outfit, and begin my reign of terror as the strawberry queen of raven! Everyone will bow down to me!”

Unnoticed by the people passing her, she began shaking her ice cream cone violently. People began looking at her like she lost her mind. After a few seconds, Emmy caught herself, and glimpsed at the citizens passing by starring at her. She first blinked two times, then slowly lowered her ice cream to her midsection, and had the look of embarrassment on her face. Emmy quickly looked left and right for Mateo, who was standing at the banister, looking into the ocean. With a burst of speed, Emmy dashed to Mateo, blushing and holding her ice cream into the air. She then stood next to Mateo, panting. Quickly realizing she was in disarray, she took a deep breath, and stared into the ocean with Mateo, continuing to enjoy her ice cream.

“Mateo, whatcha doing?” She asked, innocently licking her ice cream.
“Does it bother you that all this is artificial?” Mateo sighed, licking his ice cream.
“Huh?” Emmy looked at Mateo, resting her left arm on the banister.
“Look at the water. It’s glistening in the sun, but beyond this dome; is space. We live off machines, and democracy. Everything here is man-made, and artificial… It bothers me.” Mateo sighed.
“Lighten up!” Emmy smiled, leaning over the banister in Mateo’s vision.
“Sorry, Emmy. It gets to me sometimes how artificial our lives really are.” Mateo sighed, eating more ice cream.
“Unless you become an Agent, there’s no way we can get out of this dump then; which I have to be on par with you to be your official follower!” Emmy smiled, licking more ice cream.
“I know… Mystics have no problem getting through the academy… You know that…” Mateo laughed.
“My only problematic issue is I get bored with their silly tests… If you’re hurt, I fix you; done.” Emmy giggled.
“Ha, there’s more to it than that, little missy!” Mateo laughed again, firmly grasping his slowly melting ice cream cone.
“Oh, really…? Do tell, master of minds…” Emmy questioned.
“Yeah. But you have to catch me first!” Mateo shouted, thrusting his ice cream into Emmy’s face.

Mateo quickly turned away from Emmy and began running down the sidewalk. Emmy, who forcefully stuffed her mouth with her own ice cream, wiped the ice cream out of her face with one stroke, and began chasing Mateo. She balled up her fist, and raised her hand high in the air in anger,
“Come back here jerk! That wasn’t nice!” Emmy shouted.
“Have to catch me!!” Mateo laughed, looking back at Emmy.

Grinning, Mateo turned his head in front of him and continued running. The moment Mateo began focusing on what was in front of him; a horrible sight bestowed his eyes. In the sky, Mateo saw a ball of flame rapidly approaching him. Thinking fast, Mateo stopped dead in his tracks turned 180 degrees. Emmy, ready to punch Mateo, was unaware what was going on, but noticed Mateo’s face was no longer enjoying the moment. With the force of Emmy smacking into Mateo, he grabbed her with both of his arms, and launched the both of them off of the banister as the fireball smacked against the pavement. Thinking fast, as Mateo and Emmy began descending off the road, Mateo reached out and grabbed one of the bars that hold the banister together, and began dangling with Emmy tight in his left arm. Stunned and completely confused, Emmy wrapped her arms around Mateo, looking down at the oceanic waters.
“The hell just happened!?” Emmy yelled, wrapping her legs around Mateo as well as hold on tight with her arms.
“I… don’t know…” Mateo gasped, struggling to hold onto the bar.

Beginning to succumb to the weight of both him and Emmy, Mateo’s grip began to slip. Above, citizens were running out of the buildings surrounding the smoldering object, unaware of what it is. Mateo pleaded for help as he saw people rushing past him.
“Help…! We’re slipping! Someone help us!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo… I don’t think they’re paying attention to us…” Emmy pouted, slowly burying her face into Mateo’s torso.
“Hold on… I have an idea.” Mateo announced, “Reach onto my belt, second vial from the left of the buckle, and open it. Pull the thing inside out and throw it as hard as you can above the road!”

As instructed Emmy used her right hand, and done what Mateo said. Pulling out a small, white glass vial, she chucked it as hard as she could. When it landed, it emitted a blinding flash, followed by smoke; adding to the confusion. Thinking fast, Mateo began swinging back and forth, allowing him to gain a better grip. He looked at Emmy, who was scared,
“Do the thing, NOW!” Mateo commanded.

Without a second thought, Emmy released from Mateo and placed both hands on her chest. Closing her eyes, for a brief moment, a faint purple glow emitted from her hands, and her chest. Mateo smiled as he released from the banister, now in free fall. Emmy quickly threw herself towards Mateo, and snapped her fingers. In a blinding flash again, the two dissipated from sight; and appeared above the bridge. Mateo fell to his hands and knees, exhausted from the adrenalin rush as Emmy kneeled, placing her hands on Mateo’s back as the glow on her chest and hands dissipated.
“Are you alright? I forget… using mystic magic is taxing on humans bodies…” She asked, in a soft and concerned voice.
“Yeah…”Mateo panted, “Help me up…”

Emmy firmly grasped Mateo’s left arm, and placed it over her neck. With all her strength, she stood to her feet, helping Mateo to his feet. As the smoke cleared, Mateo and Emmy stood close at the smoldering rock. Mateo slowly removed his arm from Emmy, and grasped one of his pistols. Holding his weapon at the low ready, he slowly approached the rock, curious. Emmy attempted to walk with Mateo, but he pushed his left arm back, signaling to stay back.  All of a sudden, three vehicles began descending on the object. This made Mateo holster his weapon and back away, as did Emmy. The wind from the vehicles was so intense, it blew all the smoke away, and forced people a good distance from the rock except Emmy and Mateo. Watching the three cars land, Mateo prepared to approach the people as they got out of their cars. From two of the cars, three men in suits stepped out, embracing a small, white rod.

The third car, stepped out two individuals embracing massive weaponry. One was a blonde haired woman that her hair stretched to her knees. She was about 5’5″ and skinny. You could see where she had tanned before in the hot sun. Her hair shined like a block of gold. Her eyes were like Sapphires sparkled in her eyes like a full moon at midnight over a calm lake. Her clothes fit her hourglass body perfectly; blue jeans that fit her figure perfectly, along with a strapless tank-top that showed off her belly. On her left finger, a large diamond sparkled, indicating she was married. On each of her sides, she also wielded two plasma pistols, along with a retractable staff. On the surfaces of her hand, she wore two metallic bands that had four holes imbed on the side against her knuckles. On her back end, she wore a dark brown pouch with numerous tools in it.

The man had hair stretching to almost his shoulders, with a small beige tint to it. His eyes were a glossy green, deep enough to melt any woman’s heart, but make a man fearful of him. He stood about 5’7” wearing regular black tennis-shoes, grey socks along with khaki pants. He had a black T-shirt that hugged his body, showing off where he’s worked out his whole life, with a dark blue and green checkered plaid shirt on-top hanging loose and open. On his left finger, he wore a golden band, indicating he was married. On his back, he wielded a large buster sword, and on his sides he had two plasma pistols, with two beam sabers behind them.

Mateo looked scornfully at the man,
“Specter” Emmy growled, walking and standing next to Mateo.

Zane swiftly turned towards the rock, and immediately caught Mateo in his eye. Specter, his wife, glared at Emmy as if she was a block of meat. Instead of assessing the rock, the two walked towards Mateo and Emmy. With his deep voice, Zane waved at Mateo.
“Mateo! Hey!” Zane smiled.
“Hey… Zane…” Mateo replied, obviously showing he wasn’t excited.

Zane and Specter were now within arm’s reach of Mateo and Emmy. Zane extended his arm out to shake Mateo’s hand. Mateo looked at Zane’s hand and looked back at Zane. For a brief moment, as Zane is standing there with his arm extended, Mateo was filled with anger, and hatred.
“Oh, come on Mateo… Don’t be so bent out of shape… It was one accident! Get over it!” Zane sighed, lowering his arms.
“It cost me everything… You can’t just shrug it under the fence!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo, calm down… Stop… Before you make a mistake… you’ll regret.” Emmy replied, grabbing hold of his arm.
“Yeah, Emmy… Calm your dog down, or else…” Specter giggled, pointing at Emmy.
“Excuse me?” Emmy snapped at Specter, giving her the glare of death.
“You heard me under-bitch. Keep your dog down!” Specter giggled, laughing at Emmy.
“You…” Emmy growled, slowly reaching for her staff.
“What do you want, Zane?” Mateo asked.
“Well, the boss tasked me, the Agent, to come out here and investigate this rock. So, here I am. Now to get to work…” Zane smiled, turning away from Mateo.

Mateo began cringing. Emmy, looking at Mateo’s growing anger, grabbed Mateo’s arm, and began tugging him gently.
“Mateo… It’s not worth it… You remember last time… I hope…” She said in a concerned voice.

Specter grinned, sticking her tongue out at the two, and turned towards the molten rock. Zane crossed his arms, placing his left hand on his chin in thought.
“Where did this come from?” Zane pondered, starring at the rock.
“Oh! From space…!” Specter giggled, placing her hands on her knees, bending over.
“Well duh…” Zane sighed, placing one knee on the ground, resting his hand that was on his chin to his bent knee, “It looks like… a small meteorite…”

Mateo began turning around, walking away from the scene along with Emmy at his side, still clutching his arm. Emmy squeezed tighter, feeling Mateo’s intense emotion.
“Mateo, you have to let that garbage go…” Emmy sighed.
“Shush, hussy…” Mateo growled.
“Say wha?” Emmy gasped, looking at Mateo’s face.
“Every time I see him… I want to fight him…” Mateo sighed, glancing back at Zane and Specter.
“That was so long ago…” Emmy sighed, leaning her head onto his arm.

As Mateo and Emmy walked out of distance of Specter and Zane, Specter stood up from examining the meteorite.
“I’m going to tape off the area…” Specter said, reaching into her pouch.
“Do it, hurry…” Zane shouted, pointing towards nearby citizens.

Slowly, the noise and smoke began attracting nearby citizens. From the surrounding buildings, to passing by vehicles, the crowd began growing. Pulling out some yellow caution tape, Specter ran towards light poles, and began tying the tape to form a perimeter. As commotion began getting louder, Specter then put the caution tape away, and pulled out a small phone-like contraption.
“Sir, we need some reinforcement… This object is attracting a ton of commotion…” Specter said haste-fully, putting the contraption back in her bag.
“Hurry, Specter… We may have an issue…” Zane Gasped, jumping back form the meteorite.

Instinctively, Zane pulled out one of his beam sabers and turned it on, glaring at the meteorite. Confused, the citizens began gasping, looking at Zane’s actions. Specter ran to Zane, and clenched her hands together, looking at her confused husband. The men that stood next to the cars suddenly began attempting to control the citizens, directing them away from the area. Specter looked around, watching the commotion, and looked back her husband.
“Honey, what’s the matter…?” She asked.
“That’s not a meteorite…” Zane exclaimed, eager to pounce on the meteorite.
“What is…?” Specter asked, looking at the meteorite.

The moment Specter looked at the molten meteorite; it began to budge on its own. Becoming fearful, Specter then forcibly threw her arms down, ejecting four metallic rods protruding from each hand. Watching closely at the budging meteorite, a sense of fear bestowed the two agents.
“Is it… an egg?” Specter gasped.
“It’s …” Zane began speaking.

Suddenly, a stream of darkness emitted from the meteorite, traveling in the air like a snake. People watching began screaming in horror as the darkness circled and twisted around itself in the sky.  Zane watched in horror as the meteorite began bouncing erotically. Being unnerved watching it land and leave a mark in the ground, Zane braced his second beam saber, and turned it on. Specter paid no mind to the rock, as she was staring at the growing darkness in the air, twisting around itself.
“Of all times for this to happen…” Zane growled, “We were supposed to pick up our dry cleaning…!”
“Of all times, you’re thinking about that disgusting outfit?” Emmy gasped, becoming distort at the darkness.
“Uh… Yeah…!” Zane smirked, glancing at Emmy for a second.

All of a sudden, a shadowy figure exploded from the meteorite, sending fragments of the rock hurling into the nearby scrambling crowd and buildings. Thinking fast, Zane kicked Specter from being near him, and formed an X with his sabers, apparently blocking the shadowy figure from attacking either of them. The kick was so fierce; it sent Specter smacking the wall of a building across the street. She shivered in pain as she slid from the wall, to resting to her knees in pain. Zane glanced at Emmy again, realizing how hard he kicked her for a split second, and then focused back on the shadowy figure against his blades.
“Sorry, Specter… I didn’t want you to get too hurt…” Zane muffled under his breath.

The shadowy figure pushed itself off Zane’s blades, and soared into the swirling darkness in the sky. Now a few blocks away, Mateo began hearing commotion coming from behind him. Turning towards where he was walking from, he gasped at the sight of the swirling darkness in the sky, and immediately snatched Emmy from walking in the other direction. He swung her to the direction he was looking at and pointed.
“The hell is that?” Mateo shouted, looking at Emmy.
“It’s… Um… Oh!” Emmy smiled, “ It’s Zane’s bullshit!”
“Ha…” Mateo giggled, “Let’s go!” Mateo shouted.

Releasing Emmy, the two began running towards the darkness. Mateo pulled out his shades , placed them over his face, and grasped one beam saber. Emmy grabbed hold of her retractable staff and spun it above her head, extending the sides. Holding the staff to her back, and Mateo holding the beam in front of him, the two began charging towards the swirling darkness. Looking around at the citizens running from the opposite direction, Mateo began feeling guilty from walking away to begin with, began running faster. Emmy, horrified at the carnage the debris from the meteor caused, began shedding a tear at the people who were smashed by the debris of the meteorite.

Zane forcefully jumped into the air, with both sabers in hand, towards the darkness. He was quickly swatted out of the sky like a fly by the swirling darkness, hurling him back towards the ground. The force caused him to lose grip on one of his beam sabers. Regaining his ground, Zane spun, landing on the ground with his feet and his left hand on the ground. Zane watched in horror as the darkness began manifesting into the shadowy figure. Thinking of all his resources, with his left hand, he pulled out his beam pistol, and began wildly firing into the darkness. Specter, finally able to move from being stunned against the wall, struggled to her feet and gasped at the sight in the sky.

As it began forming the shape of a human, the entity lowered to the ground. Once it touched the ground, the very essence of its darkness began emitting in a circular rotation around the being. Suddenly, the darkness that enveloped the entity lifted, and began rotating around the being. Standing about 7 to 8 feet, the man wore a black robe with red outlines on the sleeves, and the opening of it. With two swords on his back, coated in a yellow swirl of liquid, the creature stood with his hands in the sleeves. His skin was almost the color of his robe, and his eyes were a crimson red. He stood, glaring at Zane, as if he was a parasite in front of an exterminator.
“Ah, you…” The creature spoke.

Hearing the creature speak was like 1000 needles going into your heart. The coldness of his words threw Specter out of combat stance. She quickly retracted her claws, and placed her hands to her ears and balled up, pushing herself against the wall in fear.
“Am I supposed to know you?” Zane gasped, clenching his beam saber.
“I doubt that…” The creature laughed, “I was looking for Commander Arthur… Have you seen him?”
“No! And you won’t, demon filth!” Zane shouted, placing his pistol on his belt.
“Pity… I wish you stupid humans would be more cooperative…” The creature laughed.

Zane, beginning to succumb to the creature’s thought shattering voice, clenched his saber so tight, it shorted out the beam portion, and caused it to shut off. Zane, now horrified at his saber, began smacking it with his left hand, praying it would magically turn back on.
“Allow me to introduce myself… I am Zilan, a commander from Silan. I am here to speak terms with the commander of your military. It’s obvious you are one of his soldiers… So it would be wise to let me speak with him with no resistance.” Zilan spoke, taking a couple steps closer to Zane.
“No!” Zane shouted, holstering his defective beam sword, and pulling out his pistol again, “To date, we have never negotiated with demon garbage, and we won’t start now! It is our duty to put you in check, and defeat you on sight!” Zane shouted, pointing his weapon towards the face of Zilan.
“You fool…” Zilan laughed, reaching back for his blades, “You think you can stand up to me? My blades are infused with acid… You will melt where you stand!”

Swiftly unsheathing his blades, small droplets of yellow liquid slung around, pelting the nearby scenery. Specter, scared out of her wits, quickly took refuge in a nearby building, barely escaping the acid. Zane narrowly dodged the acid, still able to move quickly on his feet. Nearby, a citizen was attempting to escape, but due to a piece of the meteorite on his foot, he was unable to. One of the men in suits were attempting to free him, but as Zilan unsheathed his weapons, a few droplets of acid landed on both the trapped civilian and the man in the suit. Zane began shaking deep in his bones as he watched the two men’s skin melt onto the ground like water. Zilan quickly glanced to his right to watch the acid eating away at the men, and began laughing hysterically.
“Does that pain you, little man?” Zilan laughed, pointing his blades at Zane, “Don’t worry… You will be joining them!”

Zilan jumped, throwing himself into the air, with his blades locked at Zane. Zane stood completely helpless, knowing his pistol would not phase his demonic skin. He lowered his pistol to the low ready, and starred into Zilan’s demonic face, stunned with despair. Specter stood at a window eaten away by acid, watching as her husband stood in front of the storm, and began shivering herself, gasping at the severity of the situation. Her eyes began sparkling with anguish, feeling helpless. Suddenly, from the right of her vision, she saw Mateo and Emmy running towards Zane. Mateo, watching the demon in the air, about to strike Zane with one blow, reached into his belt, and pulled out a red vial. He looked at Emmy, and shouted, “Maneuver 6!”

Emmy stopped where she was, and placed her staff in front of her. Instantly, her eyes began to glow a purple, same with the tip of her staff. Thinking fast, Mateo watched as Zane fell to his knees. Using Zane as a boost, Mateo stood on Zane’s back and thrust himself into the air, towards Zilan. With his blade held to his left with his right hand, and Zilan swinging his blades, Mateo smacked his blades with his. As hard as he could, Mateo threw the red vial onto Zilan’s robe, placed his feet on Zilan’s chest, and used the momentum he pushed off of the ground to kick again towards the ground. This force threw Zilan into the air, surprised a human struck him. Landing on the ground with both knees, and one hand on the ground, Mateo dropped his beam saber. Using his right hand, Mateo grabbed a piston on his hip, and aimed for Zilan. Zane, staggering to his feet, looked at Mateo,
“You can’t pierce his skin with that!” Zane shouted.
“I’m counting on it!” Mateo shouted, shooting a laser from his pistol.

Time froze as the laser beam traveled through the air. Emmy, watching the fight, gazed at Zilan while Specter stayed hopeful Zane would be alright. Zane looked straight up, watching the laser travel towards Zilan. One thought went through Zane’s mind as the laser traveled to Zilan.
“When that laser hits, I will be quested as to why someone not of the agency took down… Not just a demon, but a commander of the demonic military. I’m an upper class agent… Would I be doing Mateo a favor in letting him have this? I am going to be the laughing stock of the whole agency…” Zane said to himself.

Time sped up once more as the laser struck Zilan. Though the laser didn’t pierce his skin, it was enough to imbalance him in the air. He quickly sheathed his swords, and landed onto the ground on his feet. He glared at Mateo, and put his hands back in his sleeve.
“You… What is your name?” Zilan asked.
“Mateo Leohan…” Mateo smirked, holstering his pistol, reaching for his beam saber.
“You’re not part of this pathetic military. Your actions are… interesting.” Zilan laughed.
“Mateo, don’t speak to this filth! Look at what he’s done!” Zane shouted, pulling out his pistol, aiming it at Zilan.
“You can put that down, Zane.” Mateo smirked, holstering his beam saber.
“Mateo Leohan… I shall remember that name… How do you know I won’t strike you? Your guard is apparently-“ Zilan began speaking.

An explosion emitted from Zilan’s chest. The force was so violent, it threw Zane off balance, and caused him to roll form Mateo’s position, to Emmy’s feet. Mateo, putting his arm in front of his face, shielded his face from the blast, as Zilan was thrown into a building. Emmy stepped over Zane’s body, and ran to Mateo’s side as they both glared at the building Zilan plummeted through. Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy, who was intent, and still battle ready.
“He’s done, Emmy.”  Mateo smiled.
“But…” Emmy gasped, lowering her staff.

Zilan emerged from the building, and fell to the ground, mourning in pain. Hearing the cries made the horrified Specter lower into a ball again, placing her hands over her hears. Slowly rising from the ground, he clutched his chest, and turned towards Mateo and Emmy. A weird combination of yellow and red liquid poured from his hands.
“You… You mortally stuck me!” Zilan shouted, poking his head in the air, startled.
“I know. I know how you bastards work… I did my homework, I guess you could say.” Mateo laughed, pointing at the mortally wounded Zilan.
“I will be back for you… Just wait… I’m going to murder you… and your entire race! Everything you know and love will be blackened by my blade; personally…!” Zilan shouted, releasing his wound.

Reaching into his shredded robe, he pulled out a wand. Thrusting it into the air, he shouted,
“I will be back with an unstoppable army… Two weeks from now. When I return, you will all be nothing more than a puddle of flesh and bone!”

He began laughing hysterically as his body began turning into particles. Zane, now exhausted from the battle, rose to his feet, and staggered to Mateo’s side. Because of the blast, Zane’s left shoulder was damaged, so he began holding it. They all stood, watching as Zilan’s particles dissipated into the air. Immediately after they dissipated, Mateo glanced over at Zane, and took his shades off.
“Learn that from the academy…” Mateo chuckled.
“Mateo…” Zane gasped, looking at Mateo.

Emmy retracted her staff, and holstered it on her belt, and jumped into Mateo with open arms.
“Mateo that was amazing!” She smiled, burying her face into Mateo’s chest.

Specter ran out of the building, and rand to Zane’s side, looking at his badly damaged shoulder.
“What happened to you, Zane…?” Specter questioned Zane’s actions.
“I… I don’t know…” Zane sighed, holding his arm.

Mateo pushed off Emmy, and grabbed her arm.
“Quickly! Before their life force dissipates!” Mateo shouted, running towards the acid eaten men.

Zane and Specter watched as Mateo and Emmy ran to the men that got hit by Zilan’s acid.
“Emmy, do you have anything to fix this?” Mateo asked, pointing at the two half destroyed men.
“I can try…” Emmy replied.

Emmy fell to her knees, and closed her eyes. She placed her hands on her chest, and looked towards the two men. Specter, curious, began to step towards Emmy, but Zane placed his hand on her shoulders.
“Call headquarters… We’re finished here…” Zane exclaimed.
“But…” Specter questioned, reaching for her phone in her pouch.
“Yes! We are done here. Call headquarters, and tell them there’s a code 7 in Livia town.” Zane replied.
“What do you want to do about Mateo…?” Specter asked, glancing at both Mateo and Zane.
“What about him? The job is done, we have to go…” Zane began answering.

As Zane answered Specter, Mateo glanced at the two from the corner of his eye. Feeling eyes on them, Specter glanced back at Mateo.
“… And we will tell Commander Arthur… That we have a promising lead on a potential attack in two weeks…” Zane finished answering.
“But Mateo-“Specter gasped.
“But nothing! He’s not an agent! Not even a follower!” Zane shouted, pointing at Mateo, “He’s nothing more than rouge acting on his own! Sworn to no cause and does whatever he wants…!”

Zane shouting caused Mateo to turn towards him in disbelief.
“But he mortally wounded a commander… Something no agent has done since they became immune to our weapons… Suggest him to be a part of the Agents of Raven…!” Specter sighed, looking at Mateo.
“No…! And as my follower, you will do as I say! End of discussion.” Zane shouted, stomping the ground in anger.

Mateo sort of glared at Zane, taking a step forward.
“Zane, why…?” Mateo asked softly.
“You are a troublemaker… Do not get into the affairs of Agents… If you do it again, I will have you arrested…” Zane sighed, turning his back on Mateo.

Specter, shocked at Zane’s response, placed her hand on his good shoulder and held him back from stepping away.
“I realize there are inner problems Zane… But Mateo would greatly help in this battle. He’s knowledgeable… and he obviously knows more than we do on demons… “ Specter stated, grasping Zane’s shoulder tightly.
“And followers are supposed to stick by Agent’s commands…” Zane sighed, shrugging her hand off his shoulder, “I know we’re married… but you must do as I say. You’re letting personal feelings cloud your inner judgment…”
Emmy rose from the bodies, to her feet. She was soaked and sweat.
“They’re back… but they’ll be asleep for a little while…” Emmy panted, exhausted from using her power.

Quickly succumbing to exhaustion, Emmy smiled, and began falling towards Mateo. Watching his dear friend pass out in exhaustion, fell to his knees, and caught Emmy before smacking the ground. Mateo glared at Specter and Zane one more time, and let out a sigh.
“You may want to get out of here; there are many lower ranking agents on their way to take care of this mess…” Zane smiled, glancing again at Mateo, “If you’re here when they get here… I promise you will be locked in a cell, and never see the light of day again. Mystics aren’t supposed to perform their magic so openly… ”

Mateo dropped his jaw as Zane began walking away. Specter, slightly concerned, rand to Mateo, and fell to her knees.
“I know we aren’t friends or anything… But don’t worry; I will attempt to get word in to Arthur… You at least deserve thanks… And Emmy deserves more of a thanks for healing these two… Mystics are rare, and a few… Don’t worry.” Specter whispered.

In one swift motion, as Specter stood up, she dropped a small piece of paper in front of Mateo, and then began trotting towards Zane. He caught it, and placed it into his pocket. Mateo, holding an unconscious Emmy, sat in disbelief listening to Zane. Putting Emmy on his shoulder, Mateo stood from the ground. Turning his back on the two men that Emmy healed, Mateo began walking down the same road they were walking down earlier. Deep in thought, Mateo concentrated on what was in front of him, thinking about Zane’s words.
“I’ll never forget that day Zane. You took it all from me… Everything…” Mateo murmured to himself.
“Mateo…?” Emmy asked softly, exhausted, “Thank you for carrying me…”
“No problem” Mateo smiled, relieved Emmy is alright.
“Were you… talking about Zane again…?” Emmy asked in a soft, concerned voice.
“Yeah, Sorry, I need to stop it.” Mateo sighed.
“Tell me again… Talking about it makes you feel better…” Emmy commented.
“About 10 years ago, we were about… 14, or 15… Zane and I were training to be agents. We were friends back then, and we did everything together. But one thing was different between him and me… He had parents… and he had everything… I had… well… None of that… My parents left me in that damned building and went off to battle demons on Silan… And they never returned. I wanted to be an Agent, so I may join the battle against this evil… Zane wanted to join, because his family wanted him to succeed. So we both tried at the academy… We passed the tests, the trials… I even surpassed Zane from time to time… But… at the final, Zane challenged me to Mal’korak level three… right after my final trial. The instructors, and Arthur himself, watched as he challenged me… So I had no choice but to accept… Even though I was at a huge disadvantage…  I was exhausted, and my body was hurt… The battle lasted several hours… but he ultimately beat me… I got expelled from the academy, and Commander Arthur even said to me in front of all those agents, that he’s never seen such poor swordsmanship… and he said I would never be in his Agency. That my family would be so embarrassed… So I left…  And the only way I would get back in is if I challenge another agent at level five… which is to the death.”
Mateo, stopping his story, stopped at a half broken door.
“Can you stand?” Mateo asked.
“I think so…” Emmy replied softly.

He gently set Emmy down to her feet, and stood back up. Mateo opened the door, allowing Emmy to enter first. Following behind, Mateo shut the door and began continuing his story.
“Zane didn’t want competition… He wanted all the glory, and fame. So he began challenging several higher ranking agents to reach his current stature. To date, no other agent can beat, or withstand him… Unless they’re infused with mystic,  and that’s its own entity in the military.”

Emmy grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and tugged him to the stairs.
“Continue your story please! I would like to shower, while you’re telling it… Please?” Emmy pleaded.
“Fine, let’s go.” Mateo sighed, taking off his trench coat, and hanging it on the coat rack next to the door.

Before proceeding up the stairs, Mateo took off his utility belt, and laid it on the floor, under his coat. Emmy grasped his left arm, and dragged him into the bathroom where their shower was. Mateo walked over, and sat on a chair, as Emmy shut the bathroom door.
“Now continue…” Emmy smiled, dropping her clothes to her undergarments.

She proceeded to remove her clothing, which made Mateo partially uncomfortable. He shielded his eyes, hoping not to see her luscious curves. Emmy giggled, watching Mateo covering her eyes, and stepped into the shower. Removing her undergarments and throwing them over the shower, she turned on the hot and cold water.
“Continue… cutie-pie…” Emmy smiled, feeling the water flowing over her body.
“So, over the years… I never found out why Zane feels the way he does about me. I’ve tried again and again to find out… but he never told me. So I trained on my own… I went to the forbidden library and trained there… I also read up on agents of the past… fighting styles… and information of our planets… Until today, I haven’t spoken to him. Just here say… And from the looks of it, he hasn’t changed one bit. And it’s sad.” Mateo explained, looking up from covering his eyes.
“Damn, I should have slapped him with my dick!” Emmy shouted, slinging her hair from one side to the other.
“That would require you to… never mind…” Mateo replied, being caught in her joke.
“Loser! Clean yourself! You’re nasty!” Emmy shouted.

“I don’t stick!” Mateo replied, standing from his seat.

Mateo then lifted his arm, expecting not to smell anything, and got greeted with funk. He quickly withdrew his face, and looked to the ground. Slowly taking his boots off, he began to remove his clothing.

Meanwhile, Zane and Specter get back in their blue car, and begin heading towards the capitol building. Still slightly injured, Zane chose to be the passenger. As the car lifts off, Zane puts his seatbelt on, and glances outside the window in deep thought. Specter, glancing over at Zane, and began pondering why he is neglecting to tell the commander what Mateo did.
“I’m not very happy with you…” Specter sighed in disappointment.
“Don’t give me that shit…” Zane replied snarky, “I have an image to upkeep.”

Specter quickly glanced at Zane, enough for him to realize she was staring at him for a brief moment.
“Mateo saved your life. Not only did he save your life, he saved mine… and that girl Emmy saved two people that were almost completely melted…” Specter shouted, paying attention again to driving.
“We could have done the exact same thing! It’s called protocols! We have guidelines to follow! Mateo doesn’t want to, or feel the need to follow them!” Zane shouted back, glaring at Specter.
“Yes you are right…” Specter sighed, “But that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t man-up and tell him thank you for saving your life… He even saved mine!”
“I know that!” Zane shouted back.
“I realize there’s some emotional sob story between you two, but you need to man-up and suggest to Arthur that Mateo deserves a shot at joining the Agency…” Specter explained, “You saw what he did to that demon back there…”
“No! Absolutely not…!” Zane answered, stomping the floor board.
“But… why?” Specter replied, beginning to feel hopeless for Mateo’s cause, “He obviously still cares for you… If he didn’t you would be a puddle of flesh!”
“You don’t understand; damn-it!!” Zane shouted, slamming his fist against the door.

Specter hit the brakes, stopping the car instantly. Zane’s head rocketed forward, almost bashing against the dash. Almost

Hearing the hit against the door startled Specter, slightly jerking the car.
“When we were much younger… We used to be friends. I lived a noble’s life… While he technically, lived in the slums. People would make jokes… and trash his house constantly…  Of course, I would defend him, because deep down I felt it was the right thing. I’d give him money, and I’d make sure he was doing alright from time to time. We also trained together, so we could join the academy. Over the years we grew up… Kind of got a little distant…” Zane sighed.
“Wait whoa… So you were actually nice to someone that didn’t have a vagina??” Specter gasped, dropping her jaw in astonishment.
“Shut up…” Zane replied, “As time passed… We were finally of age to join the Agency. We walked in together… as friends. Deep down, I knew Mateo was better than me. He’s more cunning, faster, and strategically superior… But he gets his drive from his emotions, and it can cloud his judgment at times. But, as we were performing our tests, some of the other recruits were catching wind of Mateo’s exotic actions… I, trying not to pay attention, watched as the metallic gladiator he was teamed up against, was sabotaged…” Zane explained, looking towards the floorboard, “So, Mateo went to battle against an anti-human android… And there was nothing I can do. I wanted to say something, but when I tried to warn him, I withdrew…  Afterwards, Commander Arthur knew it was sabotaged… but didn’t know anything about it. We all watched as Mateo was slung across the room, crushed, beaten, punched, and almost sliced in half…” Zane shivered.
“Oh my God…” Specter gasped, “How…?”
“He survived somehow. He decapitated the machine with only one swing from his good arm and his beam saber… But when he landed, he looked like a dead body. Everyone thought he was dead from the last hit he took… I jumped off the wall, and ran to him to check his vitals… And they were good. But; I overheard the other Agents to be… Agents… Level 2, 3 and 4 agents… Along with Arthur murmuring something on the lines of… Throwing him out like garbage… Or humiliating him because of who his parents were… Commander Arthur looked at me with his wicked eyes… I knew what that look was… He wanted me to challenge Mateo right then and there… To a Mal’korak level five…  I got sick, because level five means death. Someone will not walk away with their life… So I turned to Mateo, and turned on my saber… I looked at him, struggling to even move… And challenged him to a level three… That’s not what everyone wanted… But… he was my friend… What was I supposed to do? I didn’t want to kill my friend… but I also wanted to be an Agent. Mateo stood up… With his saber… and asked me…” Zane cringed, grasping his torn pants.
“You… You do care about him… “ Specter gasped, shocked at Zane’s story.
“He asked me why I would challenge him at the pinnacle of the Agency. Why… Would his best friend challenge losing what he fought for all these years? For the sake of his family…; for his beliefs; And when he looked at me… the amount of hatred, scared me. Because I think at that moment, Mateo gave up trying to achieve the Agency. He wanted me dead, and as he pulled out his weapon again, he told me I was nothing but an egotistical pile of trash… and he was ashamed to call me his friend. Even with his body broken up, and bruised, he fought me with everything he had. All his hatred, his sorrow… I felt everything as we collided. Throughout the fight, he shouted words… And these words ripped apart our friendship…  And pushed me to the edge, to where I had to win. I had to succeed.” Zane sighed, grinding her teeth together.
“That is horrible!” Specter shouted, taking her eyes off the road for a second to see Zane.
“One thing that rang out to me was… he mentioned everyone in his life betrayed him for their own selfish ambitions. One day, everything will catch up and strike every person down with a beam of righteousness. But the thing was… I do care about Mateo… But I wanted to stay in the Agency. So I beat him. Despite all his injuries, I beat him to the point where I almost had to run him through… Finally succumbing to his injuries, he held his saber up to strike me; he dropped his weapon… and passed out. I dropped my saber, and grabbed him, lowering him to the ground. Commander Arthur thanked my charisma, but I should have challenged a level 5 to make a higher rank at the start. Because of the hefty battle Mateo done, and since I beat him, I made a level 2 agent… As the tests continued, I picked up our sabers, and I carried him to his house. It was trashed, like always, and I laid him down in his room. I put all his stuff on the table, and I left a vial to cure him when he woke. I also left him a check for 10 billion lexus… That was my entire life long savings… And I left a note, telling him from this point on… We are no longer friends, and it would be to his interest not to peruse the Agency anymore. If he does, I am personally coming… and I will challenge to a level 5… And end it all.” Zane growled a little bit.
“Zane…” Specter moaned in pity.
“So, when I said I have an image to upkeep… It’s to protect him. Nobody in the Agency wants him in… And to be frank, I’m not about to question Commander Arthur. With a flick of his finger, multiple agents will be more than eager to strike anyone he commands down with no question. He’s a humble gentleman… but…” Zane explained, wiping tears from his face once more.
“I see…” Specter shivered.

Suddenly, the car came to a halt.
“We’re home, Zane.” Specter attempted to smile, letting Zane’s story get to her.
“Thank God…” Zane screamed, opening the car door.

Each agent and follower was given their own quarters. Blue pillars surrounded by circular barriers stretched from the ground, to the dome in the sky. Each building was imbedded into the pillar, housing two individuals with a small parking garage attached to the building. Also, every building had a gated grassy field, allowing the agents to have a flower garden or fountain. Zane, stepping out of the car, approached the door to his house when Specter jumped in front of the door, with her hands extended.
“Hey, what gives? I want to shower…” Zane gasped, confused.
“I doubt you’ll be showering first…” Specter growled.
“Excuse me??” Zane asked, leaning to be eye to eye with Specter.
“You are horrible! Trying to make a girl go last…!” Specter screamed, pushing forward with her arms.

In one swift motion, Specter pushed Zane, throwing him off balance. Taking the chance, Specter pushed a button to open the electronic door, and dashed into the house. Zane, regaining balance, realized he was tricked by Specter, and began chasing after her. Entering the house, Zane pushed a button on his belt, allowing his belt to fall off his body, and land on the tiled floor. He heard Specter laughing down the hallway, already in the bathroom. As he turned down the hallway, the floor was covered in Specter’s clothing. As he approached the door of the bathroom, Zane quickly took off all his clothes.
“I’m coming in!” Zane shouted, giggling.
“You’re too slow, slowpoke” Specter laughed, turning on the water.

Zane grasped the door, and slowly opened the bathroom door, revealing Specter’s curvy body to him. He began drooling as she stepped into the shower, and closed the curtain.
“Get in, you pervert…” Specter shouted, feeling like a piece of meat.
“Uh, sure…!” Zane giggled, sliding the curtain far enough to step into the shower.

Stepping inside, Zane closed the curtain to see Specter standing under the water. Zane smiled, looking at his gorgeous wife, and reached out his arms.
“Thank you… Specter…” Zane smiled, placing his hands on her hips.

Specter, wanting to shower, punched Zane in the middle of his chest.
“No… Not the time! I feel disgusting…” Specter shouted, turning 180 degrees, “My hair is a wreck, my nails are all jacked up… Oh, my hair smells horrible and now has split and frayed ends, my skin is bruised… I am going through a crisis, and all you’re concerned about is wrapping around me like a pretzel…!”

Now out of breath, Zane turned to the opposite side, and turned his side of the shower.  As Specter began ringing her hair out of all the lose water, she glanced at Zane, and giggled slightly.
“Thanks for telling me… About Mateo…” Specter smiled.
“Oh?” Zane questioned, reaching for the soap under the shower head.
“Yeah, thank you… Should I… treat him like you do?” Specter asked, reaching for the shampoo.
“You were never involved… I don’t care what you do… But whatever you do, don’t tell him what happened that day. Let him stay with the story he has… I definitely don’t want to hurt him… But I have to keep him away from attempting the Agency… No matter what…” Zane replied.
“Understood…” Specter sighed, slightly confused.
“Specter…” Zane sighed, turning to Specter’s back, “I know what you’re thinking… If you were to jeopardize what has already happened, you’ll be going against the code of the Agency… You would have to be expelled, and possibly terminated for going against the Agency’s word…” Zane explained.
“But… He hates you over a sort of… corrupt system. Maybe… I don’t want… to be a part of it… anymore… Zane…” Specter pleaded, turning to Zane, “I want out of this horrible battle-ridden life. I want to live like a normal person! I’m tired of the Agency… I’m tired of fighting… I.. I don’t want to lose you, or anyone else…”

Zane reached out, grabbing Specter’s shoulders, and brought her to his body. He embraced her delicate body with a slight squeeze to comfort her.
“ I know you do… if the opportunity opens up… We can try to get out…” Zane replied.

Specter swiftly lifted her head, looking into his eyes with delight.
“Really…!?” Specter smiled with joy, “Do you really mean it?”
“Getting out of the agency after 7 years of service… Sounds about the right time to leave…” Zane smiled, looking down at his beautiful wife.
“Oh Zane…!” Specter shouted happily, lifting herself up with her tip toes.

Leaning upwards, Specter placed her lips onto Zane’s, and wrapped her legs around him while he wrapped around the lower area of her body.



Chapter 2


Injured from the battle on Raven, Zilan used the demonic gateway, and returned to Silan. Inside a room made of obsidian, infused with fiery edges, Zilan materialized, falling to the ground. With great haste, two guards made of obsidian ran to one of their fallen leaders. Struggling to stand, Zilan grabbed hold of the two guards, and hoisted himself to his feet. Smelling the sulfur and ash in the air seemed to enlighten the demon as he rose to his feet.
“Sire, are you alright?” One of the guards asked in a very monotone voice.
“I have a small hole in my chest you rock buffoon!” Zilan shouted, pulling away from the guards.

Stumbling away from the two obsidian guards, The guards returned to their standing position across the room. Zilan, now standing on his own two feet, began feeling relief on his chest wound as the very air blew across it. At the same time, another demonic figure walked into the room. Standing shorter than Zilan, the creature was infused with fire, with lava rock eyes. The flames that made up her body formed the shape of a woman. Enlightened by the sight of the demonic spawn, Zilan ran to her, grabbed her with his hands, and brought her to his body in a tight embrace.
“I missed you, bitch!” Zilan shouted, holding her tightly.
“Your highness… “The woman replied, snuggling into his chest.

The moment the woman’s head touched his chest, she felt eerie warmth on her face.
“Your highness! You’re-“She began uttering.

With all his might, Zilan squeezed so hard, she was shoved not only into the wound of his chest, but absorbed into the rest of his body as well. He began radiating a fiery aura around him as the wound on his chest began closing. A relieving sigh echoed throughout the room as the aura slowly dissipated. Not a moment after Zilan healed, the same woman entered the room, and glared at him with much anger.
“You could have warned me, your highness…” The woman yelled, putting her hands on her hips.
“You know you are my number one babe…” Zilan smiled, “Two weeks…”
“What?” The woman questioned Zilan’s remark.
“We march! In two weeks!” Zilan shouted, thrusting his hand into the sky, pointing at Raven.
“Sire…!” The woman gasped, worried, “Isn’t it a little too soon?”
“No… It is time we annihilate that miserable toxic prune. The very air… Poisons my way of judgment… One human, Vira… One human, damaged me.” Zilan growled, clutching his fists together, staring at them.
“Sire…! How? Your enhanced armor… How?? Their technology isn’t advanced enough to penetrate that!! Only the angels have…” She began worrying, bending her knees, grabbing hold of Zilan’s left arm.
“Shut up, you insolent fool!” Zilan shouted, pulling his arm from Vira’s grasp, “It wasn’t an agent!”

As Zilan exited the building, the woman pondered at his statement. Giving it only a couple seconds thought, Vira ran out of the room to keep up with Zilan. Outside, buildings, along with the ground burned with the passion of destruction, along with the boiling lava in between the buildings. The roads were paved with molten rock, and ash, making the air unbreathable for humans, mystics, or angels. Due to the texture of the air, and the conditions of the planet, the sky was lit with stars from space, along with sides of Motavian, and the moons of Crothan, and Raven. Even from other moons, and Motavian, you can see the smoldering rock on the moon Silan.

Vira ran up, and lightly tugged on Zilan’s cloak, still thinking about what he said.
“It wasn’t a human? Who hurt you??” Vira begged.

The tiny portion Vira held and tugged onto ripped, sending her to her butt. This made Zilan stop walking, and aggressively turn around, glaring into her eyes.
“It was… an ordinary human… I must have answers! His name was Mateo…” Zilan answered, becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation and Vira.
“What? Just a pathetic bag of flesh and bones…? But…”Vira gasped, shocked at her discovery.
“He put… some sort of blast liquid on my armor… It wasn’t crafted by humans.” Zilan stated, “It’s been eons, since something of that caliber was used as a weapon…”
“Was it angel-like weaponry?” Vira asked, clutching her hands together in worry.
“No. But it doesn’t matter…” Zilan laughed, slinging his hand, pointing at the moon of Raven, “In two weeks, we will finally conquer that moon. I even took the liberty of warning them, that we are coming. This time, with our secret weapon… We will annihilate their whole moon!  Our foothold around Motavian will be complete! Then we can begin phase two!” Zilan shouted, laughing out loud.

Vira giggled, and began jumping for joy, hearing the sound of her master cheer on with the mention of war. Unaware, a large distance away, the two were being watched by couple individuals wrapped up in obsidian-like cloaks. One sat on the top of a hill, with a pair of high-frequency viewing binoculars, and two others in the same obsidian-like cloaks on a flay area next to the top of the hill, sitting on the ground. Listening to Zilan’s declaration, the person lowers his binoculars and slides down the hill to the other two people. The two rising to their feet, the three take a couple steps away from the hill, entering an invisible wall. Using the surrounding area as camouflage, the three stood inside a temporary living area. On one side, there was a sink, next to a refrigerator, with a door that led to a small bathroom. The north side was equipped with a couple beds that could fold out of the wall. The west wall was equipped with racks with weaponry, along with different styles of clothing; as well as lockers. In the middle of the room, say a small table with 4 chairs around it, with a radio on top of it.

One of the people took their obsidian cover off the moment they walked in, and hung it on a hanger next to the door. She exhaled loudly, and rand to the other side of the room, jumping onto her bed. Elena stood about 5’3 wore a light blue skirt, and had a small red belt attached to her waist to hold the dress onto her body. Also, she wore a light blue t-shirt with a small red mantle attached to her back. The red straps were over her shoulders, buttoned at the top of her chest bone. Her eyes shined the color of a deep sapphire that glowed at the end of a dark tunnel. Like silk, her hair shaded the color of the boldest Emerald as it would sparkle in a woman’s eye, filtering the sorrow. On her belt, she had attached a pair of Sai, along with a retractable staff.

The other person took theirs off as well, and hung it on a hanger. Alec stood with short brown hair, wearing a blue cape and wielding a chipped and beaten jeweled sword. He looked about 5’7 with an average build. Even from far away, his eyes shaded the color of a crimson gem. Under his cape, he wore a pair of loosely dark blue pants and on top he wore a dark blue T-shirt. Usually he would wear a black leather jacket, but due to the terrain, the jacket is also hanging in his locker. On his feet, he wore black boots that buckled up a small portion of his shin, making it very easy to move around in sharp, edgy areas. Being a high level agent, on the back end of his belt, he had attached a black bag, capable of compressing items inside of it. Due to the current mission he was on, he normally carried a high caliber buster sword, but he left it lying next to his locker. On his belt, he had two SMG-type plasma guns, along with two beam sabers.

The last, removing her obsidian cloak, folded it neatly, and placed it on the hanger. Lyra took a bow, allowing her hair to point at the floor. With both hands, she shook out her hair, knocking tiny particles of ash, and dust. As she rose up, her dark brown hair stretched to her collar bone.  She’s about 5’4”, with slightly tanned skin, and a slim body. One of her eyes was a light blue, but the other was a light green, allowing her easy access to camouflage. On her body, she wore an integrated white dress that stretched midways down her thighs allowing her to move fast, and freely. Around her waist, she wore a black utility belt, with multiple On top of her clothing; she wore protective plating on her shoulders, her breasts, and two rings that surrounded her mid-section painted silver. Being an expert sniper, and long ranged expert, she wielded a high caliber bow and arrow, along with a high caliber rifle. Due to the current mission, her belongings were locked in her locker. On her belt, there were multiple pouches for ammo, grenades, and other throw able items. On the hips, she wielded one regular plasma pistol, and on the other side, she possessed a pistol with a small scope. She also possessed a French-like accent.
“Man, this place seriously sucks…” Elena whined, placing her arms onto her head, “What’s the latest scoop?”
“So, Zilan was whining to a fire demon… that there’s an attack coming to Raven. ETA… He said about two weeks… He looks really beat up…” Alec replied.
“Say… what?” Lyra questioned, walking to her locker.
“Yeah… he mentioned something about… getting attacked by someone on Raven.” Alec replied.

As Alec continued his conversation, Lyra began hanging up her weapons and equipment in her locker.
“I must warn the commander…” Alec suggested, walking towards the radio in the middle of the room.
“You sure you heard him right…?” Elena whined, sitting up, looking at Alec, “Like… He could have tripped…”
“I doubt one of the generals of Silan’s army would be hurt by such folly accidents…” Lyra giggled, reaching for a black wool towel, and a little toiletries bag from her locker.
“He specifically said a human damaged his upgraded armor.” Alec explained.
“How would someone from like… Raven; get Angelic technology to do that kind of work? You know… Only the top tier Agents that actually go into the field get that stuff! Ugh… Seriously…” Elena whined…
“Beats me…” Alec answered, sitting at the table with the radio, “But I’m warning the commander… I would think someone else would back on Raven… But… CYA…” Alec giggled, grabbing the radio.

Lyra, watching Alec about to page home, she reached for some clothing out of her locker, and proceeded to the bathroom. Elena lay on her stomach and faced Alec as he began turning knobs. With a smile on his face, Alec pressed the microphone in his hand, and began speaking through it.
“This is agent Strider… Paging Commander Arthur…” Alec spoke a couple times.
“This is… Arthur…” Arthur replied in a monotone voice.
“Commander…! It’s good to hear from you again!” Alec smiled.
“You too, Alec… What’s the emergency report? You know this line is for dire emergencies…” Arthur giggled.
“Was there an attack on Raven recently?” Alec asked, concerned.
“Not to my knowledge. I’ve had no recent reports of any attacks…” Arthur replied.
“One of the generals of the Silan military just returned from a mission. He says that he was attacked on Raven by a human not of the agency, and he declared a major attack in exactly two weeks.” Alec explained, lightly sweating.
“Wait… Wait wait wait… An all about frontal attack…?” Arthur gasped.
“Yes sir, the general was General Zilan…” Alec replied.
“Preposterous…” Arthur replied, sounding annoyed, “Sounds like a setup to me…”
“One second, let me pull the recording.” Alec replied, pulling out his high caliber binoculars.

He set the binoculars on the table, and pressed a small red button on the big side.
“No. But it doesn’t matter…” Zilan laughed, slinging his hand, pointing at the moon of Raven, “In two weeks, we will finally conquer that moon. I even took the liberty of warning them, that we are coming. This time, with our secret weapon… We will annihilate their whole moon!  Our foothold around Motavian will be complete! Then we can begin phase two!” The machine repeated Zilan.

Over the microphone, you could hear much commotion, and rumbling. Suddenly, the mic was being ruffled around, and then became steady after a couple seconds.
“You mean to tell me, they warned us?? Who…?” Arthur anxiously asked.
“The only name I saw him mention was a Mateo Leohan…” Alec replied, confused about the name.
“Mateo…” Arthur responded over the mic, “Excuse me…” Arthur answered.
“Sir! What do want us to do, here? Keep monitoring?” Alec questioned.
“Um…” Arthur replied, “Keep a sharp eye. Watch every movement. This will be a dangerous mission. Because this attack is coming, we need an advantage. I need your team to get into their plans, and find out strategy, battle tactics, everything you can find. We need an advantage to beat them. I will begin preparations to meet with the Archbishop on Gethos. Good luck on your mission, and please come back in one piece. I need my top agents.” Arthur answered.
“Yes, sir…!” Alec replied happily.
“Arthur out…” Arthur quickly replied.

Instantly after Arthur said out, the radio fizzled, and turned off. Alec placed the mic on the table, and looked at Elena, whose mouth was dropped.
“Well now… I guess we’re not going home yet…” Alec giggled, hiding his rage.
“Damnit…!” Elena shouted, punching the bed, “I had shopping to do with all this overtime!”
“Yeah, well….” Alec giggled, “Let’s get a good night’s rest… well need for this mission… It will be a doozy that’s for sure…”

Opening the bathroom door, Lyra comes walking out with her clothes hanging on her right arm, with her towel wrapped around her head and her bathrobe around her body. She smiles, looking towards Elena and Alec,
“That shower felt… amazing!” She yelled, throwing her clothes in the washing machine, “I love getting all that soot out of my hair!”
“Don’t get used to it…” Alec sighed, sitting onto his bed.
“Pardon…?” Lyra questioned, closing the washer, “I thought we were taking a trip to Motavian…?”
“No.” Alec sighed, looking towards the floor, “We have to… infiltrate the home base, and gather intelligence on a pending attack on Raven…”

Hearing Alec and the tone he used, Lyra’s mouth dropped. Turning towards Alec, you could see the hidden fear in her eyes.
“We will be… Returning…?” Lyra gasped.
“Is… there something wrong in that? We have to go home sometimes… I miss my bike, and I know Elena misses her family.” Alec explained, looking at Lyra scornfully, “Playing recon is fun and all… But I’d like to get back to my life.”
“But…” Lyra hesitated, turning away from Alec, bowing her head.

She clutched her hands together and pressed on her chest. Closing her eyes, she began imagining her home on Raven. Alec, seeing Lyra being upset and distort, gets up from his bed and walks over to her. As he placed his hands on her shoulders, she seemed to nestle a little into his hands, lightly pressing against his body. Feeling her body slightly trembling, put Alec in a state of sadness.
“Lyra? Is something wrong? I figured you would be happy going back!” Alec asked, concerned.
“I… I can’t explain…” Lyra commented softly, shrugging away from Alec’s grasp, “It’s nothing… So, when are we getting up?”
“We will get up and prepare for this mission once the Demon Solstice happens. We will have exactly one hour to get in, get the information, and get out. Or else; we are on our own.” Alec stated, lowering his hands.

Lyra lowered her arms, and raised her head enlightened at the task.
“Then we should get some rest…”
“There’s my happy Lyra!” Alec cheered, stepping towards Lyra.

Raising his right arm, he began petting Lyra’s hair. Lyra, feeling Alec’s touch, extended her head, and straightened her body. Enjoying the feeling of the pet, she began tapping her right leg on the floor, as if she was a cat. Elena looked at Alec and Lyra, and began giggling, hearing Lyra purr slightly.
“See? Everything’s going to be alright!” Alec laughed, pulling away from Lyra.
“Yea… You’re right…” Lyra smiled, turning to Alec, “Thank you…”
“Now, let’s get some rest…” Alec smiled, turning towards his bed.
“Alec, you’re so dreamy”! Elena cheered, throwing herself onto the bed with her back.
“I know… I’m the master of charm!” Alec shouted, power dashing to his bed.
“I’ll set my alarm for 8 hours from now. “Elena giggled, reaching the right side of the bed, hitting buttons on the alarm.
“Alec, you’re a klutz…” Lyra laughed.

Lyra then took the towel wrapped around her head, and placed it in her locker before heading to her bed. Finally snuggled in the bed, the three turned off their lights, beginning a peaceful sleep. Hours passed like minutes as Lyra lay awake with something troubling her mind. She was still awake, looking at the ceiling with the faint glow of the smoldering rock outside through the tinted windows outside. She snuggled more and more into her blankets, but was unable to shake a weird cold feeling going up her back. Looking harder into the ceiling, she began talking to herself.
“That’s a cathedral of death… Commander Arthur is an interesting… leader. Telling his people to walk into a death trap like that… Alec is such a nice person… and so is… Elena… Why throw their lives away like that?” Lyra questioned, sitting up on her bed.

She brought her legs to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them. Burying her face into her legs, she closed her eyes, and began talking to herself again.
“If we attempt this mission during the Demonic Solstice; they could die… Maybe… Maybe I should go ahead of them, and bring the Intel… That way we… THEY … can go back home…” Lyra spoke softly.
“Eh…?” Elena replied, waking up from Lyra’s voice.
“Oh…” Lyra gasped, quickly burring herself under the covers again.
“I heard you…” Elena said, groggily, slowly rising out of the bed.

Lyra quickly closed her eyes, hoping Elena would lie back down.
“Were you… Thinking about… leaving without us?” Elena questioned, moving her body towards Lyra, still staying in bed.
“Yes…” Lyra replied, unburying herself, looking back at Elena.
“But… why?” Elena asked, curious of Lyra’s remarks.
“Elena…” Lyra sighed, “There’s a… problem… I need to tell you about…”
“I could… use some coffee my god!” Elena complained, scratching her head.
“So, Remember how… I snuck on your ship to come here?” Lyra explained.
“Yeah… You were looking to make rank…” Elena replied.
“Well… This is the truth…” Lyra explained, “I… I’m not a part of… the… agency…”

Suddenly, Elena swiftly grabbed one of her Sai, and jumped off the bed in one swift motion. Grabbing Lyra while hurling into the air, Elena landed next to the wall, with Lyra by her clothing. She held the Sai next to her neck, as she pushed Lyra hard against the wall. Her left forearm put more pressure on Lyra’s left shoulder making escape impossible.
“What??” You’re not a part of the agency?” Elena shouted.

The quick commotion made Alec jump from his bed, swiping one of his beam sabers off of his night stand. He quickly turned it on, and landed at the foot of his bed, ready for action. Confused, he quickly lowered his weapon, and turned to Elena holding Lyra against the wall.
“Wait; please… listen to me…” Lyra gasped, struggling to stay on her feet.
“You traitor! Who are you really??” Elena demanded, pushing harder on Lyra’s shoulder.

Feeling more pressure on her shoulder, Lyra let out a slight moan of pain. Alec, still confused, turned off his beam saber and quickly approached Elena. He placed his hands on Elena’s arm, attempting to remove the grip from Lyra’s body.
“Get off me you curd!” Elena shouted, “She’s not involved in any organization of Raven!”
“I know! Stop it!!” Alec shouted pulling Elena away from Lyra.

With great force, Alec flew across the bed, and landed followed by Elena. Lyra fell to her knees, holding her shoulder in pain. Aggressively, Elena stood up and grabbed her Sai again. She then walked around the bed, holding tightly the Sai, and pointed it towards Lyra again.
“What is… going on? I’m gonna stab the bitch!” Elena shouted.
“Elena, stop!” Alec shouted, jumping to his feet, “We… need to talk…”
“You knew? This goes against the Agency code!” Elena shouted, “I knew there was something up the moment I saw the weaponry… And your freaky eyes!”
“Stop it!” Lyra pleased, attempting to stand.

Elena quickly forced her back down, pointing the Sai closer to her.
“She is a product of… B-labs…” Alec hesitated to answer.
“Wait… what?” Elena questioned, lowering the Sai.
“She’s… a product of… an experiment. Deep below the capitol building is a top secret lab. Random people are selected to be… tested on. It’s against the treaty between Raven and Gethos… to attempt any kind of DNA testing. But secretly it happens. They decided to mix different DNA of multiple races, to forge our own elite team… Lyra here, was named… Project Lyra… Her real name is Rei Yanamora. But I happen to call her Lyra. I was charged, and tasked to watch over her, and her abilities. To make sure she doesn’t go into shock… and to make sure she doesn’t go over the edge. She was enhanced with angelic and mystic DNA… Her eyes are the keys to her power. Light blue symbolizes the sky, the air, the angelic… and the light green stands for nature, and the mystics. Combined with her human DNA, and imbedded with a sniper program, Lyra here is the perfect sniper and long ranged fighter.”
“That’s inhumane!” Elena gasped, throwing her Sai to her bed, “She was infused with DNA?”
“Yes…” Alec sighed, sitting on his bed, “We deceived you Elena… because you’re… the daughter of Commander Arthur.”
“You could have told me, Alec…” Elena sighed, kneeling to Lyra to help her to her feet.
“It’s a top level sworn to secrecy! You can’t say anything… or else… she will be… terminated…” Alec pleaded.
“Yeah… There’s much more… to… this…” Lyra sighed, standing to her feet with Elena’s help.

Suddenly the alarm began buzzing. Alec, already sitting on his bed, reached over and turned off the alarm.
“We have to go! The Demonic Solstice is starting soon!” Alec shouted.
“When we get back… we have a lot to talk about, Alec…” Elena demanded.
“Maybe…” Alec smirked, winking towards Lyra.

Smiling from Alec actions, the three ran to their lockers, and began equipping their weapons, along with putting on their normal attire. As they were buckling their belts, and preparing their weapons, Alec reached into his pouch, and pulled out a large piece of paper. Walking to the table in the middle of the room, he picked up the radio and set it on the floor. Unraveling the paper, he set it on the table. As he gazed upon the paper, he took a deep breath at the magnitude of what was to be the mission.
“Alright ladies, here’s the plan. We need to get some intelligence on our enemy. In less than two weeks, the forces here will be invading Raven. We need to get as much of an advance as possible so we can win. So here’s what I want. Lyra, you’re the expert sight. I want you on top of the hill we are residing in, and I want you to watch the Demonic Solstice. Communicate through this visor I’m about to give you… And let us know what’s going on. Elena you will be on my six. We will be going through this western wall with a tremendous hole in it. Lyra, you will be our warning. If any demons decide to come back inside the cathedral, you must stop them by any means necessary.” Alec explained.

By now, the two ladies were standing at the table, geared up and ready to go.
“This Solstice… How long is it supposed to be?” Elena questioned.
“About an hour at the very most, our time…” Alec answered.
“What if… one of us get caught?” Lyra asked.
“Then; Finish the mission. We have to get those plans. A planet’s worth of people is depending on this… We can’t let them down.” Alec explained, “Lyra, if you get captured… Please try to communicate over the visor immediately. Same goes for us. If you hear us tell you we’ve been captured… Get out of here, as soon as possible and warn Commander Arthur that we have been… terminated…”

Lyra’s face dropped for a moment hearing Alec’s response.
“Terminated!? But what if….” Lyra gasped.
“No. If we get captured by demons, we will be tortured, and then killed. It’s how they do things. By the time you get back to Raven, we would have already been dead.” Alec answered, “Okay here’s everyone’s visors…”

Reaching into his pouch, he pulled out three head devices. It wasn’t very big; just a white circular object that sits on your ear. Towards the front, attached to the same side of the head, was a glass; see-through glass. As everyone turned the visor on, the glass displayed a smaller map of the cathedral, and the current position.
“The visors will transmit whenever you need to say anything. There’s no buttons, so don’t say something over the mic’s unless you want it to be heard. Lyra, now, go outside, and get set up. We will be on the move on your queue”
“You got it… Be careful, please…” Lyra pleaded.

Given the command, Lyra began proceeding to the door. Before grabbing the door handle, she reached for her obsidian cloak and threw it on. As she grasped the door handle, she looked back at Alec and Elena, who looked back at her with a glance of confidence.
“Good luck you two! Come back to me…” Lyra smiled, opening the door.

With great haste, Lyra ran outside, and ran up to the tip of the hill where Alec was doing patrol. Taking no time to spare, she pulled off her bow and arrow, and stuck it into the ground behind her. Taking out her sniper rifle, she extended the stand, and rested it in the dirt. Lying comfortably parallel to the gun, she took out a tiny cable from her pocket, and attached it from the scope, to her visor. This allowed her to aim, look around, and even shoot the rife buy the commands on her voice. Smiling at her timely setup, she began speaking into the visor.
“Surveillance is set up.” Lyra said happily.
“Roger that, we are heading to the cathedral.” Alec whispered.

Alec, wielding his SMG, and Elena, wielding her retractable staff, began walking alongside the hillside, approaching the building complex leading up to the Cathedral. As the two were dashing between buildings, Lyra followed them with her sniper scope. It wasn’t long before the two reached one of the heavy pillars on the corner of the Cathedral. Alec immediately began speaking again through the visor.
“We’ve reached the Cathedral! How’s the Solstice going?” Alec asked.

Lyra quickly turned the scope almost 90 degrees to the east. In the distance, she saw an arena outlined with dragon heads that were breathing fire. On the ground, she saw numerous sizes and shapes of demons everywhere.
“I see… Lots of commotion” Lyra replied in her visor, quickly turning back to the cathedral, “I see no signs of movement at the Cathedral…”
“Acknowledged…” Alec responded, “Elena, ready?” Alec asked.
“Let’s go…” Elena replied, beginning to feel shaky in her knees.

Alec noticed Elena beginning to quiver slightly, and placed his hand on her shoulder. With his touch, she looked up at him with both fear, and comfort.
“This… this place… this unholy altar of hatred… and death… I’m scared…” Elena pleaded, placing her hand onto his shoulder.
“Listen… Now isn’t the time to be fearful… This isn’t just a regular mission. This is one of the most important missions we’re going to encounter…” Alec responded, cracking a comforting smile.

Alec’s voice began calming Elena down, allowing her to stop shaking. At the same time, hidden from sight, Alec’s heart was in his throat.
“Let’s move…” Alec snapped, quickly withdrawing his hand, and pushing back against the pillar.

With great haste, Alec ran between the pillars, and gazed upon the great stair leading into the cathedral. Elena, slowly following behind Alec, grasped her staff as tight as she could. While Alec swiftly went up the stairs, Elena slowly crept each step, turning 360 degrees, being too cautious of her surroundings. Each quick glance at the gargoyles starring towards the stairwell between each pillar sent shocks up Elena’s spine, throwing her emotions into a rut. Lyra spotted Elena, and began looking in random directions for movement in fear that she would be caught. In a matter of seconds, Alec reached the top, and quickly hid behind between a pillar, and the wall of the cathedral itself. He peeked around the pillar to see Elena slowly ascending the stairs. Horrified that she’s struck with fear, he quickly put his back onto the pillar, and began whispering in his visor.
“Elena, hurry up! If you get caught, there’s no way we can save you!” Alec whispered forcefully.
“I… I’m scared Alec! Do you realize where we-“Elena began shouting.

Suddenly, a sharp crackle went off at Elena’s feet, startling her so bad she ran up the stairs in panic. Scared Elena was captured; he quickly glanced around the pillar only to see Elena screaming for her wits as she ran up the pillar. As she swiftly reached the top, she began stepping towards the main doors of the cathedral. Watching her be unaware about what she was about to do, Alec sheathed his weapon, ran from the pillar he was at, and quickly snatched Elena. Using his left hand, he closed her mouth while wrapping his right arm around her midsection, and quickly dashed back to the pillar he was hiding at.
“Elena!! Calm yourself!” Alec whispered, forcefully shaking Elena.

To no avail, Elena began to seem hopeless to get to, as she was screaming through Alec’s hand. Suddenly, Lyra commented through the visor,
“Alec, I fired a pop shot… There were a couple flyers above… and Elena almost was spotted… Just be thankful the flyers can’t hear that range of sound…”

Hearing Lyra words relieved Alec greatly. Looking back at the frantic Elena, he pushed forward with her in hand, and spun around. Now Elena facing the pillar, Alec released her mouth and midsection, and pushed her against the pillar with all his might. With his right fist, he punched Elena in the back of her head, making it ricochet off the pillar. From both impacts, she immediately collapsed, only to quickly be caught be Alec. He rested her against the pillar, and looked down on her with disbelief, and disappointment.
“Lyra, I have a question…” Alec asked, “It’s not my place to talk about my partner, or my follower… But what… Why is Elena so scared suddenly?”
“You can talk to me about anything, Alec…” Lyra replied, with a comfortable voice.

Alec stood, gazing down at Elena, resting against the pillar.
“This isn’t the place, or the time… To be acting a fool!” Alec murmured to himself, “When we get back… I’m decommissioning you as my follower…”

Lyra gasped, overhearing Alec over the visor.
“Lyra… Keep an eye on her. I’m going in alone.” Alec stated.
“Yes sir…” Lyra gasped.

Pushing his back against the wall, he slid himself towards the door. As he reached the door, he slowly peaked into the cathedral, and realized the place was a ghost town. Now pulling out his pistol, he positioned it at the low ready as he pushed off the wall and proceeded into the cathedral. Lyra’s stomach skyrocketed into her throat, watching Alec walk into the demonic Cathedral. Watching her fearless leader waltz into the demonic Cathedral of Silan, thoughts began chiming through Lyra’s head.
“This… is the pinnacle of demons. The home of the leadership of the Demonic Empire… We are on a mission… to… take battle plans from this place… and make it home… Unnoticed…” Lyra murmured.
“Stop it.” Alec exclaimed, surprising Lyra through the visor.
“Sir…!” Lyra gasped, “Shouldn’t you be quiet?”
“Don’t lose focus. You’ll psyche yourself out like Elena did. Stop it.” Alec snapped.
“Sorry…” Lyra replied, taking a deep breath.
“Listen, this place… is massive. It’s going to take me some time to complete this… I realize this is jeopardizing the mission… Can you pick up Elena?” Alec asked.
“But… you’re asking me to take eyes off your only escape route…” Lyra gasped.
“Don’t question my requests. Do as I say…” Alec snapped.

Lyra stood up from the shock of Alec’s tone.
“Alec… There won’t be anyone to scout for demons…” Lyra mentioned, shocked at Alec.
“It doesn’t matter Lyra… Listen… This mission… This is one of those missions where… We may not make it back in one piece…” Alec stated.

Hearing those words made Lyra slowly fall to her knees, feeling disgusted and anxious.
“They have declared war upon our entire way of life. Every man, woman, and child will be killed or turned into mindless demons… We can’t let that happen, Lyra… Elena, who has been my partner for years… Succumbed to the mission at hand… Please, don’t do the same. I need you to do exactly what I say… And we may get through this alive.” Alec stated.
“Yes… You got it.” Lyra replied, aggressively standing back on her feet.
“Get Elena… and get back to your post as fast as you can. I’m going in dark after this message. Keep an eye out on point. If, for any reason, you get too scared, or your position is uncovered; Take Elena, and get out of here.” Alec stated.
“But-“ Lyra gasped.
“My word is final… Be ready to leave the moment I get the package. Be on standby…” Alec stated.
“Yes… Yes sir.” Lyra sighed.
“Be careful… Lyra. This is Agent Alec Goran… Going dark until further notice…” Alec said.

Suddenly, there sounded a slight fuzz, then complete silence. Without wasting any time, Lyra reached next to her sniper rifle, and grabbed her bow and arrows. Sliding the quiver on first then the Bow, Lyra began swiftly sliding down the hill, heading to the Cathedral. Pulling out her pistol with the scope, she kept it at the low ready as she ran straight for the Cathedral. Still watching the sniper watch from her visor, she continued to check around the buildings she was running by before proceeding. To Lyra, seconds seemed like Hours, slowly allowing anxiousness get ahold of her sense of time and judgment. In no time, she reached the base of the Cathedral. Pushing herself against the pillar at the base, she used her visor and began scanning the Cathedral, the surrounding areas, and the sky for demons. Taking a deep breath, holding her pistol tightly, she turned the corner and began sprinting up the stairs. Trying her best to not look at the gargoyle statues, a cold shiver crawled up her spine with each step on the stairs. Lyra then noticed she was standing in front of the large doorways of the Cathedral. Quickly looking to her left, she saw Elena’s resting body where Alec knocked her out. Before stepping to help her, she looked back into the Cathedral.
“The… Cathedral…” Lyra gasped.

She took two steps, feeling the obsidian-infused brick of the Cathedral platform, into a room where the walls were made of gold. Large arches spanned each of the walls of pictures of the solar system, and all the races made of colored metallic glass. In the middle of the room, hung a gigantic chandelier, which radiated enough light to make the entire room sparkle in a bright orange-looking color due to the light source in the center being lava. Mesmerized by the perfect shape of the crystalline shapes of the chandelier, and the floor being checker boarded with gold and obsidian, Lyra began walking into the Cathedral.
“I’ve… never seen…” Lyra began murmuring to herself.

Suddenly, something snapped in the back of Lyra’s head. Instantly, she spun 180 degrees, and darted out of the Cathedral. Looking to her right was Elena again. Thinking fast, she holstered her weapon, and picked up Elena. Throwing her over her shoulder, she pulled out her pistol that had no scope, and began backtracking. Using her inner strength, she began moving faster than before, allowing her genetic powers to allow her to move faster than a human. Within minutes, what took twenty minutes to run the distance, turned into five, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of her sniper rifle again.

Now back at the site, Lyra quickly holstered her rifle, took Elena into their invisible bunker, and laid her down in her bed. Taking safety precautions, she pulled a couple straps from under the bed, and began securing Elena. Removing her utility belt, weapons, and her visor, Lyra made sure Elena was perfectly secure, in case they had to make an emergency departure. Grabbing all of her equipment, she walked to Elena’s locker, and locked up everything. Anxious to get back outside, Lyra took one more glance at Elena, who was still passed out. She took in the image, and walked back outside, to her sniper rifle. As she positioned her bow once more next to her sniper rifle, she pondered her past actions.
“What spooked me?” She asked herself, now focusing back on her visor scope of the sniper rifle, “How… How did I get back here so fast?”

Lyra turned towards the coliseum, curious on how the Demonic Solstice is going.
“I hope Alec gets back soon…” Lyra told herself, zooming in to the entrance of the coliseum, “I… I can’t take this…”

Suddenly, the visor began fizzling again. It was the exact same noise as when Alec went dark, but it lasted longer.
“Lyra… I’m sending you some data… Get it to Raven immediately!” Alec shouted, distorted and garbled.
“Alec? Alec, are you alright??” Lyra replied back.
“Get… data..  Arthur… Now…!” Alec shouted, followed by a round of shots.

Inside the Cathedral, Alec stood with both a beam saber in his right hand and his SMG in his left hand; he stood across a little table with a holographic cube floating on top of it. Alec stood fearless as he pointed the pistol at the demons. Wearing hooded crimson robes with an X across their chest, aggressively pointing the gun at each member for half a second, he slowly began backing away from the table.
“Get out of here! I sent everything you need!” Alec shouted into the visor, attempting to cover his angles.
“Human…” One of the hooded men grumbled.
“Human has breached the sacred halls…” Another hooded man grumbled in the same tone.

Suddenly, Zilan kicked the double doors open behind the hooded men, wielding one of his large swords. He glares at Alec, who is almost against the wall, and begins grinning.
“Stupid human….” Zilan chuckled, “Stand down my Crimson knights.”

Immediately, the knights backed away from the table, swiftly walking towards the wall. Zilan approached the table, and sheathed his sword, still glaring at Alec.
“You can stand down, human. I’m not going to kill, or fight you…” Zilan smiled, gazing into the floating orb.
“I have the data, demon! I will destroy it if you don’t let me out of here”! Alec shouted.

Completely ignoring Alec’s demands, Zilan waved his hand over the orb, making it slowly transform.
“So, you were after so called… Battle Plans, I’m assuming?” Zilan questioned, slightly leaning over the table.

Alec not only said anything, he reached for his visor, turning the mic on 100% uptime. He lowered his pistol but kept his beam saber in front of him.
“So… here’s the thing. You humans seem to think we have a code of how we keep track of things… Plans to attack and such… Well, I got news for you!” Zilan shouted, throwing the table across the room, “We don’t need tactical plans for what we’re going to do!”

Zilan slowly began approaching Alec, who was now backed against a wall.
“This is how we’re going to do it; Full, frontal attack. We are going to invade you. No tactical advantages… No prisoners… No maneuvers… We’re coming for a straight up extermination. Using every single demonic presence we have, we will fully invade your planet. Silan himself will be leading us all to victory… You, and your race, will be annihilated!” Zilan laughed hysterically.

Alec froze for a split moment, and held his beam saber higher, preparing to block an attack.
“The Demonic Solstice was nothing more than a great gathering; to prepare for the upcoming invasion… Special demons are being crafted from our demonic wells… for the sole purpose of this battle. Even the souls of the fourth dimension are being summoned. Thanks to an ancient artifact we found on Motavian… This war will shift into our favor. And your miserable existence will be eradicated!” Zilan laughed hysterically.
“Why… Why are you telling me all this…?” Alec asked, catching glimpses of the surroundings for an escape.
“Hope gives the soul fuel to be much stronger… When a soul has hope inside… It’s much more powerful. When this is over, we shall harness your souls… And be immortal!” Zilan shouted.
“Over my dead body…!” Alec shouted, taking a step forward.
“Wait, stop!” Zilan shouted, holding his hand forward, watching Alec begin a charge to attack him, “I have one question… Do you know a Mateo Leohan?”

Alec froze before taking an aggressive step towards Zilan.
“What…?” Alec questioned, stunned.
“Mateo Leohan…” Zilan replied, walking up to Alec within arm’s reach, “Do me a favor. I’ll let you leave in one peace with whatever you acquired here, if you pass on this for me.”

Zilan reached into his roe, and pulled out an envelope that was colored black. He held it out for Alec to take, but was hesitant to take it.
“Here. I won’t attack you, you have a demon’s promise. Take this envelope… and go home. I have no quarrel with you, human.” Zilan said, holding out the envelope.

Alec swiftly snatched the envelope from Zilan and stuffed it into his pants pocket. Zilan lowered his arm, and chuckled at Alec’s body language.
“You may leave. Go.” Zilan smiled, pointing to the double doors.

Partially scared, and cautious, Alec pointed the saber towards Zilan as he slowly began approaching the double doors. As Alec glared deep into Zilan’s eyes, fear began climbing up his spine, noticing he was completely surrounded.
“It was pretty clever of you to come here during the Demonic Solstice. I almost guarantee you would have been cut down the moment you came within eyesight here.” Zilan smiled, watching Alec.

As Alec reached the double doors, he quickly saw the exit to his right, and began running as fast as he could. The moment Alec left Zilan’s eyesight, she looked to the ground with delight, and then pointed towards the double doors.
“Kill him if you wish, just make sure that letter gets to its destination!” Zilan laughed.

Suddenly, the mend against the wall faded in a small cloud of smoke. Appearing only feet from Alec, who was fleeing the Cathedral, the men began chasing after him. Each man thrust out their hands, emitting a fiery glow in the form of a sword. Glancing back, Alec gasped in horror watching the knights swiftly running up to him at an alarmingly fast rate. He quickly looked ahead, and saw the hill Lyra was perched on.
“Lyra…! I have five on my six!” Alec shouted.
“I’ve been watching you run, but I don’t see anything behind you!” Lyra replied.
“Damnit, and you can’t use Info-red… The very air is lit with particles that will prevent that… Shit! Prepare to lift off!” Alec shouted, pulling out his SMG in another hand.

Beginning to panic, Lyra quickly grabbed her sniper rifle, and threw it into the invisible bunker. Throwing her bow and arrows on her back, she jumped into the invisible bunker, and ran towards the wall with a bunch of buttons. She quickly pushed a red button, and swiftly ran back outside. Coming up to the hill, she pulled off her bow from her back, and armed herself with a bow. She drew it back, and aimed it down the hill. Using the visor’s zoom in feature, she zoomed in to see Alec. Watching Alec swat into the air began making Lyra nervous, due to he’s fighting an enemy she can’t see. Looking closer, she began to watch Alec’s movements. With every swat with his beam sword, she began to pull the arrow harder. Feeling confident, she released one of her arrows. Within four seconds, the arrow grazed Alec’s cheek, and striking into the hood of one of the hooded men. The force was so violent; it knocked the hooded man backwards, tumbling across the ground. Alec glanced back to see only for a brief second, before approaching the hill.
“What are you doing??” Alec shouted into his visor.
“Saving you…” Lyra replied with no expression, releasing another arrow.

Being Alec was closer to the hilltop, it took only two seconds for the next arrow to graze Alec’s hair, and blast through another hooded man through his hood. Because the arrow was shot at such a close range, the hooded man stopped dead in its tracks, and fell to the ground. Paying it no mind, Alec quickly holstered his pistol, and began jumping up the hill. With each leap, the hooded men continuously attempted to hit Alec because they were below him.
“Lyra! Get in the ship! It’s about to take off!” Alec shouted.
“I have to help sir!” Lyra shouted, releasing another arrow.

Due to how close they were, the arrow traveled within a second. This arrow barely grazed Alec left arm, plowing through two of the hooded men that were lined up on top of each other. The force was so strong, it send the two hurtling, and tumbling down the hill at an alarming speed. No sooner than Lyra pulled another arrow back, Alec ran up the hill, and landed in front of Lyra. Thinking fast, Alec grabbed hold of Lyra’s bow, and with all his might, slung both her and Alec into the invisible bunker. The force sent Lyra tumbling in the bunker, while Alec landed onto his feet.
“Computer, liftoff…!” Alec shouted, running to the door and pressing on it as hard as he could.

While pushing a button, it locked the door Alec was pushing on. Alec turned towards Lyra, and sat onto the floor, exhausted. Lyra attempted to stand, but was knocked back on her butt due to the constant shaking of the building. Outside, the remaining hooded man watched as the ship’s invisible cloak began fading, revealing the small Rocket.

Back in the cathedral, Zilan walked towards the entrance, and put his arms behind his back, watching with delight. He smiled as the rocket began powering up to take off. Behind him, stood a female that wore a very short black skirt, along with a strapless tank top. Her hair was also black, stretching all the way down her smooth back, touching her thighs. With tanned skin, beautiful brown eyes, she was known as a demonic beauty, but cold and deadly. On her hands, she wore two black bands, symbolizing claws emerging from them, along with a black retractable staff that hung from her belt; As well as a pistol. Her voice was soft enough to make anything succumb to her.
“Why… Why did you let them get away?” The woman asked, placing her hands on her hips.
“To prove a point, Shimara…” Zilan smiled, watching the rocket seconds to launching.
“They have important data…” Shimara replied in a monotone voice.
“What could they do with it? They’ll get on their toy; get back to their planet… And do what? With the power we now possess… Once we invade, that information will be completely irrelevant.” Zilan laughed.
“I highly doubt the rest of the council will agree to your actions.” Shimara replied.

Ignoring Shimara’s talk, Zilan glared at the rocket as it began taking off. Annoyed at Zilan, she reached up, grabbed his shoulder, and threw him against the door that led into the Cathedral. The force was so strong, it nearly shattered the door. She held Zilan against the wall with her hand on his chest, and gave him a look so terrifying, Zilan began to feel intimidated.
“Your little game of tipping them off was bad enough. But letting them waltz in here, and take information that could possibly give them an advantage on defeating our forces. Then, you send some of our lower ranking guard to pursue them…  And you don’t follow them! For a demonic general like yourself, you’re setting a horrible example!” Shimara shouted.
“Hey! Chill…!” Zilan shouted, grabbing Shimara’s arm.

As hard as Zilan could, he began trying to push off Shimara’s grip on his chest, but failed from her immense strength.
“Your games are becoming troublesome… If you keep on this path, I will personally dispatch you… And your soul won’t be terribly refreshing… But a soul it is.” Shimara laughed, releasing Zilan.

Zilan fell to his knees, grasping his chest. He looked up at Shimara in disgust.
“Back off, bitch. Don’t forget your place!” Zilan shouted.

Shimara smiled, and turned her back towards Zilan while crossing her arms.
“I have word from King Silan… We’re moving up the attack. Begin preparations. Our inside lead has told us the most vulnerable time to strike. Go to the Soul Well, and begin absorbing souls. We will continue our meeting there…” Shimara explained.
“But…” Zilan asked.

Shimara quickly jumped in the air, and spun towards Zilan, kicking him in the head with the left side of her right foot. The force sent Zilan tumbling in the air, and landing a small distance away. She rand to Zilan, and placed her foot on his chest, and smiled again.
“This is not a fun and games tour! Complete annihilation! There are bigger and better plans coming, and this moon… has to be destroyed! The time of the human and mystics are over!” Shimara shouted.

After yelling at Zilan, she began leaving the Cathedral. Attempting to shrug off the damage done by Shimara, Zilan stood up, and shook off the dust and debris from the wall he impacted. He quickly ran to the entrance, and put his hands to his mouth, watching Shimara walk down the stairs.
“I’m still going to have fun, whether you like it or not, hussy!” Zilan grumbled.





Chapter 3



Mateo slowly opened his eyes from the crack of light emitting from his window. Slowly pushing the covers off of his body, he rose up and stretched his arms as high as he could towards the ceiling. Letting out a yarn, he twisted his body, and put his feet onto the ground, and hoisted himself up.
“What a night… I haven’t slept like that in ages.” Mateo smiled, rubbing his eyes.

Feeling extremely groggy, he walked over to his window, and opened the curtains. Briefly blinded by the sun, his eyes quickly focused, letting him look outside. As his sight fixated again from the light, he gazed at the gardens below him. Watching the birds fly around tall structures in the distance, Mateo took a deep breath.
“Such a beautiful day today…” Mateo exhaled, smiling at the environment.

Suddenly, Emmy walked into the room, wearing a silky silver robe. It was tied in the front tight, so nothing would reveal from her robe. Thankfully, Mateo was wearing black and white poke-dotted boxers. She held in her hands a tray, with a glass of liquids and a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
“Good morning honey!” Emmy smiled, walking towards Mateo.

Mateo turned, releasing the curtains, and gazed upon Emmy’s beauty for a brief second before focusing on the food.
“Emmy, good morning…!” Mateo smiled.
“Hello… I made you some breakfast…” Emmy said, with a soft voice.

Emmy hoisted the tray towards Mateo, looking deep into his eyes. For a moment, Mateo looked back at Emmy and began starring deep into her eyes. He grasped the tray of food, and slowly placed it on a table behind him, and quickly looked back into Emmy’s eyes. A tension began brewing as the two stood silently, looking at each other.
“Um… Your food is… over there, Mateo…” Emmy pointed out.
“I know… Thank you, so very much!” Mateo smiled, taking a small step forward.

Emmy’s heart began racing as she watched Mateo slowly advance towards her. Unnoticing her actions, she began to do the same. Mateo reached up with his arms, and placed them on Emmy’s shoulders, and began slightly squeezing them.
“Emmy… I…” Mateo smiled.
“Mateo um…” Emmy stuttered, reaching for Mateo’s hips.

With each other in their grips, the two drew each other closer, not losing contact with their eyes.
“This… you know this is dangerous…” Emmy spoke warmly, feeling the tenderness of Mateo’s body.
“I… I know. You… You make me happy… No matter what I’ve been through…” Mateo smiled, placing his hands on Emmy’s back.
“Oh Mateo…” Emmy smiled back, pressing her head against his chest.
“No, Emmy… Thank you for… making me breakfast!” Mateo shouted loudly.

Using his strength, he grabbed Emmy by her hips, and tossed her onto his bed. Swiftly turning to his food, he grabbed the chair sitting next to the table, and sat in it. Swiping up the fork, and syrup container, he began pouring it onto his pancakes, and chowing down. Emmy, confused, scurried to conceal any part of her body exposed from her robe, and hustled to the side of the bed Mateo was on. She sat on the bed, with her legs dangling off the bed, and watched in amazement as Mateo ate his breakfast.
“You really are a total freak, Mateo…” Emmy giggled.
“Yeah, yeah… I get that a lot!” Mateo smiled back, shoveling a whole pancake into his mouth.
“So… What’s the plan for the day? A relaxing day of shopping…? Staying indoors to clean? Another joyful walk around town…?” Emmy asked, excited about planning the day.

Mateo placed his fork down, and slowly eased back in his chair, holding his stomach in comfort.
“Emmy, you make the best breakfast!!” Mateo sighed happily, placing his hands on the back of his head.

Using this opportunity, Emmy stood up, and placed her hands on his shoulders. She leaned forward, facing Mateo’s face upside down. As the sun began coming through the window, it lit up Emmy’s hair, raiding a slight aura from it from Mateo’s view. Mateo rested his arms in his lap, and placed his right hand against Emmy’s cheek.
“Emmy… Your hair…” Mateo smiled, felling the warmth of Emmy’s cheek.
“Yeah…?” Emmy smiled, placing her hand against Mateo’s hand.
“It’s shiny…” Mateo giggled, looking deep into Emmy’s eyes.

Suddenly, there was a pound at the door, startling the two. Emmy not only jumped backwards, she fell onto the bed as Mateo fell backwards, landing on the floor with his back. Curling to a roll, she used the momentum to roll across Mateo’s bed, and land on her feet on the other side, standing back up again. Making sure none of her lady parts were exposed, she retightened her robe, and began walking towards the door while adjusting her morning hair. In embarrassment, Mateo laid still on the floor, with his hand on his face, shaking it slightly in disappointment. Rolling to his side, he pushed off the floor to his feet, and started grabbing his clothes.

Emmy grabbed hold of the door knob, and peaked through the hole to see who was knocking. Suddenly, Emmy screamed to the top of her lungs, which started Mateo. He swiped his pistol from his inn-table, and held it at the low ready. Ducking beside the bed, Mateo quickly shouted for Emmy.
“Emmy…! Who is it??” Mateo asked, grabbing his utility belt from under the inn table.
“It’s Arthur! He’s here!!” Emmy screamed, stomping through the house to her bedroom.

Mateo, hesitant, stood up and quickly holstered his weapon. Checking his clothes for any deformities, he quickly exited the room, and shut the door. He rested his head on the door for a quick second, questioning why the commander of the agents and the general of the Raven military would show up at his house. Full of confusion, he walked to the front door, and grasped the door handle.
“Why would… Why would he be here…? He swore to ever go near me, or have a thought that I could join the Agency…” Mateo asked himself.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo turned the door knob, and swung it open, revealing a man in golden clothes. Arthur  wore a golden coat that stretched to his ankles from the back, and on the sides came down to his kneecaps. It had two decently sized pockets, allowing him to place his hands into his pockets comfortably. Underneath, he wore a born colored shirt and pants that tucked into his black boots.  Across his waste, he wore a golden belt that allowed him to sheathe and holster one golden beam sword. His long sleeve shirt was tucked into his gloves, which concealed a red ruby on his ring finger on the left side, indicating he was married.  On his head was silver hair that stretched to the lower portion of his neck, connecting to his silver beard and mustache. His face was slightly wrinkled, showing his slightly elderly age.

The old man smiled, and crossed his hands behind him, and gazed at Mateo.
“You’ve grown, Mateo…” Arthur smiled, looking at the devastated man.

Mateo couldn’t speak for a moment, astonished Arthur stood in front of him and his house. Before he could say anything, Arthur began taking steps into his house.
“Mind if I come in?” Arthur smiled, already stepping into Mateo’s house.

Followed by four agents in silver armor identical to Arthur, they speedily walked past Mateo, and into the large living room. With two of the guards standing at the doorways of the living room and the front door, Mateo stood back, allowing them to pass. As Author walked into the living room, he say down on the large sofa, and placed his feet up on the dining room table.
“Is he in yet, Mateo??” Emmy shouted, running down the stairs like a freight train.
“Emmy, shush!” Mateo yelled, looking up the stairwell at Emmy.

Emmy, coming down in her normal outfit and gear, stepped off the last step, and eased into Mateo’s body and embraced it tightly.
“I… Please… don’t do anything stupid, please?” Emmy begged, squeezing the front of his shirt tightly.
“Emmy, stop… I’ll be fine.” Mateo smiled, pulling Emmy off him, and looking into the living room.

With a deep breath, Mateo, followed by the anxious Emmy, walked into the living room and sat down on the smaller couch closest to the wall on the other side of the room. Arthur, who was reaching for cashew  at the center of the living room table, began smirking as the two passed him to sit down.
“So, Mateo! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” Arthur smiled, munching on some cashew .
“Sir, it is an honor to meet you finally…!” Emmy anxiously smiled, slightly bouncing in her seat.
“A pleasure, ma’am…” Arthur nodded at Emmy, “So, as I understand it, you two were involved with an attack yesterday, regarding a… Tall demon with two swords…? Care to explain what happened?”
“Um… Didn’t Zane say anything in his report?” Mateo asked, questioning Arthur.
“Who? Oh… Oh! A level 2 agent! No… He reported nothing along the lines of a demon with two swords… Just reported of a disturbance that was handled…” Arthur asked, chewing on cashew .
“That’s…” Emmy began to say.
“Yes, that’s what happened.” Mateo interrupted, facing Emmy coldly.

She looked at Mateo puzzled.
“I highly doubt that, young man…” Arthur smirked, placing his feet off the table and sitting up from the couch, “A level two is nowhere as skilled to take down someone of that status from the demonic lords of Silan. What truly happened?” Arthur asked, mingling his hands together.

Mateo began sweating, looking down towards the floor and appearing intimidating to the question. Emmy, slightly concerned, put her hand on his back and began to rub it.
“You said… to never…” Mateo shivered.
“I did. But I didn’t say to not protect anybody.” Arthur said, leaning towards Mateo, “I’m old, but I’m not stupid… You think I don’t remember what happened that day? Mateo, your parents were good people. They did wonders for our organization. May times, your father, Julius, saved me many times. Vira, the lovely mother you had, was able to pull off things no other follower could ever do. You come from a very strong heritage… But your family’s status created a jealousy hierarchy within the organization. Your family had opportunities no other agent has ever received, or gone through… Something I can’t control is every Agent’s actions. All I can do is punish… and our law doesn’t abide by mass punishment. If you joined when you did, you would have been killed. The agent that challenged you… Did you a favor son.”
“… The demon that attacked was general Zilan. He intimidated Zane to a non-responsive state. I personally jumped in, and with the aid of my mystic friend Emmy here, we not only saved Zane and his follower, I was able to inflict damage on his demonic armor using a vial I crafted.” Mateo explained.

Arthur placed his hand on Mateo’s shoulder, and smiled.
“Son, that’s all you had to say. Now… the reason I’m here… is that a lot of people saw what you and your friend here did. And you’ve been reprimanded…” Author said.

Mateo’s eyes lit up as he slowly raised his head to look at the commander in disbelief.
“What…?” Mateo asked.
“Yes. You and your mystic friend there are being personally entered in the next Agency academy. One of the victims you saved… He was smashed under some debris… You, little girl, saved him from almost a dead state… That took guts… He is also one of my most trusted military advisors. Although I can’t announce to the rest of the agency that you’re a mystic; I can bend the rules a little bit here. The other gentleman you saved was an in training Agent. Not only did you inspire him, he’s trying out to be a level two…” Arthur smiled, patting Mateo on the shoulder.

Mateo’s face dropped, as he let himself fall back onto the couch. Emmy, excited, grabbed his arm, and began bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement.
“There is something else you need to have, that concerns me greatly.” Arthur said, reaching into his coat, “I need you to finish the academy with excellent grades, there’s a mission you need to go on as soon as possible. With your combat style, and your experiences, you will be best fit for this mission.”

Pulling out a white envelope, he handed it to Mateo, who was still struck that he was given a chance to walk into the academy. Quickly, he opened the envelope and started reading the paper. It only took a couple minutes before Mateo’s face turned pale.
“Mateo…? What’s wrong?” Emmy asked, looking at Mateo’s facial expression.
“Commander… This mission…” Mateo spoke as if he was out of breath, “This is the exact same mission my parents were on…!”
“I cannot fathom what happened to them… But since you have the determination to find them… Might as well put all your skills to good use, and find them. I need them more than ever to pinpoint our next military move against Silan and his demonic forces… I need to know if they’re dead or alive…” Arthur spoke, reaching for more cashews.
“Yes… I’ll do it.” Mateo smiled, looking at Arthur with respect.
“I knew you would! And… Emmy, you called her, will accompany you.” Arthur smiled, standing.

As Arthur stood, he reached for the bowl of cashews, and cracked a huge smile. He turned to Mateo, who was still shocked.
“Mind if I…” Arthur asked.
“Take’em! Take everything!” Emmy shouted, jumping to her feet, grabbing Mateo’s arm again.

Mateo looks at Emmy, who is super excited, and looks back at Arthur, who is smiling back.
“Thank you… Sir…” Mateo smiled, holding out his right hand to be shaken.
“You deserved this for a long time, son. Things had to… settle down first.” Arthur replied, shaking his hand back, “I have other matters to attend to, so I will let you have at your business. When you’re ready, go to the academy, and you both sign up. Say I sent you there.  And show them that letter of yours. At the bottom is my seal of approval. That’s all you need to show them if they need proof…”
“Yes sir…! Both Emmy and Mateo shouted.
“Take care, Mateo. Your mother would be proud…” Arthur smiled, releasing Mateo’s hand.

With that, Arthur began chowing down on more cashews as he and the rest of the knights left the house. As the last knight walked out of the house and shut the door, Mateo fell back onto the couch in disbelief.
“Emmy…” Mateo sighed, looking back at the letter, “Do you realize where we’re going?”
“Nope! Just now we’re going on an adventure!” Emmy smiled, still jumping for joy.
“Motavian… We’re leaving Raven…” Mateo sighed, folding up the piece of paper.

Hearing this made Emmy stop jumping, and she sat down with a sad look on her face. It’s as if her entire emotion shut down.
“Leaving…?” Emmy asked, looking at Mateo.
“We’re leaving Raven… For a good amount of time…” Mateo explained.
“We’ll be together though… Right…?” Emmy asked, grabbing hold of Mateo’s arm again.
“Well, I would imagine so… As long as you go the same caliber I do in the academy…” Mateo explained again.
“I…” Emmy shivered slightly, grasping Mateo’s arm tightly.

Puzzled, Mateo rose up, and looked at Emmy, who was slowly clinging onto Mateo’s arm tightly.
“I’ve never been outside the city, Mateo…” Emmy said softly, “It’s going to be hard for me to… “

Mateo placed his other hand onto Emmy’s chink and lifted her face to make eye contact with Mateo’s.
“Emmy… You will be fine. We will succeed!” Mateo smiled, attempting to reassure Emmy.
“I… hope so…” Emmy smiled, feeling comfort from Mateo’s words.

Mateo leaned back, and pulled Emmy back with him. Lifting his right arm from her grasp, he pulled her towards his torso. Felling more comfortable, she brought up her knees to her chest, and buried her face into Mateo’s torso while wrapping her arms around him.
“Mateo… I want to be with you forever…” Emmy said softly, nestling into his torso.
“You’re being really… Clingy today aren’t you?” Mateo questioned, placing his head on hers.
“Yeah; I’m on my period… Sorry.” Emmy replied.

Mateo’s face instantly went blank for a brief moment, interrupting any kind of emotion he felt during the moment. Slightly shrugging his shoulders, he placed his head back on hers.
“So… you wanted to go shopping?”
“Yeah… Yes, I would like that.” Emmy replied.
“Let’s go… somewhere good. Let’s go to Steak & Jerry’s today for lunch. Then prepare for our adventure.
“Oh!” Emmy shouted.

Suddenly, with a burst of energy, Emmy jumped from the couch, and ran around the living room, towards the kitchen.
“We should enjoy the whole day! Just you and me…!” Emmy shouted with excitement.
“Yeah let’s do that!” Mateo smiled, standing from the couch.

He walked into the kitchen where Emmy was, and unbuckled his utility belt. Placing it on the counter, as did Emmy, the two proceeded to exit the house. Locking the door behind him, Mateo and Emmy began walking with the not so crowded people on the sidewalk towards the bigger city. As they walked, Emmy looked back at Mateo, and giggled slightly.
“The streets don’t look super crowded today…” Emmy said.
“Nope, not at all… Probably from that attack yesterday…” Mateo replied.
“Makes sense…” Emmy smiled.
“Look! We’re almost at Steaks at Jerries!” Mateo cheered.

On the left side of the sidewalk, the two walked into a big brick building with glass double doors. Normally, when the sun is up high into the air, the place would be more crowded. But due to the demonic attack yesterday, nobody was eating there. Mateo walked up to the bar, and gazed at all the interesting toppings. His mouth began watering, smelling the smell of cooked shredded steak.
“Hi, may I help you?” A man asked, turning from the grill.
“Yes… Can I have a double meat turkey, toasted with lettuce and cucumber?” Mateo requested.
“Sure thing boss! And what about you, pretty lady?” The man asked, turning to Emmy.
“Can I get a tuna wrap? I soooo have to watch my figure…” Emmy smiled, placing her hands on her stomach.
“I can see. I’ll get right on it. Have a seat, and I’ll bring you your sandwiches. Grab some cups for drinks and I’ll be right there!” The man said.

The man turned, and began preparing the food as Mateo and Emmy walked over to the drink fountain. The man stood about 6’1, and wore a white T-shirt along with black khaki pants and black boots. His hair was white, and stood a few inches from his head, and his eyes were crystal blue.

Mateo, grabbing some ice and pouring some sweet tea with Emmy behind him getting the same thing, walked over and sat in a booth next to a glass window. As Emmy sat down, she immediately began sipping her tea.
“Goodness gracious, this is good tea!” Emmy smiled, looking at the straw, “Not as much sugar as I’d like but… Absolutely amazing!”
“But uh… that’s my line!” Mateo questioned, slurping his tea.
“So…, I have a tiny question for you, Mateo…” Emmy asked softly, “Why did he… come to our house again?”
“I’m just as shocked as you… I never expected to ever see him again… Or join the agency… And to be put on the same mission as my parents…” Mateo replied, slurping his tea.
“It’s just strange to me…” Emmy answered.
“Oh? How so…?” Mateo asked, taking a long swig out of his tea.
“For starters…, Arthur knew where we lived; which means he was keeping tabs on us…” Emmy explained, “He is tasking a mission when we aren’t qualified to do it!”
“Maybe he finally saw things my way?” Mateo questioned.
“I don’t know… the fact he brought some of the royal guard to our house… is a little… Out of the ordinary…” Emmy explained, “One tracked mud in…You know how I feel about mud!”
“Oh pish posh…” Mateo giggled, sipping some tea.
“It’s just so weird to come out of the blue, and just task you… He also didn’t sound as if Zane gave him the information he needed about the attack in two weeks.” Emmy replied.
“Better question is… Are you prepared to attempt to keep your powers under wraps while you go through the follower academy?” Mateo smiled, glaring at Emmy.

Emmy forcefully placed her tea cup on the table, and grasped it slightly.
“I’m not happy at all!” Emmy proclaimed, “There’s no reason for it! In a combat environment, we can take care of basic spells that would you would benefit greatly from!”
“Emmy…!” Mateo shouted back, putting his hands in a slight lowering the voice motion, “Stop… Don’t make a scene… Arthur said to be quiet…”

Hearing Mateo get a little stern made Emmy sit forward, and shrivel up a little bit.
“Sorry…” Emmy said softly, feeling in trouble, “It just makes me so angry. We’d be the best support in a fight…”
“Yes… But in the guidelines of the Agency, they have to be full human. Demons siphon magic from Mystics, and that could turn the tide of any battle…” Mateo explained, “One fully powered mystic can give a platoon of demons enough power to wipe out an entire squad of level 5 agents…”

Hearing this information made Emmy curious, making her sit back in her seat. She grabbed her tea and began slowly drinking it.
“Really…?” Emmy asked, feeling a little scared.
“Yup. In fact, in some of the ancient text I read in the abandoned angelic library… If a demon grabs a powerful enough mystic, they can warp the very fabrics of reality, and travel through time. Though it hasn’t been document if that has ever happened. In theory, anyone that has the power to travel back in time can alter our timeline… Which… Could possibly end everything as we know it, and we would no longer exist. About 100 years after the treaty was made… This was after all three races mingled… Had half children… The leadership of Raven, and Gethos, found out about the mystic syphon when the queen of Raven, who was half mystic, got her power absorbed by the leader of the demons, Silan… and became so powerful, he destroyed the majority of the forces of the two super powers single handedly. With some low class militants of all three races, they were able to weaken him, and extract the energy. But it was already too late to save the queen. It was then, that they all agreed Mystics would not fight on the front lines, and they would be the minority race. Any traces of their DNA in any human or angel, would be not allowed to fight ever against a demon. Full mystics were…” Mateo stopped.

Catching the corner of his eye, he saw the man that was preparing their food, was standing there with the tray. Two sandwiches steaming from being freshly removed from the grill; the man was eagerly listening to the story. Being caught, he quickly placed the tray on the table, and turned around.
“Were… you listening to me…?” Mateo asked, looking at the sweating man.
“Uh, yeah uh…” The man said, with his back turned towards Mateo.

Emmy then turned to see the man, shaking with nervousness.
“Why are you nervous? Is it me? Is it my legs?” Emmy asked.

She turned her right leg, and raised it into the air, towards the man. Mateo put his hand to his mouth and began chuckling as the man slowly turned around, and stared at Emmy’s leg. The man gazed on her leg, and took a small step forward. Suddenly, he reached down, grabbed hold of her leg, and began examining it. With the force he put into his exertion, she fell into the booth. She quickly pulled down her skirt, and clamping it between her legs so nobody could see her panties. Mateo began laughing hysterically, looking at the crazed man over her leg.
“Your leg is so pristine! Not a single hair on it!” He gasped, placing his face on her leg , closing his eyes and rubbing his cheek back and forwards on it, “I feel… complete smoothness… and I smell vanilla…? Yeah… I smell vanilla fragrance…”

Emmy’s face began turning red from the compliments. With her left foot, she raised it up, and thrust it forward, kicking the man in his face. It sent him flying across the room, impacting the wall, slightly cracking the fixture with his back. Emmy quickly rolled back to her sitting up position, blushing, and overcome with embarrassment. She placed her hands together, and placed them in her lap, while looking at her food.
“Emmy, I think your legs are nice and clean!” Mateo laughed hysterically.
“Shut up…” Emmy grumbled, not removing her eyes from her sandwich.

The man slid to his butt, in shock from the impact. Grabbing his face, she slowly pushed and rolled himself to his feet. Also feeling embarrassed, the man walked towards the table, twisting his two main fingers in each other and staring at them.
“Sorry about that, ma’am… I can’t help but to look at such beautifully crafted flesh and skin… I’m a sucker for it…” The man said in a low, embarrassed voice.
“Don’t worry; Emmy likes to attract the creepy ones!” Mateo blurted out, smiling.

Emmy quickly gave Mateo the stink eye, and with all her might, she kicked him in the shin. Attempting not to make a face, Mateo sat still, looking at Emmy while biting his lip.
“I also love… ancient lore. I have always been fascinated with angels… It’s been my life long goal to go to the planet Gethos… and research their culture… But since they cut off common communication… I don’t know how I’m going to get there…” The man sighed, placing his hands and arms to his sides.
“I have more… to tell, if you want to listen.” Mateo smiled.

Emmy shot another stink eye at Mateo, for suggesting that.
“You… You don’t mind ma’am?” The man asked, looking at Emmy.
“Go… ahead…” Emmy murmured, pointing her eyes towards the edge of the table next to the window.

Full of excitement, the man turned around, grabbed a chair, and sat in it.
“Emmy, go ahead and start eating your sandwich… I have more to explain.” Mateo Suggested, dragging his sub in front of him, “Full Mystics were to be set as minorities… and never to be put in the front lines… Or any position where a demon can use them. Before this law came to play, a majority of the mystics, and the mixed mystic populations left Raven and the ones with angelic blood left Gethos and attempted to make a settlement on Motavian. Some that were in the militaries of both parties, were allowed to stay… but the full bloods were debriefed and forced to stay away from anything involving fighting.” Mateo finished explaining.
“That’s awful…” The man said, shocked listening to the story.
“And from the news reports, not even 10 years after that, they halted any transportation to and from Gethos, due to a recent increase in demons in that general path between planets.” Mateo explained, “And that’s where the text stops”
“So… What’s what Arthur meant…” Emmy said with a slight sigh, grabbing her sandwich.
“Wait wait… You met Commander Arthur?” The man asked, becoming joyful.
“Uh…” Emmy questioned.
“No, and I think our conversation is over, sir…” Mateo replied, looking at the man.
“Call me Achilles…” He smiled, looking back at Mateo.
“Well, Achilles… My friend and I have some intricate things to talk about… So, no disrespect, but you have to leave us alone…” Mateo replied.
“But you said I could listen…!” Achilles replied.
“Yeah, I did… But I’m done for now. We don’t have much time left… so please let us talk…”Mateo asked Achilles nicely, “I’m glad someone is interested in the history… But we have important things to discuss… Between her and me… you know? I’ll come back and talk with you about whatever you want…”

Hearing the seriousness of his tone, Achilles said nothing as he stood up from the table, and began walking back to the grill, to prepare more sandwiches. Mateo then leaned forward, so he can talk in a whisper.
“So… what if the draining happens to me…?” Emmy asked, taking a small bite of her sandwich.
“We would have to extract the energy form whatever stole it… and hopefully put it back before… you turn to stone. The time frame is about… thirty minutes. If you were half human, you’ll have a fifty percent chance of being fine… but… You would never be able to use your mystic powers ever again…” Mateo explained.
“That’s… frightening…” Emmy replied, setting her sandwich down slowly, “I’m… I’m a bit scared now… What if I…”

Mateo took a huge bite out of his sub, and looked at Emmy.
“Don’t… Don’t worry Emmy… You’re too cunning, and I’m always going to be with you. I’ll protect you no matter what!” Mateo smiled, munching on his sandwich happily.

Emmy smiled, helplessly watching Mateo eat his sandwich.
“Usually people say things like more epic like… just saying…” Emmy giggled, grabbing hold of her sandwich.
“It’s a good sub…” Mateo laughed, taking another huge bite.

Suddenly, the door opened from the restaurant. Instinctively, Mateo and Emmy both looked towards the entrance to see why came in. A man wearing black, wielding a high caliber rifle ran into the restaurant, starring straight at Achilles and the register. Mateo, aware that weapons weren’t allowed in plain sight, especially aimed at people, placed his sandwich in front of his face, watching him. Emmy quickly turned towards Mateo with a concerned look on her face. She quickly placed her sandwich on the bare table, and began to stand up when Mateo looked at her a specific way. Seeing Mateo’s face at ease, instinctively told her to sit back down.
“Give me all the money in the register, now!” The man yelled, holding the gun at head level with Achilles.

At the moment, Achilles was preparing some steak on the grill. Hearing the man yell, made him stop for a quick second. With the metal blade in his hand, he held it in the up position, about to cut the steak and froze.
“Uh… excuse me?” Achilles replied, slightly turning his head towards the armed man.

The man raised the rifle, and cocked it, and placed it back at the high ready, with this finger shaking on the trigger.
“I said move your fucking ass, and give me the money!” He screamed a second time.

Emmy then placed her hands on the table; eager to stand, but Mateo reached over, and grabbed her arm, signaling to sit back down. Beginning to worry, Emmy whispered violently.
“Mateo, we need to help!” She whispered, her eyes wide with worry.
“Shush… we will in a moment…” Mateo replied, nibbling on his sandwich while starring at the man.
“I’m going to ask you one more damn time! Give me the money, or else I’ll shoot the hostages!” He shouted, pointing the gun towards Emmy and Mateo.

Suddenly, Mateo nodded at Emmy, and leaped from his seat. Using her magic, she encased Mateo in a shaded purple bubble. He charged after the man, swiping a knife from one of the tables he passed. Before the man had a chance to react, being distracted by Achilles’s patience, Mateo chucked the knife into the rifle that was pointed at him. The man, quickly glancing to his left, saw Mateo charging after him, and squeezed the trigger. Being the bullets were blocked by the knife, there was a tiny explosion, turning the barrel of the rifle into a banana. Using the distortion, Mateo reached for the man’s collar, grabbed it, pulled it close to him and with his other fist; punched the guy between the eyes. The force of the punch sent the man crashing into the wall, cracking it. Achilles, thinking fast, grabbed the closest thing he could find, which was a hard metallic pan, swung and hit the man on top of the head. Mateo looked at Achilles, and began laughing.
“So, I guess his order… was invalid huh?” Mateo chuckled.

Emmy glared at Mateo’s awful joke, placed her right hand on her forehead, and sighed loudly. Achilles, full of adrenaline, looked at the man, and back at Mateo.
“Are you an agent?” Achilles asked, placing the bent pan back on the counter.
“Well, not exactly. Soon to be; I guess you could say… pending.” Mateo answered.
“That was awesome!” Achilles replied.
“Can we go now…? Our happy lunch date was ruined by this jerk!” Emmy shouted across the store.
“Huh? Yeah, we can go window shopping if you want.” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy.
“Thanks, Mateo…” Achilles smiled, extending his hand.

Mateo looked at Achilles’s hand, and firmly grasped it with his right hand.
“You’re welcome… You may want to call the city police for him though.” Mateo suggested, releasing Achilles’s hand.

With a smile, Mateo walked with Emmy, side by side as they left the store. Achilles, watched the two walk out, and let out a happy sigh.
“Those guys are going to be amazing one day… I just know it…”
“You said it…” The burglar replied.

Hearing his voice made Achilles grab him by his collar, and hoist him up against the wall. Looking at him with demonic eyes, Achilles growled at him.
“Lucky for you, I’m not calling anyone…” Achilles growled.

With all his strength, Achilles threw the man behind the counter, and before he had time to react, he grabbed his steak cutter and held it to him.
“You are going to work for me. You will clean all this mess you made with your nonsense and you will keep working for me. I am now your boss, and you will do as I say, or you will pay for it dearly…” Achilles scolded him.

The man raised his head, and looked at Achilles, afraid of him.
“Yes… I’ll do it… I… My daughter…” The man began explaining.
“Hey, settle down… what’s your name?” Achilles asked.
“I’m…” The man explained, standing to his feet, “My name is Palacio. I’m… I was from the southern towers… My daughter… is sick, and I needed money. I felt I had to…” Palacio explained, looking towards the floor.
“Whoa… slow down partner… Go sit down at a booth. I’ll make you something on the house.” Achilles smiled.

Palacio smiled, and reached up to take his ski mask off.
“Thank you…” Palacio smiled as he removed his mask, and began removing his robe.

As he pulled off his mask, he revealed his short and spikey black hair with brown eyes. The stains on his face show that he has been through tough times over a long span of time. Wearing black combat boots, multi colored wooden khakis, a black belt, and a multi colored green tunic with a black shirt tucked in underneath it, someone could mistake him for a hunger. He reached into his back pocket, pulled out a black beret, and placed it firmly on his head, and walked over to a booth to sit down. Achilles, watching the man bundle his robe as he walked past him, made him think, “The hell is this dude doing?”

It only takes Achilles a few seconds to prepare a double meat turkey sandwich for Palacio. Putting it on a pristine plate, he grabs a bottle of juice from the fridge next to the grill, and walked to Palacio. Also grabbing a bottle of tea from the fridge for himself, he sets the food on the table, and pushes it to Palacio.
“This is for you and the drink too… It’s on me.” Achilles smiled, sitting down on the other side of the booth, “Now… Explain to me… Why were you robbing me?” Achilles asks, sipping on some tea.

Palacio takes no time in starting to chow down on the sandwich.
“Slow down! You’re going to choke!” Achilles suggested, watching the man scarf down the food.
“I can’t help it!!! It’s like a thousand little pin-needles dancing in my mouth! Absolutely exquisite…!” Palacio shouted.
“So… about your daughter…” Achilles asked.
“So…” Palacio stopped for a moment, to let out a quick belch from being done with the sandwich, “About three years ago… my significant other, who was a follower of an agent… Level… three I believe…? They went off to some random mission on Motavian… and when she came back, she was ill…”

Achilles began feeling sick, expecting to hear a sad story. He leaned forward, resting his head on the drink he had for himself
“She looked at me with her lovely eyes… and said… she has to go away for a while, and to let Becca know… That she loves her…” Palacio began explaining, slowly becoming saddened.
“Where…” Achilles began to ask, unable to speak.
“I don’t know. She left a note and told me she was going on a super-secret mission… and she won’t be back for a long time. Ever since she left… Becca has been sick. And nothing I do can cure her… Of course, after about a year of no word… The Agency cut funding… and we lost our house… our vehicle… everything… And now we live in an alley way not too far from here.” Palacio sighed, sipping on his drink.
“Well… Don’t worry!” Achilles smiled, standing from the table, “Bring your daughter here! You and she can stay with me! I’ve been looking for a roommate, and since I own the place… you can work for me! And live here. We’ll make your daughter well again!”

Palacio was in the middle of a drink, and when Achilles said that, he began choking.
“What…?” Palacio asked, trying to regain his composure.
“Yes! All my life, I wanted to be more than a sandwich maker. I want to make a difference!” Achilles smiled, “If I may ask… What was her name; your wife…?”
“Her name was Shimara… I called her Sharon though.”


Chapter 4



Exhausted, Alec laid on the floor, panting as he looked towards the ceiling while Lyra leaned against her bed. Elena, still unconscious, was also on the floor, in front of her bed. Moments after the rocket took off, the walls of the building faded away, revealing the darkness of space. Lyra slowly rose to her feet, and looked through the glass, watching the fiery planet Silan.
“Alec…” Lyra panted, “Thank you…”
“Shush… It’s apart… of the job.” Alec replied back, trying to catch his breath.
“We… escaped… And you got the battle plans…” Lyra smiled, looking back at Alec.
“Yeah, I guess we did it, huh? Thanks for the supporting fire…” Alec replied.
“Yes…” Lyra smiled, allowing herself to fall on her bed from the window.

Suddenly, Elena made a slight moan. Alec quickly dusted himself off, and rose to his feet as Elena began wiggling and moaning in pain. He quickly gained his composure, and walked towards Elena, and sat on his bed, looking at her scornfully. She immediately placed one of her hands on her face, and sat up. Her hair dangled, towards the floor, so he was unable to see her face. Alec wasted no time at all in beginning the conversation.
“Elena, why…?” Alec asked scornfully.
“What…?” Elena replied, not looking in his direction.
“I needed you the most down there, and in our most critical of times… You locked up, and couldn’t finish the mission with me. I had to jeopardize our cover, and put Lyra in even more danger than she was supposed to be in. You blew our cover, and we almost didn’t make it back to the ship in time. What the fuck is your deal?” Alec questioned, showing no remorse.

Elena began rising to her feet, only to sit on her bed. She looked towards the floor, letting her hair block anybody from looking at her face.
“I…” Elena began answering.

Alec stood to his feet, stood in front of Elena, and with his right hand drawn back; he released it against her face from his backside. The smack not only startled Lyra, but threw Elena off the bed, back onto the floor. Lyra quickly jumped to her feet, but Alec pushed his left hand towards her, signaling for her to stay back. Elena quickly scurried to her feet, and began holding her face in pain and astonishment. She looked at Alec with her beading eyes, and began to tear up.
“No! Why did you leave us there in the middle of a mission?? This was one of the most critical missions to date! We needed you! We lost our ground; Lyra had to come from cover, to get you… And I had to walk into the stronghold of the demon empire for information with no cover! The demonic base of Silan!!  Absolutely none! You freaked out like a coward… I expected that kind of behavior from a level one, not you! I got ambushed by Zilan, one of the generals of Silan, and several of his elite guards. If it wasn’t for Lyra, I would have died…” Alec explained.
“Alec, I’m…” Elena tried to explain.
“No! I’ve had it!” Alec shouted, turning around, with his back facing Elena, “When we get back, I’m decommissioning you as my follower. You almost cost us not only our lives… Not only the mission… But do you realize this could hasten the attack on Raven? You put your own selfish concerns before the mission! Again! This time you messed up too much. I’m going right to Commander Arthur and decommissioning you!”

Elena, horrified, stood in disbelief, holding her face in agony. Lyra, on her feet, put her hand to her mouth, turned the other way, and began looking at the stars again.
“Alec… Don’t please… I…” Elena attempted to beg.

Alec quickly turned around, grabbed Elena by her collar, hoisted her into the air, and pushed her against the glass of the ship.
“Just because you’re the commander’s daughter you think you can be clever and do what you wish! Like your life is over everyone else’s…!” Alec shouted, pushing tighter on Elena’s neck.

Lyra, beginning to shake at the knees, turned around, and looked at Alec in disbelief.
“Alec, stop it!” Lyra shouted at him.
“Shut up!” Alec shouted at her, not taking her eyes off Elena, “You have no idea what you jeopardized! You could have doomed us all!”

Elena began struggling, kicking Alec in the chest, losing oxygen.
“I have never been this angry at you! I can’t believe you locked up on the most important mission we’ve ever been tasked on!” Alec shouted, begging to growl in his speech.

Lyra quickly grabbed hold of Alec, and pulled him back; making him drop Elena, and the two hit the floor on their backs. Elena fell to her hands and knees, coughing and gasping for air.
“Stop it Alec! You made you point…” Lyra pleaded, refusing to release Alec.
“Let me go!!” Alec shouted, trying to reach for Elena again.

Elena quickly recovered, and jumped to her feet. Her eyes began tearing up, looking confused at Alec.
“You… don’t understand… Alec…” Elena replied softly, hearing the sadness in her voice, “I… I saw something…”
“You saw things from fear!” Alec shouted, still struggling to reach Elena.
“No… You… Listen to me please…” Elena pleaded, “I saw a vision…”

Lyra, puzzled, glared at Elena in confusion as Alec calmed down. He braced Lyra’s clutch and pulled her arms away. Using the beds, he pushed himself to his feet, and looked at Elena.
“I saw… something.  In my head, I saw… something…” Elena repeated.
“What did you see? What was so terrifying that you had to jeopardize the mission? “Alec asked.
“I saw…” Elena replied, sitting on her bed, holding the side of her face that Alec hit, “A vision. I saw… Our planet, but… there was fire everywhere. The buildings were half broken… Some fell to the floor of the planet, floating in the lava… I saw buildings floating in the sky, and I saw the shield gone over the planet that helps preserve live…” Elena explained.

This made Alec sit on his bed while Lyra sat next to Elena, and began rubbing her back.
“The moment we stepped on the Cathedral… I began having the visions, but I ignored it. I should have… said something…” Elena explained, becoming choked up, “The rings around the control tower were rotating, which means the gravitational systems were either damaged, or malfunctioned… I saw everything in ruins… molten pillars from the core throwing itself into space… I saw, Zilan, with a large weapon… covered with blood, and some yellow-goo stuff… He was holding it high in the air.”

Elena began to hold where Alec slapped her again.
“I saw buildings floating into the atmosphere… Bodies and lava everywhere… The planet Silan was… blue… And then I saw those red… red crimson eyes looking at me. They were… haunting… It felt like it was chilling my soul…” Elena placed both of her hands on her face, and looked towards the ground, “It began talking to me… It was dark, and cold… It almost made me panic… But I couldn’t move… I was petrified… I blanked out after that. But the words it said to me… I…”

Succumbing to her thoughts, Elena covered her face with her hands, and leaned into Lyra’s lap. Alec, astonished by Elena, stood up and proceeded towards Elena, when Lyra looked heavily on him.
“Back off…” Lyra shouted, giving Alec the stink eye, “That was the coldest I’ve ever seen out of you…”

Alec shrugged his shoulders, unaware he did anything wrong.
“Lyra, something you need to understand…” Alec began to explain, walking away from the beds, “This mission wasn’t like anything we’ve ever been tasked before. Elena and I are top ranking Agents. There is no room for error.”

He turned, facing the two women,
“Elena and I go back a little bit. A daughter of the great Commander Arthur, and a highly skilled medic, and fighter; Elena has a lot to live up to. She made rank quick, and got partnered with me. At level five, the missions we get tasked on are some of the worse… Physically draining missions to date; the most dangerous, and the most unforgiving; we put many lives on the line when we mess up. So there’s no room for error. Failure to complete our missions results in immediate debrief, and kicked out of the Agency… or death. No in between, and no leniency. Elena jeopardized herself, me, and the rest of the population on Raven… Deep down, I have deep sympathies for you, for having a vision. But you’ve had the same thing happen eons ago, and it did cost the lives of an entire town!” Alec shouted, pointing at Elena, “I can’t… Risk doing that again…!”

Lyra gasped, hearing the information. She looked down, feeling Elena’s sorrow pour onto her lap, and started to pet her hair, attempting to comfort her.
“You know… There are some things that just can’t be helped…” Lyra spoke softly, raising her head to look at Alec, “Maybe when we get back… I’ll leave you guys…”
“You can’t.” Alec replied.
“What…?” Lyra asked, placing her hand on Elena’s hip.
“You are under strict contract to me and my team, Lyra. You’re a project. A lab rat… If you were to spring on your own, I would be responsible… Which means, under the agency guidelines; I’d have to put you down.” Alec sighed, turning away from Lyra’s eye sight.
“What…?” Lyra gasped.
“That’s right. You heard me right… In the event a project of any kind goes astray, I am under strict orders to immediately dispatch the rogue experiment.” Alec replied, looking back at Lyra.
“That’s… I’m mostly human! I’m a physical being…” Lyra said, beginning to shake up a bit.

Elena slowly rose from Lyra’s lap, wiping the tears from her face. At the same time, Alec walked towards his locker, and started to shuffle through a bag that was inside the locker.
“Thanks Lyra… I needed that…” Elena smiled through her tear stained face, “But what Alec says… is right. With the brief we both sat in… If you were to go astray… you could possibly turn rogue, and be a threat yourself…”

Alec then threw a folder at Lyra.
“Here… Look at this, you need to read it.” Alec said, tossing the folder.

Lyra quickly snatched it from the air, and immediately opened the folder. Inside showed two body photos, with a number inscribed on a piece of paper, “469172” and on the second line, was listed, “Project Lyra”.
“This…” Lyra gasped, looking at the pictures.

As she thumbed through the information, the picture to her right was a picture of her normal eyes. They were colored brown originally, and along her temple’s she had a blue and green marker dot on them. Information at the bottom of the picture stated what each color meant. Lyra stood up, and began reading the information out loud.
“So, my left Light blue eye symbolizes the sky, the air, the angelic… my right light green stands for nature, and the mystics. And… here, this bit says… I have something imbedded into my brain… To allow me to be an expert marksman…” Lyra read.
“That’s right.” Alec replied.
“So my mind… Isn’t my own…?” Lyra questioned, turning a page.

Looking onto the next page, she grabbed hold of a particular page, and dropped the folder onto the ground. She began shivering, reading the page, making her sit down in astonishment.
“Day seven…Rei is a 21 year old abandoned child on 34th street, in the western province. It’s been two weeks since she has been brought to our laboratory. Her body is in critical shape, and the tumors seem to be getting worse by the day. Once the tumors reach their peak, they will be removed, and parts of her body will be removed, such as the lungs, heart, stomach, liver, bladder, and various muscle tissues from the damage the cancer has dealt.”

Lyra began choking up from reading the document.
“Day thirty… Our first procedure is complete. All of the tissue and organs damaged by the cancer have been replaced with various other organisms and their parts. With the heart and lungs of an Angel, and her stomach, liver, bladder, and some muscle tissue of a Mystic, and some blood from both races, with her body tolerance level, she should undergo the fusion perfectly. Day thirty-two… Some of the brain matter has been damaged on the Spatial, Visual, and short term memory sides of the left lobe. In order for this woman to survive the rest of the infusion, we must begin infusing brain matter from other sources. Because this is such a critical matter, we have decided to take some of the good brain matter, and store it in the right lobe of the brain, making her memories accessible at a later date and time. Day thirty seven… Due to recent changes in the project, we decided to place the brain matter in an unlockable state for now. We must make sure this doesn’t destroy the current mission of the project. Day thirty-nine… We are attempting to begin transfer of specific programs into the new issue installed in the left lobe of the brain. Day forty-two… The subject’s brain operation and infusion of the blood was a complete success. Day fifty-five… We have completed surgery repairs, and the marks are gone. When she awakes, the only things she will remember are her project name, and basic fundamentals of her personality we have created for her. Although her human mind is now unlocked beyond human potential, it is likely she will never use that side of her brain, and tap in to her previous life.  Project Lyra is a success… Day seventy-one… Project Lyra woke from her slumber, speaking as if she just woke from a nap. Exactly as we wanted;  she will be attached to Agent Alec Raka, and his follower Elena Odysseus.”

Elena looked towards the floor, in deep thought hearing Lyra read off of the paper. Alec, on the other hand, crossed his arms, looking at Lyra.
“There’s a warning on the very bottom… If the project fails at her mission, she is to be dispatched immediately. Although she is ready for combat, it is unsure if she will regain her memory of her former self. If she does there could be a conflict that will either end her life, or drive her insane… And with the infusions, it could awaken a potential we have never calculated… and kill us all, or kill her…” Lyra read, releasing the paper onto the floor.
“There… You now know everything.” Alec explained.
“Why… But… I… Alec… But…” Lyra began repeating herself, falling onto the bed.

Lyra starred at the floor with the scattered papers, with different smaller photos of the scientists removing and placing in parts into her body.
“I’m nothing more than… a complete lab… rat…” Lyra murmured to herself.
“Exactly why you were attached to me…” Alec replied, lowering his arms to his side, “You are a lab rat. Deep down you are who you are…”
“Why… did you show me this?? Do you have any idea what this is doing to me?” Lyra shouted, looking at Alec with a glossy eye, ready to burst into tears.
“Because even though I’m a mission kind of guy, I hate lying. I hate deceiving. And what they did to you was wrong, even though your skills are unmatched. If you are to trust me, and this team, you need to digest the truth. But I didn’t do it to mess with your brain. I did it so you would fully trust me, and my judgment.” Alec explained.

Lyra paid him no mind, as she began repeating words back to herself randomly that was on the papers. Elena faced Lyra, and stood up from her bed. She walked over to Lyra, went to her knees, began gathering the papers and putting them back in the folder. Elena looked at Alec, and a tear was still stained on her face.
“Maybe… we should go our separate ways Alec…” Elena suggested, looking at Alec.
“Unfortunately, we can’t.” Alec replied, turning 180 degrees, “There’s more to this mission. Once we get back, we have to give the information to Commander Arthur, and-“Alec began explaining.

All of a sudden, the ship shook violently, throwing everyone to the floor forcefully. Alec quickly struggled back to his feet, and screamed,
“Computer! What the hell just happened??”

A drop-down screen lowered in the middle of the room, with a large display of the ship. The computer’s voice emitted from it.
“The ship heading towards an asteroid field…” The computer announced.
“What?? There is no-“Alec began replying.

Another violent shake turned the ship a different direction, making all three people plummet in free fall towards the other side of the room. With the beds now becoming the ceiling, debris also fell with the people. Alec quickly grabbed hold of the table in the middle of the room, preventing him from slamming against the other side like the women did.
“Show me on screen what’s happening outside!!” Alec shouted, holding onto the table.

As the screen came on, Alec was horrified to see that one of the turbines on the ship exploded from an impact of a space object unidentifiable.
“Our rear turbine is destroyed! Computer what is our current trajectory?” Alec asked.
“We will land on Motavian, in the uncharted territories.” The computer replied.

Alec’s heart sank as he heard this information. Thinking fast, Alec looked towards the lockers, and saw that his was still open. Dropping down to the bottom leg of the table, he began swinging himself towards the locker. Glancing down, both women were unconscious from the fall, rendering them useless. Gaining enough momentum, he released from his swing, and grabbed hold of the locker. Reaching high, he grabbed his bag, and pulled it from the locker. Once he had it, he harnessed it on his back, and allowed himself to fall to where Elena and Lyra were. Reaching down, he picked up Lyra, and walked to the end of the room opposite of the lockers.
“Computer, open the emergency bay door!” Alec shouted.

With the command said, a secret door opened up from the wall. Due to the ship’s tilt, Alec was facing the door side-ways. He quickly threw Lyra and his bag into the room, and hit some random key panel on the side of the room. Reaching on his face, he removed his visor, and hit a button on it.
“Lyra, get this to the commander at once! This is agent Alec Raka, and Elena Odysseus. One of our main turbines is damaged beyond repair, and we are plummeting out of orbit! I am sending Lyra with the emergency pod. She has the information on the attack on Raven! If we survive the fall, we will be marooned on Motavian! Do not send help! Don’t send anyone after us! It’s… It’s been an honor serving you, sir. Project Lyra is a perfect design! I repeat, a perfect design-“ Alec continued to shout.

Suddenly, the ship bounced heavily, slamming Alec against the door violently. Instantly impacting the door side, blood started pouring from his head, along with more debris from around the ship. Glass began cracking from the violent jerks, making alarms sound throughout the room. Struggling to stay conscious, Alec tossed his visor into the room Lyra was in, and rolled out of it. Pressing a red button on a keypad, the door sealed shut. At the same time Lyra began coming to her senses. She shook her head in disarray, and was already facing an injured Alec. Alec, barely conscious, looked back at Lyra, and smiled.
“Be good, okay?” Alec asked, releasing his hand on the button.

Lyra stumbled over the bag, and placed her hands on the glass door leading into the ship. Suddenly, the room detached from the ship, displaying a small octagon shaped ship. Lyra watched through the glass door helplessly as Alec quickly disappeared from sight, and only the damaged ship was in view plummeting towards Motavian.
“Alec… Elena…!” Lyra sighed, with her hand on the glass, looking at the damaged ship.

The more she watched the ship descend into Motavian’s atmosphere, the more she cried inside. Watching helplessly as the outside of the ship began smoking, exploding, and breaking apart, she looked down, and tears began rolling down her face.
“What just… What just happened…?” She asked herself, “I was just talking with them… My friends…”
“Don’t be… scared, Lyra…” A voice emitted from the ceiling, “Listen… Everything will be alright… My visor is sitting on the ship. Get that to the commander…”
“Alec??” Lyra gasped, attempting to stand in the small ship.
“My… feed is… Just… Self…” Alec replied.
“You’re breaking up! I don’t understand…!” Lyra shouted, looking back out where the ship was.

In horror, she began crying endlessly, watching the ship transform into a ball of fire, falling faster towards the planet’s surface. Debris broke away swiftly until it wasn’t visible anymore. She picked up the bag, and placed it behind the chair, as she sat back slowly. Resting her head on the headrest of the chair, she looked to her left and saw the moon Raven approaching slowly.
“We were… almost there…” Lyra sighed, wiping the tears from her face.

She looked down, seeing Alec’s visor. Thoughts of Alec, and everything he said pondered her mind as she reached down to grab it. Reaching around, she threw it into Alec’s bag, and rested her head against the seat again. Wiping more tears from her face, she began rethinking everything that happened on the ship.
“What am I going to do now…? When I return to Raven… are they gonna put me back in a test tube…? Or kill me because Alec is gone…?” She asked herself.
“Unidentified air ship! You are approaching Raven air space! Identify yourself, or you will be shot down!” A random voice came over the intercom.
“Huh? Who are you?” Lyra asked, opening her eyes.
“Raven air space… You have fifteen seconds to comply, or you will be shot down!” The voice said again.

Suddenly, two V wing ships passed Lyra’s ship from Raven’s direction, turned around, and began following her.
“I was part of Agent Alec Raka’s group… Our ship was shot down, and they were crashing towards Motavian! I am… Project… Lyra…” Lyra replied.
“Project…. Standby…” The voice snapped.

All of a sudden, the darkness of space began to form color, and the ship shook a little bit. Becoming frightened, Lyra sat back in her seat, and grasped hold of the arms. Waiting on the voice to come over the intercom made her heart beat in her throat. Staring at the two ships following her, the tips began to glow an eerie red, and pulsing. Another man came over the intercom, with a much more deep voice.
“This is Raven air space control, you are clear to…” The man spoke.
“Rogue ship! You are traveling too fast!” Another man came over the intercom.

Hearing this threw Lyra into a panic. Turning around in the seat, she saw nothing but flames, and the view of countless buildings being blurred by the speed of her descent. She quickly spun around, sat back in her seat, and began chanting, “Oh my god…”.
“Project Lyra, activate protocol four on the keypad!” The man with the low voice shouted.

Lyra heard, but didn’t recollect what the man said. She opened her eyes, and slowly peaked above her, seeing a small keypad with the numbers one through nine in rows of three. She reached up, and pressed four, anticipating that’s the right one. Suddenly the ship jerked violently, sending Lyra towards the door she entered in, and smashed her head against it. The impact struck her so hard, she instantly fell unconscious. Limp, she fell back into the chair, with her arm slipping under the straps of Alec’s bag.
“Project Lyra are you there? Do you read…?” The man with the low voice asked again.
“She’s descending too fast! Even with the protocol enabled, at her current speed and trajectory, she will land in the northern district, causing massive damage to one of the life support reactors!” One of the men on the ship said over the intercom.
“Preparing to fire…!” The man from the other ship said over the intercom.
“Not so fast, gentlemen!! We got this!” A womanly voice came over the intercom.
“Identify yourself!” The man with the low voice asked.
“Agent Zane and Specter at your service…!” Specter giggled.

Using their car, with Zane on the hood of the vehicle, they flew towards the ship on the right side. One of the fighter ships broke the formation, sped up, and flew in front of Lyra’s ship. Zane, within reaching distance of the glass of Lyra’s ship, pulled out his beam saber and struck it in two swings, forming an X. Following it with a circle, the glass flew back, almost striking the ship following. Quickly holstering his saber, he jumped into the ship, allowing Specter to peel away. Grabbing hold of Lyra, he quickly dove out of the ship, beginning a free fall from the ship. Now clear, the fighter jet following it shot its laser. Zane watched from below as the laser struck the ship, exploding it. Noticing how close they were from the ship, Zane rolled, facing his back towards the ship as it exploded, protecting Lyra from the explosion heat.

Debris rained down from the sky as the ship exploded. Specter, seeing Zane falling towards the ground, turned her car around, and began accelerating at their speed. Zane held onto Lyra tightly as he attempted to slow down the free fall, scared of hitting terminal velocity. It wasn’t long before Specter reached a faster speed than Zane, allowing her to catch up to the two. Pushing a button, the back portion of the hood opened, allowing Specter to fly into the two, catching them. As soon as the two were freefalling in the car, Specter closed the hatch, and began pulling upwards. Just the tilt of the car jolted everyone forward, immediately slowing their descent.

Quickly stabilizing the speed, Specter eased back in her seat, and pushed a button, allowing the glass wall between the front and back seat to rise up. Zane, lying Lyra on the back seat long ways, jumped to the passenger seat of the car.
“Damn I’m a sexy beast!” Zane cheered.
“Damn straight, snookum’s” Specter smiled back.
“But my hair… It’s all jacked…” Zane said, pulling out a comb from the dash board.
“Le sigh…” Specter signed, looking down in embarrassment.
“What?? If we’re seeing the commander today, we need to be extra sharp!” Zane smiled, stroking his hair.
“Why are we going there? Don’t we need to get this girl to the infirmary?” Specter asked, glancing back, “Zane, she’s bleeding!”
“What?” Zane asked, dropping his comb.

He turned to the back, and saw that Lyra was bleeding from the forehead.
“Shit! Move it then!” Zane gasped, jumping to the back.

As he jumped to the back, his foot hit Alec’s back, which spewed the items of the bag onto the floor. One of which was the Project Lyra folder, and the pictures scattered everywhere. This caught Zane’s eye as he pulled out some medical bandages from the side compartment of the door, and placed it on her head to dry up the blood. One in particular was the picture with her name and number on it.
“No. We’re going to Commander Arthur.” Zane replied.
“Say what? No?? Why??” Specter asked, glimpsing back at Zane.
“Look there…” Zane replied, nodding his head towards the floor board.

As Specter glimpsed at the floor, she also saw the picture.
“Maybe… we should report this first? For all we know, she could be a demonic experiment…” Specter suggested.
“Maybe… but we have to… He was personally saying things over the air space net. We have to report to him…” Zane explained.
“Okay, fine… But if she dies, then I’m riding your ass for it.” Specter answered snarly.
“Shut up.. And drive… I have a bad feeling…” Zane replied, also catching glimpse of the visor.
“Specter… it’s a high caliber visor…” Zane gasped, picking up the visor.

He jumped to the passenger seat, and examined the visor.
“It’s all torn up, and beat up. This girl… Must have had a crazy adventure…” Zane said.

Rolling it to its side, he pushed a button that ejected the memory card from the visor. Removing it, he inserted it into the car radio and pressed play.
“Zane! Are you fucking crazy?? Are you trying to get us killed?? Are you sure that’s not classified or anything? Those types of visors belong to the top ranking agents!!” Specter shouted smacking Zane in the leg as hard as she could.

By the time Zane had time to react, a screen appeared through the windshield, displaying what was on the visor. The first clip was the sound of Elena and Alec running through buildings, getting to the Cathedral.
“Is that…” Zane asked.
“Oh my… Eject it, eject it!” Specter shouted, repeatedly smacking Zane.

Thinking fast, Zane pushed a button on the player, ejecting the card. He quickly reached into his dash, pulled out a small tray, placed the card in it, and closed it. Zane and Specter’s hears jumped to their throats,
“Are you kidding me…?” Zane asked, glaring at Specter.
“Yeah, we need to go see Commander Arthur right away!” Specter shouted.

Grabbing the gearshift, Specter threw the shift all the way forward, and stepped on the gas. It wasn’t long before they reached the Agency parking deck. The deck sat on the upper levels of the control tower. Haste-fully, Zane and Specter jumped out of the car. Specter grabbed hold of Alec’s bag, closed it up, and strapped it to her back while Zane picked up the girl. Within seconds, some of the elite guard approached Specter and Zane, like an escort.
“Um… Excuse me…? We’re agents!” Specter shouted, looking at one of the elite guards.
“Go… Now… Walk…” One replied, gripping his lance.
“Is something…?” Zane began to ask, looking at the other elite guard standing next to him.

All of a sudden, four more elite guards ran onto the deck, surrounding both of them. Baffled and stunned, Zane and Specter stood with wide open eyes, confused as to what was going on.
“I’m repeating one more time, and we will strike. Move it. Now…” The elite guard standing next to Specter shouted.

Scared out of their wits, the two walked the same pace as the elite guards onto the bridge that connected the control tower and the upper deck. Zane turned to Specter as they walked across the bridge, in complete confusion.
“What the hell… is going on? What did we…?” Zane asked.
“I told you… Zane… You should have fucking put everything in your report!” Specter grumbled.

Finally reaching the end of the bridge, they all entered a large door, into a large room made of blue walls. Energy coursed through them, disabling all the weapons Zane used. Without stopping, they were guided and walked straight to the Authority room, where Commander Arthur, along with two other people dressed in the same alike armor, but silver, stood waiting for them. One had pink hair and pink eyes, while the other had white hair and grey eyes.  Zane and Specter were then pushed aggressively into the room, and the door was shut loudly. Two of the elite guards stood in the room, preventing any kind of escape. Seeing a cot on the side of the room, Zane took it upon himself to walk over, and lay Lyra on the cot. He slowly placed her on the cot, and looked at Arthur in confusion.
“Sir..!” Zane gasped.
“Save it, Agent…” Arthur shouted, placing his hand in front of him, “The other day, I was given a report from you that there was a disturbance in the common district in our very northern province… You said there was nothing more to conclude…” Arthur explained.

Specter immediately crossed her arms, and glared at Zane in disappointment.
“I…” Zane began to reply.
“No… Stop! My lieutenants will be furthering this conversation. Follower Specter… What is in that bag…? That’s a level five agent’s sack.” Arthur asked, looking at Specter.
“This was on that girl’s ship when we saved her…” Specter replied, taking the bag off her shoulders.

One of the lieutenants immediately walked towards Specter, and grabbed her hand.
“Come with me, miss.” The lieutenant asked.
“Do you have to grab me so forcefully? I’m not showing you any…” Specter began speaking.

Without another word, the female lieutenant pulled Specter out of the room. One of the elite guards shut the door, and locked it tight. Puzzled, Zane watched.
“Okay! I may have missed a portion in my report!” Zane shouted, succumbing to the intensity of the room.
“Do you realize… You not only put hundreds to thousands of missions, agents, and followers lives on line… That girl behind you was part of an experiment on one of the most top classified missions to date… And it’s all your fault the mission was not only a failure… we lost the two agents!“ The second Lieutenant shouted, walking up to Zane.
“But…” Zane attempted to reply.

The lieutenant took his right hand, and backhanded Zane across the room. He landed on the floor hard enough to make him slightly delirious. Struggling to keep his composure, he struggled to his feet, holding his jaw. The Lieutenant, lowering his hand, turned to Zane, and swiftly approached him again.
“You withheld information a commoner knew! How could you withhold a pending attack on not only this agency, but the entire planet?” The lieutenant shouted.

Drawing his right hand again, he backhanded Zane again. This time, Zane caught himself, and attempted to follow with a punch to his face. Instead of making impact, the lieutenant caught his swing, and using little effort, he twisted Zane’s arm, and kicked him in the side, sounding a large pop in his shoulder. Without time to react, the lieutenant grabbed Zane by the collar, and threw him to Commander Arthur’s feet. Disgusted, Arthur took a small step back, looking down at Zane.
“And to top things off; I have to involve someone I didn’t want to step foot in this organization. Because regrettably, he has the skills to take on one of the leaders of the Demonic Empire…” Arthur said, “This gamble is on you, Agent. I have to break a promise I made so long ago… The pieces that are in motion now are now unavoidable… And you will answer for it. As of today, you are no longer an agent of this system. Your follower will be promoted to an agent level three, and she will gain her own follower of her choosing. As for you, you will never again be allowed to interact, step foot… or even come near anything related to this Agency. You are expelled.” Arthur said, with no emotion whatsoever.
“But… Sir…” Zane coughed, attempting to rise.
“I’ll give you the floor to speak. Don’t worry.” Arthur replied, “Help him up, lieutenant.”

Given the order, the lieutenant moved with urgency, running to aid Zane. Throwing his right arm over his neck, he picked up Zane.
“Sir… I didn’t add it in my report… Because… the information given… Was not accurate… It wasn’t said directly to me… We, at the academy… were told to never report anything unless it was one hundred percent accurate… I didn’t report the two week attack… Because it wasn’t used as a formal threat, He… He said he may attack in two weeks… But…” Zane choked, becoming balanced on his feet.

The moment he gained footing, he shoved the lieutenant off of him, and placed his hand on his jaw where he was backhanded.
“If that’s the reason you’re firing me… Then you better fire every agent around here. If you were told about the attack, the only person you gained information from was a commoner! It was always taught to us to take commoner’s actions and talks with a grain of salt!” Zane shouted.

Arthur stood, astounded, hearing Zane speak.
“Wow… I’m impressed. You… are absolutely right, Agent. Lieutenant, take him to the infirmary. Same with the girl… When she wakes, I need to know immediately.” Arthur commanded, proceeding to the door.
“Am… I still… dismissed?” Zane asked.

Hearing this made Arthur stop at the door with his hand on the doorknob.
“Disregard the last command. Due to your stupid mistake… I have no choice but to let the son of Vira and Julius Leohan’s son… and his friend be an agent. Do not interfere with his training… Or you will be deported to Motavian. And never see this place again.” Arthur replied.

With this said, he opened the door, and left. Gaining his composure, Zane watched as the Lieutenant walked over, and picked up Lyra.
“Come with me…” The lieutenant said, beginning to walk out the room.

Meanwhile Specter was escorted to a green elevator with the other Lieutenant with great urgency.
“Why are you acting so hostile?” Specter asked, leaning back on the elevator wall.
“Sorry for the mistreatment. Your agent is charged with withholding information… But the priority is to get the data of that bag to the command center. The agent it belonged to retrieved battle samples… Of the pending attack on Raven…” The Lieutenant explained.
“Are you… allowed to tell me…?” Specter asked, confused.
“Yes, you and your agent are supposedly on this mission now. So you are allowed to know everything we know.” The lieutenant explained

Suddenly, the walls in the elevator turned red.
“Welcome to the Raven Command Center, miss.” The lieutenant smiled as the doors opened.

Specter gasped at the sight of the computer monitors, shelves, graphs, lights, and people maneuvering all over the place. The lieutenant grabbed the bag from Specter, and the two began walking towards the middle of the room. At the middle of the room, encased in glass, was a large conference room table with a monitor encased in the glass. The two walked in there, and as Specter entered the room, the Lieutenant shut the door. Immediately following, he took the bag, and dumped it out right on the table. Instantly seeing two memory chips, he swiped them, and walked over to the other side of the table. Pressing a small red button under the table, the room began to move like an elevator into the exact center of the entire command room. As the box reached its destination, a small panel opened up in the center of the table. Removing the memory chips from the cases, he inserted the two chips into slots in the center of the table.
“Miss, you may want to take a seat.” The Lieutenant said, pointing to a chair.

Wasting no time, Specter grabbed a chair, and sat in it as fast as she could, intimidated from all the data around the room. The lieutenant began pacing as the ceiling, and the glass walls began to retract. Specter gasped at the magnificent sight, never before seeing such technology. As the table was completely exposed, the Lieutenant grabbed a microphone from the center of the table, and began to speak in it.
“Attention everyone. Code Zeta please… I repeat… Code Zeta.”

Hearing code Zeta, every monitor in the room froze. Every human and mystic in the room turned their seats and bodies towards the center of the room. Every beep and whistle instantly silenced.
“Ladies and gentlemen… For those that don’t know me… I’m Lieutenant Vakarra Jules. Within the last twenty four hours… Our top agent, Agent Alec Raka, and his follower Elena Odysseus… Recovered vital information… You all need to pay close attention to what I’m about to show on the center hologram. They were on a top secret mission on the demonic hellhole of Silan itself, to do recon and spy work…”

Reaching for her pocket, she pulled out a remote, and pushed one of the buttons. From the very table, shot out a bunch of lasers, imitating a hologram in the middle of the room of the Cathedral from Silan.
“This is the Demonic Fortress, The Cathedral of Hell. It’s the primary stronghold for the Demon King Silan, and his leadership. It’s also home to the demonic well which they are reborn.”

She pressed another button, which focused on the room Alec stole the battle information.
“This is the room which they devised the plans to annihilate us. And thanks to Agent Raka, we can view the battle plan!” She shouted.

With another button press, a map of Raven showed visible only for one second. Suddenly, the map faded, and appeared a demonic face. This startled everyone, including Lieutenant Vakarra. She jumped back, and unsheathed her battle saber out of instinct. Everyone in the room began commotion as the lieutenant holstered her weapon again. Suddenly, the face began speaking.
“Hello, my fellow humans… and delicious Mystics. For those that have never heard my voice… I am Zilan, one of the generals of the Demon Lord Silan. Listen carefully, I’m only going to say this once… unless you replay your little recording. You send filthy humans to our domain in hopes to get the edge on your side… Well… There’s a little problem with that. There is no battle plan. We aren’t playing hostile attack and takeover anymore. We are coming to completely wipe you out. Every fiber of human essence will be wiped from existence… or in our stomachs… And all your delicious Mystics will be completely absorbed, fueling our demonic essences… And your bodies will be fuel for our Hellforge… So we may build weapons for a better goal. The end is coming… There won’t be anywhere to hide… because once your little moon is out of the picture… Then the real fun begins! You have two days to prepare…  We were going to be nice and make it two weeks… But due to the human filth that touched our Cathedral… We’re making it three days! Don’t make this easy… Make us work for our food! And one last thing; make sure you tell Mateo Leohan I said… Hello… Bwahahahahahah!!!!  ” Zilan laughed.

All of a sudden, the hologram phased away. Vakarra ran to the center of the table, and removed the chips, only to see one of them disintegrate in her hands. Full of anger, she took the dust, and smashed the table, cracking it. Grieving for only a second, she stood tall, and took a deep breath.
“All right! We don’t have much time! Quickly!” Vakarra shouted in the mic, pointing to the main screen in the front of the room, “Get me a map of the entire planet, hurry!

Hearing the command, everyone in the room became live again. Only a second passed, and the map of the moon was on the map.
“Alright everyone! We have four provinces we have to look over. The southern, northern, eastern and western… Here is what I want done…” Vakarra began to announce.
“Hold that order…” Commander Arthur shouted from the floor level.

Using no energy, Arthur pushed off the ground, and jumped to the level of the conference room. Vakarra quickly handed the microphone to Arthur, and quickly sat down next to Specter.
“Ladies and gentlemen… This is a war… that many people are about to lose their lives. For eons, we have battled the forces of hell… but this fight… This one will decide the fate of both Humans… Mystics… and even Angels. I have received word, from our liaison from Gethos… that we will receive no help in this matter, because we chose to act on our own… and step foot on grounds we were not meant to patrol… Silan. There has been a treaty between us and the angels for decades… Hundreds of years… Today… The treaty has officially been broken.” Arthur explained.

This started even more commotion in the room; startling both Vakarra and Specter.
“I was told, because we put humans directly on Silan, we were initiating a war… So the treaty has been broken, and the supply line between the two of us… has been severed. We’re on our own, people… This is what I want. I want every level one and two agents go to every province…  I want every man, woman, and child placed in the eastern province. We will use the northern, southern, and western provinces for the battlefield! Before the attack, we will detach the eastern province to Motavia. With luck, our people will be pushed to safety. Every level three and four agent will be placed evenly between the western and southern provinces… The level fives will accompany me here, in the Northern Province. Once the eastern province is secure on Motavian, then whatever forces are left, will gather in this very control tower… We will fly to Motavian ourselves, and detonate the moon of Raven, impacting Silan’s forces greatly. I want every electronic and battle engineer to come up with Ion cannons. I want them placed on every large building in every province! In exactly two hours, I want to have a meeting with my leadership! We have to get this rolling now!” Arthur explained.

Silence echoed throughout the room. Every individual in the room became sick and pale hearing the news, including Vakarra. Specter, on the other hand, was troubled by something else.
“Commander… I have a question… What if… Zilan’s forces catch wind about the Eastern Province… and they attack it as it descends to Motavian…?” Specter asked, hesitant.

Commander Arthur glared at the girl with a stink eye.
“Young lady, there is nothing more I can say. Unless you have a better idea; be my guest.” Arthur answered.

With this said, he handed the microphone to Vakarra, and jumped down off the conference room platform. As he left the room, nobody spoke or murmured anything. You could hear Arthurs boots clank against the floor as he left the area.
“Lieutenant… Three days…” Specter shivered.
“The commander’s words…” Vakarra uttered back, “I’ve never heard him talk so… Strongly…”
“What does that mean?” Specter asked, grabbing hold of Vakarra’s shoulder.

The lieutenant turned towards Specter in somewhat of a daze.
“He doesn’t think we’ll make it…”











Chapter 5


Exhausted, Mateo sluggishly enters the house, while Emmy is twirling and dancing with bags from multiple stores. Eager to rest his body, Mateo used his feet to pull off his shoes, and left them in the hallway as he staggered to the living room, where he allowed himself to fall back on the couch. Emmy, giggling happily, walked into the kitchen, and placed all her bags on the counter.
“You shop like a mad dog…” Mateo sighed, laying his arms over his head.
“And I look sexy doing it too!” Emmy giggled, ripping through her bags.
“So… What are we doing tonight?” Mateo asked, reaching for the remote.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m trying on these cute clothes! I want to look good for tomorrow when we head to the academy!” Emmy smiled, pulling out one of her new outfits.
“You want to… look… good?” Mateo questioned, rotating his head away from the TV.
“Of course..!” Emmy shouted, stepping into Mateo’s full view, “I’m a girl! I need to be feminine!”

Mateo shook his head, watching as Emmy was holding a black lingerie gown.
“Yeah, that’ll totally knock the socks off them female followers. Yup! You go girl!” Mateo laughed, turning back to the TV.

Becoming slightly frustrated, Emmy reached in her bag, and pulled out a plastic thermos Mateo bought, and slung it at him. Before Mateo realized it, he was smacked in the face by the object. He quickly grabbed the thermos, and set it on the floor, and turned on the TV. Emmy watched as Mateo completely ignored her attack, and goes back to a bag where a jar of peanut butter was. Winding back, she threw the peanut butter with all her might. Catching Mateo off guard, the peanut butter struck him in the chest, slightly knocking the wind out of him. He brought up his knees, and squeezed his chest, coughing.
“Typical man… You don’t know the first thing about women, jerk!” Emmy shouted, placing her hands on her hips, “I bought some of these to look good for the academy! I bought some for… you…”

Quickly grabbing some of the bags with the clothes, Emmy stomped out of the room, and went up the stairs to her room. Mateo, now on the floor in agony, placed his face onto the floor as he heard her door slam.
“Look at that… I’m not only a jerk… I got owned by peanut butter…” Mateo sighed.

Aggregated by Mateo, Emmy threw all her clothes onto the bed, and crossed her arms.
“He can be such a jerk…” Emmy growled, looked at her clothes, “I’m the woman around here… I have the girl’s touch!”

With that said, Emmy dropped all the bags onto the ground, and immediately stripped to her undergarments. Before trying on any clothes, she caught herself in the mirror, and gazed at her luscious figure.
“Man… What a beautiful body!” Emmy smiled, placing her hands on her hips, then places her hands onto her ears, “If only I had ears like a human… Ugh!”

Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a red and white stripped sun dress. Looking into the mirror and smiling, she snapped her fingers, making the dress disappear, and appear on her body. When she opened her eyes, she looked to her left, right, and back at the mirror to see how it looked. At the same time, Mateo was now back on the couch, thumbing through TV channels.
“I’ll never understand women…” Mateo said to him, watching a small purple flash emitting from the hallway, “I bet she’s going to town trying on her new clothes.”

All of a sudden, a news channel caught Mateo’s eye. There was a reporter on the TV, with the microphone held to a gentleman that’s clothes was shredded, and many scars all over his face and arms.
“Sir, can you explain what happened?” The reporter asked.
“I’m not terribly sure… I heard a loud bang, and when I looked up, debris form something just rained down on all of us!” The man screamed, running off screen in agony.
“Apparently, around 5PM this afternoon, a rain of debris fell from the sky, destroying this neighborhood. The reason being is unknown… Some pedestrians say that Attack drones from our very Agency attacked an unknown ship falling from orbit. The debris from the explosion rained down on the citizens. There are no signs of survivors from the explosion. The damage cost is ranging over the millions, and there have been reported 840 deaths, and thousands of casualties and the numbers are climbing. Many structures have been damaged in the northern corner of the Southern Province. This is EBJLA Signing off!” The reporter explained.

Mateo flipped the television to a random cartoon show, and turned the volume down to almost mute. He placed the remote on the right arm of the couch, and looked out the window to his right.
“What on earth… What’s going on…?” Mateo asked himself, “Arthur came here this morning… and now there’s unknown ships coming to orbit… Something is wrong…”

He stood from the couch, and glanced at the coffee table in front of him.
“Maybe it’s time I head back into the abandoned library… and study more about the races before going to Motavian. The last thing I want… is… to be… a minority.” Mateo said.

Walking over to the counter, Mateo grabbed his utility belt, and fastened it to his waist. At the same time, Emmy walked out of the bathroom in her normal outfit. She looked puzzled at Mateo as he finished fastening his belt.
“Um… Going somewhere?” Emmy asked, scratching her head.
“That was fast… Are you done trying on your clothes?” Mateo asked, looking at Emmy.
“I’m a Mystic, Mateo…” Emmy giggled, “It doesn’t take me long to try clothes. Snap of my finger and boom! All done!”
“That’s called cheating…” Mateo smiled, “I’m headed to the abandoned library to study a little bit.”
“Oh…” Emmy replied, placing her right hand on her left arm and rubbing it while staring at the floor, “Are you gonna be there all night…?”
“I can’t make any promises…” Mateo replied.

Emmy turned her back on Mateo, still looking towards the ground.
“Why… Why can’t you stay out of there?” Emmy asked softly, “Today almost ended perfectly… Every time you go there, you come back so weird! I don’t like it…”

Mateo walked towards Emmy, and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Emmy… I’m… sorry.” Mateo apologized.
“Then…” Emmy said, turning around, looking into Mateo’s eyes, “Take me with you!”

Mateo let go of Emmy’s shoulders, and took a few steps back.
“Emmy… I…” Mateo replied.

Emmy put her hands together, and took a step forward towards Mateo.
“Mateo… Please. You’ve never taken me down there… I want to study too…” Emmy asked, anxiously.
“There are… so many things down there. I’m…” Mateo looked down towards the floor.
“I’ve asked you so many times to let me down there! I realize that it belonged to your family… But I’m a part of this family now… I have a right as well!” Emmy shouted.
“There are secrets about Mystics down there that could destroy the very ties that keep you sane, Emmy! I… I’m…” Mateo replied, turning his back on Emmy, “Sorry.”

Lowering his arms, Mateo proceeded to the other side of the kitchen, leaving Emmy in shock and disbelief. Her eyes began glittering, as a bead of tears began swelling on her face. For a brief moment, she watched as Mateo walked away from her, feeling ignored, and thrown away like trash. Allowing the thoughts to get to her head, she closed her eyes, attempting to hold in the emotional pain, then released everything, throwing her arms to her sides.
“You shouldn’t be allowed to go down there either! There’s things down there I know that could help out the entire Agency, along with the culture of our very lives! You choose to be selfish, and wallow in your own self-pity over your own family’s death! I’ve tried for years to get you to open up and stop taking it out on yourself… But… you’re just a lonely coward who doesn’t understand what gratitude is! You’re a bastard…” Emmy shouted, with a few tears flying into the air.

Hearing this stopped Mateo in his tracks. With his hand on a door at the end of the small hallway, his eyes grew large; as he let her words slowly sink in.
“You…” Mateo began to reply.
“No, shut up! You forget I lost my parents when I was five… FIVE Mateo…!” Emmy shouted, tears beginning to bleed from her eyes once more, “I watched them get murdered in front of me… You and your parents took me in… And… we’ve been together since… And… for you to deny me in that library breaks my heart Mateo…!”

Before Emmy could turn away, Mateo grabbed her arm, and brought her body to his and embraced it. He squeezed her tightly, attempting to numb the pain in her heart, at the same time, trying to conceal his own tears.
“Emmy… Come on. Let’s go to the library together…” Mateo replied in a soft voice in her ear.
“Thank… Thank you…” Emmy replied happily, wiping her tears onto Mateo’s shirt.

Releasing Mateo, Emmy and Mateo walked towards the door at the end of the hallway. Reaching above the doorknob, Mateo pressed a bunch of numbers in a fast sequence, unlocking the door. Once the latch was heard unlocking, Mateo turned the doorknob, and opened the door. Emmy’s eyes lit up to see the room beyond the door. Over the years it’s been dormant, the room was covered in dust, cobwebs, and random papers and torn books on the ground. In the middle of the room sat a long bookshelf with a ton of books on each of the 7 shelves that stretched to the ceiling. Mateo quickly pulled Emmy into the room, and shut the door.
“Mateo…! This is… the…” Emmy gasped.
“Yup… This is where I spent almost two years. Over there, to the right…” Mateo pointed to a blocked off door, “lead to what used to be our old neighborhood. The renovations and the decks took care of that though… so I sealed it using a spell I learned from a Mystic Spell book.”
“Wait! There are spell books here??” Emmy gasped.
“Yes… Vira, my mother, wrote them… and left them here. Even though I’m not mystic… there is a tiny portion of that energy in every being. If we can carefully tap into that energy, we can do very miniature things… like an extra jump boost… temporarily enhance our vision… Allow a stronger attack… And other small things; the other extent is shooting a single small ball of energy. You, unlike me, are a full blooded Mystic. You can do these things without depleting your energy reserve. If I get careless in any shape way, or form… it will quickly use my life force… and I’ll die.” Mateo explained, walking towards the bookshelf.
“Mateo… who else knows about this stuff…?” Emmy asked following Mateo.
“Nobody here…” Mateo answered, stopping at the bookshelf, “A lot of these books come from Gethos, The Golden Paradise of the Angels…”

Emmy took a step back, astonished at Mateo.
“Angels…? But…” Emmy said.
“My mother, Vira… was half Mystic, Angel, and human. She was labeled as a Tri-being. She had the fire of a human… The swiftness of an angel, and the power of a full mystic… My father, Julius… Was also a Tri being… but he didn’t have Angel blood. He had demonic blood. They never shared their genetics to anyone but to your family, Emmy.” Mateo explained, pulling a book from the shelf and handing it to Emmy, “They were among the top level of agents. Nobody could defeat them… Not even Commander Arthur. But the secret got out, and everybody became skeptical of the situation… Which got your family killed, Emmy…”

Emmy opened the book, and immediately seen a picture of her parents and Mateo’s parents together in a family picture. Mateo, only a couple years old in the picture, was holding an infant in the picture.
“Mateo… Is this…” Emmy gasped, tears beginning to form on her face again.
“That’s the family portrait of our families. Before they were killed… The authorities claimed that a band of mercenaries… Killed them… But, personally I don’t believe it for a second. After that ordeal, the missions my parents were put on were more and more time consuming… The elite guard was here at the house, patrolling all the time, and periodically coming in here. I’m sure you remember that part though. When I was 18…” Mateo looked towards the floor, “They were sent on a mission to Motavian… That very day… is when they banned all inter-racial groups from joining the Agency… and a week later, I got a letter saying they were MIA.” Mateo finished.
“Oh gosh…” Emmy sighed, flipping through the pages of the book.

One page in particular came around, showing Mateo taped and bound to a table.
“Mateo what is…” Emmy asked, pointing at a picture.
“That…” Mateo replied, looking at Emmy, and then turning his back, “That’s when they altered my genes in that horrid lab under Infinite Tower.”

Emmy then glared at the passage written in the book.
“Because I was the son of Julius and Vera Leohan, they suspected I was also inter-racial. Having Angelic, Mystic, Human, and Demonic blood in one body… Could be catastrophic… So they tested my blood, and experimented with it… to… Bio-engineer super soldiers…” Mateo explained, “The project was quickly terminated, and I was given a serum that was supposed to wipe my memory of the whole ordeal… And it almost worked, until I found that very book in this library.”

Emmy sat on the floor, and began reading as Mateo kept talking.
“The tests they done completely removed demon essence from my genetics; as well as the mystic and angelic genes… They made me completely human.” Mateo explained, “And with the book you have there, it was something planned from my parents. They wanted me pure human, so I could do what they could not… Even with their unique genes… One counter’s the other. If a demon were to get ahold of a mystic; they can absorb their energy… and turn to stone. You have exactly one hour before your petrification is permanent… or your body is destroyed within the hour. If a demon were to get ahold of a Tri-being… and absorb the mystic energies; there is a good chance the being can become corrupt… and turn under demonic influence. My father, Julius, because he originally possessed demonic blood, became an immediate threat to everyone he went around.”
“So… You were telling the truth… About Demons and Mystics…” Emmy gasped, hearing Mateo’s knowledge.
“Sadly, yes. There are spells to counter being seen… but to a demon, Mystics are seen as a heat signature. They can spot even the smallest of the energy. Just like flies to a fly trap.” Mateo explained, “Now back to what I was saying… Humans with demonic DNA in them just leads to disaster. Human DNA is the weakest of the gene pool. Demonic essence overpowers it… Angelic and Mystic DNA are equal, but can be easily overpowered by demons… Especially if they’re infused with Mystic energy; And when the Agency found out Julius and Vira’s DNA… they… took my genetics. But there’s a positive note to it. I can combat any race, without being fearful of corruption unless I allow myself to be corrupted.  That book taught me a lot.”
“So much… to digest…” Emmy said.
“Yeah… That’s what she said.” Mateo giggled, removing another book from the shelf, “I was originally told to never let you in here, Emmy… By both your folks and mine…”
“What… Why?” Emmy asked boldly, looking towards Mateo in a concerned voice.
“In these spell books… are magic spells that… are forbidden even to Angels. To use them could throw you into insanity… and chaos. You have to promise me… if you read through them… You are not to practice them… Because you’re a full Mystic… it could be catastrophic…” Mateo said, glaring at Emmy.

Hesitant, Emmy looked at Mateo.
“I… But…” Emmy began to say.

Mateo dropped the book from his hands, and fell to his knees, placing his hands onto her shoulders.
“Emmy, you have to promise me. There are spells that can completely alter our reality. You have a power that can be tapped… that can bend the rules and fabric of our very lives. Please… Do not practice them. They’re called death weaving… It’s so taxing on your energy pool… your mind and body… You could be killed, or fall into chaos… Emmy… I can’t bear to have anything like that happen to you… Please..” Mateo pleaded.
“I… I promise.” Emmy smiled, watching Mateo be concerned.
“Thank you…” Mateo replied, letting go of Emmy, and picking his book up, “Read and study whatever you want.”
“I do have a question… How did your family obtain these books?” Emmy asked.
“The book you have right there my mother wrote. I’m not sure who added in the stuff about my genetics being removed because that took place after my parents disappeared. The rest of these books came from the Ancient Library of Parthemeous… The biggest library in all of the Algian system… Anything in history is recorded and placed there. Though my parents were great people… They always stole books from there, in case they were never able to go there again…” Mateo explained, staring into a book.
“I… I may be in here a while tonight…” Emmy replied, glaring into the book.

Mateo looked up from the book, glancing at Emmy. Unknown to her, some of the debris from the floor began rotating above her head, as if a sphere was above her head.
“Emmy… Look up…” Mateo asked, pointing above Mateo’s head.
“What…? Huh?” Emmy replied, looking up.

The very moment she looked up, the debris on the floor fell, landing on her face. Slightly startled, Emmy jumped to her feet, and held the book to her chest.
“I… What was that…?” Emmy gasped, looking at Mateo, slightly startled.
“Emmy… You’re a Mystic. When you increase your knowledge… You begin to control things around you. The very air around you… you can manipulate things all around you with little to no effort… Have you ever explored your Mystical heritage?” Mateo asked.
“No… I’ve only done what was shown to me by other mystic kids in school…” Emmy replied, “And the lesson I was in about Mystical protocols and maneuvers.”
“You’ll be in here for a while… While you read, I’m heading to make dinner… The key code is 4169285… You can come in here whenever you want…” Mateo smiled, closing his book.

Standing up, Mateo put the book back in its place on the shelf, and turned towards the exit. As Mateo proceeded towards the exit, Emmy sat back onto the floor, and began reading more of the book Mateo handed her. As Mateo placed his hand on the door knob, he glanced back, and saw Emmy reading diligently, ignoring everything around her as papers began rotating above her head.
“I… I hope… I didn’t make a mistake mom… and dad…” Mateo murmured to himself, as he exited the room.

Emmy, not paying attention to Mateo as he left the room, closed the book she was handed and set it next to her. Extending her hands, five books came out of the shelf, and floated to her. Grabbing one of the books while the other four made a stack to her right, she eagerly opened it, and began reading.
“The great war between factions… Eons ago, before the foundation of any organization… All the races lived peacefully…” Emmy read, the looked up from the book for a second, “Wait… Mystics had… a place to call home?”

Emmy looked back at the book anxiously, feeling butterflies enter her stomach. She began reading out loud again.
“Angels lived on Gethos… Humans on Raven… Demons on Silan… and… Mystics… On… Crothan…” Emmy froze for a moment to reflect, then began reading again, “All the races lived peacefully… until a quad-being by name of Xenaz… Surfaced from the deep reaches of Raven… He single handedly conquered Raven, and enslaved humans that resisted his wishes and desires.  Over the course of five years, humans became feared, and hated upon for their savage nature. Due to the nature of Angels and Demons… In their context… they refused to work together to stop the enemy… But with the help of the Mystical beings from Crothan, the two races teamed up… to take power from Xenaz… With the help of an organization… calling them… “Agents”, they lead a team from each faction into the core of the moon Raven… and dispatched Xenaz…” Emmy read.

Unknowing to her, Emmy began to float off the floor, still in a sitting position. The books she had stacked next to her still sat next to her, but in the air. Same with the book Mateo gave her.
“But… it cost them all their lives, when the core of the moon ruptured… sending lava towards the surface. With all the races, and their knowledge; Using magic from Crothan, the strength from Silan, and the technology from Gethos… They were able to put together a gravitational system to sustain the moon. Because there are four moons around Motavian; if one was to stop its orbit… The three moons could possibly collide with each other, or mold into a single planet, killing all the inhabitants. From then on, the human populous dwindled to extinction. A treaty was signed by each of the leaders, allowing each race to mingle… and create inter-racial beings. The treaty lasted over three hundred years, cultivating each race. Over the course of those years, several individuals were sent from each moon to explore Motavian, and begin growing settlements there. This created the silver age of peace… The peace ended when a fourth planet entered the solar system… and Astronomers from each faction believe that once this planet came into the system, it tilted the rotation of the moons around Motavian, creating an unexplained vacuum every fifty years our time… It destroys various things on Motavian… This also caused the destruction of the Mystic faction, Crothan… Every 50 years, Crothan is in the line of the rest of the planets… and when this vacuum happened, it annihilated every Mystic on Crothan… and made the moon completely uninhabitable… From this, the treaty was broken… And over the course of 200 more years, the races, now no longer in a joint communication; slowly broke away. Although Mystics were the major helping hand in the treaty, they became an endangered race… Humans and Angels extended their hands to help, while Demons took in what they could, only to harness their energy and grow in power. Rumors are said that the ash and mist on Silan, are the remains of Mystics…” Emmy stopped for a moment, and reflected the information.

Mateo, only spending about fifteen minutes in the kitchen, walked into the library, to see Emmy in the air. He glared at Emmy for a moment, watching her intently reading the book. As he looked closely, he noticed she was reading “The History of Algian”, and decided to leave her alone. Leaving the room, and shutting the door, he walked back into the kitchen and began preparing Emmy’s dinner plate.
“The only thing that stood for the treaty between Humans and Angels were their shared hatred for Demons. The only rulers that have near immortality are the rulers of the Angels and Demons… The Demon King Silan, and the Angelic Leader Hesediel of Gethos… The old king of the humans… was only human. So every fifty years, the rulers of Raven are replaced… And of the Mystics, the leader was named… Queen Xion; before the civilization perished… Over the years of conflict, Angels have deemed it time to stay out of the ordeals of Humans and Demons… At the same time, the treaty also dwindled over the demand of the Humans. Due to their savage nature that festered over the years… Humans are often hated, and not wanted.” Emmy read.

Feeling as if she read enough, she closed the book, and set it onto of the first book she had. Reaching to the pile she hasn’t touched, she opened another book, and began reading it. At the same time, Mateo walked into the room, with a plate full of baked fish, green beans, and mashed potatoes in each hand. Walking closer to the floating Emmy, he stopped, and looked up at her.
“I take it you’re enjoying what you’re reading?” Mateo laughed.
“There’s so much… to take in…” Emmy replied back, looking into the next book.
“You should take a break… and…” Mateo began to say.

Suddenly, the food from his right hand was ripped from his hand, and began orbiting around the room with the rest of the debris. Instead of staying in orbit, the plate floated next to her head. Using her energy, she used the fork to pick up the food and eat it without putting her hands on it or looking off the book.
“Well then!” Mateo replied back, taking a few steps back, “You want to eat together??”
“Not really! Reading!! I’ll chat at you later” Emmy snarled back, taking a bite of the green beans.
“Alright then; Just try not to stay up too late, we have an early day tomorrow…” Mateo replied back.
“Yup; Goodnight, Mateo…” Emmy replied, taking another bite of food.

Turning his back on Emmy, he proceeded to leave the room, glancing at Emmy from the corner of his eye.
“I… I think I messed up…” Mateo replied as he exited the room.

Closing the door behind him, he walked to his couch, and began eating his food. With every bite, he could feel a sort of energy emitting from the Library. Trying to shrug the feeling, Mateo grabbed the remote, and turned on the television again. This time, another news report was on, about how the cars of today can fly. As this was playing, Mateo began chatting to himself.
“Did Emmy’s parents not want her reading about Mystics? I don’t understand it too much. She’s entitled to know about her heritage… and what happened in the past… Why didn’t they want me to show her? I don’t understand… Maybe she’ll get a good idea about the Mystic background now… While I sit here, and watch this, and eat this amazing salmon.” Mateo smiled, chowing away at his dinner.

Meanwhile, Emmy closed another book, and pulled out the last of the stacks she originally pulled out.
“Those were all spells… I already knew… This one… The first page explains… A spell that… I’ve never seen before.” Emmy stated to herself, finishing off the green beans on her plate, “THIS… This is a forbidden spell… It’s…”

Emmy closed the book, and read the title of the book, “Mystics, and the forbidden magic”.
“I don’t… think I…” Emmy murmured to herself.
“No… You shouldn’t…” A voice echoed through her head.

Emmy opened her eyes, becoming scared, glancing around the room.
“Who… Who’s there?” Emmy asked out loud, “Who is out there…?”
“You must listen…” The voice echoed through Emmy’s mind, “The spells and information of the book you now wield could very well change your outlook on everything you hold dear. There are spells in that… that even Queen Xion forbid to use. You, Emerald, are one of the descendants… of… Xion. You have inherited a power deep within…”

Hearing these words made Emmy descend from the air, and land on two feet. All the objects in the room slowly fell to the floor, including her empty plate of food. She held the book close to her chest, and began looking around the room, looking for the voice.
“Nobody has ever called me by my real name…” Emmy replied.
“ I’m willing to show you who I am… But you must make a Mystical promise you will not utter anything you see, or say to anyone.” The voice replied.
“Pinky swears, and yes. I promise…” Emmy smiled, nodding her head.

All of a sudden, a fiery construct appeared in the room, appearing like a woman. Although her feet didn’t touch the floor, she floated in the air.
“Hello, Emmy… It’s been… a really long time.” The woman replied.
“You… You… I know you…” Emmy replied back.
“Emerald… It’s me… Vira.” Vira replied back

Emmy fell to her knees, astonished at Vira.
“You… You’re alive??” Emmy gasped, astonished.
“Sort of… But I don’t have much time. The book you hold… If you read that book… You’re going to partake on a path… that is unclear for you… and all Mystics. The power that’s emitting from you as we speak… Even Zilan can see from where he is right now on Silan. A long time ago, I made Mateo swear he would never let you in here… because I had a haunch you were one of the descendants of the Queen Xion… And I was right. You shine brighter than any star…” Vira explained, “But that can prove to be something more deadly than you can imagine. You’re a target now, Emerald…”
“But… I have Mateo to protect me!” Emmy replied back.
“He’s only human Emerald… I came here… to warn you… Be careful with the powers you’re tapping into… Be careful and use them wisely…” Vira warned Emmy.
“Why… Where have you been? Mateo has changed so much without you guys here…” Emmy asked, looking down at the floor.
“Emerald… It’s too soon for that. You can’t tell Mateo I was here… The only thing I am here for is to warn you to be careful… with that very book in your hands… And trust your own judgment. Regardless of what anyone tells you… Or says… Even Mateo…” Vira explained, “I have to go now… Please listen to my words… And do not tell Mateo, or anyone of what I said… or me being here…”

Emmy covered her face as Vira disappeared in a quick flash of light. As the light cleared, Emmy held the book in front of her, and pondered what Vira said to her.
“A… Descendant… of Queen Xion…?” She questioned herself, as she gazed at the book, “Is that why… I was told never to find out? What does… all this mean for me…?” Emmy asked herself.

Sitting back on the floor again, she looked deeply at the cover of the book.
“What… am I to do…?” She continuously asked herself.

Meanwhile, Mateo begin yawning, and stretching from watching the TV. As he cut the TV off, he stood up and stretched again, this time hunching over, feeling sleepy. Looking at the clock, seeing it was after 10, he decided he was going to go to bed. Before heading to his room, he started heading to the library door, and put his hand on the door knob, attempting to enter the room again.
“Wait…” Mateo said, “She’s doing what a Mystic does… I should just leave her, and head to bed. I’ll wake her in the morning so we can go to the academy… Yeah, let’s do that… Let’s leave her alone to her studies…” Mateo smiled.

Releasing the knob, Mateo turned around, and headed towards his room for bed. Walking up the stairs, he glimpsed one more time at the library door, thinking of Emmy. Finally up the stairs, Mateo walked to his room, and shut the door. Undressing to his underclothes, he grabbed a towel, and proceeded to his bedroom bathroom, where he started his shower. Taking off his underclothes, he stepped into the shower.
“I hope I… Did the right thing…” Mateo murmured to himself.

After a few minutes, Mateo finished his shower, and put on fresh undergarments. Throwing his dirty clothes in his laundry hamper, he pulled over the covers, laid in his bed, and looked at the ceiling as he covered himself up.
“That girl… I hope I didn’t make a mistake… I have a weird feeling I did…” Mateo mentioned to himself.

With that, Mateo reached over to his right side, and cut off his lamp. Surrounded in total darkness, Mateo closed his eyes, and let out a happy sigh as he drifted off to sleep. While his eyes were closed, Mateo began thinking about Emmy, and what she could be learning in the library.
“That poor girl must be going through a cultural shock right now… All the secrets hidden from her… Her heritage… Her background… Her life… Everything… I hope… I did the right thing. I don’t know why I doubt myself… I’ve been with her… her entire life… I would know, above anyone, if it should change… or hurt her. I foresee… a change coming, somehow… I just don’t know what.”

Suddenly, Mateo’s alarm went off, indicating it was morning. He opened his eyes, and slung his arm, knocking the alarm clock off the night stand while it was still ringing. Becoming quickly agitated, Mateo rolled to his side, and grabbed the alarm clock. While turning off the clock, he placed it back on the night stand, and sat up in the bed. He stretched high and wide, uttering out a yell as he yawned as well.
“Good morning!” Mateo shouted, throwing off the covers, “Today’s the big day!”

Jumping out of bed, Mateo ran to his dresser, and put on another black T-shirt, and brown Khaki pants. Walking over to his table, he sat down, and put on his special black combat boots. Running to the bathroom, Mateo quickly brushed his teeth, and brushed his hair. It didn’t take but a couple minutes to finish grooming, before he exited his room. Thinking of Emmy, he walked to Emmy’s room, and knocked on the door.
“Emmy… Good morning…” Mateo smiled.

No answer. Puzzled, Mateo knocked several times, but nobody answered. On the eighth knock, the door opened on its own. Slowly pushing the door, Mateo peeked into the room, to see that Emmy was not there. His heart dropped, and put him into a slight panic. As fast as he could, Mateo jumped down the stairs, and ran towards the library door. Approaching the door, he looked and saw the keypad had been blown off. Using his shoulder, Mateo rammed the door, breaking into it. Mateo struggled to his feet, and placed his hands onto his head in horror. Not only was Emmy still reading, a purple glow emitted from her, along with every book in the library rotating around her, instead of above her head now.
“Emmy, Are you crazy!?! Come down from there!!!” Mateo shouted, placing his hands around his mouth.

Emmy didn’t respond. Mateo, thinking fast, used what little mystic power he had, and infused his legs. Using the power, Mateo ran towards Emmy, being hit by flying books. With all his strength, he jumped towards Emmy, in hopes to break her concentration. As he approached Emmy, more books hit him in the chest, and the face at fast speeds, bruising him. Within arm’s reach, Mateo grabbed hold of Emmy, knocking her out of her concentrated reading. Mateo held her tight as they landed on the ground. Due to Emmy’s concentration being broken, all the books in the room fell to the floor, as well as debris.

Mateo, trying to protect Emmy, landed on his back with Emmy in his clutches.
“God damnit…” Mateo shouted, feeling immense pain throughout his body.

Emmy broke from his grasp, and stood to her feet.
“You… Why’d you do that?? I was concentrating!” Emmy shouted, picking up one of the books.
“Do you realize… what… you were doing?” Mateo asked, attempting to stand.
“I was reading happily…” Emmy replied, dusting off the book.

Mateo finally was able to stagger to his feet. He glimpsed at the book she held, and looked back at her.
“You… You read the forbidden magic book didn’t you?” Mateo asked, becoming concerned.
“I finished that a long time ago… This was… nursery rhymes…” Emmy giggled, smiling at Emmy.

Mateo took his hand, and placed it on his forehead.
“Did… you sleep at all last night??” Mateo asked, letting out a helpless sigh.
“I slept in meditation…” Emmy replied back.
“Ugh… Go freshen up. It’s time to head to the academy.” Mateo stated.
“That’s right! That’s today!! I completely forgot!!!” Emmy gasped, dropping the book.

Glancing at her dirty and dust covered clothes, she ran out of the room, and headed to her room. While she began to get ready, Mateo looked at the trashed library. Glancing at each book, he uncovered the book he first gave to Emmy, and held it tightly. Looking how all the books were thrown on the floor, he kept hold of the book, and walked out of the library. Taking a glimpse of the library as he walked out, he smirked a little, and looked back in front of him again.
“I’m totally not cleaning it up.” Mateo smiled, closing the library behind him.

Taking the book to his room, he placed it under his pillow in his room. At the same time, Emmy walked into Mateo’s room, dressed in a green tank top, with blue jeans along with a dark blue light jacket on top. Having her black belt and weapons on, she smiled, and gave Mateo the thumbs up.
“Ready when you are, sir!” Emmy smiled.

Reaching under his night stand, Mateo grabbed his utility belt, and clipped it around him. Also, he reached again for his sabers and pistols, and holstered them onto his belt.
“Let’s do this.” Mateo smiled.

The two walked downstairs, and before heading outside, Mateo grabbed his trench coat, and put it on. Opening the door, the two walked out of the house. Mateo shut the door behind them, and locked it while Emmy took a deep breath outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.
“Holy shit, it’s beautiful outside…!” Emmy smiled, closing her eyes, feeling the wind.
“Yeah, it sure is…” Mateo replied.

As the two took a few steps forward, Emmy suddenly stopped moving.
“Mateo… Where… is everyone?” She asked, looking around the plaza.

Mateo also looked around, confused.
“It’s morning time, usually there are people all over the place.” Mateo questioned.

Shrugging it off, the two headed down the street, towards the academy. Still looking around, seeing nobody around, made the plaza and the streets eerie, and lonely.
“This isn’t normal.” Emmy mentioned, looking at a daycare completely empty.
“Right…? It’s a ghost town around here… It’s not right.” Mateo replied, “So… Did you have fun last night…? You seem awfully lively.”
“Oh Mateo… I learned so much…” Emmy replied back, almost brought to tears of joy, “I had no idea… about anything until now. SO many things make sense…”
“I’m glad…” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy’s happiness.

Within minutes, the two stood at the large academy building. IT was shaped like a half circle, but stood many stories high. There we very long stairs up to the building, making only the physically in shape people able to walk to the top. About half way up the stairs, Emmy began panting form exhaustion while Mateo was several steps farther.
“Come on, little lady! Let’s go!” Mateo shouted, smiling.
“It’s kind of hard… when… You feel like a pound of bacon…” Emmy replied, holding onto a guardrail.

Mateo giggled a little bit.
“Well… That’s what happens when you ARE a pound of bacon!!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy balled her fist up, and started increasing her speed up the stairs, trying to catch Mateo. Having an irritated face, she was determined to catch up to him. It only took minutes before the two were at the top, panting from the stairs.
“Here we go!” Emmy panted, looking towards the doors.
“Finally…” Mateo said to Emmy, starring at the entrance of the building.

Slowly approaching the building, with every step he took, he began remembering what his father said, as well as his mom about being an agent.
“Son, being an agent means putting all things aside… Feelings… and those you love behind the mission. The mission comes first… and the fact you’re volunteering yourself is an honor on its own. Every Agent that passes through here, leave with honor, and dignity. One day you’ll do the same.” Julius’s voice echoed through Mateo’s mind.

All of a sudden, the two stopped at the door with a large sign on it. Mateo’s mouth dropped while Emmy put her hands to her mouth in horror.
“The Academy is closed until further notice. If there are any issues, please call 555-555-0129.”










Chapter 6


Achilles approached his store, and unlocked the door for business. As he walked in, he shut the door behind him, flipping the sign from closed, to open.
“Today’s a beautiful day to… Make sandwiches for the common public!” Achilles smiled, taking a deep breath while looking into the sky.

Turning around, he walked towards his register when he spots a shadowy figure over the grill. With haste, Achilles runs to the opening of the cooking area, and turns the light on.
“Sorry boss; making everything pristine for you!!” Palacio smiled, eagerly scrubbing the grill

Achilles put his hand to his chest, and took a deep breath in relief.
“I forgot I let you live here…” Achilles replied, leaning onto the wall.
“I cleaned the fridge, rotated all the juice, and meats, wiped off the glass, buffered the floor, and I was about to prep the meat until you came in!” Palacio smiled.
“Did you even sleep??” Achilles asked, pushing off of the wall.
“I did after I brought Becca! She’s still as ill as ever… and sleeping in my bed right now.” Palacio replied, chucking the sponge into the sink.

Achilles glanced at all the progress he made on the store, and quickly whipped back at Palacio.
“You… You cleaned… and prep’ d everything already…??” Achilles gasped, almost drooling at the place.
“Yes sir! Anything more you’d like please tell me!!” Palacio smiled.

Stunned in disbelief, Achilles took a couple steps back, and fell to his knees.
“You… Uh… Thank you…” Achilles said, in a stunned voice, “For this… I’ve never, in my 24 years of life… seen this place so beautiful…”
“So, how did you go about owning a business like this anyway? The grade of the food and everything… is amazing.” Palacio questioned, pulling out a tray of meat from the fridge.
“You really want to know?” Achilles questioned, standing from the floor, “Sure! I’ll tell you after we prep the meat!”
“Good plan, boss!” Palacio cheered.
“Stop calling me boss! Call me… Achilles.” Achilles responded snarly.
“Sure Bo… Achilles sir!” Palacio cheered some more.
“That’s… Ugh, that’ll do. Now, let’s prep some meat!” Achilles shrugged.

Passing over the door into the cooking area, Achilles immediately grabbed two spatulas. Wasting no time, Achilles began chopping, throwing, and dicing the meat into fine little chunks. While he did this, Palacio stood back in amazement as he watched him salute the meat.
“Wow, look at you!” Palacio gasped in astonishment, “You’re like… a chef!”
“I… I used to be a chef…” Achilles replied, “I cooked for the Agency.”

Palacio rested his arms against his body, and watched as if he was hypnotized by the way Achilles was sautéing the meat.
“Really now…?” Palacio responded.
“Yup, for several years…” Achilles replied, becoming slightly frustrated.
“You could tell me… Come on! We’re worker bees now! Well… I’m a worker bee… So that would make… you a queen bee! Well… You’re a guy so… I guess… That means, you’re a robot…!” Palacio snapped back.

Achilles accidentally dropped one of his spatulas’, becoming increasingly frustrated.
“Palacio…!” Achilles shouted, snapping at Palacio, “Yes! I don’t… get people usually all uppity and chit chatty this early in the morning!”
“Oh… Sorry boss…” Palacio sighed.

Before Achilles had a chance, Palacio reached down, and picked up the spatula he dropped. He walked to the sink, and turned the water on to wash it off.
“Look… When I was 15, I joined a chef academy. Despite my family wishes for trying to make me into an Agent…  I wanted to cook… Not fight…” Achilles explained, using one spatula to flip the meat, “Sorry… I get a little snappy in the mornings… Especially about that…”
“You’re fine! I am a klutz!” Palacio smiled, holding out two fingers in front of him.
“When I joined the chef group… I was proud… and happy. But my family damned me to ever see them again, and they forced a name change on themselves… So they wouldn’t be affiliated with me. My dad told me he was so disappointed that I became a chef for the Agency he retired from.” Achilles explained.

He took the prepped meat off of the burner, and put it on serving plates.
“So they moved to the Southern Province… And I never heard from them again… I had a sister, her name was Cecilia… But, I never saw her or my family again after that. It’s been almost 10 years. So, shortly after that, I quit the chef… and opened this store here. It doesn’t bring in a ton of business… But I make enough to get by.” Achilles explained, placing the meat tray next to bread.
“That’s tragic!” Palacio sighed.
“Meh, it’s alright. I’m making a good…“ Achilles began to explain.

All of a sudden, a man walked into the room, wearing a blue uniform with a white belt and gloves on. He wore two pistols on his sides, along with a beam saber on the left side. On his ear, he had an earpiece, with a tiny antenna.
“All citizens are to report to the Eastern Province gate immediately!” The man shouted.
“Excuse me…?” Achilles asked, looking over the counter.
“Under Commander Arthur’s command, all citizens are to report to the Eastern Province! This is an emergency evacuation…” The man explained.
“What’s going on??” Achilles asked, jumping over the counter.
“Sir, I’m only here to escort you and your friend over there. If you fail to come with me, then you will not be granted access to the Eastern Province!” The man explained.
“We should go…” Palacio replied to Achilles.

Achilles looked at the man, questioning him.
“Is that… the battle uniform of the Agency…?” Achilles asked.
“Yes sir… Now let’s go! Are there any children in here?” The man asked.
“Yeah there’s…” Palacio replied.
“Yes… But I’m not going anywhere until I know what’s going on!” Achilles shouted, “I know there are protocols in the Agency… This isn’t one of them. What are you doing, and what is going on?” Achilles questioned, walking towards the man.
“I am under strict orders! This is the last call, or you will be ignored!” The man responded snarly.
“Achilles… Becca…” Palacio beckoned.
“Pal… Stay there.” Achilles said, turning towards Palacio, “There are protocols we have to follow…” Achilles then turned toward the agent, “This isn’t in protocol.”
“Bah… Moving on…” The agent sighed, turning around.
“But Achilles…!” Palacio shouted, jumping over the counter.
“Trust me. Something is fishy…” Achilles responded, holding his hand towards Palacio.
“You will no longer be permitted to enter the Eastern Province, I hope you know…” The agent explained, beginning to exit the building.
“Agents don’t make these kinds of visits unless it’s important! My daughter Achilles…” Palacio begged, pressing against Achilles’s hand.

The agent opened the door, and took one last look at Achilles and Palacio, and let out a sigh.
“Kids… You need to think of your kid’s future. Think of…” The agent hesitated, staring at Achilles, “Do… Do I know you?”
“Eh? I certainly hope not…” Achilles replied back snarly.
“I… I do know you!” The agent shouted, fully entering the building again, “You… You used to make that banging bread!”

Achilles glared at the agent, lowering his arms, letting Palacio lose his balance and hit the floor.
“Kane…?” Achilles gasped.
“Dude! It’s been forever!” Kane smiled, running towards Achilles with open arms.

Kane quickly embraced Achilles for a brief moment, then let him go as Palacio stood from the floor, shaking his head from the fall.
“It’s been so long! How the hell are you?” Kane shouted happily.
“I’m doing… I run this sandwich…” Achilles responded.
“Listen… You need to keep this down. I’ll let you know what’s going on.” Kane replied.

Thinking fast, he ran to the doors, and locked them. He also turned the open sign to closed.
“Hey… This is…” Achilles began to scold Kane.
“Listen…” Kane whispered, sneaking over to both Achilles and Palacio, “You need to come with me to the Eastern Province… There’s a lot of talk about a possible planet wide evacuation… and only the people that come with agents can enter.”
“What…; an evacuation?? Why?” Palacio shouted.
“Keep it down you fool! There’s talk of an invasion from demons; But the amount gathering to invade… outnumber us three to one. It’s a murder… So the President ordered a planetary evacuation to the Eastern Province. Just before the attack, it will launch and go to Motavian…” Kane explained.
“No way…” Achilles gasped.
“Yeah, way; If I’m not mistaken… There will be a large number of level one and two agents, like myself, here still. We are to evacuate to Infinite tower on a timed schedule, or we will… be stranded here… when…” Kane’s face turned a slight pale, “Raven will be space dust. The core is set to implode; meaning the force field surrounding this place will dissipate… Sending what’s left into space. Anyone left will be either killed and/or eaten by the demons… or… the vacuum of space will destroy you.”

Achilles and Palacio both looked at Kane, stunned.
“All men women and children are supposed to evacuate to the Eastern Province as soon as possible. I have to escort you. I’ve already seen some families that refuse to leave their homes… We are under strict orders to not say why we have to do this… You two are literally… the only ones that know, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell anyone. It would cause a panic, and if things go to hell… The province and the infinite tower will take off… leaving anyone and everyone behind…” Kane explained.
“So if we said no… We would have been demon chow…?” Achilles asked, turning more and more pale.
“Yup; we were told to give every citizen a chance… if not, we’re told to leave them.” Kane replied.
“Isn’t that a little… unfair?” Palacio questioned, “Some families are spread out… If, for example, I said yes, and they said no…”
“That’s really unfortunate… Achilles, I told you this information because you were a former agent yourself… So please keep your word you won’t spread this information.” Kane pleaded.
“You got it. Can we have a few minutes to pack and all that?” Achilles asked.
“You have ten minutes…” Kane responded, nodding his head.

With this said, Kane walked over to a table, and sat down comfortably while Palacio and Achilles went upstairs in a hurry. Once upstairs, the two broke away into separate rooms. Due to Achilles owning the business, he not only had an apartment across the street, he had a small room also in the restaurant. Taking off his orange apron, he untucked his shirt, and ruffled his hair to get more comfortable. Walking over to the dresser, he opened a drawer to reveal his old utility belt. Due to it being many years, it was covered with dust, along with the only pistol. Taking a deep breath, he blew off the dust, allowing the golden glow of the utility belt to sort of shine. Pulling it out of the drawer, he shook it a little to finish knocking the dust off, and attached it to his waste, while holstering the pistol. Walking over to the closet, he pulled out a small sack, and began emptying all his clothes from the drawer’s into the sack. Before stuffing his bag, he grabbed his long sleeve blue windbreaker jacket, and zipped it up half way.

At the same time, Palacio walked into the clean room, and immediately laid eyes on his daughter sleeping in the bed. Becca wore a long white gown, with black bands around her neck and waste to keep the dress on. Her eyes were sky blue, along with her hair. Her blue hair was wrapped on her head in a bun on the left and right side of her head. She stood close to 5’2”. Having long ears and tanned skin, it indicated that she possessed mystic energy.
“Becca…? Are you awake?” Palacio asked softly.

Becca rolled to her back, and was barely able to open her eyes to look at him.
“Yes… Daddy… I’m awake…” Becca replied back softly.
“Listen, we have to go somewhere else for a little while, okay? You feel up to it?” Palacio asked.

Becca began coughing wildly, disturbing Palacio.
“We just… got here… Daddy…” Becca moaned, recovering from coughing.
“I know, sweetheart but we have to go… some mean bad guys are coming… and we have to leave… If we don’t we’re going to die…” Palacio responded.
“Just… leave me here dad…” Becca responded, facing away from Palacio.

Palacio took a step back, appalled at Becca.
“Say what? No young lady, you’re coming!” Palacio snapped, holding back yelling at her.
“I have been ill since Mom left… Stop treating me like a child and leave me… I’m old enough to make my own decisions… I don’t think I’ll make it another year… so just leave me. At least I can control… when I die…” Becca yelled.

Hearing the yelling caught the attention of Achilles, who just finished packing. He scurried out of the room, and put himself against the wall, ease-dropping.
“Listen to yourself Becca!” Palacio began to plead to her, “You don’t know…”
“Dad…!” Becca shouted, throwing the covers off of her, and stood on the other side of the bed, facing Palacio, “I am nineteen years old… Ever since mom left, all you have done is baby me! I’m sick! I’m ill, and I’m not getting better! Let me an adult… and let me just enjoy the last few days to live happy! I haven’t slept in a warm bed in years! I haven’t felt this good in a long time! And the view… of the commons area is very pleasant this morning. Save yourself, and leave…” Becca screamed.

Achilles walked into the room, hearing Becca.
“Palacio…” Achilles said to himself.

Now tearing at the eye, Palacio looked at his beautiful daughter starring him down.
“But…” Palacio tried to speak.
“No… No buts… Leave me… here… And go…” Becca struggled to say.

Exhausted from the sudden burst of energy, Becca collapsed onto the bed. Palacio sprung from his startled state, and pulled Becca back to a comfortable position on the bed. While covering her up, Becca coughed wildly again, bringing Achilles close to tears.
“Dad… Please… for once in your life… Do what I ask… please… Live the rest of your life…” Becca asked softly, “I don’t want you… to be sad for me… anymore…”
“Okay…” Palacio sighed, looking into Becca’s face, “I’ll… do it. Achilles…?”
“Yes Palacio?” Achilles asked, stepping forward towards Palacio.
“Is there enough downstairs for Becca to enjoy the rest of her days here?” Palacio asked, starting to pout.
“Of course… There’s enough to feed an entire army in the fridge… If Becca knows how to cook.” Achilles responded, attempting to smile.
“Thank you…” Palacio replied, facing Achilles.

The look on Palacio’s face made Achilles leave the room; he couldn’t bear to see him so upset. Palacio turned to Becca, and sat on the bed, petting her hair.
“I love you, Becca…” Palacio responded, smiling with tears streaming from his eyes.
“I love you too dad…” Becca smiled, closing her eyes.

Due to exhaustion and exertion of energy, Becca’s head rested to the side, and she fell asleep. Feeling broken, Palacio stood up, and began to leave the room. Before exiting the room, he looked back, looking at his daughter one last time.
“You sound just like your mom…” Palacio sniffed, wiping the tears from his face.

Taking a deep breath, he turned away from her and shut the door before going downstairs. Achilles, standing next to Kane at the table, walked up to Palacio, and tried to rub his back. Palacio nudged his shoulder into Achilles, knocking him a couple steps back.
“Let’s go…” Palacio responded.
“Aren’t you going to bring some clothes?” Kane asked.
“They’re in the western Province… I’ll be fine in this.” Palacio responded, looking at the floor in sadness.
“Alright… What about…” Kane began to ask about Palacio’s daughter.
“She’s staying.” Palacio snapped back.
“Lets… Let’s just go.” Achilles said, glaring at Kane.

Catching the hint, Kane stood from the table, and lead the two out of the building. Once outside, Achilles turned to look back on his restaurant, and let out a loud sigh, catching the attention of Palacio.
“It was my dream… I’m sorry I never got to fix her up… the way I wanted.” Achilles said to himself.
“It pains me to leave my daughter… Achilles…” Palacio responded, standing next to Achilles.
“Hey, you two… we need to move it if we’re to catch the next shuttle to the Eastern Province. Let’s not wait any longer.” Kane snapped.

Turning their backs on what they love the most, Palacio and Achilles followed Kane. As they walked through the streets, small groups of people following agents were seen everywhere. Some agents had family members hanging off of them, screaming and crying for explanations, while some tried to be hostile with the agents. The businesses around had boards on their doors and windows, as well as closed signs.
“Man… how much of this province have you evacuated already?” Achilles asked Kane.
“Some… A lot of people want to stay, thinking this is just a drill or hoax.” Kane responded.
“Poor souls…” Palacio sighed, looking towards the ground.
“So… What’s new Achilles…? I saw you opened a restaurant… Didn’t you have a family crisis or something that happened that made you quit the agency?” Kane asked.
“I… ugh…” Achilles explained, “I don’t like saying that, Kane…”
“Why? You joined the Agency… then became a chef, and quit the agency.” Kane explained.

Palacio looked up, hearing this.
“So… you were a full blown agent!” Palacio asked.
“Yes… yes yes yes… God…” Achilles sighed, becoming frustrated, “Yes. My parents hated the fact I wanted to be a chef. I went through the training, and became a level one agent. But I took a side job cooking, and I really loved it… so I quit the agency, and I Lost my job at the agency as a chef. So… That’s the real story.” Achilles explained.
“Wow…” Kane replied, “What a supportive family…”
“Yeah… Whoop-de-do…” Achilles replied sarcastically.
“So what happens to all the agents and their families?” Palacio asked.
“All the immediate families already live on a branch of Infinite tower, including mine. Any distant family is no different than common folk. If an agent shows favoritism, they can be penalized… or even made to stay on the planet.” Kane answered.
“Wow… When did changes like that happen??” Achilles asked.
“Commander Arthur…” Kane answered, “A lot of things have changed since you were in, Achilles. Mystics aren’t allowed into the ranks anymore… For who knows what reason… And… The rules have gotten much stricter. I don’t understand what’s going on anymore to be honest… I was actually about to hand in my paperwork before this emergency happened.”
“I see…” Palacio responded.
“Look at all those people…” Achilles gasped.

As the three approached the end of the road, they began to turn with the road when Achilles looked over the banister at the lower decks. All over, he caught sight to people arguing, fighting, crying, and following agents everywhere. This also caught Palacio and Kane’s eyes as they looked down at the deck.
“This… This is horrible.” Achilles responded.
“A lot of people are staying it seems…” Kane responded heavily.
“The violence… If I didn’t say any better… I would say that people are beginning to panic.” Palacio stated, looking at the groups of people running in and out of buildings.
“Let’s… Let’s go… I can’t watch this.” Kane said, looking away.

Following Kane and turning away, the three walked up to a hovering bus, becoming increasingly crowded with people and their luggage. To the side, was piles of luggage that was thrown from the bus to fit people.
“Jesus… Why all the stuff…” Palacio gasped.
“Some people like to hold on to their stuff…” Achilles replied, glancing at Palacio.
“I bet you guys are glad we’re not riding in this huh?” Kane giggled, turning around to see Achilles and Palacio.

Both Achilles and Palacio stared at each other, sort of puzzled, then looked back at the crowded bus.
“For goodness sake; we’re taking my car!” Kane sighed, smacking his forehead with his hand.
“Oh!” The two said, sort of giggling.

Reaching into his pocket, Kane pulled out a tiny remote and pushed a button on it. Within seconds, a small red car flew in from over the buildings, and stopped within inches of Kane. He pushed another button, opening the side doors.
“Let’s go.” Kane smiled.

Wasting no time, Achilles and Palacio both threw their stuff in the back seat, and while Palacio got in the back seat, Achilles got in the front seat. As Kane got in the car on the other side, a pedestrian ran up to the car, and started banging on the glass on Kane’s side.
“Please take me with you! Please! My baby is with his father, and I need to be with my baby! He’s an agent just like you but we’re separated!” She yelled, banging on the glass.

Attempting to ignore her, Kane pulled back the wheel, making the car begin to hover into the air. Thinking fast, the lady jumped up, hanging off the driver side of the car as it lifted off the ground. Achilles and Palacio’s heart jumped to their throat as Kane ignored her.
“Kane, she’s going to slip! Even at this height it’s fatal!” Achilles gasped.
“I can’t… It’s against martial law now… She’s one of the many that said no to leave…” Kane replied.
“How do you know?? She could be someone that missed that invitation all together!” Palacio responded.
“Let me in! I’m going to slip!! I have to be with my child!! Help me!!” She yelled, dangling off the car.
“I… I can’t!” Kane shouted, pushing the wheel forward.

Pushing the wheel forward made the vehicle dart off at a decent speed forward. The force made the woman outside hold onto a small bar on the side of the car, screaming for dear life.
“Kane! What’s the matter with you?? LET HER IN!” Achilles yelled, turning towards him.
“Achilles! I…” Kane tried to respond, pushing the wheel harder forward.

Paying no mind to Kane or Achilles, Palacio darted to the other side of the car, threw the bags to where he was sitting, and opened the door. With the wind pushing against the door, he pushed with all his might. He struggled, due to the angle the woman was, along with the wind. Using his right leg to hold the door open, Palacio reached out, and wrapped around the woman’s mid-section with his left arm, while holding onto Kane’s seat with the right. With all his might, Palacio pushed the door hard enough to open it all the way, forcing the woman to let go of the bar of the car. The sudden increase in weight against Palacio almost immediately forced him out of the car. Thinking fast, Achilles reached back, and grabbed Palacio, almost being pulled out of the car as well. The woman swiftly was pried from Palacio’s grip, forcing her to grab hold of his arm. Kane, watching all of this unfold, pulled the steering wheel back towards him, forcing the car to come almost to a complete halt in the air. With the wind now not pulling against them, they pulled the woman into the car, and shut the door. The woman lay across the back seat, with her legs across Palacio’s lap, while both Palacio and Achilles laid back in their seats, gasping for air. Kane, shaking his head, pushed the steering wheel forward a little bit, making the car go forward again.
“Thank… You…” The woman said, panting and looking at Palacio.
“You shouldn’t have done that…” Kane responded.
“Why not…?” Achilles responded, really frustrated, “Sometimes rules can be broken to save a life, you know!”
“What if the life you’re saving cost the lives of others, huh Achilles?” Kane asked, glancing at Achilles.
“She was hanging from the car Kane!” Palacio shouted, placing his arms onto the woman’s legs.
“Rules can be broken… To save lives as well…” Achilles said to Kane, leaning back in his seat again.
“Really, now? Watch this… Lady, what’s your name…? What agent do you know?” Kane asked, looking at her from the rear view mirror.
“My… name is Diana… I… I don’t have any kids… or know any agents… I just wanted to get away… From this massacre…” She said, panting.

Diana, standing about 5’6” had long, brown hair that stretched past her shoulders. Her eyes had an identical match with her hair. From her hair, her ears protruded from her head, and her skin was tanned, indicating she has mystic in her. She wore a green sun dress that stretched to her knee caps, with a brown band around her mid-section. On her feet, she wore sandals that strapped at her ankles, and up a small portion of her shins. On the right side of her wrist, she wore a metallic band.
“Massacre…?” Kane asked, beginning to sweat bullets.
“Yes… There were several agents claiming that the end of days is coming… And if we don’t follow… we’re all going to die…” Diana panted.

Kane glared at Achilles, becoming concerned.
“Why… What the…” Kane said to himself.

Thinking fast, he reached to the middle of the car, and turned on the radio. The very moment he turned on the radio, a constant ringing came on the air for a second, then stopped.
“This is JELA news with your host, Felix Strongberger! This is a number one priority broadcast. Ladies and gentlemen… A few moments ago, I was approached by an agent of Raven… telling me the end of days is coming. He broke it down, and said…” The radio broadcasted.
“Son of a bitch! We need to hurry!” Kane shouted, pushing the wheel forward as hard as he could.

Pushing the wheel as hard as he did, made the car triple in speed, pushing everyone in the car into their seats.
“In approximately 1 – 2 days, demons will invade our home. They are preparing a military big, and strong enough, to wipe us all out… so we have to… follow agents into the Eastern Province. He said… not to panic, due to… Panicking will force the engineers to launch early… resulting in a catastrophic murder of just about everyone on the planet. Stay tuned for more news! And now, back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress!” The radio announced.
“God-damnit!” Kane shouted, slamming the steering wheel with his hand, “I have to get you guys there ASAP… Now that that is out of the bag… It won’t be long before they launch…”
“What… do you mean… launch?” Diana asked, still gasping for air.
“Fuck me man…” Kane screamed, “Launch… As in the Eastern Province will be launching the whole province into space to Motavian to resettle there. To get away from the demons and their thirst for our blood…”
“Glad… I’m an orphan…” Diana smiled, placing her hands on her head.
“Oh you’re not staying…” Kane sighed.
“Say… what…?” Diana gasped.
“You are not on my manifest. I have to drop you off at the gates of the Eastern Province.” Kane explained.
“No… You can’t! Why not just let her come with us!” Achilles asked.
“Because! It’s rules!!” Kane shouted back.
“Fine… That’s my long lost sister.” Achilles replied back, crossing his arms.
“Uh… No. That’s not gonna work, Achilles.” Kane giggled, shaking his head.

Diana, hearing Achilles, started getting into the role.
“Ach… Achilles…? I remember you when we were kids! Holy shit! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you!! Oh my god…!” Diana shouted.

Kane placed one hand on his forehead and began shaking it out of the stupidity.
“Fine; Fine!!” Kane shouted, hitting the steering wheel again, “Fine! Jesus Christ… You all are going to be the death of me…”

All of a sudden, something flew by the car, making Kane shift the car hard left, barely missing the object. Because she didn’t wear her seat belt, the turn sent Diana into Palacio, knocking both unconscious. Kane quickly stabilized the car, and looked around for anymore objects. Achilles grabbed hold of the dash, and held it down hard.
“The fuck was that?” Achilles shouted, looking at Kane.
“That came from the gates of the Eastern Province… It’s releasing access energy… and preparing to take off. The process takes about a day… So things like that will happen more and more often.” Kane explained.
“Thank god, we’re here.” Kane sighed with relief.
“Wait… aren’t we really far away from the Northern Province? How fast did this car go??” Achilles asked.
“Agency Vehicles can go up to Mach 3.” Kane replied.
“Good lord… How fast were we going before we pulled in Diana??” Achilles gasped.
“We were going… about… fifty mph? Not fast at all…” Kane responded.

Kane immediately started descending the car towards a small pad near the gates of the Eastern Province. Achilles looked at first to see the beautiful scenery, but what was supposed to be a breathtaking view turned into a nightmarish view. Achilles watched as people in large clusters, standing at the gates, throwing things and shouting to get in.
“Oh my god…” Achilles murmured to himself.
“See? This is why I warned you guys not to say anything… but looks like some of the agency doesn’t care about what happens to them and their families…” Kane sighed.
“My god… So many people…” Achilles gasped.
“Yeah… This will go down in history as the most catastrophic even in humanity’s history…” Kane responded.

It didn’t take long for the car to land on the ground. The moment it was on the ground, Kane pushed a button on his wheel, opening the doors. Hearing the doors open woke both Diana and Palacio up. Grabbing his bag, Achilles, Palacio, and Diana got out of the car, and walked with Kane to the end of the platform to some stairs that led to the commons area.
“From here, you’re on your own until launch. Listen for the loud speaker, and if you get lost, there are agents around that will help you. Achilles, it was great seeing you again.” Kane smiled, placing his hand on his shoulder.
“You too, brother… Take care of yourself… See you on Motavian.” Achilles responded, putting his hand on Kane’s shoulder.
“Here, take this.” Kane said, reaching for his belt.

Kane detached one of his beam sabers, and handed it to Achilles.
“Hold onto this… Keep it, and protect yourself, and your lad’s. Hopefully, I’ll see you again.” Kane smiled.
“You got it… Please be careful Kane… Next time we meet up, we need to really catch up!” Achilles smiled, “And thanks for the information.”

Kane nodded, before letting go of Achilles, and walked to his car. The three started descending from the platform, helplessly looking to the right as tons of people pushed against the gates of the Eastern Province.
“This is… horrible. I feel… so guilty.” Diana said.
“Why did you jump onto the car like a lunatic?” Palacio asked snarly.
“I feel guilty being here on this side. I don’t feel guilty that I get to live. Besides, all the money and the good shops are here!” Diana giggled.
“Wait a second… I recognize that band… Are you apart of The Raiders gang?” Palacio gasped.
“Well… Not really anymore. Once word got out something big was happening, the gang dispersed. This band holds in my claw. It’s the gang’s signature… but… I love it! It’s saved my ass so many times! And look at this ass! It’s amazing!” Diana laughed, pointing at her butt.
Palacio’s cheeks turned red, glaring at her butt. Soon, the three were down the stairs, at eye level with the hundreds to thousands of people on the other side of the gate. The three moved a little slower, feeling awkward as the people looked at them like they were walking pieces of meat.
“How does it feel being important?” One man shouted.
“I have family in there, how come some punks got in and not us!” Another person shouted.
“You let gang members in, but not us! I have royal blood!” Another person shouted.

As the three began to pick up speed, more and more people became upset, and yelling insults, as well as constant screaming. Agents stood about fifteen feet apart at the gate, holding high caliber rifles at the low ready to keep the people at bay.
“This… is really awkward…” Achilles said.
“Yeah… no kidding…” Diana sighed, trying to hide her band.
“Ugh, I feel like I need to take a shower…” Palacio sighed.
“Let’s go to the inn. It’s a few blocks… but it’ll give us a place to stay… and talk this through. And so I get to know you guys!” Diana cheered.
“Um, get to know us…?” Palacio questioned.
“Yeah! You saved my life… We’re lifelong partners! Its apart of our gang’s religion. Once one shows enough affection to save a member’s life, they’re bound for life! So you’re stuck with me!” Diana smiled, putting her arms around both Achilles and Palacio.
“Out… freaking… standing.” Achilles murmured to himself.
“Come on boys! We’re gonna have a fantastic time!!” Diana cheered.

Finally reaching a corner, the two descended down the commons, where many people were walking around, not bothered by the upcoming threat. The three sighed in relief finally out of view of the gates.
“Thank god…” Achilles sighed in relief.
“Look at all the people…” Palacio stated.
“Yeah… this is one of the busiest districts on Raven.” Diana said.
“How… How do you know all this? Aren’t you from the Northern like me?” Achilles asked.
“Nope! I’m originally from here! I went to the Northern Province to gather Intel for the gang! To smuggle some equipment from the Agencies’ armory…” Diana explained.
“But… why…?” Achilles asked, “This battle… they’re going to need everything they can get.”
“Because when this big palooka lands; There’s no plans for order…” Diana began to explain.
“Shush! Not out loud! Let’s go inside somewhere to talk about this…” Palacio snapped watching people pass them by stare and attempt to eavesdrop.
“We’re there, anyway, fancy-pants!” Diana replied snarly, pointing at a small inn.

To the right, she pointed at a building with a sign on the front “The Finicle In”. As the three walked in, Diana threw both hands up into the air, and smiled really big.
“Uncle! I’m home!!” She yelled.
“Diana!” An old man said, walking around his podium.

With open arms, the two embraced each other snuggly for a moment. She quickly pushed off him, and stepped backwards. Putting an arm around both Palacio and Achilles, she smiled.
“Can we have a room? Everyone’s getting all crazy with the recent… evacuation to this province… I’ll pay you eventually!” Diana smiled.
“Don’t worry about it! Stay as long as you like. Your usual room is at the end, on the right… Just… Keep it down this time… please?” Her uncle pleased.
“Uncle…!” Diana growled, blushing hard.
“I know… You’re a beautiful woman that likes to explore… Just… Use protection!” Her uncle laughed.

Diana turned so red, she could match an apple. She took a step back, and started shoving the two awkward men down the hallway. As she passed her uncle, she stuck her tongue out while he laughed at her blushing.
“That was… awkward…” Achilles gasped.
“I’m getting laid tonight?” Palacio asked, smiling at the idea.
“No way, you don’t have anything to offer, and I don’t need money right now!” Diana snapped.
“Well then, I see you get around much!” Achilles laughed.

Reaching the room, Diana opened the door, letting the two men in. Inside the room sat one large bed, with two chairs and a desk. On the wall, sat a large flat screen TV, and across the room was a door that led to a large bathroom with a hot tub.
“Welcome home for now, boys.” Diana smiled.
“Thanks Diana…” Achilles replied, walking into the room.
“Thanks a ton!” Palacio smiled, walking into the room.

Diana blew some hair out of her face as she walked into the room as well, shutting the door behind her.
“This is so nice! The decor is amazing!” Achilles gasped, admiring the room.

Suddenly, Diana reaches behind her dress, and pulls out a laser pistol identical to the Agent’s pistol. She quickly holds it to both men, and puts on a very serious face.
“Alright… Tell me what’s going on?” Diana shouted, holding the gun at Achilles.

Achilles quickly pulls his pistol out, while Palacio quickly jumps across the bed, and tucks himself between the bed and the wall.
“Whoa! This escalated way too quickly.” Achilles shouted back, pointing the gun at Diana.
“Why were you with the agent?” Diana asked, her voice dropping low.
“We were being escorted here, to the Eastern Province!” Palacio shouted, putting his hands over his head.
“Diana, put the gun down… We’re friendly here…” Achilles responded.
“Yeah, until you get the chance to kill me. I know how you lower level agents work!” Diana shouted.
“I’m not an agent! We were being escorted… For god sake Palacio had to leave his dying daughter back at my sandwich shop…” Achilles shouted back.
“Are you for real? Do you take me for a fool!? You’re here on a secret mission to disband my gang aren’t you?” Diana shouted, walking towards Achilles, “I don’t believe you… and I think it’s time…”

Before Diana could utter any words, Achilles quickly ducked, dashed forward enough to be within arm’s reach, and arose, knocking Diana’s pistol from her hands. In the same motion, he dropped his pistol, put his left hand around her mouth, and pushed her against the door, pinning her against it with his weight.
“Listen to me”! Achilles shouted, struggling to keep the girl pinned, “We don’t give a shit about your gang… We were told to come here because demons are coming to destroy our planet!”

Hearing this made Diana stop resisting.
“The Eastern Province is the only side that can detach from the actual planet. Select people from each Province are being escorted here. That’s why there are so many people at the eastern gates. They either told the agent’s no, they’re not going… or they weren’t selected. Palacio’s daughter was so sick… she chose to stay behind so she wouldn’t slow us down. If you want to be a scrawny little bitch and try to kill us for a nickel… Sorry we’re broke. We are trying to survive, not be gunned down by some bimbo in a gang… Which whose life we saved out of the goodness of our hearts…!” Achilles growled.

Diana forcefully turned her head, to look into Achilles’s eyes, and completely went limp. She gazed into his eyes, and felt a slight sense of comfort as he held her tight against the wall.
“I’m not a fan of guns… and I’m not a fan of violence… That’s why I quit the agency. But I refuse to be gunned down. I’m going to let you go now…” Achilles said.

With this said, he released Diana, and took a couple steps back. Palacio, with his hands on his head, rose up, peeking from the bed.
“Is mommy and daddy done fighting? I don’t like it!” Palacio shouted.

Diana fell to her knees, onto the floor while Achilles walked over and picked up both pistols. While holstering his, he grabbed Diana’s from across the room and walked back to Diana.
“Here…” Achilles said, handing over the weapon.

Diana slowly took the gun from him, and placed it behind her dress.
“I… I’m sorry…” Diana said softly, looking up at Achilles, “I… I have a hard time believing strangers… Especially ones accustomed to agents…”
“It’s alright… Just don’t do it again…” Achilles replied, extending his hand.

Gracefully, Diana gave Achilles her hand, and he helped her to her feet.
“Thanks…” Diana nodded.
“No problem… Don’t do that again. I may not be an agent anymore, but I still got them amazing skills, know what I mean?” Achilles snapped.

Palacio hopped from the side of the bed, and laid on it with his belly, and looked at Achilles and Diana.
“So… What’s for dinner?” Palacio asked.

Achilles glared over at Palacio.
“What time is it?” Achilles asked.
“It’s dinner time…” Diana giggled, looking at her watch on her other wrist, “It’s almost 6PM.”
“Who’s ordering…?” Palacio asked.

The very second Palacio asked, both he and Diana screamed.
“NOT IT!” they said.

Achilles looked at Diana, and Palacio, then placed his hands to his face.
“You guys… damnit!” Achilles shouted.







Chapter 7



Zane staggered through the hallway, following the Lieutenant that knocked him around. Every several steps, Zane had to signal the lieutenant to stop, so he can catch his breath.
“You sure you’re a level two agent…?” The Lieutenant asked, smirking at Zane.
“Yes… You kind… of kicked my ass… and messed up my hair…” Zane coughed, holding onto the wall.
“Wow. I may need to push down an endurance simulation program.” The Lieutenant laughed.
“Tell… me… your name…” Zane asked, struggling to look at him in the eye.
“Lieutenant Leon, in your tongue… My name I’m a full mystic… My ancestors gave me a name not pronounceable in this language… so you can call me Leon.” Leon replied.
“I’ll keep… that in mind… Leon… the asshole…” Zane smiled.

With his body increasing in pain, Zane gave up, and let go of the wall. He fell to the ground, unconscious. Leon, using his mystic energy, glared at him a little bit, covering his body with a light purple aura. Using his mind, he hoisted Zane into the air, and hover him over top of his head. With nothing slowing him down, he proceeded to an elevator, and pressed the number 57, the infirmary level. No sooner the elevator moved, Lyra began waking up. The moment she opened her eyes slightly, she placed her hand on her head, and let out a murderous yell, causing Leon to drop her onto the floor and jump back.
“Hey! Hey, calm down!” Leon yelled, kneeling, placing his hand on her shoulder, “Hey! Calm down!”
“My head!!! What’s… YARGH!!” She screamed.

The sudden startle, made Leon drop Zane to the right side of him, and focus on Lyra. Using his mystic energy, a purple aura emitted from his head, and a slight beam shot from his head, into Lyra’s head.
“Lyra… calm yourself… you’re safe here…” Leon said softly in his mind.
“What? Who are… you? My head… It burns!!! What’s happening to me??” Lyra asked, with her mind.
“You have severe trauma to the right side of your head. We’re taking you somewhere to be healed, and fixed…” Leon replied.
“Fixed? But…” Lyra began stating.
“The damage to that side of your head will allow you to regain some of your memories before the procedure… if you were to undertake those memories once again; you could destroy yourself… or destroy all of us.” Leon explained, “You are not stable.”

Lyra turned her body, quickly breaking the mental link between Leon and Lyra. She pushed herself to her feet, and stood inches from Leon.
“Stop!! Stop messing with my…” Lyra attempted to speak.

The moment she started to talk, she fell back to her hands and knees, grabbing her head. She pushed her head to the floor, giving it another hard whack where she injured it, knocking her unconscious again. Leon quickly picked her up again in both arms, and looked at her head wound again. He looked on the ground to see a small blood splatter where she impacted it with her head.
“She’s losing it… Poor thing…” Leon said to himself, shaking his head.

Finally, the elevator stopped. Picking Zane up again using his mystic energy, he only took a few steps before doctors with rolling beds ran to him.
“What the hell happened??” One doctor asked.
“This is Project Lyra, get her PET scan, and check her skull… Her brain is conflicting with her old memories… She’s close to lapsing… And this… guy… Broken ribs, cracked jaw, dislocated shoulder… and head trauma…” Leon explained, laying Lyra in a bed while putting Zane on another with his mind.

Leon took a step back as the two were quickly wheeled away. Leon decided to follow Lyra’s trail as the doctors started hooking up IV’s and machines to different parts of her body. At the same time, Zane was taken to the closest room, and immediately being worked on. It didn’t take long before they were at the end of the hall, turning right into a room with sunlight lighting it. Approaching the bed, he watched as Lyra quivered in the bed, her mouth slightly shuttering, as well as her body.

Inside her mind, Lyra slowly opened her eyes, noticing she was no longer in a hospital. She immediately noticed she was in an open field, surrounded by pink red and yellow flowers. Petals flew in the light wind around her face. Birds were tweeting in the trees around the area, giving off a sense of peace and harmony to the area. The sun set high in the sky, clear as day due to no clouds being in the sky. Lyra put her arms behind her head, and let out a deep sigh of relief.
“This is amazing… What a beautiful day…” She said to herself, looking into the deep blue sky.
“Rei!” A voice was heard from the distance.

The voice quickly alarmed Lyra, making her jump to her feet. Right in front of her in the distance, a figure was seen running towards her. From the distance, it looked like a woman wearing a white gown, with decorative fixtures covering the torso. The lower portion had a slit in it, showing a small portion of her legs as she ran towards Lyra. Her skin looked grey, almost black. As she approached closer, the image on her face was not human, but sort of puppy like. She had bright green eyes, black nose, and very small whiskers, with two fangs protruding from the top portion of her mouth. Seeing the small breasts on her chest was a clear indication that the creature was female.
“Who…” Lyra asked herself.
“Rei!! Rei!!” The woman continued to chant, getting closer.
“I recognize…” Lyra murmured to herself, then extended her body, shouting, “Who are you?”
“What?? Mom wants us to go home! It’s dinner time!” The woman yelled.
“Mom…?” Lyra murmured to herself.

Finally close enough to see much more detail, Lyra took a small step back, gazing eyes on the creature.
“Rei …? Are you coming home today? Dinner’s been made…” The woman asked, placing her hands together in front of her.
“Rei…? I’m Lyra…” Lyra replied.
“What’s… a Lyra? Well, Lyra… Come on! Dinner’s done!” The woman smiled.
“Who… Who are you?” Lyra asked, taking a couple steps closer.

A sense of warmth began beating in Lyra’s heart, as she stepped closer to the girl. Something clicked, making Lyra extend her arms as she walked closer. Soon, she started running with the feeling becoming more and more greater.
“You silly girl… I’m Viola! Your sister…!” Viola smiled, extending her arms out.
“Viola … Viola …!” Lyra smiled, tears starting to form at the eyes.

Suddenly, unknowing to Lyra, every step she took, her surroundings began to pan, making her not move at all, no matter how hard she ran. Viola extended her arms, awaiting her grasp, but stayed out of reach.
“What’s happening to me?” Lyra asked herself, looking down at the ground.

Lyra then noticed she wasn’t moving, making her stop running. The moment she stopped running, a bolt of lightning flashed in front of Lyra, throwing her into the air. She closed her eyes in fear, curling up into a fetal position.
“Lea… My sister is Viola! Viola …!” Lyra chanted.

Suddenly, she landed onto the ground, sending her into a tumble. Using her momentum, she pushed off of the ground, and landed on her feet. Rain started descending from the sky, and the area started getting really dark. She then noticed she was standing in an alleyway between two largely standing buildings.
“This… This is… The…” Lyra began to speak.

A jolt of pain shot through her head, making her grab her head and fall to her knees. Attempting to fight the pain, while moaning and growling, she struggled to stand. In front of her stood a man wearing a black robe, with the head covered by a black hood extending its hand.
“You… will be the one. Come with me, I will make you feel all better.” The man said.

His voice was so chilling; it sent shivers down Lyra’s body. She struggled to take a step back, but was brought down once again to her knees from the pain in her head. Opening her eyes, she looked in a puddle of water to see her reflection. Instead of seeing her reflection, she saw a bolt of lightning, showing a quick reflection of Viola. Lyra jerked her body away from the puddle, and landed in a small layer of water, shriveling up again.
“Viola!!! Where’s Viola!” She screamed, squeezing her head from the immense pain.
“Project Lyra… You will be the perfect specimen… Mixing each DNA… You will be an unstoppable killing machine for our mighty leader, Arthur!!! Come with me!” The man laughed.
“No… Where’s Viola??” Lyra chanted, attempting to roll to her side to stand.

Seconds after she attempted to roll to her side, another jolt of pain shot through her body, making her roll back to her back, and squeeze her head even more. She was squeezing her head so much, her skin started bruising around her hands.
“Viola! Why does it hurt so much!! Why am I hurting??” Lyra screamed, tears pouring from her eyes.
“Stop remembering… Stop remembering everything.” The man suggested, standing over Lyra.

Her eyes closed from the consistent pain, Lyra did not see the man lurking over her.
“I want to remember… who I am!” Lyra screamed.
“You can’t! If you do you will destroy who you are. Stop resisting!” The man shouted.

Hearing the man’s loud voice thundered through her head, released a lot of the pain in her head. Still throbbing, but manageable, Lyra quickly rolled to her side and jumped to her feet. She backed up from the man, and ran into the brick building behind her. She clutched her hands against her chest, and tried to comfort herself.
“Just… forget everything… Do… as I say…” The man said, slowly walking towards Lyra.
“Forget… what? You mean… Lea… I…” Lyra started talking.

After Lyra said Viola, another jolt of pain shot through her head down her back, throwing her to the ground in agony. Instead of falling to her knees, Lyra smacked her head on the pavement, increasing the pain again.
“You’re not going to win, young lady… If you keep this up, your body will give up on itself…” The man said, walking overtop Lyra again.
“No… I… I can’t… Why are… you doing this to… me?” Lyra cried, repeatedly smacking her head against the pavement.
“You are the product of my engineering. The first being ever to have merged cells of other breeds of humanoids… You were originally a prototype, but your DNA fused with our test DNA… thus creating who you are now. The problem is your brain developed tumors, quickly turning you into a vegetable. In order to save you, I had to extract your brain tissues and place them where we surgically removed the tumors. On record, I had to write you had tumors from the beginning, so I wouldn’t be fired… and executed for tampering with humanoid DNA.” The man spoke.
“Why… me…?” Lyra asked.
“It doesn’t matter why.” The man chuckled.

The man quickly gave Lyra a blow to the mid-section so powerful, she was knocked into the bricks. She impacted the bricks to the point where her body imprinted into them, incapacitating her.
“Now hold still… This will only take a moment…” The man laughed.

Placing his left hand on her chest, he placed the right hand on her forehead, and pushed so hard, they pierced and went through her flesh. Lyra let out a blood curling shriek, feeling the immense pressure on both areas.
“No!!! I must not… forget…” Lyra shouted.

Suddenly, Lyra realized she was back in the hospital, coated in sweat. In a faint daze, she slowly leaned back, pulling the covers to her face, confused. Leon, who sat on the couch across the room, stood up, and walked towards her.
“Ah… you’re awake.” Leon smiled.
“Where… Where am I?” Lyra asked, glancing around the room.
“You’re in Infinite Tower’s Infirmary. You took quite a blow to your head, by the way…” Leon replied, standing next to her bed.

Lyra too her hands and placed it on her forehead, feeling the thick bandage covering her forehead.
“How… I don’t remember anything. I remember a ship… Alec… Where’s Alec?” Lyra said, looking at Leon.
“Nobody knows what happened… From the recorder found in the debris of your pod; the ship, which you were on, took a mighty blow to one if its main thrusters from a particle beam.” Leon explained.
“What… What’s that?” Lyra asked, rising out of the bed.
“You need to rest, and stop asking questions.” Leon snapped.
“Yes… Yes sir…” Lyra replied, laying back into the bed.
“You had the doctors scared; they felt you weren’t going to make it…” Leon smiled, starting to leave the room.
“Huh? Why?” Lyra asked, watching Leon approach the door.
“You were screaming something the whole time, and you kept throwing your body all over the place… Almost like you were trying to chase something…” Leon replied, grabbing hold of the door knob, “It’s a shame you don’t remember. It sounded like a really nice dream.”

Leon opened the door, and glanced back at Lyra one more time.
“When you recover, come to floor 572, room B. I will be waiting for you there.” Leon smiled as he left the room.

As soon as the door shut, Lyra had enough time to roll the covers off of her, to see that she was in a full hospital gown. She quickly pulled the chest portion out, to look at her chest, only to see her body completely unscathed.
“What was that immense pain…?” She asked herself.

All of a sudden, the door peeked open, and a voice came through it.
“Are you alone…?” The female voice asked.
“Um… Yeah, nobody’s in here…” Lyra replied, pulling the covers back on top of her.

Specter ran into the room, slammed the door and locked it tight.
“Listen, you have to get out of here. I was reading your file… and it’s completely against Agency policy… You need to go.” Specter whispered, running to Lyra’s bed.
“What…? What are…?” Lyra said.
“Look. Let me show you this. They were imperative, not to… let you see this…” Specter stated, pulling out her phone.

Pressing a button, the picture of the room they were in came on the phone. Suddenly, two men wearing white robes walked into the room, with staves. As they approached the bed, they held the staves over the bed, near Lyra’s head, and they started chanting.
“What language is that…?” Lyra asked, starting to shutter.
“That’s Mystic tongue. Only full mystics can speak it…”
“Lea…” The men said at the end of the chant.

Hearing the name Viola instantly made Lyra fling back into the bed, and started shaking wildly. Grabbing the bandana, she quickly yanked it off, and started squeezing her head again like she did in her dream.
“Lea…! Where’s Viola!?” Lyra started screaming.

Specter, quickly jumped into the bed, and covered her mouth in an attempt to stop her from screaming.
“Lyra! Viola is your sister… She’s your sister!” Specter said in a calm voice, struggling to keep Lyra from screaming.
“It hurts!! I …” Lyra tried to speak.

All of a sudden, Lyra’s body froze, and went completely limp. She rested against Specter, and let out a sigh. Scaring Specter, she jumped from the bed, and took a couple steps back towards the wall.
“Lyra… I mean… Rei…?” Specter asked, looking at Lyra’s body.
“I… I am not dead… But I read in my report… if I remember anything of my past… I’ll…” Lyra stated.
“No. You’ll regain who you are, and see the cause behind the madness. Something is wrong with the Agency… Where’s my husband… Zane…?” Specter asked, approaching Lyra’s bed again.
“I think… he’s at the… other side of the hall… Things are coming back to me…” Lyra replied, blankly looking towards the other side of the room opposite of Specter.
“You can’t… Let anyone know… I showed you that. You need to get to… The Eastern Province, as soon as possible… They are taking off tomorrow, and you don’t want to stay here…” Specter stated, “I left a bag of stuff in the corner over here and some money. When you’re ready, come find me and Zane. We’ll escort you… We have much to talk about.”
“Why… are you helping me…?” Lyra asked, still starring into the other side of the room.
“Because… You’re my cousin… Rei…” Specter smiled.

Hearing this, Lyra emitted a slight gasp and quickly rolled to face Specter. Before she could turn to see Specter, she ran out of the room, and shut the door. Lyra pulled up the covers, and began to tear up in the face, with the recent news.
“I… I remember her… My sister… Lea…” Lyra shivered, tears beading in her eyes.

Specter, eager to see her husband, ran down the hallway. Quickly coming to the beginning of the hallway, she opened the door, and jumped in. Noticing there were a couple doctors surrounding Zane, she quickly pointed to the door.
“Get out! Now…!” Specter shouted.
“What, come on, sweetheart! They’re admiring my heart shaped tattoo of my mom!” Zane laughed, pointing at his stomach.
“Get the fuck out!!” Specter shouted, grabbing a cup on a tray next to her.
“You’re mad, bitch!” One of the doctors’ yelled.

With the doctors grabbing each other, and their papers, the doctors scurried out of the room as Specter threw the up towards them. The cup shattered on the other side of the hallway as she quickly shut and locked the door. She ran to Zane, and hugged him tightly, unaware that his ribs were broken.
“Ow… Careful; that bastard Leon broke a couple ribs…” Zane moaned, holding his right side of his ribs.
“What?? Why did he jack you up like this? Did you fight back or anything?” Specter asked.
“I tried… from his strikes… I can tell… He’s not human…” Zane stated.
“What? I thought mystics couldn’t be in the Agency…” Specter said, “I bet that other lieutenant is also a…”
“What’s wrong? The only time you get into a fuss like that… is when someone pissed in your cheerios… Literally… Remember that one time…” Zane began to explain.
“Shut up your stupid once… Listen… Something’s happening, and we have to get out of here… After tomorrow… there’s going to be an invasion… that’s going to kill everybody on the planet… We have to get to the Eastern Province…” Specter whispered into Zane’s ear.

Zane’s goofy attitude quickly changed hearing the information.
“What…? But we’re in the Agency…” Zane stated.
“No… We’re leaving… Zane… The woman we found… I recognize her… She’s my cousin…! They altered her mind using mystic energy which is completely forbidden in the laws of Raven… They gave her other race’s DNA… And wiped her memory… I was told you two were here… And when I came to your room, I heard the girl screaming… so I peeked into the room, and saw everything… I slid my phone in there and recorded everything… And they apparently wiped her memory again. Luckily, I showed her everything… and gave her a sack that they, apparently, put all of her belongings in from when she originally showed up. And I put some money in it for her.” Specter explained.
“How… wait… she’s related to you…?” Zane questioned.
“Yes… Our family goes way back… Our families were high noble people… We lived in the far southern tip of the Southern Province. Her family and mine lived together until I was about thirteen… Then we moved here, to the Northern Province, where I met you… I didn’t see Rei and Viola ever again after that until now. She’s labeled… Project Lyra now…” Specter explained.
“The hell is going on…? In the academy, we were told… that we can’t strike our own without proper reason… But that Leon Lieutenant son of a bitch… knocked me around like a rag doll…” Zane growled.
“Exactly… Something’s happening… and I think it would be best if we took… Lyra, and left. If we can get to the Eastern Province, we can leave.” Specter said.

All of a sudden, the door busts open, shattering the glass of the door. Three men armed with beam rifles charge into the room, startling both Zane and Specter. Specter quickly jumped to the other side of Zane, hiding behind the bed. Leon, then walked into the room with his arms behind him.
“So… We have reason to believe… That someone in this room has tampered with our precious Project Lyra…” Leon snarly said, glaring at Specter.

Zane quickly rolled off the bed, snatching his beam pistol from his utility belt, cocked it, and stood up, holding it towards Leon.
“Hold the phone with this laser business! Last I recall, we didn’t do anything wrong!” Zane shouted.
“You’re right. You didn’t. Your little princess besides you on the other hand… Completely tampered and ruined a multi-million dollar project! She’s not only gone… she took some valuable research with her…! Now, the fuck did you do??” Leon shouted, stomping the floor.

His stomp was so strong, it cracked the floor. It startled Specter even more, making her hold onto Zane’s leg for stabilizing.
“I… Didn’t do anything…” Specter replied softly.
“You lying bitch!” Leon shouted, raising his arms.

A purple aura emitted from him, forming a small ball between his hands.
“Wait… Whoa… Are you a Mystic?” Zane questioned.
“Ha, you have no idea what you’re getting into.” Leon laughed, glaring at both Zane and Specter.
“But… Mystics aren’t allowed to be in the Agency!” Zane shouted.
“I’m not mystic, little man! Things have changed… Rules are different now… and I think it’s time… you were… shut down! I should have done this earlier!” Leon shouted.

With haste, the three men left the room. Zane quickly pointed his pistol towards Leon’s purple orb he was growing between his hands.  Pulling the trigger, a beam shot from the pistol, instantly piercing the orb.
“You fool! How dare you strike a lieutenant of the Agency! I bestow upon the both of you treason… And I now expel you from this agency! Prepare to be annihilated, traitors!” Leon shouted, shaking from the uncontrollable energy of the orb above him.

Suddenly, the room began shaking. Thinking fast, Zane holstered his weapon, grabbed Specter by her left arm, and ran towards the window. Leon, watching the two, threw his arms forward, commanding the uncontrollable orb to fly towards the two. Shielding his face, Zane crashed through a large glass panel with Specter behind him. Specter’s feet cleared the window only inches from the purple orb that passed over her feet. The orb flew very fast into the distance, quickly out of sight. Zane, now facing downwards, pulled Specter to him, and wrapped his left arm around her as the two started to plummet from the building. Leon, running to the window, caught himself by the window seal watching the two begin their descent down Infinite tower.
“Guards…! Ground level, now…!” Leon shouted, running towards the door.

Struggling to maintain a clear mind, Specter reached into her pocket with her free hand, and pressed a button on her keys. Quickly approaching the ground, Zane squeezed Specter tight, as he prepared to land onto the ground. At the distance they were falling, they were about to splat like a ripe tomato on the concrete slab below. Surprisingly, as they quickly reached the 10th story, their car swooped down, catching the two. With both lovers in the back seat, Zane released Specter, allowing her to quickly jump into the driver seat while Zane panted. He quickly gained his composure, and sat up in the seat.
“What the hell was that??” Zane gasped.
“Hang on!” Specter shouted, thrusting the gear shift forward.

The car suddenly jolted at an 80 degree incline at a very fast speed. In the passenger seat sat a lumpy sheet. When the car started its incline, the sheet flew to the back seat, revealing Lyra in the fetal position. Zane jumped toward the door, freaking out at the quick discovery.
“Oh shut up Zane. In that sack I gave her a quick rundown on how to get to the car, and prep it. Everything’s going to be alright!” Specter smiled, looking toward the sky.
“I don’t… even know what just happened!” Zane shouted, attempting to fix his hair.
“We just… committed treason when you shot at the high Lieutenant, Zane! You damn fool! What were you thinking??” Specter gasped, looking at the rear view mirror at him in shame.
“What?? He was going to kill us! I had to react the only way I knew how…!” Zane shouted back.
“Now… what do we do?” Lyra asked, looking at Specter.
“Well… we have a lot of heat on us now. We’re going back to the house to pack… and I’m enabling the space program in our car. Instead of going to the Eastern Province, We’re going to head straight for Motavian. Thanks to my amazing husband… We can’t go anywhere that will attract us attention. They’ll expect us to go there…” Specter explained.
“Wait… the space program?” Zane questioned.
“Yes, Zane… These vehicles are specifically designed to fly in space for a decent amount of time. When we get home, you are going to back… and I’m going to reprogram the system into space mode. It’s disabled by default, due to their and Space police… But I think I can out maneuver them…” Specter explained.
“Ah… Cool!” Zane smiled.
“Lyra… or Rei?” Specter smiled, looking at Lyra.
“Just call me Lyra…” Lyra replied, looking out the window.
“Do me a favor honey… That box to your right… Kick it as hard as you can and hand it to me.” Specter smiled, pointing at the box between her and Lyra.

Asking no questions, Lyra kicked the box with all her strength, breaking the box from the dash board. She reached down, and handed it to Specter.
“Why…?” Lyra asked, confused.
“This little black box is what they use to track all of us. It’s like a remote control. Now, they can’t track us.” Specter smiled.

Stabilizing the car, she saw another car approaching from the other direction at a lower altitude.
“Watch this.” Specter smiled.

Pushing a button, a small chunk of the window rolled down, letting in cold wind. She took the black box with her left hand, and threw it from the window, and quickly rolled the window back up. Zane pushed his face against the window, watching as the black box descended, and landed on the back of the car below. Not only did it not fall off, it looked as if the box magnetized, and attached itself to the bumper of the other car.
“God… I love you…” Zane smiled, sitting back in the car.
“I know… you do. I love you too, baby.” Specter smirked, pulling some of her hair out of her face.
“Thank… Thank you Specter…” Lyra responded, looking at Specter.
“Lyra… While I was in the command center, there were two memory chips… One was what Alec, was his name was…? He explained everything to you, his visor was on… The other chip… Was the entire event that happened while on Silan. So before I went to check on Zane and you… I got on the database, and did some research on what the hell happened in that damn laboratory.” Specter explained.
“Yes…?” Lyra replied, eager to hear the story.
“I… I don’t know how to explain it to you.” Specter shivered, sinking a little into her seat.
“I… Tell me. I need to know…” Lyra asked, placing her hand on Specter’s right leg.
“Okay…” Specter sighed, “Lyra… You were with Viola in an alley way in the Western Province. Somehow you were found by Professor Hecate. He’s a maniacal doctor, producing secret humanoid DNA experiments on multiple people. He literally creates different kinds of humanoids… using secret funding from the government… he has an endless supply of money… and low class civilians… to do whatever he wants with no question. Commander Arthur lets him do whatever he wants… and covers it up in random accidents, and killing off any witnesses… Lyra… Your sister… Viola, watched as you were captured… Nothing on record says she was killed, but…” Specter cringed.
“Go on…” Lyra demanded, clinching her fists to her chest.
“The Professor ordered the capture of your family… And have them executed… They killed your mother and father… Viola was nowhere to be found… On record…” Specter explained, placing her hand on Lyra’s shoulder.
“My… Why doesn’t my head hurt hearing all of this…?” Lyra asked, rubbing the spot she impacted her head earlier.
“Those were lies, Lyra. They don’t want you to remember anything because they don’t want you using your new found power against them.” Specter explained, “The sooner we get to Motavian…”

Suddenly, the car made a quick descent. As soon as it landed, Specter pressed a button on the panel, opening all the doors.
“Quick; Get out, and pack as much as you can Zane. Food, extra toiletries… Clothes… Everything. Load up the car. Lyra; stay in the car, and keep look out for anything suspicious.” Specter demanded.

Zane quickly stomped his foot on the floor.
“Hold the phone, woman! I’m the agent here…” Zane shouted, “Specter, you work on the car. Lyra, keep look out… I’ll pack!”
“Zane… GO NOW!” Specter shouted, jumping out of the car.

Growling, Zane jumped out of the car, and quickly ran into the house. Jumping into the air, Zane kicked the door down. As he landed, he shouted, “Yes! I’ve always wanted to do that!” He quickly reached for a duffel bag underneath the inn table in the living room, and ran straight for the kitchen. Opening each cabinet, he started swiping random items, as well as some pots and pans. Running through the house, Zane went into each room. In one room, he threw in a few pairs of both Specter’s and Zane’s clothes. He also grabbed their morning robes. In the bathroom, he threw in several roles of toiletries, as well as soap and a couple bottles of shampoo, as well as a shower contraption under the sink. Now running into the utility room, he stashed several versions of rifles, pistols, different types of beam sabers, and a few visors. On the top shelf, he grabbed a couple solar chargers. Loaded, ready to go, he ran outside, back to the car, where Specter was under the car while Lyra stood outside of it, looking around.
“All done…!” Zane smiled, throwing the bag into the car.
“Jesus that was fast… Did you grab my shampoo?” Specter asked.
“Yup! All the toiletries; as much food as I could pack, with the emergency rations… as well as the weapon rack. I packed our sleeping stuff and extra blankets for Lyra. We’re like a walking armory now!” Zane smiled.
“You need to chuck your utility belt…” Specter suggested, waving a wrench from under the car.
“What…?” Zane asked, looking down at his belt.
“Inside the clip there’s a transmitter mechanism. We can’t be tracked for any reason if we’re to leave the atmosphere…” Specter suggested, pulling her arm back in.

Zane walked towards the edge of the deck, unclipping his belt. Detaching his beam sabers and pistols, he held his utility belt up in the air, letting the sun reflect on it. He quickly placed the stuff on his pants loops.
“Man… All the work I’ve done to get this…” Zane said to himself.

He lowered the belt, and extended his arm over the deck, watching the belt dangle in the wind.
“Farewell… Agency…” Zane said to it, shedding a tear.

Releasing the belt, he watched as it dangled and slung around as it descended down the deck. Watching it fall, Zane felt a piece of his heart fall with it. Suddenly, his emotional moment came to an abrupt halt as the deck started shaking. Specter, reacting to the seismic activity, jumped in the car, as did Lyra. Starting the car, Specter started lifting off, and turned the car towards Zane. Becoming unbalanced from the shaking, Zane fell on his back. Specter quickly rushed the car next to him, allowing him to stand, and jump in the back seat. Now with everyone in the car, she quickly shut the car doors, and flew from the deck.
“They blasted our quarters!” Specter shouted.

As fast as she could, Specter pulled the wheel so hard; they turned to an 85 degree turn into the air, and quickly blasted off. Zane turned around, and watched in horror as the deck they resided on started descending to the lava depths far below. He sighed, releasing some of his depression, and turned back around.
“They really wanted to kill us… didn’t they…?” Zane sighed.
“Yeah, you shot at a high commander… What did you expect?” Specter snapped.
“You hard wired the computer that fast…?” Zane asked.
“Zane, you idiot… I do more than cook and support you… I’m a high level engineer as well. These things are blah to me!” Specter chuckled, pressing a button on the control panel.
“Do you think… they’re going to follow us…?” Lyra asked, sinking into her seat.
“I doubt it… They’re not super tracking us right now. There’s too many things happening right now; like preparing to depart Raven.” Specter stated.
“Our… home… Specter…” Zane said.

The two quickly fell silent.
“Don’t… Stop, Zane… Let’s just hope our folks make it to the Eastern Province…” Specter said, wiping a quick tear from her eye.

Specter then realized how far up they were from the atmosphere of Raven. She suddenly realized they were closed to the barrier holding in the atmosphere, and deep space.
“Everyone, seatbelts in… I have to accelerate as fast as I can, so we can break from Raven’s atmosphere.” Specter said, snapping her seat belt in.

With the two following her example, Specter pressed another button on the panel.
“Here we go…” Specter shouted, trying to motivate herself

With a jolt, the car’s exhaust shot out fire, shooting the car forward. Specter and Zane both looked out the side of the window as they passed the barrier, as did Lyra on the other side.
“Look… I don’t even see the buildings anymore…” Specter gasped, astonished.
“I thought the barrier was solid all these years…” Zane gasped.
“Nope… I guess not…” Specter answered.

Suddenly, the rocket stopped, and the car started slowing down, entering the blackness of space. Specter quickly began pressing buttons as the car started to descend into space.
“Wow… the stars…” Lyra said, dropping her jaw.
“It’s… I’ve never… seen anything more beautiful than this…” Zane said.
“We made it out of Raven’s orbit… but now we have another problem… The car is out of juice…” Specter stated.

Zane jumped towards the front.
“What??” Zane gasped.
“Using the accelerator, we burned just about all the fuel we had… and now… We’re leaving Raven’s orbit… and being flung into space!” Specter shouted, starting to shake.
“Calm down!!” Zane shouted, putting his hand on her shoulder.
“Motavian… Look…!” Lyra pointed out, towards the left.

As the two turned to their left, they were astonished at the sight of Motavian’s massive size, and green color.
“That color green… I never thought it would… look so beautiful… We only get a fraction of that… at home…” Zane said.
“Well… We’re about to head that way…” Specter replied, looking at her panel, “We’re caught in Raven’s orbit… and the force we carried with us exiting it, will break us off… Literally catapulting us towards Motavian’s surface… The calculated trajectory… is…” Specter looked out the window, and pointed towards the corner of a massive land, “Over there… somewhere. Luckily, it’s not in the ocean… As big as the oceans are, I doubt we would survive…”
“How long are… we stuck here until then…?” Zane asked.
“About eight hours…” Specter sighed, sitting back in the seat.
“We’re stuck in here… with no bathroom??” Zane shouted, flinging himself back into his seat.

Bother Specter and Lyra looked at each other, then sank in their seat.
“This is going to be a long… evening…” Specter sighed, placing her hands to her face, “Because I already have to go…”


Chapter 8


Mateo placed his hand on the glass door with the sign, and let out a sigh of disappointment.
“It’s… closed?” Mateo asked, looking down towards the ground, “I didn’t think the academy ever… closed.”
“Hey… It’s cool!” Emmy smiled, placing her hand on his back, “You’ll always be an agent in my eyes!”

He knocked Emmy’s hand off of his back, feeling more disappointed.
“Emmy… I’ve been waiting for this…!” Mateo grumbled, removing his hand from the glass, “The commander himself sent us here… Why in the hell… would he send us here… Just to have it be… shut down…?”
“I… I don’t know…” Emmy shuttered, taking a step back from Mateo, “We could always… go back to the house… and go to the…”

Becoming increasingly frustrated, Mateo turned towards Emmy, and took a step towards her.
“Emmy… We were told by the commander himself to come here! Why would we… I…” Mateo said.
“It sucks, but there’s no need to be angry… Mateo…” Emmy replied, taking a step back from Mateo.
“Yeah…” Mateo sighed, putting his back onto the door, and resting his head, looking into the sky, “We should go… get some ice cream.”
“Holy shit…!” Emmy smiled, jumping for joy, “Strawberries!!!!”

Pushing him off the door, Mateo and Emmy started walking away from the building. With each step Mateo took towards the main sidewalk, the more he felt upset at the situation.
“I just don’t understand…” Mateo kept grumbling to himself.
“Come on Mateo… We’ll just come back tomorrow!” Emmy smiled, placing her hand on his back.
“Yea… I guess you’re right…” Mateo replied.

Reaching the bottom of the stairwell, Mateo and Emmy froze at the sight of platoons of Agents walking the streets.
“Are those agents in the battle uniform…?” Emmy questioned Mateo.
“Yeah… they are. The hell…?” Mateo questioned.
“I don’t think they’re getting ice cream…” Emmy replied.

Mateo shook his head, slightly smirking at Emmy. He took a couple steps, and stopped one of the passing agents.
“Are you all in your battle uniform…?” Mateo asked, looking at the decorated uniform.
“Yes, sir. We agents were instructed to escort families to the Eastern Province.” The agent replied.

Emmy stepped up, grabbing hold of Mateo and putting her head between him and the agent.
“What…?” Emmy gasped.
“Um… Yes. We are escorting families and residence to the Eastern Province.” The agent repeated himself.
“Why…? This doesn’t seem like a drill of any kind…” Mateo questioned, pushing Emmy out of the way.
“I can’t say why. Now, away with you; I have my orders, citizen.” The agent exclaimed, turning away from Mateo and Emmy.

Mateo and Emmy looked at each other, puzzled.
“What… I’ve never heard of any kind of protocol like this…” Mateo stated.
“Let’s go get ice cream now! We have all day to think about it!” Emmy shouted, tugging on Mateo’s arm.
“Alright, fine…” Mateo sighed, letting her drag him around.

With Emmy dragging Mateo by his arm, she dragged him down the road, towards the same ice cream place they were at the other day. To their right, they scarred at the numerous amounts of people being escorted by agents. Some families were packed to the neck in gear; some didn’t take anything at all. Not too many people were carrying, or walking their pets. Each block of homes had several civilians yelling at the agents, telling them they’ll never leave their home. Becoming distressed, Emmy slowed down tugging Mateo’s arm, and started clinging to it.
“Mateo… I’ve never seen this kind of situation before…” Emmy shivered, snuggling against Mateo’s right arm.
“Same here, Emmy…” Mateo replied.

All of a sudden, a loud explosion was heard in the distance. Only a split second passed before the buildings, and surroundings began to shake. Slightly fearful, Mateo fell to his knees, and held onto Emmy, as she did him. People from all around either ran back into their homes, or held other agents.
“An explosion…?” Emmy shouted over the roar of the shaking.
“Come on…!” Mateo yelled, pulling himself and Emmy to their feet.

Struggling to stay balance, Mateo and Emmy ran as fast as they could to the end of the street. As they walked into the end of the street, Mateo only had seconds to react due to a fireball approaching. Using all his force, he turned towards Emmy, and pushed her as hard as he could across the street. With the momentum of the push, it sent him back to a building opposite of Emmy. Throwing her arms into the air, Emmy enveloped herself in a purple orb, protecting herself. By the time Mateo realized what happened; the fireball crashed down the road, and disappeared into ash. Throwing her arms down, Emmy absorbed the shield, and ran to Mateo, who was on his bottom against the building.
“Mateo, you alright?” Emmy asked, falling to her knees, touching Mateo’s chest.
“Yes…” Mateo said, attempting to stand.

Using the building, Mateo rose to his feet, and looked in the direction where the fireball came from.
“The ice cream shop…!” Emmy shouted, pointing at the burning building.
“Oh my… What the…” Mateo replied, confused.

The building that Emmy and Mateo visit for ice cream was nothing but a smoldering ruin. People from around were scattered and shaken by the blast. Some were against other buildings crying, some were hurt from the explosions, while others lay dead across the ground. From the inferno, emerged a cloaked man with glowing red eyes. Mateo had a quick jolt of chill go up his spine, making him instinctively reach for one of his sabers, while Emmy reached for her retractable staff.
“Who is that…?” Emmy asked.
“A… A Demon…?” Mateo shouted, pulling out his beam saber.

Mateo and Emmy only took a step forward before Agents and followers of different colored uniforms ran past them with their weapons out. Some shot rifle blasts at the demon, while others wielded one, and two sabers. Mateo quickly turned off his saber and holstered it, watching the people run by him with such force. The demon in the building took only a few steps, before raising his arm towards the sky. As he did this, something emitted from under his cloak, throwing a mixture of debris and ordinary civilians into the air, hurling them towards the approaching agents and their followers.
“This… Something’s wrong.” Emmy said, still wielding her staff, “Why would a demon come here…? Randomly…?” Emmy asked.
“I… I don’t know. Let’s help some of those people!” Mateo shouted, running towards one of the injured people sitting next to the doorstep of a building.

Following behind, Emmy followed Mateo. The demon, coming close quarters with several agents, swung his arm forward, coming only inches from their heads. Emmy quickly glanced up, hearing the swooping sound from his motion. She put her hand to her face in horror as she saw blood spew from each agent close enough to his swipe. Blood quickly covered some of the buildings, as well as injured, and dead, people surrounding the area. Mateo quickly took his attention from the injured man on the stairs, and gazed at the demon slaughtering the agents. From each motion of the demon, streaks of light were glistening in the sunlight from its fingers, indicating the weapon the demon was using was invisible, and able to slice through the human body with ease. Some of the followers started to run, only to be crushed by falling debris thrown from the demon. Mateo quickly pulled out both beam sabers, and prepared to rush the demon, but Emmy placed her hands on his shoulders, stopping him.
“Wait…. Something’s… not right…” Emmy said, holding him back.
“Emmy, they’re being slaughtered!!” Mateo shouted, watching the demon move its arms around.

With every motion the demon did with its arms, blood and body parts would erupt from bodies, and be slung across the street, and the nearby buildings. It wasn’t long before the several agents that ran towards the demon were decimated, with the exception of one agent, and his follower, who chose not to run towards them. He held his beam saber with two hands, with his follower hiding behind him, shivering in fear.
“Why… Why slaughter so many innocent people??” The agent yelled, inching back from the approaching demon.

Hearing the agent’s voice stopped him from approaching, making the agent stop inching away.
“That’s not… a demon.” Emmy shouted, taking a step back, “That’s… an abomination.”

Slamming her staff into the ground, she focused her eyes onto the demon, and began sputtering words that were unrecognizable to Mateo. Suddenly, a purple ball of energy grew from the top of her staff, with small bolts of electricity inching up her staff into it. Mateo quickly jumped from Emmy, towards the demon, which was focused on the other agent. The demon started raising both arms into the air, glaring at the agent, who was stricken with fear, unable to move. With both beam sabers in the air, Mateo took a swipe at the demon. Shocking to both Mateo and the agent, the blades sliced through the head portion of the robe, and exited under the left armpit. Slicing through that part of the robe, the robe blew away from the wind, revealing a shadowy figure with red eyes.
“What…?” Mateo gasped, landing next to the demon.

Mateo quickly jumped back a small distance, confused as to what is in front of him. The demon lowered its arms, and slowly turned towards Mateo. Mateo began to sweat, glancing down at his sabers in anger.
“My… beams went right through him…” Mateo grumbled, starting to inch back from the approaching demon.

All of a sudden, the ball of energy released from Emmy’s staff, striking the demon. From the energy gathered, the blast sent Mateo tumbling, as well as the other agent and his follower in opposite directions. Emmy, however, stood firm with her staff, watching the blast. The demon’s robe completely disintegrated, revealing the demon’s full form.
“Go back to the shadows, you beast!” Emmy shouted, creating another energy ball.

It was only seconds, before Emmy shot another ball, not as strong as the last. The creature, shrieking in pain, was helpless as the next energy ball struck it. Suddenly, a purple aura emitted from the being completely paralyzing it. Because Mateo’s left arm was slightly hurt, he turned off the blade, and holstered it. Gaining his composure, Mateo stood up with his beam saber at hand, and charged it. Drawing the saber back, he did a forward lunge, allowing the beam to pierce the creature again. This time, as the beam cut through its body, it shrieked in even more pain. Mateo quickly turned towards the creature, and began swiping at it, slicing at it uncontrollably. With each slice Mateo gave the creature, it screamed in different tones, throwing its essence onto the ground.

Becoming increasingly tired, Mateo jumped back a little bit, and held his beam saber towards the ground, exhausted. Him and Emmy both watched as the creature started gargling its essence, and melted into the ground. Before long, it was nothing more than a pile of dark essence. Its red eyes slowly dissipated into itself.
“It’s finished…” Mateo smiled, holstering his saber.

Suddenly, the adrenaline left Mateo’s body, making Mateo fall to his knees, holding his arm in pain. Emmy quickly ran to Mateo, and holstered her staff. She quickly fell to her knees, and grabbed hold of his injured arm.
“You’re hurt…!” Emmy stated, holding his injured arm.
“Bah, it’s…” Mateo shrugged, trying to shake it off.

Closing her eyes, a purple mist emitted from his arm only a few seconds, before the scars quickly disappeared. Emmy opened her eyes, and smiled in relief, looking at Mateo’s arm.
“Wow… you really perfected that healing spell…” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy.
“Yeah… I guess so.” Emmy smiled.

The two looked at the smoldering dark essence in front of them.
“What was that?” Mateo asked.
“That’s a shadowy apparition. They’re scouts of the demon king.” Emmy replied.

Mateo jumped to his feet, and approached the smoldering essence.
“Really; how… do we handle these…?” Mateo asked.
“They feed… off mystical energy. If there’s a congregation of it, they can sense it… and they will come to feed. What you saw it… do… is the result of. I simply gave it some mystical energy; which made it vulnerable to light.” Emmy shivered, looking at the bloody mess on the street.

The agent from earlier, as well as the follower, ran up to Mateo and Emmy.
“That was amazing!!!” He shouted, patting Mateo on the back.
“Um… thanks.” Mateo replied, giving the agent the stink eye.

The follower ran up, and placed her hands around Emmy in a hug.
“You saved us!! Thank you, mystic woman!” The follower smiled, burying her face into Emmy’s mid-section.
“Uh… You seem pretty happy, for someone that just watched their comrades get slaughtered and sliced to a million pieces…” Mateo stated, looking into the bloody street.

Both the agent and the follower released Mateo and Emmy, and took a step back.
“I am a level three agent… My name is… Cecil and this is… my follower, Chelsea.”

Cecil stood about 6 foot 2 inches, with short white hair, and blue eyes. He wore a black leather jacket, with black gloves, black T-shirt tucked into black pants held up by a black belt. He also had black boots. Dangling off his neck, he wore a golden necklace, with a small trinket on it. From his sides, he had dangling one SMG pistol, and on his other side, he had his beam saber.  On top of his head, he wore a pair of goggles.

Chelsea stood around 5 foot 1 inch, making her one of the shortest followers in the agency. She had long, purple hair, with purple shiny eyes. Because her hair was so long, she had a fancy style pony tail with a feather in her hair instead of a scrunch. She also had a small red flower on the left side of her hair. Her skin was white, and at a first look, looks really delicate.  She wore a blue tank top that dangled over her golden belt that held up her blue shorts. On her feet, she wore sandals. Around her neck, she wore a rope, with a small trinket that rested on her chest. On her left side, she had a pistol, and on the right side, she had a cylinder type object.
“Wait, whoa.” Mateo replied, turning towards the two, “If you’re a level three agent, why in the hell did you need help to begin with?”
“We were in training… We haven’t done this… very long and…” Cecil responded, hesitating to answer.

Mateo quickly ran to Cecil, and grabbed him by the collar of his jacket. He slowly hoisted him into the air, slightly annoyed.
“Do you realize what just happened here??” Mateo shouted at him, “A lot of good people died! How could someone with your rank have even made it here like this… and then hesitated?”

With all his might, Mateo threw him to the ground. Chelsea grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and started shaking it.
“Don’t be mad at him! It’s the agency!” Chelsea pleaded, “They sent every available agent…”
“Wait… They send agents… that are in training…?” Mateo questioned.
“Mateo… let’s go… Let’s go home, and talk about this?” Emmy asked, looking at the death around them.
“Is there… anyone left…?” Mateo questioned, slowly glimpsing around.
“I don’t… sense… anything…” Emmy sighed, looking towards the ground.
“Let’s go, now…” Mateo said, shaking his arm, signaling Chelsea to let go, “Cecil… I’m Mateo, and this is Emmy… We’ll talk more at my place.”

Mateo turned his back towards Cecil and started running down the road. Eager to follow, Chelsea pulled Cecil to his feet, and the two started to follow. As Emmy started to follow, she slowed down, and came to a complete halt, before leaving the street. Turning towards what used to be the ice cream area, she gazed at the blood spatters, and the corpses. The man that Mateo attempted to help was also dead. She looked towards the ground one more time, and a tear rolled from her face. Turning her entire body, she opened her eyes, and looked upwards towards the sky, starting to be lost in thought. A voice echoed in her head.
“Help… them… It’s not… too late.” The voice echoed.
“But… some don’t even have bodies anymore… Mystics, can’t…” Emmy started to say to herself.
“You have significantly… increased your power from the knowledge you gained in the library… Throw a portion of power into the sky, and follow your friends… Trust… me…” The voice replied.

Emmy swallowed, worried.
“But… if I…” Emmy said to herself.
“You are beyond… what you think… You will not turn to stone…” The voice echoed.
“I… don’t even know…” Emmy started to yell.
“Stop it, and do it… It’s in your bloodline!” The voice shouted.

Closing her eyes, Emmy faced the ground one more time, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, she looked forward with her eyes open, and her eyes were full of a purple light. Putting her arms together, and her hands fully extended she shot out another energy ball, and quickly blinked, making the purple light disappear. Eager to catch up to Mateo, she left the ball, and started running towards Mateo, who had no idea what she was doing.
“Thank… you…” The voice said.
“I… Who are you…” Emmy asked herself.
“You… will learn in time… Just trust me…” The voice said.
“I… I have a hard time trusting random voices… Come on, be realistic…” Emmy replied.
“Overtime… you will understand… Refer to me… as a celestial being from your powers… Or in your native tongue… a familiar… You can’t see me, but in time you will understand my purpose… I awoke, when you gained the knowledge of our ancestry.” The voice said.
“Then… what should I call you…?” Emmy asked.
“… Call… me Briana… in short… Bri…” Bri said.
“Alright, Bri… I’ll… I guess I’ll… try to live with it.” Emmy sighed.

Trying to ignore the voice, Emmy shook her head, and before she knew it, she stood behind Cecil and Chelsea as Mateo opened the front door to the house. Holding the door, he let Cecil and Chelsea in, but extended his arm to stop Emmy.
“Listen…” Mateo whispered, “Don’t tell them anything about what happened yesterday with Arthur coming here… okay?”
“Uh… yeah, okay…” Emmy replied, confused.

Nodding, Mateo let Emmy, in, and went in himself, shutting the door behind him. Immediately, Emmy ran into the kitchen, and opened the freezer, while Cecil and Chelsea sat in the living room on the couch. Mateo walked in, and unclipped his belt. Placing it on the Kitchen Island, he walked to the couch himself and sat down.
“So… You guys are… level three…?” Mateo asked.
“Well kind of. We’re training…” Cecil replied, reaching for the bag of cashews on the table, “We were about to take our test… We joined about three weeks ago… and tomorrow were test day… but they closed down the academy… and gave us field… graduations? Then Lieutenant Vakarra came to the academy… and ordered us all to go out, and patrol the provinces… Settle down any disturbance… and told us…”
“Told… what?” Mateo asked.

Cecil hesitated, and balled up his fists on his pants.
“I… I can’t say.” Cecil replied, looking towards the table.
“What do you mean, you can’t say?” Mateo replied, standing from the couch, “An agent I ran into earlier said the same thing.”
“I… I can’t…” Cecil grumbled.

Chelsea looked towards Cecil, and let out a loud sigh.
“I’ll tell him then…” Chelsea said, turning towards Mateo, “Tomorrow is the last day we have to escort… The day after tomorrow, there’s a demonic invasion coming. Not just an attack, but a full scale invasion. Commander Arthur has delegated the high ranking Agents to…”

Cecil quickly hit Chelsea in the mid-section, and turned towards her in frustration.
“Shut up! The penalty for defying orders is death…” Cecil shouted, glaring at Chelsea.

A slight shriek came from Chelsea as Cecil struck her. She quickly held her mid-section and fell to her left side, curling up to the fetal position in agony. Mateo, becoming increasingly frustrated, quickly grabbed Cecil, and hoisted him into the air again.
“What did he do??” Mateo shouted.
“I… I can’t… say…” Cecil choked, attempting to reach for his SMG.

Recovering from her hit, Chelsea rose up, and grabbed Cecil’s belt. Pressing a small button on the belt buckle, the belt fell off of Cecil, making him totally vulnerable. She threw it across the room, and took a step back.
“Commander Arthur has issued a planetary evacuation to the Eastern Province. The sad part is… About 60 percent doesn’t want to leave their homes… And since we can’t tell them there’s a demon invasion on the way… We have to leave them here. The Commander seems to think if enough people stay here, on Raven, there will be enough people here as decoy’s… foods… long enough for both the Infinite Tower to escape and the Eastern Province so those two places can make a station on Motavian. All the level one and level two Agents were supposed to escort people to the Eastern Provinces. Level threes are supposed to patrol and silence any disturbance that would cause any kind of panic… Level four and five are to stay in Infinite Tower, and the Eastern Province, to protect those on the way to Motavian… But… all the in training ones are to dedicate ourselves to protecting Raven no matter the cost…” Chelsea explained.

Mateo let go of Cecil, and sat down on the couch again, while Cecil gasped for air, sitting back on his couch.
“And rumor has it… the Air brigade is not even participating… and being used to protect the Infinite Tower when it takes off…” Chelsea explained.
“Whoa… hold on… An invasion…?” Mateo asked.
“Yes… A full scale invasion to wipe us all out…” Chelsea explained.
“Why… I don’t… I don’t get it… What does the president say about all this?” Mateo questioned.
“Word around is that he’s already on Motavian…” Chelsea replied.
“Chelsea!! Do you realize what you’ve done?” Cecil shouted, looking at her, “You broke just about every Agent law!”

Mateo stood up and quickly walked over to Cecil. He placed his hand on Cecil’s shoulder, which started him.
“Cecil, Commander Arthur is sacrificing your life…” Mateo said in a calm voice, “You’re okay with that…? That he’s throwing your life away to protect his elite guard and that’s it?”

Cecil looked over at Mateo, and knocked his hand off his shoulder.
“What are we supposed to do, say no?” Cecil snapped, “He’s the commander!”
“He’s purposely not telling a damn soul what’s going on… Do you realize how many people are going to die…? Mateo asked, putting his hand back on Cecil’s shoulder.
“It’s so we can continue living!” Cecil responded.

Mateo slung Cecil back in his seat.
“No. He wants to take those that are willing to do whatever is said and done… And those that resist… he’s leaving here to die.” Mateo replied.
“No… I doubt that! Why would he leave agents here to fight?” Cecil asked.
“That’s easy… Leave the weak to die.. .Take the strong, and build an unstoppable empire with the biggest and the best.” Mateo sighed, “The agency… is corrupt… I had my suspicion… but…”

Mateo turned to Emmy, who was digging and scraping inside of an ice cream pint.
“That would explain why he came here to join the agency… He was trying to get us to be a part of the scout team… and… get…” Mateo explained.

Emmy quickly lowered the ice cream pint, and glared at Mateo.
“Mateo…” Emmy replied.

Chelsea stood up, and took a couple steps back. She twined her hands together, and looked towards the floor in shame.
“I…” She hesitated, “I shouldn’t have…”

Mateo happily walked over to Chelsea, and placed his hands on her shoulders.
‘You… Did great… I’m glad you told us.” Mateo smiled.

Chelsea looked up at Mateo, and smiled.
“Thanks…” She said happily.
“Traitor!” Cecil shouted, jumping from the couch.

Balling his right fist, Mateo turned 180 degrees, and slung his fist into Cecil’s face. The impact knocked him over the couch, and banged his head on the Kitchen Island, instantly knocking him out. Mateo turned to Chelsea, and looked into her eyes.
“Thank you for all that information…” Mateo smiled.

Mateo turned to Emmy, who was again scraping ice cream.
“So… We have a few options Emmy…” Mateo responded, “We can go to Infinite Tower, and take on Commander Arthur… We could go to every house that we can, and spread the word that an attack is imminent, and we need to rush the Eastern Province… Or we can stay to the bitter end… and fight as much as we can to protect our home…”

Emmy threw the spoon she was scraping in the sink, and threw away her empty ice cream container. She took a paper towel, and wiped her face.
“Well… Mateo… I don’t know what we should do, honestly… I mean… I’m just a mystic, and you’re just a guy… What could we possibly accomplish?” Emmy asked, walking towards Mateo.

Mateo looked towards the ground, feeling helpless.
“I… I… don’t know. With the recent current events, I feel like the commander was trying to purposely off us…” Mateo grumbled, “He… never gave my parents… the best missions to begin with, and he almost got them killed numerous times…”
“Mateo…” Emmy said.

He started walking towards the door to the abandoned library.
“The last mission they were put on… Sent them to Motavian to research machine… or… something or whatever… and they never came back.” Mateo explained, “I am now wondering… if… He marooned them there… Or he had a team ambush them or something.”
“What… do you think we should do, Mateo?” Emmy asked, looking at the unconscious Cecil.
“We aren’t doing anything…” Mateo said, turning around, “You’re going with Chelsea and Cecil… to the Eastern Province, and you’re leaving. I’m staying here, and I’m confronting Arthur.”
“Wait… What??” Emmy gasped, taking a step back.
“You’re not staying here, Emmy!” Mateo shouted, taking a step towards Emmy, “Your power as a mystic would only fuel their ambition! Did you not forget… What would happen if…”
“I know what would happen; I don’t give a shit…” Emmy shouted, stepping forward, “I’m staying with you, Mateo…!”
“Why do you persist on being so stubborn??” Mateo shouted, “I’m not trying to say you’re weak or anything… but if any demon decides to suck on your mystic stuff…”
“I’ll kill them!” Emmy shouted.

Without noticing, the two stood almost chest to chest, looking at each other eye to eye.
“I… I don’t want to leave you Mateo!!” Emmy shouted, tears starting to form in her eyes.
“Emmy…” Mateo replied, looking into her eyes.
“I don’t want to be alone… I would rather face the hordes of demons… than be safe, knowing you’re in danger…” Emmy said, laying her head onto Mateo’s chest.

Mateo embraced Emmy, and held her close to his body, comforting her.
“Emmy… I… I am sorry; I won’t do that again…” Mateo responded softly.
“Gosh you guys are cute!” Chelsea said with an admiring voice.

Feeling awkward all of a sudden, Mateo and Emmy quickly separated, with their faces blushing. At the same time, Cecil started rising form the floor, shaking his head. Chelsea walked to him, and looked straight down on him in pity.
“Cecil… I’m… going to quit the agency… Mateo is right, the agency is corrupt… and I’m going with them to do the right thing.” Chelsea said.

Shaking his head, Cecil rolled to his side, in an attempt to stand from the floor.
“God… my head…” Cecil murmured, using one of his hands to rub where he got punched, “What did you… say Chelsea…?”
“I said I’m done with the agency. Something’s wrong with it… And I knew from the beginning something was wrong… These people here know exactly what’s happening… and I’m not standing under the Agency anymore…” Chelsea stated, throwing her arms down.

Cecil stood to his feet, and approached Chelsea.
“You’ll be killed… for going AWOL…” Cecil said, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Chelsea looked towards the floor, with her feelings raging inside.
“I know… but…” Chelsea looked into her brothers eyes, and pushed away his hands, “I would rather die freely… than know I’m supporting something so cruel…”

This said, Cecil walked across the room, and picked up his belt. He faced the exit with his body, and turned his head towards Emmy, Mateo, and Chelsea.
“I am still having a hard time understanding how you all…” Cecil stated.
“There’s nothing hard about it…” Mateo said, looking at Cecil with disgust, “Commander Arthur is wrongly throwing many lives away… He sent my parents on a mission years ago they didn’t come back from… and I have reason to believe he purposely got rid of them… For some cause; and I intend to find out why. Emmy has been my friend for many years… she will never separate from me… And seems like your follower over there believes us… But I’m not going to stop you in whatever you do. But with your elite stature, we could easily get into Infinite tower…” Mateo stated.

Cecil looked towards the floor, hesitating to leave.
“I… Ugh…” Cecil sighed, stepping back into the room, “We’re better off going in the morning. There’s too much commotion right now with the take-off… and pissed off citizens.”

Chelsea sighed with relief, placing her hand on her chest.
“Thank heavens…” She smiled.
“I’m not doing this for you, though, Mateo… I swore my life and I’d give my country honor in death… But deep down something tells me to trust you, so I’ll help you any way I can.” Cecil stated.
“Thank you… You’re going to be much more help than you know…” Mateo smiled, squeezing Emmy tighter.
“Yeah yeah…” Cecil replied, blushing, looking towards Chelsea.
“What kind of car do they give level threes?” Mateo asked.
“We get the upgraded duos. The level one and twos have basic cars with accelerators. We get the ones that are built for space travel… But level threes and up have to have clearance to use it though.” Cecil replied.
“Awesome…” Mateo smiled, releasing Emmy.

Mateo walked towards Cecil, and extended his hand.
“We’ll come up with a plan tonight then. You and Chelsea can crash here for the night.” Mateo smiled.

Cecil accepted his handshake, and smiled back.
“We got this… But I will not kill, or injure another agent!” Cecil replied back.
“We have a deal.” Mateo agreed back.
“I’ll start the fish!” Emmy cheered, running to the freezer.

With everyone in agreement, Cecil and Chelsea walked over, and sat on the couch while Mateo walked into the kitchen to help Emmy with dinner. Seeing the TV remote, Cecil reached over, and grabbed it to turn the TV on. As Emmy laid fish into a pan, the news report caught everyone’s attention as it came on.
“This is JELA news with your host, Felix Strongberger! A couple hours ago, there was a demon like creature that attacked western Zerma. Many people died… but for some strange reason… Everyone is alive and well…” Felix announced.

Hearing this caused Emmy to drop the fish in the oven, creating a loud banging noise. She quickly closed the oven and ran to the TV.
“Experts are unaware on what could cause such a phenomenon! We have Agent Krysk here, to fill us in as to what happened.”
“It.. was brutal… The demon literally slaughtered all of us… I remember having something burn in my chest… then I blanked out… I remember seeing my lower half… Then next thing you know… I woke up in my own blood… and I was whole…” Krysk said, touching his body.
“A strange phenomenon indeed…” Felix said.
“The demon was also slain, and his residue is being collected for testing…” Krysk said, before walking away from the microphone.
“This is JELA News! Now back to your regularly scheduled program!” Felix announced.

As the TV flickered, a random TV show appeared on the TV.  Emmy dropped her mouth slowly turning to Mateo, who was preparing green beans.
“I… Holy cow…” Emmy said to herself.
“Wow!! How did that happen?? Was that a magic trick?” Cecil asked Chelsea.
“Hum…” Mateo said to himself, glaring at Emmy, “Very strange indeed…”

Emmy walked calmly towards Mateo, and stepped up close enough to where Cecil and Chelsea couldn’t hear them.
“Mateo… I…” Emmy whispered.
“You… How much… did you read in that library…?” Mateo whispered back, facing Emmy.
“I… I’m sorry Mateo…” Emmy sighed, stepping back from Mateo.

Looking towards the floor, Emmy walked silently towards the Abandoned Library. Hitting the key code, she swiftly walked in, and shit the door quietly. Mateo watched her as she went into the room, and shook his head.
“Whoa… is everything alright?” Chelsea asked, turning back at Emmy.
“Yeah… Just watch some TV and chill.” Mateo responded.

Grabbing a pot out of the cabinet, Mateo quickly dumped the beans into the pot. He walked over to the sink, and filled it with water, while taking some butter out of a container next to the sink. Slapping it in the pan, he cut the faucet off, and placed the pan on the oven. While turning on the oven, Mateo turned towards Chelsea.
“Chelsea,” Mateo asked, walking towards the couch, “Can you watch dinner? I’ll be right back.”
“Huh? Sure!” Chelsea happily agreed.

Mateo walked with a slight urgency into the abandoned library, and shut the door. Because he didn’t want Cecil and Chelsea seeing the room, he bolt locked the door. Turning around, he saw the abandoned library was completely clean, and all the books were neatly stacked. Emmy, with her head on a table, was sitting at an old table that used to be broken, and against the wall. Mateo walked up to her slowly, and placed his hand on her back.
“Emmy…?” Mateo asked softly, slightly leaning forward, “Emmy… are you alright?”
“I saw that look you gave me…” Emmy cried, “You didn’t like what I did…”

Mateo let out a faint sigh.
“No… Quite the opposite…” Mateo responded, with a smirk on his face, “I didn’t realize you… furthered your powers so much in such a small time.”

Emmy rose her head up, with a couple tears flinging off her face from the force.
“What…?” Emmy gasped.
“I’m not stupid Emmy…” Mateo smiled, raising up, removing his hand from Emmy’s shoulder, “I left you in here… and you read virtually every book in here… didn’t you…?”
“I…” Emmy attempted to answer, looking towards Mateo, “I read about what was documented on Julius and Vira… I read about Gethos… Crothan… Silan… Even Raven… I read about how each planet, and their foundations were formed… The leaders… everything…”

Emmy stood up and started walking towards the bookshelf.
“I did some deeper reading with my family. From the looks of the articles, and logs, The Agency killed my family, and they had no intention… of… killing yours. Apparently, my parents were high level mystics, and they are long descendants… of Queen Xion… the Queen of the Mystical Realm. You were right… Bandits were the written cause, and publicized. More like a gang but…” Emmy explained, grabbing a book from the shelf.
“But what… does that have to do with what happened in street a couple hours ago…?” Mateo asked.
“I learned…” Emmy explained, pulling a golden book from a shelf, “of a way… to focus my energy, and fully heal any wound. As long as there’s a heartbeat, of any kind… or the soul is near the body… I can revive, and regenerate any kind of deformity without depleting my energy supply. Thanks to this one book here, I can call upon elements… of more than just pure energy… and draw strength from it. There is Energy, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Darkness. I was unsure how to use them at first… But I first practiced when you all ran away from that bloody street corner.  I practiced combining some of my energy, with the light of the sun, the water vapor in the essence of blood… and created a type of healing power… I didn’t stay to see the outcome… I didn’t want to be around… if… something were to have gone wrong. By using the elements around me… I can use my powers more freely…”

Mateo approached Emmy, who started to become emotionally unstable. He placed his hands on her shoulders, and slowly pulled her to his body.
“I… learned other things too… Things I shouldn’t… know…” Emmy said, a tear starting to roll down her face.

As the tear fell off her face, the moment it hit the book she let it go, allowing it to hit the floor. She took her hands, and buried her face in them.
“There’s some magic I practiced… that is forbidden… And I already broke some of the many intergalactic rules of mystical channeling…” Emmy cried, her emotions starting to cave.
“What did you do?” Mateo asked.
“I called upon the dead souls of my parents…” Emmy cried.

Mateo quickly released Emmy, and took several steps back. He frowned, hearing the astonishing news. His heart started beating hard, and felt like it was in his throat, becoming anxious.
“The mystics were a strong, proud, and wise race…” Emmy cried, turning around to face Mateo, “But they were too afraid… to tap into their true power… A lot of their forbidden abilities… I read about and practiced. Not all, but some… and I called upon the souls of my dead parents…”
“Why Emmy…? You… If you read the rules of mystical challenging, why did you do something that bold? That could change your very way of life…!” Mateo shouted.
“I wanted to know the truth!” Emmy shouted.

Emmy threw her hands that were on her face to her side. Tears flung from her face, into the air.
“I… Summoned them here, into this library of knowledge… and we talked for as long as I could channel my energy… They didn’t tell me everything I asked… but they did tell me the Agency… is corrupted… And we would be outright foolish to believe Commander Arthur… And join the agency. They told me… The main reason they were killed was not because they had information on your family… Not because they were Mystics… but because they defied the wishes of the Commander. He, himself, wanted them to help his cause, and begin brainwashing random citizens to do DNA testing… Something is happening within the organization… And I fear it will change the outcome of humans and civilization as we know it… And Commander Arthur will be on top…” Emmy explained, “They said that the reason he wanted us to join the Agency so fast… is because he wanted us to be killed by the upcoming invasion.”
“Emmy…” Mateo gasped.
“That’s not all… I… Was supposed to be fed to the demons…” Emmy sighed, looking down to the floor while grabbing her left arm in disgust, “I’m the last of my family bloodline… with me gone, there wouldn’t be any more free willed full blooded Mystics to question anyone…”

Mateo approached Emmy, and placed his hands on her shoulders again.
“Why were you so hesitant to tell me all this?” Mateo asked, confused.

Emmy’s eyes watered up again, and she gazed into Mateo’s confused eyes.
“I broke so many rules… But I know more truth than anything… We… We’re supposed to die aren’t we Mateo?” Emmy asked, tears running down her face, “The last thing my parents told me was that I have a swift death in the upcoming invasion…”
“No… We’re not going to die…” Mateo smiled, with confidence.
“I don’t see how… we can win… Mateo… I’m scared…” Emmy choked, succumbing to her emotions.

Before Mateo could say another word, she pushed herself into Mateo’s body, squeezing it tightly. Taking her face, she buried it into Mateo’s chest, and let out a sorrow filled howl. Tears started staining his shirt as she continued to bawl.
“Emmy… It’s okay…” Mateo repeated, attempting to relieve her pain.

Unable to calm Emmy down, Mateo took his left hand, and started stoking her hair, while embracing her body with his right. Feeling the weight burning on Emmy’s heart, Mateo couldn’t help but to share part of her sadness. He kept taking small sighs, trying to relieve his own inner turmoil from all the news.
“Emmy…” Mateo said softly, “It’s alright, seriously… There’s no reason to be scared.”

Emmy lifted her head off his chest, and sniffled a little while wiping the tears from her eyes.
“You shouldn’t be scared… With my reflexes, and combat styles… and your magic, we’ll save ourselves! We will devise a plan, and somehow fend off the coming invasion… or save more lives in doing so… We’re not going to die here…” Mateo smiled.
“I read your book on combat as well… I see where all the maneuvering skills and all come from now… as well as angelic potions and brews…” Emmy smiled, tears slowly beading from her eyes.
“Yes. If you read all of that, you’d know even if we don’t stop Commander Arthur… we can do our part in helping against the upcoming invasion… If we need to leave, we have the aid of a level three agent. After dinner tonight… We will set our plan in motion… Once we come up with one…” Matteo smiled, using his left hand to wipe tears from Emmy’s face.
“Guys…!!” Chelsea shouted, pounding on the door, “The fish smells like its burning!”
“Come on… Let’s go finish dinner… I’m starving!” Mateo cheered, releasing Emmy.

As Mateo turned around, he bolted for the door. Emmy, however, took it slow. Watching Mateo leave the room, he let the door shut slowly, expecting Emmy to follow. Taking a step forward, Emmy took a deep breath, and exhaled to remove what sorrow was left in her body.
“Emmy…” Bri said in the back of Emmy’s head.

Hearing Bri stopped Emmy in her tracks.
“Why are you so bothered by the truth…? Why didn’t you tell him everything…?” Bri asked.
“Because…” Emmy shivered, looking towards the floor, “It’s better that these last moments are filled with joy… Than wallowing in our own sorrow…”
“The knowledge… and power you now hold… You know what’s going to happen… Why are you trying so hard not to change his… or anyone’s fate?” Bri asked.
“Why should I change the future??” Emmy shouted, “It’s against Mistweaving law…! Fate is fate for a reason… isn’t it?”
“Maybe the Mistweaving law is wrong in their choices… Maybe it’s time you made a difference… and changed everything.” Bri echoed.

Emmy glared towards the floor, deep in thought. Hearing Bri’s words thundered through her body.
“I… I don’t know what to do… What do you think I should do, Bri?” Emmy pleaded, looking towards the ceiling.

Emmy waited, listening for Bri’s voice, but after a few seconds, realized there was no answer.
“Bri…?” Emmy asked.

She starred into the ceiling for a good minute, repeating her call to Bri with no answer. Taking a deep breath, Emmy shook away her feelings, and headed for the door. Reaching for the knob, Bri echoed in her head again.
“It’s not up to me to decide your fate… Your destiny, along with Mateo’s is in your control… Don’t let life go to waste…” Bri said.

Taking her statement, Emmy opened the door, and smiled at Mateo, who was sitting on the couch, with his plate of food.
“I will make a difference… I promise it.” Emmy smiled, walking towards the Kitchen Island for her food.

While Emmy grabbed her food, Cecil and Chelsea were already cramming food down their throats. Mateo watched in astonishment, and ate slowly, as he saw the two eat.
“Do… you know how long… it’s been since we had… a cooked meal?” Chelsea said with her mouth full.
“Well… Eating Agency food… I would say this morning…” Mateo giggled.
“Yeah, pretty much. But this province food is bangin’!” Cecil shouted before shoveling in another fish fillet.
“Oh my… And here I thought you people ate well in that crazy looking tower…” Emmy stated, sitting down next to Mateo on the couch.
“So… I came up with a plan…” Cecil smiled after swallowing his fish fillet, “It’s pretty straight forward. I have clearance to see Commander Arthur right…? I already made the call to have an audience with him and his lieutenants. It’s at the top floor, in his audience chambers. Yeah, I know, it’s the President’s… But he’s, from what I understand, on Motavian in a safe zone from this invasion. Mateo, you can soup up with whatever you want… Emmy, you do the same… Chelsea and I will go with you, and escort you guys through the secret halls that only level three agents and above can go, unless you’re escorted. Once we get into the chambers… I’m assuming that’s when you guys are going to… do your thing. That’s when Chelsea, and I will take our leave…” Cecil explained, before scooping up green beans.
“Wait… that’s it? Are you sure we won’t be spotted and taken down? I think Arthur is going to know we’re coming for him…” Mateo stated.
“Yeah, but, I mean… there’s no other way to get to that floor… Unless you take a ship, and crash through the tower itself; and even then, that’s impossible with the recent increase in security. We had an agent and his follower kidnap a lap specimen and go rogue earlier today… And they rigged their craft to go into space. So that idea is virtually impossible. And even if it was remotely possible; there’s only a fifty percent chance you’ll actually survive the impact.” Cecil explained.
“I could use my…” Emmy started to say.
“No. That’s the worst idea yet.” Chelsea said, setting down her cup of water, “Arthur’s lieutenants… Leon… is a DNA Enhanced Mystic… and Vakarra is… A DNA Enhanced angel… with her wings clipped… She also has a hidden ability to fly without them… If you were to use your energy at any level, Leon will discover it… And that would be it…”
“So… in and strong I guess…” Mateo sighed.
“In a matter of sorts… yup…” Cecil agreed, “if things go south… I’m out…”
“What…? Why? We already know something’s wrong with the agency Cecil…” Chelsea stated, setting down her mostly eaten food.
“Because I have an honor! I swore an oath…!” Cecil said back, setting down his empty plate.
“Oh come now…” Chelsea responded, turning to Cecil, “We’re not doing this again… As of earlier, I denounced my agency… I’m joining Mateo and Emmy’s cause.”
“Then do it…” Cecil stated, turning towards his sister, “You do whatever you feel is right… I won’t question what you do… Just don’t jeopardize my place in the agency…”
“Sounds like a well thought out plan…” Emmy smiled, slurping on the soup on her plate.
“Yeah, that about sums everything up; we leave in the morning…” Mateo said, placing his empty plate on the table, “We’ll pack up as much as we need. Weather we pass or fail our task… I would like to think someone needs to have the vehicle ready at the closest route, so we can all escape.”
“Way ahead of you…” Cecil smiled, giving Mateo a thumb up, “I have a remote for all that stuff. Don’t worry. I have a copy, and I’ll give you one… Incase… something happens…”
“Sounds like a plan…” Mateo replied, smiling.
“Can… Can we stay here tonight?” Chelsea asked, looking at Mateo.
“Um… Don’t you have your own place near the tower? The barracks…?” Mateo asked.
“We did, until this num nut got us kicked out… He wanted to practice his swordsmanship… And somehow ignited the propane tank in the floor…” Chelsea sighed, crossing her arms, “We either had to move into the car, be homeless, or pay back 2 million lexus to compensate for the damages…”
“Wow… I can’t even fathom how you do that!” Mateo laughed.
“I… Ugh…” Cecil sighed, leaning back in his seat.
“You have a real talent there, Cecil!” Emmy laughed, almost dropping her food.
“Yeah, he does. King derp, level ten class!” Chelsea giggled, pointing at Cecil.
“Yeah… whatever…” Cecil growled, grabbing his empty plate.

Standing up from the couch, Cecil walked around the couch, and into the kitchen where he placed his dirty dishes into the sink. Filling up his water glass, he looked into the living room, admiring his sister’s laugh.
“God… I haven’t seen her laugh that much in years…” Cecil smiled, admiring his sister.
“So… It’s about that time I guess, huh?” Mateo smiled, rubbing his belly.
“Just about. It’s dark…” Emmy pointed out.

Emmy then stood from the couch, and grabbed both Mateo, Chelsea, and her own empty plates, and headed over to the sink to dump them.
“Thanks!” Chelsea smiled.
“Yeah, thanks Emmy…” Mateo smiled as well.
“Chelsea… wanta come up to my room? We can talk about girl stuff!” Emmy cheered, dumping the dishes into the sink.
“Sounds like a party!” Chelsea shouted, jumping from the couch.
“Does that mean…” Cecil asked, getting excited.
“Absolutely not… You’re one of those mighty agents… you can agent yourself here in the living room… Like a true agent.” Mateo replied snarly.

Cecil gave Mateo the stink eye as Emmy and Chelsea ran upstairs. Before Emmy disappeared in the stairwell she yelled at the top of her lungs.
“Oh yeah, Mateo, guess who has dishes tonight… Not this gal!” Emmy laughed.

Mateo snapped his fingers, and said “Fuck” as he watched the two women disappear.






Chapter 9


Exhausted from an eventful day; Diana, Achilles, and Palacio Slept soundly throughout the night. Around 3PM, Palacio woke from sleeping, disturbed by his thoughts. Pushing the blankets off of him, Palacio rolled from the bed, and onto his feet. Trying to be quiet, Palacio stepped quietly across the room towards the door. As he approached the door, he glanced quickly to see Diana and Achilles sound asleep. With great speed, Palacio quickly opened the door, walked through it, and closed the door. Taking a right, Palacio stepped beyond a double glass door, and stepped onto the outside patio. As he set both feet outside, he took a deep breath of fresh air.
“It smells like shit out here tonight…” Palacio said, exhaling.

He slowly walked towards the banister, looking up towards the sky.
“Becca… I’m feeling horrible… I have been trying… to do things as I did without you… and the thought… of leaving you here… to die with the demons… makes me sick beyond imagination… Leaving your own flesh and blood behind… What kind of father am I…?” Palacio asked, “Why… Why did I leave you? Why didn’t I just make you… force you to come with me? I don’t know… if…”
“Hey…” A voice echoed from behind softly.

Palacio quickly turned around, startled. Relieved it was only Achilles, he turned back around to look at the sky.
“Hey man… You weren’t supposed to hear me get up.” Palacio stated snarly.
“I couldn’t sleep. Diana is snoring like a leviathan.” Achilles said, standing behind Palacio.
“Heh… She’s a feisty little girl isn’t she?” Palacio giggled, crossing his arms.
“Yeah, very feisty; I haven’t had to move like that in years, dude…” Achilles replied.
“I can imagine…” Palacio said.
“Still thinking about your daughter?” Achilles asked.

Palacio started shaking slightly at his knees, and tears started beading at his eyes,
“Am I a failure of a dad…?” Palacio asked, “I just left her there… Knowing she’s going to die… Is eating me alive…”

Achilles placed his hand on Palacio’s back.
“I don’t think you’re a failure or anything like that…” Achilles replied, “You did what she asked you to do… The only thing you can really do is honor that request…”
“Yes but… I could have put my foot down…” Palacio responded, looking at Achilles, “I could have been a stubborn asshole, and made her come with me…”
“Yes but, she saw what would happen if she did come with us… She’s a beautiful adult now, Palacio… You did the right thing…” Achilles responded, attempting to comfort him.
“Girls are like that, guy.” Diana stated, “Believe me, old man… You did the right thing.”
“It’s going to hurt… And keep hurting…” Palacio said, looking towards the ground, “She’s my only daughter…”
“Where’s the mom?” Diana asked.

Palacio looked towards his front side, and turned around, facing Diana with a heartbroken look on his face.
“She… I don’t know where, Diana…” Palacio answered, “She was an agent… And she got sent on a dangerous mission… And never came back.”

Diana swallowed deep, not expecting that kind of reply.
“Oh… Sorry…” Diana replied, “I know it’s tough… Believe me.”
“How could… you understand?” Palacio snapped, taking a step towards her, “You’re a punk in a gang… What could you know about what I’m dealing with?”

Achilles took a step back from Palacio’s flare in attitude.
“That’s just it… I’m in a gang. I’ve seen people die in front of me… I’ve seen everyone I care about and love die beside me…” Diana replied, taking a step towards Palacio, “Unlike you, I have experienced loss of… my family, my friends… Even potential love interests! Over something so stupid… So small… You wouldn’t begin to understand what people like me go through!”
“You could always change! You could get out of the gangs… and make a better person out of yourself, so one day you could have a family of your own!” Palacio shouted, stepping closer to Diana.
“It’s kind of hard when all you know is how to fend for yourself! I wasn’t catered to a life of families, and friends growing up! Thievery and how to fend for myself is all I know!” Diana shouted, stepping closer to Palacio.

The two now stood so close, Diana’s breasts were bumping against Palacio’s midsection. He had to angle his head to look down at the short woman, while she had to look up.
“You have some nerve judging me…” Diana said, looking into Palacio’s eyes.
“You…” Palacio started to snap back, “I…”
“You need to…” Diana started to shout.

Palacio quickly bent down, wrapped his arms around the tiny girl, and embraced her tightly. Confused, Diana started to retaliate, and attempted to remove herself from his grasp, but couldn’t.
“Get the…” Diana started to say.
“I’m sorry… Diana…” Palacio spouted.

Hearing the sorrow in Palacio’s voice made Diana’s eyes widen, and place her arms around Palacio. Diana started reflecting Palacio’s pain, and slightly snuggled into his body.
“I’m… I’m really sorry…” Palacio pouted again.
“What…?” Diana replied.
“You remind me of Becca… somewhat… I… I don’t mean to… Be so hostile… Once Sharon disappeared… Becca became deathly ill… And… For a long time, I tried to keep her better. We lost everything… Achilles here, took us in for about a day… Then we were told to evacuate… It’s been a lot on my shoulders… and to leave her here… On this planet… To…” Palacio explained.
“No, wait!” Achilles attempted to interrupt.
“Explode…” Palacio finished.

Diana quickly pushed away from Palacio, astonished by what he said.
“Wait… What?” Diana asked, bringing one arm to her chest.
“Achilles, it’s taking off tomorrow, might as well tell her!” Palacio shouted, “Demons are invading… and they plan to wipe us all out. That’s why everyone willing to go to the… Drill, is here. Anyone willing to participate gets to live… Everyone else gets to… stay… and die.”
“What…? No… But the agents…” Diana gasped, starting to shake in fear.
“Oey…” Achilles sighed, “No… He’s right. The force the demons are sending is so great… We don’t even have a chance to fight back.

Diana fell to her knees, and dropped her head. Astonished about the news, she attempted to bring her knees up, and tried to bury her face in them.
“Why… did you say something??” Achilles asked, turning to Palacio.

Palacio glared at Achilles with tears streaming down his face. Saying nothing, Palacio walked swiftly back into the hotel. As he passed by Diana, his pants leg brushed her shoulder. Feeling him walk by her, sort of sent a shock throughout her body, making her jump to her feet. She quickly turned around, grabbing Palacio’s left arm as he passed.
“Palacio…” Diana said softly.
“What…?” Palacio asked, glaring at Diana, “I’m leaving… to get my daughter.”
“Don’t… Respect her wishes.” Diana replied.

Palacio pulled his arm from her grasp, only to have her reattach herself to his left leg. She squeezed as tight as she could.
“No… Don’t go! I know… I only met you not long ago but… You don’t understand women…” Diana replied, “She told you to go… And she meant it…”
“She’s right…” Achilles said, taking a step towards the two, “Leave Becca… Do what she said, man…”

Suddenly, Palacio relaxed himself, and stood still instead of struggling to get away.
“… Her mother…” Palacio said softly, “Her mother… would have said the same thing…”

Both Diana and Achilles sighed in relief, with Diana relaxing her grip on Palacio.
“Can I at least… call?” Palacio asked.

All of a sudden, several people started running through the roads in a panic. This made Diana jump to her feet, and the three ran to the edge of the patio. The three looked up in horror as a faint greenish glow covered the sky. Faintly, you could hear a roar from the sky enough to send a chill down your spine. The alley’s and the ground lit up in a green light.
“What is that??” Diana shouted, pointing to the sky.
“That… That looks like a force field!” Achilles shouted.

In the distance, a red glow emitted from the Infinite tower as well, with a reddish aura surrounding the tower. The ground started shaking violently, throwing everyone standing to the ground. Buildings, shacks, and stands started falling apart, landing on passing by people. Quickly reacting, Diana pushed Achilles over the Patio while pulling Palacio, barely avoiding the crashing patio. The three lay on the ground, confused.
“What the hell is going on??” Diana asked, attempting to stand.
“I think… it’s happening!” Achilles replied, rolling to his front side onto his hands and knees.
“This… is leaving??” Palacio gasped, letting himself lay on the ground.

Screams could be heard across the entire province, as the shaking grew more violent, and relentless.
“No way…” Achilles gasped, watching light emit from the distance.

Achilles watched in the distance as the Infinite Tower rose swiftly into the sky, heading towards Motavian. It took merely seconds for it to disappear into the sky.
“I… I think Infinite tower just left…” Achilles stated, trying not to succumb to the shaking.
“It wasn’t supposed… to take off yet!” Palacio shouted.

Suddenly, the earthquake subsided, and the sky started emitting bright stars and lights. Diana and Achilles quickly jumped to their feet, while Palacio lay paralyzed at the event.
“Why… are we taking off so soon…?” Achilles asked.
“I… I… Oh my…” Diana started replying.

It didn’t take long for the large craft to leave Raven’s orbit and display the deepness of space. Citizens from all over came rolling, tumbling, and staggering out of their buildings to gaze at the sky. Commotion echoed through every building, street corner, and alley.
“What’s… What’s that?” Palacio asked, staggering to his feet and pointing to several orange stars in the distance.
“Well… There is Silan, the planet of the demons…” Diana shivered, snuggling close to Achilles.
“Not the planet, the stars above it…?” Palacio asked, squinting his eyes.
“That…” Achilles started to answer, “I have something in my bag that can see, one moment.”

Achilles quickly jumped and pushed over debris, heading back in the hotel.
“The stars… are so pretty…” Diana gasped, stepping into the street.
“I’ve never seen so many stars…” Palacio gasped, staring into the emptiness of space.

Achilles quickly ran out of the hotel, with his small utility belt on, and  holding a scope like device in his hands that was colored gold. He jumped over what was left of the patio, and stood next to Diana and Palacio as he put the device to his eye. Aiming at the stars above the planet of Silan, he stood stiff and silent.
“Whoa… where’d you get that…?” Palacio asked, looking at the weird looking scope.
“Back in the agency…” Achilles replied softly, tweaking the lens of the scope.

Suddenly, Achilles dropped his mouth, and took a couple steps back. Due to the debris he kicked over running to Diana and Palacio, he tripped, falling to his butt. Stunned from what he saw in the scope, he faced forward, with his arms between his legs. Diana quickly grabbed the scope, and started playing with it as Palacio fell to his knees, shaking Achilles.
“Achilles… What did you see? Are you alright??” Palacio asked, wildly shaking him.
“The… That’s…” Achilles murmured, trying to speak.
“Oh my god…” Diana shouted, lowering the scope to her side.

Diana let out a frantic scream, and fell to the ground as Palacio swiped the scope. Palacio, curious, put the scope to his eye, and also faced it towards the stars.
“Oh my god…” Palacio stated, adjusting the lens more, “Is that… demons?”
“So many of them…” Achilles said, looking at Palacio, “I’ve never… seen so many… Demons of that magnitude before… Just that small glimpse… I counted fifteen world destroyer giants… That’s more than enough to level our cities… I saw… The head of…”
“No! No no!!” Palacio shouted at the top of his lungs, jumping up and down in a frantic panic, “No no no!! That can’t be!!”
“What is it?? What do you see?” Achilles asked.
“I see… a cloaked demon with red eyes at the front of the star clump with several agents on his side… Agents… with our battle uniforms…!” Palacio gasped, lowering the scope.
“Wait… our agents???” Achilles gasped, snatching the cope.

Placing the cope back to his face, he looked at each star clump, to see the large masses of demons were also accompanied by agents.
“I… What??” Achilles gasped, putting the scope in his pocket.

Achilles stood to his feet, and glared at the stars, pondering what he saw.
“Those were agents Achilles!” Palacio shouted.

Suddenly, small groups of agents ran through the streets, attempting to police up the injured per each building. The squads were also followed by their followers, and escorted by agents in their battle uniform with their weapons out. Achilles, feeling threatened, reached into his pocket, pulled out his saber, and attached it to his belt, confused. One of the battle ready agents ran towards them, seeing Diana in the middle of the street. In a hurry, the agent ran to them.
“Is everyone alright??” The agent asked.
“Yeah…” Achilles answered for them.
“We are to gather any uninjured citizens, and take them to the central station! With me…!” The agent shouted, “Every person, including us agents, needs to get to the central station immediately!”

Diana jumped to her feet, and wiped the tears from her eyes, while Palacio cleaned his face as well, prepared to follow the agent.
“Wait…” Achilles said, “Before we go can I ask a question?”
“What is it?” The agent asked, puzzled.

Achilles quickly displayed his saber, and pointed it at the agent.
“Why are there agents following demons??” Achilles asked loudly, pointing the saber towards the agent’s chest.

The agent’s mood quickly changed, and he looked towards the ground.
“… Are you sure you’re… not seeing things?” The agent asked.
“Clear as fucking day!” Achilles shouted, pulling out his scope in his other hand, “This is a Class A scope! Only upper level agents get these! Luckily, the restaurant I run… someone left it behind.”
“You… peaked.” The agent growled, reaching for his side arm.

Before the agent had a chance to draw his weapon, Achilles took his saber, and sliced through the agent’s mid-section, tearing him in half. As fast as he could, Achilles quickly turned off his saber and placed it in his pocket. Diana placed her hands to her mouth and took a step back as the agent’s corpse hit the ground. Thinking fast, Achilles walked to the dying agent, and started disarming his weapons, and utility belt. Palacio, stunned, took a step towards Achilles.
“What…” Palacio asked.

Before he could speak, Achilles threw Palacio a saber and a pistol, while chucking Diana one of his plasma SMG’s. He stood up, and started taking things out of the utility belt.
“The agency is compromised…” Achilles said, attaching components of the belt onto his own.
“What…?” Palacio gasped; looking at the weapons he was given.

Achilles then tossed the agent’s utility belt to Palacio.
“Put that on. Diana, Palacio… Get your things. We need to move… now…” Achilles stated.

Kneeling down, Achilles started checking the agent’s pockets for any kind of money, identity, anything he could find as Palacio and Diana ran back into the broken up hotel to retrieve their belongings. At the same time, passing agents caught a glimpse of Achilles cutting down and agent, and started to stare, and watch. A couple agents from the building next to the hotel came out, along with their followers, and approached Achilles.
“What the hell are you doing?” One agent said.

Achilles, with his back facing them, turned his head, catching them with the corner of his eye.
“Do you know of the agents following the demons… on their way to… Raven to exterminate the human race?” Achilles asked softly and cold.
“Wait… what?” The other agent asked.

Achilles quickly pulled out his high powered scope, and turned his whole body towards them.
“I can see them!” Achilles shouted.

With no hesitation, the two agents pulled out their sabers and charged after Achilles. At the same time, the followers pulled out staves, and prepared to help their agents.
“I knew it!” Achilles shouted, drawing his saber again, “The agency is corrupt! They’re working alongside the demons!”

One of the agents was suddenly hit by a red streak of light. The force quickly threw his body into the other agent. With his own saber, the agent that got struck sliced through the other agent’s hands, disarming them. Panicking, the two followers ran to them, attempting to cure their wounds. Diana sprung from the hotel, and put a gun to one of the follower’s heads while Palacio shot the other one in the head. Palacio ran to Achilles, who was putting his saber away, while Diana shoved the gun into the follower’s head.
“What’s going on??” Diana asked, forcing the follower to her knees.
“Stop!! Don’t… Kill me… please…” The follower begged, placing her hands on the ground for stability.
“I’m giving you three seconds!” Diana shouted, pushing the follower’s head down with the gun.

Hearing the other agent with his hands cut off shriek in pain, Palacio quickly shot the agent in the head to silence him.
“Stupid bastard… Siding with demons… I learned a little bit from my wife. Siding with demons is an instant death penalty.” Palacio stated.
“What’s going on here?” Achilles asked, kneeling down at the agent with a hole in his head.
“Don’t kill me… Please don’t kill me!” She screamed.

Diana took her other hand, and covered the follower’s mouth, trying to get her to stop screaming.
“We’re not doing any justice out here … Lets go inside.” Diana stated, standing to her feet, forcing the follower to stand.
“Yes, let’s go.” Achilles agreed, quickly snatching the belts, guns, and sabers of the agents.

With everyone agreeing, Diana held the follower by her mouth and a gun to her head, while Palacio and Achilles quickly followed back into the ruined hotel. As they entered into the hallway, Palacio quickly opened their room’s door, and with all her might, Diana threw the follower into the room. The force Diana threw her in the room made her trip up, and hit the floor. They quickly ran into the room, and locked to door. Palacio held a gun to the woman, as did Diana while Achilles walked to her, extending his hand.
“Take my hand.” Achilles asked politely.

The woman was scared, and shaken.
“You killed my agent… my best friend, and her agent… How the fuck do you expect me to interact with you people??” She asked, starting to panic.
“Look, We… Need some answers. There have been a lot of panic movements in the past hour… Please… don’t give any trouble.” Achilles asked politely.

Diana, growing impatient, cocked her gun, and took a violent step forward at the woman.
“Let’s get it over with, and find out what’s going on at the central station. People need to know!” Diana shouted.
“Hold on!” Achilles shouted back, “What is your name…?”
“Lauren… and that man you killed was Max!” Lauren shouted back.
“Why is the agency working with… the demons?” Achilles asked.

Lauren stood about 5 foot 7 inches. She had long, blue hair, with deep blue eyes. Due to her long hair, she had several scrunches in her hair, to keep it from flying all over the place. She a white T shirt, and on her body hugged a green dress that stretched to her ankles. Her feet were covered in thick leather sandals.  On her waist, she had a thin dark green sash. Hanging from the sash, she carried a small brown bag that housed all her belongings.
“What…?” Lauren gasped, attempting to stand on the floor slowly.
“Your agent partner knew about it… That’s why he attacked me. So again, why are agents working with demons?” Achilles asked again.
“I’m not allowed to know that kind of stuff! We are given specific guidelines as followers… Not to ask about the mission unless we need to know…” Lauren replied, shivering in fright.
“She’s not talking…” Diana stated, stepping forcefully to Lauren, “I’m ending this, and we have to go! Now!”
“Wait!” Lauren shouted, taking a step back from Diana’s grasp, “I…”
“Speak!” Diana shouted, aiming the gun at Lauren again.
“Okay! Okay… I… I don’t want… to die…” Lauren cried, “A few years ago, there were preparations for a large scale defense project… It involved the space station and all the ground forces… and if the demons were to dispatch a large force… We could combat them…”

Hearing the story made Diana lower her gun, and sit on the bed.
“There was a mass gathering… Max and I were supposed to go, but he was too busy… Being a boy… and… Fraternizing with his follower, which was me…” Lauren looked down, disgusted taking a deep breath, “I didn’t like it… so we fought and… he got his way. But the mass gathering… Was with many volunteers of Agents level three and up… To go on a large scale scouting mission… To… As Commander Arthur put it… Test the waters of Silan’s defense… They went… and never came back. None of them… Hundreds of agents… and tens to hundreds of followers disappeared. Since then, the rest of the agents were preparing for some large scale evacuation. I don’t know why… But… from what you say is true… Then…”
“Commander Arthur didn’t… send a scouting team… He sent them to become servants of Silan… That’s why the Infinite tower left sooner than us… That means… He wanted to herd anyone willing to listen to the agency… into one place, and those that defy, or show resistance… To… die…” Achilles gasped.
“So… the entire agency…” Diana questioned.
“… Is at mercy… of Silan now…” Achilles responded, “My god… all those people…”
“Are you saying our protectors… the Agency… that stood as protectors of Raven work for Silan now? I… I can’t believe that!” Lauren shouted, taking a step back.
“So why are we gathering at the Central Station?” Palacio asked.
“That, I can definitely answer…” Lauren answered, slightly shaken still, “Apparently, from entering the atmosphere of Motavia… The heat shield only covers but so much… A lot of the city will be burnt up… And there’s about a 30 percent chance of a successful landing. Nothing like this has ever been attempted. Angels have… but… their technology is much more advanced than ours…”
“Here, then… Diana, Palacio.” Achilles said, turning his back to Lauren.

Handing Diana and Palacio a filly loaded utility belt from the dead agents Achilles instructed the two to put them on. He also handed Diana a saber, and Palacio two sabers. He holstered the second one for himself. With the extra pistols, he handed Palacio another one, gave Lauren one, and he placed the other two into his sack in the corner of the room. Placing his bag on his back, Achilles opened the door, and turned towards Lauren.
“I’m sorry your agent got killed, Lauren.” Achilles said, “You’re welcome… to come with us… If you’d like. I don’t expect you to…”
“Yes, I’ll go with you.” Lauren answered, “I… I want to know what happened as well. As long as Diana… you called her; doesn’t dig a gun into my head again.”

Diana giggled, and stood from the bed.
“Bitch, you’re no fun now. Welcome aboard this circus.”  Diana smiled.

Achilles stood at the door, letting Diana and Palacio pass by. Once Lauren got close to leaving, Achilles quickly slammed the door shut, keeping them out. Achilles glared at Lauren, who got scared one again, and took a step back.
“Listen… I have an idea that will… get some heat off you and I both.” Achilles said.
“What… What is it?” Lauren asked.
“You’re an official follower. I have those agent’s wallets, and their identity cards and credentials in my sack. I got out of being an agent a long time ago… How about, when we leave out of here… If anyone asks, you’re my follower…?” Achilles asked, starting to blush.

Lauren tilted her head slightly, confused.
“What…?” Lauren asked, calming down.
“I… I’m no supreme fighter or anything… I… I’m just… sandwich shop owner. I quit the agency some time ago because I wanted to make sandwiches. I didn’t want this lifestyle… And in order for me to get back into the role of an agent, I have to have a follower who… plays the part, or is the real deal.” Achilles explained.

Lauren slightly giggled at Achilles’s response.
“So, you kill my agent… and adopt me to be your follower…?” Lauren asked.
“Um… Kind of… Yeah…” Achilles responded, blushing from feeling awkward, “He was following demons…”
“He was a fucking jerk! He raped me… Countless times, and forced me to be all dolled up like this, for his amusement… I can’t maneuver as a true follower like this! This isn’t even my hair color…! It’s white… He made me…” Lauren looked to the floor.
“Well, he’s dead now… Now let’s go to the Central Station…” Achilles smirked a little.

Opening the door, the two walked out to an irritated Diana and confused Palacio.
“You’re… blushing too? Did you have sex?” Diana asked with her arms crossed, tapping her foot.
“No!” Achilles responded.
“Let’s go…” Palacio asked.

The moment the four stepped out of the hotel, they were greeted with the blood stains of the agents and follower, but the corpses were gone. Against the wall, the three sat against the wall, barely conscious, but their wounds seemed healed. The four stood in amazement, confused how they were healed.
“Just… Run. Let’s go…” Diana signaled.

Following the massive groups of agents, followers, and people, the four held onto each other’s shirts to stay together. Looking into the sky, Achilles saw the moon of Raven, sitting lonely in space directly above them. Slightly confused how the moon got into its position, he looked to the left and right of his position. As they passed a wall of buildings to a street, he glanced down the street and saw the street as far as his eye could stretch. From the end of the road, he started to see the edges of the planet Motavian. Before Achilles had a second to admire its beauty, his sight was blocked by another string of buildings. It didn’t take long before the four were shoved into a huge metallic dome full of people. Once inside, the four pulled themselves from the cluster and flow of people entering, towards the wall. Using each other, they pushed and pulled themselves towards a clear area. Finally reaching their destination, the four sat on the floor.
“God, my aching feet…” Diana sighed, quickly removing her shoes, “They hurt so bad…”
“Goodness…” Palacio sighed, stretching his feet out, “What a nightmare.”
“Damn that was crazy…” Achilles sighed, placing his bag down.
“I’ve never seen a crowd run like that…” Lauren mentioned, removing her sandals and rubbing her feet as well, “The moment we get a chance, I’m totally changing into my look!”
“Look?” Diana questioned.
“Yes… Max… My ex-agent… Made me dress up like this…” Lauren responded.
“Oh… I see…” Diana replied, looking hat her aching feet again.
“Yeah… he made me dress up as one of his favorite little cartoon characters.” Lauren sighed, “Thank god I don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

All of a sudden, from the distance, Max ran towards the four. Achilles, catching sight of Max, jumped to his feet, and reached for his saber. Seeing Achilles reach for his saber made him stop charging them. Achilles blocked Max’s sight of Lauren, angering him even more.
“You rotten little bastard… You’re going to get it once I get my stuff back.” Max growled.
“Uh, you attacked first. I defended myself.” Achilles responded, “How… are you alive?”
“Leon, lieutenant to Commander Arthur revived me and Hansel, along with Margret… You know the others you jacked up.” Max shouted.

He leaned to the right, looking down at Lauren, who looked at Max with a terrified look.
“Lauren lets go. The lieutenant needs to speak with all of us agents and followers.” Max demanded.

Lauren slowly put her shoes back on, and started to stand, when Achilles stepped in his line of vision again.
“I don’t think that’s going to happen, Max.” Achilles stated.
“Oh, a tough guy huh?” Max questioned, standing tall in front of Achilles, “Lauren, need I remind you of your oath as a follower?”
“Actually, she’s a free woman that can do whatever she wants.” Diana stated, standing to her feet.
“You’re a cutie!” Max smiled, “But no. She’s not a free woman. The agency owns her scrawny ass. So if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll get going with me. I’m willing to disregard what happened out there, if she comes along right now.”
“You…” Diana growled, reaching for her side arm.
“Sorry, am I interrupting?” said a voice behind Max.

Hearing the thundering voice sent Max to the side, and kneeling on one knee. In front of Achilles stood Leon, a lieutenant of Commander Arthur.
“So… May I… ask what you’re doing?” Leon asked, taking a step forward to Achilles.

Achilles recognized Leon, and started trembling in his knees.
“Wait… Don’t I recognize you from… somewhere?” Leon questioned.
“You’re… Lieutenant Leon…” Achilles replied, relaxing his arms from confrontation with Max.
“You… seem angered. Did one of my agents anger you?” Leon asked.
“Stupid ass doesn’t respect anyone, especially women.” Diana stated.

Leon’s full attention turned to Diana. He faced his body towards her, and took one motion in her direction. Diana eased back, becoming increasingly intimidated by Leon’s calm stature.
“Are you saying one of my agents were not being respectful enough to… a civilian young lady?” Leon asked.
“Umm… Yeah…” Diana replied.
“That’s funny, because when I passed by, they were on their death bed. I revived them, and… You, my dear, are telling me they were… disrespectful?” Leon explained, “If you were them… wouldn’t you be the same way?”

Diana started shivering from the tone of Leon’s voice.
“Sir, that woman is my follower and she’s disobeying orders!” Max stated, pointing at Lauren.

Leon took a deep breath, and faced Achilles once more.
“So… Now I remember you. You left the Agency to… be… some kind of chef, and I right? Achilles… That was your name.” Leon smirked.
“Yes… Sir…” Achilles replied, slightly blushing in embarrassment.
“Lauren, my dear… your agent gave you an order, you have to follow it.” Leon stated.

As Lauren stood to her feet, she interlocked her fingers and laid them on her lap, and looked down in disappointment.  Before she could take a step, Achilles took a step backwards, interrupting her walk towards Max.
“I… She doesn’t want to.” Achilles stated.

Leon raised his tone, making his politeness dissipate.
“Look, Achilles. I’m going to say this once, because you know the rules as an agent. Once tasked to an agent, he or she is bound to do whatever the agent says. No if’s and’s or buts. No exceptions. Even if she or he hates them, they swore and oath just like you did.” Leon explained.
“Oath’s aren’t shit when demons destroyed the culture!” Diana shouted, echoing throughout the whole building.

A majority of the commotion became light as the people in the building turned towards Diana. Leon became fumed, and glared at Diana. He reached his hand out, emitting a purple beam. Surrounding Diana’s neck, he tightened the grip, and hoisted her into the air. Thinking fast, Achilles quickly attempted to pull out his saber, only to be thrown against the wall with the same purple beam towards his chest. Diana reached for her side arm, but due to holding herself up by the beam to prevent being choked, she couldn’t. Palacio slowly side stepped towards the left, becoming out of sight from Leon.
“You vagabonds want to be hero, and go against the agency? Your own people…? You are a disgrace to humans, and the only punishable act to it is death. I will cast you out into the abyss, and let you plummet to your deaths into Motavian itself!” Leon shouted.

Unaware to Leon, Palacio turned on one of the sabers he acquired, jumped towards him, and sliced down at his arm. Leon had no time to react as the beam severed his arm, breaking his focus. He quickly grabbed the tiny stump where his arm used to be, and fell to the ground, releasing Diana and Achilles. Thinking fast, Palacio turned off his saber, while Achilles quickly turned his on. Thrusting it into the wall behind him, he cut a U shape into the structure, and kicked it. As it flung into the wind, he, along with Palacio, Lauren, and Diana were dazzled by the destruction that was made entering the atmosphere of Motavian. With little options, Achilles reached for Lauren’s hand, and dashed through the hole. Following him, Palacio scooped up Diana, and left Leon screaming in pain.

Even though the structure is entering Motavian’s atmosphere, due to the large size of the province, outside of the structure was stable enough to walk on for a small time. Wind brushed against the entire province, making it very difficult to stay afoot. Struggling, the four pushed as hard as they could out of the structure. Achilles quickly looked behind, to see Leon struggling to chase them. Thinking fast, Achilles turned around, and put Lauren’s hand on Palacio.
“Keep walking! I have… to stall him!” Achilles shouted at Palacio.

Nodding his head, they kept talking, while Achilles approached Leon. Pulling out his saber, he pushed harder, almost to a run, towards Leon. Bleeding profusely, Leon gave Achilles a violent look.
“Do you realize what you have done??” Leon shouted, “I will personally kill you!”

As he released his stub, a purple shadow of his hand remained there. Achilles took a small step back, realizing the only type of people that can harness power like that was a full blown mystic. Reaching out with his other hand, he aimed at Achilles, and a purple ball started forming.
“You are a fool to challenge me, Achilles! I will have your head!” Leon shouted.
“Think again!” Achilles shouted back, retracting his saber, “Do you realize where we are??”

Putting his saber into his pocket, Achilles turned towards Palacio, and ran towards him. Leon, becoming intent on killing them, let his energy ball gather more energy. Once Achilles reached them, he grabbed hold of Palacio’s belt, and pulled on a tiny lever on the belt and shouted at Palacio.
“Don’t let go on Diana!!” Achilles shouted, “No matter what, don’t let her go! We’re right behind you!!!” Achilles shouted, pulling the lever as hard as he could.

Grabbing Lauren with his right arm, he pulled the same kind of lever on the back of his belt. Suddenly, a chute emitted from the belts, throwing the two with the wind into the sky. At the same time, Leon released his energy ball, exploding where the four once stood. He looked into the sky as they quickly disappeared from sight.
“You son of a bitch…!” Leon shouted, as he, and the entire province disappeared below the clouds.

It only took mere seconds for the province to disappear from sight, and through the clouds. Tired, and out of breath from the descent, Palacio and Achilles struggled to hold on to Diana and Lauren as they slowly descended.
“You… You struck him…” Diana gasped, holding onto Palacio’s body for dear life.
“You struck one of the lieutenants of… The agency! And he’s a full mystic!” Lauren shouted.

Scared of falling, Lauren and Diana wrapped their legs around Palacio and Diana’s waste, while hugging above their shoulders. Even though they squeezed, they couldn’t stop the two men from navigating the chutes.
“So… what now Achilles? That happened… Way too fast.” Palacio asked.
“I think we’ve had enough excitement for one day… Let’s ride… this one out.” Achilles grinned.















Chapter 10


“Already…?” Zane shouted, “I would have figured you would have pissed yourself with all that excitement…”
“I’m a lady you idiot… I have some class…” Specter snakingly replied, “How are you holding up, Lyra? You alright…?”

She didn’t answer, concerning Specter. Before turning around, something in the distance ahead of her caught her eye. Squinting, she quickly realized they were fighter drones from Raven making a patrol. Thinking fast, she reached for the lights, and cut them all off.
“What the…” Zane started to say.
“Shut up… Drones…” Specter shouted, ducking below the windshield.

Following her example, Zane did the same thing.
“It… It’s so dark…” Specter gasped, huddling down as far as she could.
“You’re telling me… I’ve never seen it this dark before…” Zane replied.
“That’s what space is I guess… The emptiness dark abyss…” Specter said, slightly giggling.
“Why… are we bunkered down, Specter, and the lights off?” Zane asked.
“There are drones passing by.” Specter answered.

Just as Specter said those words, a light appeared through the windshield, at a very fast pace. There was a swift rumbling noise, and then it grew silent again. During the noise, both Zane and Specter held their breath kind of, in suspension. Once the noise grew silent, Specter lifted from the floorboard to catch a glimpse of what’s heading towards them.
“Shit…!” Specter shouted, as she pressed herself against the seat.

Before Zane could jump up and see, a rock the size of the car hurled towards them, grazing the side. Even though it was the side of the car, the force it put onto the car sent the car in a deadly spin, pinning Zane, Specter, and Lyra in their seats. From the force of the spin, everyone was silenced, and unable to move. Specter became horrified as she saw Motavian, and the moons of Motavian go smaller and smaller. Struggling to lift her hand, Specter attempted to reach the steering wheel, to cut the engine on. Quickly becoming nauseous, and starting to fade consciously, she was able to grab hold of the steering wheel. With her thumb, she pressed a red button, making the car come to an abrupt halt. Sickness set in, resulting in the two throwing up into the floorboard numerous times. Accidentally, Specter didn’t pull her hair back, resulting in the ends of her hair covered in puke. Wiping her face off with a napkin from the side of the door, she reached up, and cut the light on again.
“Ugh…” Specter sighed, “That was rough… My head’s still spinning…”

Looking to her side, Zane was unconscious after throwing up. Turning around, she caught sight of Lyra, who was lying down on her back across the back seat, seemingly unscathed. Facing the front again, she continued to wipe her face, and attempted to get the puke out of her hair.
“Damn… When we get to Motavian… There better be…” Specter started to say, eyeing the puke in her hair.

Suddenly, she released her hair, and dropped her mouth. Looking ahead, she saw nothing but empty space. Her heart quickly ended up in her throat as she turned around, looking through each window only to see empty space and stairs. She even looked up through the roof window, and saw absolutely nothing. Starting to hyper-ventilate, she sat down in her seat again, and started fanning her face to calm down. Grabbing the wheel, she turned the car on, and started navigating around, trying to find their bearings. Feeling the car jerk left and right woke Zane up from his unconsciousness.
“Honey… what’s the matter?” Zane asked, shaking his head.
“We’re stranded in space!” Specter shouted, panicking.
“What…?” Zane gasped, looking around all of the windows, “Oh my god… we’re lost… in space! Hey!! Like that show!!”

Specter looked at Zane with a blank look.
“Really? Our lives could end right now you know… No food… or water… No way to use the bathroom… We’re going to die out here Zane!” Specter shouted, starting to sweat from panicking.

Zane reached over and grabbed both of Specter’s hands, and brought them to her lap. He sat up in his seat onto his knees, and looked at his beautiful wife, and smiled calmly.
“Calm down… usually I’m the one panicking… You’re the one that thinks things through and gets everything running and going. You want to know why I’m not panicking… It’s because… you’re very beautiful… smart… and I know you’ll get us out of this mess. Please calm down honey… You got this… Okay? We have plenty of food, and water in the back of the car, and we have… the emergency potty to use the bathroom. Please…” Zane said softly.

Hearing Zane’s soft words filled Specter with happiness, and hope. She reached forward, lip locking her husband, and throwing her arms around him. She kissed him for a good few seconds before pulling back.
“Yuck… we smell like puke.” Specter said, tears forming in her eyes.
“Actually like old eggs and bacon from this morning.” Zane replied, smiling back.

Balling her fist up, she reached upwards, and smacked him ontop of his head, putting him into a daze. He threw himself back in his seat, with a smile on his head.
“Such a damn fool… Sexy when he feels like it, but a smartass… and a damn idiot. But I love you for that Zane. “ Specter giggled, placing her hands back on the wheel.

Before moving the car, a large white light caught her eye. As she turned the car right, she was astonished at her find. She saw a large white sphere approaching them at a high rate of speed.
“Zane…” Specter gasped, “What is that…?”
“That’s… Wait… No. That can’t be.” Zane gasped, rising out of his seat.
“You know what that is?” Specter asked.
“That’s… Dezian.” Zane gasped.

Specter took a deep breath to calm herself.
“That’s Dezian, the ice planet?? How did we get knocked so far out of orbit?? It would have taken us… light years to get this far in a craft like this!!” Specter shouted.
“Maybe… we were stunned… but may have gone through a wormhole? It’s a longshot… but that could explain why we all passed out.” Zane explained.
“Wait… I was conscious the whole time!” Specter snapped.
“No… You weren’t… Look at the time and date…” Zane said, pointing at the clock on the dash.
“Wait… four days?? The invasion already… happened… then…?” Specter gasped.
“Seemingly so…” Zane sighed, looking towards the floorboard.
“Do you think… anyone made it?” Specter asked, becoming wide eyed.
“I… I don’t know.” Zane replied.
“How do you… think Mateo and Emmy did?” Specter asked, glancing at Zane.

Zane looked towards the icy planet Dezian, lost in thought.
“I… I don’t know. Knowing him and Emmy… They fought to the bitter end, more than likely… Or found a way to get off Raven. One or the other… but knowing Mateo as long as I have, even though we weren’t on speaking terms… Fighting to the bitter end sounds more like his thing. And Emmy was probably there, helping him.” Zane answered.
“What… should we do now?” Specter asked.

Suddenly, Lyra yawned in the back seat, rising up.
“Finally, you’re awake!” Lyra cheered, rising up between the two, “You’ve been asleep for days!”

Specter looked at Lyra, shocked.
“What? You were conscious this whole time?” Specter asked.
“Yup! After that wormhole swallowed us up… You two went out cold… It gave me so much time to think though… I almost thought you guys were dead.” Lyra explained.
“Somehow, we aren’t.” Specter replied, sitting back in her seat.
“So… Should we… Go to Dezian?” Zane asked.

Specter looked at her dash board, and giggled a little.
“We have to, or we’ll die here in space… We’re stuck in its orbit. We won’t be able to get away if we tried… Looks like our ETA… is… thirty minutes before we begin our descent…” Specter giggled.
“I… Isn’t Dezian a frigid planet?” Lyra asked.
“Yeah; Nobody has ever… returned from there. So… The chances of us surviving are pretty low…” Specter responded with a sigh.
“I… Guys, we no longer have… a home.” Zane said, still lost in thought.

Both Specter and Lyra looked at Zane, and let out a dreadful sigh.
“Zane… come on… Try not to think about it now.” Specter smiled, rubbing Zane’s back.
“It’s hard not to. Everything is gone… Our home, our way of life… Families… Friends… Everyone we know and love are gone…” Zane sighed.
“Zane!” Specter yelled.
“Specter!  I…” Zane started to yell back.

All of a sudden, a large force hit the car, shaking everyone up violently. Specter instantly grabbed hold of the steering wheel, trying to keep the car stable.
“The fuck was that??” Zane shouted.
“Look…!” Specter shouted, pointing outside of the car.

From both left and right sides of the vehicle, showed a large line as far as the eye could see. It was a cluster of dark spots inside of an orange, and purple tangled line.
“What… What … is …” Lyra asked.
“No… no way…!” Zane gasped.
“That’s… a shockwave! A shockwave of that magnitude… May have from… Raven exploding…” Specter replied.
“It’s… What do we do?? If we get caught up in that shockwave…!” Zane shouted.
“There’s nothing we can do… We’re stuck in Dezian’s orbit… and we’re too low on fuel to break out. We’re… stuck…” Specter sighed, pressing buttons on the dash.
“Should I ask… What will happen when we get hit by that wave?” Lyra asked softly.
“From the kinetic energy from the wave, we could possibly explode on impact… or if we’re lucky, it will send us crashing towards Dezian’s frigid surface. The impact will kill us… and if we somehow survive the impact… we’ll die to frostbite.” Specter explained.
“… So… this… is…” Lyra sighed, sitting back in her seat, disappointed, “What a waste of… Life…”
“Hang on; here it comes!” Specter shouted, bracing herself in her seat, “Brace yourselves, this will be very fast… and bumpy ride!”

Only a moment after bracing, the shockwave and debris from Raven impacted the car, sending it hurling towards Dezian’s surface. It only took a few moments, before the car caught hold of the gravity of the moon, pulling on it even faster than the speed of the ring. Inside the car, everything inside heated up, making the seats super sticky, and the metal intolerable. The three started sweating immensely from the heat and their nerves. It was only moments later, before they broke through the wintry clouds, revealing the icy surface. Thinking fast, as they hurled towards the surface, Specter quickly smashed several buttons on the dash. From the back of the car, a large pop was heard, throwing the car forward. Throwing both of her feet to the floorboard, she slammed on the gas, projecting the car forward, slowing the descent of the car immensely. The quick jolt threw Zane forward, cracking the windshield with his head, while Lyra was catapulted towards the front, knocking her unconscious as she landed in Specter’s and Zane’s lap.

Specter quickly pulled the steering wheel towards her chest, and put her back strength into it as well, forcing the car to pull its nose upwards. At the angle it was flying towards the surface currently, it would nosedive into the ground, and explode to an extent nothing would be recognizable.  Suddenly, the glass on the backside of the car began to melt, immediately sucking out most of the oxygen of the car, making it devastatingly hard to keep the vehicle from nose diving. Holding her breath, Specter struggled to keep her eyes open, still pulling back on the wheel.

Finally gaining control, the vehicle jerked upwards, breaking from the plummet of the shockwave, and the pull from falling from orbit. The sudden jerk smacked Specter’s face onto the steering wheel, knocking her on the brink of unconsciousness. Stunned, she sat back and breathed lightly; taking in what oxygen was left and glanced forward. The last thing she saw, before blacking out, was plains of snow, and frozen debris from when the shockwave impacted the planet. She felt the car hit the ground as she finally passed out. Due to the angle the car was before Specter passed out, it didn’t explode, but tumbled, and rolled through several debris fields, and small mountains, severely damaging the craft.

When Specter opened her eyes, she was enveloped by a white light. She felt, warm, and content.
“Where… am I…?” She asked herself.

While she asked herself, she raised her arm in front of her face, attempting to see in front of her, but failed.
“What is this light…?” She asked.

Placing her head onto her forehead, she noticed her impact on the steering wheel was completely healed. Looking to her left and right, she noticed she was completely surrounded by the white light. Even though it was bright, it wasn’t bright enough to hurt her eyes, letting her see fully. Looking down, she noticed her golden hair was completely unhinged and flowed down her shoulders, onto her chest smoothly as if it was washed with the highest grade of conditioner. She quickly noticed the clothes she had on were not what she had on before. She wore a brown gown that stretched to her feet, and her feet were comfortably snug in brown shoes. Lying on her chest, she wore a red amulet.
“Hello? Where am I?” Specter asked again, a little bit louder.

Suddenly, the light subsided, revealing where she was. She lay in a blueish colored bed, covered in a blue sheet. As she tried to wiggle, her body succumbed to the comfort of the bed. She let out a comfortable sigh, as she pulled her arms out from the sheets. Placing her hand on her head again, she noticed her wound was still on her forehead. Then the pain came back, making her grab her head with both hands while uttering a blood boiling scream. Only for a second, did she feel the pain, before she was enveloped by the light again, subsiding the pain. She looked around again, and started to cry out of panic.
“What’s going on??” Specter asked, panicking.
“Calm down, creature…” A low tempered voice asked.
“Who are you?? Show yourself…!” Specter shouted.

A figure then came from the light in front of her, wearing a white version of her clothing, with a blue amulet on his chest. On his head, he wore a tall hat, hiding his scalp. From the hat, he wore long white hair that touched the middle of his back, and some of his bangs rested on his chest. His eyes were a glossy, and glowing, blue, with crystal white skin. He almost sparkled. With his arms inside the sleeves of his robe, he slowly walked towards Specter.
“Calm yourself, my dear…” The man spoke, “We are not here to hurt you…”

Hearing the man’s voice calmed Specter down considerably.
“I… I’m sorry, sir…” Specter sighed with relief.
“Don’t be sorry… If I were in your position, I would panic too… It’s perfectly fine. I actually thought you would wake up swinging.” The man chuckled.
“That’s a relief… Are you a human?” Specter asked, examining the man.
“My you’re a curious little creature aren’t you?” The man chuckled, “You don’t even know if your friends are dead or not…”
“Oh!” Specter gasped, “Are they alright?”
“Yes, they’re fine… Zane, your husband, hasn’t stopped eating. And the girl; Lyra is her name? We have… been trying to… Figure out what’s wrong.” The man explained, “Her mind has been tampered with Mystical energy… It will… take some time to repair what has happened.”
“You… have the power to do that?” Specter asked.
“Yes… We have the capabilities of fixing what you dirty humans have created.” The man snapped.
“Dirty… Humans? What…?” Specter questioned, slightly confused.
“Sorry, my manners…” The man explained, turning his back toward Specter, “It’s been a millennia since I’ve… seen humans in person and not in story books.”
“What…? It’s only been… Four days… since Raven exploded…” Specter explained, her voice increasingly soft.
“Four days? My dear, it’s been a week since we’ve found you.” The man explained, “You’re suffering from a severe concussion. Your body was almost overcome by frostbite. Were you apart of that massive shockwave?” The man asked.
“No… We were in that car… escaping Raven… because we were being chased by… Leon, a lieutenant of Commander Arthur… We were originally going to Motavian… But… We were hit by a rock, and then fell into a wormhole… Then… Hit by the shockwave that threw us out of orbit of Dezian.” Specter explained.
“Sounds like one crazy adventure. It’s a miracle you humans survived any of that…” The man chuckled.
“Not my idea of a fun adventure… We were damned by our own… people. We served the agency… and then…” Specter started to explain.
“Before you continue… Let me explain what is happening, if you will.” The man snapped, interrupting Specter coldly, “Apparently, you’re not current of the situations.”

Specter nodded her head, sitting down onto the ground.
“Using… My power, I peeked into your mind, and viewed what was happening throughout your entire life. I know everything about you… Your likes… your dislikes… Your wedding with your husband, The many fights with your family… Your friends and your moon; I also foresaw the destruction of your home. The shockwave was from the excess energies contained within your home. It was detonated by your own kind, commanded by General Zilan, of the Silan Demonic Empire. It’s been a brewing issue, which has finally come to pass. Your own people sided with the demons, to obtain intergalactic dominance. The angelic council foresaw this passing, and damned human interaction… And because of this, humans proceeded with their selfish and greedy ways to their destruction. That shockwave contained so much energy, some of this very planet Dezian has been damaged almost to the core. Motavian’s axis rotated, practically destroying the weather systems on it…” The man explained.
“So… where are we now…? Who are… you?” Specter asked.
“You are at an angelic outpost, and I am its commander. In your tongue, my name is General Vexen. I’m one of the few commanders of the Angelic forces.” Vexon replied, “We were ordered… That if we found any humans alive from the explosion, to nurse them back to health from my commander. So… I did just that.”
“Thank you very much…!” Specter smiled, “I am very thankful of you…”
“You’re quite welcome. Did you have any questions for me? I must tend to some debris cleaning around the fort.” Vexen asked.
“I… I do have one question.” Specter replied, standing to her feet, “What lies in store for Zane, Lyra and I? What do we do now?”

Vexen took a deep breath, and looked towards the ground, then looked back at Specter.
“I’m afraid my personal experiences with humans have left me unable to share anything like that. I’m sorry, Specter. I can tell you, that if you need to go to Motavian from here, we can help you with that. It’s a one way trip though… I’ve already helped more than I swore I would.” Vexen answered.
“Then… my last question is… Why do you hate humans so much, if you’re comfortable with me? What did humans do so wrong?” Specter asked, taking a step towards Vexen.
“I…” Vexen started to say, turning his back to Specter, “I fell in love with one. And she died. That’s all there is to say. Now, enjoy your rest. You’re resting in your subconscious. As long as you lay in this bed, you will be instantly taken to your subconscious. I must go. Take care, Specter. I hope we meet again someday, my dear.”
“Thank… you.” Specter replied, looking towards the ground.

Placing one hand on her chest in a fist, she looked towards the ground, feeling slightly disgusted that she’s hated because she’s human. As Vexen walked from her field of vision, he turned back toward Specter, and uttered a giggle.
“If humans were like you, and your husband, I faith in humanity would have been restored. Don’t worry; I do not hate you or your friends.” Vexen laughed as he disappeared from her vision.
“That was an angel… I won’t lie, I was completely nervous…” Specter laughed at herself.

All of a sudden, the light subsided, and Specter woke up again. This time, the pain was tolerable from her head injury, allowing her to rise up. She looked around the room, to see the room made of brown bricks, and torches on the walls to light the room.
“So… Not modern.” Specter said under her breath.
“Specter!” Zane shouted, running towards her from a seat in the corner.
“No wait, Zane…!” Specter shouted, placing her hands in front of her as a shield.

Unable to block Zane’s tackle, he jumped onto the bed, embracing Specter. The moment the two hit the bed, they both went into their subconscious in a deep sleep. Specter landed onto the ground, with Zane wrapped around her midsection.
“You dolt…!” Specter shouted, kicking Zane from her, “Are you crazy? I still have an injury!”
“Sorry… you… You were scaring me.” Zane said, standing up, “I never came so close to losing you…”
“What do you mean?” Specter asked, standing up.
“Well… when they found us… I was warm but fading away… Lyra was shivering, but alive… You… Your skin was frosted over, and you weren’t breathing… I was conscious enough to see you before they took you away… and I passed out. I thought you going to be dead Specter…” Zane said, with tears coming to his eyes.
“Oh Zane…” Specter smiled, running towards her husband.

Before Zane had a chance to realize what she was doing, Specter ran into her husband with open arms. Felling her embrace, he snuggled her back, squeezing her body into his.
“Zane I… I love you… Thank you… so much!” Specter smiled, hugging her husband tightly.
“I love you too, Specter… More than you could ever imagine…” Zane smiled.

Suddenly, Vexen appeared beside the two.
“Sorry to interrupt… But… I wondered something as I… left you. You both had one inner concern as we healed you. Mateo and Emmy… Did I get the names right?” Vexen asked.

The two quickly released each other, and looked down towards the ground.
“I… I do care for his safety…” Zane responded.
“I know we never got along, but I do wonder what happened to them…” Specter responded, placing a hand on her chest.
“I… I can break the rules a little bit. Would you like to see what happened?” Vexen asked, “You will be able to walk around, and see what has transpired, but you won’t be able to… change what has happened.”
“What…? You can do that?” Zane gasped.
“Won’t you… get in trouble?” Specter gasped.
“No. I won’t, because I’m the fucking commander!” Vexen laughed, “I have the power!”

Specter and Zane both starred at Vexen, a little confused at the sudden outburst.
“Sorry, manners…” Vexen coughed, gaining his composure, “When would you like to view the past?”
“Can… Lyra join us? I’m sure she’ll want to see as well.” Zane asked.
“One second… Let me… Tap in to her subconscious.” Vexen replied, turning his back towards the two.

Patiently waiting, Specter and Zane watched as a small cloud formed in front of Vexen. It wasn’t long before Lyra popped in front of the angel, wearing the exact same thing as Specter, seeming confused. She ran past Vexen, and embraced Zane.
“Oh Zane!” Lyra shouted, “I’m so glad you’re alright!”

Zane instantly looked at Specter, who crossed her arms in jealousy. He threw his arms up, confused as Lyra snuggled her face into his midsection.
“Lyra, would you like to see the fate… of Raven? I’m about to display the events that happened on the last 24 hours of Raven.” Vexen asked.

Lyra released Zane, and placed her hands together, facing Vexen.
“Yes… I would like to see.” Lyra responded.
“Good. Remember, everything you see… You will not be able to interact. Imagine… this being like a television show. You can look, but you can’t touch anything. You can smell, but you can’t interact with anything. You will be able to interoperate pain, just a warning. Once the 24 hours are up, it will end, and you three will be standing exactly how you are now. Again… are you absolutely positive you want to see? I’ve seen it all… and… I feel pity for your people.” Vexen said, with sadness in his voice.
“Yes. Put us in Mateo’s home, exactly 24 hours beforehand.” Zane responded.
“Very well then; Good luck… I will not be able to stop the trip, so I pray you don’t go crazy wth what you’re about to see.” Vexen sighed.

With a snap of his fingers, the three stood in front of Mateo’s house. The lights were out, and the sky was lit with stars. With Motavian almost right above them, it lit up the streets.
“Oh my god… That was quick… Like turning on a light bulb…!” Zane gasped.
“Let’s stay together… Please?” Lyra asked, clinging on to Zane.
“Uh, sure!” Zane responded, placing his arm around Lyra.

Specter crossed her hands, giving Lyra and Zane a death glare as they approached Mateo’s door. Inside, Mateo and Cecil were cleaning off dishes.
“So, Cecil… How long have you been in the agency?” Mateo asked, picking up a plate out of the sink.
“A few years, but it seems like yesterday that I joined…” Cecil responded, taking the plate from Mateo.
“Very nice; what made you join?” Mateo asked, picking a pot next to the sink.
“Mainly… because I wanted to make my family happy; bring honor to our home, because we never got the respect. We were always labeled lower class…” Cecil responded, “I… I love being in the agency, but some of the rules they’ve put out in the last year… are kind of crazy. Almost like we’re at war with the civilians… I bet that sounds silly.”
“Not really… Weird things have been happening lately… So nothing will surprise me. For example, Commander Arthur told me and Emmy that we were supposed to get into the agency… And we got a mission on the spot to go to Motavian… Doing the exact same mission my parents were on… But… when we went to join… The doors were locked tight…” Mateo explained.
“I see…” Cecil replied, “I’m sorry.”
“Nah, don’t be… From what you said earlier, it’s a blessing! The agency is corrupt!” Mateo chuckled.

Hearing Mateo chuckle made Cecil cringle a little. He placed his dishes into the sink, and took a step away from Mateo.
“I don’t find that very funny…” Cecil stated, in a dark voice.
“Aw come on! Lighten up!” Mateo chuckled, “I wasn’t saying it to offend you… I know a few people that are going to be devastated…”
“Like me? Do you realize how sickening it is to know something you’ve been serving with pride and dignity… is tainted?” Cecil growled.

Mateo set his dishes into the sink.
“Do you realize what it’s like seeing something you fight for your whole life… Have it destroyed, and still have hopes… only to have them crushed to find out it’s tainted with deception?” Mateo asked, looking at Cecil.
“How so? What do you know?” Cecil snapped.
“I had a friend named Zane… That I loved dearly. He was my bro, he was my blood friend. For life, actually… But the day of my test, he betrayed me. He challenged me to a Mal’korak level three… And he defeated me. I lost… and I was never able to try again. My dreams were broken. On top of that, before that, my parents were sent on a mission to Motavian… and they are now listed as KIA. You may have it bad, and I have it worse… But we are both are upset at one thing. The agency is corrupt… And we need answers!” Mateo stated.
“You’re right.” Cecil sighed, relaxing his shoulders.
“I know I’m right… now help me finish these dishes!” Mateo chuckled, handing Cecil a pot.

Lyra glanced over at Zane, disgusted.
“Zane… Were you what he was talking about?” Lyra asked.

Zane didn’t say a word, and let out a deep sigh. Specter, looking over at Lyra, spoke for Zane.
“It’s long passed… We’ll explain afterwards.” Specter said.

Crossing her arms, Lyra looked back at Mateo and Cecil.
“I’m overall worried about Chelsea…” Cecil sighed, “Chelsea hasn’t seen true combat yet….and I’m scared she’s going to hesitate and get hurt… The only reason she joined is because our folks told her to… So she can get out of the house.”
“That’s a shitty reason…” Mateo responded.
“Yeah… They live in the Northern Province now… We never get to see them…” Cecil replied.
“Maybe it’s for the best, ya know?” Mateo smiled, handing Cecil a pot.
“Meh, I guess.” Cecil replied.
“Hey Zane, I’m… going to head upstairs to see what Emmy is doing…” Specter replied, walking out of the room.
“Cool, just don’t go too far, okay?” Zane shouted, as he watched Specter go up the stairs.
“So… Wow, I don’t ever hang out with… other people besides Emmy.” Mateo chuckled.
“Wow, how come?” Cecil asked.
“Because I’m just… I don’t know what to say about anything really. The world is coming to hell, demons are coming to eat everyone, and we’re standing here washing dishes! How crazy is that?” Mateo laughed.

Cecil paused for a moment, and backed away from the dishes.
“Mateo… Are you alright?” Cecil asked.
“No, I’m not. In two days… this place will be completely destroyed… And there’s nothing I can do about… Absolutely nothing…!” Mateo shouted, walking towards the couch.

Mateo sat down on the couch, and placed his hands onto his face, shielding his grief.
“Many people are about to die… And there is nothing any of us… can do…” Mateo sighed.
“There… is something we can do… but it’s really farfetched.” Cecil explained, “I’ve been thinking about it since I was at the briefing… My father works with the gravitation engines. Each province has the same engines as the Eastern Province…”

Mateo’s mood instantly changed. He turned towards Cecil, and hugged him tightly.
“Dude! You could… We could…” Mateo chanted.
“Yeah… well… Hold on… It’s not just… push a button and go… Several things have to happen to get it to go, and… The Eastern Province is the only one capable. If we were to hit the emergency buttons, we could very well puncture the gravitational core of the very moon… and kill everyone anyway. I don’t think that’s a risk Commander Arthur wanted to take.” Cecil explained.
“He wanted to take specific people… And leave before things get crazy from the very start… So… I think we should chance it.” Mateo chanted.
“You realize if it fails, you’re killing thousands of people…?” Cecil gasped, trying to pry off Mateo.
“I know… But… What’s worse…? Being saved… Death… Being gobbled up like a snack, or serving Silan’s forces? I personally would choose being saved… Or an attempt…” Mateo explained.
“It’s such a big gamble…” Cecil said.
“I know it is… But we’ve got to try something.” Mateo answered.
“Then we… need to make our way to the Gravitation Building in the center of the provinces. Security Is… super tight.” Cecil sighed.
“Can agents get in there?” Mateo asked.
“Level three and up can access the main building, but we need access codes to go to the subterranean levels…” Cecil answered.

At the same time Mateo and Cecil were talking, Chelsea and Emmy were talking about things as well. The moment the two entered the room, Emmy let out a sigh.
“Mateo is so stupid sometimes…” Emmy sighed.
“Huh? He seems… pretty intelligent.” Chelsea replied.
“Telling us to go do girl stuff… The hell…?” Emmy snapped, sitting on to the bed.
“Well… we are women…” Chelsea giggled, “ so let’s do girl stuff!!”
“Look at this.” Emmy said in a mono tone voice.
Extending her hand, she shot out a purple energy orb that detonated only a few inches from her hand showing the moon of Raven. Chelsea, not recognizing mystical energy, took a step back.
“Have you ever seen the entire planet… or moon, Raven before?” Emmy asked.
“I… uh…” Chelsea replied with a shaky, nervous voice.

Emmy smiled, and glanced at Chelsea.
“You can calm down… Nothing I do will hurt you…” Emmy smiled.

Using her hand, she patted a space next to her on the bed.
“Sit… Come here.” Emmy smiled.

Still nervous, Chelsea nodded, and slowly approached Emmy. Sitting onto the bed, she stared at the floating orb of the planet.
“So… this is the entire moon?” Chelsea asked, still shaking.
“Yup. I projected an entire projection of this place. Beautiful isn’t it?” Emmy said, smiling at her orb.

Specter then walked into the room, gasping at Emmy’s mystical energy. Hearing something enter the room, she quickly dissipated the projection, and put her hand in Specter’s direction. Confused, Chelsea looked towards the doorway, seeing nothing.
“Uh… Emmy…?” Chelsea asked.
“Who are you…?” Emmy asked, standing from the bed.

Specter gasped, and took a step back, confused how Emmy could see her.
“Emmy…?” Specter gasped.

With a tiny orb of energy, Emmy shot in Specter’s direction, impacting the spectral creature. The moment it impacted, Specter uttered a faint shriek, before coming into visible plane for both of the women. Specter coughed, and fell to her hands and knees as Chelsea jumped up from the bed, and ran to the window while Emmy stood up, holding her hand in front of her.
“The hell…?” Emmy shouted.
“What… What did you… do to me?” Specter asked, coughing.
“You were… cloaked?” Emmy asked, taking a step forward.
“No I… But… We weren’t supposed to… be seen…” Specter coughed, struggling to look at Emmy.
“Wait… Specter?” Emmy gasped, dropping her arm.

Dropping to Specter’s level, she helped her to her feet, and struggled to pull her to the bed. Sitting her down on the bed, Emmy took a step back, and quickly examined Specter. Wearing unheard of clothing, Emmy started becoming skeptical.
“Why… are you dressed in angelic clothing…?” Emmy asked.
“I… I’m so confused right now…” Specter sighed, looking towards the floor, “We were all told we couldn’t interact… With the past…”
“Say what?” Chelsea asked, walking next to Emmy, “This is the present…”
“No… This is the past… I’m here from… 11 days in the future…” Specter explained, “I feel so weak…”
“Because I hit you… with a blast to bring spectral beings to this plane for a little while…” Emmy replied, looking at Specter’s weak state, “You don’t have long… so what’s happening?”
“Raven… Exploded… The debris damaged Moravian, Palmara, and Dezian… We don’t know what happened to the people here… so… We were sent back 24 hours before the destruction to see what happened… I got bored hearing Mateo and Cecil talk… so… I… Came up here…” Specter explained.
“Wait 24 hours??” Emmy gasped.
“That means the projected time for the invasion was… a lie?” Chelsea gasped.
“I don’t know…” Specter sighed, leaning to her left side, “I do know this place explodes… I would… Suggest you get out… of here while you still have a chance…”

Suffering from growing weakness, Specter fell to her side, unable to move.
“Commander Arthur… is working with the demons… They’re siding… and killing off so many of us… I don’t know… What’s going to happen…” Specter murmured.
“So it’s true… He really is working with the demons??” Emmy gasped, falling to her knees, attempting to tend to Specter.
“Yes… His lieutenant… Leon… Expelled Zane and I from the agency… Because we brought one of their hidden experiments… back to their senses… her name is Lyra… She’s my cousin… They performed many inhumane experiments on her… And Arthur was behind everything. He… Is with the demons… And… for the… destruction of… Raven. Please… Get…” Specter sighed, closing her eyes.

With a blinding flash, Specter’s body exploded into smoke, choking Emmy and Chelsea. Even though her body exploded, Specter, who’s a spectral creature again, rose to her feet, and ran to the doorway.
“How the fuck…?” Specter questioned herself, “Forget it… I guess Emmy can… see through Angelic power…?”
“Should we tell Mateo?” Chelsea questioned.
“I… I don’t know.” Emmy responded, “I… I don’t have a clue.”

Moments after the explosion, Mateo and Cecil came running into the room, with all their battle gear on.
“What was that explosion??” Mateo asked.
“Specter was here!” Chelsea shouted.

Hearing Specter’s name relaxed Mateo.
“What… Zane’s follower…? How? I didn’t see her come in…” Mateo questioned.
“She was a spectral figure… I don’t know… She was talking as if she was from the future. She was wearing Angelic clothing.” Emmy explained, standing.
“Angelic…?” Mateo gasped, “Is she dead?”
“I don’t know… She was saying something about… being from the future, and…” Emmy stated, shaky.
“The future? How is that…?” Cecil asked.
“She was a spectral figure… and I thought it was an abomination, so I hit her with… some energy that would drive whatever she was to the physical plane.” Emmy explained, “She said… She and Zane were expelled from the agency, for… apparently, taking a lab rat named Lyra from Infinite Tower… From Lieutenant Leon…”
“Expelled…? Why did he…” Mateo growled to himself.
“In less than 24 hours, Raven… will…” Emmy attempted to say, becoming increasingly upset, “Our home… Everything will… be no more…”

Cecil and Mateo stood up, becoming increasingly shocked, and upset as well.
“Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day before the invasion!” Mateo shouted.

Suddenly, the building started to shake, knocking things down from shelves, and the walls. The violent shaking threw each person to their hands and knees.
“What’s going on??” Chelsea shouted.
“Look!!” Mateo shouted, pointing out the window.

From the window, Infinite tower was visible turning a reddish color. Covering all sides of the building, were small specs that rotated around the tower, and launched themselves into space. From the east, a green light emitted from the Eastern province. Followed by a loud roar, the two buildings started lifting from the ground. Angered, Mateo attempted to stand, only to be hit in the head by a piece of the roof that fell onto his head. It lasted only a few seconds, as both buildings launched into the air, filling the other provinces with think smoke, and dust. As the two structures left Raven’s atmosphere, the shaking quickly subsided, allowing the others to stand. Throwing the debris off of him, Mateo stood up, dusting himself off.
“No…” Mateo growled to himself, looking into the sky as the Infinite Tower disappeared into the sky.
“It’s… It’s gone.” Cecil gasped, “It launched… so early.”

Suddenly, screams and yelling could be heard throughout the area. Mateo turned, quickly looking at Emmy.
“Emmy, pack a sack. We’re leaving right now…” Mateo said, turning to Cecil, “Call your craft. We have to get out of here.”
“I… But… I have to… The agency…” Cecil stuttered.

Mateo quickly grabbed Cecil by his collar, and landed a right hook into his face, throwing him into the wall.
“You idiot…! The agency just left you here to die! Those specs were the other agents… fleeing! There… is no more order…” Mateo shouted, slightly shaky.

Cecil held his cheek, and peeled himself off the wall, walking towards Mateo.
“This isn’t the time to be questioning your morality. We have to get out of here, and rethink what we’re going to do. We can’t stay here…” Mateo explained, “Emmy , stop standing there. We have to move!”

Nodding, Emmy quickly sprung towards her dresser, and removed a brown sack from beside it. Opening drawers, and pulling random things out of the closet, she began packing her bag. Mateo, running towards his room, executed the exact same thing as Emmy while Cecil ran out of the house, calling for his vehicle. Chelsea, thinking ahead, grabbed a spare bag beside Emmy’s bed, and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Opening every cabinet and door, she started throwing in food, utensils, and anything she felt was necessary.
“Mateo, what about the books in the library?” Emmy shouted across her room to Mateo’s room.
“Grab a couple!” Mateo shouted back, kicking around debris to get around the room.

Finishing grabbing clothes out of her dresser, Emmy hurled the sack onto the back. She quickly ran from the room, and ran downstairs. While dodging some of the debris that fell, Emmy was able to make it to the door where the abandoned library was. Due to the earthquake, the door was destroyed, and all the books were scattered throughout the room. As Emmy walked into the room, she immediately used her magic to attempt to find a couple useful books. Dropping her bag, she used both hands to help with her concentration of her magic. Because she’s read a majority of them, she started having a hard time deciding which book was useful.
“I… I don’t know which ones to take…” Emmy said to herself.

Suddenly, she came across a couple books, pertaining to the galaxy, each race, techniques, and prophecies. Being pushed for time, Emmy grabbed those books, and threw them into her bag. Tieing up the sack, she saw a book about mystics lying next to the bag. Noticing the bag she had was weighing a little heavy, she grabbed the book with her magic, and ran from the room, towards the door. She sat the sack next to the door, and ran back up the stairs to grab her battle gear. Passing Mateo’s room, she stopped for a moment, catching Mateo looking at one of his pictures from his nightstand.
“Mateo, are you ready??” Emmy asked, stepping into the room.
“I… Yeah. I just… This is our home Emmy… I can’t stand… to see all this happen and we are… powerless to stop it.” Mateo sighed, turning towards Emmy.

Emmy stepped over a broken board from the ceiling, and walked over to Mateo. Sitting on the bed next to him, she looked at the picture he was holding.
“This is the picture of the folks… you and I when they first got this house…” Mateo smiled, shedding a tear.
“We’ll rebuild Mateo… Now come on!” Emmy shouted, snatching the picture from Mateo’s hands, “This is no time for remorse! Let’s go!”

Puzzled, Mateo glanced at Emmy, who had a look on her face as if she was about to go to war. Mateo chuckled a little bit, and stood from the bed towards her.
“Emmy… you’ve changed… So much…” Mateo smiled, “If I didn’t know any better… I’d say you’re… acting like…”
“Let’s go! I got the car ready!” Cecil shouted into the house.

With the two nodding, Mateo grabbed his sack, and ran down the stairs followed by Emmy. Reaching the stairs, Emmy grabbed her sack as they exited the door. Cecil quickly opened the trunk, letting everyone throw in their sacks.
“I think that’s everything…” Mateo sighed, helping Cecil close the trunk.
“Now… do we just leave?” Emmy asked.
“I… Yes.” Mateo hesitated, looking at Emmy.

All of a sudden there was a blood curdling scream from the distance, catching everyone’s attention.
“Chelsea, Cecil… Get in the car, Emmy and I will be back in a moment…” Mateo commanded.

Stomping, Chelsea looked at Mater in frustration.
“There is widespread panic! If you help one… you’re going to help everyone!” Chelsea shouted.

Hearing Chelsea yell at him froze Mateo in his thoughts.
“I…” Mateo hesitated, “I… I can’t help it!”

Grabbing his saber, Mateo turned it on, and ran into the direction of the scream. Thought there were screams all over the place, Mateo honed in to the one. At the same time, Emmy looked towards the ground, becoming more and more nervous.
“He’s… right. This is… how he and I are…” Emmy sighed, “But… Get in the car, let’s wait for Mateo.”

Nodding, the three jumped into the car, and ascended into the sky, just above the buildings. Mateo, running as fast as he could, turned the street corner, still hearing the scream. Each step Mateo took, he caught sight of people from almost every building either hurt, or unconscious. Families gathered in the streets, watching as their houses burned to the ground while other groups and gangs pillaged abandoned homes from the original evacuation. Turning to the right, Mateo noticed he was standing in front of the sandwich shop where he met Achilles. Looking into the doors, he saw numerous people snatching the fixtures, money, and anything moveable. Hearing the scream again, Mateo heard it from inside the building. Wielding the saber to his side, Mateo ran towards the broken door, and with one swing, chopped the door in half before running through it. The crashing of the door caught the thug’s attention, and they raised guns, and knives towards Mateo. Feeling threatened, he started swinging his saber, chopping away at the people’s weapons instead of their bodies. Reaching the stairs, he came across a thug that was running downstairs holding a girl in a white gown. Mateo stopped, and kicked the thug in the gut, throwing him and the girl into the stairs.
“Get… off me…!” She shouted, struggling to stand.
“No no no missy. I like your struggle. You’re my pussy now!” The thug shouted.
“The hell she is!” Mateo shouted, thrusting the saber into the thug’s mid-section.

He uttered a cry from the wound, releasing the girl. Taking the opportunity, she jumped from his grasp, and scurried up the stairs on her backside. Pulling the saber back, Mateo stepped over the dying thug, and approached the frightened girl.
“Come with me, we’re leaving this awful place…” Mateo stated.
“I… I can’t. I told my dad… I wanted to stay here and…” The woman sighed, looking away from Mateo.
“You don’t have a choice! I’m taking you with me!” Mateo shouted, reaching for the girl.

Grabbing her left arm, Mateo jerked her to her feet with enough momentum to catch her with his shoulder. Pushing into her midsection, Mateo raised up, laying her across his shoulder. With his saber in his other hand, Mateo jumped down the flight of stairs, and started to run out the building when he was stopped by another thug, wielding a ball and chain.
“You killed one of our kind, you little fuck! You’ll pay for that!” The thug shouted.
“You’re a goddamn fool! Don’t you realize we’re all going to die??” Mateo shouted back.
“Oh… I know who you are! You’re that Mateo guy from… The gay… Reunionites; standing for righteous and the greater good… I’m ending you now!” The thug shouted swinging his ball and chain around above his head.

With one motion, the man threw the ball towards Mateo. Using his agile speed, Mateo jumped towards his right side, barely dodging the impact of the ball. From the force of the ball, the debris smacked Mateo in the face, scratching his right cheek. Catching himself onto the ground, he quickly placed the woman onto the ground, and looked back at the thug with enough time to see the ball hurling towards him again. Taking his saber with both hands, he swiped towards the ceiling, slicing the ball in half. Kicking off the ground towards the thug in a dash, Mateo skewered the thug, quickly retracted his beam, and holstered it. As the thug fell to the ground, Mateo picked the woman again with both of his hands, and ran out of the building. Looking up, he saw the car Cecil drove, and lowered it towards Mateo. Landing in front of him, the door opened, letting Mateo put the woman in the car.
“Let me out of here! I’m not a slut!” She screamed.

Reaching into the car, Mateo took the back of his hand, and hit the back of her neck, immediately knocking her unconscious.
“What the fuck Mateo??” Emmy gasped, staring at the unconscious woman, “Are you kidnapping now?? What’s your…”
“Leave, Cecil…” Mateo said, looking towards the ground.
“What…? What, no… No Mateo stop it!” Emmy shouted, jumping out of the car, “You’re not doing this!”

Emmy ran towards Mateo, and ran into his chest. Mateo looked down at her, and saw her worrisome eyes.
“Emmy… I know how to save everybody… The gravitation building… has… a device that will release the other provinces… They will escape the invasion. Cecil told me where to go and what to do.” Mateo explained, “If things go the way I’m planning… I’ll see you again. But… You have to go.”
“No, I won’t let you go alone!” Emmy shouted.

Balling up her fist, she struck Mateo’s chest out of anger. She lowered her head, and started shaking slightly. Mateo could feel a tear soak into his chest, realizing how Emmy is feeling. For a brief moment, Mateo felt the need to place one hand on her shoulder, and use the other to raise her head. Looking into her glossy tear-filled eyes, he smirked a little bit.
“Emmy… I… I can’t just run… while people die. All my life… I wanted to help… I wanted to do something above anything and anyone. I wanted to save lives, and be a hero… I know something the rest don’t. The people willing to give life a chance… And fight back left this place. These people need to be saved… I… I can save them1” Mateo explained.

Emmy gasped slightly at Mateo’s words, and looked down again, not letting him see another tear roll down her face.
“I.. I can’t…” Emmy spoke softly.

He felt another tear bleed into his chest.
“Emmy… You’re talking as if I’m going to…” Mateo spoke.

Her head lifted up violently, throwing tears into the air. Mateo gasped seeing Emmy’s face so worried.
“You don’t get it… Mateo, I don’t want… you to… leave me.” Emmy shouted.

Mateo gasped as Emmy embraced Mateo, burying her face into his chest soaking it with tears. She started balling, squeezing his body into her face to ease her pain. With nothing to say, Mateo wrapped his arms around Emmy, attempting to comfort him. At the same time, Cecil looked towards the front, trying to avoid watching while Chelsea stood stuck against the glass.
“Emmy…” Mateo spoke softly, “I’m…”

Emmy lifted her head, looking into Mateo’s eyes again. Her cheeks were slightly red from rubbing her face into his chest.
“Yes…?” Emmy asked, with her eyes glittering.
“I… I love you.” Mateo choked a little, attempting to hide his tears.

She gasped loudly, only for a split moment before Mateo took his hand, and hit Emmy on the side of the neck. Chelsea and Cecil both gasped as Emmy lay limp against Mateo. Grabbing her with both arms, Mateo hoisted her into the car. Laying her against the woman, he reached for a small bag, and pulled out a visor. While placing the visor on his face, he threw a chip in the front of the car.
“Listen, Cecil. That chip has a locater on it. I will be able to stay in contact with you via this chip. This visor I had in that tiny pouch is a long range communicator I stole from my father. It’s able to track to a max… In simple terms Palmara to Dezian. I will stay in contact as much as I can. I am going to need your help to navigate that building… But you guys need to get out of here. It won’t be long before those demons get here. Go!” Mateo shouted, jumping off the side of the car.

Nodding, Cecil took the chip, and pushed it into the dashboard. From the dash, the little monitor turned on, revealing everything Mateo can see from the necklace.
“Good luck… Mateo.” Cecil sighed, “I wish I could help…”
“You are helping by getting Emmy out of here She’s a full mystic. To have her get captured by… the demons. With the amount of mystical energy in her body recently… She could easily make the demons undefeatable. She never understood why… I was so hesitant for her to stay here. Now go! Before she wakes” Mateo shouted, stepping away from the car.

Cecil saluted Mateo, as the vehicle lifted off into the air. As it tilted with the nose facing the sky, a light pop was heard from the back of the car before it launched upwards, quickly disappearing into the sky. Mateo’s heart dropped watching the car disappear. Looking towards the ground, he reached up and pressed a button on the visor, to see through the monitor in the car.
“Comms-check.” Mateo said into it.

Chelsea’s face lowered to the monitor.
“Hear you!” Chelsea shouted.
“Good. You will be able to see everything I see from here on.” Mateo chanted, “Contact me when Emmy wakes.”
“You got it, good luck… Mateo.” Chelsea sighed.

Pressing a button, the visor’s monitor across his eye retracted. Looking up, he saw a purple glow emitting from a very large building in the distance.
“That must be the gravitational building. I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a force field around it… Time to go…” Mateo said to himself.

Surprising Mateo, a large beam cut through a building several feet from him, detonating it and several buildings around him. The explosion was so immense; it threw Mateo down a street, and through a building. Before he had time to realize what happened, as he struggled to raise himself, there was another explosion, throwing him, and large bits of the building he went through back into the street. Rolling and tumbling, Mateo used its momentum to kick himself into the air, and land back on his feet. Looking upwards into the sky, Mateo dropped his jaw as a mix of agents, demons, large demons, world destroyers, and a mix of demonic ships began firing through the protective barrier into the city.
“Oh no…” Mateo gasped, grasping his saber, “It’s starting…”

Attempting to gain his footing, Mateo used a nearby building’s broken windows to climb the building towards the roof. As he reached the roof, he uttered a loud gasp as he watched the world destroyers shoot devastating beams into the large buildings surrounding the area. Followed by the large beams, both agents wearing red battle gear, an alternate color to the blue and armed demons poured from the ships and sky into the city. Thinking fast, Mateo started running towards the end of the building, running towards the direction of the Gravitation building. With all his might, Mateo jumped off the roof of the building, with his intent on reaching the other building’s rooftop. While in the air, he threw his free hand towards the ground.
“I call upon the gods, lend this human some of your energy so that he me save his kind!” Mateo shouted.

Suddenly, a purple mist emitted from his hand, engulfing him. As he landed on the next rooftop, his eyes turned a shade of purple, and his hair changed to purple.  Standing tall, he took a deep breath. With his exhale, golden dust flew from his mouth. Taking a step back, Mateo started running again towards the next rooftop. On the next jump, he easily flew into the air, skipping a few buildings. As he passed over the buildings, he looked down to see regular civilians fighting corrupted agents, along with demons. Mateo had to close his eyes, and look away as he saw one of the citizens being chewed on like beef jerky. Once he landed, he looked up to see that he was several blocks from the entrance of the building. Wielding his saber with both hands, he started running through the streets.

Running down the street, he was approached by several demons, which were quickly dispatched with one strike of Mateo’s saber. He attempted to show no remorse as the streets were covered in bodies, and blood from innocent people. Suddenly, before reaching a corner of a street, a corrupted agent dashed towards him. Using his saber, he blocked the agent’s attack. Mateo pushed him forward, and caught himself, almost falling over.
“ Why… Why did you join demons?” Mateo shouted.

The agent stood tall, with a red X across his chest. His clothes were stained red, and his eyes glow red as well. Instead of a beam saber, he wielded a red sword, covered in demonic essence.
“Human, your petty cries will be music to my ears!” The agent laughed.

Laughing hysterically, the agent dashed towards Mateo.
“I can see now you’re no longer human!!” Mateo shouted back, dashing back at the agent.

Slightly relieved, Mateo struck the demon’s sword with his beam, slicing through it, and the agent, like butter. Not looking back, Mateo ran towards the shield around the gravitation building, and stopped. Pressing a button on his visor, the monitor pushed out, revealing he inside of the car again.
“Cecil… how do I get through this force field?” Mateo asked.
“Mateo! That wasn’t…” Cecil gasped.
“They attacked moments after you left. Are you out of orbit?” Mateo asked.
“We’re now sitting in orbit around Motavian. We can see…” Cecil started to explain.
“Good. How do I get past this force field?” Mateo asked again.
“Do you have a utility belt?” Cecil asked.
“Yes…” Mateo sighed.
“The buckle hoses a chip. If you’re a registered agent, you should be able to walk through the shield. If not, it will vaporize you.” Cecil explained.

Reaching down, Mateo pressed into his buckle of his utility belt. Feeling a chip unattached from the belt, he held it in his palm, showing Cecil.
“This?” Mateo asked, holding it in front of the visor.
“Yeah that’s it. Now hold it towards the field, and just walk through it.” Cecil explained.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo jumped forward into the field. Feeling its cold, electric current flow through his body made him shiver. Before he knew it, he was through the field. Placing he chip back on his buckle he started running towards the entrance of the building.
“Thanks, Cecil…” Mateo smiled, pressing a button.

Retracting the monitor, Mateo reached the door to the building. As it opened, he was greeted with a foot, kicking him away, almost impacting the field. Realizing he was kicked in the stomach, he held his gut, and fell on all fours. Struggling to look up, she saw a woman in a silver outfit similar to Commander Arthur’s outfit.
“So… you’re Mateo…” The woman laughed, stepping out of the retracting doors, “I’ve heard so much about you…”

Mateo quickly gained his composure, and wielded his saber with both hands towards the ground.
“Who are you? Are you with Silan??” Mateo shouted.
“Oh my! You’re a human that has capabilities… to use… Mystical energy…” The woman laughed, “I am Vakarra, heir, and predecessor of Commander Arthur. I was given specific orders to not let anyone beyond this door.”
“Really, on who’s authority? Arthur left his moon!” Mateo shouted.
“No… General Zilan.” Vakarra laughed hysterically.

Becoming increasingly angered, Mateo charged at the woman. Reaching the woman in mere seconds, Mateo swung upwards, attempting to strike her mid-section. Shockingly, Vakarra caught the beam with her hands.
“You’re not the only one that has those capabilities.” Vakarra smiled, with a low toned voice.

With her other hand, she punched Mateo in the face, and kicked him away again, this time holding onto his saber. As Mateo tumbled, he kicked towards the ground, throwing him to his feet. Wiping the blood from the side of his face from the punch, he pulled out his other saber, and turned it on. Vakarra, who held Mateo’s saber by the beam itself, placed the hilt in her other hand, and crushed it, destroying it.
“You’re out of your league little man. Give up now…” Vakarra laughed, charging Mateo.
“You’re a witch! Out of my way…!” Mateo shouted charging back.

Coming at each other as fast as they could, the two collided with a long series of slashes, and punches. Where Mateo would attempt to strike, Vakarra would block with her hands, and arms. From a small distance, you could hear clangs from the saber, and her fists echoing. At the same time, as Vakarra attempted to strike Mateo, he would dodge and block with his saber. Seeing an opening, where Vakarra tried to punch his chest, Mateo quickly kicked into her mid-section, and swung his saber, amputating her right hand. Quickly gaining some distance, Vakarra jumped back towards the door to the facility, and fell to her knees, holding her amputated hand.
“How… How dare you strike… an officer of the Agency…?” Vakarra gasped, looking at her stub.
“How dare you destroy the reputation of the agency?” Mateo shouted, pointing his saber at her.
“Fool!” Vakarra shouted, standing to her feet while holding her stub, “You don’t get it! The agency has always worked for the demons! The strongest survive… and the weak… well… You’ll see soon enough!”

Thinking fast, Mateo reached for his pistol while turning on his recorder in his visor.
“For generations, Humans and Angels have worked towards a greater future… But in secret, all along, we’ve worked for Silan. We have finally given him all the tools he needs to… destroy not only this wretched planet, but the Angels as well!” Vakarra shouted, turning her back towards Mateo.
“What…?” Mateo gasped.
“You heard me right. All this time, we’ve given demons all the secrets needed to kill an Angel. Using forbidden magic taught by the Angels themselves… Equipped with mystical DNA, we are able to conjure forbidden magic’s to kill an Angel!  In order for that magic to show its true potential, Raven, the artificial moon, needs to be eradicated! So when planet U comes in alignment with the rest of the system, the final key will be unlocked. Motavian, will have full exposure to planet U. The art will have its true potential drawn out, and demons will control the entire galaxy!” Vakarra shouted, laughing hysterically.

Pointing his pistol towards Vakarra, Mateo closed one eye.
“I only have one shot…” Mateo murmured before raising his voice, “So what happens when you destroy all the angels…?”
“Then demons and humans with co-exist, with no higher power to challenge us!” Vakarra shouted.
“You’re wrong! Don’t you realize that demons feast on humans?? There is no way humans can co-exist! Right now, every agent attacking our home is corrupted in demonic essence. They’re no longer human! Vakarra, how could you sacrifice your own people??” Mateo shouted.
“That…” Vakarra started replying back.

Hesitant, she looked towards the ground, seemingly lost in thought.
“That’s not possible is it…?” Vakarra questioned herself.
“It’s happening…” Mateo sighed, slowly approaching Vakarra, “You were told lies…”

Vakarra fell to the ground, holding her head with her one hand.
“What… What is…?” Vakarra started speaking.

Arching her back, Vakarra looked up into the air, and threw her arms into the air. She uttered a blood curdling scream so loud; Mateo dropped his weapons, and fell to his knees while holding his ears. He was able to glance up, to see a dark shadow pouring from Vakarra’s mouth. It only lasted a moment, before Vakarra fell to her front side. Grabbing and holstering his weapons, Mateo ran to Vakarra. Pulling out a capsule from his utility belt, he quickly flipped Vakarra over to her back, and opened the capsule. Forcing her mouth open, he poured the vial into her mouth, and closed it. Mateo stood up, and took a step back with a smirk as her hand started piecing itself back together.
“Vakarra…?” Mateo asked softly, watching her hand piece back together.

She slowly opened her eyes, unaware of what just happened. When she opened her eyes, the sky was turning red, and Mateo was standing sort of over here. In a quick panic, she rolled to her side, kicked away, and kneeled while reaching for her weapon on her side.
“Speak! Who are you…? Where am I…?” Vakarra asked.
“You’re standing at the gravitational building. Right now, there’s an invasion going on… and I’m on a mission to release the other provinces.” Mateo explained.
“What… What do you mean? I’ve…” Vakarra started to speak.

Suddenly, she fell to her knees, grabbing hold of her head.
“Take it easy for a second… Your memories are coming back.” Mateo said.
“What… did you do… to me?” Vakkara growled, trying not to succumb to the pain, “Who are you…?”
“I gave you an anti-demon vial. You were possessed by an abomination…” Mateo explained, approaching Vakarra, “We fought… and I severed your hand. Thanks to that vial, your hand grew back. Your body is as it was before you were possessed…”

Vakarra stood up from the ground, and looked forward at Mateo.
“Thank… Thank you.” Vakarra replied, “Where… Wait…”

She quickly turned around, noticing Infinite Tower and the Eastern Province were gone.
“Where’s…” Vakarra tried to speak.
“Gone… Commander Arthur launched before the invasion. We need to get to the Gravitation Engine room in the subterranean levels! We can save what’s left… We need to hurry!” Mateo shouted.
“I… I can help!” Vakarra chanted, stepping towards Mateo.
“Let’s go!” Mateo shouted, running into the building.

Nodding, Vakarra drew her saber and followed Mateo into the building. At the same time, above the district, Shimara along with Zilan, watched the entire fight.
“He never got my letter.” Zilan sighed, placing his hand on his forehead.
“I wish to… Cut him.” Shimara laughed.
“Soon, my darling… Soon. Let him have his fun. We will get our turn.” Zilan shouted, pulling out his swords, “Now lets kill some pheasants!”

Inside the building, Vakarra caught up to Mateo, directing him around the dark hallways. Thanks to Mateo’s visor, a light laminated the halls a little bit.
“Where’s the lights…?” Mateo asked.
“When the force-field is active… The main power on the surface level gets turned off!” Vakarra shouted.

Pulling from her pocket, Vakarra placed a visor on her face as well, turning on the light. Suddenly, she stopped, extending her arm for Mateo to stop. She looked towards the ground, and took a step back. While she stepped back, she pushed Mateo away a few steps.
“Do you have a charge blaster?” Vakarra asked.
“Um, Yeah.” Mateo agreed, handing Vakarra a pistol.
“Wow… you low recruits get all the neat gadgets…” Vakarra giggled.
“Well…” Mateo giggled himself.

Before he knew it, she aimed the pistol, and switched one of the switches on the blaster. Holding the trigger, at the end of the blaster, grew a ball of energy. Releasing it, as it impacted the floor, both Vakarra and Mateo shielded their eyes as fragments of the floor flew all over the place. Once the brightness of the blast subsided, Vakarra holstered his pistol, and jumped down the hole. Mateo gasped at the woman’s actions.
“Wow… That was cute.” Mateo said to himself.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo jumped down the chute as well. He didn’t fall long however, landing on a bridge held up by pipes and poles. Mateo landed on all fours, while Vakarra stood firm, tapping her foot while waiting on Mateo.
“You’re slow, for an agent.” Vakarra laughed, running down the bridge.

As Mateo rose to his feet, he rubbed his eyes, looking at the flashing purple, red, and white colors emitting from a golden orb far down below him. The walls flickered with an eerie blue glow, sending chills down his spine. Being uncomfortably cold, Mateo quickly caught up to Vakarra.
“Where… are we?” Mateo asked.
“This is the subterranean level of the Gravitational Engine. This is where all four provinces connect. I’m certain there will be corrupted agents and demons down here…” Vakarra stated.

Reaching for her saber, she quickly turned it on and stopped running. Mateo, confused, also pulled out his saber.
“There’s someone here…” Vakarra murmured to Mateo, “Back to back!”

As Mateo turned around, he threw himself backwards, impacting Vakarra’s back. The moment he did this, a voice echoed through the area.
“You troublesome little bastard…” The voice echoed, “My master told me to let you have your fun… But I’m not willing to wait that long… I thirst for death, and I will take joy… in tearing you apart!”

Suddenly, Shimara fell from the ceiling, quickly attacking Vakarra. As the two collided, the force from slamming into Vakarra sent Mateo over the guardrail.
“Mateo!” Vakarra shouted, pushing Shimara off of her, “Stupid bitch!”
“Mal’Korak level five mother fucker!” Shimara laughed hysterically.

Beofre Vakarra could say anything else, Shimara sliced through one of the cables making the bridge unstable. Mateo, thinking fast, caught one of the suspension cables hanging from another bridge. Swinging himself to the other side, he landed onto the bridge. Quickly jumping to his feet, he clutched his chest, winded by the impact.
“Mateo…!” Vakarra shouted over the visor, “Get to the engine room! From the fall, you should be almost there!”
“But… What about…” Mateo gasped.
“The mission boy! Don’t forget the mission!” Vakarra shouted, hearing Shimara scream in the distance.
“But… Fine. Please be careful.” Mateo replied.

Looking ahead, Mateo saw a pair of double doors, attached to a large, blue, metallic cylinder protruding from the glowing orb below him. Steam pushed through random pipes on and off the cylinder, giving off a light hissing noise. Mateo slowly approached the doors, intimidated at the location he was at.
“I’m at the center… aren’t I?” Mateo asked himself, “This… is where it all counts.”

Mateo pushed a button on his visor, extending the monitor again.
“Cecil, I’m at the center…” Mateo gasped.
“Holy cow, are you alright? You’re all messed up.” Cecil gasped, with Chelsea also looking into the camera.
“Yes… Now… When I get in here, what do I do?” Mateo asked.

All of a sudden, Vakarra’s body impacted the guard rail of the bridge, and she slid off, landing on the bridge. Freaking out, Mateo ran to Vakarra, and examined her body. Barely conscious, Vakarra opened her eyes, and immediately, scrunched her arms and legs. Trying not to scream in pain, She glared at Mateo.
“You… are hesitating…” Vakarra coughed.
“You’re hurt!” Mateo gasped, reaching for a vial.

Pulling Vakarra’s hand from her body, he handed her a vial. Due to her pain, her hand instantly clenched up, and she bright it back to her chest.
“Take it.” Mateo whispered, hearing someone creep up behind him.

Thinking fast, Mateo quickly pulled out his saber, and blocked an attack from Shimara, dual sabers.
“You will die!” Shimara shouted, forcing Mateo to a knee.
“I beg to differ, bitch!” Mateo shouted, grabbing his saber with both hands.

Noticing her mid-section was completely open; he took one of his feet, and kicked her as hard as he could. The force sent Shimara into the double doors, prying them open with her body. As she slid across the floor, she dropped her sabers. Mateo charged after her, noticing she was attempting to recover. Launching himself into the air, Mateo held his saber up high, ready to strike Shimara. Throwing her arms out, from her metallic bracelets around her knuckles, claws shot out of them, and she held them in an X, blocking Mateo’s attack. Thinking fast, Mateo pushed off Shimara, and stood on the other side of the room.
“Zilan has taken great interest in you, my friend…” Shimara laughed.
“Oh really…?” Mateo replied.
“Did you ever read his letter…?” Shimara asked, pointing towards the floor.

Glancing to the floor, he noticed a charcoal envelope.

“No… I never got a letter…” Mateo said, glancing back at Shiamra, “Why in the hell would I open a letter from a demon??”
“You fool!” Shimara shouted, charging after Mateo.

Thinking back to his training with his father, Mateo quickly holstered his saber, and charged after Shimara. Coming within slicing range of Shimara, as her arms came down towards Mateo, he grabbed hold of her wrists, and used the momentum of the dash to push his right foot into her abdomen again. This time, instead of letting her fly, he held onto her wrists as her body flung back. Catching himself, he swung her entire body into the floor on her face. Quickly releasing her wrist, Mateo took his foot, and crushed the lower portion of her back, making her rise up in pain. As she shrieked in pain, Mateo grabbed her by her hair, and hoisted her up to her feet. Releasing her hair, and grabbing her by her hips, Mateo threw her into the wall next to the door, making her head spear through the wall. Panting in exhaustion, he put his back towards the door, and looked at the central controls.
“Cecil… you… still there?” Mateo asked, panting.
“Wow, that was… incredible!” Cecil gasped, “I’ve never seen anyone move like that!”
“What… is next?” Mateo asked.
“Well… This part is simple. The controls are labeled North, South, East, and West. Press North, South, and West at the same time. “ Cecil explained.

Mateo, taking a deep breath, approached the controls, trying to not to let the suspense of controlling the provinces get to him. Suddenly, a dark presence entered the room, making Mateo freeze.
“It’s been a little bit, huh…?” The voice asked.

Hearing his voice again, Mateo glanced, then swiftly turend around, with his saber in hand.
“You… defeated Shimara…” Zilan gasped, looking at her body speared through the wall, “A sexy woman, but now useless to me. Such a shame.”
“You…” Mateo growled.
“You look cute with that little visor thing. Just letting you know!” Zilan laughed.
“I’m going to cut you to pieces…” Mateo growled.
“Really… I think not. Because you have such a swelling heart… I’m going to give you, my friend, a choice. You have one of three to choose from.” Zilan explained.

With his right hand, he threw Vakarra into the floor, beaten up, bloody, and bruised.
“That was a fun toy, but I think… I will use her as a bribe. Here are your options. Shimara here was an agent herself, just like this lieutenant. One… You can join me… saving all these… humans. I’ll even give the command to reverse the corrupted ones, and release the souls that have died. Two, you can press those buttons and I slice you to ribbons. Or three, we can continue our fight from before.” Zilan explained, raising his hands into the air.

Mateo stood, struck by the choices. Holstering his saber, in his mind, Mateo started thinking to himself.
“Being one short of a saber, to duel him would be suicide. If… I give myself up to him… who knows what he will do… I’ll be a demon like him… Or… I can press the buttons, and fight him anyway…” Mateo though.
“Before… I answer, tell me this. Why do you want me to read that damn letter so bad?” Mateo asked.
“Wait, Shimara gave it to you, and you never read it? You little puke. All the trouble I went through to make sure you got it…” Zilan sighed.

Swinging his hand, the charcoal letter flew towards Mateo. Swiping it out of the air, he looked at the envelope.
“Do I have your word you’ll not blindside me?” Mateo asked, tearing the envelope open.
“You have my word, as a demon…” Zilan bowed.

Suddenly, Mateo froze at the content inside. Pulling out a picture, it was a picture of Julius, Vira, Mateo, and one other.
“You see that, there… I remember that day like it was yesterday…” Zilan laughed hysterically.
“No… What… How… This is a picture of…” Mateo hesitated.
“Yes…” Zilan smiled

Mateo fell to his knees, becoming consumed by the picture.
“Is that… Mom?” Mateo asked himself.
“Vira, her name was… And that in the middle is me.” Zilan laughed hysterically at Mateo’s reaction.
“But… I… I don’t understand…” Mateo gasped, becoming overwhelmed with emotions.
“If you got this sooner, this would be so much easier to deal with! But now, thanks to you, I lost one of my great puppets!” Zilan shouted, glaring at Mateo.
“I.. .What’s wrong with my mom? She’s so… beat up, and tired…” Mateo asked himself.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Zilan started speaking.
“Mateo… Kill… him quickly… He’s trying to get into your head…” Vakarra coughed, blood pouring from her mouth.

He glanced over at Vakarra, as did Zilan.
“Kill him Mateo…!” Vakarra spoke.

Zilan quickly dashed to Vakarra, and placed his foot onto her head.
“My god you’re beautiful with your pink hair!! I think it’s pink! Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I think I’ll… Squish your head like a ripe watermelon!” Zilan laughed.

Pushing down slightly on Vakarra’s head, she uttered a loud scream, followed by whimpers of pain. Mateo clutched his fingers as he watched in horror. With each scream, Mateo’s clutches became harder, to the point where blood oozed from his hands. Watching people suffer as Vakarra is, is torcher to people like Mateo, making his decisions more desperate.
“Stop it! Zilan!!” Mateo shouted.

Zilan laughed hysterically in reply, pushing even harder, to the point where blood started pooling near his feet. Looking down at the girl, Zilan smiled maniacally.
“It’s been so long since I felt a human’s head pop like a balloon! It’s been so damn…” Zilan spoke.

Catching Zilan off guard, Mateo charged at him, knocking him off his feet. Wielding his saber in his right hand, he grabbed hold of Zilan’s neck with his left. Sill maniacally smiling, Zilan grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and pried his grip off his neck. Pulling his feet to him, Mateo shoved them in Zilan’s chest, forcing him to let go of Mateo’s arm. Zilan flew out of the room, landing on the bridge outside of the room, while Mateo quickly ran to Vakarra.
“Did you take the vial??” Mateo asked her.
“The… buttons… Hurry…!” Vakarra coughed.

Seeing that Vakarra still had the vial in her hand, Mateo lunged for the controls. Zilan jumped to his feet, pulling out his swords once more. Before Zilan had a chance to charge Mateo, he watched as Mateo smashed the three buttons controlling the other provinces.
“No! You fool! No!!!” Zilan shouted, charging after Mateo.

Before Zilan was able to enter the room the bridge collapsed, sending him into the glowing orb below. From the room shaking violently, Mateo rand across the room, grabbed Shimara’s body, and yanked it from the wall. Laying her body next to Vakarra, he fell to all fours, unable to stay stable. Opening a vial, he carefully poured it into Shimara’s mouth, and poured another elixir into Vakarra’s.
“Cecil! I pushed them!” Mateo shouted into his visor.
“I… Mateo!” Cecil attempted to say.
“You’re coming in broken up! Say again?” Mateo shouted.

There was no response.
“You… won’t be able to communicate… Now…” Vakarra coughed, “The gravitational core… is releasing its energy… Communications will be near useless until it’s… over…”
“How do we get out of here??” Mateo asked, grabbing hold of Vakarra.
“We don’t… Not from here. We have… to make it to the surface before the parts detach… or we’ll be jettisoned into… space. If the core’s explosion doesn’t kill us…” Vakrra coughed, sitting up.

Shimara also sat up the same time Vakarra did. The moment she laid eyes on Vakarra, she threw herself back, and kneeled.
“Commander… I…” Shimara gasped, looking towards the floor.
“Shush it… Not now. We need… to get out of here.” Vakarra shouted, rolling to all fours, “Follow… me. I know the way out! We’ll use the emergency hatch!”

Rolling to all fours, Mateo and Shimara crawled with Vakarra to an escape hatch.
“This hatch will take us to an escape pod… It should be big enough for all of us to fit in!” Vakarra shouted.

Meanwhile, in space, orbiting the planet of Motavian, Cecil and Chelsea anxiously watched the monitor in the car. Eager to hear from Mateo, Chelsea started tapping her foot.
“This is torture…” Chelsea uttered, “I… can’t stand this.”
“I know… Damn fool… We should have helped!” Cecil shouted, punching the steering wheel.

Hearing the impact of the steering wheel woke Emmy from her unconsciousness. The moment she woke, she tried to embrace the seat, thinking it was Mateo. Confused, she rubbed her eyes, and relaxed herself in the seat.
“What… What happened?” Emmy asked, groggily.
“Emmy…!” Chelsea gasped.
“Goodness… You’re finally awake…” Cecil sighed in relief.
“Where are we…?” Emmy asked, looking around.
“We’re in space, Emmy… We launched about three hours ago.” Cecil responded.

Emmy immediately jumped up, trying to get out of the car.
“Let me out! I need to get… to… Mateo…!”

Chelsea turned around, and quickly restrained Emmy.
“Calm down! You… can’t! We’re in space! We can’t go there now anyway…!” Chelsea explained, holding Emmy down.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, looking out the window towards Raven.

From their distance, Raven’s surfaced raged with cracks of fire, along with tiny streaks of light. Random electric flares sparked from the planet, throwing debris into space.
“He’s down there…” Emmy deeply sighed, falling limp against the seat.
“I know, and we’ve been talking to him periodically.” Cecil explained.

Enlightened by the news, she quickly jumped forward, towards the front seat.
“When was his last broadcast?” Emmy gasped.
“About fifteen minutes ago. We lost signal, when he… activated the Gravitational release for each of the provinces…” Cecil sighed, looking down.
“Is he… alright?” Emmy asked.
“I don’t know… He left his visor on when he was attacked by Zilan, some woman named Shimara… And he ran into a Lieutenant named Vakarra… She was possessed by an abomination.” Cecil explained.
“What??” Emmy gasped, throwing herself back in the seat, “One of the lieutenants of Arthur… And the general of the Silan Empire…”
“How… did you know that…?” Cecil questioned.
“Shush… let me concentrate…” Emmy shouted.

Closing her eyes, Emmy sat up straight in her seat, and faced towards the floorboard. Only seconds past by before she felt herself standing in the Gravitational Engine room, where Mateo, Vakarra, and Shimara were. They all were on all fours, ready to go through a hatch.
“Let’s roll!” Vakarra shouted, lifting up the escape hatch.

Suddenly, Zilan charged into the room with his demonic wings out, wielding his dual blades. Landing in the center of the room, he pointed his sword towards the three, standing tall.
“I will pry the flesh from your bones like corn!!” Zilan shouted.

Taking the initative, Mateo stood from all fours to his feet, able to keep his balance from the shaking, and drew his beam saber. Holding it towards the ground, he used his free hand, and pointed towards Zilan.
“No… I won’t run! Vakarra, Shimara… Get out! I will handle… this…” Mateo shouted, “Zilan, your days are over! For all… the people you killed, I will end you!”
“You still don’t understand… Stupid… stupid boy…!” Zilan shouted, lowering his sword.

Mateo looked towards the floor.
“I do understand. I may be just… a small guy in this rotten world. I’ve had my family broken… My dreams shattered… and betrayed by people we all believe in. But, I do know this…” Mateo glared at Zilan, and grabbed both hands onto the saber, “I won’t let you hurt anyone else!”

Without saying anything else, Mateo gripped his saber tightly, and charged at Zilan. With no effort at all, Zilan held one of his swords in front of him to block Mateo. Within striking range, Mateo quickly knocked the saber from in front of him, coming into striking range of his body. Reaching down, he pulled out another vial that was colored green, and threw it into his face, following it with a quick swipe to Zilan’s chest. Zilan quickly kicked Mateo back, being unable to avoid the vial smashing on his chest.
“You’re way too cocky.” Mateo uttered before charging Zilan again.

At the same time, Vakarra and Shimara were frozen, unable to look away from the two fighting. Coming within striking range again, Mateo swung at Zilan again. Not making the same mistake twice Zilan used both swords to counter Mateo’s attack. He attempted to push Mateo away again, but failed. Mateo pushed onto the blades as hard as he could, but Zilan wouldn’t budge.
“This is finally happening! I haven’t forgotten about the last time we came in contact! I haven’t gotten you out of my head, Mateo…” Zilan smiled.

With no emotion back, Mateo used his cockiness to his advantage, and kicked one of his legs, sending him towards the floor. Letting his saber follow, Mateo pushed down again, in hopes to make a contact into his body, but failed. Zilan used his demonic powers, and disappeared into a shadow onto the floor. In seconds, he was on the other side of the room, and materialized.
“You are going to die in here, you know that.” Zilan smiled, sheathing one of his swords.
“Say that to yourself!” Mateo shouted, reaching into his belt again.

Pulling out a blue vial, he opened it, and dumped the liquid onto the blade. Emitting a sizzle, Mateo charged from Zilan again.
“You are using…” Zilan started to speak.

Using all his might, Mateo swung at Zilan only to have it blocked.
“You’re using angelic laced elixers from the old war!” Zilan shouted, holding Mateo at bay, “Mom really trained you well!”

Increasingly angered, Mateo started thrashing relentlessly at Zilan. From dashes, to close swings, Mateo pushed as much energy as he could into his swings. Watching every move, Zilan started to step back, countering every attack Mateo dealt to him with ease.
“You have no idea… Of what you’re doing, do you?” Zilan asked, easily blocking Mateo’s relentless attacks, “Seeing that picture angered you, didn’t it?”

Mateo only became even more angry the more Zilan talked, thrashing harder.
“I’m not surprised, though. But there is one tiny bit of information I will share with you!” Zilan shouted.

With his right arm, and his left hand pressed onto the flat portion of the blade, Zilan shoved Mateo forward, throwing him into the controls across the room.
“Vira is my mother too!” Zilan laughed, charging for Mateo.

Struggling to stand, Mateo used the smashed controls to hoist himself up. Barely able to hold his saber, he grabbed it with both hands, and prepared to take the hit. From the exhaustion of the attack and being hit by Zilan’s push winded Mateo greatly, barely giving him the strength to continue. On top of all of this, he was struggling to listen to Zilan. Shaking wildly, Mateo took a deep breath, and started to run towards Zilan. As he approached Zilan, quick flashes flickered in the back of his mind. Random pictures of his mother, and his dad talking with him at a dinner table, to introducing Emmy into the family.
“Why… am I thinking of these things? I’m… not dying here, and I…?” Mateo asked himself.
“No… Mateo, you’re not…” Emmy sighed.

All of a sudden, Mateo realized he wasn’t running towards Zilan anymore. In Mateo’s eyes, everything froze in place in a dark blue tint. He also realized he couldn’t move. Emmy, standing before him, radiated with a purple light.
“Mateo… You… couldn’t let me be with you… could you…?” Emmy asked.
“Emmy…!” Mateo gasped.
“I only have a limited amount of time to talk with you… My power is running short… Don’t let Zilan win Mateo… Stop… attacking him like you do yourself… You’re better than that… Every attack you’ve dealt to Zilan has been from anger… and hatred for what he has done… And that’s blinding your strength…” Emmy explained, taking a step towards Mateo, “Ever since I’ve known you… You’ve acted from your heart… and always done what’s been right… For the sake of others… Even when your family ended up missing… You still did the right thing. I… I wish I was here… to help you…”

She placed her hand onto Mateo’s frozen body charging for Zilan. She slightly bent her knees, looking at Mateo’s eyes. She placed her other hand onto his face, and rubbed it softly.
“I… Wanted to tell you when… I was looking at you, when you saved that girl… I wanted to tell you something I’ve felt for a really long time… But… you never gave me the chance, because you… were doing the right thing. Please… take this bit of power I have left… and… come back to me Mateo… Please… I… don’t want to fade away in the Mystic plane…” Emmy sighed, “You brought me too many happy memories into my life…”

From her eyes, Mateo saw a tear forming, and a smile cracked on her face.
“You dumb idiot… Come… back to me… okay…? I’m waiting on you…” Emmy smiled.

As her lips drew to his, everything in the surrounding area sped up. With a renewed belief, Mateo gripped his saber extra tight. Zilan, thinking Mateo has lost all his zest, he swing his large blade at Mateo the moment they reached within slicing range. Ducking from the attack, Mateo quickly swung his saber upwards, impacting the spot he threw a vial on earlier. From the beam igniting with the liquid infused in his weapon and Zilan’s chest, a gold spark threw Mateo straight into the ground while throwing Zilan into the ceiling. The explosion knocked Zilan’s blade from his hands, tossing it towards Vakarra and Shimara. Gaining his footing, Mateo quickly struggled to his feet, and gripped his saber again as Zilan impacted the floor onto his front side. In one swift motion, Zilan rose up, and quickly dashed towards Mateo, unsheathing his other sword. Thrusting his body, Mateo impacted Zilan’s blade with his beam saber once more. The impact with Zilan’s blade sent a gust of wind into Vakarra and Shimara, knocking them into the chute.

As Mateo and Zilan kept fighting, the building they were in started to fall part. The walls started falling down while the ceiling cracked and crumbled. Even though the two were locked in a battle, they managed to dodge and maneuver around the falling debris.
“I see you’re harnessing Mystical energy!” Zilan shouted, “You’re a real prodigy, boy!” Zilan shouted!

All of a sudden, the building stopped shaking, and the debris stopped falling. An eerie silenced fell in the room, making the two stop fighting. Lowering their weapons, Mateo and Zilan backed off, looking around the room in confusion.
“That’s enough senseless fighting…” A dark voice spoke, echoing in the room.

Zilan instantly feared for himself, sheathing his sword. Turning his back at Mateo, he glanced over his shoulder.
“Just like I knew it in my gut… You are the one I’m destined to fight but not today. Today’s not the day, Mateo. We shall… meet again.” Zilan spoke softly.

With one large jump, Zilan jumped through a hole in the ceiling, disappearing into the distance. Confused, Mateo wielded his saber tightly as the voice echoed in the chamber.
“You may want to leave…” The voice thundered again.
“What’s going on?? Who are you??” Mateo shouted, glancing behind each shoulder.
“You may want to escape, like Zilan did, boy… It won’t be long before this core detonates.” The voice thundered.
“I said show yourself!” Mateo shouted again.
“A blind fool, you are… But as you wish.” The voice thundered again.

With a quick, blinding flash, a person stood before Mateo wearing red metallic armor, with white strips coming down the skirt portion. On his legs, he had a black thin later, with red armor on the legs and feet. On his chest, he had a red chest plate, which attached to his shoulder pads. The tips of the armor shined two green orbs, with faces inside of them. From his back, a long, black cape barely touched the floor, attached under his chest plate. On his arms, he had black and red striped gauntlets. He had two small back horns that protruded from the sides of his head. His hair was bundled up in a clamp, letting his hair dangle down his back. On the ends of his hair, red sparks smoldered from them. His eyes were a glowing crimson, and his skin was brown, almost burnt.
“Hello, Mateo.” The man spoke deeply.

Hearing his voice startled Mateo, making him step back in intimidation.
“Who… Who are you?” Mateo questioned, shaking in his voice.
“My boy… Are you crazy…?” The man asked, “I guess a fitting introduction is in order. I am Silan, the Emperor of the Demon Empire!”

Mateo struggled to keep his composure. Feeling the heat emitting from him scorched his clothes.
“What’s the matter?” Silan smiled, taking a step towards Mateo, “Are you intimidated by my demonic state? I don’t blame you. Only three humans have ever seen me…”
“I… I’m going to kill you and end this!” Mateo shouted, holding his saber into the air.

Raising his hand towards Mateo, his saber fizzled out. From the intense heat of the saber fizzling out, Mateo dropped it, and held his hand in his arm pit.
“There won’t be any fighting here, boy.” Silan spoke, lowering his hand, “You would think you humans would learn some respect.”
“Why… Why would you do this Silan? What did we ever do to you??” Mateo shouted, struggling to keep his composure from his fear, and the pain in his hand.
“It’s all in the prophecy. In that old library of yours… Don’t you remember?” Silan asked, taking another step towards Mateo.

Mateo took two more steps back, gasping at his remark.
“How… How do you…” Mateo asked.
“The sun is setting on this miserable rock, thanks to you. I could kill you right now in your vulnerable state… But, I think it’s only fitting I do something about this…” Silan sighed, looking towards the floor, “I’ll give you this victory. You have single handedly saved many of your kind, Mateo Leohan… Instead of burning anymore resources, or wasting more demonic well power… I must take my forces and leave this accursed place. The damage has been done, and the goal has been achieved.”
“For a demon king… You sure act on a conscious!” Mateo shouted.

From using mystical energy as much as he has, Mateo fell to one knee, becoming exhausted.
“I’m a king. I am the muscle, and brains of my Empire. I do show mercy to those… that are beneath me. As my son mentioned, you… You will be spared, and your companions that accompanied you here.” Silan smiled.

As Silan walked towards Mateo, Mateo locked up in fear. Feeling Silan standing in front of him made Mateo feel helpless. He closed his eyes, and balled his fists up on the floor as Silan stood directly above Mateo.
“You have so much potential, my boy… And you’re going to be a key role in the ultimate plan…” Silan murmured to himself as he placed his hand on Mateo’s head.

Silan smirked feeling Mateo’s hair between his fingers.
“The next time we meet, will be our last. Make your time count with your friends.” Silan laughed.

With a burst of red energy, Mateo was enveloped with red energy, then disappeared from plain sight. Zilan ran into the room seconds after Mateo disappeared.
“Why, father?” Zilan asked, “You could have ended him right now!”
“Not… yet, my son. He must take us to the Chamber of Time… before we end him. I should… Kill you instead!” Silan shouted, turning towards Zilan, “How dare you give him a picture of Vira! Are you trying to jeopardize everything??”

Zilan hung off the floor by his neck as Silan squeezed, unable to reply.
“Do not disobey me again, Zilan. This is your first and only warning. I would shed no tears for ending my own son’s disobedient life….” Silan thundered.
“Yes… Yes father…” Zilan replied, struggling to breathe.
“Don’t defy me again… For punishment… You will die here. Maybe when the demonic well returns you, you’ll have more common sense.” Silan smiled.

Clenching his fist, he squished Zilan’s neck. With Zilan instantly going limp, Silan walked to the doorway of the chamber, and chucked him into the colorful abyss. He watched as Zilan fell into the colorful void, and dematerialized.
“Just like his mother; Stupid, and foolish…” Silan said to himself.

In the car orbiting Motavian, Emmy woke up in a cold sweat. In front of her was Chelsea, who was patting Emmy with towels.
“What did you do??” Chelsea asked.
“I… I helped Mateo…” Emmy said softly.
“You’re exhausted…” Cecil said, glancing back at Emmy.
“I… I know… I never exerted myself that hard before…” Emmy smiled, leaning her head onto her shoulder.
“You… gonna be okay?” Chelsea asked.
“Yeah… I… just need some…” Emmy started speaking.

Inside the car, above Emmy and the girl in white, Mateo appeared in a red flashing light. He fell onto the two girls. Everyone in the vehicle, except the girl in white, looked at him in confusion. Emmy was stunned, and started tearing up.
“What…? Mateo…?” Emmy gasped.

Mateo’s purple glow quickly subsided. He rolled his head to see Emmy’s face, and smiled.
“Hi…” Mateo smiled.

Emmy balled up her fist, and hit Mateo in the mid-section as hard as she could to knock the wind out of him. As he raised his head, Emmy grabbed his head, and drew it into her chest in a tight squeeze. Feeling his head in her arms, she started to cry.
“You stupid… inconsiderate son of a bitch…!!” Emmy shouted.

Chelsea, smiling, turned around and faced forward.
“Don’t you ever… in your life leave me like that again!!” Emmy shouted again.
“Yea…” Mateo murmured.

Concerned, Emmy felt Mateo’s body go limp. Looking at his hands, she noticed he relaxed. When she pulled his head from her chest, she realized he passed out from his deep exhaustion. Exhausted herself, she snuggled Mateo tightly, and laid her head on the side of the car door, falling asleep herself.
“Wow that was… weird…” Cecil sighed, shaking his head.
“What do you mean?” Cheslea asked.
“That magic he was brought here. It was demonic essence…” Cecil stated, gripping the steering wheel tightly.
“Oh my…” Chelsea sighed, “So… what should we do now?”
“My guess is we got to Motavian. We can’t do anything sitting here in space.” Cecil stated.

Before Cecil was able to navigate the car, Chelsea let out a murderous scream. Cecil quickly let go of the controls, and turned to her in panic.
“What?? What is it?” Cecil gasped, grabbing hold of his sister’s arm.
“Look…!” Chelsea screamed, pointing towards the side mirror.

Going from the mirror to behind them, they saw flares flinging from the moon of Raven. As three other pieces started to rise from the core, more flares from the core along with tiny explosions could be seen all over. It didn’t take long for each province to successfully detach from the core.
“Where are they… going??” Chelsea gasped.

With no warning, the core of the Raven detonated, emitting a tremendous shockwave from it. The two watched in horror as the shockwave quickly swallowed the provinces floating away from the core, sending them at a frightening speed in each direction. The Western Province headed towards Motavian, while the Northern headed to Dezian, and the Southern towards the moon of Crothan. Cecil and Chelsea had just enough time to see the provinces as a gust of energy hit the vehicle, sending it twisting and turning towards Motavian.





Chapter 11


Immediately following Ravens core’s destruction, Zane, Specter, and Lyra appeared in the same white room they were in before. Specter immediately fell to her hands and knees, severely exhausted. Confused, Zane fell to her side, attempting to raise her to her feet.
“Specter!! Are you alright?” Zane asked, grabbing her tightly.
“I… I feel so… weak…” Specter panted.

Vexon appeared in a blinding light, kneeling at the two. He placed his hand on Specter’s shoulder, and closed his eyes for a brief moment.
“What… You’re tainted with mystical energy… What happened??” Vexon asked, bowing his head towards Specter.
“I… I don’t know…” Zane replied, looking back at Specter.
“Emmy… She hit her with some kind of mystical energy…” Lyra explained, looking towards the floor, “I saw her… get hit by her, and she appeared into the flesh for a brief moment… Then exploded…”

Vexon glared at Lyra and gasped loudly.
“What…? That… That wasn’t supposed to happen!” Vexon shouted, turning back to Specter, “What happened when you were hit by that energy?”
“I… I told them Raven was going to explode… and…” Specter sighed.

Speaking softly, the words she uttered spent the rest of her energy. Closing her eyes, she fell limp in Zane’s arms. Zane sat on the ground, pulling Specter to him tightly. Vexon stood tall, looking at Specter with a scared look on his face.
“A mystic strong enough… To pull a being from the spiritual plane…” Vexon murmured to himself.
“Specter! Wake up!” Zane shouted, lightly shaking her.
“Save your breath… She’s not going to wake up…” Vexon said in a monotone voice, “Her spiritual energy was nearly spent. To walk around through time, then brought into the mortal plane in that state… She’s lucky to still be materialized right now…”

Zane looked up at Vexon with tears forming in his face.
“So is she…?” Zane asked.
“There’s a way… Possibly…” Vexon explained, turning his back towards Zane and Specter, “But… I must report this to my angelic counsel… The fact the past was altered in such a way hasn’t been done… Since before the extinction of Gethos…”
“You can’t help her right now…? What should we do…?” Zane asked.
“Boy… You don’t understand what just transpired!” Venox shouted.

Vexon quickly turned around, grabbed Zane by the neck, and hoisted him into the air. Specter fell out of Zane’s grasp, and landed onto the floor.
“When time changes, there’s a ripple effect. Many things could have been changed! I looked into your friend’s mind, and saw what transpired. None of that was supposed to take place! The Provinces… as you call them… Of Raven were supposed to be destroyed! When she was brought into the mortal plane, she told them Raven will be gone in the timeframe I granted you all to see the past! Once they found out, they took action, and sent those plates of death hurling into Motavian, Dezian, and the moon of Crothan… The Angelic Homeworld. I realize this girl is someone you deeply care for, but as things are now… The angels might even consider her, and the mystic’s execution. Tampering with the past is forbidden no matter what the outcome is! She’s a bright young lady… ”

Zane struggled to breathe as he dangled high off the ground.
“I will return after I report. Then I will help save your friend, if the council deems it necessary! And that is final!” Vexon shouted, releasing Zane.

When Zane hit the ground, he quickly scurried to an unconscious Specter. Extending his wings, Vexon looked into the sky, and started flapping his wings. Seconds before he lifted into the air, he glanced once again at Zane.
“I shouldn’t be gone long. If I return with armored knights, you know what the outcome will be. Farewell boy.” Vexon said.

Looking to the sky again, Vexon took off, leaving a streak aof light in his wake. Lyra fell to her knees next to Specter, holding one of her hands.
“She’s not cold…” Lyra said, looking at Specter.
“We need to leave.” Zane said, looking at lyra.
“What…? No… We can’t. No! We don’t know what’s out there…” Lyra shouted, glaring at Zane.
“Look… If they come back here, they are so well equipped… and better trained… And just all around… better than us… We will be killed, Lyra!” Zane shouted, “And… I don’t want us to die just yet… Too much has happened…”
“Zane…” Lyra sighed, placing one of her hands over Zane’s that was holding Specter’s other hand.
“Emmy hitting Specter like that… Even though the invasion killed a lot of people… it gave Mateo, Emmy… Those other two, I recall Cecil and Chelsea… and a lot of people a fighting chance to live! I don’t see…”
“Those plates of death… Those were the Provinces?” Lyra gasped.
“Yes…” Zane replied, starring at his unconscious wife, “I think we should leave…”

Lyra stood up, and took a couple steps backwards.
“What…?’ Lyra asked.
“I think we should take Specter and leave…” Zane stated.
“Zane, be reasonable… Where would we go? Demons want to kill everything, the Angels won’t help… and the Agency, if found, will kill us for betraying them!” Lyra shouted.
“I…” Zane sighed, “I don’t know… We… Could go to Motavian! Find Mateo… and figure out a plan of action?”
“Zane, you don’t even know if he’s alive and even if he is… he hates you… “Lyra sighed, looking towards the floor, “Mateo said if he sees you again… He will kill you…”

Zane shuttered.
“I know… but he’s the best chance we have.” Zane replied.
“And what about Specter; right now she’s a little bit of dead weight…!” Lyra shouted, stepping towards Zane.
“Lyra!” Zane shouted, “I don’t… know what we can do… but I’m not about to let these people kill my wife… I just won’t stand for it!”

Lyra placed her hand onto Zane’s back and rubbed it slightly.
“Then let’s go…” Lyra sighed.

Closing their eyes, the two took a deep breath. Letting go of Specter, the two stood tall, facing the sky. Tilting back, the two fell towards the ground. In an instant, the room turned black, and Zane opened his eyes. Glancing to his right and left, he saw a comfortable living area; from a refrigerator, to a microwave, to a small room that lead to a bathroom. Throwing the covers off of him, he rolled himself to the edge of the bed, and placed his feet onto the ground. As he stood from the bed, he noticed he was wearing a brown robe, identical to Specter and Lyra’s with a red amulet on his chest. On his feet, he also wore brown shoes.
“Man, these people have no taste in fashion.” Zane murmured to himself.

Looking to the left, he noticed a sac that he snatched from his house from when they departed from Raven. Dashing to the desk, he quickly opened the bag, and dumped out the contents. What fell out of it puzzled Zane.
“My sabers… My visor, my pistols… my utility belt…? They look… off…” Zane said to himself.

Picking up his utility belt, he immediately noticed he couldn’t feel the weight of it. Examining it further, he noticed the Raven Agency symbol on the buckle was removed, and replaced with an angel like image. From it, a star-like hologram appeared from it, displaying the room he was in, along with several others with people inside them. This discovery shocked Zane, making him drop the belt and jump back.
“The hell…?” Zane shouted as he jumped back.

Walking back to the belt, he reached down and picked it up with two hands. Laying it back on the table, he reached for his saber. Pushing the button to turn it on, a golden beam emitted from it. Zane pulled his head away, shocked again by the blinding light the beam emitted.  He quickly turned off the beam, and dropped the saber on the table as he did with the belt.
“These… are laced with Angelic power…?” Zane asked himself, “Vexon clearly stated that angels don’t like humans… “

Suddenly, a glowing piece of paper caught his eye, sitting on the farthest corner of the table. Reaching for it, Zane grabbed the letter as Lyra ran into the room with three sacks of stuff. She quickly shut the door, and was panting.
“Look at all the stuff I found in my room!” Lyra panted, “I’ve never seen half of this stuff before! They even salvaged, and upgraded my bow!”
“Lyra, listen to this…” Zane sighed, “I think this is a note from Vexon.”

Lyra dropped all three sacks, and walked over to the bed to sit down. Zane turned his back to the desk, and opened the letter. As he opened the pages, golden dust fell towards the floor, twinkling in a golden streak.
“My fellow visitors… If you are reading this, then that means you have woken from your slumber, and you’re preparing to adventure into the unknown… It also means I have headed to Crothan, to discuss your friend tampering with the time-stream.   I have taken the liberty of upgrading your mechanical devices and machinery to match Angelic Standards, and I have also had my engineers fix, and upgrade your craft for easy space travel between the four planets. Each of your rooms is equipped with items that will help you on your mission. I have left a backlog journal in your sack, Zane, of everything that has changed in the time-stream. I also left a serum to heal your friend. Although I am an angel, I do understand humans and their need to keep their loved ones safe… I will be in contact with you… when the time is right… Go… Now…! Vexon.” Zane read.

He folded the letter up, and placed it on the desk. Facing Lyra, he shrugged his shoulders.
“You saw him pick me up by my neck… Everything he just said to us…!” Zane said to Lyra.
“Maybe… He has to put on a show in front of his people…?” Lyra replied, shrugging at Zane.
“I would assume someone like Vexon wouldn’t have to…” Zane sighed, turning to the desk, “It doesn’t matter. We need to leave…”
“Alright mister guy… Where… are we going?” Lyra questioned, standing from the bed, “We’ve never been here before, and we definitely have never been on this frozen planet before.”
“Let’s… just try.” Zane replied.

Raising his robe, Zane strapped on his utility belt, along with his sabers and pistols. Carefully grabbing Specter’s vial, he placed it in a vial holder in his belt. Underneath his robe were his torn khaki pants, black T-shirt, his green plaid shirt and shoes.
“Lyra, go find where the ship is… I’m going to get Specter.” Zane said.
“But I…” Lyra sighed.
“Please, it’s going to look awkward if I carry her around, looking for a ship. Seriously, think about it… The last thing we need is that kind of attention.” Zane explained.
“I… guess…” Lyra sighed.

Lyra, becoming increasingly paranoid from seeing Zane put on all of his weapons; she opened her sack pulling out a pistol, a black version of Zane’s utility belt, and a golden dagger. Underneath her robe, she had her torn and tarnished white battle-dress. Grabbing a black hair tie from inside the sack as well, she bundled up her brown hair into a bun.
“Let’s find Specter’s room. We should use that as the rally point.” Zane stated.
“Good idea!” Lyra cheered.

Stepping out into the hallway, the two looked down each direction of the hallway. To their surprise, the rooms they were in had a small sign on them, with their names and race on it. Looking to the right, Zane caught Specter’s room right next to his. With great urgency, he grabbed Lyra’s hand, and ran into Specter’s room. Throwing Lyra into the room, he pushed the door shut, and quickly locked it. Turning to the bed, he saw Specter lying in a deep sleep; deeper than he’s ever seen her sleep. Reaching for the vial, he approached the bed slowly, admiring the beauty of his wife. Sitting on the bed, he leaned over his wife, and placed his hand lightly on her face, stroking it. Lyra, watching him, started turning red in the cheeks, watching Zane admire his wife.
“That’s…” Lyra started to say.

Suddenly, Lyra closed her eyes, and grabbed her head. While Zane poured the liquid into Specter’s mouth, Lyra struggled to keep quiet as pain increased in her head. Unable to contain the pain, Lyra fell to her knees, and smacked her head onto the floor. She heard Zane call her name, before his voice silenced. When she opened her eyes again, she stood in a lush, green field with the sun being the only thing in a deep blue sky. Large flowers were swaying out of the ground, with small streams of pedals whisking in the wind. She turned around, in confusion, wondering why she wasn’t in the room with Specter and Zane.
“What… Where…?” Lyra asked herself.

As she looked around in the field, she saw a person standing in the distance in a full white robe, with a hood on covering its face.
“Hello??” Lyra shouted out, “Where am I?”

It didn’t answer. Curious, Lyra slowly approached the person. As she got closer, she looked at the person’s skin and noticed it was dark, almost black. At the same time, Lyra found it harder to reach the person due to the comfort of the meadow, and the warm wind blowing on her face. Reaching short of arms reach, Lyra stood tall parallel to the person.
“I’ve… been… waiting for you, Lyra…” The person spoke.

Hearing the woman’s voice scared Lyra, making her take a step back. The hooded person reached towards the hood, and made another comment.
“Who… Who are you?” Lyra asked.
“I’m your sister… Viola.” She replied, removing her hood.

From the sight of her sister’s face, she jumped back in horror to see her face severely battered, broken in, and bleeding profusely. Lyra quickly threw her hands in the air, struggling to keep distance from her as Viola reached for her, and walked towards her.
“Why are you running sister? We are meant to be together…!” Viola laughed.

Tripping over her feet, Lyra fell to the ground. Viola stopped inches from Lyra’s body, and fell to her knees.
“Stay… away from me… Please…!” Lyra cried, balling up her fists in fear.
“Are you… Disgusted? By my face??” Viola asked, kneeling down to Lyra.

Lyra brought up her legs, and wrapped them up with one of her arms almost like the fetal position.
“What happened to you…?” Lyra asked.

Viola stood up straight, and snapped her fingers. The sound of the snap echoed throughout the area, and all sounds in the area completely stopped. Lyra, confused, opened her eyes and slowly pushed herself off the ground witnessing the wind stopping. In the sky, as Lyra looked up, she saw clouds starting to form.
“Lyra, my sister… Soon we shall meet, and you will finally understand the truth…” Viola sighed, taking a step back.

Lyra turned, to see her sister’s hood over her face and stepping away. She reached out in hopes to grab her sister, but failed.
“Viola…!” Lyra shouted as Viola disappeared from her sight.

As clouds covered up the sky, Lyra fell to her knees, and held her body up by putting her hands in front of her. With a tear forming in her face, it started to rain slightly.
“What’s happening… to me…?” Lyra asked herself.

Suddenly, a burst of cold wind brushed over her, alerting her. Looking up, she noticed she was sitting on the ground in an alleyway. In front of her stood two men; one was dressed in a black trench coat which harbored a black business suit while the other wore a beige trench coat with white garments underneath. On his face shined a pair of glasses. Behind them shined a blinding light from a vehicle. Lyra shielded her eyes, trying to see form the light. The men pulled out umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain. The man in the beige trench coat lit a cigarette, and glared at Lyra.
“Ah, this girl… She seems just the right age.” The man said, slowly approaching Lyra.
“Professor Hecate?” The other man gasped, taking a step forward.
“Look at her!” The professor smiled, “She has the right body type and everything we’re looking for!

Professor Hecate walked past Lyra, making Lyra turn around to see two kids pushed against the wall.
“The other mutt can be put with the rest…” Professor Hecate said, standing over the two kids.
“What… is that?” The man asked.
“My friend, this is the result of cross breading… The Foxian tribe with human DNA; this is the result.  A bastard child with no hopes of living to our expectations…!” Professor Hecate smiled.

The dog-like woman stepped in front of the other girl, and put out her hands.
“You aren’t touching my sister!” The woman yelled.

Professor Hecate smiled with joy, and reached for the girl. He grabbed her shirt collar, and hoisted her into the air.
“A fighting little rat, I see.” Professor Hecate smiled.
“Viola!” The other little girl shouted.

Hearing the girl shout alerted Lyra. Standing to her feet, she ran towards Professor Hecate in an attempt to tackle him. But when she jumped into the air towards him, she passed through him. Landing on the ground, she struggled to her feet, and stepped back to watch what happens.
“Leon! Take this filth and put it in the trunk!” Professor Hecate shouted, chucking Viola to Leon.

Leon dropped his umbrella, catching the girl. Placing his hand over her mouth, he walked behind the car, and popped the trunk. As much as she struggled, Leon overpowered her. Taking his left hand, he punched Viola in the back of the head, and threw her into the trunk. With all his might, he slammed the door.
“Viola…” Lyra gasped, placing her hand onto her mouth.
“What is your name little girl?” Professor Hecate asked.
“… Lyra… What are you going to do to my sister?” The kid asked.

Quickly pulling out a syringe, he grabbed hold of the kid’s arm and stuck the syringe into it. Pushing the liquid into her arm, he smiled with delight.
“Now, when you wake up little missy… you will be the newest creation of my brilliance! Nobody will question, or compare themselves to my intellect!”

Lyra gasped at the sight.
“That’s… That’s what happened… to…”

Suddenly, the ground gave way, making her fall down a deep, dark hole. Hearing voices faintly in the darkness, Lyra shrieked in confusion. All of a sudden, her vision was blinded in a blinding light.
“Hang on!” Specter shouted.

When Lyra opened her eyes, her vision was slightly blurred. Rubbing her eyes, she noticed she sat in the back seat of the same vehicle they were in before. Specter, awake and well, sat in the driver seat while Zane sat in the passenger seat.
“Here we go!!” Zane shouted!

Before Lyra could say anything, the three jolted back, blasting off from the ground.
“Oh my…!” Specter shouted.

As the three looked out the left window, their emotions, thoughts, and everything in their being dropped to the floor; they laid eyes on the province that landed on Dezian. Watching in horror as numerous angels and ships flew around parts of the province. From the angle it landed, it sat at a 45 degree angle into the earth. Many parts were on fire, and many parts were broken into the terrain below. Lyra continued to look out the window as Zane and Specter started to tear up, sitting back in their seats.
“That’s… a province…?” Specter asked, sniffling.
“It… appears to… be…” Zane sighed.

Specter started letting out some pouts.
“Zane… Do you realize how many… people died?” Specter said, looking over at Zane.

Zane closed his eyes, and looked towards the floor board.
“We… didn’t… do anything but… run.” Zane grumbled, balling his fists up in his lap.

Specter looked over at Zane, and placed her hand onto her arm.
“There wasn’t… anything we could have done…” Specter sighed, tears streaming down her face.
“We were expelled… from the agency, and ran… Like some chicken shits…” Zane cried.

Specter released Zane’s arm, and placed her hand back onto the steering wheel, watching as the atmosphere of Dezian started to dissipate.
“I swore an oath to protect others… But… the organization seemed to be… corrupt. Countless crimes against our own flesh and blood with DNA experiments… Commander Arthur did so many shady things the past few weeks… I have no doubt there’s some inside work going on that trashed our home… I… I… Couldn’t… do anything…” Zane pouted.

Slamming his fists into his legs, he leaned over, letting some tears fall to his lap from his face.
“Zane…” Specter sighed, wiping tears from her face.
“We swore an oath to protect… And we ran… like cowardice little bastards!” Zane shouted.
“That’s not true…!” Specter shouted, glaring at Zane, “There was nothing we could have done in our situation! The agency expelled us… and tried to kill us Zane! What more could we have done, than to escape?”

Zane opened his eyes, and looked back at her with tears flowing from his face.
“We could have just… done what we were told…” Zane sighed, glancing back at Lyra, “If we didn’t harbor Lyra…”

Specter, with her right hand, punched Zane in the arm.
“This isn’t her fault! I am very disappointed in you Zane…” Specter sighed, putting her hand back on the steering wheel.

Zane placed his right hand on his left arm, and grumbled in pain.
“So… where are we headed now?” Lyra asked, sitting back.
“We are headed to Motavian and we’re linking up with Mateo… He and Emmy are the only ones capable of helping us. Mateo with his combat skills and Emmy with her mystical powers…” Specter explained.
“How are we… Going to find them?” Lyra asked.

Specter pushed a button on the middle console, displaying a map of Motavian.
“This is a map of Motavian. Each piece of working Agency equipment has a microchip in it to be tracked. All chips were tracked by the main computer satellite orbiting Raven… Thanks to the upgrades the Angels did… We can track agents all over Motavian!” Specter smiled, pointing at the monitor, “Each chip is programed with the first and last, identification number, location, even ammo supply of pistols, and battery life of a saber.”

With that said, she typed Mateo’s full name in the search bar in the corner of the screen. Within seconds, a small dot appeared.
“The signal is faint… but there he is.” Specter pointed out, “It will take us about a day to go there with the top speed of this vehicle.”

Zane shuttered. Releasing his grip from his arm, he looked at the monitor with Mateo’s blip blinking, and started to sweat.
“What if… he doesn’t want to help…? Or he wants to fight?” Zane asked.
“Let’s hope he can see the bigger picture… and put that silly grudge aside.” Specter stated.

Lyra raised up again, coming between the two.
“So… Why do you think Vexon helped us so much…?” Lyra asked.
“… I don’t know…” Zane murmured, looking out the window as the ship left the atmosphere.

Specter didn’t say anything, and looked forward towards the stars. A bead of sweat started to form on-top of her forehead. Confused Lyra poked Specter in the arm.
“Specter… Why?” Lyra asked, sensing she knew something.

Thinking fast, Specter turned the vehicle hard to the right, throwing Lyra’s grip on the seats off. She flew to the opposite side of the car, hitting her head on the side of the car, knocking her unconscious. Zane quickly braced himself as he heard Lyra’s head impact the car door. She quickly stabilized the vehicle, with more sweat dripping from her head.
“What the hell??” Zane gasped, releasing his grip on the dash, “What is your deal??” Zane asked.

Taking off his seat belt, he jumped to the back of the vehicle, and started tending to Lyra’s head injury.
“Are you out of your mind?? This girl has been knocked out more times than we have our entire agency career! What the hell was that about??” Zane snapped.
“Shut up…” Specter sighed, pouting slightly, “Lyra can’t hear what I’m about to say.”

Hearing this made Zane slow his urgency to tend to Lyra.
“Vexon came to me in my dreams… Zane… Lyra was going to be executed because she has been heavily genetically altered. From her being altered, to me changing time… She and I would both be executed. You would have been exiled to Motavian with nothing… And left to die alone in what’s called Exiles Abyss. It’s the largest desert on Motavian. Vexon wants to see peace between humans and Angels again… But in order to do that we have to break ties between demons and humans; which means we have to kill Arthur.” Specter explained.
“Why couldn’t you just tell Lyra you can’t say?” Zane asked, wiping some of the blood slowly oozing from Lyra’s head.
“Because… She was fully healed with Angelic magic unaware that she was genetically altered with angelic DNA. This caused a major shift in her… abilities. Any impulse of emotion can trigger an outburst of energy that could make this ship explode or worse. The powers they unlocked are very much active… She has to discover them slowly… or she will kill herself, and everyone around her.” Specter explained.

Zane finished wiping the blood from Lyra’s head, and rested her on the backseat of the vehicle. Boosting himself to the front of the vehicle, he sat back in the front and buckled himself again.
“What a pickle…” Zane sighed, looking out to the stars again.
“You got that right honey…” Specter sighed, wiping a tear from her face.

Chapter 12


Lauren squeezed Achilles tightly as Diana squeezed Palacio tightly. Dangling from the parachutes, the four sighed in relief, slowly descending towards the clouds below them.
“Wow! That was insane!” Diana shouted, “What a rush!”
“I wouldn’t… get too… comfortable!” Lauren gasped, squeezing Achilles tighter, cutting off his air.

He quickly started smacking Lauren’s arm, hinting to release her grip around his neck. Taking the hint, she released it. Suddenly, a flash sparked from above them. As the four looked up, they gasped in horror as they watched parts of Raven detach from the glowing center.
“What… What’s going on…? Achilles asked.
“What…?” Lauren gasped, “That wasn’t supposed to happen…”

Both Palacio and Diana glared at Lauren with disbelief.
“After Infinite tower and the Eastern Province launched… the other three were supposed to stay behind… But they’re launching…” Lauren gasped, “Those sectors weren’t prepared for space travel… Every single person on those provinces is going to die…”
“No way…” Achilles gasped.
“No… my… my people…” Diana sighed, burying her face into Palacio’s shoulder, “I thought they may have a chance… even after the invasion but…”
“I can’t think of a worse way to die… eaten or killed by demons… or by the emptiness of space…” Lauren said.
“My god…” Achilles gasped, watching the provinces, “Where are they going??”

The three watched as the three provinces accelerated away from the core, flying wildly into space. Before they could look away, there was a blinding light that emitted from the core. While Achilles, Lauren, and Diana looked away, Palacio kept looking at it, fascinated by the light. Following a loud crackle of thunder, they all jumped, and looked back towards the core.
“What…?” Diana gasped.

Suddenly, a large white and purple line flew from where the core once sat followed by large chunks of rock and debris. The four watched in horror as the shockwave quickly approached them.
“No no!!! I don’t want to die like this!” Lauren shouted, squeezing Achilles again.
“Quick! Let’s go!” Achilles shouted, grabbing hold of the strings of the parachute.

Pulling them, the parachute then started to collapse, sending Lauren and Achilles in almost a free fall.
“Go, Palacio!!” Diana shouted.
“I… can’t see… What I’m doing…” Palacio sighed, looking downwards.

Looking back at the fast approaching shockwave, Diana wrapped her legs around Palacio’s midsection tightly, grabbed hold of the strings, and pulled them to collapse the parachute. From the velocity of the fall, Achilles was unable to look up; as was the others. Even though they were in a freefall, they all could hear a loud screeching above them over the wind blowing past their ears. Achilles closed his eyes, and let out a deep sigh as the wind took his breath away. As he slowly slipped into unconsciousness, he struggled to keep his grip on the strings of the parachute.
“One hell of a way to die…” Achilles thought in his head, “Just yesterday… I was enjoying my easy life as a sandwich maker… No worries or cares in the world… I gave up the fighting and crazy life of an Agent to live peacefully. If I knew this would happen… I would have taken a ship to Motavian a long time ago… And avoided all this garbage… I never wanted this… And now here I am… with a team of my own. Maybe destiny has things laid out for me that I didn’t see before… But it doesn’t matter… The force of this shockwave will crush us…”

Feeling pressure on his rib cage, Achilles started breathing heavy.
“What is that…?” Achilles thought in his head, “Lauren…?”

Suddenly, Achilles opened his eyes, and took a deep breath, realizing the winds on the edge of the shockwave had sucked them in it. Feeling the incredible force of the shockwave pushing on his body sent him into a panic. Feeling Lauren’s grip even tighter than before, he reached for the strings of the parachute. Thinking fast, he pulled them in again, and kept pulling until the chute itself was in his hands. With the tilt of the parachute, it slung the two straight into the air, pulling them from the shockwave. Only a second passed before Achilles saw something from the left of his eye. He looked over and gasped in horror as he saw Palacio and Diana free falling with their parachute destroyed.
“Achilles…!” Lauren cried, looking upwards.
“… Yeah…?” Achilles replied, shocked that Diana and Palacio were falling to their deaths.
“What’s that big golden ring?”

Looking up, Achilles and Lauren starred at the golden ring, puzzled.
“Isn’t… that where Raven used to be?” Lauren asked.
“I… I don’t know what that is…” Achilles replied.

Suddenly, the ring started to rotate at a high rate of speed. It rotated so fast, it almost looked like a golden sphere. It only spun for a few seconds, before exploding. The ring shattered into hundreds of pieces. Only seconds more passed, before the fragments of the ring scattered across the sky. One of the golden fragments darted right past the two, with an eerie noise emitting from the golden fragment.
“Holy shit…!” Achilles shouted, angling the parachute, “We need to get out of the sky!”

Before he could react, one of the golden shards punctured the parachute, sending the two plummeting towards the ground. Achilles quickly turned around, and grasped Lauren tightly, burying his face into her shoulder, as she did him. Uttering no kind of screams, or showing much fear, the two held each other as tight as they could.
“I didn’t think we would die like this…” Lauren uttered.
“Me… Either…” Achilles cried.

All of a sudden, they felt their descent stop completely. The two impacted a hard-like surface, and fell onto their backs. Stunned from the fall, they starred into the sky, only to see more of the fragments of the yellow ring. Taking only a second, Achilles turned his head, and looked below him to see a vehicle with several people inside. One of the people held their hand out, emitting a purple light that surrounded both him and Lauren. Unable to comprehend what was going on, he lay back down, and closed his eyes.

As he closed his eyes, she stood in a room where he was standing on a white cloud. Beyond the cloud, and all around was nothing but a crystal clear; blue sky. Wiping his face, he tried to make sense of what was going on. As he opened his eyes again, Lauren lay in front of him. He rushed to her aid, kneeling by her side, and shaking her slightly. A soft moan came from her as he shook her, letting him sigh in relief.
“Achilles…” A female voice echoed.

Startled, Achilles jumped to his feet, and pulled out his saber. Holding it to his side, he started looking around.
“Who’s there…?” Achilles asked.
“Calm yourself…” The female voice echoed.

Hearing her voice calmed Achilles, soothing his worry. Turning off his saber, he put it away and went back to tending to Lauren.
“Clam yourself, Achilles… Lauren is fine… She’s resting from all the excitement.” The voice echoed.
“Who are you…? What are you doing to us…?” Achilles asked.
“I am Bri… I’m contacting you telepathically through a Mystic…” Bri said.
“Where… are we?” Achilles asked, looking around, “Is this heaven? Are we dead?”

Bri chuckled.
“No, little one. You’re not dead. You and your friends are fine…” Bri giggled.

Achilles jumped to his feet again, excited.
“You mean… Diana and Palacio…” Achilles asked, holding in his excitement.
“They were beaten up pretty badly, but they’re fine as well.” Bri answered warmly.
“Thank heavens!” Achilles cheered, “So… why am I here?”
“This is… what’s referred to in your language as a conscious. I don’t have long… We will be separated soon.  I have an important task for you…” Bri asked.

Suddenly, a mist gathered in front of Achilles. From the mist, a woman dressed white garments, with a white mask covering all but her mouth, walked from it. She wore a long white dress, with a veil draped over her face. Also, she hovered off the floor, not allowing her feet or gown to touch the ground.
“You… What are you…?” Achilles asked.
“My task… Retrieve your friends… and go to Devil’s tower far south of where you shall wake up. There… You will learn the truth… Learn the truth… no matter what the cost…” Bri responded, coming within touching distance of Achilles.
“What…? No… No, I can’t.” Achilles sighed, turning away from Bri, “This is agency work, Bri. I can’t be trusted to lead anyone… Not to mention fight for some righteous cause.”
“But you must… Not as an Agent of Raven… but for humanity…” Bri explained.
“No! I said no!” Achilles shouted, turning towards Bri aggressively, “I never wanted this kind of responsibility!”

Bri reached towards Achilles as he stood firm towards her.
“Would Alicia say the same?” Bri asked.

Achilles took a step back, instantly tearing up at the name. He took his sleeve and quickly wiped his face.
“Alicia loved you, Achilles… She told you that day… you shouldn’t run from your destiny…” Bri explained warmly.
“How…” Achilles sobbed, constantly wiping tears from his face.
“I can see past… present… and future… Alicia loved your passion for adventure, Achilles. On that field, where she died, She told you…” Bri started explaining.

Achilles became very aggressive, lunging forward, pushing Bri to the ground.
“I don’t need some cosmic ghost repeating what happened that day. That day changed my life, and my outlook on everything. I told you no. I refuse to partake in some crazy adventure that could get me killed. I swore, on that day… I would hang up my weapons… and never again be a soldier. Whether it is humanity, or the Agency… or anything… I would… Never…” Achilles explained, pointing at Bri.

All of a sudden, the scenery around the area changed. Achilles reached for Lauren’s body as it disappeared with the scenery. What appeared made Achilles sweat, and fall to his knees. Grasping the flowers on the ground, he pushed his body forward, letting his face hit the ground. The area turned into a meadow sunset, with a clear sky.
“Why… would you bring me here…?” Achilles asked.
“It’s our meeting spot, silly!” A familiar voice giggled.

Hearing the woman’s voice, he jumped to his feet, and turned to the direction of the voice. What greeted him threw him off his guard, making him stumble backwards in shock. Standing about 5 foot even, a woman with tannish skin, long white hair, starry purple eyes stood before him. Wearing a velvet dress that stretched to her shins, she had black sandals on, showing off her body and her knees to an extent. Her hair had a bow in it, allowing her hair to flow perfectly down her back.
“Alicia…?” Achilles gasped.
“Why are you acting so strange, crazy?” Alicia giggled, skipping towards Achilles.
“Bri! Is this one of your tricks?” Achilles shouted towards the sky.

Behind him he heard Bri.
“No… This is Alicia as she is today…” Bri replied.

Achilles turned his head behind him, only to see a tree in the background glowing from the sunset. Turning back, he saw Alicia standing almost against his body.
“Somebody’s acting crazy, I see!” Alicia smiled.
“I almost… can’t… believe you’re here.” Achilles smiled, gazing over Alicia.
“Huh? You’re… acting weird. What’s wrong…?” Alicia asked.

Without giving her a straight answer, Achilles dashed forward, clutching Alicia in his arms, and fell to his knees. Burying his face into her shoulder, he started to cry, and whimper like a three year old.
“Achilles…? Is there something bothering you…?” Alicia asked.

He didn’t answer her again. Feeling her breath from her face filled Achilles with both sorrow, and happiness. With each breath she took, it seemed to empower Achilles to embrace her tighter.
“Okay! That’s enough!” Alicia shouted, shoving herself off of Achilles, “Are you trying to break little ole’ me? What is it??”

Achilles looked towards the ground, then back at Alicia,
“You… You’re dead… You died in my arms in this very field…”
“Huh…? Dead…? How can I be dead if I’m standing right here?” Alicia questioned, crossing her arms.
“I… don’t know…  I was arguing with a cosmic ghost just a second ago… And poof… here you are… I don’t… know what… to say.” Achilles sobbed.
“Well for starters… you say hello…” Alicia responded.

Suddenly, Bri appeared from some mist behind Alicia. Thinking fast, he jumped up, grabbed hold of Alicia, and jerked her behind him.
“Stay behind me Alicia…” Achilles shouted.
“What… who…” Alicia asked.
“Alicia, my dear…” Bri responded, holding out her hands, “You reside in the spirit realm within your own conscious. Here, you live eternally. You have no memory of your death… but you died.”

Alicia gasped, releasing Achilles and taking several steps back. Placing her hand on her face, she fell to her knees.
“What…?” Alicia gasped.

Achilles turned towards Alicia, and kneeled. He placed one hand on Alicia’s arm and attempted to look her in her glossy eyes.
“You were… in this field, and were killed.” Achilles sighed.
“Achilles, I have brought you here… to understand what your destiny was.” Bri explained, “You only have a short period of time before I have to take you back to the mortal realm. Alicia, Achilles has an important task… And I need your help to convince him…”

Achilles jumped to his feet, and aggressively turned towards Bri.
“I’m not leaving!” Achilles said.
“Yes…” Alicia pouted, pulling herself up with Achilles’s clothes, “You… do whatever she wants…”

Achilles turned towards Alicia, amazed at her response.
“I… don’t want to leave you again!” Achilles shouted.
“If what this woman says is true… then it would make sense why I haven’t aged in so long… And you look older. My body feels like I haven’t seen you in forever Achilles…” Alicia pouted, looking at Achilles’s feet.

Achilles reached for Alicia’s hands and placed them inside his.
“Alicia… I… can’t leave you again.” Achilles pleaded.
“You have to, Achilles! You were supposed to make it in the ranks of the Agency…” Alicia pouted.
“I quit the Agency… And became a sandwich shop owner… Well… I was a shop owner…” Achilles sighed, looking at their hands together, “Raven exploded…”

Alicia took a step back hearing this information.
“Our home… is… gone?” Alicia gasped, starting to cough, “Everything…”
“Yes. It’s… all gone. The Infinite tower… and the Eastern Province took off prior to the detonation. I have… no idea how many survived.  Not only that… there was corruption in the Agency…  The Agency was working with the demons… for what purposes I have no idea. Shortly after the province took off, the other provinces detached from the center of Raven… and… exploded.” Achilles explained.
“… Corruption in the Agency…?” Alicia sobbed, falling to her knees, “My family was all in the Agency… And… working with demons…? I almost can’t believe it…”
“Yes… I ran into a couple people… and we escaped the carnage. We were some of the people that got to be on the Eastern Province… But upon entering Motavian’s atmosphere, we were attacked, and almost killed by some of the Agents. We escaped… and then no sooner got hit by the shockwave from Raven Exploding. And then… here I am.” Achilles explained.
“So… what are you going to do now…?” Alicia asked, looking up at Achilles.
“I… don’t know. I never wanted to fight. I fought too much as it stands now…” Achilles sighed, turning away from Alicia, “When we got here… I was going to find the closest village, or town… and set up another sandwich shop and live happily until I die so I can be with you…”
“You.. .can’t do that.” Alicia said, standing to her feet, “You are a part of this ordeal now… You can’t just turn your back on this.”

Achilles turned around, grabbing Alicia’s shoulders.
“Alicia… I can’t do this. I… don’t want to fight… Losing you took my motivation to fight…” Achilles explained, “I held you in my arms as you died… I vowed never to fight again…”
“How did I die, Achilles?” Alicia asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.
“You… You were shot in the head by a sniper. The sniper belonged to a ninja assassin group to kill Agents.” Achilles responded.

Alicia removed her hand from Achilles, and started walking backwards.
“I was assassinated…? Because you were in the agency…” Alicia pouted, looking towards the ground as she moved backwards.

Achilles turned around, facing Alicia.
“Yes… And I…” Achilles started to speak.
“And you want to give up… and walk away?” Alicia growled, stopping in her tracks, “Why would you give up everything for me like that?”
“Because I loved you, Alicia!” Achilles shouted.

Lunging forward, Alicia took her right hand, and backhanded Achilles in the face.
“Stupid idiot! I don’t ever want to hear you say that again! If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t have given up everything for some dumb shop!” Alicia shouted, “Taking a break would have been ideal… Death sucks. But giving up on everything you fought for?!”

Achilles grabbed hold of his cheek and took a step back, shocked at what she did.
“Why did you hit me??” Achilles gasped.
“You’re a fucking coward! Didn’t you think for one second I would even consider you giving up like that?? How Achilles…?” Alicia shouted, charging at Achilles with both of her fists balled up.
“I’m… sorry Alicia…!” Achilles shouted back, “It’s… so hard… watching someone you love die…”

Alicia slammed into Achilles, and started to pound on his chest relentlessly, with tears flying everywhere.
“You can’t just give up… I won’t forgive you for quitting… I just won’t! Ever…!” Alicia cried.

Achilles stood silent, trying to embrace Alicia.
“You can’t let this happen to anyone else! Please Achilles… Do what this woman is asking… Do it for me… Please? I would go with you to the ends of the earth if I could…” Alicia pleaded, looking at Achilles with her eyes beading with tears.

He stood gazing into her eyes, feeling regret.
“Alicia… I…” Achilles sighed.
“I want you to make a difference in someone’s life other than my own… It wasn’t fair for you to give up everything because of me… You were never this selfish before… Why now?” Alicia asked.
“You… told me to follow my heart… before you died…” Achilles replied with a pout.
“What… does it say now?” Alicia asked.
“It’s telling me… I…” Achilles started to speak.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a flicker of light. Within a second from seeing the flicker, he felt a jolt in his arms. Looking back at his arms, he saw Alicia with a blank stare. She felt limp, and started getting cold.
“Alicia…?” Achilles gasped.

She didn’t answer.
“Alicia…?? Are… you alright??” Achilles asked.
“Time… is up… It’s time to go back to the mortal realm.  She is now as she was in your mind…” Bri responded, appearing next to Achilles.
“ALICIA!!” Achilles shouted, tears forming at his eyes.

The moment Achilles shouted for her, everything in the area, including Alicia, faded away as if it was being blown away by the wind. Achilles fell to the floor onto his knees as the scenery changed to the room from before. Bri appeared with the scenery, hovering in front of Achilles.
“Why… did you… do that to me…?” Achilles asked, sobbing silently.
“Because… Inside you lay unlimited potential… to be such a magnificent leader… But you’re in quarrel with your own emotions. You wanted to run away… instead of accept what happened. Please accept my task… Retrieve your friends… and go to Devil’s tower far south of where you shall wake up. There… You will learn the truth… and unlock the forbidden secrets…  Learn the truth… no matter what the cost…”Bri explained.

Suddenly, the scenery started to fade away into darkness, along with Bri. Achilles, becoming angry, jumped to his feet in an attempt to grab Bri. Before he could touch her, she faded away, and Achilles sat in a dark room. With a crack of light opening into the room, he realized it was him opening his eyes, instead of being in a dark room. From the shock, Achilles jumped, and grabbed hold of his weapon. Turning on his saber, he held it to the side while kneeling, taking a look of his surroundings.
“UH; you can put that away…” Lauren giggled from behind.

Calming his nerves, he stood to his feet while putting away his saber. He turned around and caught glimpse of Diana, Palacio, and Lauren surrounding a campfire.
“What…? Diana…? Palacio…?” Achilles gasped as he approached them slowly.
“Look! Sleepy head is awake!” Diana shouted, jumping from the log she sat on.

Before Achilles could make any words of the situation, Diana lunged into him with open arms.
“I’m glad your dumbass is okay!” Diana smiled, squeezing him.

Releasing Achilles, Diana skipped back towards the log, and picked up a stick where a chunk of meat was roasting over the fire. While Palacio did the same, Lauren finished tying a knot on a stake that held up a tent.
“How… How did we get all this…?” Achilles asked.
“… You’ve been asleep for four days…” Lauren answered, sitting next to the tent towards the fire, “This is stuff we acquired from an abandoned vehicle across the way. We didn’t…”
“We didn’t want to carry your fat ass across miles and miles!” Diana shouted, laughing in the process.
“There was also food, but some of it was destroyed. It looked like the vehicle had a very rough landing… But whoever was inside it got away… No signs of blood or anything.” Palacio explained gazing into the fire.
“Come… Have a seat next to me!” Lauren smiled, patting the ground next to her.

Shrugging, Achilles walked over, and sat next to Lauren.
“Man… you look like a mess!” Diana giggled, flipping her meat on a stick.
“You don’t exactly look like a queen yourself…” Achilles smiled, pointing at her torn clothes.
“We’re all fucked up.” Lauren chuckled looking around.

Every person had majorly torn clothing, and scuffs on their faces as well as their exposed skin.
“This is the only blaster…” Diana sighed, pulling it from her belt, “That isn’t fried. Just my luck…”
“Same… I have a blaster that works and that’s it.” Palacio sighed, rotating his piece of meat.
“All my herbs, medicines, and my retractable staff is in top shape in my sack…” Lauren smiled, reaching for her sack hanging off her belt from the back.

Reaching for his weapons, the only weapon he possessed was the saber. He quickly checked all sides, and realized his utility belt was still intact.
“Cool! My belt is still intact!” Achilles sighed with relief.
“Here…” Lauren handed Achilles a stick with a slab of meat on it, “Here’s some food. You were out for four days… you need some food.”

Achilles grabbed hold of the stick, and looked at Lauren’s warm smile.
“Thank you…” Achilles responded back with a smile.
“So, I have a question.” Palacio asked, looking up at Achilles, “You kept chanting a name… Alicia. Who… was that?”

Hearing Alicia’s name brought Achilles to an immediate depressive state. He hunched his back, and gazed into the fire, watching his meat sizzle on the stick.
“I… Don’t like talking about it.” Achilles sighed.
“Come on! Was she a lover or something?” Diana asked, pulling her cooked meat off the fire.

Achilles glared at Diana as she started nibbling on her meat.
“She…” Achilles sighed, looking back at the fire, “I don’t know… I loved her with all my heart… but…”
“I would hope so…” Diana snickered, “When men chant my name, I have them…”
“Diana!” Lauren shouted, stomping her feet, “Continue Achilles.”
“To make a long story short; I was supposed to meet her at our favorite meeting spot. She had incredible news to tell me. Being eager excited, and above all… Stupid, I went there without watching if I was being followed. At the time, I was an agent… and they just put into play about fraternizing outside of our own race. It was law at the time… that humans couldn’t crossbreed with mystics, or angels. Well.. Alicia was part mystic and angel. One of the rarest breeds on Raven… I met her, and she started to tell me the surprise… Then, a group of renegade Agents shot her through the head… As she was starting on the surprise…” Achilles sighed.

Both Diana and Palacio gasped, almost dropping their food from their mouths.
“Oh my… that’s…” Palacio gasped.
“Achilles… No…” Diana said at the same time.
“No… it’s… it’s alright.” Achilles responded, pulling his meat from the fire, “I… never knew what the surprise was… But I do know… she… wanted me to pursue my dreams… and instead of following them… I closed up my heart… and my future… and opened up a sandwich shop.”
“Wow…”Palacio replied, ripping off some meat off the stick, “That’s unreal…”

Lauren placed one of her hands onto Achilles’s back.
“Are… you alright?” Lauren asked passionately.
“Yeah…” Achilles smiled back, “It’s okay… Trust me.”
“I’m really sorry I was so blunt…” Diana sighed, holding another chunk of meat over the fire.
“Hey, you didn’t know.” Achilles responded.
“So what’s our move now that Achilles is up?” Lauren asked everyone.
“I… think we should go… south.” Achilles answered.

The three others looked at Achilles with a puzzled look.
“Which way is that…?” They all asked if different tones.
“Well… What gadgets do we have available?” Achilles asked, taking a nibble from his meat.
“From that jacked up vehicle… mostly everything was trashed… except a sack of food, some medical supplies, and this camping kit. There was a landscape projector… but it’s seriously banged up and unreliable…” Lauren sighed.
“So… lets pick a direction and go!” Achilles smiled, putting his meat back into the fire again.
“Just… go somewhere?” Diana asked, puzzled at Achilles’s response.
“Yeah. We have no map… or guidance… so let’s go a direction… and find a town or some kind of civilization. Maybe we can get a map, and find out where we are. Then, we can decipher where to go from that.” Achilles explained.

Everyone nodded.
“Sounds like our fearless leader made a plan!” Palacio giggled.

Achilles quickly glared at Palacio, then quickly relaxed with another smile.
“Yeah…” Achilles responded, looking up towards the sky, “I… guess I did huh?”

As the night passed on, the four finished their dinner, and started to bundle up inside torn blankets and rags. Diana and Palacio snuggled comfortably inside the tent, with Lauren in the middle. Unable to spare any room, Achilles was forced to lie outside the tent. With the fire dying down, and the nighttime sky littering the sky, Achilles snuggled extra tight inside his blankets while hearing Lauren, Diana, and Palacio wrestle around to get comfortable. Hearing the three struggle and argue made Achilles giggle, as he starred into the starlit sky. Fragments of Raven drifted slowly in space, showing to slowly orbit larger chunks of debris.
“God you are fat… scoot over there!” Diana shouted, kicking towards Palacio.
“Well at least my thighs don’t wake the whole damn forest!” Palacio shouted, scuffling to move Diana.
“You two bitch more than a married couple, move your elbow!” Lauren squirmed between the two.
“Here comes the entitled queen!” Diana shouted kicking into Lauren’s side.
“Says the cherry blossom…!” Lauren shouted back.
“More than you could count!” Diana yelled, ruffling around more.
“You both are whores, stop squirming and go to sleep!” Palacio shouted.
“Shut it before you get a hard one in the loins!” Diana yelled.
“My god, fine…!” Lauren shouted.

In an instant, Lauren tumbled out of the tent, with blankets at hand.
“Hey hoe, you forgot something!” Diana shouted.

As Lauren turned back, she was hit in the face by a ragged pillow. The force threw her down onto the ground into the leaves, which alerted Achilles. He rose up, and glanced over at Lauren.
“Finally, room…!” Diana sighed with relief.
“Whoa… careful there…” Palacio laughed.
“Fucking assholes! I hope you get covered in ants!” Lauren shouted, standing up.

Shaking her body, the leaves fell from her clothes, and some off her blankets.
“Ugh… Stupid leaves…” Lauren complained.
“You… can come over here if you want.” Achilles offered, scattering some leaves next to him.

Lauren smiled at his hospitality.
“Thank… you. You don’t mind sleeping next to a girl?” Lauren giggled.

Achilles started to blush. He looked away, holding back a smile.
“No, Not at all…!” Achilles responded.

Walking over to Achilles, she laid down one of her blankets. Placing the pillow down onto the ground, she started to lay down comfortably, before pulling up a thick blanket over herself. An awkward silence fell over the two. With Achilles looking one way, Lauren looked the other.
“Uh… so… How you holding up…?” Lauren asked politely.
“What… do you mean?” Achilles responded politely.
“You were out for 4 days… What happened…?” Lauren asked.

Achilles twisted his head, looking towards Lauren.
“You were there… don’t you remember?” Achilles replied.
“Huh…?” Lauren replied, puzzled.

She also turned her head to face Achilles.
“You… were unconscious, but you were there too…” Achilles explained.
“Did you have a dream… or something?” Lauren asked.

Suddenly, Achilles had a flashback where he saw the flicker. Then Alicia’s face flashed in the back of his mind, instantly changing his tone.
“No… Not a dream…” Achilles replied with a dark tone in his voice, turning his head towards the stars.
“It was a reminder of what I promised a long time ago…”
“Alicia…?” Lauren asked, turning towards Achilles.
“Yeah…” Achilles responded quietly, “She… Nah…”

Lauren reached over with her right arm, and grabbed Achilles’s shoulder. Being startled, he turned his head towards her, and glanced at her hand.
“Tell me…” Lauren stated with a slight comfort to her voice, “You… were pretty bothered about it… It’s really bothering you… Tell me.”

Confused, Achilles starred at her with a blank look.
“Why should… I tell you? I barely know you…” Achilles responded with a snarky tone to his voice.

He nudged her hand off his shoulder while continuously starring at her.
“Just because we fell from all the way up there…” Achilles pointed to the sky for a quick second, “… doesn’t mean we’re soulmates or anything. Let me make one thing clear to you. I’m not as easy as you think I am to understand. There are many things… I only told… her… and nobody else. They died, when… she died. And I died inside. Since… that incident… I’ve tried so hard to pick up my pieces… which I did with that sandwich shop… And now all this happens. To be frank; I want out.”
“You stood against…” Lauren gasped.
“I was trying to defend myself…  Palacio was the one that made the attack…” Achilles explained.
Lauren retracted her hand, and rolled to where her back was facing Achilles. She pulled up her covers, and shriveled up. When Achilles looked over, the only thing hanging out of her blankets was her blue hair. Uttering a deep sigh, Achilles looked up into the sky, and placed his hands behind his head.
“Ugh…” Achilles sighed, “Lauren…”

She didn’t respond. Hearing his voice made her cringe a little bit more.
“You shot my best friend… and killed my friends… Max was a hilarious guy… but you point blank killed him…” Lauren sobbed.
“Palacio did that also… I merely defended me… I had to kill an agent… but that guy was farther ahead than you guys…” Achilles explained, looking over at Lauren.
“It doesn’t matter! You were involved…” Lauren shouted, spinning around to face Achilles, “I grew up with them… They were everything to me…! Yeah, I felt disgusted with what Max did to me… I wanted him to die… But after the act… when we got here… After everything slowed down… It hit me. Everyone I love is now dead…  I didn’t have anyone growing up… I was an orphan… Max, Damien and Jess were all I had…”
“Lauren…” Achilles sighed, turning towards Lauren.
“No! Listen to me! Seeing how noble you were on Raven… Confused me but… I saw… something in your words. You spoke to me… Even as I watched my friends die around me; everything you spoke… there was truth. With the direction you and your friends were taking… I thought… Wow… Maybe we would see this issue through. Maybe… some kind of save the world ordeal! But you could have fooled me… Wallow in your own self-pity if you want… Alicia, the girl you kept screaming… I bet is churning in her grave right now at you inability to move forward. I heard what you were screaming. The others turned not to listen… But I did.” Lauren explained, pointing at Achilles with fury in her eyes, “You blame yourself for Alicia’s death… and you are running from accepting what happened and moving on.”

Achilles sat up from his blanket, and gazed at Lauren with hatred.
“You would lecture me as if I’m some adolescent? Your vagabond group of friends was conspiring with demons Lauren!” Achilles shouted.
“In my eyes… You’re the demon…” Lauren sighed, snuggling in her blanket while wiping tears forming from her eyes, “Swallowing your own sorrow, and pushing yourself away from your destiny is not the way to live. One day… you’ll realize that.”

Before giving him another word to say, Lauren turned her back on him. She once again snuggled into her blankets to the point where her hair was the only thing sticking out. Having built up tons of emotions from the conversation, Achilles jumped up from the bed, and walked into the woods with only his saber attached to his side.
“Whatever… She doesn’t know what I’ve been through…” Achilles said, “I have struggles of my own. Alicia… was… everything to me…”

Walking farther and farther away from the campsite, Achilles looked up to the starts, reminiscing in its radiance. About a few minutes passed, and looking back, he saw the campsite as a glimmering glow in the distance. Reaching to his side, he grabbed his saber, and stood completely still. With a stroke, Achilles wielded his saber, and sliced in front of him. The green light from the saber lit up a tiny portion of area around him.
“I still hear your words… Alicia…” Achilles growled, holding his saber towards the ground, “I remember when you told me to… Protect what I believe in.”

Grabbing the hilt with both hands, he swiped in an upwards motion, letting his feet lift off the ground. Rotating the saber in midair, he pointed towards the ground. As he landed on his feet, he bent one knee, and drove the saber’s light into the ground.
“ But I failed that one which I swore to protect… I couldn’t do anything about it… I was so helpless… I don’t want ot be that weak again!” Achilles shouted.

Pulling the saber out of the dirt, he stood on his feet, and looked into the sky once more.
“That’s you watching me from the stars isn’t it…?” Achilles murmured to himself, “You kept… me safe coming here didn’t you? Or is it pure dumb luck…? I don’t know many people that would survive a concussion for four days…”

Following a series of swipes and skewers, Achilles grinded his teeth and attacked trees surrounding him.
“You died in my arms… and I could never forgive myself for that… There was absolutely nothing I could have done to save you… I just wish you knew how much I loved you…” Achilles explained, “I refuse to be attached to anyone else… ever again. The pain… is not worth it!”

Suddenly, from behind him, Achilles tuned 180 degrees, barely countering an attack from a shadowy figure that he couldn’t make out.
“So you would rather drown in your own self-pity.” The figure spoke, throwing Achilles back.

The force Achilles was thrown back, stunned him for a moment as he impacted a large tree.
“What… the…” Achilles gasped, falling to his hands and knees.

With his saber still in his right hand, he struggled to push himself off the ground. Before he could gain some footing, the shadowy figure kicked him in the face, throwing him up on the tree again. In an instant, the end of an object touched Achilles’s neck, forcing him to stand on his tippy toes.
“Did you not learn anything from Bri?” The figure shouted.
“Who… what…” Achilles gasped, struggling to stay on his feet.
“He who has eyes from the holy saint…” The figure began to speak.

Catching it off guard, Achilles swiped upwards towards the figure, striking its weapon. Instead of cutting through it, it was knocked away, making the figure jump into the shadows behind it.
“You must be guided back to hence where you came… Or you will suffer the same fate… She would not have wanted her death to be your undoing… She would have wanted it to empower you to defend the innocent… You have many trials ahead of you, young one… ” The figure echoed.
“Wait! How do you know that??”Achilles shouted, standing to his feet.
“Because if you are to fail… I will be collecting your soul.” The figure shouted in an eerie voice.

Achilles held his saber tightly, with a bead of sweat rolling down his face.
“Why not let me have it…? You live with such regret for Alicia… Let me take you to her…” The figure chuckled.

He started looking around into the darkness to figure out where the figure was.
“I don’t think so! Alicia would never… want me to die…” Achilles shouted back.
“But you demanded to be left alone… run from people who depend on you… Admit it, you live in despair… Just end it and come with me…” The figure laughed.

Suddenly, Achilles froze. From his back, he felt a cold touch on his back.
“You’re defending yourself… Do you realize how happy she would be if she saw you again…?” The figure chuckled.
“She…” Achilles started to say, “It… would be… nice to see…”

The figure moved back from Achilles, and uttered a loud laugh.
“That’s the spirit! Hold still now!” The figure shouted.

From the distance, Lauren jumped from the bushes, and swiped at the figure with her retractable staff.
“Get away from him!” Lauren shouted.
“Bah, silly girl. You aren’t too far off yourself… “The figure grumbled, “Achilles… Next time we meet, I will be collecting your soul.” The figure laughed.

With the laugh, the figure disappeared into the darkness without a trace. Stunned and shaken, Achilles fell to his knees in confusion.
“What… was that? How did it know I was in a dream…?” Achilles kept asking himself.
“Achilles…?” Lauren panted, retracting her staff, “Are… you okay?”
“Lauren…” Achilles sighed with relief, “Why… are you out here?”

Lauren clutched her hands, and looked towards the ground in regret.
“I’m… sorry for what I said.” Lauren said, “I spoke way out of line and…”

Out of nowhere, to Lauren’s surprise, Achilles sheathed his saber, and with open arms, he clutched Lauren, burying his face into her shoulder. Pressing onto her with his weight, they both fell to their knees. At first, Lauren was shocked at Achilles’s actions, then placed on of her hands onto his back.
“Achilles…?” Lauren said, in a warm touched voice.
“Several years ago…” Achilles explained while sobbing, “Before I joined the Agency… I befriended a woman named Alicia. She was my best friend… We did everything together. She was there when my family died… She was there when I decided to join the Agency. She would even leave work to come see me the moment my day was over at the Agency… I would try to be there for her… but you know how the Agency stuff works… it’s never predictable. Although my time with her was amazing, we were continuously followed by The Ninjas Guild. At first, they stalked me… and the follower I was assigned. After about a couple years, they left us alone… but started stalking Alicia which scared me. From this, I dismissed my follower, and told Alicia to stay away. It wasn’t long before she asked me to meet her at the same meadow and tree where we met.”
“Oh my…” Lauren spoke.
“I remember it all… I was running up to her, and the sun was setting… It made her lovely hair glow. She sparked extra special that day…” Achilles explained, “She grabbed my hands, and brought herself to my body… and rested her chin on my chest. She explained that she was tired of running from the world, for her safety… And she wanted to take me… and flee. Run away… from everything. She was tired of the wars… Tired of the killing, and tired of the hate. But she knew I couldn’t do that… so she started to tell me she wanted to be by my side. From that day, she registered as a follower to the Agency, which thrilled me.”
“That’s amazing…” Lauren smiled.
“It didn’t last long… She looked at me, and I looked into her… she started to tell me she loved me… and suddenly, her eyes bulged, and she fell limp. From the right side of my eye, I saw a flicker. When I looked back at her… She…” Achilles started to sob again.
“She… died in your arms…?” Lauren gasped.
“Yes… Her last words… Was to follow my deepest desires… and fulfil what I thought was my destiny.  Although… it was very garbled up…” Achilles sniffed, and started to sob again.

Lauren sat in devastation as Achilles continued to squeeze harder on her body. Tears started to form at her eyes.
“So… I hunted them. Despite my orders to ignore The Ninjas Guild, I hacked into the files in the command center at the Infinite Tower… Found the location of the Guild… and disbanded them… I killed every single person in that place. All the men and women that I killed in the name of what I thought was my destiny… When it was finished, I stood in front of their leader… She looked at me with such disgust… It makes me cringe on how she looked at me…” Achilles explained, “It wasn’t fear… It wasn’t anger… Her eyes burned into my brain for all eternity… Her eyes had the look of disappointment in them. I told her that Alicia didn’t do anything to deserve an innocent death. But she stood firm in front of me, and dropped her weapons. Undoing her head dressings… come to find out it was… Alicia’s mother… I couldn’t bear what was going on, so I let my guard down. She took my weapon from me, and forced me to the ground with it. She told me that the agency was corrupted, and she would rather see her daughter die to bring even the newest of recruits to their knees. She then proceeded to tell me back then that her scouts noticed demon activity in the Infinite Tower, and one day in the future they will take over. She offered me to join her in this endeavor, to put a stop to the deal, but I didn’t buy it, and to make a long story short… I got my weapon back, and ran her through. The Agency had no idea I did it… They blamed it on gang wars… I quit, and made my sandwich shop to get away from it all… I feel empty inside for killing all those people… But I’ve put it all behind me…”
“What… do you want to do then?” Lauren asked.
“It looks like I have no choice… I guess I’ll open another shop… after we bring all of this to a close. And I want you to follow me… It’s the least I can do… for getting your friends killed…” Achilles explained, rising off her body.

Lauren looked at Achilles with tears starting to roll down her face.
“Sure… Now let’s go back to the campsite… These woods give me the creeps.” Lauren asked.
“We need some sleep before we travel… who knows how far we are from civilization…” Achilles replied, reaching towards her with his arm.

Lauren grabbed his arm, and hoisted herself to her feet. As she stood tall, with her hand still latched to Achilles’s arm, she looked into his eyes, and a faint calmness settled over the two.
“Thank you for saving my life; I really mean it…” Lauren smiled, wiping tears from her face.
“… Let’s get back to camp.” Achilles replied, releasing Lauren’s grip.


Chapter 13


Mateo, barely able to open his eyes, was quickly blinded by a golden light. Using his right hand, he shielded his eyes, and started to rub them. Like a bus, Mateo was hit with a pounding headache, forcing him to sit upwards while rubbing his eyes.
“My head…” Mateo coughed, “Where am I…?”

Staggering to his feet, he lowered his arms, and starred straight at the ground to get rid of his blurry vision. Being wobbly from the fight beforehand, he realized he hasn’t recovered from the fight.
“What… What’s going on? Where am I?” Mateo asked again, attempting to look at the objects around him.

Once his sight came to, he realized he was standing in a white room, with a door in the middle of it leading into a blue hallway. Noticing the floor was bouncy, he slightly jumped towards the door. While he didn’t feel in danger, he kept his pistol gripped tight in his right hand. Reaching the door, he started knocking. After a few knocks, there was no answer. Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, Mateo used both hands and started to whack the door with more of his strength.
“Hello?? Is anyone out there??” Mateo yelled even louder.
“Save your breath, number 47… You’re not going anywhere.” A mysterious voice spoke from an intercom in the ceiling.

The voice startled Mateo, making him spin around, and put his back onto the door. Holding his pistol close to his chest, Mateo began asking questions.
“Where am I? Who are you??” Mateo shouted.
“I am your new master, my loyal subject. I am Professor Hecate.  I’ve wondered where you been, little one. I almost didn’t recognize you!” The man laughed.

Mateo fell to one knee, feeling exhausted from the fight before.
“No…” Mateo exhaled in exhaustion.
“You put on quite a show for Commander Arthur. So much that they won’t let me play with your DNA any more than we already have! But don’t worry… He personally has something planned for you. He should be here shortly!” The professor explained.
“Emmy… Where’s Emmy??” Mateo demanded, looking up towards the door.
“You must mean number 506. She is being prepared for delivery to Lord Silan. Not that it’s any of your business, but she’s going to be sucked dry of all that delicious energy!” The professor chuckled.

Instantly growing a rage inside of him, Mateo jumped to his feet, and rammed the door with his shoulder.
“Save your strength, boy! That door is made of a special Alloy! Your strength won’t be able to…” The professor explained.

While the professor was talking, Mateo shot the intercom with the pistol, and then started blasting the door’s glass.
“Emmy…!! No! I’ve got to do something!” Mateo shouted.

After shooting the glass and the door several times, he rammed it again. This time, when he rammed it, a larger force pushed his body, allowing him to smash through the door. Without time to recuperate, Mateo looked down each hallway, chose a direction, and started running. As Mateo passed the very next door, Professor Hecate ran out of the door, and pointed at him.
“Don’t let him escape! Stop him!” He shouted.

Professor Hecate was an unusually short man; standing about 3 foot 7. He was skinny, with a pony tail in his black hair that stretched to the mid portion of his back. He also wore a large white coat, with black pants. From his side, he wielded a whip, able to snare specific objects, as well as defend himself. On his face, he had numerous scars, and wore thick; shiny silver glasses.

As Mateo ran past one of the doors, something caught his eye. He turned around, and took a look into the room to see Cecil and Chelsea on tables, hooked up to numerous IV’s and wires. Three doctors wearing identical clothing as Professor Hecate were pacing back n forwards with charts. Mateo attempted to open the door, but was stopped by the door not having a handle. Instead, it was operated by a card. One of the doctors spotted Mateo trying to get into the room and cracked a smile. Nudging the other two doctors, they quickly grabbed a syringe from the table, and shoved it into Cecil and Chelsea’s arms. Before Mateo could react, a man shouted from down the hallway.
“He’s over here!” An Agent shouted.

With his fist balled up, he punched the door, and continued to run. Suddenly, lasers started flying past him.
“He’s on B45! Cut off all exits! He’s a VIP wanted by the commander himself!” One of the agents shouted in a radio.

Hearing the agent, Mateo increased his run speed.
“Chelsea… Cecil… No…” Mateo said to himself, “I’ve got to find Emmy…”

Before eh could react, Mateo was blindsided by an agent from another hallway, and hit in the back of the head with the hilt of a saber. With no way to recover, Mateo hit the floor, incapacitated. Two agents that were chasing him grabbed his arms, and hoisted him to his feet. Before Mateo closed his eyes, he heard a familiar voice.
“You realize we can’t stop this fool right? He’s going to keep breaking out.” One agent said.
“Then we give him what he wants…  No need for this weak minded fool breaking things around here… We are low on resources from taking off.” The familiar voice said.

Before Mateo could see the figure, he blacked out. To him, only seconds passed before he opened his eyes. When he did, he was greeted by Emmy, who was staring at him.
“Wait… Emmy…?” Mateo gasped.
“Yeah… That’s me…” Emmy smiled, playing with his hair.

Instantly, Mateo jumped from her lap, and hugged her tightly.
“Emmy…!” Mateo smiled, with tears coming from his eyes.

Emmy didn’t respond, but comforted him.
“I thought… they were…” Mateo started to speak.
“They… are. They’re giving me to Lord Silan this evening.” Emmy explained.

Mateo peeled himself off of Emmy, and put his hand on her shoulders.
“We can get out of here! We can accomplish…” Mateo started to speak.
“No, Mateo…” Emmy replied, knocking Emmy’s arms from her, “It has… to happen.”
“What? No… What’s the matter with you??” Mateo asked.
“They put something into me… and I can’t use my mystic energy. I can… hardly move.” Emmy sighed.

Reaching for his utility belt, Mateo pulled out a vial. The moment Mateo grabbed hold of the vial, professor Hecate came across the intercom once more.
“Wait… you have… angelic laced vials??” Professor Hecate gasped.
“I figured this might happen one day. I brewed this special potion to rid of all unnatural effects in a mystical being. It took over a year to make, and should cure you up in no time.” Mateo smiled.
“No!” Professor Hecate shouted.

Before anything could happen, Mateo handed the vial to Emmy.
“Mateo… I can’t… move my arm that much…” Emmy sighed.

Moving to her side, he leaned her body back, to where her head was resting on his lap.  He quickly opened the vial, and used his other hand to open Emmy’s mouth. At the same time, a door opened with agents pointing guns. Professor Hecate walked into the room, walking with extreme haste. Before he could reach Mateo, he finished pouring it into her mouth, and closed it once more. Resting her head onto the floor, Mateo stood up with his pistol at hand.
“You bastard… Why do you partner with demons?? Do you realize what will happen if that much mystical energy is given to them??” Mateo shouted.
“Silence, fool! A new era recognized by Commander Arthur is about to be realized! I know all about you, Mateo Leohan. Your parents were really brave. And really stupid…” Professor Hecate laughed.

Filling with rage, Mateo started to charge the man, but was held back by Emmy, who grabbed his arm. Behind Professor Hecate, walked in Commander Arthur.
“Away, men…” Arthur shouted, raising his arm.

With no questions, all the men, including Professor Hecate, left the room.
“It’s so sad to see you there, like that, Mateo.” Arthur sighed, “If only you did what I asked… You wouldn’t be sitting on the floor beaten so badly; and your little girlfriend.”
“Why!” Mateo shouted, still being held back by Emmy’s grip, “What on god’s green earth gave you the idea to destroy our home??”
“Whatever do you mean?” Arthur shrugged, “Last I checked the black tapes… You, Mateo, were the one that pressed the button. You single handedly released the plates into space. Demons attempted to stop you, but you bested them for your own ambition.”

Mateo, stunned, fell to the floor on his knees.
“At least… that’s what everyone here believes. Thanks to my team of reporters, and engineers, we have commandeered your fight with Lord Silan, and Zilan. All the survivors of that accident… blame you, Mateo.” Arthur smiled manically.
“What… have you done??” Mateo shouted.
“I have ruined you, and your parent’s legacy, Mateo… But that’s not why I’m here. You and your shit family were a pain in my side for so long… I had to find an out. Your parents, Julius and Vira, picked up on the ideal plan to unite demons and humans under one flag… Knowing our angelic counterparts would never agree to such a plan. So we tasked them to come here, in search for an ancient temple long forgotten by all. And well; as you can see, they never came back.” Arthur smiled, “And I refused to let you, my boy, enter into the agency. I knew one day you would find out the truth, and ruin everything. So… I had my doctor remove the very things that made you special… And thanks to that special gift, many soldiers and demons alike will benefit from that power. And thanks to your… ahem… heroic efforts, the rest of society believe you were the cause of thousands… to millions of people’s death. Your bloodline… Everything is over for you, Boy.”

Emmy, helping Mateo to his feet, glared at him angrily.
“Do you have any idea what will happen…” Emmy started to growl.
“Oh can it, mystic. Once Lord Silan gets here, you’re being sucked empty. The mystical energy you pose will give him the power to overthrow the angelic government… And conquer their home… Thus making demons and humans the almighty alliance; and no winged freak will dare cross us again!”
“You really think he will share that with you?” Emmy smiled, releasing Mateo and walking in front of him, “Silan is a demon. How can you trust him?”

Arthur removed one of his gloves, and revealed the back of his hand to Emmy.
“See this seal? It’s a seal of bonding; the very essence that Silan is made of runs through my veins, as well as every single human with this symbol. We have a plan, and we are carrying it out. And you… are the key.” Arthur smiled.

Arthur’s eyes started glowing red, giving off a light smoke.
“You, my dear, have so much dormant energy…” Arthur smiled, reaching out with his demon branded hand.
“I don’t think we’re going anywhere but away from you…” Emmy smiled.
“Really now, what could you possibly…” Arthur chuckled.

Before Arthur could finish his sentence; Emmy placed both palms towards him, and emitted a large gust of wind. The wave pierced the ceiling, walls, and floor. When the wind hit Arthur, it not only threw him off his feet, he plowed through the door, the door on the other side of the hallway, and several layers of thick alloy.
“Mateo, let’s go” Emmy shouted.

Mateo slowly raised himself to his feet, and looked at Emmy with a blank look.
“Everything… he…” Mateo spoke softly.
“Come on, Mateo! Snap out of it!” Emmy shouted.

Using her right hand, she slapped Mateo across the face. He put his hand to his face, and gazed up at Emmy, who had a infuriating look on her face.
“Sorry… let’s go!” Mateo shouted, jumping to his feet.

Grabbing hold of Mateo’s hand, Emmy closed her eyes, and faced the ground. Unknowing to Mateo, she started mumbling something that was not understandable.
“Argh…” Arthur growled, stepping out of the giant hole, “You pack a punch missy… Too bad I have to give you what you gave me!”

From his left side, he pulled out a golden hilt. Pressing the button to turn it on, a golden beam came from the lilt surrounded by rings of electricity. As he stepped closer to the two, Emmy opened her eyes once more.
“I know how to get out of here…!” Emmy shouted.

Holding her hand out once more, Emmy knocked Arthur back into the hole with a stronger force. Mateo jumped to his feet, and followed Emmy as she ran out of the room. Starting down the hallway, he noticed an exit sign. Before he came to a stop, he grabbed hold of Emmy’s shirt, making her stop as well. Pointing toward eh exit, the two ran down the hallway until they exited out of the building. What sat in front of their eyes horrified the two. The streets were cracked, and broken; as well as the buildings around. They were leaned over, windows shattered, and random parts of bodies scattered all over the place.
“No… way…” Emmy gasped.
“So… many people…” Mateo gasped.
“I… don’t know what to do…” Emmy sighed, falling to the ground.
Landing several feet from the two, Arthur jumped from the doorway, pointing his saber to the ground. Looking at the two with his burning red eyes, he stood to his feet, and pointed his saber towards Emmy.
“The survivors are currently in the lab deep below, being infused with demon DNA. In a way, they’re becoming more legion!” Arthur shouted with a maniacal smile.
“You… how could you do this to your own people…” Emmy asked, looking up at Arthur, “These people believed in you… You were their hero… You were Mateo’s hero…”
“Bah! Petty hopes and dreams are for the weak. You must be strong and willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means forsaking the weak…!” Arthur smiled, “In order to lead, like I said… Anything…”

Baling his fists up, Mateo pulled out his pistol, and aimed it at Arthur.
“You need to be stopped…!” Mateo shouted.

From behind, Mateo was shoved from his back, falling to the ground. His pistol slid to Arthurs’s feet. Before Emmy could react, she was grabbed by the neck and hoisted into the air by Silan.
“It’s about time you got here.” Arthur smiled, placing his foot on top of Mateo’s pistol.
“So… you’re the one with all that energy… Just holding you like this… I can feel the energy pulsing in your neck.” Silan smiled.

Hearing his voice, Mateo quickly jumped up and darted for Silan. Before he could make any distance, Arthur quickly swung his saber, slicing through Mateo’s left arm. Mateo quickly fell to his knees, and held his arm in great pain. Emmy, who was struggling to breathe, gazed at Mateo in horror as Arthur shoved him back to the ground.
“Enough, commander! There will be no more blood spilt today!” Silan shouted, looking at Mateo’s arm twitching in the rain, “Damn humans.”

Struggling to bite through the pain, Mateo held his arm, and struggled to his knees. Glimpsing towards the ground, he could see drops of blood staining his torn clothes, and landing into the pools of rainwater. Silan turned Emmy’s body to face him.
“Look into my eyes, little girl…” Silan spoke.

The thunder in Silan’s voice paralyzed Emmy. Her arms fell limp, and she stopped moving. He only did that for a few seconds before placing her down on the ground on her feet.
“There.” Silan smiled, “That wasn’t so bad, was it? No bloodshed, no problems.”

Emmy, shaking her head, rand to Mateo.
“Are you alright??” Emmy asked, attempting to touch his stump.

Mateo couldn’t answer, he could only reply in pain.
“Hold still…. I’m going to try to fix it…” Emmy explained.
“He will…!” Arthur shouted, starting to charge Mateo and Emmy.

Silan raised his arm, stopping Arthur in his tracks.
“No…” Silan spoke, “And you would be wise to learn your place, human. Do not disobey me again.”

Arthur, hearing those words, sheathed his weapon and turned his back.
“Don’t cross my judgement again, demon.” Arthur spoke, walking down the gloomy road, “We may be allies… But I don’t have to like you.”
“It is time…” Silan spoke, looking at Emmy.
“I’m… almost done…” Emmy replied.

Using her magic, she moved Mateo’s arm across the way, and gently placed it back on the stump.
“This is going to hurt… and you won’t be able to move it… for a while…” Emmy said, tears starting to form in her eyes.

With a quick flash of purple energy, the arm was connected back to the stump. Jumping to his feet, Mateo pushed Emmy behind him and glared at Silan.
“You will not … Take her…!” Mateo shouted, exhausted.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, placing her arms around Mateo and placing her head onto his back, “I… have… to go. I can’t explain…”

Mateo quickly turned around, and wrapped his arms around Emmy.
“Can’t you… teleport us or something?” Mateo asked.
“Mateo I…” Emmy started to say, “You need to leave… I don’t want you to see what’s about to happen… Please… just go!”

Mateo pushed Emmy away in disbelief.
“What has gotten into you??” Mateo gasped.
“Mateo…!” Silan shouted, “I’ve been patient long enough! To me, girl…”

With her head down, Emmy slowly walked towards Silan. Mateo grabbed her hand, and started to pull her back, but was pushed back by a flick of Emmy’s energy. Standing before Silan, Emmy looked up at him and then looked back to the ground again with a tear rolling down her face. She caught a glimpse of Mateo, who was on his knees, reaching out to Emmy.
“Emmy… why…” Mateo cried, tears rolling down his face.
“I shall commence extraction of the mystic essence form your body.” Silan smiled, reaching for Emmy slowly, “I can’t promise that there will be a trace left once I start.”
“I… I understand.” Emmy replied softly, feeling his hands grab her body and hoist it into the air.

Panicking, Mateo jumped to his feet and rushed Silan. With a flick of Silan’s eyes, Mateo was hit with a force to his stomach, making him shoot out blood from his mouth. Holding his stomach in pain, Mateo fell once again to his knees, and held his stomach. He only could only cough up blood and watch in horror as Emmy was hoisted into the air.
“I shall… be a god…!” Silan shouted.

A beam of light shot down from the sky, enveloping the two.
“Emmy no…!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy’s scream could be heard throughout the plaza. Mateo, hearing Emmy scream, watched in terror as Silan started sucking her energy. The beam started to change colors as he absorbed more and more energy. Becoming consumed with rage, Mateo struggled to his feet, and rand for his pistol across the way. With his right hand, he picked it up, and aimed it at Silan. Before he pulled the trigger, someone passed by wearing torn rags, and dirty pink hair.
“We have to go, now! You’re lucky you’re not dead… We have to get out of here before he finishes! Come on!” The woman shouted.

Mateo quickly yanked from her grasp, and aimed his pistol again at Silan.
“I have… to save…” Mateo growled.
“It’s too late, Mateo!” The woman shouted, “We have to go! That won’t help anything. It’ll just bounce off… You know that!”

Not responding to the woman, Mateo took aim and started to pull the trigger.
“I… I can’t do this… without you… Emmy…” Mateo cried, lowering his pistol, “You’re my best friend… I… have never been… so helpless…”

Taking the moment, the woman grabbed ahold of Mateo’s body tightly, and threw it into a vehicle. While it started to take off, Mateo struggled to sit up, and watched out of the glass.
“No! Let me out!!” Mateo shouted in a berserker’s rage, “Let me out!! I can save her…!”
“… I’m sorry…” The woman sighed, turning the vehicle to a direction Mateo couldn’t see anymore.

The moment Mateo tried to look out the glass again, the vehicle took off. The only thing Mateo could see was the beam of light going into the sky. Before it went out of sight, it turned purple.
“Mateo…! You needed to get out of there… There are… a lot of things we need to talk about and discuss… Please… don’t…” Shimara explained, “I realize she was your friend… But she’s doing us all a favor by giving herself up…”

Mateo threw himself to the front seat, and placed his hands around Shimara’s neck.
“How dare you! She…!” Mateo started shouting.

Shimara quickly elbowed Mateo in the face, making him release her neck. He fell to the back seat, holding his forehead in agony.
“Get ahold of yourself, soldier…” Vakarra shouted, “She just saved many lives by giving herself up. Silan has no issues with us humans. He could care less. But he doesn’t believe in senseless violence. Even though he’s a demon lord, he has respect for others… It’s weird… but… Whatever…”
“It’s that damn Arthur…” Shimara growled, punching her hand with her fist, “That bastard is the one that wants genocide. He’s corrupting what’s left of the humans with that doctor’s twisted experiments to make ultimate soldiers. And we need your help… to… so something about it. But you can’t help if you’re losing your mind… Or if you’re dead.”
“Mateo, don’t despair too much. Even with that energy he absorbs… Silan can’t take over the Angelic Homeworld. Because of what you did to Raven, all his forces were scattered and destroyed… He and Zilan were vaporized when the energy field keeping Raven together exploded… Much of the Pit of hell as severely drained… And it will take about five years for him to prepare for that invasion. You not only bought time… You gave them all those people from the other provinces a chance… Mateo… You’re a hero!” Vakarra explained.
“Emmy…” Mateo sighed, relaxing into the seat, “She… Is…”
“Let’s… go rest back at HQ for a while… Let Mateo get his thoughts together…” Vakarra sighed.
“I… think that’ll work.” Shimara agreed.

While the two women continued to talk, Mateo closed his eyes from the excitement and fell asleep. Once he fell asleep, he was greeted by a warm light that covered his entire body. In front of him, walked Emmy, but she was wearing white garments with a veil that covered her face.
“Emmy…!” Mateo gasped, reaching out to her.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, looking at Mateo’s beat up body, “Please… do not mourn… for… me…”

Mateo jumped back in shock.
“You’re… my best friend Emmy… It pains me inside to know I won’t… see you again.” Mateo explained, “Since we were kids… you’ve been a part of my life… And just like that… you were ripped from me.
“There is more to this world than keeping me safe. I am fulfilling what I believe is my duty… as a mystic… and as a human citizen. These past few days have shown me that I have a purpose with these powers… and I intend to find out what that is… Even… if I must…” Emmy explained.
“It’s… not fair!” Mateo shouted, falling to his knees and punching the floor with his fists, “The only thing that’s going to happen is Silan will become a god… and you will be gone from this mortal plane! I won’t ever see you again Emmy! You are… my world…”

Emmy looked away from a brief moment, then looked back at Mateo.
“As you are mine… this is why… I…” Emmy started to speak.

Before she could speak anymore, Mater jumped into Emmy, and held her tightly.
“Don’t… go… please…” Mateo cried, rubbing his face into her body, “You… are all I have left.”
“Mateo…” Emmy spoke, holding back tears.
“I don’t care what happens to this world… or to any world… I don’t care about humanity… and I don’t care about the future… I… just want you…” Mateo cried, pressing against her body even harder.

From all the tears, and the powerful words, Emmy embraced Mateo as well, falling to her knees like him.
“It’s… time for… me to go…” Emmy cried, running her hand through Mateo’s hair, “The ritual is almost complete… Whatever… decisions you make… from here on… Don’t… give in to despair… please Mateo… You’re capable… of so… many things…”
“I… love you Emmy…!” Mateo said, with tears streaming.

Hearing those words took Emmy’s breath. As she pushed Mateo back a little ways, she forced a smile, and looked deep into Mateo’s eyes.
“I… I love…” Emmy started to speak.

Suddenly, her image faded away into sparkled dust. Mateo attempted to reach for the woman, but by the time his hand came in contact with her body, it dissolved into dust. He fell to his knees as the dust flew into the air, and threw his arms up into the air.
“Emmy…!” Mateo yelled.

As the room turned into darkness, Mateo awoke in a room made of old bricks and a broken ceiling fan in the middle of the room. The bed was severely torn and ragged, as well as the blankets covering him. Feeling the throbbing headache, Mateo rose up, holding it with both hands. A woman dressed in white walked into the room, and smiled at Mateo.
“You’re awake…” The woman smiled.

Mateo didn’t respond. Attempting to get out of bed by putting his feet off the side, the woman took a step towards him.
“Don’t… get out of bed yet. You’re suffering through a concussion and trauma in your left arm. You need rest the next few days…” The woman suggested.

Hearing the woman’s voice, he put his legs back in bed, and laid back down.
“Where…” Mateo attempted to ask.
“An abandoned town…” The woman replied, “There was a ship that crashed here a few days ago… and the people that lived here either vacated, or the town was abandoned a long time ago.”
“And… who are… you?” Mateo asked.
“You… saved me. I’m Becca.” Becca answered warmly, walking towards the bed.
“You’re that… girl in that shop…?” Mateo replied, struggling to open his eyes to look at the girl.
“Yup! Whatever was wrong with me all those years… coming to this planet… fixed me all up. I can’t believe how awesome I feel now!” Becca smiled, “It’s as if I was given another chance at life… I just wish my father was around now…”

Shimara then walked into the room.
“Ah, you’re awake.” Shimara said, “How you feeling?”
“Like a planet hit me in the head…” Mateo replied, holding his head still, “Did you really have… to elbow me like that?”
“Um… yeah, I did. You were trying to choke me.” Shimara replied, “I put my daughter in charge of watching your stubborn ass until you heal up… so don’t expect to go wondering off. And don’t even think about trying to sneak away back to the Infinite tower… Our vehicle ran out of fuel… and this planet doesn’t have what we need to power it. Luckily, we are back at HQ… So get comfortable.”

With that said Shimara walked out of the room and shut the door. Becca smiled, and turned back to Mateo.
“My mom is so pleasant!” Becca laughed, “So… Mateo, is it? Your friend… Emmy… visited me in my dream… She told me my mystical energy was blocked since I was a kid. The blockage I had made me… sick. And it almost killed me… Thanks to Emmy, I was able to not only survive… but now I’m learning how to use my mystic power!”

Mateo raised up, and from the pain of his headache, laid it back down.
“You… don’t say…?” Mateo replied.
“Yeah; she was a very nice woman… Pretty too.” Becca said, looking to the floor, “My mom told me everything… I’m… sorry.”
“That… she was. She was smart… and caring. She loved to help people… but I was so protective of her… I wouldn’t let her.” Mateo sighed.
“So… do you remember… what happened when we got here…?” Becca asked.
“No… not really… I woke up in the basement of Infinite Tower…” Mateo replied.
“Would you like… to know?” Becca asked.
“What?? Yes!” Mateo shouted, raising back up.
“Ok… So… when we got hit by Raven’s shockwave, we were carried along with it. When it hit the vehicle, it shattered the protective casing, throwing us all out of it. Your friend Emmy created a protective bubble around me, because I flew a completely different direction. You guys flew towards the Province that landed on Motavian. I saw you guys land… You crashed through a building, and got flung all… over the place. I thought you were… all dead…” Becca explained, “But I guess our bodies can endure more than I thought!”
“Thank… you…” Mateo smiled, lying back down with a smile on his face.
“You’re welcome! Just shout for me if you need anything… We have enough supply of food to last a good while, thanks to this town being abandoned.” Becca smiled.

As she walked out of the room, Mateo closed his eyes once more.
“Alright… Emmy… I’ll try my best to make you proud up there… I won’t let your confidence and trust in me… Go to waste. A new day shines on us all… I love… you Emmy. I won’t fail you…” Mateo smiled, before drifting off to sleep.



Chapter 14


Moving the seat back, Zane propped his feet up on the dashboard, relaxing. He gazed upwards, towards the stars and let out a sigh.
“Bah, so crazy these past few days have been…” Zane said softly, “In just a few days… we were doing our normal thing… and now, our home is completely destroyed. What the hell… Seriously…”

Specter rose her seat up and looked at Zane, still keeping an eye on flying.
“Zane…?” Specter asked, “What are you thinking about?”
“Just everything… What’s the point in going to Motavian? Our entire society… Everything is gone. We are literally alone, and for all we know everything on Motavian is dead and we’re on our own.” Zane murmured.
“Zane… You can’t think like that!” Specter shouted.

Hearing Specter yell made Zane sit up in his seat.
“Do you not get it?? Raven… Is gone… Exploded into space dust…!” Zane elevated his voice, “It didn’t hit me until we saw a whole piece of it back on Dezian! Our very lifestyle… Our society, our friends, families, everything is gone… So… what’s the point, honey…?”

Before Specter could speak, Zane went closer to Specter, and placed a finger on her mouth to keep her from speaking.
“I am just saying… Maybe we should take all these goodies… and just leave the system… We have more than enough food to last us a good long while. A space craft like this and the speed it can take us can reach another system in just under a couple weeks. We can go, and travel the universe with nothing holding us back!” Zane spoke, getting pumped and excited.

Specter relaxed in her chair, and proceeded to stare to the front of the spacecraft.
“You still don’t understand! We could still do something about things…” Specter replied scornfully, “There’s something much more at work here, and we have a responsibility to the people to make it happen. So what if we’re not in the agency anymore… We are our own boss!”

Zane carefully looked at Specter.
“That’s all the reason we should just leave this behind us… And move on.” Zane replied, before sitting back in his seat.

Angrily, Specter looked forward once again, feeling disappointed.
“I… Can’t believe you Zane… I don’t know what has gotten into you… Where did my fearless husband go?” Specter grumbled.
“He died when his pride and soul got crushed by Lieutenant Leon…” Zane sighed, looking to the window opposite of Specter, “I lived and bled for that Agency… All I ever dreamed about was to serve my homeland. To protect the innocent, and slay any who wish to cause ill to my homeland. I looked at Lyra in that hospital, and asked myself what the right thing would be… The very allegiance I swore my life to was conducting illegal experiments to further our evolution… Is that really a bad thing? I mean, think about it. An unstoppable force with the power to manipulate the powers from each race! What is sacrificing the weak to further human ambition…?”

Specter frowned as Zane spoke, devastated at his words.
“Zane…” Specter gasped.
Zane then sat up in his seat, and turned slightly towards Specter.
“Seriously…! In a sense, it’d be a type of… Legion-izing! It’s not really a terrible thing. I guess you could say… it would unify us all…!” Zane explained.
“Do you even understand what you’re saying?” Specter snapped at Zane, “A one world power… You’re actually FOR these people; who put a target on our backs?? They sold out so many men, women, and children for power Zane. Power…!”

Tears started to form in Specter’s eyes.
“Then when we get to Motavian… Take this ship and go.” Specter sobbed, throwing herself in the seat.

Zane looked at her, puzzled.
“Spec…” Zane started to speak.
“Enough from you…” Specter sobbed.

Removing her hands from the wheel, she reached for her wedding band. With tears flowing from her face, she forcefully removed the ring from her finger.
“You… You’re disgusting, Zane…” Specter growled, looking at the dazzling wedding band, “I married you because I thought you were a man Zane… But I see I was blind to who you really are; as of this moment… You’re no longer my husband.”

Grasping the ring as hard as she could, she chucked it at Zane.
“Fine…” Zane sighed, sitting back in his seat, looking towards the floorboard, “I was hoping you would be more supportive, but I see I’m alone in that department as well. What about Lyra?”
“Lyra is coming with me… That way you can worry about yourself. It’s the only person you give a shit about…” Specter growled, glaring at the front of the vehicle.

Zane turned to Specter with a hopeless look on his face.
“I can’t believe you…” Zane sighed.

All of a sudden, a vast streak of light raced past the ship, causing Specter to jerk the vehicle to the right.
“The hell was that??” Specter gasped.

As fast as he could, Zane quickly turned around to see what the light was.
“We have… A strange object behind us…!” Zane shouted.

Behind them chased a large red ship. On its sides, it had four wings forming an X. It was a crimson color, and had a skinny body with a small laser in the front of it.
“What… What is that??” Specter gasped, looking at the front monitor console.
“It looks like a large red ship, Specter.” Zane replied, his mouth dropping at the sight of the ship.

Specter quickly reached over and punched Zane in the side of his body, making him hunker down in pain.
“It’s an X fighter… Demons are on our tail! I didn’t realize we were in Silan’s airspace…” Specter yelled.

Trying to flip back to the right direction in his seat, Zane continued holding his side where Specter punched him. Reaching to the console, Zane started to push a few buttons to bring up some information. Once he hit enter, he gasped again.
“Specter…. We are in Silan’s airspace…” Zane gasped.

Specter, unbelieving Zane, looked at the monitor.

“What…?” Specter gasped.

On the monitor showed a large blip covering Silan, Gethos, where Raven used to be, and most of the planet of Motavian, and the distance to Dezian.
“How are they controlling this much airspace…?” Specter asked, quickly dodging a white laser passing them.

Pressing a small red button under the dashboard, another monitor with a joystick came out of a sliding door on the glove box.
“Well, I guess these are the weapon systems!” Zane smiled, grabbing hold of the joystick.

As he grabbed the joystick, from his seat, a visor attached to a cable came from the back of the headrest and attached itself onto his head.
“Whoa!” Zane smiled.
“Shoot back, you idiot!” Specter shouted again, dodging another blast.

Looking down at the monitor, Zane could see where the ship was, its movement patterns, and it was already calculating where the next shot was going to be.  Using the joystick, Zane began focusing the target lens on the ship while pressing the fire button. From under the ship, a gun dropped down and started shooting at the ship. Hearing the firing from the gun violently woke Lyra from her sleep. Although the ship was being jolted to the left and right to avoid the lasers, Lyra was surprisingly calm.
“Hey… What’s the racket about?” Lyra asked, rubbing her eyes.
“Strap in and shut up!” Specter shouted, jerking the wheel left and right.

Suddenly, a beep started emitting from the console. It only lasted for a second before a voice came on an intercom. Instead of English speaking, the language was garbled up, unable to be distinguished.
“Damn it!” Specter shouted, “They’re demons…”
“Attempting to translate…” A voice spoke from the console.
“This is Forceful Voyager of the Darkfleet. Surrender now, or be shot down. This is Demon Airspace. Any ship departing Crothan will be destroyed!” Another tone of the computer voice shouted.
“Wait, it can translate?” Zane said, stunned.
“Shit… How much farther do we have until we reach Motavian??” Specter asked.

Lyra, confused, turned around to see the ship chasing and shooting them.
“Guys… Why is that ship glowing blue?”

Hearing Lyra’s worried voice; he turned around as well to stare at the ship.
“Um… Specter… PUNCH IT!” Zane shouted, quacking spinning back to the front.
“I can’t punch it any faster! We’re running out of fuel!” Specter shouted back.

Lyra’s face dropped as the ship started powering up at the tip of it. From the corners of the ship to the center tip, an energy ball started to form. Zane aimed towards the beam and unloaded shots, but due to the particle density of the energy ball, the shots were just absorbed.
“We… Can’t stop a blast like that, Specter…” Zane sighed.

Specter quickly looked around, trying to find a way to avoid the energy ball. Suddenly, the corner of her eye caught a large blueish glow. Turning the ship in a sharp direction left, the blue glow quickly turned into the planet Motavian. Zane and Specter sighed with relief only for a moment as the energy ball released from the ship.
“No, no no no!” Specter changed.
“Shit!” Zane repeated himself.

Without noticing, Lyra started to glow a golden color, unknowing to Specter and Zane. While they concentrated on the energy ball and reaching Motavian, Lyra began moving her hands and arms in an unfamiliar pattern.
“This is it! I’m… Sorry Specter…” Zane cried, grabbing Specter’s hand from the steering wheel.
“I… I don’t… know what else to do! We can’t maneuver that…” Specter cried; sweat and tears beading from her face.

As they clenched their hands, and closed their eyes, Lyra’s entire body turned golden, with gold sparkles emitting from her body. With a tremendous explosion from behind the ship, the energy ball exploded, sending the entire ship into a deadly spiral. From the explosion, Lyra turned back to normal, and was thrown to the roof of the ship in the spiral. The intensity of the ship pushed both Specter and Zane into the seats, unable to do anything. Satisfied with the ship crashing towards Moravian, the pursuer ship quickly turned directions, and continued on its old path.

Everyone inside the ship was unable to move as the tiny ship hurled towards Motavian. Specter desperately attempted to grab hold of the wheel, but was unable to with the strength she had. Zane, giving up altogether, struggled to breathe. Lyra, on the other hand, started turning a dark green as she was pressing against the roof of the ship. With her new color, Lyra was able to move unhindered by the pressure of the deadly spin of the ship. Pushing herself to the seat, she crawled to the front of the ship, and looked at both Specter and Zane. Unable to talk, Specter glared at the wheel. Catching the hint, Lyra reached for the wheel. The moment she grabbed hold of the wheel, the ship violently stabilized, throwing Zane and Specter to the left side of the ship. Lyra quickly dashed to the back seat beforehand, avoiding the collision.

Specter, gaining her senses, quickly kicked off Zane and jumped right back in her seat. Thrusting her foot into the floor on one of the petals, she pulled hard back on the wheel, attempting to slow their descent. Glaring at the cracked front shield, she quickly realized that they were plummeting nose first towards a large city. Trying not to panic, she put her left foot onto the dashboard to give her more strength in her right leg, and pressed harder on the petal, and also used the strength to pull up more on the ship.

From the stress, and struggle to pull the ship up, she started gritting her teeth together. Sweat beaded from her face, soaking into the collar portion of her shirt, and soaking the ends of her hair as well. Fiercely approaching one of the buildings, Specter uttered out a scream, along with Zane.
“Oh my… NO!” Lyra shrieked.

The moment Lyra shrieked, the edge of the ship clipped the building, causing the back portion of the ship to break and bend, throwing the ship into an incline, followed by smoke and then a decline.  Inside the ship, alarms started screaming, indicating the ship was free-falling. Lyra quickly turned around to see the building that they clipped caught fire at the section the clipped.
“The direction that clip threw us… Puts us… into that large forest over there…!” Specter shouted, struggling to maintain the ship.

Smoke started filling the ship as well, causing everyone to start coughing relentlessly. Thick smoke started to sear Specter’s eyes, rendering her sight significantly while Zane and Lyra coughed wildly. Near a squint Specter was barely able to see the fast incoming trees she was headed towards, making her body panic more.
“Brace…. Yourselves…” Specter growled, attempting to speak from the smoke clogging her lungs and gritting her teeth.

Suddenly, the vehicle shook violently to the point where the glass top exploded, sending Lyra out of the vehicle. The broken shards and glass swiftly passed over Zane and Specter, slicing and cutting their skin. Unable to shield her eyes from the glass, one piece tore from her cheek, across her eye to her forehead, immediately taking away sight from that eye. In mere seconds, the vehicle slammed into a tree sending it into a front to back tumble, throwing Zane out of it as well impacting a tree. Specter, still holding onto the wheel out of fear, still attempted to keep the vehicle stable as it smacked through trees like a ping pong ball.

Finally the ship came to an abrupt halt against a large trunked tree. The vehicle slid down the tree, and ended landing right side up with Specter stunned in the seat. Coughing and struggling to breathe, Specter pulled herself out of the seat and fell over the door. She sprawled out on the ground, feeling the coolness of the leaves and dew on the ground. Her one eye opened slightly she was able to see the crystal blue skies, something that was unfamiliar to her as well as the heat from the sun. She lifted her hand in front of her sight to see the shadow of her hand cover her face. Still unable to speak, Specter turned to a random direction, peering through the path carved by the falling ship. Unable to keep her hand up, her arm fell onto the ground. In the distance, she could see a running figure running to her. She could hear shouting, but from everything she just went through, her adrenalin was still running through her body. As the figure approached her closer, she started to close her eye out of exhaustion. Before she passed out, she heard a mumbled voice.
“The body is alive…! And the ship… is… Angelic…! Quick! Start salvaging!”  A woman spoke.

Meanwhile, Zane tumbled down multiple trees, bouncing around like a ping pong ball. Quickly realizing he was in a few second free fall, he reached out and grabbed a random branch that was barely able to support his weight. It sent him twirling in circles for a moment before he stopped, stopping his descent. Although he was exhausted, he was able to look down, see the distance he can fall, and let go. Instead of landing gracefully on his feet, when he landed, he fell onto his back. In seconds, the pain shot through his leg, making him grab hold of his right leg in agony.
“Shit! I… broke my knee… And all the supplies are in…” Zane grumbled.

When he looked up where the direction of the ship went, he saw a small plume of smoke, followed by a loud crash. Zane quickly rolled to his stomach and quickly hoisted to his feet forgetting his leg was broken. The moment he attempted to take off running, he fell back to the ground.
“No… Specter…!” Zane shouted.

Hoisting himself up again, he reached for a rather large stick to hold steady. Slowly sitting on the ground, reaching for a few leaves, small sticks, and vines while steadying himself with the stick, he started to construct a make-shift tunicate over the femur portion of his leg. As he tightened one of the leaves he hissed in pain as jolts of pain shot up his leg. Once finished, he pulled himself back up, and swiftly limped towards the crash site. Before he could go far though, he was surrounded by men wearing white clothing carrying a device resembling rifles made of vines and sticks. They circled him, and hand their weapons at the low ready. One person resembling a woman came from the circle and stood really close to Zane.
“Who are…?” Zane questioned.
“We would like to ask that, thank you. You bring your space contraptions and poison our precious forest… Identify yourself…” The woman spoke in an unfamiliar accent.
“We…” Zane coughed, “We… came…”

Exhaustion quickly started overtaking Zane, making him stumble towards the woman. She reached out, and attempted to stabilize him.
“Don’t… be alarmed. We are not hostile…” The woman said.

Hearing the woman’s voice soothed Zane to the extent that he relaxed more on his stick to keep him stable.
“Specter… She crashed over there…!” Zane shouted, struggling to stay stable.

Slipping from his stick, Zane fell to the ground on the side that he broke his leg on, and passed out. With two people wearing white clothing, they strapped their weapons to their back and picked up Zane onto their shoulders. The woman pointed in the direction of the crash site.
“Go! Check for survivors! Gather everything you can, and meet back at camp! This man is in critical condition!” The woman shouted.
“Yes Ma’am! If we find no survivors, what do you want us to do with the body?” One of the other women asked.
“… Whatever is left after salvaging it, burn it to the ground. Leave no identification of anything resembling the craft. Bring the bodies back to the village. I don’t want any kind of trail for those wretched Crimsons to follow us. Be swift!” She shouted.

Followed by a salute, the woman along with the two carrying Zane darted one direction, while the squad of others ran towards the crash site. On the treetops, Lyra was hanging off one of the tree limbs, watching everything transpire.
“What… on earth? Who… are they?” Lyra asked herself.

Watching Zane be carried off, she started swinging on the tree tops stealthy following him.
“Where are they… taking him? He looks pretty beat up…” Lyra asked herself, swinging through the branches.

All of a sudden, unable to react, a net was enveloped around Lyra, hindering her movement. She started rolling onto tree limbs towards the ground. Before she impacted the ground, two soldiers dressed in red battle gear caught her. As the soldiers landed on the ground, they dropped Lyra.
“We caught one.” One man said.
“Very good, soldier…” A man dressed in silver gear said.

Lyra started to scramble, trying to get out of the net as the man walked towards her.
“Lookie’ here… I’ll be! It’s the test subject from a while ago! Who would have thought we’d see you here, missie? You must have had quite an adventure to come this far…” Leon chuckled, pulling a pipe from his mouth.
“No… no no! Get away from me!” Lyra screamed, trying to scurry away.
“You’re acting like those rats around here!” Leon laughed.

With his foot, he kicked towards Lyra’s midsection. To his surprise, Lyra grabbed it, glaring at him.
“You… You… bastard…!” She screamed.

Her skin and hair turned deep red while her hair stood up from her body. Sparks of flame started flying from her hair, burning the net. Leon and the soldiers jumped back, watching Lyra stand from the ground with the intense heat emitting from her body. At that moment, her eyes turned red, and emitted a haze of fire from them.
“You shall burn in the emptiness of hell! All shall burn!” Lyra shouted throwing her fist towards Leon.

With her fist thrusted at Leon, a large fireball quickly gathered, and jolted towards Leon. To his surprise, the soldiers started to run behind Leon as he put his hands up to counter the blast. On impact, the blast exploded, throwing the soldiers back into the forest, and catching the surrounding area on fire. Leon, with the tips of his gloves smoking, smirked as he lowered his hands.
“Look at you! You’re on fire!!” Leon smiled, watching Lyra.
“Witness the power of hell!” Lyra screamed in a demonic voice.

Putting both of her hands up, another fireball started to gather. At the same time, Leon leaned back, and stood in a football stance. While watching the fireball grow, he started to absorb a faint purple mist from behind him. A bead of sweat started to roll down his face, but was quickly seared off from the heat of the fireball.
“I think… your powers are going out of control little girl. Calm down or you might… explode!” Leon shouted, watching the fire grow wildly.

As he taunted her, he realized his words weren’t sinking in. With a more sinister smirk, Leon dashed towards Lyra. To his surprise, he was forced back from the pressure of heat surrounding Lyra. This made the purple mist envelope Leon, astonishing him. He stared at her with great fear, and worry.
“What did Professor Hecate do to her??” Leon shouted, “Lyra, stop it!! You’ll destroy everything…! Calm yourself!!”

Filling with fear, Leon quickly turned around and started running away. As Lyra looked at Leon running away, she allowed the fireball to shrink in size with the distance of him running away. It wasn’t long before he was out of site. Once he was out of site, Lyra turned to her normal color, and fell to her knees, puzzled.
“What… was… that? How did I…” Lyra asked herself, looking around at the charred forest around her.

All of a sudden, the woman running with Zane fell in front of Lyra. She quickly turned around, and glared at Lyra.
“What are you?? How did you create so much fire…?” She asked, stunned at Lyra.

Lyra fell over, feeling weak.
“You’re lucky I have the power of ice.” The woman sighed.

Turning around with her back facing Lyra, she extended her hands into the air. Lyra watched as the woman’s hands turned white as ice.
“What… is that… power?” Lyra asked.
“Silly girl, watch.” The woman spoke.

In an instant, the sky above them turned white. Lyra felt ice cold droplets hit her face and rolling down her skin. She watched as the woman elegantly danced around, slowly putting out the fires Lyra created. It wasn’t long before the fires were out, bringing a large relief to Lyra.
“Its Mystical energy turned into elements. You used fire a great deal… Didn’t you know that…?” The woman asked, kneeling towards Lyra.
“I’m not what you call a Mystic…” Lyra sighed, staggering to her knees.
“You can explain everything once we get to the village. Quick, before those pesky humans come back. We need to hurry, we have injured. That man called you Lyra?” The woman replied, standing to her feet.
“Yes…” Lyra responded, staggering to her feet.
“I am Princess Sophie of the Four Leaf tribe. Come. We must hurry” Sophie explained.

With that said, Lyra started following Sophie into the woods, with no idea where she was going. Lyra quickly did a take back on the area that she set fire to and noticed the trees were completely charred from the fire, along with some of the wildlife. Keeping that in her mind, she started to feel a level of despair, confused as to how she was able to conjure that level of mystic energy.
“Lyra…” Sophie questioned, “How is it you are able to keep up with me??”
“I’m… I’ve been genetically altered… By the guy you saw me standing with…” Lyra responded.
“That devil moon that exploded… The evil that crashed onto our home… The evil has come to our home once again, to spread it’s hatred for all across the land…” Sophie uttered.

Before she knew it, Lyra was running next to a badly wounded Zane. She quickly gazed over him to see his skin torn, his leg bandaged with leaves, and his face was covered in soot from the smoke earlier. Unable to fully examine him, she caught up with Sophie and continued into the forest. Meanwhile, at the crash site, Specter lay barely conscious as the woman walked up to her. Putting her hand to hear ear, she pressed a button of some kind and relayed a message.
“The body is alive…! And the ship… is… Angelic…! Quick! Start salvaging!”  A woman spoke.

Specter tried to raise her hand again, but was unable to. One of the people kneeled in front of her, and placed their fingers on her neck for a pulse.
“She has a weak pulse, but it’s still there. Hey, can you hear me?” The woman asked waving her hand in front of Specter’s face.
“Hi…” Specter whispered, barely able to speak.

Hearing Specter’s parched voice made the woman gasp. She reached back, pulled out her flask, and slowly started pouring the fluid into her mouth. The second it touched Specter’s lips, she flung to life. She forcefully grabbed it with her left hand, sat up on her knees, and chugged the water as if she never drank water before.
“Whoa!” The woman gasped, jumping back, “You are very much alive!”

Specter ignored her as she continued chugging the flask.
“You may… want to calm down! That flask won’t ever run out of water!” The woman kind of giggled.

Specter pulled the flask from her mouth, and wiped off some extra water on her face. She gazed at the woman, who was baffled by her actions.
“This… is the best… water I’ve ever tasted!” Specter smiled.

Suddenly, the sharp pain in her eye caused her to drop the flask. Reaching for her eye, she managed to grab hold of a small shard of glass that was sticking from it. With both hands, she grabbed the shard and swiftly pulled it from her face. Succumbing to the pain, she threw the glass shard, and fell to the ground, rolling in agony as blood oozed from her eye. The woman, running to Specter, picked up and holstered her flask.
“Miss…!” The woman shrieked, trying to grab hold of Specter.

Unable to control Specter, the woman reached into her sack, and pulled out a tiny button. Grabbing hold of Specter for a split second, she too the button and pushed it onto Specter’s neck. In seconds, Specter quickly stopped rolling around, and fell into a sleep.
“This woman is in critical shape, Princess Sophie…” She said, pushing the button on her ear.
“Madam, there are numerous adventurer bags here covered and filled with Angelic gear…” One of the soldiers said, opening one of the sacks from the back of the vehicle.
“Yes, Princess…” The woman acknowledged, “I see that. Bring everything we can, and torch what’s left. Nothing can remain here. The men from the Demon Moon will trace it back to the village, then we’re all doomed. Hurry everyone, we don’t have much time!” The woman shouted.

Reaching down, she picked up Specter across her shoulder, and turned back to her team.
“Hurry back to camp, this girl needs medical attention immediately…!” The woman shouted.



Chapter 15


Palacio jumped from the tent, sending the tent crashing down on Achilles, Lauren, and Diana.
“I’ll protect you guys!” Palacio shouted, pulling out his laser gun.

The moment he shouted, he squeezed the trigger. Chaos erupted inside the tent as the three others were desperately trying to see what was going on after waking up from a deep sleep. Noticing he shot into the trees, he quickly holstered his laser gun, and proceeded to remove the tent from his friends.
“Sorry! I got spooked… I heard something.” Palacio giggled, removing the fabric off of the others.

Achilles was the first one to roll out. He jumped to his feet, and gazed at the crashed tent. You could tell his heart was racing 100 miles a second.
“You’re crazy…!” Achilles shouted, putting his hand to his chest.

Diana kicked Lauren from the tent, and rolled out gracefully. She jumped to her feet and quickly bashed Palacio on the top of the head.
“What the…!” Palacio shouted, placing both hands on his head and kneeling in pain, “Why did you hit me??”
“Stupid bastard… Are you trying to get killed?” Diana shouted.

Suddenly, there was another flicker of movement from the direction Palacio shot. The four stood calmly, watching the trees shuffle. Lauren quickly glared at Achilles, watching his movements. Achilles, on alert, reached to his side and grabbed his half working saber, and held it tightly. It was only for a second, and then the leaves and tress were silent again. It was so silent; you could hear a pen drop a mile away.
“… I…” Palacio started to speak.

From the bushes, a shadowy figure rushed from the leaves, and quickly hit Achilles before he could pull out his saber. When he fell to the ground, the shadowy figure threw itself straight up into the air, flying far away from the range of the laser guns. Lauren quickly fell to Achilles’s side, trying to bring him back to his feet.
“What was that??” Palacio gasped, jumping back.
“That… looked like a shadowy apparition…” Lauren replied, helping Achilles back to his feet.
“But during sunrise?” Palacio asked.
“That’s really odd…” Lauren replied, helping Achilles dust off.
“Lauren… I got it…” Achilles snapped slightly, dusting himself off, “What’s a shadowy apparition?”
“It… It’s like a scout of Silan. They scout out areas directed by Silan himself… But, this is Motavian. Why would demons be here…?” Lauren explained.
“If he’s scouting the area, how about we get moving? I’m not thrilled with being demon food or anything…” Achilles responded.
“Not arguing that.” Lauren replied back, smiling ear to ear at Achilles’s words.
“Sounds good…” Palacio responded.
“Good… This ground is jacking up my hair…” Diana pouted, holding her dirty, dry hair.

With this said, the four gathered what they could carry. Using the slightly torn Tent sheet, they loaded what supplies they gathered from the area into it and bundled it up tight. Palacio volunteered to carry the sack with a large stick over his back due to his strength overall.
“So, which way do we go…?” Lauren asked, looked at Achilles intently.

Achilles looked back at Lauren, confused.
“I… I HAVE…” Achilles started to respond.

There was a silent voice in the back of his head.
“Go south… The sun rises to the east… The sun sets to the west… Head south, to the Devil’s tower…” A warm, soft voice spoke to Achilles.
“Um, Achilles…?” Diana asked, drawing a blank.
“The sun… rises to the east… So, let’s go this way…” Achilles responded, pointing towards a direction.
“Why… that way? It’s the same way as every way!” Diana responded, growing slightly impatient, “This is… a forest! We’ve never experienced this amount of vegetation before…”

Palacio and Lauren both looked at Diana with a curious look on their faces.
“I… I just know.” Achilles spoke back.

This said, Achilles started walking towards the direction he pointed. Lauren, who didn’t doubt Achilles, eagerly ran to his side. Diana, however, was extremely curious at Achilles’s actions.
“Palacio…” Diana asked, starting to follow Achilles, “The hell was that about?”
“What do you mean?” Palacio replied, walking side by side with Diana, “He’s… being Achilles I think? I’ve only known him a couple days.”
“Huh…” Diana replied, crossing her arms, “It’s strange. He woke up four days after we got here, and then that night he and Lauren come back from the forest… A girl that we just met mind you…  And now, he immediately knows what direction to go. It’s like he… has an inner voice telling him what to do…!”
“Why not let him decide where to go…?” Palacio asked, looking at Diana, “If you really think about it, he’s the only one with real combat training… You are a thief in a gang… Lauren is a certified follower for an agent… and then there’s a houseboy, me. So, what’s the problem…?”

Diana glared at Palacio, puzzled.
“Really now…? I guess I’m some dumb slut that steals from the poor huh?” Diana snapped.
“Wait, no… I didn’t mean it like that…” Palacio responded, a bead of sweat running down his head, “I don’t know about the dumb slut and stealing, but I’m just going by off what you said earlier… I am, for certain, that Achilles and Lauren will take us wherever their instincts tell us. Just have faith, cutie.”

Diana started turning red hearing his compliment.
“You think… I’m cute?” Diana smiled.
“Yea, you kind of remind me of a cute older woman I ran into in a grocery store!” Palacio smiled.

He looked up in thought.
“Yea! She was old though… Too dusty for my taste; but she did have some cute-“

Without letting him finish, Diana jumped onto Palacio’s back, and started pummeling his head relentlessly. He attempted to fight back, but with the position she was on him, he was unable to avoid being struck. Lauren, looking back at the two, smiled, and looked back at Achilles.
“They’re so cute together…!” Lauren giggled.
“Yeah, they are funny…” Achilles chuckled only for a second.
“Achilles… You’re acting strange today.” Lauren sighed.
“The fact that we’re on Motavian… Our home is destroyed… and you want to ask me why I’m feeling strange? That’s kind of stupid.” Achilles shouted, “I’m borderline ready to snap! My whole life’s work has been destroyed! Everything! My sandwich shop, my beloved, my ambition, died along with our home planet. Do you think we’re here to save the world?? Since we got here, I’ve done nothing but resent doing anything but being in my shop as our planet exploded!”

Hearing Achilles shout brought everyone to a halt.
“Achilles…?” Palacio gasped, pushing Diana away, “Really now? Is that why you’ve been acting retarded…?”

Achilles turned towards Palacio with a devastating look on his face.
“Retarded, no… Logical, yes! My whole life exploded with that planet. My whole way of life; everything…!” Achilles shouted.

Palacio quickly walked up to Achilles to the point where their chests were touching.
“That sucks for your sandwich shop doesn’t it?” Palacio spoke softly.

Diana started to grab hold of Palacio, as well as Lauren with Achilles.
“Yes! Do you even know how long I worked to achieve my dreams??” Achilles asked Palacio.

Taking his right hand, Palacio balled up his fist and with all his strength, punched Achilles in the face. The force sent Achilles straight to the ground. Before he could react, Palacio once again pushed Diana away and jumped on top of Achilles.
“I lost everything! You talk about your precious shop! I lost my daughter, you conniving bastard! My wife disappeared a few years ago, and I had to leave my daughter behind… But you lost the most didn’t you?? You piece of shit! I’ll kill you!” Palacio shouted, pummeling Achilles in the chest, arms, and face.

Lauren and Diana started to grab Palacio’s arms, but were unable to due to his strength.
“You’re acting like you lost everything! You could put a shop out here! I can’t get back what I lost, no matter how bad I wish for it! You think your struggle is maddening?? I’ve almost lost the motivation to live!” Palacio shouted.

Taking a deep breath, Palacio stood up from a beaten Achilles, and took a few steps back while shaking his hands.
“I understand you lost your shop. But take into consideration what others have lost as well. Diana lost all her friends, and her family. Lauren lost her family as well… I lost my only daughter, and now I have no hopes of finding my wife. Think about that before bitching about some shop.” Palacio spoke softly, “Now… Let’s go.”

Without hesitating, Diana walked near Palacio while Lauren helped a beaten Achilles up. As he stood to his feet, Lauren took a step back from him.
“He’s right… you know.” Lauren replied.

Achilles wiped the blood on his face onto his sleeve, and spit a mouthful of blood as well. He looked at Palacio, and looked down in shame.
“I… I’m sorry.” Achilles replied softly.
“I know… you are, but I think this is when you really need to pull yourself together, and figure out what you really want to do.” Lauren spoke, turning away from Achilles.

Turning her back on Achilles, she walked swiftly to catchup to Palacio. Achilles stood, with blood dripping from two small open wounds on his face, and looked at the ground in shame.
“I’m… Sorry…” Achilles continued to murmur to himself.

As he also started walking behind Palacio, Diana walked rather close to him.
“I… lost control…” Palacio murmured to himself.
“No, Palacio… It’s alright… “ Diana replied, attempting to place her hand onto his back.

Palacio shrugged, slightly pushing Diana’s hand from him.
“No… There’s… Too much on my mind.” Palacio responded, gazing into the floor.
“You can… talk about it, Palacio…” Diana sighed, retracting her arm.
“… I… I miss my family.” Palacio sighed, looking at his bruised hands, “I… Miss Shimara, so much… I would have done anything to see her again. My daughter was sick… And she made me leave her on that cursed planet…”

Diana placed her hands in her pockets, hearing Palacio’s sorrowful voice.
“How… did you guys meet?” Diana asked.
“How…?” Palacio sighed, and cracked a grin, “It was about twenty years ago… I was in the peace corps. Man that was a good year! I saw Shimara, I call her Sharon, training for the Agency. That day; that very important day, her squad was training in the field next to our building. She was in charge, and she looked so gorgeous… Those amazing legs, that beautiful hair swaying…”

Diana cracked a grin also, watching Palacio get excited.
“She wore literally nothing. Like a black tank top with her belly showing, and a black skirt that barely trickled down her thighs. She also had some kind of silver wrist brace, but… I watched as her and her squad were sparring with each other. She was like lightning all over that field. Quickly capacitated every single one of her people, and helped them back up afterwards. Never seen anything like it… But in the distance, I saw some kind of creature. It was red, with tentacles coming out of it. It also moved really fast. My unit got deployed as well, being that Sharon’s unit wasn’t activated.” Palacio explained.
“Wait, I thought Agents were always active?” Diana asked.
“Not exactly. Whenever there was civil disturbances in the Peace Corps get deployed. If it manifests into a bigger situation, the Agents get deployed. About ten years ago, the Peace Corps got disbanded, and the Agency increased its manifest. Anyway, we all grabbed our gear and headed out. As we got closer, I watched as Sharon started to combat the beast. Although she was superb in her fighting technique, she wasn’t acting with her team. Her teammates were killed by the time we got there. Before we could fight the beast, I watched Sharon get grabbed, and thrown into the ground like a rag doll. Watching her body impact the ground at that level of force, I’m shocked she didn’t splatter like a tomato. Naturally, being a man of my own code, I ran to her side. Once I checked her vitals, I was about to run back into battle, when my team lead ordered me to get her to safety. While my teammates fought the creature, I worked on getting her broken body to a safe place. I remember feeling her bones crinkling and fragmented in my arms while I ran into the building… Never felt anything like it before.”Palacio shivered slightly.

Diana started to shiver also at the same thought.
“Anyway, we got inside, and she woke up. I almost dropped her… because she was so bruised and banged up, I didn’t understand how she could be conscious without screaming! I took her to one of the cots in the back, and grabbed some medicine. When I got to the cot, she was desperately trying to get out of the cot. But of course, when you have virtually every bone in your body shattered, it’s kind of hard to. She did, however knock the medicine out of my hand, and pointed to the pouch on her waist. Not going to lie, where she was pointing, my brain hit the gutter real fast! I reached for the pouch and pulled out a tiny golden vial. I opened it and fed it to her slowly. The moment she closed her mouth to swallow it, she jumped out of the cot, pushed me to the wall, and kissed me.” Palacio smiled, blushing.

Diana’s face drew blank from Palacio’s reaction.
“So, she pulled off me, and told me… She wanted to marry me. I didn’t know what to say, or think… She slipped a piece of paper in my pocket and ran off again. Man, she was fast too. When I reached down, I saw that it was information to her number, address, rank in the Agency, the chapel she wanted to get married at, and her entire name. I just couldn’t believe it!” Palacio giggled.

Diana stood with her eyes and mouth wide open.
“So… they killed the monster by the time I get outside… Sharon was nowhere to be seen, and my guys were tending to the wounded, and the dead. To make an even longer story short, I went to her home address the next day, and she was waiting on me.” Palacio smiled, looking ahead of him.
“That’s a crazy story!” Diana cheered him on.
“Yes… Yes it is, isn’t it?” Palacio smiled, looking into the sky, “And… you know something Diana? I don’t think she would like if I spent my last days mourning…”

Diana smiled, and grabbed hold of Palacio’s arm.
“I don’t think she would either…” Diana smiled.
“Wow, what a crazy story…” Lauren smiled, walking up to Palacio.

Hearing Lauren startled Palacio.
“Uh, yeah… don’t sneak up on an old guy like me, okay?” Palacio smiled, with a bead of sweat rolling down his head.
“Sorry!” Lauren replied.
“How’s Achilles doing?” Palacio asked, turning his head to see Achilles.
“He’s… lost in thought.” Lauren sighed.
“Is he… thinking about that shop, or Alicia?” Diana asked, crossing her arms.
“Diana!” Lauren snapped, throwing her arms to the ground.
“Shush… Lauren.” Achilles murmured, walking beside Palacio and Diana.

The three others walked in silence at Achilles’s presence.
“No… It’s… alright.” Achilles replied, holding his face where one of his wounds were bleeding, “It’s about time I shed some… light.”
“Achilles… I’m sorry I lost control.” Palacio said, pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket.

Achilles pushed Palacio’s hand away.
“It’s alright… I have a thing against using other people’s snot rags. I heard everything you said Palacio… I was touched… I can’t help but laugh at some of your remarks, but I was touched… and I’m… sorry for… Everything that you…” Achilles froze.

This made the other three stop, and turn to face Achilles.
“I hear… something.” Achilles whispered.

Without hesitating, Achilles darted to the left at a high rate of speed. Curious of Achilles’s actions, the other three followed him. It wasn’t long before they passed by several large trees, and stood next to a river with a large bank on it. Achilles stood tall at the bank, looking down at another ledge. Below, he saw two people fighting each other. One person wore torn, black clothing while the other had pink hair, also wearing rags with rusted armor.
“Who… are they?” Palacio asked, panting.
“P… Palacio?” A warm voice was heard from the distance.

Palacio stood straight up; a tear instantly started to roll down his face. To him, it felt like a large dagger shot straight through his emotions. Diana, hearing the voice turned around and was greeted by a similar woman that Palacio explained, standing next to a girl that wore a stained gown.
“I…” Palacio swallowed hard, “I recognize that voice, but…”

The woman with the torn gown tackled Palacio from behind, bringing him to his knees. Out of instinct, feeling the warmth of the hug, he clenched her arms, and held tightly. He looked up to the sky, and tears started flowing from his face.
“This… can’t be!” Palacio cried.

Lauren, grabbing Achilles, started to head down the hill as Diana watched Palacio cry in happiness. Shimara, who was standing next to Becca, put her hands to her face at the sight of her husband.
“Palacio…” Shimara gasped, slowly walking towards him.
“This is so amazing!” Diana cried as well, with tears of joy.

Down below, Mateo and Vakarra were sparring.
“Left jab, Mateo! Let’s go!” Vakarra shouted, lunging at Mateo.

Mateo attempted to guard, but Vakarra faked the attack, and followed with a right knee to the gut. The impact immediately sent Mateo to the ground. Vakarra used this opportunity to kick Mateo in the face, sending him to his back.
“You’ll never get the chance to kill Arthur fighting like this!” Vakarra shouted, circling Mateo.
Mateo coughed, unable to speak.
“Get up! We have much more training to do!” Vakarra shouted, ripping off a shoulder piece, “I did not rescue you to be bullshit!”

Hearing Vakarra infuriated Mateo. Grabbing his stick with both hands, he jumped to his feet once more, and lunged at Vakarra. Cracking a grin, Vakarra quickly dodged the attack, and with the hilt of the stick, struck Mateo in the back sending him to the ground in pain.
“You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You lack the proper skills needed to be an agent.” Vakarra sighed, placing the stick on her shoulders, “If you can’t even defend yourself with me, do you honestly think Arthur is going to show you mercy?”

Achilles and Lauren stopped at Vakarra’s words.
“Um… ma’am? Why are you savagely beating him up?” Lauren asked.

She glared behind her and caught a glimpse of Lauren.
“Lauren Techanol… a follower from the C14B sector.” Vakarra smiled, turning around, “And Achilles Torelami, former agent. Left due to unknown causes. Affiliated with Alicia Forndike, A mystic – angel mix. You started a sandwich shop.”

Lauren and Achilles gasped at her words.
“But… How…?” Lauren gasped.
“Up on the hill, Palacio, Shimara, and Becca Forlamini. Married twenty years ago and had a child, who fell terminally ill. Diana Besley. Wanted for countless crimes against the Agency, and the government. Affiliated with a crime lord. Do not underestimate me.” Vakarra explained.

Before Vakarra said anymore, she caught Mateo attempting to get up. With her foot, she raised it, placed it on Mateo’s upper back, and drove him back into the ground.
“Whoa! Why are you pummeling him?” Achilles asked.
“It’s not pummeling… It’s training for the Agency. Mateo asked me to train him hard, and make him strong. So I’m doing it.” Vakarra explained, glancing at a struggling Mateo.
“Wait… The Agency?” Achilles gasped, reaching for his saber.
“Yes.” Vakarra smiled, “What are you going to do about it?”

Without hesitation, Achilles charged for Vakarra and turned on his saber. To her surprise, she dropped the stick, pulled out her saber, and blocked Achilles’s attack before it could hit her. Vakarra stood motionless while Achilles pushed as hard as he could, with both hands on the saber.
“Stop this!” Vakarra shouted.
“The agency is corrupted by demons! Leon… he tried to kill us as one of the provinces came to this planet…!” Achilles shouted

Hearing Leon’s name made Vakarra shove against Achilles so hard, he flew past Mateo and Lauren, and impacted into the rocks. His impact knocked the saber from his hands, and he fell to all fours stunned. Seeing he was incapacitated, Vakarra sheathed her saber, picked up her stick, and walked towards a struggling Mateo.
“You fell… with the province?” Vakarra gasped.
“Yes…” Lauren gasped, running to Achilles’s stunned body.
“Get up!” Vakarra shouted, attempting to kick Mateo in the midsection.

Using Achilles as the distraction, Mateo pushed with all fours, missing Vakarra’s kick. With the stick in hand, he swiped towards Vakarra’s midsection as fast as he could. Right when it made impact, Vakarra ensnared the stick with her right arm against her body, and used her left fist to punch Mateo in the face as hard as she could. Even though he ricochet, he spun around Vakarra, wrapped his arms around her midsection and started to pick her up in the air. Smirking again, she grabbed Mateo’s hands, squeezed them to the point where they crackled, and pried herself from his grasp. Grabbing the stick she ensnared, she started relentlessly attacking Mateo with it.
“This is not how you protect yourself! Get with the program or you could die before you ever get the chance to lay a finger on Arthur!” Vakarra shouted.

Becoming more infuriated, Mateo grabbed hold of the stick, and swiftly kicked Vakarra in the mid section. To his surprise, the kick didn’t even phase her. She took the stick, and made a jabbing motion towards his head. Once the stick touched his skin, she held back, and relaxed her body. Coming to a full standing pose, she dropped the stick as Mateo hit the ground.
“That’s enough for today.” Vakarra smiled, reaching down to help Mateo up, “Let’s clean you up and take a rest.”

Mateo struggled even to look at Vakarra’s hand. Out of anger, he took what little strength he had, and smacked Vakarra’s hand out of the way.
“No… We… can’t stop yet.” Mateo coughed, wiping blood pouring from his mouth.
“Mateo you’re worn and broken… You need to rest, if you’re to get better…” Vakarra explained, reaching out to him once more.

He stared at her hand, and started filling with anger once more.
“Would Arthur? Would Silan??” Mateo shouted, blood and sweat dripping from his face, “What about Emmy? I have to save… her!”

Vakarra took a step back.
“You’re not going to get there without resting! Think logically, Mateo!” Vakarra shouted.

Mateo relaxed his arms, and looked towards the ground.
“I guess I could…” Mateo sighed.

Unable to keep himself up, he fell to the ground on his back. Vakarra, Achilles, and Lauren watched as his body hit the ground.
“You beat him to death…” Lauren gasped.
“He asked for it.” Vakarra sighed, kneeling to check on Mateo.
“Why on earth… would someone ask for something that stupid…?” Achilles asked, slightly struggling to stand.
“What is it to you?” Vakarra snapped, grabbing hold of Mateo to hoist him up, “You people don’t realize what has transpired… do you?”

Lauren looked at Achilles, and looked back at Vakarra.
“A province landed here, and some ploy involving demons?” Lauren explained.
“Missie…” Vakarra sighed, bringing Mateo to his feet with his arm strapped around her neck, “More is at work than you realize. Let’s get back to our camp. We will continue to discuss more.”
“Sure…” Achilles agreed.

Walking beside Vakarra, they scaled the small hill towards a small path where Palacio was reuniting with his family.
“Are you guys coming??” Vakarra asked.
“We… need a bit. We’ll catch up Vaka…” Shimara responded, still embracing Palacio.\

Following a shrug, Vakarra started walking down the path with Mateo at hand. She did a slight nudge with her right shoulder into his torso to see if he was conscious.
“He’s either unconscious, or asleep. Either way, he pushed way too hard…” Vakarra sighed.
“Who… is he?” Lauren asked.
“I recognize him… Him and a girl came to the shop the other day.” Achilles remembered, snapping his fingers.
“Mateo Leohan. Lived in the Northern Province. Him and his friend, Emmy. Mateo is the son of Julius and Vira Leohan, two of the best agents on the force. I trained with them specifically. It’s been his lifelong ambition to be an Agent of Raven, but thanks to Arthur and the corruption of the Agency and government, his parents disappeared and Mateo was banished from joining.” Vakarra hesitated.
“That’s really depressing…” Lauren explained.
“When the order to dispatch the Eastern Province went out, I started heading to the Central Reactor to detach the rest of the Provinces because I didn’t see the need to leave them. My counterpart… Leon dared me not to do it… Then I came across a demonic general, Zilan. He… did some kind of mind control, and turned me against my own people…” Vakarra explained, glaring towards the ground, “Next thing I knew, Mateo was standing above me… We went to the reactor, to find Zilan, and Shimara, who was also being controlled. Although it confused me at first, as I watched Mateo fight Zilan one on one… I noticed he infused himself with mystical energy… All in all, I defeated Shimara, and I took her to safety and escaped the explosion barely… When we got here, Shimara came to her senses… We found a ride, got it running, and as we were leaving, we snatched Mateo from being attacked from Arthur and Silan, King of the demon Empire… They have his friend Emmy in captivity… Because she has emitted large pulses of Mystic energy… levels not recorded for years. Mateo here, wants to save her.”

Lauren uttered a sigh.
“That’s a mouthful huh?” Lauren grinned.
“Sounds like an adorable love story to me…” Achilles replied.
“The fact he took on Zilan the way he did intrigues me… But he barely was able to hold his own. He even mentioned holding a conversation with Silan before being swallowed by a white light. No human has ever successfully done that before without being corrupted. Being one of the highest ranking officers in the Agency, Mateo asked me to train him. Every day, every night. Rain, snow, whatever came our way. He wants to get better and stronger.” Vakarra explained, looking forward on the path.
“All that sounds dull and bull.” Diana laughed, running up to the group.

Vakarra glared at Diana, watching her stand close to Mateo. She started poking his back, and his arm.
“If you consider getting your ass kicked by a girl with pink hair training… You sure jacked him up really good!” Diana laughed.
“Hold your tongue, little girl! What would a criminal know?” Vakarra shouted.
“You tell me, pink eye! I’ve never met a natural pinky…” Diana replied, plucking a piece of hair from Vakarra’s head.
“Show respect, thief!” Vakarra shouted.

Escalating her frustration, she took Mateo’s arm off her neck, and started to place him on the ground. Taking initiative, Achilles and Lauren nodded, and grabbed hold of Mateo’s arms as well. As they held him across their shoulders, they watched as Vakarra stood tall. Diana placed her hands on her hips and started laughing hysterically.
“I heard your prissy ass earlier. You know all about me huh?” Diana smiled.

Vakarra gave Diana a blank stare.
“What about you girly? With that hair of yours, you could be some freak demon with pink powers or something. Yeah! How do we know you’re not allied like Leon, and the other freaks in that Agency? Maybe a spy?” Diana laughed once more.

Vakarra looked down to the ground with a pained look on her face.
“You want the truth?” Vakarra responded.
“Diana, that’s enough!” Lauren shouted.
“Stop being a bitch, Diana!” Achilles shouted as well.
“Can it cheese!” Diana shouted, flipping Achilles the bird, “Lets see some clarification!”

Taking a deep breath, Vakarra balled her fists up, and glared at Diana as if she was dirt.
“Do you see this armor I’m wearing?” Vakarra asked.

Diana took a few glimpses of Vakarra.
“I see some, but not much. What’s that have to do with anything?” Diana asked.
“To become a Lieutenant… You must be willing to give your life to the agency. This armor prolongs life and enables us to draw unlimited mystical energy. On the day you are sworn in, the armor is infused onto your body… Unable to remove it. The only time you can remove it is if you die or you are banished from the Agency.” Vakarra explained, placing her hand on her chestplate.
“Really, now? That’s not good enough… Tell us more!” Diana shouted, reaching to her backside.
“I’ve been with the agency over two hundred years. I’m not much older than the rest of you, truthfully… That’s when I made the rank Lieutenant. I can hear the call of Commander Arthur in my head, as well as my counterpart, Leon. Their calls are faint now, but I can still hear them. With each day passing, more of my armor comes off, and I become what I once was so many years ago. This chest piece… and this left gauntlet is all I have left.” Vakarra explained, looking at her left gauntlet.
“You won’t… die will you?” Achilles asked.
“Heavens no!” Vakarra replied, “I will be twenty-seven again.”

Diana took a small step back.
“All my life, I wanted to stand tall and proud among my peers and lead them all to victory. And I achieved that, and watched slowly as the organization I loved and cared for fade away to corruption, greed, murder, and sex. Things never were like this. Not like before. Since Arthur took command our order has fallen apart… “ Vakarra explained, looked to the ground once more.
“Wow… that’s a touching story!” Diana shouted, pulling out a dagger, “Anything else to add?”
“Yeah, there’s more. When this armor comes off completely, my memories of everything I learned in the past two hundred years will repress to nothing, and I’ll have the exact same memory as I did back then. I won’t remember anything… “ Vakarra sighed, with a tear beading on her eye.

Feeling the tear bead on her face, she closed her eyes and shook her head slightly, getting rid of the tear.
“That doesn’t matter right now. I have to train Mateo as much as possible before I revert… My former self… wasn’t too keen on training others.” Vakarra explained, “I learned so much in this timespan… To lose it all in a blink of an eye, is hard for me to digest.”

Diana lowered her dagger.
“That’s… That sounds horrible… Why won’t you retain your memory?” Diana asked.
“It’s the law of a lieutenant. It’s been like this for generations.” Vakarra explained, “Since the foundation of our home, Angels, Mystics, and Humans lived together peacefully. Among them were six defenders with the leader of them being the almighty ruler over the races. The defenders were crafted magical armor that allowed extended life, enhanced strength, stamina, durability, wisdom, and sight. The ruler’s armor was crafted to be near immortal, due to countless assassination attempts from the Demons. Over the years, rituals were starting to be performed, and leaders as well as protectors, were switched out every so often to give the people something to look towards. Hence why the Agency was formed. Commander Arthur, when he decided to pick up the mantle, he somehow gained the rank Commander, and dismissed four of the six protectors. He single handedly destroyed the armor, and chose a leader himself. Although by then the peace between the Mystics, Angels, and Humans were broken, people still looked towards the leader as the authority figure.”
“So why is your armor coming off? We watched you rip a piece off…” Lauren asked.

Vakarra lifted her right hand, and stared into her palm.
“I have enjoyed these two hundred years as a protector… Or as Commander Arthur put it a Lieutenant. But I watched what my beloved society has transformed to… I do not wish to be apart of the organization anymore… Its meaning has severely tarnished over the years… The sooner this armor comes off, the better. I kind of miss my younger self. Rambunctious, always thirsting to fight, I miss having the dream of achieving something big. Two hundred years is a long time… I’m tired.”

Vakarra lowered her arm, and turned her back towards Diana.
“Let’s get back to camp. We’ll talk more there.” Vakarra stated.

This said, Vakarra motioned to continue forward. While Achilles and Lauren followed Vakarra, Diana followed a short distance pondering everything Vakarra said.
“I wonder if my gang is alright…” Diana asked herself.

It didn’t take too long before they reached where the camp was. The camp was nothing but a crashed, destroyed ship with very few open compartments. From the few days Vakarra and the others stayed, You could see random torn sheets hanging over the compartments where they stayed at.
“Put Mateo over there.” Vakarra pointed to one of the ground level compartments.
“So uh… Where do we stay, captain lady?” Diana asked walking next to Vakarra.
“Doesn’t matter to me, just keep your belongings to yourself.” Vakarra replied, glaring at Diana.

As Diana shrugged her shoulders, Vakarra walked towards a compartment next to Mateo’s and closed the sheet. Achilles and Lauren came from Mateo’s compartment not soon after.
“This… looks like a ship!” Diana gasped.
“Yes, it’s a scouting ship.” Shimara said, walking up from behind Diana.

Startling Diana, she jumped ahead a tiny bit, turned around, and grabbed hold of her dagger ready to unsheathe it. Realizing it was Palacio’s wife, she released the dagger and placed her hand across her chest.
“Scared the shit out of me…” Diana panted.
“Relax!” Shimara smiled, “So… you’re Diana!” Shimara smiled.
“Yup, I’m beautiful and dangerous!” Diana shouted.
“Well you certainly are, aren’t you?” Shimara giggled.
“She’s a handful, I’ll give you that!” Palacio laughed, with Becca next to him, “She saved my hide a couple times!”

Diana blushed slightly.
“I heard a lot about you… Shimara…” Diana replied, feeling embarrassed with Palacio’s comment.
“As have I!” Shimara smiled, approaching Diana, “You’re quite the fighter, I was told.”

Diana looked slightly puzzled as Shimara started circling around her. Palacio and Becca stared at her; confused.
“I… do what I have to to survive…” Diana replied, feeling uncomfortable.
“Who taught you how to fight?” Shimara asked scornfully, her circles getting closer towards Diana.
“When you live on the streets, you have to do what you can to survive…” Diana replied, feeling more uncomfortable.
“Interesting.” Shimara said, her voice going more dark.
“Um… honey, what are you doing?” Palacio asked.
“Mom…?” Becca questioned.
“You’re kinda in my space…” Diana murmured.

With one swift motion, Shimara reached for Diana’s back pocket and pulled out a shiny necklace. She held it high enough for Palacio and Becca to see it.
“My, what a pretty necklace.” Shimara shouted.

Diana attempted to grab it, but was shoved back by Shimara.
“Palacio… This looks like Becca’s necklace, doesn’t it?” Shimara asked, chucking it to Palacio.

As Palacio caught it, he examined it in his hands, to quickly see the initials B.M. He looked at Diana with a pained and confused look.
“How… did you get this, Diana? It was right in my…” Palacio questioned in shock, patting his pockets on his body.

Diana, also looking shocked, looked at the necklace again, and back at Palacio.
“Wait…” Diana replied in a stuttering voice.

Palacio stormed to Diana, coming nose to nose with her.
“Despite everything that’s happened in these few days, you had the audacity to steal from me??” Palacio growled, “I thought she was dead… I thought my wife was gone forever… and one of the heirlooms I kept on me you stole?”

Diana’s face turned white for a brief moment. A sense of pain coursed through her body.
“I didn’t steal that… Palacio…” Diana replied, looking into his face, “I had no idea you had something like that…!”
“You disgust me… Stay away from me, my family… and don’t you ever come near me again. I was a fool to trust you as I have…” Palacio growled.

Ramming Diana’s shoulder, he stormed towards the camp, with Becca following. From the force, Diana almost fell to the ground but quickly staggered to her feet. As Shimara passed by Diana, she came to whisper distance.
“Come near my family again… And I’ll kill you, understand? Might want to hightail it out of here missy…” Shimara whispered with a sense of delight.

Diana made eye contact with Shimara as she passed by. To her surprise, Shimara was twirling the same necklace she pulled from Diana’s pocket. She gave a miniscule grin, then turned her back onto Diana. Diana stood mortified, and stunned by what just transpired.
“I… didn’t steal anything… from him.” Diana murmured to herself, “I… really didn’t…”

With her head towards the ground, she approached one of the compartments of the camp. Seeing all the ground level ones were full, she jumped and climbed to another level and used that. Instead of taking in the view of a temporary home, she found the closest object that resembled a bed, sat in it, brought her legs up to her body, and buried her face into her legs. Unable to keep in what just transpired, she started sobbing.

At the same time, inside Mateo’s compartment, Lauren reached for her backside and pulled out her pouch.
“I have some medicine that should clean some of these wounds.” Lauren stated, pulling out a couple green herbs.
“Alright…” Achilles responded, looking out the hole of the sheet covering the compartment.
“Something the matter?” Lauren asked, dabbing the green herbs on some of Mateo’s wounds.
“It’s weird, but… Diana is standing there with Palacio and his folks… Just… “ Achilles replied.

Curious, he stood up, and peeked closer out the hole in the sheet. He watched as Shimara started circling Diana. From that far distance, Achilles could tell something was wrong, or was about to happen.
“That woman… I think her name… was Shimara? She’s circling Diana like she’s a demon or something… It’s weird.” Achilles said.
“It’s probably nothing…” Lauren shrugged her shoulders.

Lauren pulled out a red leaf, and started dabbing a piece of a damp cloth with it.
“Mateo, this is going to burn a lot, but it will heal really fast… Alright?” Lauren said, closing her eyes.

Before Mateo could say anything, she placed the rag onto his left arm with a deep gash. She pushed onto it as hard as she could as Mateo let out a horrid scream. He held back flailing as hard as he could, but this only caused his whole body to shake. Within a few seconds, she released the rag and the wound was completely gone. Mateo quickly jumped to his feet, and grabbed hold of Lauren. This caused Lauren to throw her hands up in the air.
“You’re a fucking psyco!” Mateo shouted, pushing Lauren against the wall, “But… Thank you…”

With a sigh of relief, he lowered Lauren back to the floor, and sat back down on the bed. Lauren, slightly terrified, lowered her arms back to her side, then sat down in a chair next to the bed.
“Sorry…” Mateo sighed with relief again, “Force of habit… I haven’t felt pain and exhaustion like this in so long… If we were back at home, I could just conjure up a vial of angelic potions, and be healed instantly… But… I only have two vials left… I’m trying to save them for dire-need situations…”
“You know angelic alchemy?” Lauren gasped, looking at Mateo.
“I do… I brought some books but… I have no clue where my vehicle landed… So I can’t make anymore. I know some off the top of my head but…” Mateo started explaining.

Lauren grabbed hold of Mateo’s left arm.
“You must teach me!!” Lauren smiled, staring at Mateo.

Mateo looked at Lauren, attempting to pull his arm away.
“Uh… sure!” Mateo smiled, struggling to get his arm aray.

Instead of releasing his arm, Lauren pushed off of the floor, and running into Mateo, causing Mateo to fall onto the bed and Lauren to end up on top of him. She looked deep into Mateo’s eyes, and smiled.
“I’ve loved alchemy since the day I went into the follower’s academy… It’s been my life’s passion to get ahold of that level of alchemy…”

Mateo, becoming really uncomfortable, started trying to pry himself from Lauren.
“I’ll teach you what I know, now get off me!” Mateo shouted.

Blinking for a couple seconds, Lauren shook her head and quickly realized what she was doing. A bead of sweat started to roll down her face, realizing she was sitting directly on top of Mateo. She quickly jumped off of him, and sat back in the chair with her face turning beat red. Mateo rolled back to a sitting position, glaring at Lauren like she was crazy.
“You’re crazy… Lauren, was it?” Mateo giggled.
“Uh, yeah…” Lauren smiled, her cheeks turning more and more red.

Achilles turned from the hole in the sheet and looked at Mateo with a concerned look on his face.
“Mateo, who is that girl? Shimara?” Achilles asked.
“Shimara was a top level agent…” Mateo shrugged his shoulders, “Besides that… I’m guessing that is Becca’s mom, and that man’s wife?”
“Something just took place outside… and left Diana in tears…” Achilles replied, crossing his arms, “It was unnerving to watch, to say the least…”
“Meh, don’t worry about it too much. Remember, our home just exploded.” Mateo stated, “A lot of people died… The fact we survived, and in one piece, is a miracle on its own. On top of that, she could be going through survivor’s guilt.”
“I… guess so.” Achilles answered, “She wasn’t like that ever. Even when we landed here…”
“Wait… you made us that sandwich!” Mateo pointed at Achilles, “You ran that sandwich shop a few days ago!”
“Yeah… I used to…” Achilles sighed.
“Cheer up boss!” Mateo smiled, jumping from the bed and placing his hand onto Achilles’s shoulder, “We’ll fix things… I guarantee it. Somehow, someway.”

Achilles looked at Mateo for a slight second with disbelief. He was sort of blown away with the tone of hopefulness in his voice. Becoming slightly eager, Achilles smirked, and placed his hand back on Mateo’s shoulder.
“Yeah… somehow, we will.” Achilles smirked.

Releasing Achilles, Mateo walked outside, and stretched for the sky.
“What a beautiful day…!” Mateo smiled.
“… to get crushed!” A female voice echoed.

Quickly reaching for his saber, Mateo was unable to pull it out as he was kicked in the back. He stumbled forward, pushing his hands out to catch him. Using the momentum he was falling forward, he quickly turned around, and used it to lunge himself forward. Within those couple seconds, he was able to pull his saber out. As the figure he was closing in on came to his vision, he attempted to run the figure through. Suddenly, he stopped with only centimeters from the figure’s body. Vakarra swiped Mateo’s attack with her golden saber, and pursued to run Mateo through. Thinking fast, he took a few steps back, followed by a lunge to gain a tiny bit of distance.
“I see you’re healed and ready to go…” Vakarra smiled, her saber in front of her.

Mateo held his saber behind him, in a defensive stance.
“What are you doing, crazy woman? Are you trying to kill me for real??” Mateo gasped.
“To train hard, you must fight for your life!! Prepare yourself!” Vakarra shouted.

Without hesitation, Vakarra lunged forward at Mateo. Feeling hesitant and uncomfortable, Mateo stayed in his defensive stance. As she swiftly got closer, several beads of sweat began running down his face. Gripping his saber, he countered Vakarra’s lunge and in the same motion, spun around and swiped at her midsection. Vakarra and Mateo went a good distance away from each other before they touched the ground again. At the same time, the two spun back around and glared at each other.
“I need to explain a couple things to you, Mateo.” Vakarra smiled, lowering her saber, “I didn’t expect… this to happen so soon so you need to listen to me…”

Mateo lowered his saber, and shut it off. While holstering it, he gazed at Vakarra’s movements as she approached him.
“My time has come sooner than I expected… All the wisdom I wanted to pass down to you is going to fade in just a few moments…” She smiled, shutting off her saber, “I wanted to test your reflexes… You’re definitely not ready to take on a force like Arthur…”
“But why all of a sudden, Vakarra?” Mateo asked.
“Here…” Vakarra said, grabbing hold of Mateo’s hand, “Swap me sabers.”

Placing her saber into Mateo’s hand, he handed his saber to her at the same time.
“With this weapon, you will be able to pierce Arthur’s armor. It was forged directly from the Angelic Forge of Nazdoo… Nothing can pierce its light, and it can cut through any object… Even Angelic armor. The armor Arthur wears can be destroyed with this also… “ Vakarra explained.
“Vakarra… why… All of a sudden? You said earlier you have about a week or so…” Mateo asked.
“You’re a tough fighter, Mateo… Our of all the people I trained, you can take a beating, and don’t know when to quit. You’re really courageous, and I wish I could have seen you be administered as a real agent…” Vakarra explained some more with a smile on her face.
“Why… are you telling me all this?” Mateo asked, puzzled.
“Listen…” Vakarra smiled, feeling the chestplate on her chest falling off, “When this falls off, you must convince me to stay with you. There’s a journal in my room I’ve been writing things down incase something like this happens. You must get me that journal…”
“Wait… why?” Mateo asked.
“Everything up until now… I won’t remember any of it. Since I was granted this armor…” Vakarra said.
“But…!” Mateo gasped.
“It’s alright… I want this. I no longer want to be apart of an organization… that betrayed everything I ever believed in…” Vakarra nodded, “ My old self is kind of like you… I’m smart, but I can’t do tactics very well. I’m very nervous when it comes to following orders”

Vakarra glanced up to see Shimara looking down at her with a black expression. They made eye contact for a few seconds before Shimara turned the other way to go back into her compartment.
“… And above all things…” Vakarra looked into Mateo’s eyes, “Be wary of who you trust…”

She started to radiate light from her chestplate. Mateo looked closely at Vakarra’s face to see a tear form up. Watching it streak down her face put pressure on Mateo’s heart.
“Please… Keep me safe…”

Before Mateo could agree, Vakarra’s chestplate fell into pieces. Its shards glimmered until they hit the ground, where they completely disintegrated. Mateo took a step back and covered his eyes as Vakarra was enveloped into a blinding light.
“Vakarra!!” Mateo shouted.

Once the light subsided, Vakarra fell to the ground on her hands and knees. She started to pant from exhaustion with sweat beading and falling off her face. Staggering, she was able to stand to her feet. She now stood about 5’2 wearing brown rags enough to cover her body. With holes in it, you could see small portions of her body such as her stomach, chest, hips, and legs. She wore wooden sandals with the bottom of them coated in a rubbery substance for excellent traction. Across her shoulders and her upper body, there was a lighter tanned piece of cloth with a hood on the back of it. On her belt that was made of rags as well, she had holstered Mateo’s old saber. Instead of her hot pink hair being long, it stretched to her shoulderblades. Her skin was slightly tanned, and she had pink eyes.
“Huh…? Where is this? Are we at Northern province?” Vakarra questioned, pointing at Mateo, “You, explain… where are we?”
“Uh…” Mateo replied, lowering his arm from the blinding flash, “Hi… I’m Mateo.”

Vakarra walked up to Mateo and put her face extremely close to Mateo’s face. Due to her height, she stood on her tippy toes.
“Huh… You’re an interesting one… Mystic? Angelic? Human?” Vakarra asked.

While Mateo tried to answer, Vakarra started walking circles around Mateo, making him slightly uncomfortable. At the same time, she was making a “Mhm” sound.
“Um… I’m human…” Mateo replied, standing stiff.
“I don’t see human here… I see Human with mystical energy radiating… Also a tad bit of Angel and demonic blood. You’re a Quad!” Vakarra gasped, jumping back.
“Vakarra…” Mateo said her name softly.
“How do you know my name?? Where are we? The air is so fresh, it’s nothing like central station.” Vakarra snapped, looking around at her surroundings.
“Vakarra, calm down!” Mateo shouted, attempting to calm her down.
“This is… Motavian? Are we banished? What’s going on??” Vakarra gasped, grabbing her head.

Noticing her starting to hyperventilate, Mateo lunged for Vakarra, grabbing her by the shoulders. Feeling his grip on her shoulders made Vakarra stiffen up with confusion.
“Vakarra… Listen… A lot has happened. Please come with me, and I’ll show you everything you need to know, okay? You are 200 years into the future… You became a Lieutenant for the agency.” Mateo explained.

Vakarra started calming down, beginning to breathe normally.
“Uh huh…” Vakarra replied.
“Good… This way…” Mateo said.

Releasing her shoulders, Mateo walked towards Vakarra’s compartment with her behind.
“So… This is Motavian right?” Vakarra asked.
“Yup.” Mateo replied.
“How did we get here? The last thing I remember was kneeling before our leader and savior… Arthur. I was on this glorious stage with hundreds of agents watching me.” Vakarra responded.

Mateo stopped at the doorway of the compartment only for a second.
“You really need to read your journal.” Mateo said, walking into the compartment.

Curious to what he was talking about, she followed him into the room. As the flap shut, Vakarra looked around the room to see how clean and sturdy everything looked.
“Wow… This is a really nice room for the environment it’s in.” Vakarra said, admiring the room.
“I think you were a neat freak.” Mateo said, walking over to a box across the room.

As Mateo opened the box and sifted through it, Vakarra took baby steps around the room, admiring how nice everything looked. The walls were a reddish color, with the ceiling looking like white tile. The floor looked exceptionally polished and clean with a dark grey carpet on it. In the middle of the room against the left wall from the entrance sat a cot with three different fleece blankets on it. On the other side of the room, adjacent from the bed, sat a small table with three chairs around it with papers on top of it. Vakarra sat on the cot, and slowly leaned back until her back was perfectly snug on the cot.
“Wow, this is all mine?” Vakarra asked.
“Yeah… You were a lieutenant. You had the best of the best.” Mateo responded.
“I really don’t believe you… If I was a lieutenant, why would I be on Motavian? Was I on a mission or something? And Why wouldn’t I have a squad of agents with me?” Vakarra questioned, placing her hands behind her head.
“There’s… It’s complicated.” Mateo responded.

After digging through the box for a couple minutes, he finally found a book with a blue cover with Vakarra’s name on it. He walked over to Vakarra, and laid the book next to her.
“You told me to tell you to read this.” Mateo said, taking a couple steps back, “I’ll be back later on when dinner is ready. Take your time. I’ll be next door if you need anything.”

Vakarra rose up from the cot.
“Who said I even wanted to stay in a stuffy place like this?” Vakarra snapped, “How do I know this isn’t some ploy to rape me or something? I don’t even know who you are…”

Mateo looked deep into Vakarra’s eyes.
“Look… YOu told me to-” Mateo started to explain.

Vakarra quickly grabbed the book and tucked it into a pocket inside her ragged clothing. She stood up and started walking towards Mateo.
“You said that a couple times already. I haven’t seen any kind of proof that I was anything you have said so far! As far as I know, I’ve been brainwashed and you’re trying to control me!” Vakarra explained.
“But…!” Mateo started to say.

Vakarra grabbed hold of Mateo’s collar, and spun him to where his back was facing the room. With all her strength, she pushed Mateo into the room.
“Stay away from me!” Vakarra shouted.

Without hesitation, she turned her back on Mateo and ran as fast as she could away. Even though Mateo quickly got to his feet, when he walked outside she was already gone out of sight.
“Damnit…” Mateo sighed, looking towards the ground, “Now… what do I do?”

Sulking, he walked back to his compartment. Inside, Lauren and Achilles were leaned against the wall sitting on the ground with their eyes closed. Mateo sat on his cot, and looked at the two.
“They’re completely exhausted.” Mateo sighed, “What craziness…”

Following another deep sigh, Mateo reached for a book titled “Angelic Elixirs” under his cot, opened it up, and laid back. He slowly opened one of the pages, and began reading it. Meanwhile, above a couple floors, Palacio sat in the room with Shimara making food while Becca sat on the cot across the room, her eyes still swollen from crying so much.
“I… can’t believe I’m lookin at you right now…!” Palacio said, struggling to keep his excitement down, “What happened? I left you at that shop…”
“Dad… There was a boy that came in…” Becca explained wiping her swollen eyes, “He was in the shop before, with a green haired woman. Mateo, that’s what I heard him being called.”

Palacio took a quick gasp.
“He saved you…” Palacio sighed with relief, “Thank the heavens.”
“It’s a shame you needed saving…” Shimara snapped, slamming down a can of soup, “Your father shouldn’t have left you in the first place.”

Becca stood up and slowly walked towards Shimara.
“Mom… I wanted dad to leave me… I was sick…” Becca explained.

Shimara turned to the direction of Becca with a scorned look on her face.
“That doesn’t matter to me. He should have either stayed with you, or sat by your side like a true parent should have!”
“Sharon…” Palacio said softly, standing from his seat, “Please…”
“No, Palacio…” Shimara snapped.
“If you want to yell about something like that mom, where did you go those years huh?? You are fussing at Dad over something him and I agreed on! You were gone for how long??” Becca shouted.

Shimara looked at Palacio, then snapped back to Becca.
“I had a job to do. You know what my-” Shimara started to say.
“No, mom! Dad had a job to do too! You can’t scold him for something him and I agreed on years ago! From the day I got sick until now!” Becca shouted.
“Sharon… Becca, enough!!” Palacio’s voice thundered.

Hearing the base of Palacio’s voice made Becca go back to her cot, while Shimara turned back to the tiny stove. Struck by shock, Shimara didn’t dare to look back as Palacio took a deep breath to speak.
“We aren’t here to fight each other!!” Palacio shouted, “Too much has happened, and we’re all on the edge of our seats! It’s a miracle that we’re here at all… SO shut the fuck up, and enjoy the family time we do have! Who’s to say we’re not going to die in the next few minutes??”.

Shimara released the pot on the stove and turned to Palacio. With tears forming in her eyes, she ran and jumped into him, knocking him on his back. She laid on top of Palacio, and snuggled into his body.
“I’m… so sorry…” Shimara whimpered, “I’m sorry…”

With his hand, he put it through Shimara’s long hair and played with it.
“Shh… It’s alright…” Palacio said softly, “It’s alright…”
“So… where… were you Mom?” Becca asked.

Hearing the question, Shimara rose up from Palacio, and walked back to the stove. Tears started to form on her face again.
“Dear… I don’t know if I’m ready to speak of it…” Shimara hesitated.

Palacio also sat up, concerned at Shimara’s response.
“Yes, Becca… Let’s save it for another time…” Palacio spoke.
“Fine…” Becca responded, “I’m going outside for some air.”

Before her folks had a chance to say anything, Becca was already out the compartment. As she stepped out, she turned to the right and started going upwards, towards the top of the debris. As she walked on and across small gaps in the walkway, she looked towards the sky to see that the sun was setting. Once she reached the top, she sat down and gazed at the sunlight disappearing over the tree horizon. She drew up her legs and wrapped her arms around them.
“Mom… What happened to you…? You’re different… I don’t even recognize you anymore…” Becca sighed, pushing more into her knees, “Things are so different…”
“You don’t say?” Said a familiar voice.

Slightly startling Becca, Diana walked up beside Becca and sat down next to her.
“Every alright missy?” Diana asked, propping one leg up for her arm to rest on.
“Hi…” Becca responded, without even looking at her.
“I heard some screaming in y’all’s room… Is everything okay?” Diana asked, attempting to sound concerned.
“Yea… Everything’s…” Becca hesitated, remembering her mom’s words, “No… Everything’s not okay.”
“Well, speak up buttercup. I won’t bite…” Diana replied.

Hearing Diana’s voice seemed to relax Becca a little. She lowered her legs, and placed her hands in between them.
“My mom said not to… speak to you.” Becca stated, “But… I don’t see why. You don’t seem like that bad a person to me.”

Diana snarled up for a split second, then relaxed.
“So… What’s on your mind?” Diana asked.
“You can kinda guess can’t you?” Becca joked, “Everything went to hell. Dad and Mom are so much more different now than before… It’s… so hard to not think about what’s going on right now…”

Diana sat on the floor next to the cot.
“With coming here?” Diana asked, wrapping her arms around her legs.
“When Mateo rescued me… I saw so many things… I think he thought I was unconscious… But I was well aware of what was going on… The streets were covered with people running, and fighting with each other. It appeared to be different factions of the syndicates were looting and fighting amongst each other. The hierarchy was gone… In the sky was littered with people who looked identical to soldiers from the Agency. Demons of all sizes were raining down from the ships and other things I’ve never seen before… It was horrifying. The demons were eating people…” Becca started to sob, “Then I blacked out. I woke up to see my mom standing on an embankment, looking off into the sun. She turned around and said hi Rebecca… Then I realized I could actually move on my own. I didn’t spend any time figuring out why. I just…”

Becca put her hands over her face, trying to hide the tears from Diana.
“I jumped in her arms and buried my face into her chest… She talked to me as if she hasn’t been gone one day. I was… still happy she was there, but… Something was really off. Out of place.  I took a few days to figure out why I was healthy, and had all my strength back. But, then I found Daddy. I just lost it, and here I am. Alive and completely healthy. It’s so hard to think for the better when I was so close to death. Then there’s survivor’s guilt. So many people lost their lives, who shouldn’t have died. I was chosen to survive… For what? I’m just a child with no special purpose…” Becca sobbed even harder.
“Becca…” Diana sighed, reaching over to her hair.
“Other people should have been saved… So many people died…” Becca pouted.

Tears started streaming down the sides of her face while Diana attempted to console her. Hearing her emotionally filled words brought pain to her own.
“Missy, don’t think like that…” Diana said in a soothing voice.
“It’s hard not to… All those men, women, and children were not ready to die. I watched frightened people sit in their windows awaiting commands on what to do. Children that play in the streets were cowering together from the confusion. I could have grabbed one or something as Mateo put me in that vehicle…” Becca cried.

Diana’s eyes started to tear up hearing her cry.
“I also had to come to terms with losing both of my parents. People even died now knowing if their children were safe…” Becca cried even harder.

Unable to bare anymore, Diana stood up and looked down on Becca. At the same time, she wiped the sprinkle of water from her face and clenched her fists.
“Becca! That’s enough!” Diana shouted.

Becca removed her hands and gave Diana a puzzled look.
“You can’t say any more of that… That’s enough!” Diana shouted, “More survived than you think! As we left the provinces, we watched as the other three detached and flew off in random directions… A lot of people died, but it could have been much worse…!”
“But…?” Becca asked, raising up from the cot, “That doesn’t matter… Our way of life is gone… How much longer do you think we’ll survive on our own like this?”

Diana reached down and grabbed hold of Becca’s shoulders.
“Hey, hello? Earth to Becca?” Diana shouted, shaking her slightly, “I said enough of that!”
“And… My parents… They don’t seem like they know each other anymore… All they did coming back here was argue and fight.” Becca spoke softly, making Diana stop shaking her, “I… don’t know what to do but… to just give up. If… only they were more… hopeful”

Unable to hear Becca’s heart anymore, Diana pulled Becca to her chest, and hugged her tightly. Stunned for a moment, Becca wrapped her arms around Diana loosely.
“It’s… Going to be okay, Missy…” Diana responded softly, “Everything’s going to be okay…”

Becca took Diana’s words deeply. As they sunk into her heart, her grip onto Diana got tighter, and her face started tearing up again. While she did this, Diana could slightly feel Becca’s heartbeat from her chest, making her eyes tear up as well. At a lost for words, Diana squeezed her even tighter.
“Excuse me… What are you doing in here?” Shimara snapped, walking into the compartment.

Diana didn’t budge.
“What are you doing to my little girl?” Shimara snapped again.

Without hesitating, Shimara took a couple bold steps forward, grabbed hold of Diana’s shoulder, and jerked her back. The amount of force she used to pull Diana forced Becca to let go of her. Diana staggered until she hit the wall across the room.
“What did I say about staying away, thief??” Shimara shouted, “And I see you’re brainwashing my daughter??”

Diana’s left hand slid to her backside, grabbing hold of one of her daggers.
“If you stopped being a bitch, and listened to your daughter for a minute, maybe I wouldn’t have to fill your role!” Diana shouted, glaring at Shimara.

Becoming frightened, Becca stormed out of the room. As she exited the room, Shimara smirked, and relaxed her arms.
“A long time ago when I was in the academy, I studied crime organizations…” Shimara smiled, walking over to a cabinet, “I had a term paper I titled Criminological Psychology. It wasn’t too hard to get information, because while I was at the academy, I still had assignments to patrol, and calm criminal threats. My favorite one was The Raiders Gang. Heard of it?”

Diana’s eyes got really big, hearing her former gang.
“Bound by honor and blood, am I mistaken?” Shimara giggled, pulling something from the cabinet, “One of the men I questioned… He seemed really attached to his family. I had to rough him around a good bit, but finally answered my questions. You might know him. Large guy, few tattoos on his back, and his left ankle… I think then, he was in his upper twenties, maybe thirties?”

Hearing the description brought the open-eyed Diana to a heated glare.
“He attacked me in cold blood after that, giving me this scar…” Shimara turned, pulling up her shirt, showing her abdomen with an X across, “He ran some unique claw through my abdomen. In a sense, I was impaled. Luckily, in the courses I took in the academy, I can block out pain…  So in response, I decapitated him. Was so sad, he had such a huge family back then…”
“… What…?” Diana gasped.

She released her dagger, and fell to her knees while Shimara approached her while holding something behind her back.
“So… You…” Diana shivered.

Shimara kneeled, coming eye to eye with Diana, who was completely overcome by grief.
“From that tattoo on your left hand, That would only mean you were apart of his crew, am I right? Maybe family perhaps?” Shimara spoke softly.

She watched as Diana trembled with grief.
“Ah, he was someone close to you I see… To be frank, he was trading some goods he found at the local donation and was headed home to see his family. He ran into a nobleman, and his voice is what caught my attention…” Shimara smiled while giggling, “Straight up didn’t do anything wrong… If anything, he was the most polite person belonging to any gang I’ve ever heard of.”

Diana quickly jumped to the side, reaching for her dagger. The moment she closed her fist against the dagger, she realized it was missing. Once she made another move, she realized Shimara is not only behind her, but holding the dagger to her neck.
“Don’t move…” Shimara said in a slightly darker tone, “I not only got recognized by my report, but it was published in the Regional Times as a big seller. From that incident, I crippled crime and crime syndicates such as The Raiders Gang. Without big name corporations funding them, society would only see them as uncommon thieves, murderers, and scum.”
“You… killed him? He was provoked… by something…” Diana said, trying to stay calm.
“Yeah, and that was with the simple questions I asked him. He feared for his life afterwards, and I defended myself.” Shimara said happily, “At that time, the code wasn’t enforced so…”

Becoming angered, Diana thrusted her arm into Shimara’s midsection, forcing her to drop the dagger. In a split second, Diana jumped to the other side of the room.
“Why… Why would you say such a thing, you heartless bitch! You killed him for… for… some paper?? Are you… Are you serious??” Diana shouted.
“Well, I didn’t do it on purpose…” Shimara smiled, holding her scar with her left hand, “But if you next some sort of context, there you go… And… Goodbye.”

Before Diana could react to her statement, both Becca and Palacio walked into the room. Diana’s mouth dropped as the two lay eyes on her, and then looked at Shimara holding her stomach with a dagger in the middle of the room.
“What… What’s going on here…?” Palacio asked, reaching for the jeweled dagger, “Diana, why is this even out?”
“The bitch tried to attack me…” Shimara whined, falling to her knees.

Palacio also fell to the floor to catch and console her. Becca, on the other hand, looked at Diana concerned.
“What did you do to her…?” Palacio shouted, glaring at Diana.
“What… I…” Diana tried to speak.

Without hesitating, Palacio reached in his back pocket and pulled out his pistol. Coming to a full stand, he aimed it at Diana, to the shock of her. Diana stood back a little, and slowly brought her hands to her chest.
“You bitch… I trusted you… All this time! How could you strike her??” Palacio shouted.

Becca looked towards Shimara by the corner of her eye, and saw a smirk as she coddled her stomach.
“Palacio… I… I didn’t…” Diana tried to explain.
“Shut up with your lies!” Palacio shouted, shaking his head, “I should never have trusted you! You are a menace! I’m giving you five seconds to leave…”

Uttering a sigh, Diana’s arms dropped to the floor, and she looked at Palacio with a helpless look.
“I’ll… just leave.” Diana sighed.

While following her with the gun, Diana walked slowly towards the door. As she passed Becca, she brushed against her and put something in her hand. The moment Becca went to say something about it, Diana softly nudged her and shook her head no.
“If I ever see you around here again, I will shoot you…” Palacio said.

Suddenly, Mateo came around the corner, grappling the weapon, and pushing Palacio against a wall. Before he could retaliate, Mateo put his foot into his chest and pressed in.
“Fool! Nobody’s shooting nobody!” Mateo looked out of the room, “Diana, come here!”

In shock, Diana ran back into the room, puzzled about Mateo’s appearance.
“Get off…!” Palacio struggled.
“No.” Mateo replied, looking at Shimara, “Get up, and whatever happened, fix it.”

At the same time, Lauren and Achilles walked into the room.
“Listen to me, and listen to me carefully… Vakarra… is gone. Her lieutenant armor is gone, and she’s no longer able to… be here with us. She lost all her memory up to two hundred years ago, took some supplies and ran off. So… We need to make a plan of action.” Mateo explained.

Shimara stood up, seemingly unharmed.
“So what we need to do is…” Shimara started to speak.
“No.” Mateo responded scornfully, “There is a plan Vakarra already wrote down, and that is what we’re following.”
“Excuse me?” Shimara questioned, waLking up to Mateo, “I’m still a high ranking Agent.”

Mateo turned and came chest to chest with Shimara.
“You really think that is a level of authority that’s respected after everything that’s happened? Seriously? If you’re going to pull that card, shut up and get out of my face.” Mateo snapped.
“How dare…!” Shimara gasped.

Before Shimara could say anything else, Mateo pushed her against the wall, and pointed at her.
“No. As of now, there is no more Agency! Anyone in this room that wants to throw their rank around for stature can leave now… And don’t show your face around me again! They have sided with Demons, and destroyed our way of life! To call yourself an Agent is like calling yourself a Demon!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo…” Achilles gasped.
“I have a plan, but we can’t be fighting each other to do it.” Mateo explained.
“To rid yourself of the agency??” Shimara gasped, “You can’t brush aside what it really is! In a sense it’s a form of treason! Just because things are crap doesn’t mean we can’t re-establish it!”
“Then leave.” Mateo responded, lowering his finger, “We have to pack up and leave by tomorrow. If Vakarra’s notes were true, the Agency will be here by tomorrow evening. We can’t be here when they get here. She said that anyone they come across, are being detained, and taken back to Infinite Tower for… as she called it, forceful re-educating and reconditioning.”
“Reconditioning…?” Diana questioned.

Mateo turned to Diana with a disgusted look on his face.
“In the basement of Infinite Tower, there’s a medical lab where they test subjects and commit heinous DNA experiments. Who knows what happens…”

Diana shivered slightly.
“So I could have a third eye? Or a tentacle come out of my stomach?” Diana attempted to kid around.
“More like… You turn demonic. They’ve been poisoning the Agents and turning them into half demons. I saw it with my own eyes when I fled the Tower.” Mateo explained, watching Diana back away a tad bit, “So we need to head in the opposite direction… At least, out of this forest. They plan on making a one hundred mile perimeter around Infinite Tower in hopes of terraforming the land… Achilles showed me a map of the area, so we’re heading south… Towards a town just outside the borderline.”
“I say we stay, meet up with the Agency… And figure out the next move!” Shimara shouted.

Angered, Mateo approached Shimara with his fists clenched.
“Then stay, I don’t really care… Achilles, Lauren and I are coming with me.” Mateo snapped.
“Then who’s staying with me?” Shimara snapped back.

Behind Mateo, Diana, Becca, and Palacio looked to the floor. As Mateo turned around, Diana looked up at him, and nodded.
“Come… Let’s get packing… We leave at dawn. Diana, come down, you can stay with us…” Mateo smiled.

Without uttering any words, Diana walked out of the room, followed by Achilles. Lauren, being paranoid by Shimara’s defense, stayed at the door.
“I guess the rest of you are staying…?” Mateo questioned, looking at both Palacio and Becca.
“I…” Becca uttered.
“They’re staying with me, kid.” Shimara smiled nudging Mateo in the shoulder, “That’s my family right there. They’re going to do whatever I say.”

With his fists still clenched, Mateo turned back to Shimara, and let out a sigh towards the floor.
“You… You’re a damn shame… and you’ve failed your family…” Mateo sighed.

His head facing the floor, Mateo walked towards the doorway, towards Lauren. Before exiting the room, he turned his head to the right to see the three in the room.
“I expected more from someone of your stature… When you saved me, I figured you and Vakarra were on the same page… I was completely wrong.” Mateo spoke softly, “I suppose you have your reasons… And I bid you all farewell…”

That said, Mateo exited the room, leaving Becca and Palacio shrouded in a blanket of confusion while Shimara stood with her arms crossed.
“It’s nice to see some things don’t change…” Shimara smiled, turning around.
“Yeah… I guess…” Becca murmured, looking towards the door.

Palacio slapped his hands together and forced a smile on his face.
“Who’s hungry? I know I am!” Palacio cheered.

Becca’s eyes instantly widened while Shimara smiled. Down the stairs, as Mateo entered his room with Diana, Lauren, and Achilles, the four sat around a table in the middle of the room with a lamp on. Outside, the sun was starting to set, making everything outside pitch black.
“Dude, you’re pro!” Diana smiled, looking at Mateo.
“What… happened up there??” Mateo questioned, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead, “That was tense…”
“I… “ Diana hesitated, “I’m not sure… Something’s off with that woman…”
“Seriously…” Achilles agreed.
“Something’s definitely off, but we don’t have time to fight. Some of the supplies I’ve already gathered, as well as some rations for a few days. I hate camping… Probably as much as the next person, but we have to push to this town here…” Mateo explained, opening a map, “It’s a decent hike, but we’ll stay long out of the Agency’s reach.”

Achilles, remembering the dream from before, stood up and pointed to a point on the map.
“Here…” Achilles pointed out.

Puzzled, Mateo looked at Achilles.
“What…?” Mateo questioned.
“Here… We should go here…!” Achilles shouted, constantly tapping the spot.
“Well… I’ll figure out the cords tonight…” Mateo replied, “Does anyone have any objections to this?”

Mateo waited for a brief second, looking around the room for disagreements. After a few seconds, seeing nobody disagree, Mateo sighed with relief.
“It’s settled. Let’s get some things tied up and ready to go, then pass out. We leave at dawn.” Mateo smiled.
“Wait!!” Diana shouted, standing up.

Hearing hear shout started both Mateo and Achilles.
“Is there anywhere in this hunk of shit we can clean?? I’m so nasty!” Diana complained.
“As a matter of fact… No, there isn’t. On the way to our destination, it shows there’s a river… We can freshen up and camp there…” Mateo giggled, “I thought thieves were used to getting dirty?”
“Getting dirty, and getting our hands dirty are two completely different ideas, douchebag!” Diana shouted, sitting down.

She crossed her arms, and began to pout as Achilles, Lauren, and Mateo chuckled.
“You guys comfortable staying in here, together?” Achilles asked the two females.

Both Diana and Lauren looked scornfully at Achilles.
“Uh…” Lauren blushed.
“YOu perverted jerk!” Diana shouted.

Unable to react in time, Diana leaped over the table, grabbed hold of Achilles’s face, and started smearing her chest into his face.
“Is this what you want, you perverted little shit??” Diana shouted, pressing his face hard against her chest, “It’s sweaty, grimy, and not adorable!! The fact you could suggest a thing at a time like this shows me you’re a typical man that wants his dick wet!!”

That said, Diana jumped off Achilles, and started walking towards the door.
“Lauren and I will stay in the room next door, so perverted men can’t touch these boobs.” Diana snobby said.
“Uh… okay…!” Lauren replied, quickly exiting the room with Diana.

Mateo, unable to cope with what just happened, folded the map into his pocket and put his face to his head.
“Achilles… You’re a damn idiot…” Mateo sighed.
“Yea…” Achilles replied in a daze, “I suppose that wasn’t smart of me… huh?
“Asshole!” Mateo shouted, pointing at stuff across the room, “Now we have to pack everything ourselves! Good going! Lets get to work, asshole…”



Chapter 16 [Rewinding Time]



Not long ago,  back at infinite tower, Arthur watched as Vakarra swooped Mateo from his grasp. He watched as they flew away at a high rate of speed in a vehicle. Just as Arthur prepared to give chase, Silan spoke with his thundering voice.
“Leave him, Arthur!” Silan shouted, “There’s nothing more to interfere.”

Accepting what he said, Arthur turned off his saber and holstered it. He turned towards Silan, who started moving his hands up to Emmy’s head, and stood tall and firm.
“Are you scared?” Silan asked.

Emmy took a quick breath, and closed her eyes, feeling his cold hands slide up her shoulders to her neck.
“You… You make me sick..” Emmy spoke softly.
“Child…” Silan spoke, attempting to lower his thundering voice, “I don’t wish harm on you.”

Hearing his voice, Emmy opened her eyes, and placed her hands onto his arms.
“No harm??” Emmy gasped, struggling to pull his arms away, “Look at all this… destruction!”

Purple mist started flowing from Emmy, creating an eerie wind, causing Arthur to take a couple steps back.
“Child, I wish nothing more than for the salvation of this galaxy.” Silan said, looking deep into Emmy’s eyes, “The races of this age… Do not see the bigger picture. You, young lady, are the salvation we’ve been looking for…”

Creating enough mist, it was able to empower Emmy enough to spring backwards from Silan’s grasp. Reaching behind her, she pulled out her staff, and pointed it towards Silan. Retaliating, Arthur started to charge her with his saber in hand. To Emmy’s surprise, Silan stepped towards Arthur, making him jump back.
“Calm yourself… We don’t want to hurt you…” Silan spoke, his voice sounding more thunderous.
“No! You’re a demon! And, you, Arthur, are a traitor!!” Emmy shouted.
“Silan…” Arthur sighed, “You pitter patter here if you want, I have a city to save…”

As Silan answered him with a nod, Arthur quickly turned his back, and took off into Infinite Tower.
“My dear, please… Don’t make this any harder…” Silan sighed, opening his arms, “Let’s start off with… just a talk.”
“The lord of Demons wants to… speak… with a Mystic?? I read what your kind has done… And what happened on Gethos… You wiped us out! And you expect me to talk, after staining your hands with the blood of my people??” Emmy shouted, making a jab motion towards Silan as he slowly approached her.
“We… do have a certain apatite… for mystical energy, I won’t deny… But my lady… you have a power you have not yet realized… And there’s history to do not understand. You, and you alone, are the sole pure blooded Mystic with the bloodline of Queen Xion.” Silan explained.

Hearing this made Emmy lower her staff.
“Queen Xion and I had an inseparable alliance. It didn’t used to be this way…” Silan explained, lowering his arms, “Before I explain… Let us go to somewhere more private… In about fifteen minutes, these streets will be craqling with refugees…”
“How…” Emmy started to question.

Before she realized it, Silan grabbed hold of her shoulders, and squeezed her tightly.
“Brace yourself!” Silan shouted.

Within a single blink, the two resided inside a golden room with a red carpet in the middle. Above, light shined through church-like windows and filled the room with a warm light. As the light shined into the chandeliers above, it made the room even more bright. Silan released Emmy, and turned his back on her.
“You may relax…” Silan smiled, walking across the room.

Pulling out a jeweled chair, he slowly relaxed himself into it.
“Ah…” Silan smiled, leaning back in the chair, “What a day!”

Emmy, puzzled, holstered her staff and gazed at the beauty of the room.
“Wha… Where…?” Emmy asked.
“Ease yourself… You’re in my private chambers, on Silan.” Silan replied.

She jumped back, and started panicking.
“Calm down I said!” Silan shouted, slamming his arm onto the arm of the chair, “Damn, just like before, unable to keep calm!”
“Why… did you… How…?” Emmy gasped, clutching her hands in hopelessness.
“Demonic Magic… I’m the Emperor of Demons… Have been for thousands of years. You learn to cheat the system a little bit…” Silan replied, “Now… sit down… I have much to share with you…”
“But…” Emmy hesitated, looking for a door.
“Emmy… Is it?” Silan smiled, “If I wanted to suck you dry… With all my great power, don’t you think I would have done so?”

For a brief moment, Emmy glared at Silan with a look of confusion, but understanding. Releasing her clutch on her hands, she approached a chair next to Silan. Still, thousands of thoughts ran through her mind as she approached the seat.
“Why… Why did you bring me here…?” Emmy asked, cowering in fear.
“As I said on Motavian… You are the sole bloodline to the heir of the throne; Queen Xion.” Silan explained, “Your bloodline was declared a total loss during the Great Lunar War… Ask yourself this… Have you had a voice inside your head all this time?”

Emmy froze in astonishment.
“But…?” Emmy attempted to ask.
“The only place that has a record of all the wars in the past one hundred thousand years were recorded on Crothan. The text didn’t steer you wrong, since you were able to obtain that information. As a result of the war, Gethos turned into what you see today. I regret those events ever took place, but it was unavoidable…” Silan explained, reaching for a glass on a table next to him, “Those damn imperial Angels and their Planetary Technology…”
“Planetary Technology? Nothing in that recording…” Emmy started to explain.
“Exactly. Let me share this info with you. I was there the day their scouts were approaching Queen Xion. They begged her to allow them to drill to the center, and install a gravitational engine… Similar to what was on Raven. The original claim was to manage the Great Crystal’s radiating energy… But it’s that same crystal that gave Mystics such great power. In fact, Mystics mined this crystal, and used it to boost up their power. At that time… We even helped mine this crystal, and used it to empower ourselves instead of drinking the mystical energy… But, Their leader… Their Emperor… King and Queen Cross ascended into that very throne room. They explained the crystal was apart of a dark legend from eons before our solar system ever formed and demanded they let them do their thing. Leaders of all four races were in that room when everything changed. it was the Imperial Angels that took the first shot… Following Queen Xion, and the human lead, as well as I. I quickly grabbed the wounded Queen Xion, and attempted to get her to safety, but she died when the Imperial reinforcements came… Which started a bloodbath. Overall, the Worldstone was destroyed, destroying the atmosphere, and everything about Mystics. Along with it, the alliance.”
“That… wasn’t recorded…” Emmy stated.
“That’s because about two hundred years ago, there was a cease fire. Due to the rarity of Mystics, and certain Mystics going rogue over the years, because they are so powerful, they were separated from main populous of each planet. Yes, even here on Silan. Once this happened, tension rose. There was one less power in the galaxy. That’s when I struck a deal with Commander Arthur. We agreed the Imperial Angelic Council is too much a threat to be left alone. Since the cease fire, they’ve closed their borders. My intel shows that they are harnessing what power is left in the shards of the Worldstone and planning on using it to obliterate Silan. Weather you like to think so… Mixed breeds are welcomed here of all races and genders. We don’t discriminate.”

Emmy stood from the seat and backed away a few steps.
“But… Raven… All those people… What about all the attacks on Raven…??” Emmy gasped.
“It’s… complicated.” Silan stood up.

Silan, with a small orb in his hand, slowly approached Emmy.
“In my hand… is a Quartz Orb. This orb contains things you need to know, if we are to continue. But… To answer your question… The attack on Raven was nothing more than a plan made from Commander Arthur. He has ambitions that don’t settle well, but had to come to pass for the phases of our plans. Raven’s core was growing unstable. That was thanks to the Imperial Angels. When we were all at peace, they drilled into Raven’s core and stole their Worldstone. They promised Humans that when they did this, they would build an artificial Worldstone capable of bringing more technology, and prosperity to the whole planet. Well, when the cease fire happened, and they closed their borders, so did the flow of energy, causing the energy holding in the artificial Worldstone to rupture. It would have been a matter of time before the planet itself exploded… That’s why there was a core evacuation plan… ” Silan explained.
“Demons… They… killed so many…” Emmy gasped, looking towards the floor in shock.
“Commander Arthur is to blame, my dear.” Silan spoke softly, placing a hand on her shoulder, “It was his doing. My soldiers were to go to Raven, and destabilize the core. When I gave my legion to Arthur, he is the one that told them… No survivors. If it were me, I would have seen to it those same demons be executed on the spot, with no way of their souls reaching the well. Such dishonor…” Silan sighed.

Emmy looked up, feeling soothed by Silan’s words.
“You… You’re telling… the truth…” Emmy replied.
“Humans have taught you, and each other that Demons are nothing more than blood thirsty savages that wish to suck Mystics dry, and conquer the galaxy. Quite the opposite… We are a proud warrior race with honor… We follow any rule, and do as we are asked. We are duty bound. During the war, Mystics and Demons were unstoppable allies. With Humans, we were invincible… Although some of our kind act on their own… I see to it personally that they are punished with the worst punishment of all. Soul drifting… You know them as shadowy apparitions. Emmy, Help me rebuild the kingdom of Gethos… Mystics can come out of the woodwork, and with our might, and our code, we shall triumph over the Angels, and reforge the peace we had so long ago!”

Emmy took a quick step back again, just enough to be out of Silan’s reach. As she looked down, she noticed the orb he was holding was now in her hands.
“Take that Quartz Orb, and hold it over your head, and chant as you did fighting my son.” Silan said.

She looked at Silan, puzzled.
“But how…?” Emmy gasped.
“I’m the Emperor of Demons. You think I can’t hear murmuring from a Mystic?” Silan chuckled.

Taking a deep breath, Emmy held the orb high above her head. The moment her arms were locked, she looked at the orb, and closed her eyes.
“amin wish ten’ i’ val en’ i’ makers, tena amin plea!” Emmy shouted.

Uttering those words seemed to thunder through the halls. Silan took a few steps back and sat in his chair. Emmy held her pose with the orb in her hands, frozen in place as a blue and purple mist started surrounding her.
“Atta girl!” Silan smiled, watching the orb disintegrate.

All of a sudden, unknowing to Emmy, a crystal with the same color as her hair appeared around her.
“What…. is… happening…” Emmy asked, unable to move.
“My dear…!” Silan replied, “You’re entering a Mystical Slumber. Don’t panic.”

Before Emmy could say anything, the crystal completely formed, encasing her in a frozen state. Silan, watching the crystal float in the same place Emmy was standing, stood from his chair with a smirk on his face. As he got within arms reach of the crystal, he placed his hand on the crystal to feel its texture.
“Let’s give you clothes suited for royalty…” Silan smiled, snapping his fingers.

In an instant, the shredded clothes Emmy wore disappeared and replaced itself with a completely different look. Across her body, she was wrapped in a green silky sash showing off her stomach, and on her bottom half she wore a golden skirt with a long skit on the right side, showing her right. On her feet, she wore a pair of golden flats. Her wrists had several golden bracelets, with random symbols on them. She did, however have her retractable staff, but it was tucked in her golden sash hugging her hips.
“There we are… Now when you are prepared, you will fit the role.” Silan smiled, turning his back to the crystal, “Now… We shall place you above my throne, for safe keeping.

Raising his right hand, the crystal lifted from the ground, and slowly hovered the room, and placed itself above Silan’s throne. Silan stared intently at the crystal as Zilan came in, along with his flame apparition.
“Yes?” Zilan spoke swiftly.
“I want some of your best men to guard this room. Nobody is to have access to it. If I catch anyone in here, you will answer for it.” Silan shouted at Zilan, looking deep into his eyes with rage.
“Y… yes…” Zilan shivered.

Vira glared at the crystal.
“You… caught her?” Vira gasped.
“No, you dolt!” Silan shouted, stomping the floor with his boot, “She is regaining her past memories!”

Pizzled, Zilan glanced over at Vira, who glanced at him back.
“Do you question my motives, Zilan?” Silan questioned.

Zilan quickly fell to his knees, and bowed at Silan in fear.
“No… your majesty…” Zilan groveled.
“That’s what I thought. Take some soldiers and go to Motavian. Meet up with Commander Arthur and help his people.” Silan requested, turning his back and staring at the crystal.

Shocked by his request, Zilan slowly rose up.
“But sire… “ Zilan questioned.

In an instant, Silan disappeared from sight. Within a second, Silan had Zilan by his collar, held up against a wall. He watched Zilan dangle by his collar, grabbing hold of his arm to let him go.
“But what? I have no problem destroying you, son.” Silan stated calmly.
“He had us… Kill… people…” Zilan coughed.
“I don’t care! Do as I say! Take apparitions then! Take whatever you want with you, but my order stands firm!” Silan shouted, releasing Zilan.

He impacted the floor. Silan put his hands behind his back, and approached the  crystal once more.
“Soon we will have another powerful ally…” Silan spoke softly, “With the special abilities this woman possesses, along with her ancestral background forges the perfect heir to the throne of Mystics. I’ve been waiting for eons for someone like this to arrive at my doorstep…”

Silan looked to the floor, with his eyes filling with water.
“Queen Xion…” He sighed, “If only you had listened to me… “

Zilan stood from the floor, and took a step towards Silan.
“Sire…” Zilan questioned, “My Vira accompany me…?”
“Go! Now!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

The power emitting from Silan spinning throw both Zilan and Vira to the door.
“Leave!” Silan shouted louder, his booming voice shook the entire structure.

Gaining their composure, Zilan and Vira scurried out of the room. As the door shut, Zilan looked to his side, to see Silan kneeling towards the crystal as the door shut.
“What… happened to him??” Zilan questioned, walking down the lit halls.
“Darling?” Vira questioned.
“An almighty emperor of Demons… Most powerful demon on Silan… Bowing to a mere Mystic…” Zilan shook his head, staring to the floor.

Vira grabbed hold of Zilan’s arm.
“Zilan… Talk to me.” Vira stated, preventing him from continuing down the hallway, “You’ve been acting strange since you came back…”

Zilan pulled himself from Vira, and only took a few steps before stopping again.
“I am a servant of Silan. I’m a General to the Demonic Empire. My skills are top notch, and yet… Mateo, that hick human could fend off my attacks. Not only that, he fended them off as if he was… Dancing with me.” Zilan explained, balling up his fists, “I have trained for hundreds upon thousands of years… Why is it he can compete with me?”

With a great amount of force, Zilan punched one of the walls. The impact cracked the wall, along with leaving an imprint of his fist. Vira, startled by the amount of force, reached her hand out to comfort Zilan.
“No.” Zilan murmured to Vira in anger, “I don’t need your comfort! I need to get stronger! But our glorious leader and saviour has me helping the very scum we have been at war with!”
“Zilan…” Vira sighs, lowering her arm.

She backed away just a couple steps, Only to see Zilan spin around and glare at her.
“I want answers!” Zilan shouted.

With his fists balled up, he started storming towards Silan’s room with great strength behind every step. If you were in the floor below, it sounded like large trees smashing onto the ground. Vira, gasping at his reaction, attempted to grab hold of Zilan, but was unable to due to her being a fiery construct.
“Zilan!” Vira shouted, “If you storm that room…”

As she yelled at him, Zilan reached the door. Just as he was about to open them, he completely froze.
“It’s… an act of defiance.” Zilan sighed, relaxing his fists to his side, “If I push open this door… I’d surely be killed. Am I afraid of death…?”

Zilan looked into his right palm, and stared at the creases in his hand.
“Defiance…” Zilan murmured to himself

Just then, Vira was able to place her hand onto Zilan’s, directing his gaze to her.
“Zilan…” She spoke softly, “Look at it… like this. Maybe his wish is to have a strong alliance between us and all humans. We’ll need that kind of alliance if we’re to defeat angels…”
“I… Defiance…” Zilan spoke again, looking away from Vira.

Suddenly, Zilan shook his head, holding one of his hands to his head.
“Ugh… That was… weird.” Zilan mumbled, “Let’s go! To Motavian to help the scum!”

Before Vira could ask what was wrong, Zilan stormed down the hallway without looking to see if she was behind him. Swiftly, he ran down the great halls with no kind of recollection of what just happened. Vira, staggering to keep up with Zilan, kept that in her mind as he approached a room full of well suited demons. As he entered the room, the entire force in the room dropped what they were doing and stood at attention. Before any chants were said, Zilan stood tall, and took a deep breath.
“Our leader has instructed us to go to Motavian and lend our aid to humans! Recently, if you haven’t heard, their planet was destroyed!”

Commotion rumbled quietly over the room.
“Silence!!” Zilan shouted, raising his arms, “My brethren, it’s orders from Silan himself! His intent is to rebuild the alliance we forged ever so long ago! If we are to beat our arch nemesis, we need each other’s power! In order to realize our King’s dreams, we must help our fallen allies!”

More commotion spread around in the room.Amongst the crowd, a small demon standing about two feet came wobbling towards Zilan.
“But…Didn’t we just destroy their civilization? A lot of us died, and some are still awaiting to be reborn in the pit…” The demon said.

Suddenly, a bolt of energy flung from Zilan’s arm, exploding on the demon’s face. The force sent it ricocheting off the wall, and into the floor with its face down.
“You don’t question orders! We are proud conquering demons of Silan! We do as he says and not question his authority!” Zilan shouted.
“Sire…” The demon coughed, standing to his feet once more, “We are indeed proud demons, but we deserve some… sort of explanation…”

Before Zilan could speak, the large door behind him opened slowly. Becoming frustrated, Zilan drew his fist and quickly turned around.
“Zilan!” Silan shouted, allowing the door to shut.

Zilan, struck with fear, jumped off the balcony, and landed with the rest of the soldiers. Without saying anything, him, along with all the demons in the room kneeled, and put their hands down. Silan reached towards the smaller demon, and clutched his hand shut. As his hand shut, a small orb emerged from the demon, making it grasp its chest in agony. Unable to breathe or talk, the creature stared helplessly at the orb rising towards Silan.
“The soul is a precious item. Weather you’re any race, the lifeforce of any being has limitless potential. Just a simple touch could tarnish the soul for eternity…” Silan spoke softly, glaring as the orb rotated around his open palm, “ If you don’t cherish life that’s been bestowed upon you, then you’re nothing more than… dirt.”

WIth that said, as the orb passed over his open palm once more, he closed his hand, shattering the orb. The moment it shattered, the demon’s body instantly turned to stone and started turning into powder on the floor.
“Zilan, I ordered you to take these soldiers to Motavian and help Commander Arthur with his citizens. What part of that command required debate?” Silan questioned.

Struck with fear, Zilan started to shake to the bones.
“My orders are final. Unless you want to end up like the runt before you…” Silan spoke, pointing at the powder in the middle of the room, “You will not question my authority. Zilan, take these knights and away with you all!”

Without hesitating, Zilan stood tall, turned towards the back of the room, and ran out with the rest of the demons following. It took ten seconds for the room to completely clear out, with only Vira standing in the middle of the room. Silan and Vira glared at each other with a stern, uncomfortable look.
“Silan.” Vira said, watching Silan attempt to leave the room.
“I have nothing more to say.” Silan spoke out loud, “You’re supposed to be going with him.”
“Silan!!” Vira shouted, “What are you doing??”

Silan took a brief pause, and uttered a deep sigh.
“Come with me, Vira…” Silan spoke, walking towards his chambers.

In an instant, Vira disappeared, and reappeared on the balcony walking behind him.
“We just put a huge dent into the seal! Why are we helping those wretched humans, Silan?” Vira questioned.
“Vira… “Silan spoke softly, turning towards her, “Now the seal is weakened, which was one of our solid goals. Despite how much we despise humans, we need them.”
“No, with that Mystic in the room! Why do you keep her in there?” Vira shouted, “Why not let your loyal servants suck her dry? Or our son even?”
“Because we need her too!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

With Silan’s right hand, he was able to grab hold of Vira, and slam her against the wall. The impact made an imprint of her body into the wall. She struggled to breathe as he pushed her harder and harder into the wall.
“We had a deal…” Silan grumbled.
“You… “ Vira coughed, struggling to breathe.
“If it wasn’t for the agreement, I would have put you where you belong. Under my boot…” Silan grumbled, “The mystic is going to stay protected until our plans succeed. Then I, and I alone, will harvest her. You will not question me again.”

He released her neck and took a step back, watching her body hit the floor. She held herself up by her hands and knees, gasping for air as Silan turned his back on her again.
“Vira, as I said before, accompany Zilan. The next time you question me, I will break you.” Silan spoke softly once more, “It’s not ten thousand years ago. Now, begone!”

Disgusted by his voice, Vira stood up staring at the floor.
“Yes… master…”




Chapter 17


As Zane awoke, he quickly realized his entire body was really hot. Being uncomfortable from the heat, he reached over and grabbed the blankets. Immediately he realized the blankets he grabbed hold of were nothing more than a thin layer of sheet.
“Wha…?” Zane murmured to himself.

While pulling the sheet off himself, as he pulled his legs over the bed, pain shot through his legs. He uttered a horrid scream, alarming two of the white robed people outside. When they entered the room, Zane became spooked and he scrambled to the other side of the bed. To his surprise, he was unable to get off of the bed due to his unresponsive legs.
“Calm down, Zane!” One woman pleaded, reaching for him.
“Stop scurrying around! You’ll do further damage to your body!” The second woman pleaded, grabbing hold of one of his legs.

Being soothed by the women’s voices, he slowly relaxed and sat up in the bed once more.
“What… Where am I?” Zane asked.
“You’re in our sacred city, Zane. Princess Sophie and her Four Leaf Tribe scouts were able to successfully bring you and your friends here.” One of the women stated.
“Sophie… Wait…” Zane sighed, closing his eyes for a brief moment, “Specter… SPECTER! Where’s Specter??”

Before Zane could jump out of his bed again, both women held him down.
“Stop squirming!” One woman shouted.
“If you keep it up, your back will never heal!” The other woman shouted.

This caused Zane to stop moving altogether.
“What… do you mean?” Zane questioned.

The women took a couple steps back and looked towards the floor.
“Zane.. Your lower back was severed, and your legs were shattered and burned. There’s… not much we can do except keep you here to heal.” One of the women said.

Hearing those words put Zane in shock. He pushed himself back under the blankets and stared into the ceiling. At the same time, Lyra came running in the room.
“Zane…!” Lyra shrieked, running between the two women to his bed, “Zane! You’re alive!”
“Lyra…” Zane smiled, looking towards Lyra, “I’m glad to see… you’re okay.”
“What did you do to Specter Zane?” Lyra questioned, grabbing hold of his sheets.

Zane gave her a puzzled look.
“How is she? Is she okay??” Zane asked.
“Yeah, she’s better than ever…” Lyra spoke softly, looking towards the side of the bed, “She had to have her eye replaced… Unlike Raven, there wasn’t the technology to replace it so… She has an eye forged from the mystical wilderness here… “
“Whoa…” Zane gasped.
“She inherited some mystical abilities which is nice… but the moment she was able to move, she said her goodbyes, grabbed a ton of supplies, and left.” Lyra sighed.
“What??” Zane gasped, struggling to sit up.
“Don’t act super concerned. I remember the argument Zane…” Lyra growled, “You told her… You wanted to leave it all. To ditch her… And to run away…”

Zane looked down towards his legs with his eyes closed.
“She was heartbroken, Zane.” Lyra spoke with a storm behind her voice.
“But…” Zane tried to speak.

Lyra, refusing to listen to Zane, smacked her hands onto the bed. Small jolts of lightning began festering in her eyes and her fingertips from her emotion.
“You are a coward Zane! I can’t believe I came here to check on you…” Lyra shouted, “Maybe it was my conscious telling me to because you saved me… But I see you’re nothing more than a coward…”

With that said, Specter walked into the room. Due to the crash, it trashed her old clothes. Now, she wore a golden circlet around her forehead with her blonde hair in a bunn. She wore a black short tank top with two golden braces around her left arm. Her butt was covered by black short shorts, revealing large portions of her legs, with black tennis shoes on her feet. Wrapped around her left thigh, she had a white bandage covering it with slight blood stains. On her left side, she holstered a plasma pistol, and on her back she had a sack filled with anonymous things from before. Across her face, going underneath the circlet, she had a black bandage going across her left eye. The right hip holstered a retractable blade with a jeweled hilt.
“Zane…” Specter spoke softly, looking at her broken husband.

Lyra, gasping at the sight of Specter, stood to her feet and backed towards the wall as she approached Zane’s bed.
“Zane, my poor hubby…” Specter spoke softly.
“Specter…!” Zane gasped at the sight of his wife.
“Specter, I thought… You were gone already…!” Lyra gasped.
“I did. But I had to come say good-bye.” Specter spoke to Lyra softly with a smile.

Zane’s eyes lit up with anxiousness and sadness.
“What…?” Zane questioned.
“I came to say good-bye Zane. After I got a complete update on the situation with Infinite Tower crashing along with one of the provinces, I tend to work towards making things right. I’m finding Mateo and Emmy, and we are going to work towards making things right.” Specter explained.
“But…!” Zane started to jump out of bed, but was unable to due to his legs being paralyzed.
“I’m… leaving Zane… And I don’t plan on coming back to find you… When we were in space… You hurt me. You hurt me so bad, I don’t think I could ever forgive you. Despite everything we’ve been through together… You turned your back. That’s something… I just can’t forgive. I wanted to come by and get closure before I go…” Specter explained.

Hearing her words knocked Zane’s heart down to his feet.
“Can… I come with you?” Lyra asked Specter.
“Of course not… You have to stay and train with Sophie…” Specter responded, “You have a power that almost brought down the entire forest… It sparks from your emotions… It needs to be harnessed and controlled… I’m sorry Lyra, you’re a danger to yourself and everyone around you.”
“Specter!” Zane shouted.
“You have absolutely NO room to talk, let alone yell at me!” Specter shouted, “I have done everything to support you and your decisions! I at least took the liberty of making sure the craft we arrived in is ready to go back into space for you.”
“But Specter…!” Zane began to plead.

Before Zane could speak anymore, Specter drew her pistol and held it towards Zane’s head.
“No more excuses, no more anything Zane… I’ve grown tired… of… everything with you…! I’m leaving… And I wish you luck wherever you may go.” Specter shouted.

With her left hand, she removed the ring from her right ring finger. She softly set it down onto the bed, and took a step back.
“I’m sorry… Specter…!” Zane pleaded.
“Sorry is for the self pitiful cowards. Good-bye, Zane.” Specter spoke with a thunder rattling her voice.

Looking towards the floor, she holstered her weapon and started to walk out of the room. Zane, grabbing hold of the ring, brought it to his chest and squeezed it as hard as he could. Lyra, shocked by what happened, chased after Specter. Once out of the house, Lyra quickly grabbed hold of Specter’s left hand.
“Specter…” Lyra spoke softly.

Specter, still staring at the ground, said nothing.
“Don’t leave us… I know he’s a hard headed baffoon, but you can’t just up and leave like that…” Lyra pleaded.

Instantly becoming furious, Specter jerked her arm with such force, Lyra fell onto the ground in front of her.
“I can’t? Sorry, there’s more at stake than a coward. Your genetic code was tampered with, Lyra. There’s tens of thousands of things that could spark from it, and Princess Sophie of the Four Leaf Tribe is going to teach you to harness those abilities without getting yourself killed! You tagging along with me can’t fix that!” Specter shouted.
“But I… I don’t care…” Lyra murmured, sitting onto the ground with a tear rolling down her face, “You’re the only family I have…”
“Lyra! I realize that… And as family, you have to understand there’s things at work that is bigger than the both of us! We all need to do our part… My job is to get these supplies to Mateo and Emmy, and yours is to harness the great power residing inside of you. Once you’re able to fully harness it, we can be together…” Specter explained, “Be an adult and get off the ground…”

With that, Specter turned to the right, and quickly darted off out of site. As Lyra stood from the ground, she looked in the direction that Specter ran off, and held her left arm.
“Fine…” Lyra murmured to herself, “I hope… Zane is going to be okay.”

Walking back into the hut, Zane laid back with his arms across his face. Tears were streaming from his face, even though he wasn’t whimpering.
“Ms Lyra, we need to get you back to Princess Sophie. It’s almost time for your first training session.” One of the women mentioned.
“Fine fine…” Lyra snapped, “Is Zane okay…?”
“I’m fine… Go Lyra!” Zane shouted, turning his back on her.

Slightly shocked by being yelled at, Lyra turned around, clutched her hands onto her chest, and slowly stepped out of the building. Not even a few steps were taken that she ran into Sophie. Sophie stood with her red hair flowing into the wind. Her crimson eyes shocked Lyra as she looked into her eyes.
“Lyra…” Sophie questioned her, “Why are you down here…?”
“I was checking on my…” Lyra replied, still heart stricken by Specter and Zane.
“No. You stay where we put you until we can figure out how you can control your power! You don’t understand the danger you pose to everyone, including yourself! You’re unlike any mystic I’ve encountered. From your friend’s knowledge, your genetic code was altered, and you’re highly unstable. With proper training, you’ll be a great asset in this war against the Crimsons…” Sophie explained.

Lyra didn’t respond.
“Lyra, come on…” Sophie said, grabbing hold of Lyra’s arm, “Let’s go…”

Lyra quickly pulled her arm away.
“What if I don’t want to train? What if I just want to be left alone??” Lyra questioned, glaring at Sophie, “Ever since I got here,

As Lyra glared at her, the sky started to turn dark; as if a thunderstorm was brewing. Sophie looked into the sky, and immediately identified what was happening.
“Anger is fire… Sadness is thunder?” Sophie said to herself, “Lyra… Are you sad?”
“One of my friends is lying in a bed with a broken back, and the other just walked out of our lives. Who knows where she is… and you’re telling me what to do… I… I am very upset!!” Lyra shouted.

Just as Lyra shouted lightning started striking from cloud to cloud, echoing loud thunder through the woods.
“Do you see Lyra? You’re conjuring this storm!” Sophie shouted, trying to talk over the thunder.
“Screw the storm! I just want to be…” Lyra started shouting.

In a blink of an eye, a bolt of lightning crashed down, hitting Lyra. Sophie shielded her eyes from the flash, catching a slight glimpse of her body being electrocuted. Once she uncovered her eyes, the storm quickly dissipated, and Lyra lay on the ground. Sophie quickly ran to Lyra and placed her fingers on her neck to check a pulse.
“She’s… just unconscious.” Sophie murmured to herself.

A few scouts then fell from the neighboring trees, also checking on Lyra’s body.
“Princess! What happened?” One of the women said.
“It was… Nothing. Bring the girl to my training ground at once. Give her some medical herbs.” Sophie commanded, standing tall.

She watched scornfully as the patrol carried her off into the trees. Turning towards the medical hut Zane resided in, she walked forcefully into it with her fists balled up.
“You.” Sophie growled.
“Go… away…” Zane snapped back.

Without any remorse, Sophie grabbed Zane by his left arm, and slung him from the bed towards the door. Unable to use his legs, he tumbled helplessly. While the two medical women attempted to grab him, Sophie held her arm out, signaling to stay away.
“This man has the teachings of the Crimsons.” Sophie stated, “He will show us what he knows!”
“But Princess… He’s injured from his lower back down… He can’t…” One of the women suggested.

Sophie walked up to Zane, and towered over his body. Using her left foot, she rolled his body over until he was back side up.
“And… What was his injury again?” Sophie questioned.
“The body check we did stated his lower back was severed, and his legs are shattered.” One of the women said.
“Really…? Then let us fix that.” Sophie grinned.

Using great force, Sophie jumped toward the ceiling of the hut. She placed both of her feet together, pointing her toes upwards, and came down onto the lower part of his back with her heels. Zane shrieked in pain as she jumped off of him and stood firm between the two medical doctors.
“I felt that his back is just fine.” Sophie smiled, looking at Zane’s body from the side, “Stand.”

Zane pushed his body off the ground with his arms, and glared at Sophie with great confusion.
“How…?!” Zane shouted.

Shocking to the two medical women, Zane brought his legs under his body, and he hoisted himself to his feet.
“I… My legs! Who are…?” Zane questioned.

Before Zane could finish, Sophie charged him. Unable to react in time Sophie done a jump kick into Zane’s chest, sending him tumbling out of the hut. As Zane quickly scurried to his feet, Sophie was already towering over him.
“How did those Crimsons come toe to toe with me, and you’re barely able to stand? Hm…” Sophie smirked.
“Who are the Crimsons??” Zane questioned, staggering away from her.

Sophie quickly zipped behind Zane without him knowing it. She lightly pressed her back against his and spoke softly.
“When the Devil Moon exploded… Fragments landed in our very forest. Soon after that happened, men wearing red garments flooded the forest, killing my folks-men and women. Not only did they kill them, they were dragged back to that infernal place… For what, I don’t know. Their way of battle tops our own in many ways… And we don’t have any prior knowledge on how to combat it. The weapons they use are much more advanced than our own… “ Sophie explained.
“I…” Zane started to speak.

Before Zane could speak, Sophie tripped him and elbowed him in the stomach in mid-air. When he impacted the ground, she towered over his head.
“From what your lovely companion said, you are a former high ranking soldier in that military. I wish to exploit your combat maneuvers, and study them… So that my people can defend themselves.” Sophie explained.
“Could you stop beating the shit out of me…?” Zane begged.
“No. Defend yourself!” Sophie replied.

With no remorse, she hard-kicked Zane in the side, making him roll towards the medical hut once again. Using the momentum he jumped to his feet and stood tall once again.
“Tell me more on what these Crimsons look like at least!” Zane asked, holding his side with his left arm.
“Like you… But red armor and a red X across their chest. Their chest armor is black, with moving stars on them.” Sophie explained, “Some had capes, some had multiple weapons, some had battle skirts.”

Zane turned his back on Sophie, placing his right hand on his chin in thought. Sophie gasped at Zane’s actions from all the abuse she put him through, but quickly snapped back to an attack stance.
“I… It’s a farfetched idea, but that sounds like infused agents with demonic DNA.” Zane stated.
“What…?” Sophie questioned, standing relaxed instead of an attack position.
“Have you fought one on one with one?” Zane asked, turning around.
“I… I have. I barely escaped with my life.” Sophie explained, looking towards the ground, “Several of my brethren sacrificed themselves so I may flee…”
“Then, show me how you fought them…” Zane replied, charging Sophie.

Before Sophie could defend herself, Zane quickly picked up a stick on the ground, and hit Sophie with it in the side. The impact threw her onto the ground with her back facing the sky. Shocked slightly, she jumped back to her feet and faced Zane once more. Again, before she realized it, Zane approached her from the side and struck her once more with the stick, shattering it across her back. Taking the momentum towards the ground, she put her arms forward, catching herself. As she drawed her legs in, she pushed forward, kicking Zane in the chest. Swiftly he grabbed hold of her legs, and positioned his legs around them, locking her in place. When they landed on the ground, Zane began twisting her ankles, making her emit a curdling shriek.

From inside the hut, the two nurses came charging out from the commotion. As they approached the two, Sophie, while covering her mouth with her left hand, used her right hand and signaled them to stay put.
“Wait… What…??” Zane gasped, feeling something furry touch his arm.

Freaked out, Zane released Sophie’s legs, and jumped back. He quickly glimpsed underneath Sophie’s robe, and scratched his head as it disappeared under it. Sophie slowly worked her way back to standing while dusting herself off.
“Why did you stop…?” Sophie asked.
‘What was that under your robe??” Zane gasped, pointing at her.

Sophie’s face started turning red. She tugged onto her robe, pushing it far enough down to touch the ground.
“You… pervert…!” Sophie growled, her face turning red.
“Wait… Wait, no! It wasn’t that! It was furry, and it touched me!” Zane gasped.

The two nurses started staring at each other and started giggling.
“Oh…” Sophie replied embarrassingly, “Oh…!”

Grabbing hold of her robe, she threw it to the side, revealing her body. Sophie stood about 5’5 with skin shading a slight pink. Under her robe, the only articles of clothing she had on was a black strapless sports bra, and black shorts that barely covered her butt. Her eyes were a piercing red, along with her short hair stretching to her shoulders. To Zane’s surprise, he noticed a brown tail hanging from the backside of her stretching until the tip barely touched the ground, and small triangular ears on top of her head.
“What… What is that??” Zane gasped.
“What… this?” Sophie questioned, grabbing her tail, “You don’t know what this is? Haven’t you heard of an Elven Fox before?”
“Elves? We read about mystical creatures from eons ago back at the academy… But nothing about Elven Foxes.” Zane responded, “Sources also said Elves in general were extinct…”

Sophie released her tail, turned to where her robe fell, and picked it up.
“Not extinct per say… But rare.” Sophie replied, looking towards the ground, “Rare as in this sacred forest is all we have left… As long as I can remember, I was always told of the Purple Moon; it was our homeland. As I grew up, I watched as the lovely Purple Moon slowly deteriorated until it was nothing more than a floating rock in the sky. Soon after, stars started falling into the forest, creating fires and killing my brethren left and right… Hunters from the neighboring areas also started chasing and hunting us for our… tails… and demons of the darkest kind started harvesting our mystic energy. In a valiant attempt to keep the predators at bay, and to quiet the raging fires, my father sacrificed himself and put down a mystical veil to protect us. Now, there’s no way of entering the forest… But, as of late, when the Demon Moon exploded… The energy released from that monstrosity destroyed the barrier around the forest. It’s only a matter of time… before…”

Zane caught Sophie’s eyes tearing up. She quickly took the robe, and put it back on.
“Before this forest is no more, and we all die.” Sophie sniffed, starting to sob.
“But… you’re such a great fighter!” Zane replied, taking a step forward, “Why can’t you defend…?”

Sophie became insanely angry, and charged after Zane.
“Do you not think that’s what we did??? Being at peace for eons, I took lots of villagers to that infernal place to examine and find out what all happened… But when we got there… I saw three individuals in the middle of the place… Lights all around were kind of fizzled. One man wore shiny golden armor, with a golden weapon striking some man…” Sophie explained.

The explanation caught Zane’s interested greatly.
“Did… you say shiny?” Zane gasped.
“Yes, and a kingly dressed man. His very energy gave me such fear… And sadness. I couldn’t bare to look more than a second at him. I observed a fight with the two, with shiny weapons. One lost his arm, to which another woman came to fix him… With the way her energy shinned, she resembled a very powerful mystical person… And then…” Sophie explained.
“Did the…” Zane attempted to ask.?
“There was a great light, and then they were all gone… Suddenly, those Crimsons came out of the buildings, and started picking off our brethren…” Sophie explained.
“No way… Mateo…? No… Couldn’t be!” Zane asked himself.
“Mateo?” Sophie questioned.
“He’s… An…” Zane started to speak.

Out of nowhere, Sophie charged Zane by surprise, and knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up, she placed her foot onto his chest.
“Specter explained to me who they are… And what her mission given by the mighty Angels themselves. I’m well aware of all this, and this disapproval between you two. From the description I received from Specter, she identified him as Mateo, and his partner Emmy. The fact that lone man fought such a demon on his own is remarkable. “Sophie explained.
“But…” Zane again tried to speak.
“Silence!” Sophie shouted.

Becoming agitated, Zane grabbed hold of Sophie’s foot, and pushed her off of him. Using his legs and slingshot himself, he jumped back to his feet. Sophie quickly gained her footing again.
“Why do you keep silencing me!?” Zane questioned.
“We are engaged in traditional combat. As a princess, I have to uphold a certain level of standards. But… As a woman, I can’t help but to engage in conversation… I’m simply curious. I’ve never met a perfectly shaped humanoid.” Sophie explained.
“So why not just talk, and not fight??” Zane questioned, “I remember coming from orbit! O R B I T! That’s not exactly good on the mind you know! So much has changed in my life in the past couple weeks… I need time to figure out what’s happened myself!”
“From a woman’s perspective, I think you’ve had plenty of time dealing with your situations. What you did to that woman, and how you turned your back on the entire ordeal… Sickens me. Now if you’re finished, you have a fight to finish.” Sophie stated, giving Zane the stink eye.

As Sophie stared at Zane, he looked towards the ground for a brief moment to reflect her words. Only for a brief moment, for he looked back at Sophie, and glared back.
“You don’t know me, and you haven’t been through what I have. There’s things that have taken place personally that have molded and turned me into who I am. You know nothing of what I went through, and reasons why I believe the way I do. You need my combat skills, I’ll give them to you. But once you’re satisfied, then I am out… Just like I said I would.” Zane explained.
“As I thought…” Sophie smiled, “Then let us continue this fight! Show me everything you know!”

Meanwhile, Specter, with a small black backpack on her back, strolled through the woods as she exited the borders of the village. With every step, she felt a slight regret for leaving Zane and Lyra behind. With the shake of her head, that feeling quickly faded away, and she was suddenly filled with great motivation. Looking towards her, she saw endless amounts of trees and vegetation. Before she knew it, when she turned back, she saw nothing resembling the village she once stood in. She cracked a grin, and looked back in her original direction. Hours passed like seconds as she leaped through the forest.

Suddenly, looking towards the sky, she realized the sky was setting.
“I… I better make a camp…” Specter murmured to herself, hanging off a large tree branch.

As she let go, she used one of the vines hanging down to slow her descent. Once on the ground, she set down her bag, and cleared some of the leaves around it. When she finished, she walked over to the bag, and pulled out a small capsule. Holding it in her right hand, she glared at it with confusion.
“So… Sophie told me to press this button… And…” She said, clicking the top with her thumb.

Feeling it vibrate violently, she quickly threw it forward. When it exploded, she shielded her eyes, in case there was any debris. Dust quickly filled the area, then dissipated after a few seconds. Once it cleared, she opened her eyes, and was shocked to see a dome like tent sitting right in front of her.
“What the…!” Specter gasped.

When she approached the tent, she realized inside the tent rested a sleeping bag, a small bin with food in it, artificial heating logs, and a small pale to wash clothes and personal hygiene.
“These tents were given only to top class agents…! How did Sophie get ahold of these?” Specter asked herself, walking into the tent and instantly dropping her sack, “And there’s fresh food, and everything! I don’t even need to start a fire…”

Realizing her legs were exhausted from the travel, she decided to lay on top of the sleeping back near the heating logs.
“I wonder how long it’ll be before I find Mateo… Or anyone really. What a crazy few weeks…” Specter spoke to herself.

Before she could realize what was happening, a bright light engulfed her. Completely surprised, Specter shielded her eyes with her arm and tried to stand, but realized the ground disappeared form under her.  Suddenly, a figure stood before her as the light faded away.
“Specter…” Vexon called out to her.
“What??” Specter gasped, staggering backwards.

Vexon quickly materialized and grabbed Specter as she quickly staggered towards the edge of the cloud they were standing on..
“Calm yourself!” Vexon shouted, throwing her to the other side of the cloud.

Specter stood tall, but shaken.
“Where… Where are we?” Specter asked, looking at Vexon floating in front of her.
“We are in your subconscious.” Vexon explained, “Humans are most vulnerable when they are asleep.”
“So…” Specter pondered, looking around the crystal blue skies, “What are you doing here? I assumed we would never see you again… Being that you can’t interfere with humans and their affairs…”
“I was sent on behalf of the Angelic Counsel to you, specifically, Specter. As I stated before, I went to the Counsel’s meeting, where you were judged. Our top archeologists and librarians discovered through ancient text, that time travel was forbidden, and any who attempt it shall be slain.” Vexon explained.

Specter slowly reached for her weapon behind her back.
“Calm yourself, Specter. I am not here to slay you. Quite the opposite. The Counsel was pleased with what you have done…” Vexon explained, “One of the cities from Raven crashed onto our planet, as I’m sure you’re aware. The citizens of Crothan were more than pleased to help the humans, despite the laws passed down. Not only were the injured healed, the deceased were able to be revived using simple magic. As we speak, volunteers all over the world are striving to teach humans the way of angels, our magic, and our origins. Same goes for teaching them their origins. Even being explained what transpired on Raven. The ones that do not wish to learn our teachings are being sent to Motavian, to that accursed city where they considered home, and their minds altered to where they believe they were on that East Province. “
“I… I don’t know what to say.” Specter responded, feeling speechless.
“A great battle is brewing, Specter. Because of your selfless efforts, and that mystic that pulled you into that time glitch, you have set in motion the works of melding our once great alliance.” Vexon explained.
“But… All I did was…” Specter gasped.
“No, my dear.” Vexon calmly replied, “Without you, countless more would have died, and Silan would have resurrected the souls of all the humans that would have died, and invaded Crothan by now with a force to be reckoned with.”
“Why are you telling me all this…?” Specter asked.
“Your next task.” Vexon replied happily.
“My next task…? But my next task is to find Mateo and…” Specter started to explain.
“To find the mixed breed, Mateo Leohan and Achilles Torelami, but there’s another task you are being put on. This one is being passed by the counsel itself.” Vexon stated, approaching Specter.
“Why… can’t you just meet with him? You can travel into people’s subconscious!”  Specter asked, trying to back away.
“I’m unable to interfere directly with humans as of the meeting. Until they accept, what I’m about to task you with.” Vexon replied, now standing before Specter.
“What do you…” Specter tried to ask.

Vexon pulled his arm from his side, and placed it onto Specter’s shoulder. The moment it made contact, Specter dropped her arms. She looked straight to the sky, and her eyes started turning all shades of the rainbow. Vexon, also looking into the sky, began murmuring words unable to be understood by humans. Although Specter tried to move away, she was unable to with the immense feelings flowing through her body. From the feelings, she attempted to scream, but when she did, she felt a jolt go through her throat, silencing her voice. A tiny tear started forming at the corner of her eye, that quickly crystalized, and fell off her face. Fear started to set in, making her stiff body tremble.

Suddenly, a rainbow colored light enveloped the two. The immense feelings trembling through her body quickly subsided, exhausting her. Vexon, chuckling, took a couple steps out of the light.
“You may rise…” Vexon said with comfort in his voice.

Specter, completely exhausted, used her hands and pushed herself up, but was unable to move her legs for a short time.
“What… did…?” Specter asked, barely able to speak.
“Observe.” Vexon shouted.

All of a sudden, a shining blade appeared in Vexon’s hands. He held it firmly in front of him, pointing it at Specter. With his wings extended outwards, he used them as momentum as he charged for Specter. Shockingly to Specter, her senses quickly picked up on Vexon’s actions, making her instantly jump to her feet. Reaching for her backside, she pulled out a blade similar to Vexons. As she stood in a position to defend, a great surge of energy pushed her forward. Within a flash, the two collided. Sparks flew from the blades, pleasing Vexon and scaring Specter.

Specter quickly stumbled backwards. As she pulled away from Vexon, the white blade disappeared, and the surge of energy dissipated.
“I have given you the gift of our people. You are now an Archangel of Crothan, Madam Specter.” Vexon responded, crossing his arms again.
“What…?” Specter gasped, looking at her hands and examining her body, “I feel so different… SO light, but so…!”
“You’ve been given wings of an Angel of Light, like myself. Your wings do not protrude from your back. They are made indefinitely of light. Same goes for your weapon. You may use them at any time, but due to your original heritage, you may only use them for a time.” Vexon explained, “Whenever you need to harness your power, just clear your mind of any negative thought.”

Specter excitedly closed her eyes, and faced towards the floor. She stood for a few seconds, then looked up at Vexon with a concerned look. Before she could speak Vexon responded, placing his hand on her shoulder.
“My child, there are mixed feelings in your soul. You must clear your mind and let go of all the negativity in your mind. Only then, will your powers come to fruition. I must leave you, for I must prepare our own military force to combat invading Demons. Farewell, and good luck, Specter.” Vexon explained.

Before Specter had a chance to reply back, she was blinded by a flash of light. It only lasted for a second, then she opened her eyes. To her surprise, she noticed she was lying in her sleeping back next to the fire that’s now burned out. Feeling stuff from sleeping on the ground, she turned her head towards the door to realize the sun was rising. She quickly peeled out of the sleeping bag and jumped to her feet.
“I feel the same as I did in… that dream?” She gasped.

Quickly, she opened the door and ran outside to the sun’s morning light. Looking down at her feet, she still couldn’t believe how weightless she felt. Placing her feet together, she looked towards the sky one time for a few seconds. She placed her hands to her hips and bent her knees. Using enough energy to jump, she pushed off of the ground. Within seconds, she jumped almost above the trees. When she looked down, she immediately started waving her hands in panic as she plummeted towards the ground following a shriek. As she descended smacking the trees, she aggressively attempted to grab hold, but was descending too fast. Onto her back, she landed on her tent, crushing it.

Specter quickly jumped to her feet, expecting to be in pain. She glanced at her arms, and legs, shocked she wasn’t bruised or scarred.
“No… Injury at all…!” She gasped, examining herself.

Looking towards the trees ahead of her, she took a step back, preparing to sprint. As she pushed off, her tent stuff she crushed flew from her wake as she took off. Leaving an imprint into the tree, she slammed against the trunk. When she pulled herself out of it, she was blown away from both her speed, and damage to the tree. Looking back at her crushed tent stuff, she put her hand on her forehead.
“That… wasn’t the smartest thing…”

As she gazed onto her arms, she approached the tree. Feeling optimistic she reached down and grabbed the tree firmly. Shockingly, she was blown away yet again as it took almost no effort to pick up the tree. With no effort at all, she chucked the tree in front of her, just enough to free her camping stuff. Again, she looked at her hands and fell to the ground to her knees.
“This… Power… This… Energy!” Specter gasped, feeling overwhelmed.


Chapter 18

The next morning, Mateo, Achilles, Lauren, and Diana began finishing their preparations to leave the area. While Mateo finished tightening the last of a duffle bag, Achilles placed his bag onto the floor, and looked at Mateo.
“Can I ask you something?” Achilles questioned.
“Sure.” Mateo responded, placing his bag onto his back.
“When we get to the town in the south, where to after that?” Achilles asked.
“I… I don’t really know, honestly. Once we get to some kind of civilization, then I guess we keep traveling. If we are to go to Infinite Tower, then we need to be one hundred percent ready.” Mateo responded.

Suddenly, the tress in the surrounding area started ruffling harshly from the sudden wind. Within moments, Diana and Lauren came charging into the room with bags on their backs.
“We have to go! Something’s wrong!!” Diana shouted, grabbing hold of Mateo’s arm.

She violently dragged Mateo outside, and pointed to the sky. Mateo was horrified to watch purple rings pulsing into the sky, followed by sparking lights raining from their afterimage.
“Oh… no. We have to go! Now!!” Mateo shouted as loud as he could.

Grabbing all they could, Lauren and Achilles charged out of the room, following Mateo towards trees. For a brief second, he glanced back and saw Shimara standing from her deck, glaring at Mateo with evil-festering eyes. Behind her was Palacio, starring down towards the ground in disgust. With no time to survey them, Mateo continued through the forest.
“What is that light??” Achilles shouted.
“That’s the terra-former! We need to hurry!” Mateo shouted, knocking more branches from his face.
“Then what’s… that??” Lauren shouted, pointing in the distance.

Ahead of them stood a person bathed in a purple-like color. They wore a cloak, covering all but their faces, and a long blade was sitting in their hand. Unfamiliar with the being, Mateo reached for his beam saber. As they approached the being, its solid white eyes opened, and wielded the blade in an attempt to strike at them.
“Keep going!” Mateo shouted, pointing to the left of the being.

While the other three turned a few degrees, Mateo pulled his weapon out and jumped straight into the unknown being. It not only blocked Mateo’s attack, but deflected it and him into a neighboring tree. Mateo quickly bent to his knees, barely dodging the being’s attack and followed with a forward slash, slicing it in two. As Mateo jumped ahead a little, he dropped his jaw in astonishment. The creature turned towards Mateo while its midsection wound reattached.
“What the hell are you??” Mateo gasped, holding his saber tightly towards the creature.

Mateo slightly caught glimpse of its mouth movements before it charged him once again. Unable to do damage to the creature, Mateo quickly put away his saber, turned towards the direction Achilles and the others were running, and sprinted to catch up. As he ran faster and faster, he saw in the slight distance Lauren and Diana with Achilles at the front. Unknowingly to Mateo, the creature was right on his backside, barely in striking range. When it tried to strike Mateo, it barely scathed his backpack, and the force of the swing struck several trees, making them completely explode. This caught Mateo’s attention, shocking him to the core. Thinking fast, he reached for his saber again, and pressed a button on the bottom portion and chucked it to the ground. The moment the creature stepped on it, a blinding green light emitted from the saber, causing a small explosion. The force of the explosion pushed Mateo speeding swiftly past Achilles. Achilles caught glimpse of the explosion, and saw a tumbling Mateo fly through trees and branches.

Unable to find out what happened, the three continued to charge in the same direction. All of a sudden, the same creature that attacked Mateo, started appearing all over the place in the forest. At the same time, Achilles ran across Mateo, who was bruised and scratched from the previous explosion. As the three vastly helped him to his feet, they attempted to run again, but was faced with hundreds of the glowing purple beings.
“What’s going on??” Diana asked.
“The hell are these things?” Achilles asked, nudging Mateo with his arm.
“I… I don’t know… I can’t hurt them.” Mateo responded, wiping blood and dirt from his face.

This struck fear in both Lauren and Diana. Mateo, who reached in his pocket, realized he still had his plasma blaster, to his surprise. Before he had a chance to pull it out, a thundering voice echoed amongst the group.
“Run…!” It shouted.

As the four heard the voice, large explosions erupted form the direction they ran, followed by the purple beings floating back into the air. Confused, and Mateo being distorted, the four continued to run at an even more accelerated pace. The explosions were so violent, the four could feel the shockwaves pressing on their bodies, almost tripping them. It wasn’t long before they came across a blinding light at the end of the forest.
“There’s a clearing ahead!!” Mateo shouted.

Feeling the sheer pressure of the shockwaves, they all braced themselves for the bright light. As soon as they stepped into it, the light quickly subsided, and unveiled to them a large cliff. Below raged a fierce river. Before Mateo and the others could stop their momentum, they helplessly stepped off the cliff, starting in a free fall towards the river. Diana attempted to reach for the cliff, but one of the shockwaves blew them too far, sending them down. She watched as the very cliff they were reaching for quickly exploded, sending debris falling along with them. In the free fall, Mateo quickly reached for Lauren and Achilles’s hands. Still a little disoriented from the explosion earlier, he was unable to quickly locate Diana. Within seconds, they all impacted the water.

Lauren, who quickly swam to the surface, gasped for air as she tried to locate the others. Above, the sky was quickly covered by debris shrouding them all in darkness. Lauren helplessly tried to stay above the raging river as the current washed her down the stream. Streaks of light shined only for a brief moment from above, giving her glimpses of the surroundings. She was completely surrounded in tree fragments, rock, and random things. Suddenly, she caught glimpse of a glimmer of light at the end of the river, but at the same time she felt the current pick up significantly faster. Unable to move from the stream, or see anything but that glimmer, she knew exactly what was coming.

Desperately, she attempted to swim against the current. Not only was she quickly unsuccessful, something caught her leg, pulling her under the current. As hard as she could, she kicked her leg away, freeing herself. When she returned to the surface, the light subsided, showing her the tip of the waterfall. For a brief second, she was able to fully see the landscape. The clouds were churning with smoke, golden sun light, and a purple mix all over, as well as explosions all over the cliffs. To her surprise, random building began sprouting from the explosions. Her curiously quickly ended, as she fell with the current over the tip of the waterfall. The only thing she could do was let out a blood curdling scream as she passed out before impacting the bottom of the waterfall.

She then opened her eyes, finding herself to be laying in a large golden room.
“What…? Where am I…?” Lauren gasped, grabbing hold of her body.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly threw the covers off her body, and jumped to her feet. Looking downwards, she realized she was wearing a black shorts, with a tank top covering only her breasts. On her neck she felt a white necklace on. Her hair was also tied into a ponytail. On her feet were black tennis shoes. Her sack sat next to the bed where she stood up.
“I’m… I’m alive?” Lauren gasped.
“Of course you are, silly…” Said a man walking in to the room.

As the man’s voice echoed through the room, Lauren turned to the man in disbelief.
“… Max?” Lauren gasped, gazing at her old lover, “How… are you alive?”
“Sweets… Are you alright?” Max asked, walking towards her.

She quickly refrained from him touching her.
“You were running a fever, so…” Max responded, pulling out a bowl of soup from his back, “I made you some ramen.”

He slowly placed the ramen onto a table sitting next to the bed.
“I will leave… this here. Are you feeling alright still? You were having a god awful dream…” Max asked, taking a step back.
“You… You were dead…! Achilles…” Lauren gasped.
“Who’s that?” Max asked, sitting onto the bed, “Come sit down with me.”
“No…! I can’t! You’re dead…!” Lauren shouted, backing up towards the wall.

Max stood from the bed, and approached Lauren with a concerned look on his face.
“Lauren… Please… You’re actually starting to scare me.” Max stated, concerned, “You were out for days… Please, what’s wrong?”

As he reached his hand out to touch her, she clinched up, burying her face into her palms. The moment his touch rested onto her shoulder, a warm feeling soothed Lauren, allowing her to relax. She slowly stood firm, looking at Max.
“Tell me… What’s wrong?” Max asked.
“I…” Lauren responded calmly for a brief moment, “I… Was all of it a dream?”

Max put both hands onto her shoulders,
“I guess so… I’m literally standing in front of you in the flesh. How could I be dead?” Max smiled.

Drawing her in, he embraced her comfortably, placing his head on top of hers. Feeling much more relaxed, she placed her hands into his chest, and let out a snug sigh.
“What were you dreaming about?” Max asked.

Lauren peeled off of Max, and pulled him over to the bed. She sat him down, and sat next to him. Glancing at her sack, she realized it was soaked. There was a puddle still formed around the bag.
“I’ve… been out for days?” She asked, looking back at Max.
“Yes, I’ve been worried sick.” Max responded, “Now tell me what happened.”
“But you were at central station…!” Lauren stated, trying to withdraw from Max, “You tried to…!”

Max continued to hold Lauren to his body.
“Shhhhh!!! Lauren! Calm down…!” Max begged, stroking her blue hair, “Maybe a stroll around the block will calm your mind?”

After thinking about the decision for a second, she nudged him, signaling an agreement.
“You should grab your jacket before heading out… It’s rather cold.” Max suggested, pointing at a rather long coat hanging next to the door.

When they stood from the bed, Max scurried to the coat, bringing it off the coat hanger. Lauren slightly blushed when approaching him, extending her arm for him to put the coat over her arm.
“Max, are you… alright?” Lauren questioned, “I don’t ever remember you being so nice!”
“Thing’s changed, and I regret… Everything I done, Lauren.” Max smiled, sliding the other sleeve onto Lauren’s arm.

He quickly spun her around, grabbing her by her hips. Slowly, he pulled her towards his body.
“I’ve done a long of bad things to you… I am sorry, Lauren… From the bottom of my heart. I won’t ever leave your side, ever again…” Max spoke in a warm, soft voice.

His voice not only convinced her, she melted in his arms.
“I love you.” Lauren smiled, embracing him.
“I… Love you too. Now, let’s go get some fresh air.” Max smiled.

Max opened the door for her, and the two walked down a red carpeted hallway towards two large golden doors. As the two stood at the towering doors, Lauren could hardly breathe from the sight of the beautiful doors.
“Where are we Max??” Lauren gasped, looking up at the towering doors.
“We are in Raven!” Max smiled, opening the doors.

Hearing Raven immediately shook Lauren to the core, but was overwhelmed at the sight when he opened the door.
“Oh… This is Raven???” Lauren gasped, running outside to the balcony.
“Yes…” Max responded, approaching Lauren at the balcony edge.
“The trees… The vegetation… The buildings… The homes… Look over there!” Lauren started spewing everything that came to sight in an excited tone, “I’ve never seen such a stunning view!”
“I know… You’re very beautiful too…” Max smiled, gazing at Lauren’s radiating light.
“What is that…? Gleaming pillar of light in the distance??” Lauren asked.
“That’s the Shining Tower. It had a cryptic name beforehand, but now it’s called The Shining Tower. It’s where the president resides.” Max smiled, gazing at the tower’s beauty.
“Cryptic… name? Infinite tower…?” Lauren questioned, turning towards him.
“Yes…” Max replied, “Come with me, there’s a lot I need to show you.”

Grabbing Lauren’s hand, the two walked down a curved stairwell that circled a waterfall from the foundation of the building. Once below, he continued holding her hand as they walked down the beautifully maintained road.
“Everything’s so pretty…” Lauren gasped, looking around in astonishment.
“Indeed. Things have come a long way thanks to Arthur.” Max explained.

Hearing Arthur’s name almost made Lauren slap Max. Unfortunately, she couldn’t budge her hand from the passion she started sharing for Max again.
“After The Great Disaster, what was left of the scientists, Commander Arthur, and the demons of Silan all worked together, and stabilized the core of Infinite Tower. With the help of Zilan, Silan’s second in command, and elite demons, they were all able to purify the core of Infinite Tower, turning it into a beacon of light. The very moment the light emerged from the tower, great and powerful magic were unleashed for miles… It healed the wounded, resurrected the dead, mended amputations, everything you could possibly imagine!” Max explained.

During his explanation, he stopped at a statue in the middle of the street.
“There’s a statue built here in the name of the alliance.” Max smiled, gazing at the statue.

It was a statue of Zilan, and Commander Arthur standing side by side, with Silan between the two holding a crystal in his hand.
“We all now co-exist with not only demons, but the habitants of this planet as well!” Max smiled.
“What…? But…!” Lauren gasped, remembering the events that took place prior to.
“But?” Max questioned.

After a few seconds of looking at the statue, and the confidence Max had while looking at the statue, she shook her head for a moment, and smiled along with him.
“It’s nothing.” Lauren replied with a warm smile, “So… The residents here settled down?” Lauren questioned.
“Absolutely. Within days, both scientists of human and demonic cultures started combining their technologies and powers. Our culture is back!” Max cheered.

The two started walking around the state, and continuing down another road.
“Look over there.” Max pointed out.

As Lauren gazed over, she saw a dog park. Humans of all different colors mingling in with strange humans with a tail and fox ears.
“Those are known as Elven Foxes of the Forest. Research shows they have inhabited Gethos before coming here, to Motavian.” Max explained, “Those shaded humans are not just humans, they’re humans that needed to be fused with Demonic DNA to survive. The Agency, though proud to serve, is no longer called the Agency. It’s now The Supreme Army. Only the select few are infused with a special serum created by the Great Doctor, and are able to join this military. Me, I’m a part of the Royal Guard; to maintain and uphold peace here in Raven.”

Soaking in the information, one thing Max said queued her in on a little suspicion.
“So… What was The Great Disaster?” Lauren questioned, becoming more and more suspicious.
“The Great Disaster?” Max responded, “From what Commander Arthur explained, some rebellious group ruptured the core of Raven, and destabilized the planetary plates; sending them in all different directions. Two plates remain intact… The other two…”
“Max?” Lauren questioned, watching his face drop.
“The others… Were destroyed by Angels.” Max explained, “So many of them perished…”

A tear beaded, and fell off Max’s face. Lauren continued to be more interested.
“Any… idea who would have done such a horrid thing?” Lauren questioned.
“Them…” Max explained with a deep grumble, “The Leohan family. They are the ones responsible for Raven’s destruction! Specifically, Mateo Leohan.”
“Mateo…?” Lauren gasped, suddenly stopping from the walk.
“Yes! He and his accursed family is solely responsible for the destruction of our home-world!” Max grumbled once more, “They trained among Commander Arthur himself, and tried to sabotage everything… Word through the forests say he’s on the planet somewhere. If we find him…”

Lauren suddenly started putting things together in her head.
“I… I gotta go.” Lauren stated, taking a step back.
“Wha…? Why?” Max asked, reaching for Lauren, “I have more to show you!”
“No, no… That’s okay… I want to head back to my room… Thanks for everything!” Lauren attempted to smile.

Before Max could grab her once more, she took off running in the direction which they came. Max stood, confused.
“What’s her deal? Women are freaking strange.” Max shrugged.

Facing the original direction he continued his stroll. Meanwhile, Lauren darted for the building with the huge double doors.
“I know I’m not crazy…! There’s something wrong…” Lauren said to herself.

Bolting up the stairs, she wasted no time in opening the doors. Once she sprinted down the hallway, barely dodging some locals, she ran into the room that her and Max were in. To the other side of the bed, she grabbed hold of her damp sack, and opened it.
“See, I knew it! I wasn’t dreaming!” Lauren shouted, reaching for her retractable staff.

Suddenly, once she grabbed it, she had an idea.
“Maybe… I should stay here… The last thing… I remember is an avalanche, and many explosions… I remember…” Lauren stated.

All of a sudden, a man and a woman ran into the room and quickly shut the door. Lauren, startled, backed up a few steps as the two started pushing things towards the door.
“You! Where’s the nearest exit out of this building??” The man shouted.

He wore disgusting rags, just like the female. They both appeared to have a saber and a pistol attached to their hips.
“I… don’t know!” Lauren gasped, reaching for her bag once more.
“Open the door! We will destroy it on three!” A voice shouted from outside.
“You, come here!” The man shouted, pulling out his gun, “Let’s go!”

Overwhelmed and scared, she quickly attached her sack onto her back, and willingly went with the man. He took no time in restraining her. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a zip tie cuffs. The woman started raiding one of the closets for a bag and other supplies as the man pointed the gun towards Lauren.
“Put those on! Hurry up!” The man shouted, pointing the gun closer.
“Who are you…?” Lauren gasped.
“None of your concern!” The man shouted, using his other hand to tighten the zip tie cuffs.

Once he got her to her feet, he snapped at the woman to finish what she was doing. Turning to the back of the room, the man pushed Lauren to the ground, and holstered his pistol. At the same time, he pulled out his saber. With no effort at all, he thrusted the blade into the wall, forming a fiery hole. It took only seconds for him to cut a clean hole, allowing them the escape.
“Go! Now! We don’t have much time!” The man shouted, signaling the woman to run.

Tying up her medium sized sack, she jumped out of the hole, and ran into some bushes in the distance. The man quickly grabbed Lauren’s hair and threatened her.
“Do what we say or I will kill you!” The man shouted, throwing her through the hole.

Before Lauren could reply, she fell onto the ground, with the man falling behind her. He landed inches from her body. The man grabbed hold of Lauren’s bound arms, and threw her into the bush with the woman, and followed through into the bush just as the door exploded above. Followed by Max, he and a bunch of crimson soldiers ran into the room, immediately checking every nook and cranny. Max continued directing the soldiers, instructing them to look harder, and broaden their search.
“Shit… She got away…!” Max snapped his fingers.
“Sir, they escaped out of this hole.” One of the soldier’s reported, “They could be anywhere in the city!”
“Then search the whole area! They can’t be far!” Max shouted.
“For…?” A thundering voice echoed into the room.

Hearing Commander Arthur’s booming voice made all the soldiers stand at the position of attention, while Max kneeled.
“Commander Arthur, they escaped.” Max explained, sweat pouring from his head from nervousness.

Arthur no longer wore his golden clad armor, he wore nothing but simple white robes with a circlet on his head. On his side he possessed the same saber as before, but no other weaponry. He looked down at Max with a content look on his face.
“Its fine, Maximus. Rise.” Arthur spoke, lifting his hand up to signal to stand.

Once Max stood to his feet, Arthur placed his hand on his shoulder.
“Master Maximus, do not be frightened of me…” Arthur spoke softly, “Our people are at peace, and we have no more need for conflict at this level. Calm yourself.”

Max gasped at Arthur’s words and lifted his head with disbelief. Sweat poured from his forehead.
“She may have had the information we needed, but we do not need to worry. As long as the townsfolk are safe from harm, that’s all that matters. Now, go to the Shining Tower, and get some rest.” Arthur smiled, lowering his arm.
“But sire…!” Max questioned.
“Farewell, Master Maximus” Arthur smiled, turning away from Max.

With the guards that charged into the room, they and Arthur exited the room. Max, who fell to his knees with relief, looked towards the hole cut in the wall.
“Acknowledged, sir.” Max grumbled.

Meanwhile, as the two that kidnapped Lauren ran down a dank sewer, they reached a point where they had nowhere else to go. That’s when the man, still pulling Lauren by her hair, threw her against the wall and pointed a gun to her head again. The woman quickly removed the zip tie cuffs with a knife, and quickly jumped back. Scared and shaken, Lauren started to cower in fear.
“You, who are you?” The man asked, aiming the gun towards her head.
“I am Lauren… Please don’t…” She started pleading.
“Silence!” The man shouted, “You are who we came for…”
“Alec!” Elena said, “If she’s the one we are looking for, stop pointing that damn gun at her…! She’s been through enough…”

Lauren gazed at Elena with an extremely puzzled look.
“We have a lot of ground to cover…” Alec replied, “We need to get a move on, we’ll explain on the way.”

Walking towards Lauren, Alec slid Lauren to the side. He pushed on a random brick against the wall, activating a trap door in the wall. Once it started sliding open, Lauren took a step back, still confused and disoriented.
“Go…” Alec said, pushing her in the door.

Once inside, Lauren saw a log with a hole inside it, being held by a chain above the water. Looking back, seeing Alec giving the motion to get in the boat, she jumped into it, and held onto the sides. Elena sparred no time jumping in, while Alec jumped in still standing. Reaching to his side, he grabbed hold of a knife. With one stroke, he smacked the chain that was against the log, and the rushing current of the water violently hurled the log forwards.

Lauren desperately tried holding to the edges of the log for stabilization and keep from being thrown out, while the other two hunkered down, pressing against the sides. As Lauren looked above, she saw random streaks of light, assuming it’s the surface. The longer they flowed down the tunnel, the thinner the lights became until they were nothing but twinkles in the darkness above.
“Hang on!!” Alec shouted, bracing himself.
“Brace onto…!” Lauren tried to question.

Before she could finish her question, light suddenly engulfed them. Lauren then let out another blood curdling scream as her sight came back. Below her was the river from before, only slightly higher. Alec quickly reached forward, grabbed hold of Lauren by her midsection and mouth, and threw themselves out of the log. Lauren started panicking, grabbing hold of Alec’s arms. All of the sudden, Alec was snatched in the air by Elena. As Lauren started to calm down, she reached with one hand and removed Alec’s hand from her mouth.
“We’re flying???” Lauren shouted.
“Yes… With Elena’s mechanical wings.” Alec stated, wrapping around Lauren’s mid-section with his free arm.

Lauren looked down, looking at the harshly raging river below. She looked to her left and right to absorb her surroundings.
“What… What did they do…? Lauren asked.
“Shut up…! You’ll bite your tongue!” Elena shouted, taking a hard left turn.

She looked around, continuing to soak in the surroundings. From all the explosions, the clouds above were polluted by smoke with the sun attempting to break through the pollution. Trees laid to the side with debris falling off the edge. Long strands of black ash and polluted water poured from the cliffs above, turning the river into a murky; green color with black stains. When Lauren attempted to look behind her, she saw a large beige building with funnels coming out of it, spewing greenish water as well.

It didn’t take but a few minutes before they were past the cliff walls. Below, the trees began to turn brown from the polluted water around.
“There, that’s where we are going.” Alec pointed out.

Hidden deep into the decaying forest was a broken up town, but barely visible. Elena quickly flew through the tree limbs, letting Alec and Lauren go once they were close enough to the ground. By the time Alec and Lauren were standing on their own two feet, Lauren immediately felt wobbly from the flight. She fell to her knees when he let her go. Achilles, who watched them from the building he resided in, staggered and ran outside as fast as he could.
“Lauren!!” Achilles smiled, falling to his knees to her level.
“Achilles…!” Lauren gasped.

Seeing Achilles sitting beside her filled her with great joy. With tears forming in her eyes, she reached for him and embraced him as hard as she could. Alec cracked a grin, and looked over back at Elena.
“Who would have thought we would find her so fast.” Alec said to Elena.
“Look at her; it’s kind of not hard to miss her. Look at that hair.” Elena remarked sarcastically.

Hearing the ruckus sent Mateo running out of another one of the torn buildings.
“What happened??” Mateo shouted.
“She was taken in for questioning…” Alec explained, “She was attended to by a Royal Guard.”
“Oh.” Mateo responded, “Lauren are you alright…?”

Lauren glanced over at Mateo, and gave him a kind of stink eye.
“Fine… Mateo. What happened on Raven…?” Lauren asked.

Using Achilles, Lauren stood to her feet.
“… In what regard?” Mateo asked, puzzled at Lauren’s response.
“Back on Raven… When the plates took off. What happened?” Lauren asked, sounding demanding.
“What’s the deal?” Achilles asked, “Now that we are all together-“
“Shut up.” Lauren snapped to Achilles, “Mateo Leohan, what happened on Raven??”

Mateo looked towards the ground with great sorrow in his eyes.
“What happened?” Mateo repeated back, “I would rather not talk about it.”

Lauren sternly walked up to Mateo, grabbed him by the shoulder, and spun him around with great force.
“Tell me!” Lauren shouted.

Mateo looked into Lauren’s eyes and saw much confusion mixed with hatred. He took a step back, and looked at Alec, Elena, Achilles, and Lauren, and let out a deep sigh.
“Vakarra explained…” Mateo attempted to respond.

Lauren became more upset.
“She explained how she got in her position…! What happened up there, Mateo?!” Lauren shouted, clenching her fists.

Mateo uttered a sigh; catching the attention of the others around him.
“I saw lots of horrors. Things I wouldn’t imagine seeing in my lifetime. Sure, I dreamed and through about pursuing my family, trying to find out the all mighty secret of where they went. But at the same time, with Emmy around, I shrugged it and tried to live a good life. Myself, Emmy, and Cecil, another agent with his follower, Chelsea, were in my house, trying to figure out some strange anomalies that happened in the area, when… Specter, a follower for Zane, a high level Agent, appeared before us. Her body looked dead but fully conscious. She told us in a specific timeframe, everyone on Ravel will die with the exception of Infinite tower and that specific province.” Mateo explained.

Alec and Elena looked at each other, and bowed their heads with sorrow.
“Cecil explained to us that there was an infiltration of demons among the ranks of the Agency. Just about all, with the exception of him and Chelsea, rebelled. So, putting two and two together, we figured out that there is a possibility that there may be a way to release the other plates, giving everyone on Raven a chance to survive. As farfetched as that sounds, I decided I was going to try and save them. All… On my own. As Cecil prepared our vehicle for takeoff, I put Emmy in the vehicle with the two. She wanted to come with me so bad… But… I knocked her out, and went on my own.” Mateo explained further.
“Lauren, are you satisfied?” Achilles questioned, glaring at Lauren.
“No! Continue the story!” Lauren shouted.
“Then…” Mateo choked a little with tears coming to his eyes, “Once they took off, the armada of Silan’s army showed up. It must have been hundreds of infused humans, with small and large battleships entering the atmosphere… I never seen an invasion like that. Ever… in my life.”

Mateo grew increasingly uncomfortable.
“I used what mystical energy I could control, and infused myself. I didn’t have long, so I left for the Gravitational station. As I was heading there, I saw… things you wouldn’t even imagine. Demons devouring humans… Tainting, corrupting, destroying, killing everyone around me…” A tear beaded down Mateo’s face, “One fiercely attacked me and almost took me down due to his brute strength… But I managed to power through. Once I got to the station, I was met by one of Commander Arthur’s Lieutenants. Her name was Vakarra. We engaged into a fierce battle, but I over-powered her and she came back to her senses.”

Alec gasped at the name.
“You fought Vakarra??” Alec gasped.
“Under her instruction, we headed down the Gravitational Station to the bottom floor. There is where the core was stabilized. I was greeted by Zilan, and Shimara…” Mateo explained.

Achilles and Lauren froze, hearing Shimara’s name.
“That’s why… you had such anger towards her…!” Achilles gasped.
“There’s… more.” Mateo responded, “Vakarra took on Shimara but was ultimately overpowered. Using a few maneuvers I learned when I was a kid, I was able to beat her. I found my way into the Gravitational Engine room. When I walked towards those panels, I was greeted by Zilan…”

Mateo turned his back towards Lauren and the others. He started balling his fists with rage.
“Zilan and I confronted after he revealed…” Mateo sobbed, reaching into his pocket.

He pulled out the slightly burned around the edges picture that Zilan gave him. Lauren, who was immersed into Mateo’s story, took the picture and held it with both hands. To their curiosity, Alec, Elena, and Achilles all walked up behind her.
“Zilan is a lost brother of mine. Although I do not remember him, he’s related to me. We engaged shortly after that. When I got the chance, I jumped over to the controls, and pushed the release mechanisms to release the rest of the plates.” Mateo grumbled.

Lauren handed Achilles the picture, and walked up to Mateo. She put her hand onto his back and attempted to rub it.
“I pushed the buttons… And prayed something good would come of it.” Mateo sobbed, “By now, Vakarra pummeled Shimara back to her senses, and we found a way to escape quickly to an emergency escape pod. Zilan charged back into the room with his Demonic Wings out. I, preparing to fight to the death, stayed behind to give Vakarra and Shimara a chance to escape. I fought Zilan once more with all my might. I lost all hope in surviving, and came to a conclusion that I was going to die… Then it happened.”

Mateo turned back towards the group.
“Emmy talked to me telepathically… She empowered me, and I continued to fight Zilan… Until he showed up.”
“Who??” Alec asked, immersed in the suspense.
“Silan, the Great Demon King. His very aura disabled my saber… To the point where I had a severe burn on my hand. Zilan kneeled at the king’s power. He… He walked towards me. The very pressure of his power took my breath away, and I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything but stand there, like a helpless child. Then… everything went dark. When I came to, I was in a cell inside the basement of the Infinite tower.” Mateo finished explaining.

Lauren, taken by Mateo’s explanation, attempted to hand him back the photo.
“So, you did push the controls and sent the plates hurdling into space…” Lauren questioned.

Mateo nodded as he took the photo away from Lauren.
“I did… Specter told us the explosion with all the debris would cause catastrophic damage and death to many lives on all the planets on the solar system.” Mateo responded, wiping a tear from his face, “Then I… Separated from Emmy when I escaped Infinite tower… As Emmy and I were escaping, Commander Arthur and I dueled… and I lost. Silan also appeared, and just when I was about to be dealt the final blow, Emmy… Gave herself up to save me. Vakarra rescued me at the last second… And the last thing I remember is seeing Emmy and Silan disappear in a blinding light…”

With all that said, Mateo headed back to one of the destroyed buildings. Lauren attempted to stop him, but her efforts were meaningless.
“Why… Did you ask him that?” Achilles asked.
“… Max… was right…!” Lauren gasped, “The Leohan Family…”
“What are you on about? I killed Max… I thought?” Achilles responded.
“When I came to, Max informed me about… The Great Disaster, and how the Leohan family brought upon death and destruction to Raven.” Lauren explained.
“You can’t believe those lies, girl!” Alec shouted, approaching Lauren, “They are blinded by the truth! I dug up facts on that dreaded tower. It was built and manifested by Angels… Back in the old days. Both Silan and Arthur, using the ancient crystal below the tower, they activated it, and are now living in a fabricated world. The shockwave that tower sent out destroyed everything for miles… For miles and miles beyond the walls… Is nothing but decaying forests, rotting animals, and towns such as this one…! They brainwashed everyone inside that… monstrosity…”

Lauren started comparing the story to Max’s story.
“So what Max said was true… That holy shockwave resurrected the dead, mended wounds…” Lauren gasped.
“That may be so, but they’re living an artificial life. It’s not a life that’s natural… It’s built off someone’s ideals… Are not fair.” Alec explained.
“But…” Lauren questioned, “Living a peaceful life, not remembering the horrors of Raven. That sounds… Kind of appealing…”

Alec and Elena both glared at each other for a split second.
“It’s brainwashing! It’s not realistic to live that kind of abnormal life…!” They said.
“But it’s better! No crime, nobody’s suffering… Nobody is in pain!” Lauren shouted back.

Achilles walked towards Lauren and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Lauren.” Achilles asked calmly, “Do you want to go back to it?”

Lauren walked from Achilles’s grasp, giving Achilles an astonished look on her face.
“I…” Lauren responded, “I…”
“Let her go!” Diana said, rolling out of one of the buildings nearby, “If the bitch doesn’t want to continue our cause, there’s no point in arguing. There’s nothing here binding anyone to do anything. Just go! If that life suits you… But if you go, don’t you dare come back!”

Before anyone could stop her, Diana pushed forward, pushing Lauren to the ground.
“You’ve seen first-hand what they’re doing. “ Diana shouted, “What makes you think that life is suitable for you?”

Lauren scurried to her feet with a look of shock on her face.
“You… Don’t get it!” Lauren shouted, “Crystal blue skies, luscious green fields, wondrous plant life, people are happy. People are on the streets, walking their kids and their animals. Not a soul that I saw had a worry or complaint. Just the little time I spent there… Even though I was full of questions, it was peaceful. It was good to breathe clean air again and see people not panicking. I saw my boyfriend happy, and he was treating me right. Everything… Just felt like it made sense. Even though Mateo’s story is gut wrenching, I’m having a hard time digesting the fact he, being classed as a level 2 agent, was able to take on not only Vakarra, one of the Lieutenants, but managed to thwart Zilan, one of the generals of Silan, and being related to him as well! I don’t buy it! I just can’t. You all can’t stand there and tell me you automatically believe it all! Alec, you’re a seasoned agent yourself!”

Lauren snapped back, looking at Alec.
“You’re a level 5 agent yourself, Alec! The level of training you were pushed through to become one of the few level 5 agents! How could someone like Mateo be that powerful and fail to be an agent?” Lauren shouted, pointing towards the building Mateo was in.
“Because I know when someone’s bleeding their hear out, Lauren.” Alec responded coldly, “Regardless of stature of the agency, there’s inner strength in all of us. When backed into a corner, there’s no telling what will happen. You don’t know his backstory, and you don’t know him, much like I don’t. But I will tell you this. I am a good judge at reading people… And I think its best you just go.”
“Maybe it’s best I do leave…” Lauren spoke softly, astonishing Achilles, “I pray for whatever you all hope to accomplish.”

Before she finished, she took off in the direction she believed was the city. As Achilles attempted to chase after her, Diana stood in his way.
“No.” Diana said, “Don’t chase after her…”
“But why…?” Achilles asked, trying to push her out of the way.

There was a brief silence between the two. Glaring into each other’s eyes, they could have said a thousand word towards each other.
“Because she made her decision.” Alec responded, halting Achilles’s advance, “I can tell you care for that girl, but you need to realize… She’s made her mind up…”

Achilles pulled away from Diana, and turned his back towards her.
“So disappointing…” Alec sighed.
“Let the bitch go.” Diana laughed, “She’ll realize she fucked up eventually.”
“Regardless, we need to get our head together… and get moving.” Achilles sighed, shaking his head, “We need to head… South towards Devils tower.”

Alec glared at Achilles.
“Devil’s tower? Why…?” Alec questioned.
“Because… Bri told me.” Achilles responded.

Both Alec and Elena scratched their heads in confusion.
“Bri was a mystical person that came to me in a dream. She told me to head south; towards Devil’s tower. We would find answers there… Which, at the time, was Lauren, Diana, Palacio, and myself. So… That was the plan of action.” Achilles explained.
“We totally have nothing to go on…” Elena said towards Alec, “We can’t go back in that city peacefully, so let’s see what happens. Maybe we’ll find more people and places so we can get out of these nasty rags!”
“Okay… we’ll leave in the morning… Let’s rest up.” Alec nodded.



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