A little inside info about me!

Getting down to the nitty griddy! My name is Matt :). I like candy, and I love to chit chat! One of my favorite things to do, is talk aobut life, and talk about issues, problems, etc… I have 4 dogs…  From left to right is Kizzie, Buster, Monty, and Bluiebie. The woman is my wife, Katherine. And I have a son, Jackson.


My main purpose of these blogs is to show the world my point of view! To show what’s in my head, and how I tick! To vent out my day to day frusterations, or to explain what happened in my life in a certin point. I also want to paly out, and explain my fictional story. I’ve waited a long time to finally get the motavation to get it out there… and now I HAVE IT! I am heavily inspired by my friends and family… So, sit back, enjoy, and have a great time!


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