Chapter 17: Lover’s ruin

Chapter 17


As Zane awoke, he quickly realized his entire body was really hot. Being uncomfortable from the heat, he reached over and grabbed the blankets. Immediately he realized the blankets he grabbed hold of were nothing more than a thin layer of sheet. “Wha…?” Zane murmured to himself.

While pulling the sheet off himself, as he pulled his legs over the bed, pain shot through his legs. He uttered a horrid scream, alarming two of the white robed people outside. When they entered the room, Zane became spooked and he scrambled to the other side of the bed. To his surprise, he was unable to get off of the bed due to his unresponsive legs. “Calm down, Zane!” One woman pleaded, reaching for him. “Stop scurrying around! You’ll do further damage to your body!” The second woman pleaded, grabbing hold of one of his legs.

Being soothed by the women’s voices, he slowly relaxed and sat up in the bed once more. “What… Where am I?” Zane asked. “You’re in our sacred city, Zane. Princess Sophie and her Four Leaf Tribe scouts were able to successfully bring you and your friends here.” One of the women stated. “Sophie… Wait…” Zane sighed, closing his eyes for a brief moment, “Specter… SPECTER! Where’s Specter??”

Before Zane could jump out of his bed again, both women held him down. “Stop squirming!” One woman shouted. “If you keep it up, your back will never heal!” The other woman shouted.

This caused Zane to stop moving altogether. “What… do you mean?” Zane questioned.

The women took a couple steps back and looked towards the floor. “Zane.. Your lower back was severed, and your legs were shattered and burned. There’s… not much we can do except keep you here to heal.” One of the women said.

Hearing those words put Zane in shock. He pushed himself back under the blankets and stared into the ceiling. At the same time, Lyra came running in the room. “Zane…!” Lyra shrieked, running between the two women to his bed, “Zane! You’re alive!” “Lyra…” Zane smiled, looking towards Lyra, “I’m glad to see… you’re okay.” “What did you do to Specter Zane?” Lyra questioned, grabbing hold of his sheets.

Zane gave her a puzzled look. “How is she? Is she okay??” Zane asked. “Yeah, she’s better than ever…” Lyra spoke softly, looking towards the side of the bed, “She had to have her eye replaced… Unlike Raven, there wasn’t the technology to replace it so… She has an eye forged from the mystical wilderness here… “ “Whoa…” Zane gasped. “She inherited some mystical abilities which is nice… but the moment she was able to move, she said her goodbyes, grabbed a ton of supplies, and left.” Lyra sighed. “What??” Zane gasped, struggling to sit up. “Don’t act super concerned. I remember the argument Zane…” Lyra growled, “You told her… You wanted to leave it all. To ditch her… And to run away…”

Zane looked down towards his legs with his eyes closed. “She was heartbroken, Zane.” Lyra spoke with a storm behind her voice. “But…” Zane tried to speak.

Lyra, refusing to listen to Zane, smacked her hands onto the bed. Small jolts of lightning began festering in her eyes and her fingertips from her emotion. “You are a coward Zane! I can’t believe I came here to check on you…” Lyra shouted, “Maybe it was my conscious telling me to because you saved me… But I see you’re nothing more than a coward…”

With that said, Specter walked into the room. Due to the crash, it trashed her old clothes. Now, she wore a golden circlet around her forehead with her blonde hair in a bunn. She wore a black short tank top with two golden braces around her left arm. Her butt was covered by black short shorts, revealing large portions of her legs, with black tennis shoes on her feet. Wrapped around her left thigh, she had a white bandage covering it with slight blood stains. On her left side, she holstered a plasma pistol, and on her back she had a sack filled with anonymous things from before. Across her face, going underneath the circlet, she had a black bandage going across her left eye. The right hip holstered a retractable blade with a jeweled hilt. “Zane…” Specter spoke softly, looking at her broken husband.

Lyra, gasping at the sight of Specter, stood to her feet and backed towards the wall as she approached Zane’s bed. “Zane, my poor hubby…” Specter spoke softly. “Specter…!” Zane gasped at the sight of his wife. “Specter, I thought… You were gone already…!” Lyra gasped. “I did. But I had to come say good-bye.” Specter spoke to Lyra softly with a smile.

Zane’s eyes lit up with anxiousness and sadness. “What…?” Zane questioned. “I came to say good-bye Zane. After I got a complete update on the situation with Infinite Tower crashing along with one of the provinces, I tend to work towards making things right. I’m finding Mateo and Emmy, and we are going to work towards making things right.” Specter explained. “But…!” Zane started to jump out of bed, but was unable to due to his legs being paralyzed. “I’m… leaving Zane… And I don’t plan on coming back to find you… When we were in space… You hurt me. You hurt me so bad, I don’t think I could ever forgive you. Despite everything we’ve been through together… You turned your back. That’s something… I just can’t forgive. I wanted to come by and get closure before I go…” Specter explained.

Hearing her words knocked Zane’s heart down to his feet. “Can… I come with you?” Lyra asked Specter. “Of course not… You have to stay and train with Sophie…” Specter responded, “You have a power that almost brought down the entire forest… It sparks from your emotions… It needs to be harnessed and controlled… I’m sorry Lyra, you’re a danger to yourself and everyone around you.” “Specter!” Zane shouted. “You have absolutely NO room to talk, let alone yell at me!” Specter shouted, “I have done everything to support you and your decisions! I at least took the liberty of making sure the craft we arrived in is ready to go back into space for you.” “But Specter…!” Zane began to plead.

Before Zane could speak anymore, Specter drew her pistol and held it towards Zane’s head. “No more excuses, no more anything Zane… I’ve grown tired… of… everything with you…! I’m leaving… And I wish you luck wherever you may go.” Specter shouted.

With her left hand, she removed the ring from her right ring finger. She softly set it down onto the bed, and took a step back. “I’m sorry… Specter…!” Zane pleaded. “Sorry is for the self pitiful cowards. Good-bye, Zane.” Specter spoke with a thunder rattling her voice.

Looking towards the floor, she holstered her weapon and started to walk out of the room. Zane, grabbing hold of the ring, brought it to his chest and squeezed it as hard as he could. Lyra, shocked by what happened, chased after Specter. Once out of the house, Lyra quickly grabbed hold of Specter’s left hand. “Specter…” Lyra spoke softly.

Specter, still staring at the ground, said nothing. “Don’t leave us… I know he’s a hard headed baffoon, but you can’t just up and leave like that…” Lyra pleaded.

Instantly becoming furious, Specter jerked her arm with such force, Lyra fell onto the ground in front of her. “I can’t? Sorry, there’s more at stake than a coward. Your genetic code was tampered with, Lyra. There’s tens of thousands of things that could spark from it, and Princess Sophie of the Four Leaf Tribe is going to teach you to harness those abilities without getting yourself killed! You tagging along with me can’t fix that!” Specter shouted. “But I… I don’t care…” Lyra murmured, sitting onto the ground with a tear rolling down her face, “You’re the only family I have…” “Lyra! I realize that… And as family, you have to understand there’s things at work that is bigger than the both of us! We all need to do our part… My job is to get these supplies to Mateo and Emmy, and yours is to harness the great power residing inside of you. Once you’re able to fully harness it, we can be together…” Specter explained, “Be an adult and get off the ground…”

With that, Specter turned to the right, and quickly darted off out of site. As Lyra stood from the ground, she looked in the direction that Specter ran off, and held her left arm. “Fine…” Lyra murmured to herself, “I hope… Zane is going to be okay.”

Walking back into the hut, Zane laid back with his arms across his face. Tears were streaming from his face, even though he wasn’t whimpering. “Ms Lyra, we need to get you back to Princess Sophie. It’s almost time for your first training session.” One of the women mentioned. “Fine fine…” Lyra snapped, “Is Zane okay…?” “I’m fine… Go Lyra!” Zane shouted, turning his back on her.

Slightly shocked by being yelled at, Lyra turned around, clutched her hands onto her chest, and slowly stepped out of the building. Not even a few steps were taken that she ran into Sophie. Sophie stood with her red hair flowing into the wind. Her crimson eyes shocked Lyra as she looked into her eyes. “Lyra…” Sophie questioned her, “Why are you down here…?” “I was checking on my…” Lyra replied, still heart stricken by Specter and Zane. “No. You stay where we put you until we can figure out how you can control your power! You don’t understand the danger you pose to everyone, including yourself! You’re unlike any mystic I’ve encountered. From your friend’s knowledge, your genetic code was altered, and you’re highly unstable. With proper training, you’ll be a great asset in this war against the Crimsons…” Sophie explained.

Lyra didn’t respond. “Lyra, come on…” Sophie said, grabbing hold of Lyra’s arm, “Let’s go…”

Lyra quickly pulled her arm away. “What if I don’t want to train? What if I just want to be left alone??” Lyra questioned, glaring at Sophie, “Ever since I got here,

As Lyra glared at her, the sky started to turn dark; as if a thunderstorm was brewing. Sophie looked into the sky, and immediately identified what was happening. “Anger is fire… Sadness is thunder?” Sophie said to herself, “Lyra… Are you sad?” “One of my friends is lying in a bed with a broken back, and the other just walked out of our lives. Who knows where she is… and you’re telling me what to do… I… I am very upset!!” Lyra shouted.

Just as Lyra shouted lightning started striking from cloud to cloud, echoing loud thunder through the woods. “Do you see Lyra? You’re conjuring this storm!” Sophie shouted, trying to talk over the thunder. “Screw the storm! I just want to be…” Lyra started shouting.

In a blink of an eye, a bolt of lightning crashed down, hitting Lyra. Sophie shielded her eyes from the flash, catching a slight glimpse of her body being electrocuted. Once she uncovered her eyes, the storm quickly dissipated, and Lyra lay on the ground. Sophie quickly ran to Lyra and placed her fingers on her neck to check a pulse. “She’s… just unconscious.” Sophie murmured to herself.

A few scouts then fell from the neighboring trees, also checking on Lyra’s body. “Princess! What happened?” One of the women said. “It was… Nothing. Bring the girl to my training ground at once. Give her some medical herbs.” Sophie commanded, standing tall.

She watched scornfully as the patrol carried her off into the trees. Turning towards the medical hut Zane resided in, she walked forcefully into it with her fists balled up. “You.” Sophie growled. “Go… away…” Zane snapped back.

Without any remorse, Sophie grabbed Zane by his left arm, and slung him from the bed towards the door. Unable to use his legs, he tumbled helplessly. While the two medical women attempted to grab him, Sophie held her arm out, signaling to stay away. “This man has the teachings of the Crimsons.” Sophie stated, “He will show us what he knows!” “But Princess… He’s injured from his lower back down… He can’t…” One of the women suggested.

Sophie walked up to Zane, and towered over his body. Using her left foot, she rolled his body over until he was back side up. “And… What was his injury again?” Sophie questioned. “The body check we did stated his lower back was severed, and his legs are shattered.” One of the women said. “Really…? Then let us fix that.” Sophie grinned.

Using great force, Sophie jumped toward the ceiling of the hut. She placed both of her feet together, pointing her toes upwards, and came down onto the lower part of his back with her heels. Zane shrieked in pain as she jumped off of him and stood firm between the two medical doctors. “I felt that his back is just fine.” Sophie smiled, looking at Zane’s body from the side, “Stand.”

Zane pushed his body off the ground with his arms, and glared at Sophie with great confusion. “How…?!” Zane shouted.

Shocking to the two medical women, Zane brought his legs under his body, and he hoisted himself to his feet. “I… My legs! Who are…?” Zane questioned.

Before Zane could finish, Sophie charged him. Unable to react in time Sophie done a jump kick into Zane’s chest, sending him tumbling out of the hut. As Zane quickly scurried to his feet, Sophie was already towering over him. “How did those Crimsons come toe to toe with me, and you’re barely able to stand? Hm…” Sophie smirked. “Who are the Crimsons??” Zane questioned, staggering away from her.

Sophie quickly zipped behind Zane without him knowing it. She lightly pressed her back against his and spoke softly. “When the Devil Moon exploded… Fragments landed in our very forest. Soon after that happened, men wearing red garments flooded the forest, killing my folks-men and women. Not only did they kill them, they were dragged back to that infernal place… For what, I don’t know. Their way of battle tops our own in many ways… And we don’t have any prior knowledge on how to combat it. The weapons they use are much more advanced than our own… “ Sophie explained. “I…” Zane started to speak.

Before Zane could speak, Sophie tripped him and elbowed him in the stomach in mid-air. When he impacted the ground, she towered over his head. “From what your lovely companion said, you are a former high ranking soldier in that military. I wish to exploit your combat maneuvers, and study them… So that my people can defend themselves.” Sophie explained. “Could you stop beating the shit out of me…?” Zane begged. “No. Defend yourself!” Sophie replied.

With no remorse, she hard-kicked Zane in the side, making him roll towards the medical hut once again. Using the momentum he jumped to his feet and stood tall once again. “Tell me more on what these Crimsons look like at least!” Zane asked, holding his side with his left arm. “Like you… But red armor and a red X across their chest. Their chest armor is black, with moving stars on them.” Sophie explained, “Some had capes, some had multiple weapons, some had battle skirts.”

Zane turned his back on Sophie, placing his right hand on his chin in thought. Sophie gasped at Zane’s actions from all the abuse she put him through, but quickly snapped back to an attack stance. “I… It’s a farfetched idea, but that sounds like infused agents with demonic DNA.” Zane stated. “What…?” Sophie questioned, standing relaxed instead of an attack position. “Have you fought one on one with one?” Zane asked, turning around. “I… I have. I barely escaped with my life.” Sophie explained, looking towards the ground, “Several of my brethren sacrificed themselves so I may flee…” “Then, show me how you fought them…” Zane replied, charging Sophie.

Before Sophie could defend herself, Zane quickly picked up a stick on the ground, and hit Sophie with it in the side. The impact threw her onto the ground with her back facing the sky. Shocked slightly, she jumped back to her feet and faced Zane once more. Again, before she realized it, Zane approached her from the side and struck her once more with the stick, shattering it across her back. Taking the momentum towards the ground, she put her arms forward, catching herself. As she drawed her legs in, she pushed forward, kicking Zane in the chest. Swiftly he grabbed hold of her legs, and positioned his legs around them, locking her in place. When they landed on the ground, Zane began twisting her ankles, making her emit a curdling shriek.

From inside the hut, the two nurses came charging out from the commotion. As they approached the two, Sophie, while covering her mouth with her left hand, used her right hand and signaled them to stay put. “Wait… What…??” Zane gasped, feeling something furry touch his arm.

Freaked out, Zane released Sophie’s legs, and jumped back. He quickly glimpsed underneath Sophie’s robe, and scratched his head as it disappeared under it. Sophie slowly worked her way back to standing while dusting herself off. “Why did you stop…?” Sophie asked. ‘What was that under your robe??” Zane gasped, pointing at her.

Sophie’s face started turning red. She tugged onto her robe, pushing it far enough down to touch the ground. “You… pervert…!” Sophie growled, her face turning red. “Wait… Wait, no! It wasn’t that! It was furry, and it touched me!” Zane gasped.

The two nurses started staring at each other and started giggling. “Oh…” Sophie replied embarrassingly, “Oh…!”

Grabbing hold of her robe, she threw it to the side, revealing her body. Sophie stood about 5’5 with  skin shading a slight pink. Under her robe, the only articles of clothing she had on was a black strapless sports bra, and black shorts that barely covered her butt. Her eyes were a piercing red, along with her short hair stretching to her shoulders. To Zane’s surprise, he noticed a brown tail hanging from the backside of her stretching until the tip barely touched the ground, and small triangular ears on top of her head. “What… What is that??” Zane gasped. “What… this?” Sophie questioned, grabbing her tail, “You don’t know what this is? Haven’t you heard of an Elven Fox before?” “Elves? We read about mystical creatures from eons ago back at the academy… But nothing about Elven Foxes.” Zane responded, “Sources also said Elves in general were extinct…”

Sophie released her tail, turned to where her robe fell, and picked it up. “Not extinct per say… But rare.” Sophie replied, looking towards the ground, “Rare as in this sacred forest is all we have left… As long as I can remember, I was always told of the Purple Moon; it was our homeland. As I grew up, I watched as the lovely Purple Moon slowly deteriorated until it was nothing more than a floating rock in the sky. Soon after, stars started falling into the forest, creating fires and killing my brethren left and right… Hunters from the neighboring areas also started chasing and hunting us for our… tails… and demons of the darkest kind started harvesting our mystic energy. In a valiant attempt to keep the predators at bay, and to quiet the raging fires, my father sacrificed himself and put down a mystical veil to protect us. Now, there’s no way of entering the forest… But, as of late, when the Demon Moon exploded… The energy released from that monstrosity destroyed the barrier around the forest. It’s only a matter of time… before…”

Zane caught Sophie’s eyes tearing up. She quickly took the robe, and put it back on. “Before this forest is no more, and we all die.” Sophie sniffed, starting to sob. “But… you’re such a great fighter!” Zane replied, taking a step forward, “Why can’t you defend…?”

Sophie became insanely angry, and charged after Zane. “Do you not think that’s what we did??? Being at peace for eons, I took lots of villagers to that infernal place to examine and find out what all happened… But when we got there… I saw three individuals in the middle of the place… Lights all around were kind of fizzled. One man wore shiny golden armor, with a golden weapon striking some man…” Sophie explained.

The explanation caught Zane’s interested greatly. “Did… you say shiny?” Zane gasped. “Yes, and a kingly dressed man. His very energy gave me such fear… And sadness. I couldn’t bare to look more than a second at him. I observed a fight with the two, with shiny weapons. One lost his arm, to which another woman came to fix him… With the way her energy shinned, she resembled a very powerful mystical person… And then…” Sophie explained. “Did the…” Zane attempted to ask.? “There was a great light, and then they were all gone… Suddenly, those Crimsons came out of the buildings, and started picking off our brethren…” Sophie explained. “No way… Mateo…? No… Couldn’t be!” Zane asked himself. “Mateo?” Sophie questioned. “He’s… An…” Zane started to speak.

Out of nowhere, Sophie charged Zane by surprise, and knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up, she placed her foot onto his chest. “Specter explained to me who they are… And what her mission given by the mighty Angels themselves. I’m well aware of all this, and this disapproval between you two. From the description I received from Specter, she identified him as Mateo, and his partner Emmy. The fact that lone man fought such a demon on his own is remarkable. “Sophie explained. “But…” Zane again tried to speak. “Silence!” Sophie shouted.

Becoming agitated, Zane grabbed hold of Sophie’s foot, and pushed her off of him. Using his legs and slingshot himself, he jumped back to his feet. Sophie quickly gained her footing again. “Why do you keep silencing me!?” Zane questioned. “We are engaged in traditional combat. As a princess, I have to uphold a certain level of standards. But… As a woman, I can’t help but to engage in conversation… I’m simply curious. I’ve never met a perfectly shaped humanoid.” Sophie explained. “So why not just talk, and not fight??” Zane questioned, “I remember coming from orbit! O R B I T! That’s not exactly good on the mind you know! So much has changed in my life in the past couple weeks… I need time to figure out what’s happened myself!” “From a woman’s perspective, I think you’ve had plenty of time dealing with your situations. What you did to that woman, and how you turned your back on the entire ordeal… Sickens me. Now if you’re finished, you have a fight to finish.” Sophie stated, giving Zane the stink eye.

As Sophie stared at Zane, he looked towards the ground for a brief moment to reflect her words. Only for a brief moment, for he looked back at Sophie, and glared back. “You don’t know me, and you haven’t been through what I have. There’s things that have taken place personally that have molded and turned me into who I am. You know nothing of what I went through, and reasons why I believe the way I do. You need my combat skills, I’ll give them to you. But once you’re satisfied, then I am out… Just like I said I would.” Zane explained. “As I thought…” Sophie smiled, “Then let us continue this fight! Show me everything you know!”

Meanwhile, Specter, with a small black backpack on her back, strolled through the woods as she exited the borders of the village. With every step, she felt a slight regret for leaving Zane and Lyra behind. With the shake of her head, that feeling quickly faded away, and she was suddenly filled with great motivation. Looking towards her, she saw endless amounts of trees and vegetation. Before she knew it, when she turned back, she saw nothing resembling the village she once stood in. She cracked a grin, and looked back in her original direction. Hours passed like seconds as she leaped through the forest.

Suddenly, looking towards the sky, she realized the sky was setting. “I… I better make a camp…” Specter murmured to herself, hanging off a large tree branch.

As she let go, she used one of the vines hanging down to slow her descent. Once on the ground, she set down her bag, and cleared some of the leaves around it. When she finished, she walked over to the bag, and pulled out a small capsule. Holding it in her right hand, she glared at it with confusion. “So… Sophie told me to press this button… And…” She said, clicking the top with her thumb.

Feeling it vibrate violently, she quickly threw it forward. When it exploded, she shielded her eyes, in case there was any debris. Dust quickly filled the area, then dissipated after a few seconds. Once it cleared, she opened her eyes, and was shocked to see a dome like tent sitting right in front of her. “What the…!” Specter gasped.

When she approached the tent, she realized inside the tent rested a sleeping bag, a small bin with food in it, artificial heating logs, and a small pale to wash clothes and personal hygiene. “These tents were given only to top class agents…! How did Sophie get ahold of these?” Specter asked herself, walking into the tent and instantly dropping her sack, “And there’s fresh food, and everything! I don’t even need to start a fire…”

Realizing her legs were exhausted from the travel, she decided to lay on top of the sleeping back near the heating logs. “I wonder how long it’ll be before I find Mateo… Or anyone really. What a crazy few weeks…” Specter spoke to herself.

Before she could realize what was happening, a bright light engulfed her. Completely surprised, Specter shielded her eyes with her arm and tried to stand, but realized the ground disappeared form under her. Suddenly, a figure stood before her as the light faded away. “Specter…” Vexon called out to her. “What??” Specter gasped, staggering backwards.

Vexon quickly materialized and grabbed Specter as she quickly staggered towards the edge of the cloud they were standing on.. “Calm yourself!” Vexon shouted, throwing her to the other side of the cloud.

Specter stood tall, but shaken. “Where… Where are we?” Specter asked, looking at Vexon floating in front of her. “We are in your subconscious.” Vexon explained, “Humans are most vulnerable when they are asleep.” “So…” Specter pondered, looking around the crystal blue skies, “What are you doing here? I assumed we would never see you again… Being that you can’t interfere with humans and their affairs…” “I was sent on behalf of the Angelic Counsel to you, specifically, Specter. As I stated before, I went to the Counsel’s meeting, where you were judged. Our top archeologists and librarians discovered through ancient text, that time travel was forbidden, and any who attempt it shall be slain.” Vexon explained.

Specter slowly reached for her weapon behind her back. “Calm yourself, Specter. I am not here to slay you. Quite the opposite. The Counsel was pleased with what you have done…” Vexon explained, “One of the cities from Raven crashed onto our planet, as I’m sure you’re aware. The citizens of Crothan were more than pleased to help the humans, despite the laws passed down. Not only were the injured healed, the deceased were able to be revived using simple magic. As we speak, volunteers all over the world are striving to teach humans the way of angels, our magic, and our origins. Same goes for teaching them their origins. Even being explained what transpired on Raven. The ones that do not wish to learn our teachings are being sent to Motavian, to that accursed city where they considered home, and their minds altered to where they believe they were on that East Province. “ “I… I don’t know what to say.” Specter responded, feeling speechless. “A great battle is brewing, Specter. Because of your selfless efforts, and that mystic that pulled you into that time glitch, you have set in motion the works of melding our once great alliance.” Vexon explained. “But… All I did was…” Specter gasped. “No, my dear.” Vexon calmly replied, “Without you, countless more would have died, and Silan would have resurrected the souls of all the humans that would have died, and invaded Crothan by now with a force to be reckoned with.” “Why are you telling me all this…?” Specter asked. “Your next task.” Vexon replied happily. “My next task…? But my next task is to find Mateo and…” Specter started to explain. “To find the mixed breed, Mateo Leohan and Achilles Torelami, but there’s another task you are being put on. This one is being passed by the counsel itself.” Vexon stated, approaching Specter. “Why… can’t you just meet with him? You can travel into people’s subconscious!” Specter asked, trying to back away. “I’m unable to interfere directly with humans as of the meeting. Until they accept, what I’m about to task you with.” Vexon replied, now standing before Specter. “What do you…” Specter tried to ask.

Vexon pulled his arm from his side, and placed it onto Specter’s shoulder. The moment it made contact, Specter dropped her arms. She looked straight to the sky, and her eyes started turning all shades of the rainbow. Vexon, also looking into the sky, began murmuring words unable to be understood by humans. Although Specter tried to move away, she was unable to with the immense feelings flowing through her body. From the feelings, she attempted to scream, but when she did, she felt a jolt go through her throat, silencing her voice. A tiny tear started forming at the corner of her eye, that quickly crystalized, and fell off her face. Fear started to set in, making her stiff body tremble.

Suddenly, a rainbow colored light enveloped the two. The immense feelings trembling through her body quickly subsided, exhausting her. Vexon, chuckling, took a couple steps out of the light. “You may rise…” Vexon said with comfort in his voice.

Specter, completely exhausted, used her hands and pushed herself up, but was unable to move her legs for a short time. “What… did…?” Specter asked, barely able to speak. “Observe.” Vexon shouted.

All of a sudden, a shining blade appeared in Vexon’s hands. He held it firmly in front of him, pointing it at Specter. With his wings extended outwards, he used them as momentum as he charged for Specter. Shockingly to Specter, her senses quickly picked up on Vexon’s actions, making her instantly jump to her feet. Reaching for her backside, she pulled out a blade similar to Vexons. As she stood in a position to defend, a great surge of energy pushed her forward. Within a flash, the two collided. Sparks flew from the blades, pleasing Vexon and scaring Specter.

Specter quickly stumbled backwards. As she pulled away from Vexon, the white blade disappeared, and the surge of energy dissipated. “I have given you the gift of our people. You are now an Archangel of Crothan, Madam Specter.” Vexon responded, crossing his arms again. “What…?” Specter gasped, looking at her hands and examining her body, “I feel so different… SO light, but so…!” “You’ve been given wings of an Angel of Light, like myself. Your wings do not protrude from your back. They are made indefinitely of light. Same goes for your weapon. You may use them at any time, but due to your original heritage, you may only use them for a time.” Vexon explained, “Whenever you need to harness your power, just clear your mind of any negative thought.”

Specter excitedly closed her eyes, and faced towards the floor. She stood for a few seconds, then looked up at Vexon with a concerned look. Before she could speak Vexon responded, placing his hand on her shoulder. “My child, there are mixed feelings in your soul. You must clear your mind and let go of all the negativity in your mind. Only then, will your powers come to fruition. I must leave you, for I must prepare our own military force to combat invading Demons. Farewell, and good luck, Specter.” Vexon explained.

Before Specter had a chance to reply back, she was blinded by a flash of light. It only lasted for a second, then she opened her eyes. To her surprise, she noticed she was lying in her sleeping back next to the fire that’s now burned out. Feeling stuff from sleeping on the ground, she turned her head towards the door to realize the sun was rising. She quickly peeled out of the sleeping bag and jumped to her feet. “I feel the same as I did in… that dream?” She gasped.

Quickly, she opened the door and ran outside to the sun’s morning light. Looking down at her feet, she still couldn’t believe how weightless she felt. Placing her feet together, she looked towards the sky one time for a few seconds. She placed her hands to her hips and bent her knees. Using enough energy to jump, she pushed off of the ground. Within seconds, she jumped almost above the trees. When she looked down, she immediately started waving her hands in panic as she plummeted towards the ground following a shriek. As she descended smacking the trees, she aggressively attempted to grab hold, but was descending too fast. Onto her back, she landed on her tent, crushing it.

Specter quickly jumped to her feet, expecting to be in pain. She glanced at her arms, and legs, shocked she wasn’t bruised or scarred. “No… Injury at all…!” She gasped, examining herself.

Looking towards the trees ahead of her, she took a step back, preparing to sprint. As she pushed off, her tent stuff she crushed flew from her wake as she took off. Leaving an imprint into the tree, she slammed against the trunk. When she pulled herself out of it, she was blown away from both her speed, and damage to the tree. Looking back at her crushed tent stuff, she put her hand on her forehead. “That… wasn’t the smartest thing…”

As she gazed onto her arms, she approached the tree. Feeling optimistic she reached down and grabbed the tree firmly. Shockingly, she was blown away yet again as it took almost no effort to pick up the tree. With no effort at all, she chucked the tree in front of her, just enough to free her camping stuff. Again, she looked at her hands and fell to the ground to her knees. “This… Power… This… Energy!” Specter gasped, feeling overwhelmed.

Sophie’s Description


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on September 27, 2016.

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