Shining Fantasy: Chapter 16

Chapter 16



Meanwhile, back at the tower, Arthur watched as Vakarra swooped Mateo from his grasp. He watched as they flew away at a high rate of speed. Just as Arthur prepared to give chase, Silan spoke with his thundering voice.
“Leave him, Arthur!” Silan shouted, “There’s nothing more to interfere.”

Accepting what he said, Arthur turned off his saber and holstered it. He turned towards Silan, who started moving his hands up to Emmy’s head, and stood tall and firm.
“Are you scared?” Silan asked.

Emmy took a quick breath, and closed her eyes, feeling his cold hands slide up her shoulders to her neck.
“You… You make me sick..” Emmy spoke softly.
“Child…” Silan spoke, attempting to lower his thundering voice, “I don’t wish harm on you.”

Hearing his voice, Emmy opened her eyes, and placed her hands onto his arms.
“No harm??” Emmy gasped, struggling to pull his arms away, “Look at all this… destruction!”

Purple mist started flowing from Emmy, creating an eerie wind, causing Arthur to take a couple steps back.
“Child, I wish nothing more than for the salvation of this galaxy.” Silan said, looking deep into Emmy’s eyes, “The races of this age… Do not see the bigger picture. You, young lady, are the salvation we’ve been looking for…”

Creating enough mist, it was able to empower Emmy enough to spring backwards from Silan’s grasp. Reaching behind her, she pulled out her staff, and pointed it towards Silan. Retaliating, Arthur started to charge her with his saber in hand. To Emmy’s surprise, Silan stepped towards Arthur, making him jump back.
“Calm yourself… We don’t want to hurt you…” Silan spoke, his voice sounding more thunderous.
“No! You’re a demon! And, you, Arthur, are a traitor!!” Emmy shouted.
“Silan…” Arthur sighed, “You pitter patter here if you want, I have a city to save…”

As Silan answered him with a nod, Arthur quickly turned his back, and took off into Infinite Tower.
“My dear, please… Don’t make this any harder…” Silan sighed, opening his arms, “Let’s start off with… just a talk.”
“The lord of Demons wants to… speak… with a Mystic?? I read what your kind has done… And what happened on Gethos… You wiped us out! And you expect me to talk, after staining your hands with the blood of my people??” Emmy shouted, making a jab motion towards Silan as he slowly approached her.
“We… do have a certain apatite… for mystical energy, I won’t deny… But my lady… you have a power you have not yet realized… And there’s history to do not understand. You, and you alone, are the sole pure blooded Mystic with the bloodline of Queen Xion.” Silan explained.

Hearing this made Emmy lower her staff.
“Queen Xion and I had an inseparable alliance. It didn’t used to be this way…” Silan explained, lowering his arms, “Before I explain… Let us go to somewhere more private… In about fifteen minutes, these streets will be craqling with refugees…”
“How…” Emmy started to question.

Before she realized it, Silan grabbed hold of her shoulders, and squeezed her tightly.
“Brace yourself!” Silan shouted.

Within a single blink, the two resided inside a golden room with a red carpet in the middle. Above, light shined through church-like windows and filled the room with a warm light. As the light shined into the chandeliers above, it made the room even more bright. Silan released Emmy, and turned his back on her.
“You may relax…” Silan smiled, walking across the room.

Pulling out a jeweled chair, he slowly relaxed himself into it.
“Ah…” Silan smiled, leaning back in the chair, “What a day!”

Emmy, puzzled, holstered her staff and gazed at the beauty of the room.
“Wha… Where…?” Emmy asked.
“Ease yourself… You’re in my private chambers, on Silan.” Silan replied.

She jumped back, and started panicking.
“Calm down I said!” Silan shouted, slamming his arm onto the arm of the chair, “Damn, just like before, unable to keep calm!”
“Why… did you… How…?” Emmy gasped, clutching her hands in hopelessness.
“Demonic Magic… I’m the Emperor of Demons… Have been for thousands of years. You learn to cheat the system a little bit…” Silan replied, “Now… sit down… I have much to share with you…”
“But…” Emmy hesitated, looking for a door.
“Emmy… Is it?” Silan smiled, “If I wanted to suck you dry… With all my great power, don’t you think I would have done so?”

For a brief moment, Emmy glared at Silan with a look of confusion, but understanding. Releasing her clutch on her hands, she approached a chair next to Silan. Still, thousands of thoughts ran through her mind as she approached the seat.
“Why… Why did you bring me here…?” Emmy asked, cowering in fear.
“As I said on Motavian… You are the sole bloodline to the heir of the throne; Queen Xion.” Silan explained, “Your bloodline was declared a total loss during the Great Lunar War… Ask yourself this… Have you had a voice inside your head all this time?”

Emmy froze in astonishment.
“But…?” Emmy attempted to ask.
“The only place that has a record of all the wars in the past one hundred thousand years were recorded on Crothan. The text didn’t steer you wrong, since you were able to obtain that information. As a result of the war, Gethos turned into what you see today. I regret those events ever took place, but it was unavoidable…” Silan explained, reaching for a glass on a table next to him, “Those damn imperial Angels and their Planetary Technology…”
“Planetary Technology? Nothing in that recording…” Emmy started to explain.
“Exactly. Let me share this info with you. I was there the day their scouts were approaching Queen Xion. They begged her to allow them to drill to the center, and install a gravitational engine… Similar to what was on Raven. The original claim was to manage the Great Crystal’s radiating energy… But it’s that same crystal that gave Mystics such great power. In fact, Mystics mined this crystal, and used it to boost up their power. At that time… We even helped mine this crystal, and used it to empower ourselves instead of drinking the mystical energy… But, Their leader… Their Emperor… King and Queen Cross ascended into that very throne room. They explained the crystal was apart of a dark legend from eons before our solar system ever formed and demanded they let them do their thing. Leaders of all four races were in that room when everything changed. it was the Imperial Angels that took the first shot… Following Queen Xion, and the human lead, as well as I. I quickly grabbed the wounded Queen Xion, and attempted to get her to safety, but she died when the Imperial  reinforcements came… Which started a bloodbath. Overall, the Worldstone was destroyed, destroying the atmosphere, and everything about Mystics. Along with it, the alliance.”
“That… wasn’t recorded…” Emmy stated.
“That’s because about two hundred years ago, there was a cease fire. Due to the rarity of Mystics, and certain Mystics going rogue over the years, because they are so powerful, they were separated from main populous of each planet. Yes, even here on Silan. Once this happened, tension rose. There was one less power in the galaxy. That’s when I struck a deal with Commander Arthur. We agreed the Imperial Angelic Council is too much a threat to be left alone. Since the cease fire, they’ve closed their borders. My intel shows that they are harnessing what power is left in the shards of the Worldstone and planning on using it to obliterate Silan. Weather you like to think so… Mixed breeds are welcomed here of all races and genders. We don’t discriminate.”

Emmy stood from the seat and backed away a few steps.
“But… Raven… All those people… What about all the attacks on Raven…??” Emmy gasped.
“It’s… complicated.” Silan stood up.

Silan, with a small orb in his hand, slowly approached Emmy.
“In my hand… is a Quartz Orb. This orb contains things you need to know, if we are to continue. But… To answer your question… The attack on Raven was nothing more than a plan made from Commander Arthur. He has ambitions that don’t settle well, but had to come to pass for the phases of our plans. Raven’s core was growing unstable. That was thanks to the Imperial Angels. When we were all at peace, they drilled into Raven’s core and stole their Worldstone. They promised Humans that when they did this, they would build an artificial Worldstone capable of bringing more technology, and prosperity to the whole planet. Well, when the cease fire happened, and they closed their borders, so did the flow of energy, causing the energy holding in the artificial Worldstone to rupture. It would have been a matter of time before the planet itself exploded… That’s why there was a core evacuation plan… ” Silan explained.
“Demons… They… killed so many…” Emmy gasped, looking towards the floor in shock.
“Commander Arthur is to blame, my dear.” Silan spoke softly, placing a hand on her shoulder, “It was his doing. My soldiers were to go to Raven, and destabilize the core. When I gave my legion to Arthur, he is the one that told them… No survivors. If it were me, I would have seen to it those same demons be executed on the spot, with no way of their souls reaching the well. Such dishonor…” Silan sighed.

Emmy looked up, feeling soothed by Silan’s words.
“You… You’re telling… the truth…” Emmy replied.
“Humans have taught you, and each other that Demons are nothing more than blood thirsty savages that wish to suck Mystics dry, and conquer the galaxy. Quite the opposite… We are a proud warrior race with honor… We follow any rule, and do as we are asked. We are duty bound. During the war, Mystics and Demons were unstoppable allies. With Humans, we were invincible… Although some of our kind act on their own… I see to it personally that they are punished with the worst punishment of all. Soul drifting… You know them as shadowy apparitions. Emmy, Help me rebuild the kingdom of Gethos… Mystics can come out of the woodwork, and with our might, and our code, we shall triumph over the Angels, and reforge the peace we had so long ago!”

Emmy took a quick step back again, just enough to be out of Silan’s reach. As she looked down, she noticed the orb he was holding was now in her hands.
“Take that Quartz Orb, and hold it over your head, and chant as you did fighting my son.” Silan said.

She looked at Silan, puzzled.
“But how…?” Emmy gasped.
“I’m the Emperor of Demons. You think I can’t hear murmuring from a Mystic?” Silan chuckled.

Taking a deep breath, Emmy held the orb high above her head. The moment her arms were locked, she looked at the orb, and closed her eyes.
“amin wish ten’ i’ val en’ i’ makers, tena amin plea!” Emmy shouted.

Uttering those words seemed to thunder through the halls. Silan took a few steps back and sat in his chair. Emmy held her pose with the orb in her hands, frozen in place as a blue and purple mist started surrounding her.
“Atta girl!” Silan smiled, watching the orb disintegrate.

All of a sudden, unknowing to Emmy, a crystal with the same color as her hair appeared around her.
“What…. is… happening…” Emmy asked, unable to move.
“My dear…!” Silan replied, “You’re entering a Mystical Slumber. Don’t panic.”

Before Emmy could say anything, the crystal completely formed, encasing her in a frozen state. Silan, watching the crystal float in the same place Emmy was standing, stood from his chair with a smirk on his face. As he got within arms reach of the crystal, he placed his hand on the crystal to feel its texture.
“Let’s give you clothes suited for royalty…” Silan smiled, snapping his fingers.

In an instant, the shredded clothes Emmy wore disappeared and replaced itself with a completely different look. Across her body, she was wrapped in a green silky sash showing off her stomach, and on her bottom half she wore a golden skirt with a long skit on the right side, showing her right. On her feet, she wore a pair of golden flats. Her wrists had several golden bracelets, with random symbols on them. She did, however have her retractable staff, but it was tucked in her golden sash hugging her hips.
“There we are… Now when you are prepared, you will fit the role.” Silan smiled, turning his back to the crystal, “Now… We shall place you above my throne, for safe keeping.

Raising his right hand, the crystal lifted from the ground, and slowly hovered the room, and placed itself above Silan’s throne. Silan stared intently at the crystal as Zilan came in, along with his flame apparition.
“Yes?” Zilan spoke swiftly.
“I want some of your best men to guard this room. Nobody is to have access to it. If I catch anyone in here, you will answer for it.” Silan shouted at Zilan, looking deep into his eyes with rage.
“Y… yes…” Zilan shivered.

Vira glared at the crystal.
“You… caught her?” Vira gasped.
“No, you dolt!” Silan shouted, stomping the floor with his boot, “She is regaining her past memories!”

Pizzled, Zilan glanced over at Vira, who glanced at him back.
“Do you question my motives, Zilan?” Silan questioned.

Zilan quickly fell to his knees, and bowed at Silan in fear.
“No… your majesty…” Zilan groveled.
“That’s what I thought. Take some soldiers and go to Motavian. Meet up with Commander Arthur and help his people.” Silan requested, turning his back and staring at the crystal.

Shocked by his request, Zilan slowly rose up.
“But sire… “ Zilan questioned.

In an instant, Silan disappeared from sight. Within a second, Silan had Zilan by his collar, held up against a wall. He watched Zilan dangle by his collar, grabbing hold of his arm to let him go.
“But what? I have no problem destroying you, son.” Silan stated calmly.
“He had us… Kill… people…” Zilan coughed.
“I don’t care! Do as I say! Take apparitions then! Take whatever you want with you, but my order stands firm!” Silan shouted, releasing Zilan.

He impacted the floor. Silan put his hands behind his back, and approached the  crystal once more.
“Soon we will have another powerful ally…” Silan spoke softly, “With the special abilities this woman possesses, along with her ancestral background forges the perfect heir to the throne of Mystics. I’ve been waiting for eons for someone like this to arrive at my doorstep…”

Silan looked to the floor, with his eyes filling with water.
“Queen Xion…” He sighed, “If only you had listened to me… “

Zilan stood from the floor, and took a step towards Silan.
“Sire…” Zilan questioned, “My Vira accompany me…?”
“Go! Now!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

The power emitting from Silan spinning throw both Zilan and Vira to the door.
“Leave!” Silan shouted louder, his booming voice shook the entire structure.

Gaining their composure, Zilan and Vira scurried out of the room. As the door shut, Zilan looked to his side, to see Silan kneeling towards the crystal as the door shut.
“What… happened to him??” Zilan questioned, walking down the lit halls.
“Darling?” Vira questioned.
“An almighty emperor of Demons… Most powerful demon on Silan… Bowing to a mere Mystic…” Zilan shook his head, staring to the floor.

Vira grabbed hold of Zilan’s arm.
“Zilan… Talk to me.” Vira stated, preventing him from continuing down the hallway, “You’ve been acting strange since you came back…”

Zilan pulled himself from Vira, and only took a few steps before stopping again.
“I am a servant of Silan. I’m a General to the Demonic Empire. My skills are top notch, and yet… Mateo, that hick human could fend off my attacks. Not only that, he fended them off as if he was… Dancing with me.” Zilan explained, balling up his fists, “I have trained for hundreds upon thousands of years… Why is it he can compete with me?”

With a great amount of force, Zilan punched one of the walls. The impact cracked the wall, along with leaving an imprint of his fist. Vira, startled by the amount of force, reached her hand out to comfort Zilan.
“No.” Zilan murmured to Vira in anger, “I don’t need your comfort! I need to get stronger! But our glorious leader and saviour has me helping the very scum we have been at war with!”
“Zilan…” Vira sighs, lowering her arm.

She backed away just a couple steps, Only to see Zilan spin around and glare at her.
“I want answers!” Zilan shouted.

With his fists balled up, he started storming towards Silan’s room with great strength behind every step. If you were in the floor below, it sounded like large trees smashing onto the ground. Vira, gasping at his reaction, attempted to grab hold of Zilan, but was unable to due to her being a fiery construct.
“Zilan!” Vira shouted, “If you storm that room…”

As she yelled at him, Zilan reached the door. Just as he was about to open them, he completely froze.
“It’s… an act of defiance.” Zilan sighed, relaxing his fists to his side, “If I push open this door… I’d surely be killed. Am I afraid of death…?”

Zilan looked into his right palm, and stared at the creases in his hand.
“Defiance…” Zilan murmured to himself

Just then, Vira was able to place her hand onto Zilan’s, directing his gaze to her.
“Zilan…” She spoke softly, “Look at it… like this. Maybe his wish is to have a strong alliance between us and all humans. We’ll need that kind of alliance if we’re to defeat angels…”
“I… Defiance…” Zilan spoke again, looking away from Vira.

Suddenly, Zilan shook his head, holding one of his hands to his head.
“Ugh… That was… weird.” Zilan mumbled, “Let’s go! To Motavian to help the scum!”

Before Vira could ask what was wrong, Zilan stormed down the hallway without looking to see if she was behind him. Swiftly, he ran down the great halls with no kind of recollection of what just happened. Vira, staggering to keep up with Zilan, kept that in her mind as he approached a room full of well suited demons. As he entered the room, the entire force in the room dropped what they were doing and stood at attention. Before any chants were said, Zilan stood tall, and took a deep breath.
“Our leader has instructed us to go to Motavian and lend our aid to humans! Recently, if you haven’t heard, their planet was destroyed!”

Commotion rumbled quietly over the room.
“Silence!!” Zilan shouted, raising his arms, “My brethren, it’s orders from Silan himself! His intent is to rebuild the alliance we forged ever so long ago! If we are to beat our arch nemesis, we need each other’s power! In order to realize our King’s dreams, we must help our fallen allies!”

More commotion spread around in the room.Amongst the crowd, a small demon standing about two feet came wobbling towards Zilan.
“But…Didn’t we just destroy their civilization? A lot of us died, and some are still awaiting to be reborn in the pit…” The demon said.

Suddenly, a bolt of energy flung from Zilan’s arm, exploding on the demon’s face. The force sent it ricocheting off the wall, and into the floor with its face down.
“You don’t question orders! We are proud conquering demons of Silan! We do as he says and not question his authority!” Zilan shouted.
“Sire…” The demon coughed, standing to his feet once more, “We are indeed proud demons, but we deserve some… sort of explanation…”

Before Zilan could speak, the large door behind him opened slowly. Becoming frustrated, Zilan drew his fist and quickly turned around.
“Zilan!” Silan shouted, allowing the door to shut.

Zilan, struck with fear, jumped off the balcony, and landed with the rest of the soldiers. Without saying anything, him, along with all the demons in the room kneeled, and put their hands down. Silan reached towards the smaller demon, and clutched his hand shut. As his hand shut, a small orb emerged from the demon, making it grasp its chest in agony. Unable to breathe or talk, the creature stared helplessly at the orb rising towards Silan.
“The soul is a precious item. Weather you’re any race, the lifeforce of any being has limitless potential. Just a simple touch could tarnish the soul for eternity…” Silan spoke softly, glaring as the orb rotated around his open palm, “ If you don’t cherish life that’s been bestowed upon you, then you’re nothing more than… dirt.”

WIth that said, as the orb passed over his open palm once more, he closed his hand, shattering the orb. The moment it shattered, the demon’s body instantly turned to stone and started turning into powder on the floor.
“Zilan, I ordered you to take these soldiers to Motavian and help Commander Arthur with his citizens. What part of that command required debate?” Silan questioned.

Struck with fear, Zilan started to shake to the bones.
“My orders are final. Unless you want to end up like the runt before you…” Silan spoke, pointing at the powder in the middle of the room, “You will not question my authority. Zilan, take these knights and away with you all!”

Without hesitating, Zilan stood tall, turned towards the back of the room, and ran out with the rest of the demons following. It took ten seconds for the room to completely clear out, with only Vira standing in the middle of the room. Silan and Vira glared at each other with a stern, uncomfortable look.
“Silan.” Vira said, watching Silan attempt to leave the room.
“I have nothing more to say.” Silan spoke out loud, “You’re supposed to be going with him.”
“Silan!!” Vira shouted, “What are you doing??”

Silan took a brief pause, and uttered a deep sigh.
“Come with me, Vira…” Silan spoke, walking towards his chambers.

In an instant, Vira disappeared, and reappeared on the balcony walking behind him.
“We just put a huge dent into the seal! Why are we helping those wretched humans, Silan?” Vira questioned.
“Vira… “Silan spoke softly, turning towards her, “Now the seal is weakened, which was one of our solid goals. Despite how much we despise humans, we need them.”
“No, with that Mystic in the room! Why do you keep her in there?” Vira shouted, “Why not let your loyal servants suck her dry? Or our son even?”
“Because we need her too!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

With Silan’s right hand, he was able to grab hold of Vira, and slam her against the wall. The impact made an imprint of her body into the wall. She struggled to breathe as he pushed her harder and harder into the wall.
“We had a deal…” Silan grumbled.
“You… “ Vira coughed, struggling to breathe.
“If it wasn’t for the agreement, I would have put you where you belong. Under my boot…” Silan grumbled, “The mystic is going to stay protected until our plans succeed. Then I, and I alone, will harvest her. You will not question me again.”

He released her neck and took a step back, watching her body hit the floor. She held herself up by her hands and knees, gasping for air as Silan turned his back on her again.
“Vira, as I said before, accompany Zilan. The next time you question me, I will break you.” Silan spoke softly once more.

Disgusted by his voice, Vira stood up staring at the floor.
“Yes… master…”


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on April 8, 2016.

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