Wednesday Blog#2 Men are pigs… Not!

I do a majority of the cooking, cleaning, dog grooming, and… outside work. If Kathy needs me to do something car wise or something I’ll do it. I’m not much for outside work I won’t lie… But I’ll do it if I need to. I wasn’t raised with a dad… I was raised with only a mom that wished the best for me.

I wasn’t raised on “Man” things like changing tires, getting dirty in the mud, dirt bikes, hiking, camping, being social outside, that kind of thing. I was raised on how to take care of the house, and raise a family. Things I should look out for in a significant other, and how to bide my time without spending money [Which lead to video games, and a VERY VIVID IMAGINATION.] I took basic cooking classes, auto mechanics, technology classes, theater, and advanced math so I could be more efficient for MYSELF. I did it for myself, so when I moved away from my mom, I wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone.

When I joined the military, it was a huge jump into what the world was… I honestly hated the atmosphere. I hated how women came out of the woodwork to meet men in such a nasty environment. I feel sorry for the generation of today, truth be told. Women expect men to have every duck in a row, a house, and everything before they’re 21. It’s not 1960 anymore, that just doesn’t happen! You’re delusional as FUCK if you think that’s going to happen.

Some men don’t get the opportunities others do. Not everyone gets an opportunity to have a father figure, and a dad. Reporters like Tomi Lahren don’t see it that way though. When you have a penis, you’re expected to do / know everything! It’s mandatory that you know basic automobile stuff! it’s mandatory you’re shown hospitality in a social environment! Not everyone was blessed with a perfect family! Women of today… Sorry, but if I ended up single… You wouldn’t catch me dead with a high and mighty woman like Tomi Lahren. I would rather have someone I can build myself with, and form an everlasting relationship. Independent women are cool. I can live with that… Independent women that generalize a sex like she does… Make me sick.

Not all men are the same, and everyone has a different story to tell. Maybe those living the big life need to meet people working 2+ jobs and trying their best to support their family. Not everyone was graced with a paid college degree, and a walk through life. But Tomi Lahren doesn’t acknowledge that. MEN ARE PIGS! DISGRACEFUL SOFT PIN CUSHIONS… >_>

I mean if you want to attack men to be men… What about women cooking and cleaning? do YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN I KNOW THAT HAVE NEVER TOUCHED A DISH??? Never ran a vacuum cleaner? What about fending for themselves? What about basic skills and manners? How about how to take care of children? Wait, I’d be a socialist pig if I said anything about women huh?



~ by Mateo the Wonderer on March 12, 2016.

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