Wednesday Blog #1 Setting the ground straight, and not with SNOW!


Hello world! Guys, Gals of all ages! It’s been… A bit since I blogged! I’m gonna explain everything don’t worry!

So, it’s been crazy with the little one. Jackson, the love bug of my life, got sick for a little bit. Not strep [That’s revolving of course, because of daycare] Jackson caught hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Not like… Disease as in “ZOMG HE’S GONNA DIE” but… Here’s a picture. It was CRAZY! This was before it got much, much worse. The poor ting had sore nodes, and on top of that he had strep. For those that don’t know what it is… Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is basically a rash that develops on the hands, mouth, and feet.


This was about… Day 2. The skin above his lip started scabbing up, and the hand with the glove on it… His thumb was so red… 😦 The moment it went into his mouth he cried.

Sometimes, it’s sores, other times its blisters. They surface on the pads of your hands and feet as well, making everything you touch and all very sensitive. Jackson would touch a pear, or an apple and  shake from the pain. Not only that, his apatite was gone, and bath time… Was a freaking nightmare. Everything I did with the kid, I had to make sure he didn’t pop a blister. When his skin started getting really bad, he started sucking his thumb like crazy again. Doing this, caused his thumb to become severely agitated, and even more blisters showed up. I took the initiative and put a glove on his hand, so he was unable to suck his thumb. Just doing it for two days made SO MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE. Lol when his hand was peeling, the skin around his thumb where the blisters were… he started pulling it off and… He got smart and removed the glove… it looked like old skin vs new, red skin. It looked like you could take his thumb off. It was… interesting, but it was gross to look at. TBH, I was embarrassed to take him to daycare. I felt like I wasn’t being a good parent at all. What ringed in my head the most was thinking these daycare people wonder if I cared to fix it.

So… there’s been that. After about a week, he started healing… Well, when he was healing, Kathy and I started finding out the crap was contagious. The moment we realized that, I caught a 24 hour flu, and Kathy started getting the sores and blisters. Let me tell you something… Chicken pox suck. These things… They’re 100x worse on an adult. It sucks!!!! Kathy got put on bed-rest for a week.

During all this we had an epic snow storm!!!! This storm was relentless… We got 18 – 14 inches of snow in 1 day. Now, I know what you Canadians and all think… “Stupid Americans”. Well, when you’re not used to that kind of weather, that kind of thing

happens. IT was insane. I got snowed in at work. My management made POSITIVELY SURE we had snacks and stuff to tie us over until the roads were… somewhat… near impossible to drive. My co-worker Dominic and I got to sleep at work. Believe me, I didn’t care one bit about what I brought. I even brought my 3DS to keep occupied until my shift started. Man, did we want VEGETABLES THOUGH… EMAGAD! I think I ate a whole bag of veggies when I got home. Ate like a fatty, but I didn’t care. The only good thing that came out of this snow storm… THE ONLY GOOD THING… Everyone I knew told me… that I was high as a kite when I said “After an El Nino, a MASSIVE backdraft of cold weather comes through, just like last time in the 1990’s!” Everyone said winter was over, and I was stupid. I PROVED THEM WRONG RIGHT HERE! You know how nice that felt?

Other than these 2 incidents, life has been pretty amazing. I really couldn’t ask for better. Though the past year had some hardships, I was using this blog to get it all out and come to a closure with those feelings. Unfortunately, someone I thought to be a friend… Turned out to be… [I had a huge “Said person COMMENT” But I’m gonna list her as… Two faced, manipulative, needy, cheating, lying, hypocritical, and outright sad]  a real vengeful bitch, and thanks to her facebook group where cheating relentless bitches get together and create a cyclone of bitch-fu… Terrorizing the world with their Bitchery, came onto my blog… reported ALL of my posts for slander, etc… AND the end results were they all got deleted. All the traffic I was getting disappeared, and that’s honestly fine. But in a way, that’s just fine… Because they served their purpose.

Although from that, people get this strange idea I bring EVERYONE’S personal business to my blog for the world to see, and I’m going to make this clear. My blogs are used for ME, specifically ME. Situations and issues that affect me, only me, by me, and about me. Nothing I post is dealing with anyone else’s problems, issues, or situations. The things I said about my Mom, Mom’s ex husband, Biological father were things that really hurt me and I needed an out. Since I posted them [Over a year ago] I’ve been so relaxed. So calm! So calm, my PTSD doesn’t trigger now… [KNock on wood] Never once did I put any of my siblings on blast unless they flat out DISRESPECTED me [Which only one has, but he and I made up I think lol].

~If I overheard someone’s issue, problem, or situation… It’s not my place [Nor my position] To put that information in my blog.

That’s it for the day for me… I updated enough for this world. If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me. 🙂 Have a lovely week all, and cross your fingers for NO MORE SNOW!!!!


Cheers ❤


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on February 18, 2016.

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