Wednesday Blog #31 “Professional” Social Media Groups

Good evening everyone! I know… It’s Thursday and I promised to have Chapter 15 up. Well, something important came up I need to address. Before I go into it… This is dedicated to one of the sweetest people I have met in the Fredericksburg area. She’s very nice, has a LOT [And I do mean A LOT ] Going for her, and I look forward to seeing her become a professional hair stylist some day ūüôā ‚̧ LOVE YOU! I am putting pictures of what was said so you know the TRUTH!

So, lets get to the “nitty gritty.” I’m going to call her… Nicole. [Not affiliated with my siblings so fuck off] She’s a sweet girl that has a lot going for her, like I said. Last week, [Between November 30th to December 5th] It was raining and really cold… Miserable, if I do say so myself. It was around noonish – 3PM. Nicole was heading down a back-road to get to work… She was driving like she does any other day, But more cautious than usual because it was wet on the roads after a downpour. On a turn, her back tire hit a deep water hole. This threw the ass of the car to one direction, causing her to skid. She attempted to correct it, but even though the car went towards the right direction, it started going the other way and it hit an embankment¬†, causing the car to topple over on its topside. This deployed the airbag, causing Nicole to be pinned against a seat, unable to breathe for a small amount of time. Once the car stopped skidding, she struggled relentlessly, but was able to get her seat-belt undone after the air bag deflated. She crawled out of it with only a slightly split thumb [Broken bone. It fractured from the top] here’s the picture below.¬†Smashed car

It takes a no brainier to say the car was completely totaled. Luckily, there was a truck incoming that saw the whole thing [Ironically, it was her EX-Boyfriend’s neighbor] and rushed to her aid. To his surprise, he saw her completely unharmed… ¬†He¬†called 911… The paramedics checked her out and everything. Form that, she showed no signs of injury or a concussion but she was told if she had any signs of a concussion to get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Also, they said her thumb was jammed, and to keep an eye on it. If anything funny happened, to go to the hospital. Because she showed no signs, she was able to be left there [She opt’d out of going with the ambulance]. Once that was finished, she called her mother, and then lastly, her boss. Her boss, only being a couple minutes away, raced over there to meet her. I will note, the paramedics and police that spoke with her were amazed [As well as I] she walked away form this so… NOT injured.¬†People die from accidents at this magnitude, and not flipped over…

So, her boss brought up the idea of taking a picture for her boyfriend to let him know she was alive. Below is what she sent him.


This picture was to let him know she was alive. At the time, she hasn’t found out about her broken thumb¬†[It’s broken across the top part of the joint and then up at an angle so it’s in three pieces] Or her concussion, which she passed out that night from blurred vision. She drew a diagram for you all. lol


To speed up time a little bit, that evening is when she found out everything [When the adrenaline and all went down and things were going back to normal] The next day, she posted the picture of her in front of the car, stating,

Thank you to everyone who helped me and was there for me today. If anyone needs to get a-hold of me this week just message me on FB. My phone was crushed in the crash.” – Nicole

Her facebook was filled with happiness, roses, rainbows, get well soon’s, etc. Everything was said and done and it was time for healing. Well… All that came to a pause when Nicole got a message from her aunt about pictures of her accident were taken by a woman… Even though I’m personally pissed off at her retarded way of reflecting her professionalism…, lets call her… Mrs. Meddlesome Once I picked up on the conversations that took place I got rather sick. This all happened a little over the 24 hour mark. Mrs. Meddlesome passed the accident after it happened, when Nicole was still out there getting herself together, and took the need to take pictures of the car with Nicole in front of it. Instead of offering assistance, she felt the need to post the pictures on the Fredericksburg Wall of Shame with no permission from the original owner.¬†¬†Myself, I’ve been on that page and the incriminating things I see on there… are disgusting. I left because I was seriously disappointed on how social media has led to so much hate [I’ll get back to this at the end of the blog] Here is the post that started it.


With this picture, I’m going to show… some incriminating comments it received. I cut out names and faces for obvious reasons.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Now here’s where things get bad. Nicole found out from her Aunt that this was happening. In a fit of rage, she let loose on this woman and said the following [WARNING… THIS IS GRAPHIC]:

Marie Speech 1

Marie speech 2
Time don’t act concerned and be a lying cunt to the public. Just mind your own damn business and get a fucking life.

This was said. Before I continue… There’s a LOT of hate in this message… Do I think it’s justified? Yes and this is why. At the time she wrote it, she was still in mental shock. Not many people could have walked away from this and she did. For the rest of her life she will recall this point in her life where she almost died. INCHES from death, I might add. To know her picture was taken by some stranger passing on the road and threw it up on a huge public website… That was a “Crime scene” of sorts. Reports were being done, etc. This COULD HAVE BEEN evidence. Anyway, lets continue.

So this was said to the woman that originally took the picture. In my mind, if I saw this, I would try to at least reason with Nicole. What does this older woman do? [She looks in her 30’s 40’s… maybe… 50’s?] She does something better than leave it alone or be somewhat professional as an ADULT… She puts a 19 year old’s business out there. Let me show you:

Marie Harassment .png

FYI, The red pointing is Mrs Meddlesome… The blue pointing is Nicole. This post was put publicly on the facebook page for all to see the conversation, and Nicole’s full name. This led to SO MUCH MORE HARASSMENT!!! She got personal messages, but a CRAPTON of tags and posts.


So… In the end¬†of this, she attempted to get hold of some admins to get the post removed. Even though it got taken down,¬†This followed.

Harass 13

And… Followed by more trolling… Similar to what I posted above. This is about the whole story. The harassing stopped, but there was no apologies. There was wishing well, but from the sounds of it, the picture remains in the top 5 of Fredericksburg’s Wall of Shame. [There was a 21 year old woman found dead in her car and she’s ranked 5… What does that tell you?]

NOW TIME FOR MY PIECE AND MY COMMENTS!!! Viewer digression is advised.

From a professional and responsible “Facebook Group” with “Adequate Admins” I find it hilarious they feel the need to harass a 19 year old woman. Not one time did I see them ask for permission for ANYTHING here. If there were honest admins, they would have seen¬†Mrs. Meddlesome’s post, and asked if they got permission from the person that got into that accident if she could post. Instead, Mrs Meddlesome had to be “Barney badass” and take a picture of the girl’s FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME and post it on the thread for “Help” when Nicole called her out. Mrs Meddlesome¬†acted all innocent but she¬†sounds dumb as shit! Her¬†grammar is worse than a 15 month old’s. Her, and all the people that replied to her¬†as “White knights” sound just as stupid, showing there’s so much ignorance and stupidity there is. Freedom of speech is one thing. Directly disrespecting someone isn’t a view of freedom of speech. Saying she fucked everyone in high school isn’t a “Viewpoint”. Just about every comment she got… There was nothing free about it. It’s straight up online bullying. There was trolling also, but this isn’t a topic to troll.¬†Touring to countries that have accidents similar to this and worse… I’m personally amazed she came out of this almost completely untouched.

What urks me more is this is the kind of talk over the internet that people accept as normal conversation online. It’s sickening. How can you sleep at night knowing you said that about an event that could have almost cost her her life?? Just because she was standing there doesn’t mean she wasn’t jacked up! If you took two seconds, you would realize Nicole isn’t one of those unsafe drivers! For 19, she has accomplished so much more than what some people my age has yet to do. It’s so sad to see people that are so ugly inside [And seeing how old they are amuses me greatly] ridiculing such a beautiful and smart young woman.

On a side note, there were a couple people that reached out to Nicole and was really glad she was alright. Kudos to them… I took her and her mother to lunch to talk about the escapade and she talked me through every single thing. Step by step as to what happened, and what happened with the Fredericksburg Wall of Shame. We also talked about random things, and ate at our favorite restruant, “Kobe”. It’s a habatchi grill with sushi. You should check it out if you’re in town!!!

What bothers me the most… is people that have died due to cruel acts, murders, rape victims in the worst way, etc… have their mug shots and what not posted on this stupid “Fredericksburg Wall of Shame” for people to tease and laugh about. Nothing about these pictures is shameful. It’s posted by idiotic people who don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on. They post the stuff, hoping to get attention, and hoping to bash others to make themselves feel good… It’s a fucking shame, and it’s a disgrace to the county of Fredericksburg that groups like this get their kicks¬†out of shaming the dead, and shaming those that miraculously¬†survived these horrific events.

That’s all I have for this week. Rather lengthy but I had a lot to say and to cover. Nicole, you’re freaking amazing and I’m glad you made it out alive of that nasty accident. Kudos to you love! If you need to talk to someone about the PTSD that comes from things like that… I’m here. I also have PTSD. I share your pain ūüė¶

Take care everyone! Have a lovely week! NEXT WEEK! Couples social experiment! Stay tuned ‚̧ Stay safe, and get fat on candy!!!!!



~ by Mateo the Wonderer on December 11, 2015.

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  1. You’re so awesome matt! Giving a true voice to the helpless ūüôā

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