Shining Fantasy: Chapter 14 COMPLETE



Moving the seat back, Zane propped his feet up on the dashboard, relaxing. He gazed upwards, towards the stars and let out a sigh.
“Bah, so crazy these past few days have been…” Zane said softly, “In just a few days… we were doing our normal thing… and now, our home is completely destroyed. What the hell… Seriously…”

Specter rose her seat up and looked at Zane, still keeping an eye on flying.
“Zane…?” Specter asked, “What are you thinking about?”
“Just everything… What’s the point in going to Motavian? Our entire society… Everything is gone. We are literally alone, and for all we know everything on Motavian is dead and we’re on our own.” Zane murmured.
“Zane… You can’t think like that!” Specter shouted.

Hearing Specter yell made Zane sit up in his seat.
“Do you not get it?? Raven… Is gone… Exploded into space dust…!” Zane elevated his voice, “It didn’t hit me until we saw a whole piece of it back on Dezian! Our very lifestyle… Our society, our friends, families, everything is gone… So… what’s the point, honey…?”

Before Specter could speak, Zane went closer to Specter, and placed a finger on her mouth to keep her from speaking.
“I am just saying… Maybe we should take all these goodies… and just leave the system… We have more than enough food to last us a good long while. A space craft like this and the speed it can take us can reach another system in just under a couple weeks. We can go, and travel the universe with nothing holding us back!” Zane spoke, getting pumped and excited.

Specter relaxed in her chair, and proceeded to stare to the front of the spacecraft.
“You still don’t understand! We could still do something about things…” Specter replied scornfully, “There’s something much more at work here, and we have a responsibility to the people to make it happen. So what if we’re not in the agency anymore… We are our own boss!”

Zane carefully looked at Specter.
“That’s all the reason we should just leave this behind us… And move on.” Zane replied, before sitting back in his seat.

Angrily, Specter looked forward once again, feeling disappointed.
“I… Can’t believe you Zane… I don’t know what has gotten into you… Where did my fearless husband go?” Specter grumbled.
“He died when his pride and soul got crushed by Lieutenant Leon…” Zane sighed, looking to the window opposite of Specter, “I lived and bled for that Agency… All I ever dreamed about was to serve my homeland. To protect the innocent, and slay any who wish to cause ill to my homeland. I looked at Lyra in that hospital, and asked myself what the right thing would be… The very allegiance I swore my life to was conducting illegal experiments to further our evolution… Is that really a bad thing? I mean, think about it. An unstoppable force with the power to manipulate the powers from each race! What is sacrificing the weak to further human ambition…?”

Specter frowned as Zane spoke, devastated at his words.
“Zane…” Specter gasped.
Zane then sat up in his seat, and turned slightly towards Specter.
“Seriously…! In a sense, it’d be a type of… Legion-izing! It’s not really a terrible thing. I guess you could say… it would unify us all…!” Zane explained.
“Do you even understand what you’re saying?” Specter snapped at Zane, “A one world power… You’re actually FOR these people; who put a target on our backs?? They sold out so many men, women, and children for power Zane. Power…!”

Tears started to form in Specter’s eyes.
“Then when we get to Motavian… Take this ship and go.” Specter sobbed, throwing herself in the seat.

Zane looked at her, puzzled.
“Spec…” Zane started to speak.
“Enough from you…” Specter sobbed.

Removing her hands from the wheel, she reached for her wedding band. With tears flowing from her face, she forcefully removed the ring from her finger.
“You… You’re disgusting, Zane…” Specter growled, looking at the dazzling wedding band, “I married you because I thought you were a man Zane… But I see I was blind to who you really are; as of this moment… You’re no longer my husband.”

Grasping the ring as hard as she could, she chucked it at Zane.
“Fine…” Zane sighed, sitting back in his seat, looking towards the floorboard, “I was hoping you would be more supportive, but I see I’m alone in that department as well. What about Lyra?”
“Lyra is coming with me… That way you can worry about yourself. It’s the only person you give a shit about…” Specter growled, glaring at the front of the vehicle.

Zane turned to Specter with a hopeless look on his face.
“I can’t believe you…” Zane sighed.

All of a sudden, a vast streak of light raced past the ship, causing Specter to jerk the vehicle to the right.
“The hell was that??” Specter gasped.

As fast as he could, Zane quickly tuned around to see what the light was.
“We have… A strange object behind us…!” Zane shouted.

Behind them chased a large red ship. On its sides, it had four wings forming an X. It was a crimson color, and had a skinny body with a small laser in the front of it.
“What… What is that??” Specter gasped, looking at the front monitor console.
“It looks like a large red ship, Specter.” Zane replied, his mouth dropping at the sight of the ship.

Specter quickly reached over and punched Zane in the side of his body, making him hunker down in pain.
“It’s an X fighter… Demons are on our tail! I didn’t realize we were in Silan’s space…” Specter yelled.

Trying to flip back to the right direction in his seat, Zane continued holding his side where Specter punched him. Reaching to the console, Zane started to push a few buttons to bring up some information. Once he hit enter, he gasped again.
“Specter…. We are in Silan’s airspace…” Zane gasped.

Specter, unbelieving Zane, looked at the monitor.

“What…?” Specter gasped.

On the monitor showed a large blip covering Silan, Gethos, where Raven used to be, and most of the planet of Motavian, and the distance to Dezian.
“How are they controlling this much airspace…?” Specter asked, quickly dodging a white laser passing them.

Pressing a small red button under the dashboard, another monitor with a joystick came out of a sliding door on the glove box.
“Well, I guess these are the weapon systems!” Zane smiled, grabbing hold of the goystick.

As he grabbed the joystick, from his seat, a visor attached to a cable came from the back of the headrest and attached itself onto his head.
“Whoa!” Zane smiled.
“Shoot back, you idiot!” Specter shouted again, dodging another blast.

Looking down at the monitor, Zane could see where the ship was, its movement patterns, and it was already calculating where the next shot was going to be.  Using the joystick, Zane began focusing the target lens on the ship while pressing the fire button. From under the ship, a gun dropped down and started shooting at the ship. Hearing the firing from the gun violently woke Lyra from her sleep. Although the ship was being jolted to the left and right to avoid the lasers, Lyra was surprisingly calm.
“Hey… What’s the racket about?” Lyra asked, rubbing her eyes.
“Strap in and shut up!” Specter shouted, jerking the wheel left and right.

Suddenly, a beep started emitting from the console. It only lasted for a second before a voice came on an intercom. Instead of English speaking, the language was garbled up, unable to be distinguished.
“Damn it!” Specter shouted, “They’re demons…”
“Attempting to translate…” A voice spoke from the console.
“This is Forceful Voyager of the Darkfleet Enterprise. Surrender now, or be shot down. This is Demon Airspace. Any ship departing Crothan will be destroyed!” Another tone of the computer voice shouted.
“Wait, it can translate?” Zane said, stunned.
“Shit… How much farther do we have until we reach Motavian??” Specter asked.

Lyra, confused, turned around to see the ship chasing and shooting them.
“Guys… Why is that ship glowing blue?”

Hearing Lyra’s worried voice; he turned around as well to stare at the ship.
“Um… Specter… PUNCH IT!” Zane shouted, quacking spinning back to the front.
“I can’t punch it any faster! We’re running out of fuel!” Specter shouted back.

Lyra’s face dropped as the ship started powering up at the tip of it. From the corners of the ship to the center tip, an energy ball started to form. Zane aimed towards the beam and unloaded shots, but due to the particle density of the energy ball, the shots were just absorbed.
“We… Can’t stop a blast like that, Specter…” Zane sighed.

Specter quickly looked around, trying to find a way to avoid the energy ball. Suddenly, the corner of her eye caught a large blueish glow. Turning the ship in a sharp direction left, the blue glow quickly turned into the planet Motavian. Zane and Specter sighed with relief only for a moment as the energy ball released from the ship.
“No, no no no!” Specter changed.
“Shit!” Zane repeated himself.

Without noticing, Lyra started to glow a golden color, unknowing to Specter and Zane. While they concentrated on the energy ball and reaching Motavian, Lyra began moving her hands and arms in an unfamiliar pattern.
“This is it! I’m… Sorry Specter…” Zane cried, grabbing Specter’s hand from the steering wheel.
“I… I don’t… know what else to do! We can’t maneuver that…” Specter cried; sweat and tears beading from her face.

As they clenched their hands, and closed their eyes, Lyra’s entire body turned golden, with gold sparkles emitting from her body. With a tremendous explosion from behind the ship, the energy ball exploded, sending the entire ship into a deadly spiral. From the explosion, Lyra turned back to normal, and was thrown to the roof of the ship in the spiral. The intensity of the ship pushed both Specter and Zane into the seats, unable to do anything. Satisfied with the ship crashing towards Moravian, the pursuer ship quickly turned directions, and continued on its old path.

Everyone inside the ship was unable to move as the tiny ship hurled towards Motavian. Specter desperately attempted to grab hold of the wheel, but was unable to with the strength she had. Zane, giving up altogether, struggled to breathe. Lyra, on the other hand, started turning a dark green as she was pressing against the roof of the ship. With her new color, Lyra was able to move unhindered by the pressure of the deadly spin of the ship. Pushing herself to the seat, she crawled to the front of the ship, and looked at both Specter and Zane. Unable to talk, Specter glared at the wheel. Catching the hint, Lyra reached for the wheel. The moment she grabbed hold of the wheel, the ship violently stabilized, throwing Zane and Specter to the left side of the ship. Lyra quickly dashed to the back seat beforehand, avoiding the collision.

Specter, gaining her senses, quickly kicked off Zane and jumped right back in her seat. Thrusting her foot into the floor on one of the petals, she pulled hard back on the wheel, attempting to slow their descent. Glaring at the cracked front shield, she quickly realized that they were plummeting nose first towards a large city. Trying not to panic, she put her left foot onto the dashboard to give her more strength in her right leg, and pressed harder on the petal, and also used the strength to pull up more on the ship.

From the stress, and struggle to pull the ship up, she started gritting her teeth together. Sweat beaded from her face, soaking into the collar portion of her shirt, and soaking the ends of her hair as well. Fiercely approaching one of the buildings, Specter uttered out a scream, along with Zane.
“Oh my… NO!” Lyra shrieked.

The moment Lyra shrieked, the edge of the ship clipped the building, causing the back portion of the ship to break and bend, throwing the ship into an incline, followed by smoke and then a decline.  Inside the ship, alarms started screaming, indicating the ship was free-falling. Lyra quickly turned around to see the building that they clipped caught fire at the section the clipped.
“The direction that clip threw us… Puts us… into that large forest over there…!” Specter shouted, struggling to maintain the ship.

Smoke started filling the ship as well, causing everyone to start coughing relentlessly. Thick smoke started to sear Specter’s eyes, rendering her sight significantly while Zane and Lyra coughed wildly. Near a squint Specter was barely able to see the fast incoming trees she was headed towards, making her body panic more.
“Brace…. Yourselves…” Specter growled, attempting to speak from the smoke clogging her lungs and gritting her teeth.

Suddenly, the vehicle shook violently to the point where the glass top exploded, sending Lyra out of the vehicle. The broken shards and glass swiftly passed over Zane and Specter, slicing and cutting their skin. Unable to shield her eyes from the glass, one piece tore from her cheek, across her eye to her forehead, immediately taking away sight from that eye. In mere seconds, the vehicle slammed into a tree sending it into a front to back tumble, throwing Zane out of it as well impacting a tree. Specter, still holding onto the wheel out of fear, still attempted to keep the vehicle stable as it smacked through trees like a ping pong ball.

Finally the ship came to an abrupt halt against a large trunked tree. The vehicle slid down the tree, and ended landing right side up with Specter stunned in the seat. Coughing and struggling to breathe, Specter pulled herself out of the seat and fell over the door. She sprawled out on the ground, feeling the coolness of the leaves and dew on the ground. Her one eye opened slightly she was able to see the crystal blue skies, something that was unfamiliar to her as well as the heat from the sun. She lifted her hand in front of her sight to see the shadow of her hand cover her face. Still unable to speak, Specter turned to a random direction, peering through the path carved by the falling ship. Unable to keep her hand up, her arm fell onto the ground. In the distance, she could see a running figure running to her. She could hear shouting, but from everything she just went through, her adrenalin was still running through her body. As the figure approached her closer, she started to close her eye out of exhaustion. Before she passed out, she heard a mumbled voice.
“The body is alive…! And the ship… is… Angelic…! Quick! Start salvaging!”  A woman spoke.

Meanwhile, Zane tumbled down multiple trees, bouncing around like a ping pong ball. Quickly realizing he was in a few second free fall, he reached out and grabbed a random branch that was barely able to support his weight. It sent him twirling in circles for a moment before he stopped, stopping his descent. Although he was exhausted, he was able to look down, see the distance he can fall, and let go. Instead of landing gracefully on his feet, when he landed, he fell onto his back. In seconds, the pain shot through his leg, making him grab hold of his right leg in agony.
“Shit! I… broke my knee… And all the supplies are in…” Zane grumbled.

When he looked up where the direction of the ship went, he saw a small plume of smoke, followed by a loud crash. Zane quickly rolled to his stomach and quickly hoisted to his feet forgetting his leg was broken. The moment he attempted to take off running, he fell back to the ground.
“No… Specter…!” Zane shouted.

Hoisting himself up again, he reached for a rather large stick to hold steady. Slowly sitting on the ground, reaching for a few leaves, small sticks, and vines while steadying himself with the stick, he started to construct a make-shift tunicate over the femur portion of his leg. As he tightened one of the leaves he hissed in pain as jolts of pain shot up his leg. Once finished, he pulled himself back up, and swiftly limped towards the crash site. Before he could go far though, he was surrounded by men wearing white clothing carrying a device resembling rifles made of vines and sticks. They circled him, and hand their weapons at the low ready. One person resembling a woman came from the circle and stood really close to Zane.
“Who are…?” Zane questioned.
“We would like to ask that, thank you. You bring your space contraptions and poison our precious forest… Identify yourself…” The woman spoke in an unfamiliar accent.
“We…” Zane coughed, “We… came…”

Exhaustion quickly started overtaking Zane, making him stumble towards the woman. She reached out, and attempted to stabilize him.
“Don’t… be alarmed. We are not hostile…” The woman said.

Hearing the woman’s voice soothed Zane to the extent that he relaxed more on his stick to keep him stable.
“Specter… She crashed over there…!” Zane shouted, struggling to stay stable.

Slipping from his stick, Zane fell to the ground on the side that he broke his leg on, and passed out. With two people wearing white clothing, they strapped their weapons to their back and picked up Zane onto their shoulders. The woman pointed in the direction of the crash site.
“Go! Check for survivors! Gather everything you can, and meet back at camp! This man is in critical condition!” The woman shouted.
“Yes Ma’am! If we find no survivors, what do you want us to do with the body?” One of the other women asked.
“… Whatever is left after salvaging it, burn it to the ground. Leave no identification of anything resembling the craft or the body. I don’t want any kind of trail for those wretched Crimsons to follow us. Be swift!” She shouted.

Followed by a salute, the woman along with the two carrying Zane darted one direction, while the squad of others ran towards the crash site. On the treetops, Lyra was hanging off one of the tree limbs, watching everything transpire.
“What… on earth? Who… are they?” Lyra asked herself.

Watching Zane be carried off, she started swinging on the tree tops stealthy following him.
“Where are they… taking him? He looks pretty beat up…” Lyra asked herself, swinging through the branches.

All of a sudden, unable to react, a net was enveloped around Lyra, hindering her movement. She started rolling onto tree limbs towards the ground. Before she impacted the ground, two soldiers dressed in red battle gear caught her. As the soldiers landed on the ground, they dropped Lyra.
“We caught one.” One man said.
“Very good, soldier…” A man dressed in silver gear said.

Lyra started to scramble, trying to get out of the net as the man walked towards her.
“Lookie’ here… I’ll be! It’s the test subject from a while ago! Who would have thought we’d see you here, missie?” Leon chuckled, pulling a pipe from his mouth.
“No… no no! Get away from me!” Lyra screamed, trying to scurry away.
“You’re acting like those rats around here!” Leon laughed.

With his foot, he kicked towards Lyra’s midsection. To his surprise, Lyra grabbed it, glaring at him.
“You… You… bastard…!” She screamed.

Her skin and hair turned deep red while her hair stood up from her body. Sparks of flame started flying from her hair, burning the net. Leon and the soldiers jumped back, watching Lyra stand from the ground with the intense heat emitting from her body. At that moment, her eyes turned red, and emitted a haze of fire from them.
“You shall burn in the emptiness of hell! All shall burn!” Lyra shouted throwing her fist towards Leon.

With her fist thrusted at Leon, a large fireball quickly gathered, and jolted towards Leon. To his surprise, the soldiers started to run behind Leon as he put his hands up to counter the blast. On impact, the blast exploded, throwing the soldiers back into the forest, and catching the surrounding area on fire. Leon, with the tips of his gloves smoking, smirked as he lowered his hands.
“Look at you! You’re on fire!!” Leon smiled, watching Lyra.
“Witness the power of hell!” Lyra screamed in a demonic voice.

Putting both of her hands up, another fireball started to gather. At the same time, Leon leaned back, and stood in a football stance. While watching the fireball grow, he started to absorb a faint purple mist from behind him. A bead of sweat started to roll down his face, but was quickly seared off from the heat of the fireball.
“I think… your powers are going out of control little girl. Calm down or you might… explode!” Leon shouted, watching the fire grow wildly.

As he taunted her, he realized his words weren’t sinking in. With a more sinister smirk, Leon dashed towards Lyra. To his surprise, he was forced back from the pressure of heat surrounding Lyra. This made the purple mist envelope Leon, astonishing him. He stared at her with great fear, and worry.
“What did Professor Hecate do to her??” Leon shouted, “Lyra, stop it!! You’ll destroy everything…!”

Filling with fear, Leon quickly turned around and started running away. As Lyra looked at Leon running away, she allowed the fireball to shrink in size with the distance of him running away. It wasn’t long before he was out of site. Once he was out of site, Lyra turned to her normal color, and fell to her knees, puzzled.
“What… was… that? How did I…” Lyra asked herself, looking around at the charred forest around her.

All of a sudden, the woman running with Zane fell in front of Lyra. She quickly turned around, and glared at Lyra.
“What are you?? How did you create so much fire…?” She asked, stunned at Lyra.

Lyra fell over, feeling weak.
“You’re luckly I have the power of ice.” The woman sighed.

Turning around with her back facing Lyra, she extended her hands into the air. Lyra watched as the woman’s hands turned white as ice.
“What… is that… power?” Lyra asked.
“Silly girl, watch.” The woman spoke.

In an instant, the sky above them turned white. Lyra felt ice cold droplets hit her face and rolling down her skin. She watched as the woman elegantly danced around, slowly putting out the fires Lyra created. It wasn’t long before the fires were out, bringing a large relief to Lyra.
“Its Mystical energy turned into elements. You used fire a great deal… Didn’t you know that…?” The woman asked, kneeling towards Lyra.
“I’m not what you call a Mystic…” Lyra sighed, staggering to her knees.
“You can explain everything once we get to the village. Quick, before those pesky humans come back. We need to hurry, we have injured. That man called you Lyra?” The woman replied, standing to her feet.
“Yes…” Lyra responded, staggering to her feet.
“I am Princess Sophie of the Four Leaf tribe. Come. We must hurry” Sophie explained.

With that said, Lyra started following Sophie into the woods, with no idea where she was going. Lyra quickly did a take back on the area that she set fire to and noticed the trees were completely charred from the fire, along with some of the wildlife. Keeping that in her mind, she started to feel a level of despair, confused as to how she was able to conjure that level of mystic energy.
“Lyra…” Sophie questioned, “How is it you are able to keep up with me??”
“I’m… I’ve been genetically altered… By the guy you saw me standing with…” Lyra responded.
“That devil moon that exploded… The evil that crashed onto our home… The evil has come to our home once again, to spread it’s hatred for all across the land…” Sophie uttered.

Before she knew it, Lyra was running next to a badly wounded Zane. She quickly gazed over him to see his skin torn, his leg bandaged with leaves, and his face was covered n soot from the smoke earlier. Unable to fully examine him, she caught up with Sophie and continued into the forest. Meanwhile, at the crash site, Specter lay barely conscious as the woman walked up to her. Putting her hand to hear ear, she pressed a button of some kind and relayed a message.
“The body is alive…! And the ship… is… Angelic…! Quick! Start salvaging!”  A woman spoke.

Specter tried to raise her hand again, but was unable to. One of the people kneeled in front of her, and placed their fingers on her neck for a pulse.
“She has a weak pulse, but it’s still there. Hey, can you hear me?” The woman asked waving her hand in front of Specter’s face.
“Hi…” Specter whispered, barely able to speak.

Hearing Specter’s parched voice made the woman gasp. She reached back, pulled out her flask, and slowly started pouring the fluid into her mouth. The second it touched Specter’s lips, she flung to life. She forcefully grabbed it with her left hand, sat up on her knees, and chugged the water as if she never drank water before.
“Whoa!” The woman gasped, jumping back, “You are very much alive!”

Specter ignored her as she continued chugging the flask.
“You may… want to calm down! That flask won’t ever run out of water!” The woman kind of giggled.

Specter pulled the flask from her mouth, and wiped off some extra water on her face. She gazed at the woman, who was baffled by her actions.
“This… is the best… water I’ve ever tasted!” Specter smiled.

Suddenly, the sharp pain in her eye caused her to drop the flask. Reaching for her eye, she managed to grab hold of a small shard of glass that was sticking from it. With both hands, she grabbed the shard and swiftly pulled it from her face. Succumbing to the pain, she threw the glass shard, and fell to the ground, rolling in agony as blood oozed from her eye. The woman, running to Specter, picked up and holstered her flask.
“Miss…!” The woman shrieked, trying to grab hold of Specter.

Unable to control Specter, the woman reached into her sack, and pulled out a tiny button. Grabbing hold of Specter for a split second, she too the button and pushed it onto Specter’s neck. In seconds, Specter quickly stopped rolling around, and fell into a sleep.
“This woman is in critical shape, Princess Sophie…” She said, pushing the button on her ear.
“Madam, there are numerous adventurer bags here covered and filled with Angelic gear…” One of the soldiers said, opening one of the sacks form the back of the vehicle.
“Yes, Princess…” The woman acknowledged, “I see that. Bring everything we can, and torch what’s left. Nothing can remain here. The men from the Demon Moon will trace it back ot the village, then we’re all doomed. Hurry everyone, we don’t have much time!” The woman shouted.

Reaching down, she picked up Specter across her shoulder, and turned back to her team.
“Hurry back to camp, this girl needs medical attention immediately…!” The woman shouted.


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