Shining Fantasy: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Mateo, barely able to open his eyes, was quickly blinded by a golden light. Using his right hand, he shielded his eyes, and started to rub them. Like a bus, Mateo was hit with a pounding headache, forcing him to sit upwards while rubbing his eyes.
“My head…” Mateo coughed, “Where am I…?”

Staggering to his feet, he lowered his arms, and starred straight at the ground to get rid of his blurry vision. Being wobbly from the fight beforehand, he realized he hasn’t recovered from the fight.
“What… What’s going on? Where am I?” Mateo asked again, attempting to look at the objects around him.

Once his sight came to, he realized he was standing in a white room, with a door in the middle of it leading into a blue hallway. Noticing the floor was bouncy, he slightly jumped towards the door. While he didn’t feel in danger, he kept his pistol gripped tight in his right hand. Reaching the door, he started knocking. After a few knocks, there was no answer. Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, Mateo used both hands and started to whack the door with more of his strength.
“Hello?? Is anyone out there??” Mateo yelled even louder.
“Save your breath, number 47… You’re not going anywhere.” A mysterious voice spoke from an intercom in the ceiling.

The voice startled Mateo, making him spin around, and put his back onto the door. Holding his pistol close to his chest, Mateo began asking questions.
“Where am I? Who are you??” Mateo shouted.
“I am your new master, my loyal subject. I am Professor Hecate.  I’ve wondered where you been, little one. I almost didn’t recognize you!” The man laughed.

Mateo fell to one knee, feeling exhausted from the fight before.
“No…” Mateo exhaled in exhaustion.
“You put on quite a show for Commander Arthur. So much that they won’t let me play with your DNA any more than we already have! But don’t worry… He personally has something planned for you. He should be here shortly!” The professor explained.
“Emmy… Where’s Emmy??” Mateo demanded, looking up towards the door.
“You must mean number 506. She is being prepared for delivery to Lord Silan. Not that it’s any of your business, but she’s going to be sucked dry of all that delicious energy!” The professor chuckled.

Instantly growing a rage inside of him, Mateo jumped to his feet, and rammed the door with his shoulder.
“Save your strength, boy! That door is made of a special Alloy! Your strength won’t be able to…” The professor explained.

While the professor was talking, Mateo shot the intercom with the pistol, and then started blasting the door’s glass.
“Emmy…!! No! I’ve got to do something!” Mateo shouted.

After shooting the glass and the door several times, he rammed it again. This time, when he rammed it, a larger force pushed his body, allowing him to smash through the door. Without time to recuperate, Mateo looked down each hallway, chose a direction, and started running. As Mateo passed the very next door, Professor Hecate ran out of the door, and pointed at him.
“Don’t let him escape! Stop him!” He shouted.

Professor Hecate was an unusually short man; standing about 3 foot 7. He was skinny, with a pony tail in his black hair that stretched to the mid portion of his back. He also wore a large white coat, with black pants. From his side, he wielded a whip, able to snare specific objects, as well as defend himself. On his face, he had numerous scars, and wore thick; shiny silver glasses.

As Mateo ran past one of the doors, something caught his eye. He turned around, and took a look into the room to see Cecil and Chelsea on tables, hooked up to numerous IV’s and wires. Three doctors wearing identical clothing as Professor Hecate were pacing back n forwards with charts. Mateo attempted to open the door, but was stopped by the door not having a handle. Instead, it was operated by a card. One of the doctors spotted Mateo trying to get into the room and cracked a smile. Nudging the other two doctors, they quickly grabbed a syringe from the table, and shoved it into Cecil and Chelsea’s arms. Before Mateo could react, a man shouted from down the hallway.
“He’s over here!” An Agent shouted.

With his fist balled up, he punched the door, and continued to run. Suddenly, lasers started flying past him.
“He’s on B45! Cut off all exits! He’s a VIP wanted by the commander himself!” One of the agents shouted in a radio.

Hearing the agent, Mateo increased his run speed.
“Chelsea… Cecil… No…” Mateo said to himself, “I’ve got to find Emmy…”

Before eh could react, Mateo was blindsided by an agent from another hallway, and hit in the back of the head with the hilt of a saber. With no way to recover, Mateo hit the floor, incapacitated. Two agents that were chasing him grabbed his arms, and hoisted him to his feet. Before Mateo closed his eyes, he heard a familiar voice.
“You realize we can’t stop this fool right? He’s going to keep breaking out.” One agent said.
“Then we give him what he wants…  No need for this weak minded fool breaking things around here… We are low on resources from taking off.” The familiar voice said.

Before Mateo could see the figure, he blacked out. To him, only seconds passed before he opened his eyes. When he did, he was greeted by Emmy, who was staring at him.
“Wait… Emmy…?” Mateo gasped.
“Yeah… That’s me…” Emmy smiled, playing with his hair.

Instantly, Mateo jumped from her lap, and hugged her tightly.
“Emmy…!” Mateo smiled, with tears coming from his eyes.

Emmy didn’t respond, but comforted him.
“I thought… they were…” Mateo started to speak.
“They… are. They’re giving me to Lord Silan this evening.” Emmy explained.

Mateo peeled himself off of Emmy, and put his hand on her shoulders.
“We can get out of here! We can accomplish…” Mateo started to speak.
“No, Mateo…” Emmy replied, knocking Emmy’s arms from her, “It has… to happen.”
“What? No… What’s the matter with you??” Mateo asked.
“They put something into me… and I can’t use my mystic energy. I can… hardly move.” Emmy sighed.

Reaching for his utility belt, Mateo pulled out a vial. The moment Mateo grabbed hold of the vial, professor Hecate came across the intercom once more.
“Wait… you have… angelic laced vials??” Professor Hecate gasped.
“I figured this might happen one day. I brewed this special potion to rid of all unnatural effects in a mystical being. It took over a year to make, and should cure you up in no time.” Mateo smiled.
“No!” Professor Hecate shouted.

Before anything could happen, Mateo handed the vial to Emmy.
“Mateo… I can’t… move my arm that much…” Emmy sighed.

Moving to her side, he leaned her body back, to where her head was resting on his lap.  He quickly opened the vial, and used his other hand to open Emmy’s mouth. At the same time, a door opened with agents pointing guns. Professor Hecate walked into the room, walking with extreme haste. Before he could reach Mateo, he finished pouring it into her mouth, and closed it once more. Resting her head onto the floor, Mateo stood up with his pistol at hand.
“You bastard… Why do you partner with demons?? Do you realize what will happen if that much mystical energy is given to them??” Mateo shouted.
“Silence, fool! A new era recognized by Commander Arthur is about to be realized! I know all about you, Mateo Leohan. Your parents were really brave. And really stupid…” Professor Hecate laughed.

Filling with rage, Mateo started to charge the man, but was held back by Emmy, who grabbed his arm. Behind Professor Hecate, walked in Commander Arthur.
“Away, men…” Arthur shouted, raising his arm.

With no questions, all the men, including Professor Hecate, left the room.
“It’s so sad to see you there, like that, Mateo.” Arthur sighed, “If only you did what I asked… You wouldn’t be sitting on the floor beaten so badly; and your little girlfriend.”
“Why!” Mateo shouted, still being held back by Emmy’s grip, “What on god’s green earth gave you the idea to destroy our home??”
“Whatever do you mean?” Arthur shrugged, “Last I checked the black tapes… You, Mateo, were the one that pressed the button. You single handedly released the plates into space. Demons attempted to stop you, but you bested them for your own ambition.”

Mateo, stunned, fell to the floor on his knees.
“At least… that’s what everyone here believes. Thanks to my team of reporters, and engineers, we have commandeered your fight with Lord Silan, and Zilan. All the survivors of that accident… blame you, Mateo.” Arthur smiled manically.
“What… have you done??” Mateo shouted.
“I have ruined you, and your parent’s legacy, Mateo… But that’s not why I’m here. You and your shit family were a pain in my side for so long… I had to find an out. Your parents, Julius and Vira, picked up on the ideal plan to unite demons and humans under one flag… Knowing our angelic counterparts would never agree to such a plan. So we tasked them to come here, in search for an ancient temple long forgotten by all. And well; as you can see, they never came back.” Arthur smiled, “And I refused to let you, my boy, enter into the agency. I knew one day you would find out the truth, and ruin everything. So… I had my doctor remove the very things that made you special… And thanks to that special gift, many soldiers and demons alike will benefit from that power. And thanks to your… ahem… heroic efforts, the rest of society believe you were the cause of thousands… to millions of people’s death. Your bloodline… Everything is over for you, Boy.”

Emmy, helping Mateo to his feet, glared at him angrily.
“Do you have any idea what will happen…” Emmy started to growl.
“Oh can it, mystic. Once Lord Silan gets here, you’re being sucked empty. The mystical energy you pose will give him the power to overthrow the angelic government… And conquer their home… Thus making demons and humans the almighty alliance; and no winged freak will dare cross us again!”
“You really think he will share that with you?” Emmy smiled, releasing Mateo and walking in front of him, “Silan is a demon. How can you trust him?”

Arthur removed one of his gloves, and revealed the back of his hand to Emmy.
“See this seal? It’s a seal of bonding; the very essence that Silan is made of runs through my veins, as well as every single human with this symbol. We have a plan, and we are carrying it out. And you… are the key.” Arthur smiled.

Arthur’s eyes started glowing red, giving off a light smoke.
“You, my dear, have so much dormant energy…” Arthur smiled, reaching out with his demon branded hand.
“I don’t think we’re going anywhere but away from you…” Emmy smiled.
“Really now, what could you possibly…” Arthur chuckled.

Befor Arthur could finish his sentence; Emmy placed both palms towards him, and emitted a large gust of wind. The wave pierced the ceiling, walls, and floor. When the wind hit Arthur, it not only threw him off his feet, he plowed through the door, the door on the other side of the hallway, and several layers of thick alloy.
“Mateo, let’s go” Emmy shouted.

Mateo slowly raised himself to his feet, and looked at Emmy with a blank look.
“Everything… he…” Mateo spoke softly.
“Come on, Mateo! Snap out of it!” Emmy shouted.

Using her right hand, she slapped Mateo across the face. He put his hand to his face, and gazed up at Emmy, who had a infuriating look on her face.
“Sorry… let’s go!” Mateo shouted, jumping to his feet.

Grabbing hold of Mateo’s hand, Emmy closed her eyes, and faced the ground. Unknowing to Mateo, she started mumbling something that was not understandable.
“Argh…” Arthur growled, stepping out of the giant hole, “You pack a punch missy… Too bad I have to give you what you gave me!”

From his left side, he pulled out a golden hilt. Pressing the button to turn it on, a golden beam came from the lilt surrounded by rings of electricity. As he stepped closer to the two, Emmy opened her eyes once more.
“I know how to get out of here…!” Emmy shouted.

Holding her hand out once more, Emmy knocked Arthur back into the hole with a stronger force. Mateo jumped to his feet, and followed Emmy as she ran out of the room. Starting down the hallway, he noticed an exit sign. Before he came to a stop, he grabbed hold of Emmy’s shirt, making her stop as well. Pointing toward eh exit, the two ran down the hallway until they exited out of the building. What sat in front of their eyes horrified the two. The streets were cracked, and broken; as well as the buildings around. They were leaned over, windows shattered, and random parts of bodies scattered all over the place.
“No… way…” Emmy gasped.
“So… many people…” Mateo gasped.
“I… don’t know what to do…” Emmy sighed, falling to the ground.
Landing several feet from the two, Arthur jumped from the doorway, pointing his saber to the ground. Looking at the two with his burning red eyes, he stood to his feet, and pointed his saber towards Emmy.
“The survivors are currently in the lab deep below, being infused with demon DNA. In a way, they’re becoming more legion!” Arthur shouted with a maniacal smile.
“You… how could you do this to your own people…” Emmy asked, looking up at Arthur, “These people believed in you… You were their hero… You were Mateo’s hero…”
“Bah! Petty hopes and dreams are for the weak. You must be strong and willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means forsaking the weak…!” Arthur smiled, “In order to lead, like I said… Anything…”

Baling his fists up, Mateo pulled out his pistol, and aimed it at Arthur.
“You need to be stopped…!” Mateo shouted.

From behind, Mateo was shoved from his back, falling to the ground. His pistol slid to Arthurs’s feet. Before Emmy could react, she was grabbed by the neck and hoisted into the air by Silan.
“It’s about time you got here.” Arthur smiled, placing his foot on top of Mateo’s pistol.
“So… you’re the one with all that energy… Just holding you like this… I can feel the energy pulsing in your neck.” Silan smiled.

Hearing his voice, Mateo quickly jumped up and darted for Silan. Before he could make any distance, Arthur quickly swung his saber, slicing through Mateo’s left arm. Mateo quickly fell to his knees, and held his arm in great pain. Emmy, who was struggling to breathe, gazed at Mateo in horror as Arthur shoved him back to the ground.
“Enough, commander! There will be no more blood spilt today!” Silan shouted, looking at Mateo’s arm twitching in the rain, “Damn humans.”

Struggling to bite through the pain, Mateo held his arm, and struggled to his knees. Glimpsing towards the ground, he could see drops of blood staining his torn clothes, and landing into the pools of rainwater. Silan turned Emmy’s body to face him.
“Look into my eyes, little girl…” Silan spoke.

The thunder in Silan’s voice paralyzed Emmy. Her arms fell limp, and she stopped moving. He only did that for a few seconds before placing her down on the ground on her feet.
“There.” Silan smiled, “That wasn’t so bad, was it? No bloodshed, no problems.”

Emmy, shaking her head, rand to Mateo.
“Are you alright??” Emmy asked, attempting to touch his stump.

Mateo couldn’t answer, he could only reply in pain.
“Hold still…. I’m going to try to fix it…” Emmy explained.
“He will…!” Arthur shouted, starting to charge Mateo and Emmy.

Silan raised his arm, stopping Arthur in his tracks.
“No…” Silan spoke, “And you would be wise to learn your place, human. Do not disobey me again.”

Arthur, hearing those words, sheathed his weapon and turned his back.
“Don’t cross my judgement again, demon.” Arthur spoke, walking down the gloomy road, “We may be allies… But I don’t have to like you.”
“It is time…” Silan spoke, looking at Emmy.
“I’m… almost done…” Emmy replied.

Using her magic, she moved Mateo’s arm across the way, and gently placed it back on the stump.
“This is going to hurt… and you won’t be able to move it… for a while…” Emmy said, tears starting to form in her eyes.

With a quick flash of purple energy, the arm was connected back to the stump. Jumping to his feet, Mateo pushed Emmy behind him and glared at Silan.
“You will not … Take her…!” Mateo shouted, exhausted.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, placing her arms around Mateo and placing her head onto his back, “I… have… to go. I can’t explain…”

Mateo quickly turned around, and wrapped his arms around Emmy.
“Can’t you… teleport us or something?” Mateo asked.
“Mateo I…” Emmy started to say, “You need to leave… I don’t want you to see what’s about to happen… Please… just go!”

Mateo pushed Emmy away in disbelief.
“What has gotten into you??” Mateo gasped.
“Mateo…!” Silan shouted, “I’ve been patient long enough! To me, girl…”

With her head down, Emmy slowly walked towards Silan. Mateo grabbed her hand, and started to pull her back, but was pushed back by a flick of Emmy’s energy. Standing before Silan, Emmy looked up at him and then looked back to the ground again with a tear rolling down her face. She caught a glimpse of Mateo, who was on his knees, reaching out to Emmy.
“Emmy… why…” Mateo cried, tears rolling down his face.
“I shall commence extraction of the mystic essence form your body.” Silan smiled, reaching for Emmy slowly, “I can’t promise that there will be a trace left once I start.”
“I… I understand.” Emmy replied softly, feeling his hands grab her body and hoist it into the air.

Panicking, Mateo jumped to his feet and rushed Silan. With a flick of Silan’s eyes, Mateo was hit with a force to his stomach, making him shoot out blood from his mouth. Holding his stomach in pain, Mateo fell once again to his knees, and held his stomach. He only could only cough up blood and watch in horror as Emmy was hoisted into the air.
“I shall… be a god…!” Silan shouted.

A beam of light shot down from the sky, enveloping the two.
“Emmy no…!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy’s scream could be heard throughout the plaza. Mateo, hearing Emmy scream, watched in terror as Silan started sucking her energy. The beam started to change colors as he absorbed more and more energy. Becoming consumed with rage, Mateo struggled to his feet, and rand for his pistol across the way. With his right hand, he picked it up, and aimed it at Silan. Before he pulled the trigger, someone passed by wearing torn rags, and dirty pink hair.
“We have to go, now! You’re lucky you’re not dead… We have to get out of here before he finishes! Come on!” The woman shouted.

Mateo quickly yanked from her grasp, and aimed his pistol again at Silan.
“I have… to save…” Mateo growled.
“It’s too late, Mateo!” The woman shouted, “We have to go! That won’t help anything. It’ll just bounce off… You know that!”

Not responding to the woman, Mateo took aim and started to pull the trigger.
“I… I can’t do this… without you… Emmy…” Mateo cried, lowering his pistol, “You’re my best friend… I… have never been… so helpless…”

Taking the moment, the woman grabbed ahold of Mateo’s body tightly, and threw it into a vehicle. While it started to take off, Mateo struggled to sit up, and watched out of the glass.
“No! Let me out!!” Mateo shouted in a berserker’s rage, “Let me out!! I can save her…!”
“… I’m sorry…” The woman sighed, turning the vehicle to a direction Mateo couldn’t see anymore.

The moment Mateo tried to look out the glass again, the vehicle took off. The only thing Mateo could see was the beam of light going into the sky. Before it went out of sight, it turned purple.
“Mateo…! You needed to get out of there… There are… a lot of things we need to talk about and discuss… Please… don’t…” Shimara explained, “I realize she was your friend… But she’s doing us all a favor by giving herself up…”

Mateo threw himself to the front seat, and placed his hands around Shimara’s neck.
“How dare you! She…!” Mateo started shouting.

Shimara quickly elbowed Mateo in the face, making him release her neck. He fell to the back seat, holding his forehead in agony.
“Get ahold of yourself, soldier…” Vakarra shouted, “She just saved many lives by giving herself up. Silan has no issues with us humans. He could care less. But he doesn’t believe in senseless violence. Even though he’s a demon lord, he has respect for others… It’s weird… but… Whatever…”
“It’s that damn Arthur…” Shimara growled, punching her hand with her fist, “That bastard is the one that wants genocide. He’s corrupting what’s left of the humans with that doctor’s twisted experiments to make ultimate soldiers. And we need your help… to… so something about it. But you can’t help if you’re losing your mind… Or if you’re dead.”
“Mateo, don’t despair too much. Even with that energy he absorbs… Silan can’t take over the Angelic Homeworld. Because of what you did to Raven, all his forces were scattered and destroyed… He and Zilan were vaporized when the energy field keeping Raven together exploded… Much of the Pit of hell as severely drained… And it will take about five years for him to prepare for that invasion. You not only bought time… You gave them all those people from the other provinces a chance… Mateo… You’re a hero!” Vakarra explained.
“Emmy…” Mateo sighed, relaxing into the seat, “She… Is…”
“Let’s… go rest back at HQ for a while… Let Mateo get his thoughts together…” Vakarra sighed.
“I… think that’ll work.” Shimara agreed.

While the two women continued to talk, Mateo closed his eyes from the excitement and fell asleep. Once he fell asleep, he was greeted by a warm light that covered his entire body. In front of him, walked Emmy, but she was wearing white garments with a veil that covered her face.
“Emmy…!” Mateo gasped, reaching out to her.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, looking at Mateo’s beat up body, “Please… do not mourn… for… me…”

Mateo jumped back in shock.
“You’re… my best friend Emmy… It pains me inside to know I won’t… see you again.” Mateo explained, “Since we were kids… you’ve been a part of my life… And just like that… you were ripped from me.
“There is more to this world than keeping me safe. I am fulfilling what I believe is my duty… as a mystic… and as a human citizen. These past few days have shown me that I have a purpose with these powers… and I intend to find out what that is… Even… if I must…” Emmy explained.
“It’s… not fair!” Mateo shouted, falling to his knees and punching the floor with his fists, “The only thing that’s going to happen is Silan will become a god… and you will be gone from this mortal plane! I won’t ever see you again Emmy! You are… my world…”

Emmy looked away from a brief moment, then looked back at Mateo.
“As you are mine… this is why… I…” Emmy started to speak.

Before she could speak anymore, Mater jumped into Emmy, and held her tightly.
“Don’t… go… please…” Mateo cried, rubbing his face into her body, “You… are all I have left.”
“Mateo…” Emmy spoke, holding back tears.
“I don’t care what happens to this world… or to any world… I don’t care about humanity… and I don’t care about the future… I… just want you…” Mateo cried, pressing against her body even harder.

From all the tears, and the powerful words, Emmy embraced Mateo as well, falling to her knees like him.
“It’s… time for… me to go…” Emmy cried, running her hand through Mateo’s hair, “The ritual is almost complete… Whatever… decisions you make… from here on… Don’t… give in to despair… please Mateo… You’re capable… of so… many things…”
“I… love you Emmy…!” Mateo said, with tears streaming.

Hearing those words took Emmy’s breath. As she pushed Mateo back a little ways, she forced a smile, and looked deep into Mateo’s eyes.
“I… I love…” Emmy started to speak.

Suddenly, her image faded away into sparkled dust. Mateo attempted to reach for the woman, but by the time his hand came in contact with her body, it dissolved into dust. He fell to his knees as the dust flew into the air, and threw his arms up into the air.
“Emmy…!” Mateo yelled.

As the room turned into darkness, Mateo awoke in a room made of old bricks and a broken ceiling fan in the middle of the room. The bed was severely torn and ragged, as well as the blankets covering him. Feeling the throbbing headache, Mateo rose up, holding it with both hands. A woman dressed in white walked into the room, and smiled at Mateo.
“You’re awake…” The woman smiled.

Mateo didn’t respond. Attempting to get out of bed by putting his feet off the side, the woman took a step towards him.
“Don’t… get out of bed yet. You’re suffering through a concussion and trauma in your left arm. You need rest the next few days…” The woman suggested.

Hearing the woman’s voice, he put his legs back in bed, and laid back down.
“Where…” Mateo attempted to ask.
“An abandoned town…” The woman replied, “There was a ship that crashed here a few days ago… and the people that lived here either vacated, or the town was abandoned a long time ago.”
“And… who are… you?” Mateo asked.
“You… saved me. I’m Becca.” Becca answered warmly, walking towards the bed.
“You’re that… girl in that shop…?” Mateo replied, struggling to open his eyes to look at the girl.
“Yup! Whatever was wrong with me all those years… coming to this planet… fixed me all up. I can’t believe how awesome I feel now!” Becca smiled, “It’s as if I was given another chance at life… I just wish my father was around now…”

Shimara then walked into the room.
“Ah, you’re awake.” Shimara said, “How you feeling?”
“Like a planet hit me in the head…” Mateo replied, holding his head still, “Did you really have… to elbow me like that?”
“Um… yeah, I did. You were trying to choke me.” Shimara replied, “I put my daughter in charge of watching your stubborn ass until you heal up… so don’t expect to go wondering off. And don’t even think about trying to sneak away back to the Infinite tower… Our vehicle ran out of fuel… and this planet doesn’t have what we need to power it. Luckily, we are back at HQ… So get comfortable.”

With that said Shimara walked out of the room and shut the door. Becca smiled, and turned back to Mateo.
“My mom is so pleasant!” Becca laughed, “So… Mateo, is it? Your friend… Emmy… visited me in my dream… She told me my mystical energy was blocked since I was a kid. The blockage I had made me… sick. And it almost killed me… Thanks to Emmy, I was able to not only survive… but now I’m learning how to use my mystic power!”

Mateo raised up, and from the pain of his headache, laid it back down.
“You… don’t say…?” Mateo replied.
“Yeah; she was a very nice woman… Pretty too.” Becca said, looking to the floor, “My mom told me everything… I’m… sorry.”
“That… she was. She was smart… and caring. She loved to help people… but I was so protective of her… I wouldn’t let her.” Mateo sighed.
“So… do you remember… what happened when we got here…?” Becca asked.
“No… not really… I woke up in the basement of Infinite Tower…” Mateo replied.
“Would you like… to know?” Becca asked.
“What?? Yes!” Mateo shouted, raising back up.
“Ok… So… when we got hit by Raven’s shockwave, we were carried along with it. When it hit the vehicle, it shattered the protective casing, throwing us all out of it. Your friend Emmy created a protective bubble around me, because I flew a completely different direction. You guys flew towards the Province that landed on Motavian. I saw you guys land… You crashed through a building, and got flung all… over the place. I thought you were… all dead…” Becca explained, “But I guess our bodies can endure more than I thought!”
“Thank… you…” Mateo smiled, lying back down with a smile on his face.
“You’re welcome! Just shout for me if you need anything… We have enough supply of food to last a good while, thanks to this town being abandoned.” Becca smiled.

As she walked out of the room, Mateo closed his eyes once more.
“Alright… Emmy… I’ll try my best to make you proud up there… I won’t let your confidence and trust in me… Go to waste. A new day shines on us all… I love… you Emmy. I won’t fail you…” Mateo smiled, before drifting off to sleep.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on June 20, 2015.

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