Shining Fantasy: Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Immediately following Ravens core’s destruction, Zane, Specter, and Lyra appeared in the same white room they were in before. Specter immediately fell to her hands and knees, severely exhausted. Confused, Zane fell to her side, attempting to raise her to her feet.
“Specter!! Are you alright?” Zane asked, grabbing her tightly.
“I… I feel so… weak…” Specter panted.

Vexon appeared in a blinding light, kneeling at the two. He placed his hand on Specter’s shoulder, and closed his eyes for a brief moment.
“What… You’re tainted with mystical energy… What happened??” Vexon asked, bowing his head towards Specter.
“I… I don’t know…” Zane replied, looking back at Specter.
“Emmy… She hit her with some kind of mystical energy…” Lyra explained, looking towards the floor, “I saw her… get hit by her, and she appeared into the flesh for a brief moment… Then exploded…”

Vexon glared at Lyra and gasped loudly.
“What…? That… That wasn’t supposed to happen!” Vexon shouted, turning back to Specter, “What happened when you were hit by that energy?”
“I… I told them Raven was going to explode… and…” Specter sighed.

Speaking softly, the words she uttered spent the rest of her energy. Closing her eyes, she fell limp in Zane’s arms. Zane sat on the ground, pulling Specter to him tightly. Vexon stood tall, looking at Specter with a scared look on his face.
“A mystic strong enough… To pull a being from the spiritual plane…” Vexon murmured to himself.
“Specter! Wake up!” Zane shouted, lightly shaking her.
“Save your breath… She’s not going to wake up…” Vexon said in a monotone voice, “Her spiritual energy was nearly spent. To walk around through time, then brought into the mortal plane in that state… She’s lucky to still be materialized right now…”

Zane looked up at Vexon with tears forming in his face.
“So… Is she…?” Zane asked.
“There’s a way… Possibly…” Vexon explained, turning his back towards Zane and Specter, “But… I must report this to my angelic counsel… The fact the past was altered in such a way hasn’t been done… Since before the extinction of Gethos…”
“You can’t help her right now…? What should we do…?” Zane asked.
“Boy… You don’t understand what just transpired!” Venox shouted.

Vexon quickly turned around, grabbed Zane by the neck, and hoisted him into the air. Specter fell out of Zane’s grasp, and landed onto the floor.
“When time changes, there’s a ripple effect. Many things could have been changed! I looked into your friend’s mind, and saw what transpired. None of that was supposed to take place! The Provinces… as you call them… Of Raven were supposed to be destroyed! When she was brought into the mortal plane, she told them Raven will be gone in the timeframe I granted you all to see the past! Once they found out, they took action, and sent those plates of death hurling into Motavian, Dezian, and the moon of Crothan… The Angelic Homeworld. I realize this girl is someone you deeply care for, but as things are now… The angels might even consider her, and the mystic’s execution. Tampering with the past is forbidden no matter what the outcome is! She’s a bright young lady… ”

Zane struggled to breathe as he dangled high off the ground.
“I will return after I report. Then I will help save your friend, if the council deems it necessary! And that is final!” Vexon shouted, releasing Zane.

When Zane hit the ground, he quickly scurried to an unconscious Specter. Extending his wings, Vexon looked into the sky, and started flapping his wings. Seconds before he lifted into the air, he glanced once again at Zane.
“I shouldn’t be gone long. If I return with armored knights, you know what the outcome will be. Farewell boy.” Vexon said.

Looking to the sky again, Vexon took off, leaving a streak aof light in his wake. Lyra fell to her knees next to Specter, holding one of her hands.
“She’s not cold…” Lyra said, looking at Specter.
“We need to leave.” Zane said, looking at lyra.
“What…? No… We can’t. No! We don’t know what’s out there…” Lyra shouted, glaring at Zane.
“Look… If they come back here, they are so well equipped… and better trained… And just all around… better than us… We will be killed, Lyra!” Zane shouted, “And… I don’t want us to die just yet… Too much has happened…”
“Zane…” Lyra sighed, placing one of her hands over Zane’s that was holding Specter’s other hand.
“Emmy hitting Specter like that… Even though the invasion killed a lot of people… it gave Mateo, Emmy… Those other two, I recall Cecil and Chelsea… and a lot of people a fighting chance to live! I don’t see…”
“Those plates of death… Those were the Provinces?” Lyra gasped.
“Yes…” Zane replied, starring at his unconscious wife, “I think we should leave…”

Lyra stood up, and took a couple steps backwards.
“What…?’ Lyra asked.
“I think we should take Specter and leave…” Zane stated.
“Zane, be reasonable… Where would we go? Demons want to kill everything, the Angels won’t help… and the Agency, if found, will kill us for betraying them!” Lyra shouted.
“I…” Zane sighed, “I don’t know… We… Could go to Motavian! Find Mateo and his friends… and figure out a plan of action?”
“Zane, he hates you… “Lyra sighed, looking towards the floor, “Mateo said if he sees you again… He will kill you…”

Zane shuttered.
“I know… but he’s the best chance we have.” Zane replied.
“And what about Specter; right now she’s a little bit of dead weight…!” Lyra shouted, stepping towards Zane.
“Lyra!” Zane shouted, “I don’t… know what we can do… but I’m not about to let these people kill my wife… I just won’t stand for it!”

Lyra placed her hand onto Zane’s back and rubbed it slightly.
“Then let’s go…” Lyra sighed.

Closing their eyes, the two took a deep breath. Letting go of Specter, the two stood tall, facing the sky. Tilting back, the two fell towards the ground. In an instant, the room turned black, and Zane opened his eyes. Glancing to his right and left, he saw a comfortable living area; from a refrigerator, to a microwave, to a small room that lead to a bathroom. Throwing the covers off of him, he rolled himself to the edge of the bed, and placed his feet onto the ground. As he stood from the bed, he noticed he was wearing a brown robe, identical to Specter and Lyra’s with a red amulet on his chest. On his feet, he also wore brown shoes.
“Man, these people have no taste in fashion.” Zane murmured to himself.

Looking to the left, he noticed a sac that he snatched from his house from when they departed from Raven. Dashing to the desk, he quickly opened the bag, and dumped out the contents. What fell out of it puzzled Zane.
“My sabers… My visor, my pistols… my utility belt…? They look… off…” Zane said to himself.

Picking up his utility belt, he immediately noticed he couldn’t feel the weight of it. Examining it further, he noticed the Raven Agency symbol on the buckle was removed, and replaced with an angel like image. From it, a star-like hologram appeared from it, displaying the room he was in, along with several others with people inside them. This discovery shocked Zane, making him drop the belt and jump back.
“The hell…?” Zane shouted as he jumped back.

Walking back to the belt, he reached down and picked it up with two hands. Laying it back on the table, he reached for his saber. Pushing the button to turn it on, a golden beam emitted from it. Zane pulled his head away, shocked again by the blinding light the beam emitted.  He quickly turned off the beam, and dropped the saber on the table as he did with the belt.
“These… are laced with Angelic power…?” Zane asked himself, “Vexon clearly stated that angels don’t like humans… “

Suddenly, a glowing piece of paper caught his eye, sitting on the farthest corner of the table. Reaching for it, Zane grabbed the letter as Lyra ran into the room with three sacks of stuff. She quickly shut the door, and was panting.
“Look at all the stuff I found in my room!” Lyra panted, “I’ve never seen half of this stuff before! They even salvaged, and upgraded my bow!”
“Lyra, listen to this…” Zane sighed, “I think this is a note from Vexon.”

Lyra dropped all three sacks, and walked over to the bed to sit down. Zane turned his back to the desk, and opened the letter. As he opened the pages, golden dust fell towards the floor, twinkling in a golden streak.
“My fellow visitors… If you are reading this, then that means you have woken from your slumber, and you’re preparing to adventure into the unknown… It also means I have headed to Crothan, to discuss your friend tampering with the time-stream.   I have taken the liberty of upgrading your mechanical devices and machinery to match Angelic Standards, and I have also had my engineers fix, and upgrade your craft for easy space travel between the four planets. Each of your rooms is equipped with items that will help you on your mission. I have left a backlog journal in your sack, Zane, of everything that has changed in the time-stream. I also left a serum to heal your friend. Although I am an angel, I do understand humans and their need to keep their loved ones safe… I will be in contact with you… when the time is right… Go… Now…! Vexon.” Zane read.

He folded the letter up, and placed it on the desk. Facing Lyra, he shrugged his shoulders.
“You saw him pick me up by my neck… Everything he just said to us…!” Zane said to Lyra.
“Maybe… He has to put on a show in front of his people…?” Lyra replied, shrugging at Zane.
“I would assume someone like Vexon wouldn’t have to…” Zane sighed, turning to the desk, “It doesn’t matter. We need to leave…”
“Alright mister guy… Where… are we going?” Lyra questioned, standing from the bed, “We’ve never been here before, and we definitely have never been on this frozen planet before.”
“Let’s… just try.” Zane replied.

Raising his robe, Zane strapped on his utility belt, along with his sabers and pistols. Carefully grabbing Specter’s vial, he placed it in a vial holder in his belt. Underneath his robe were his torn khaki pants, black T-shirt, his green plaid shirt and shoes.
“Lyra, go find where the ship is… I’m going to get Specter.” Zane said.
“But I…” Lyra sighed.
“Please, it’s going to look awkward if I carry her around, looking for a ship. Seriously, think about it… The last thing we need is that kind of attention.” Zane explained.
“I… guess…” Lyra sighed.

Lyra, becoming increasingly paranoid from seeing Zane put on all of his weapons; she opened her sack pulling out a pistol, a black version of Zane’s utility belt, and a golden dagger. Underneath her robe, she had her torn and tarnished white battle-dress. Grabbing a black hair tie from inside the sack as well, she bundled up her brown hair into a bun.
“Let’s find Specter’s room. We should use that as the rally point.” Zane stated.
“Good idea!” Lyra cheered.

Stepping out into the hallway, the two looked down each direction of the hallway. To their surprise, the rooms they were in had a small sign on them, with their names and race on it. Looking to the right, Zane caught Specter’s room right next to his. With great urgency, he grabbed Lyra’s hand, and ran into Specter’s room. Throwing Lyra into the room, he pushed the door shut, and quickly locked it. Turning to the bed, he saw Specter lying in a deep sleep; deeper than he’s ever seen her sleep. Reaching for the vial, he approached the bed slowly, admiring the beauty of his wife. Sitting on the bed, he leaned over his wife, and placed his hand lightly on her face, stroking it. Lyra, watching him, started turning red in the cheeks, watching Zane admire his wife.
“That’s…” Lyra started to say.

Suddenly, Lyra closed her eyes, and grabbed her head. While Zane poured the liquid into Specter’s mouth, Lyra struggled to keep quiet as pain increased in her head. Unable to contain the pain, Lyra fell to her knees, and smacked her head onto the floor. She heard Zane call her name, before his voice silenced. When she opened her eyes again, she stood in a lush, green field with the sun being the only thing in a deep blue sky. Large flowers were swaying out of the ground, with small streams of pedals whisking in the wind. She turned around, in confusion, wondering why she wasn’t in the room with Specter and Zane.
“What… Where…?” Lyra asked herself.

As she looked around in the field, she saw a person standing in the distance in a full white robe, with a hood on covering its face.
“Hello??” Lyra shouted out, “Where am I?”

It didn’t answer. Curious, Lyra slowly approached the person. As she got closer, she looked at the person’s skin and noticed it was dark, almost black. At the same time, Lyra found it harder to reach the person due to the comfort of the meadow, and the warm wind blowing on her face. Reaching short of arms reach, Lyra stood tall parallel to the person.
“I’ve… been… waiting for you, Lyra…” The person spoke.

Hearing the woman’s voice scared Lyra, making her take a step back. The hooded person reached towards the hood, and made another comment.
“Who… Who are you?” Lyra asked.
“I’m your sister… Viola.” She replied, removing her hood.

From the sight of her sister’s face, she jumped back in horror to see her face severely battered, broken in, and bleeding profusely. Lyra quickly threw her hands in the air, struggling to keep distance from her as Viola reached for her, and walked towards her.
“Why are you running sister? We are meant to be together…!” Viola laughed.

Tripping over her feet, Lyra fell to the ground. Viola stopped inches from Lyra’s body, and fell to her knees.
“Stay… away from me… Please…!” Lyra cried, balling up her fists in fear.
“Are you… Disgusted? By my face??” Viola asked, kneeling down to Lyra.

Lyra brought up her legs, and wrapped them up with one of her arms almost like the fetal position.
“What happened to you…?” Lyra asked.

Viola stood up straight, and snapped her fingers. The sound of the snap echoed throughout the area, and all sounds in the area completely stopped. Lyra, confused, opened her eyes and slowly pushed herself off the ground witnessing the wind stopping. In the sky, as Lyra looked up, she saw clouds starting to form.
“Lyra, my sister… Soon we shall meet, and you will finally understand the truth…” Viola sighed, taking a step back.

Lyra turned, to see her sister’s hood over her face and stepping away. She reached out in hopes to grab her sister, but failed.
“Viola…!” Lyra shouted as Viola disappeared from her sight.

As clouds covered up the sky, Lyra fell to her knees, and held her body up by putting her hands in front of her. With a tear forming in her face, it started to rain slightly.
“What’s happening… to me…?” Lyra asked herself.

Suddenly, a burst of cold wind brushed over her, alerting her. Looking up, she noticed she was sitting on the ground in an alleyway. In front of her stood two men; one was dressed in a black trench coat which harbored a black business suit while the other wore a beige trench coat with white garments underneath. On his face shined a pair of glasses. Behind them shined a blinding light from a vehicle. Lyra shielded her eyes, trying to see form the light. The men pulled out umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain. The man in the beige trench coat lit a cigarette, and glared at Lyra.
“Ah, this girl… She seems just the right age.” The man said, slowly approaching Lyra.
“Professor Hecate?” The other man gasped, taking a step forward.
“Look at her!” The professor smiled, “She has the right body type and everything we’re looking for!

Professor Hecate walked past Lyra, making Lyra turn around to see two kids pushed against the wall.
“The other mutt can be put with the rest…” Professor Hecate said, standing over the two kids.
“What… is that?” The man asked.
“My friend, this is the result of cross breading… The Foxian tribe with human DNA; this is the result.  A bastard child with no hopes of living to our expectations…!” Professor Hecate smiled.

The dog-like woman stepped in front of the other girl, and put out her hands.
“You aren’t touching my sister!” The woman yelled.

Professor Hecate smiled with joy, and reached for the girl. He grabbed her shirt collar, and hoisted her into the air.
“A fighting little rat, I see.” Professor Hecate smiled.
“Viola!” The other little girl shouted.

Hearing the girl shout alerted Lyra. Standing to her feet, she ran towards Professor Hecate in an attempt to tackle him. But when she jumped into the air towards him, she passed through him. Landing on the ground, she struggled to her feet, and stepped back to watch what happens.
“Leon! Take this filth and put it in the trunk!” Professor Hecate shouted, chucking Viola to Leon.

Leon dropped his umbrella, catching the girl. Placing his hand over her mouth, he walked behind the car, and popped the trunk. As much as she struggled, Leon overpowered her. Taking his left hand, he punched Viola in the back of the head, and threw her into the trunk. With all his might, he slammed the door.
“Viola…” Lyra gasped, placing her hand onto her mouth.
“What is your name little girl?” Professor Hecate asked.
“… Lyra… What are you going to do to my sister?” The kid asked.

Quickly pulling out a syringe, he grabbed hold of the kid’s arm and stuck the syringe into it. Pushing the liquid into her arm, he smiled with delight.
“Now, when you wake up little missy… you will be the newest creation of my brilliance! Nobody will question, or compare themselves to my intellect!”

Lyra gasped at the sight.
“That’s… That’s what happened… to…”

Suddenly, the ground gave way, making her fall down a deep, dark hole. Hearing voices faintly in the darkness, Lyra shrieked in confusion. All of a sudden, her vision was blinded in a blinding light.
“Hang on!” Specter shouted.

When Lyra opened her eyes, her vision was slightly blurred. Rubbing her eyes, she noticed she sat in the back seat of the same vehicle they were in before. Specter, awake and well, sat in the driver seat while Zane sat in the passenger seat.
“Here we go!!” Zane shouted!

Before Lyra could say anything, the three jolted back, blasting off from the ground.
“Oh my…!” Specter shouted.

As the three looked out the left window, their emotions, thoughts, and everything in their being dropped to the floor; they laid eyes on the province that landed on Dezian. Watching in horror as numerous angels and ships flew around parts of the province. From the angle it landed, it sat at a 45 degree angle into the earth. Many parts were on fire, and many parts were broken into the terrain below. Lyra continued to look out the window as Zane and Specter started to tear up, sitting back in their seats.
“That’s… a province…?” Specter asked, sniffling.
“It… appears to… be…” Zane sighed.

Specter started letting out some pouts.
“Zane… Do you realize how many… people died?” Specter said, looking over at Zane.

Zane closed his eyes, and looked towards the floor board.
“We… didn’t… do anything but… run.” Zane grumbled, balling his fists up in his lap.

Specter looked over at Zane, and placed her hand onto her arm.
“There wasn’t… anything we could have done…” Specter sighed, tears streaming down her face.
“We were expelled… from the agency, and ran… Like some chicken shits…” Zane cried.

Specter released Zane’s arm, and placed her hand back onto the steering wheel, watching as the atmosphere of Dezian started to dissipate.
“I swore an oath to protect others… But… the organization seemed to be… corrupt. Countless crimes against our own flesh and blood with DNA experiments… Commander Arthur did so many shady things the past few weeks… I have no doubt there’s some inside work going on that trashed our home… I… I… Couldn’t… do anything…” Zane pouted.

Slamming his fists into his legs, he leaned over, letting some tears fall to his lap from his face.
“Zane…” Specter sighed, wiping tears from her face.
“We swore an oath to protect… And we ran… like cowardice little bastards!” Zane shouted.
“That’s not true…!” Specter shouted, glaring at Zane, “There was nothing we could have done in our situation! The agency expelled us… and tried to kill us Zane! What more could we have done, than to escape?”

Zane opened his eyes, and looked back at her with tears flowing from his face.
“We could have just… done what we were told…” Zane sighed, glancing back at Lyra, “If we didn’t harbor Lyra…”

Specter, with her right hand, punched Zane in the arm.
“This isn’t her fault! I am very disappointed in you Zane…” Specter sighed, putting her hand back on the steering wheel.

Zane placed his right hand on his left arm, and grumbled in pain.
“So… where are we headed now?” Lyra asked, sitting back.
“We are headed to Motavian and we’re linking up with Mateo… He and Emmy are the only ones capable of helping us. Mateo with his combat skills and Emmy with her mystical powers…” Specter explained.
“How are we… Going to find them?” Lyra asked.

Specter pushed a button on the middle console, displaying a map of Motavian.
“This is a map of Motavian. Each piece of working Agency equipment has a microchip in it to be tracked. All chips were tracked by the main computer satellite orbiting Raven… Thanks to the upgrades the Angels did… We can track agents all over Motavian!” Specter smiled, pointing at the monitor, “Each chip is programed with the first and last, identification number, location, even ammo supply of pistols, and battery life of a saber.”

With that said, she typed Mateo’s name in the search bar in the corner of the screen. Within seconds, a small dot appeared.
“The signal is faint… but there he is.” Specter pointed out, “It will take us about a day to go there with the top speed of this vehicle.”

Zane shuttered. Releasing his grip from his arm, he looked at the monitor with Mateo’s blip blinking, and started to sweat.
“What if… he doesn’t want to help…? Or he wants to fight?” Zane asked.
“Let’s hope he can see the bigger picture… and put that silly grudge aside.” Specter stated.

Lyra raised up again, coming between the two.
“So… Why do you think Vexon helped us so much…?” Lyra asked.
“… I don’t know…” Zane murmured, looking out the window as the ship left the atmosphere.

Specter didn’t say anything, and looked forward towards the stars. A bead of sweat started to form on-top of her forehead. Confused Lyra poked Specter in the arm.
“Specter… Why?” Lyra asked, sensing she knew something.

Thinking fast, Specter turned the vehicle hard to the right, throwing Lyra’s grip on the seats off. She flew to the opposite side of the car, hitting her head on the side of the car, knocking her unconscious. Zane quickly braced himself as he heard Lyra’s head impact the car door. She quickly stabilized the vehicle, with more sweat dripping from her head.
“What the hell??” Zane gasped, releasing his grip on the dash, “What is your deal??” Zane asked.

Taking off his seat belt, he jumped to the back of the vehicle, and started tending to Lyra’s head injury.
“Are you out of your mind?? This girl has been knocked out more times than we have our entire agency career! What the hell was that about??” Zane snapped.
“Shut up…” Specter sighed, pouting slightly, “Lyra can’t hear what I’m about to say.”

Hearing this made Zane slow his urgency to tend to Lyra.
“Vexon came to me in my dreams… Zane… Lyra was going to be executed because she has been heavily genetically altered. From her being altered, to me changing time… She and I would both be executed. You would have been exiled to Motavian with nothing… And left to die alone in what’s called Exiles Abyss. It’s the largest desert on Motavian. Vexon wants to see peace between humans and Angels again… But in order to do that we have to break ties between demons and humans; which means we have to kill Arthur.” Specter explained.
“Why couldn’t you just tell Lyra you can’t say?” Zane asked, wiping some of the blood slowly oozing from Lyra’s head.
“Because… She was fully healed with Angelic magic unaware that she was genetically altered with angelic DNA. This caused a major shift in her… abilities. Any impulse of emotion can trigger an outburst of energy that could make this ship explode or worse. The powers they unlocked are very much active… She has to discover them slowly… or she will kill herself, and everyone around her.” Specter explained.

Zane finished wiping the blood from Lyra’s head, and rested her on the backseat of the vehicle. Boosting himself to the front of the vehicle, he sat back in the front and buckled himself again.
“What a pickle…” Zane sighed, looking out to the stars again.
“You got that right honey…” Specter sighed, wiping a tear from her face.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on April 25, 2015.

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