Shining Fantasy: Chapter 10 COMPLETE

This chapter is a combination of two point of views.

Chapter 10


“Already…?” Zane shouted, “I would have figured you would have pissed yourself with all that excitement…”
“I’m a lady you idiot… I have some class…” Specter snakingly replied, “How are you holding up, Lyra? You alright…?”

She didn’t answer, concerning Specter. Before turning around, something in the distance ahead of her caught her eye. Squinting, she quickly realized they were fighter drones from Raven making a patrol. Thinking fast, she reached for the lights, and cut them all off.
“What the…” Zane started to say.
“Shut up… Drones…” Specter shouted, ducking below the windshield.

Following her example, Zane did the same thing.
“It… It’s so dark…” Specter gasped, huddling down as far as she could.
“You’re telling me… I’ve never seen it this dark before…” Zane replied.
“That’s what space is I guess… The emptiness dark abyss…” Specter said, slightly giggling.
“Why… are we bunkered down, Specter, and the lights off?” Zane asked.
“There are drones passing by.” Specter answered.

Just as Specter said those words, a light appeared through the windshield, at a very fast pace. There was a swift rumbling noise, and then it grew silent again. During the noise, both Zane and Specter held their breath kind of, in suspension. Once the noise grew silent, Specter lifted from the floorboard to catch a glimpse of what’s heading towards them.
“Shit…!” Specter shouted, as she pressed herself against the seat.

Before Zane could jump up and see, a rock the size of the car hurled towards them, grazing the side. Even though it was the side of the car, the force it put onto the car sent the car in a deadly spin, pinning Zane, Specter, and Lyra in their seats. From the force of the spin, everyone was silenced, and unable to move. Specter became horrified as she saw Motavian, and the moons of Motavian go smaller and smaller. Struggling to lift her hand, Specter attempted to reach the steering wheel, to cut the engine on. Quickly becoming nauseous, and starting to fade consciously, she was able to grab hold of the steering wheel. With her thumb, she pressed a red button, making the car come to an abrupt halt. Sickness set in, resulting in the two throwing up into the floorboard numerous times. Accidentally, Specter didn’t pull her hair back, resulting in the ends of her hair covered in puke. Wiping her face off with a napkin from the side of the door, she reached up, and cut the light on again.
“Ugh…” Specter sighed, “That was rough… My head’s still spinning…”

Looking to her side, Zane was unconscious after throwing up. Turning around, she caught sight of Lyra, who was lying down on her back across the back seat, seemingly unscathed. Facing the front again, she continued to wipe her face, and attempted to get the puke out of her hair.
“Damn… When we get to Motavian… There better be…” Specter started to say, eyeing the puke in her hair.

Suddenly, she released her hair, and dropped her mouth. Looking ahead, she saw nothing but empty space. Her heart quickly ended up in her throat as she turned around, looking through each window only to see empty space and stairs. She even looked up through the roof window, and saw absolutely nothing. Starting to hyper-ventilate, she sat down in her seat again, and started fanning her face to calm down. Grabbing the wheel, she turned the car on, and started navigating around, trying to find their bearings. Feeling the car jerk left and right woke Zane up from his unconsciousness.
“Honey… what’s the matter?” Zane asked, shaking his head.
“We’re stranded in space!” Specter shouted, panicking.
“What…?” Zane gasped, looking around all of the windows, “Oh my god… we’re lost… in space! Hey!! Like that show!!”

Specter looked at Zane with a blank look.
“Really? Our lives could end right now you know… No food… or water… No way to use the bathroom… We’re going to die out here Zane!” Specter shouted, starting to sweat from panicking.

Zane reached over and grabbed both of Specter’s hands, and brought them to her lap. He sat up in his seat onto his knees, and looked at his beautiful wife, and smiled calmly.
“Calm down… usually I’m the one panicking… You’re the one that thinks things through and gets everything running and going. You want to know why I’m not panicking… It’s because… you’re very beautiful… smart… and I know you’ll get us out of this mess. Please calm down honey… You got this… Okay? We have plenty of food, and water in the back of the car, and we have… the emergency potty to use the bathroom. Please…” Zane said softly.

Hearing Zane’s soft words filled Specter with happiness, and hope. She reached forward, lip locking her husband, and throwing her arms around him. She kissed him for a good few seconds before pulling back.
“Yuck… we smell like puke.” Specter said, tears forming in her eyes.
“Actually like old eggs and bacon from this morning.” Zane replied, smiling back.

Balling her fist up, she reached upwards, and smacked him ontop of his head, putting him into a daze. He threw himself back in his seat, with a smile on his head.
“Such a damn fool… Sexy when he feels like it, but a smartass… and a damn idiot. But I love you for that Zane. “ Specter giggled, placing her hands back on the wheel.

Before moving the car, a large white light caught her eye. As she turned the car right, she was astonished at her find. She saw a large white sphere approaching them at a high rate of speed.
“Zane…” Specter gasped, “What is that…?”
“That’s… Wait… No. That can’t be.” Zane gasped, rising out of his seat.
“You know what that is?” Specter asked.
“That’s… Dezian.” Zane gasped.

Specter took a deep breath to calm herself.
“That’s Dezian, the ice planet?? How did we get knocked so far out of orbit?? It would have taken us… light years to get this far in a craft like this!!” Specter shouted.
“Maybe… we were stunned… but may have gone through a wormhole? It’s a longshot… but that could explain why we all passed out.” Zane explained.
“Wait… I was conscious the whole time!” Specter snapped.
“No… You weren’t… Look at the time and date…” Zane said, pointing at the clock on the dash.
“Wait… four days?? The invasion already… happened… then…?” Specter gasped.
“Seemingly so…” Zane sighed, looking towards the floorboard.
“Do you think… anyone made it?” Specter asked, becoming wide eyed.
“I… I don’t know.” Zane replied.
“How do you… think Mateo and Emmy did?” Specter asked, glancing at Zane.

Zane looked towards the icy planet Dezian, lost in thought.
“I… I don’t know. Knowing him and Emmy… They fought to the bitter end, more than likely… Or found a way to get off Raven. One or the other… but knowing Mateo as long as I have, even though we weren’t on speaking terms… Fighting to the bitter end sounds more like his thing. And Emmy was probably there, helping him.” Zane answered.
“What… should we do now?” Specter asked.

Suddenly, Lyra yawned in the back seat, rising up.
“Finally, you’re awake!” Lyra cheered, rising up between the two, “You’ve been asleep for days!”

Specter looked at Lyra, shocked.
“What? You were conscious this whole time?” Specter asked.
“Yup! After that wormhole swallowed us up… You two went out cold… It gave me so much time to think though… I almost thought you guys were dead.” Lyra explained.
“Somehow, we aren’t.” Specter replied, sitting back in her seat.
“So… Should we… Go to Dezian?” Zane asked.

Specter looked at her dash board, and giggled a little.
“We have to, or we’ll die here in space… We’re stuck in its orbit. We won’t be able to get away if we tried… Looks like our ETA… is… thirty minutes before we begin our descent…” Specter giggled.
“I… Isn’t Dezian a frigid planet?” Lyra asked.
“Yeah; Nobody has ever… returned from there. So… The chances of us surviving are pretty low…” Specter responded with a sigh.
“I… Guys, we no longer have… a home.” Zane said, still lost in thought.

Both Specter and Lyra looked at Zane, and let out a dreadful sigh.
“Zane… come on… Try not to think about it now.” Specter smiled, rubbing Zane’s back.
“It’s hard not to. Everything is gone… Our home, our way of life… Families… Friends… Everyone we know and love are gone…” Zane sighed.
“Zane!” Specter yelled.
“Specter!  I…” Zane started to yell back.

All of a sudden, a large force hit the car, shaking everyone up violently. Specter instantly grabbed hold of the steering wheel, trying to keep the car stable.
“The fuck was that??” Zane shouted.
“Look…!” Specter shouted, pointing outside of the car.

From both left and right sides of the vehicle, showed a large line as far as the eye could see. It was a cluster of dark spots inside of an orange, and purple tangled line.
“What… What … is …” Lyra asked.
“No… no way…!” Zane gasped.
“That’s… a shockwave! A shockwave of that magnitude… May have from… Raven exploding…” Specter replied.
“It’s… What do we do?? If we get caught up in that shockwave…!” Zane shouted.
“There’s nothing we can do… We’re stuck in Dezian’s orbit… and we’re too low on fuel to break out. We’re… stuck…” Specter sighed, pressing buttons on the dash.
“Should I ask… What will happen when we get hit by that wave?” Lyra asked softly.
“From the kinetic energy from the wave, we could possibly explode on impact… or if we’re lucky, it will send us crashing towards Dezian’s frigid surface. The impact will kill us… and if we somehow survive the impact… we’ll die to frostbite.” Specter explained.
“… So… this… is…” Lyra sighed, sitting back in her seat, disappointed, “What a waste of… Life…”
“Hang on; here it comes!” Specter shouted, bracing herself in her seat, “Brace yourselves, this will be very fast… and bumpy ride!”

Only a moment after bracing, the shockwave and debris from Raven impacted the car, sending it hurling towards Dezian’s surface. It only took a few moments, before the car caught hold of the gravity of the moon, pulling on it even faster than the speed of the ring. Inside the car, everything inside heated up, making the seats super sticky, and the metal intolerable. The three started sweating immensely from the heat and their nerves. It was only moments later, before they broke through the wintry clouds, revealing the icy surface. Thinking fast, as they hurled towards the surface, Specter quickly smashed several buttons on the dash. From the back of the car, a large pop was heard, throwing the car forward. Throwing both of her feet to the floorboard, she slammed on the gas, projecting the car forward, slowing the descent of the car immensely. The quick jolt threw Zane forward, cracking the windshield with his head, while Lyra was catapulted towards the front, knocking her unconscious as she landed in Specter’s and Zane’s lap.

Specter quickly pulled the steering wheel towards her chest, and put her back strength into it as well, forcing the car to pull its nose upwards. At the angle it was flying towards the surface currently, it would nosedive into the ground, and explode to an extent nothing would be recognizable.  Suddenly, the glass on the backside of the car began to melt, immediately sucking out most of the oxygen of the car, making it devastatingly hard to keep the vehicle from nose diving. Holding her breath, Specter struggled to keep her eyes open, still pulling back on the wheel.

Finally gaining control, the vehicle jerked upwards, breaking from the plummet of the shockwave, and the pull from falling from orbit. The sudden jerk smacked Specter’s face onto the steering wheel, knocking her on the brink of unconsciousness. Stunned, she sat back and breathed lightly; taking in what oxygen was left and glanced forward. The last thing she saw, before blacking out, was plains of snow, and frozen debris from when the shockwave impacted the planet. She felt the car hit the ground as she finally passed out. Due to the angle the car was before Specter passed out, it didn’t explode, but tumbled, and rolled through several debris fields, and small mountains, severely damaging the craft.

When Specter opened her eyes, she was enveloped by a white light. She felt, warm, and content.
“Where… am I…?” She asked herself.

While she asked herself, she raised her arm in front of her face, attempting to see in front of her, but failed.
“What is this light…?” She asked.

Placing her head onto her forehead, she noticed her impact on the steering wheel was completely healed. Looking to her left and right, she noticed she was completely surrounded by the white light. Even though it was bright, it wasn’t bright enough to hurt her eyes, letting her see fully. Looking down, she noticed her golden hair was completely unhinged and flowed down her shoulders, onto her chest smoothly as if it was washed with the highest grade of conditioner. She quickly noticed the clothes she had on were not what she had on before. She wore a brown gown that stretched to her feet, and her feet were comfortably snug in brown shoes. Lying on her chest, she wore a red amulet.
“Hello? Where am I?” Specter asked again, a little bit louder.

Suddenly, the light subsided, revealing where she was. She lay in a blueish colored bed, covered in a blue sheet. As she tried to wiggle, her body succumbed to the comfort of the bed. She let out a comfortable sigh, as she pulled her arms out from the sheets. Placing her hand on her head again, she noticed her wound was still on her forehead. Then the pain came back, making her grab her head with both hands while uttering a blood boiling scream. Only for a second, did she feel the pain, before she was enveloped by the light again, subsiding the pain. She looked around again, and started to cry out of panic.
“What’s going on??” Specter asked, panicking.
“Calm down, creature…” A low tempered voice asked.
“Who are you?? Show yourself…!” Specter shouted.

A figure then came from the light in front of her, wearing a white version of her clothing, with a blue amulet on his chest. On his head, he wore a tall hat, hiding his scalp. From the hat, he wore long white hair that touched the middle of his back, and some of his bangs rested on his chest. His eyes were a glossy, and glowing, blue, with crystal white skin. He almost sparkled. With his arms inside the sleeves of his robe, he slowly walked towards Specter.
“Calm yourself, my dear…” The man spoke, “We are not here to hurt you…”

Hearing the man’s voice calmed Specter down considerably.
“I… I’m sorry, sir…” Specter sighed with relief.
“Don’t be sorry… If I were in your position, I would panic too… It’s perfectly fine. I actually thought you would wake up swinging.” The man chuckled.
“That’s a relief… Are you a human?” Specter asked, examining the man.
“My you’re a curious little creature aren’t you?” The man chuckled, “You don’t even know if your friends are dead or not…”
“Oh!” Specter gasped, “Are they alright?”
“Yes, they’re fine… Zane, your husband, hasn’t stopped eating. And the girl; Lyra is her name? We have… been trying to… Figure out what’s wrong.” The man explained, “Her mind has been tampered with Mystical energy… It will… take some time to repair what has happened.”
“You… have the power to do that?” Specter asked.
“Yes… We have the capabilities of fixing what you dirty humans have created.” The man snapped.
“Dirty… Humans? What…?” Specter questioned, slightly confused.
“Sorry, my manners…” The man explained, turning his back toward Specter, “It’s been a millennia since I’ve… seen humans in person and not in story books.”
“What…? It’s only been… Four days… since Raven exploded…” Specter explained, her voice increasingly soft.
“Four days? My dear, it’s been a week since we’ve found you.” The man explained, “You’re suffering from a severe concussion. Your body was almost overcome by frostbite. Were you apart of that massive shockwave?” The man asked.
“No… We were in that car… escaping Raven… because we were being chased by… Leon, a lieutenant of Commander Arthur… We were originally going to Motavian… But… We were hit by a rock, and then fell into a wormhole… Then… Hit by the shockwave that threw us out of orbit of Dezian.” Specter explained.
“Sounds like one crazy adventure. It’s a miracle you humans survived any of that…” The man chuckled.
“Not my idea of a fun adventure… We were damned by our own… people. We served the agency… and then…” Specter started to explain.
“Before you continue… Let me explain what is happening, if you will.” The man snapped, interrupting Specter coldly, “Apparently, you’re not current of the situations.”

Specter nodded her head, sitting down onto the ground.
“Using… My power, I peeked into your mind, and viewed what was happening throughout your entire life. I know everything about you… Your likes… your dislikes… Your wedding with your husband, The many fights with your family… Your friends and your moon; I also foresaw the destruction of your home. The shockwave was from the excess energies contained within your home. It was detonated by your own kind, commanded by General Zilan, of the Silan Demonic Empire. It’s been a brewing issue, which has finally come to pass. Your own people sided with the demons, to obtain intergalactic dominance. The angelic council foresaw this passing, and damned human interaction… And because of this, humans proceeded with their selfish and greedy ways to their destruction. That shockwave contained so much energy, some of this very planet Dezian has been damaged almost to the core. Motavian’s axis rotated, practically destroying the weather systems on it…” The man explained.
“So… where are we now…? Who are… you?” Specter asked.
“You are at an angelic outpost, and I am its commander. In your tongue, my name is General Vexen. I’m one of the few commanders of the Angelic forces.” Vexon replied, “We were ordered… That if we found any humans alive from the explosion, to nurse them back to health from my commander. So… I did just that.”
“Thank you very much…!” Specter smiled, “I am very thankful of you…”
“You’re quite welcome. Did you have any questions for me? I must tend to some debris cleaning around the fort.” Vexen asked.
“I… I do have one question.” Specter replied, standing to her feet, “What lies in store for Zane, Lyra and I? What do we do now?”

Vexen took a deep breath, and looked towards the ground, then looked back at Specter.
“I’m afraid my personal experiences with humans have left me unable to share anything like that. I’m sorry, Specter. I can tell you, that if you need to go to Motavian from here, we can help you with that. It’s a one way trip though… I’ve already helped more than I swore I would.” Vexen answered.
“Then… my last question is… Why do you hate humans so much, if you’re comfortable with me? What did humans do so wrong?” Specter asked, taking a step towards Vexen.
“I…” Vexen started to say, turning his back to Specter, “I fell in love with one. And she died. That’s all there is to say. Now, enjoy your rest. You’re resting in your subconscious. As long as you lay in this bed, you will be instantly taken to your subconscious. I must go. Take care, Specter. I hope we meet again someday, my dear.”
“Thank… you.” Specter replied, looking towards the ground.

Placing one hand on her chest in a fist, she looked towards the ground, feeling slightly disgusted that she’s hated because she’s human. As Vexen walked from her field of vision, he turned back toward Specter, and uttered a giggle.
“If humans were like you, and your husband, I faith in humanity would have been restored. Don’t worry; I do not hate you or your friends.” Vexen laughed as he disappeared from her vision.
“That was an angel… I won’t lie, I was completely nervous…” Specter laughed at herself.

All of a sudden, the light subsided, and Specter woke up again. This time, the pain was tolerable from her head injury, allowing her to rise up. She looked around the room, to see the room made of brown bricks, and torches on the walls to light the room.
“So… Not modern.” Specter said under her breath.
“Specter!” Zane shouted, running towards her from a seat in the corner.
“No wait, Zane…!” Specter shouted, placing her hands in front of her as a shield.

Unable to block Zane’s tackle, he jumped onto the bed, embracing Specter. The moment the two hit the bed, they both went into their subconscious in a deep sleep. Specter landed onto the ground, with Zane wrapped around her midsection.
“You dolt…!” Specter shouted, kicking Zane from her, “Are you crazy? I still have an injury!”
“Sorry… you… You were scaring me.” Zane said, standing up, “I never came so close to losing you…”
“What do you mean?” Specter asked, standing up.
“Well… when they found us… I was warm but fading away… Lyra was shivering, but alive… You… Your skin was frosted over, and you weren’t breathing… I was conscious enough to see you before they took you away… and I passed out. I thought you going to be dead Specter…” Zane said, with tears coming to his eyes.
“Oh Zane…” Specter smiled, running towards her husband.

Before Zane had a chance to realize what she was doing, Specter ran into her husband with open arms. Felling her embrace, he snuggled her back, squeezing her body into his.
“Zane I… I love you… Thank you… so much!” Specter smiled, hugging her husband tightly.
“I love you too, Specter… More than you could ever imagine…” Zane smiled.

Suddenly, Vexen appeared beside the two.
“Sorry to interrupt… But… I wondered something as I… left you. You both had one inner concern as we healed you. Mateo and Emmy… Did I get the names right?” Vexen asked.

The two quickly released each other, and looked down towards the ground.
“I… I do care for his safety…” Zane responded.
“I know we never got along, but I do wonder what happened to them…” Specter responded, placing a hand on her chest.
“I… I can break the rules a little bit. Would you like to see what happened?” Vexen asked, “You will be able to walk around, and see what has transpired, but you won’t be able to… change what has happened.”
“What…? You can do that?” Zane gasped.
“Won’t you… get in trouble?” Specter gasped.
“No. I won’t, because I’m the fucking commander!” Vexen laughed, “I have the power!”

Specter and Zane both starred at Vexen, a little confused at the sudden outburst.
“Sorry, manners…” Vexen coughed, gaining his composure, “When would you like to view the past?”
“Can… Lyra join us? I’m sure she’ll want to see as well.” Zane asked.
“One second… Let me… Tap in to her subconscious.” Vexen replied, turning his back towards the two.

Patiently waiting, Specter and Zane watched as a small cloud formed in front of Vexen. It wasn’t long before Lyra popped in front of the angel, wearing the exact same thing as Specter, seeming confused. She ran past Vexen, and embraced Zane.
“Oh Zane!” Lyra shouted, “I’m so glad you’re alright!”

Zane instantly looked at Specter, who crossed her arms in jealousy. He threw his arms up, confused as Lyra snuggled her face into his midsection.
“Lyra, would you like to see the fate… of Raven? I’m about to display the events that happened on the last 24 hours of Raven.” Vexen asked.

Lyra released Zane, and placed her hands together, facing Vexen.
“Yes… I would like to see.” Lyra responded.
“Good. Remember, everything you see… You will not be able to interact. Imagine… this being like a television show. You can look, but you can’t touch anything. You can smell, but you can’t interact with anything. You will be able to interoperate pain, just a warning. Once the 24 hours are up, it will end, and you three will be standing exactly how you are now. Again… are you absolutely positive you want to see? I’ve seen it all… and… I feel pity for your people.” Vexen said, with sadness in his voice.
“Yes. Put us in Mateo’s home, exactly 24 hours beforehand.” Zane responded.
“Very well then; Good luck… I will not be able to stop the trip, so I pray you don’t go crazy wth what you’re about to see.” Vexen sighed.

With a snap of his fingers, the three stood in front of Mateo’s house. The lights were out, and the sky was lit with stars. With Motavian almost right above them, it lit up the streets.
“Oh my god… That was quick… Like turning on a light bulb…!” Zane gasped.
“Let’s stay together… Please?” Lyra asked, clinging on to Zane.
“Uh, sure!” Zane responded, placing his arm around Lyra.

Specter crossed her hands, giving Lyra and Zane a death glare as they approached Mateo’s door. Inside, Mateo and Cecil were cleaning off dishes.
“So, Cecil… How long have you been in the agency?” Mateo asked, picking up a plate out of the sink.
“A few years, but it seems like yesterday that I joined…” Cecil responded, taking the plate from Mateo.
“Very nice; what made you join?” Mateo asked, picking a pot next to the sink.
“Mainly… because I wanted to make my family happy; bring honor to our home, because we never got the respect. We were always labeled lower class…” Cecil responded, “I… I love being in the agency, but some of the rules they’ve put out in the last year… are kind of crazy. Almost like we’re at war with the civilians… I bet that sounds silly.”
“Not really… Weird things have been happening lately… So nothing will surprise me. For example, Commander Arthur told me and Emmy that we were supposed to get into the agency… And we got a mission on the spot to go to Motavian… Doing the exact same mission my parents were on… But… when we went to join… The doors were locked tight…” Mateo explained.
“I see…” Cecil replied, “I’m sorry.”
“Nah, don’t be… From what you said earlier, it’s a blessing! The agency is corrupt!” Mateo chuckled.

Hearing Mateo chuckle made Cecil cringle a little. He placed his dishes into the sink, and took a step away from Mateo.
“I don’t find that very funny…” Cecil stated, in a dark voice.
“Aw come on! Lighten up!” Mateo chuckled, “I wasn’t saying it to offend you… I know a few people that are going to be devastated…”
“Like me? Do you realize how sickening it is to know something you’ve been serving with pride and dignity… is tainted?” Cecil growled.

Mateo set his dishes into the sink.
“Do you realize what it’s like seeing something you fight for your whole life… Have it destroyed, and still have hopes… only to have them crushed to find out it’s tainted with deception?” Mateo asked, looking at Cecil.
“How so? What do you know?” Cecil snapped.
“I had a friend named Zane… That I loved dearly. He was my bro, he was my blood friend. For life, actually… But the day of my test, he betrayed me. He challenged me to a Mal’korak level three… And he defeated me. I lost… and I was never able to try again. My dreams were broken. On top of that, before that, my parents were sent on a mission to Motavian… and they are now listed as KIA. You may have it bad, and I have it worse… But we are both are upset at one thing. The agency is corrupt… And we need answers!” Mateo stated.
“You’re right.” Cecil sighed, relaxing his shoulders.
“I know I’m right… now help me finish these dishes!” Mateo chuckled, handing Cecil a pot.

Lyra glanced over at Zane, disgusted.
“Zane… Were you what he was talking about?” Lyra asked.

Zane didn’t say a word, and let out a deep sigh. Specter, looking over at Lyra, spoke for Zane.
“It’s long passed… We’ll explain afterwards.” Specter said.

Crossing her arms, Lyra looked back at Mateo and Cecil.
“I’m overall worried about Chelsea…” Cecil sighed, “Chelsea hasn’t seen true combat yet….and I’m scared she’s going to hesitate and get hurt… The only reason she joined is because our folks told her to… So she can get out of the house.”
“That’s a shitty reason…” Mateo responded.
“Yeah… They live in the Northern Province now… We never get to see them…” Cecil replied.
“Maybe it’s for the best, ya know?” Mateo smiled, handing Cecil a pot.
“Meh, I guess.” Cecil replied.
“Hey Zane, I’m… going to head upstairs to see what Emmy is doing…” Specter replied, walking out of the room.
“Cool, just don’t go too far, okay?” Zane shouted, as he watched Specter go up the stairs.
“So… Wow, I don’t ever hang out with… other people besides Emmy.” Mateo chuckled.
“Wow, how come?” Cecil asked.
“Because I’m just… I don’t know what to say about anything really. The world is coming to hell, demons are coming to eat everyone, and we’re standing here washing dishes! How crazy is that?” Mateo laughed.

Cecil paused for a moment, and backed away from the dishes.
“Mateo… Are you alright?” Cecil asked.
“No, I’m not. In two days… this place will be completely destroyed… And there’s nothing I can do about… Absolutely nothing…!” Mateo shouted, walking towards the couch.

Mateo sat down on the couch, and placed his hands onto his face, shielding his grief.
“Many people are about to die… And there is nothing any of us… can do…” Mateo sighed.
“There… is something we can do… but it’s really farfetched.” Cecil explained, “I’ve been thinking about it since I was at the briefing… My father works with the gravitation engines. Each province has the same engines as the Eastern Province…”

Mateo’s mood instantly changed. He turned towards Cecil, and hugged him tightly.
“Dude! You could… We could…” Mateo chanted.
“Yeah… well… Hold on… It’s not just… push a button and go… Several things have to happen to get it to go, and… The Eastern Province is the only one capable. If we were to hit the emergency buttons, we could very well puncture the gravitational core of the very moon… and kill everyone anyway. I don’t think that’s a risk Commander Arthur wanted to take.” Cecil explained.
“He wanted to take specific people… And leave before things get crazy from the very start… So… I think we should chance it.” Mateo chanted.
“You realize if it fails, you’re killing thousands of people…?” Cecil gasped, trying to pry off Mateo.
“I know… But… What’s worse…? Being saved… Death… Being gobbled up like a snack, or serving Silan’s forces? I personally would choose being saved… Or an attempt…” Mateo explained.
“It’s such a big gamble…” Cecil said.
“I know it is… But we’ve got to try something.” Mateo answered.
“Then we… need to make our way to the Gravitation Building in the center of the provinces. Security Is… super tight.” Cecil sighed.
“Can agents get in there?” Mateo asked.
“Level three and up can access the main building, but we need access codes to go to the subterranean levels…” Cecil answered.

At the same time Mateo and Cecil were talking, Chelsea and Emmy were talking about things as well. The moment the two entered the room, Emmy let out a sigh.
“Mateo is so stupid sometimes…” Emmy sighed.
“Huh? He seems… pretty intelligent.” Chelsea replied.
“Telling us to go do girl stuff… The hell…?” Emmy snapped, sitting on to the bed.
“Well… we are women…” Chelsea giggled, “ so let’s do girl stuff!!”
“Look at this.” Emmy said in a mono tone voice.
Extending her hand, she shot out a purple energy orb that detonated only a few inches from her hand showing the moon of Raven. Chelsea, not recognizing mystical energy, took a step back.
“Have you ever seen the entire planet… or moon, Raven before?” Emmy asked.
“I… uh…” Chelsea replied with a shaky, nervous voice.

Emmy smiled, and glanced at Chelsea.
“You can calm down… Nothing I do will hurt you…” Emmy smiled.

Using her hand, she patted a space next to her on the bed.
“Sit… Come here.” Emmy smiled.

Still nervous, Chelsea nodded, and slowly approached Emmy. Sitting onto the bed, she stared at the floating orb of the planet.
“So… this is the entire moon?” Chelsea asked, still shaking.
“Yup. I projected an entire projection of this place. Beautiful isn’t it?” Emmy said, smiling at her orb.

Specter then walked into the room, gasping at Emmy’s mystical energy. Hearing something enter the room, she quickly dissipated the projection, and put her hand in Specter’s direction. Confused, Chelsea looked towards the doorway, seeing nothing.
“Uh… Emmy…?” Chelsea asked.
“Who are you…?” Emmy asked, standing from the bed.

Specter gasped, and took a step back, confused how Emmy could see her.
“Emmy…?” Specter gasped.

With a tiny orb of energy, Emmy shot in Specter’s direction, impacting the spectral creature. The moment it impacted, Specter uttered a faint shriek, before coming into visible plane for both of the women. Specter coughed, and fell to her hands and knees as Chelsea jumped up from the bed, and ran to the window while Emmy stood up, holding her hand in front of her.
“The hell…?” Emmy shouted.
“What… What did you… do to me?” Specter asked, coughing.
“You were… cloaked?” Emmy asked, taking a step forward.
“No I… But… We weren’t supposed to… be seen…” Specter coughed, struggling to look at Emmy.
“Wait… Specter?” Emmy gasped, dropping her arm.

Dropping to Specter’s level, she helped her to her feet, and struggled to pull her to the bed. Sitting her down on the bed, Emmy took a step back, and quickly examined Specter. Wearing unheard of clothing, Emmy started becoming skeptical.
“Why… are you dressed in angelic clothing…?” Emmy asked.
“I… I’m so confused right now…” Specter sighed, looking towards the floor, “We were all told we couldn’t interact… With the past…”
“Say what?” Chelsea asked, walking next to Emmy, “This is the present…”
“No… This is the past… I’m here from… 11 days in the future…” Specter explained, “I feel so weak…”
“Because I hit you… with a blast to bring spectral beings to this plane for a little while…” Emmy replied, looking at Specter’s weak state, “You don’t have long… so what’s happening?”
“Raven… Exploded… The debris damaged Moravian, Palmara, and Dezian… We don’t know what happened to the people here… so… We were sent back 24 hours before the destruction to see what happened… I got bored hearing Mateo and Cecil talk… so… I… Came up here…” Specter explained.
“Wait 24 hours??” Emmy gasped.
“That means the projected time for the invasion was… a lie?” Chelsea gasped.
“I don’t know…” Specter sighed, leaning to her left side, “I do know this place explodes… I would… Suggest you get out… of here while you still have a chance…”

Suffering from growing weakness, Specter fell to her side, unable to move.
“Commander Arthur… is working with the demons… They’re siding… and killing off so many of us… I don’t know… What’s going to happen…” Specter murmured.
“So it’s true… He really is working with the demons??” Emmy gasped, falling to her knees, attempting to tend to Specter.
“Yes… His lieutenant… Leon… Expelled Zane and I from the agency… Because we brought one of their hidden experiments… back to their senses… her name is Lyra… She’s my cousin… They performed many inhumane experiments on her… And Arthur was behind everything. He… Is with the demons… And… for the… destruction of… Raven. Please… Get…” Specter sighed, closing her eyes.

With a blinding flash, Specter’s body exploded into smoke, choking Emmy and Chelsea. Even though her body exploded, Specter, who’s a spectral creature again, rose to her feet, and ran to the doorway.
“How the fuck…?” Specter questioned herself, “Forget it… I guess Emmy can… see through Angelic power…?”
“Should we tell Mateo?” Chelsea questioned.
“I… I don’t know.” Emmy responded, “I… I don’t have a clue.”

Moments after the explosion, Mateo and Cecil came running into the room, with all their battle gear on.
“What was that explosion??” Mateo asked.
“Specter was here!” Chelsea shouted.

Hearing Specter’s name relaxed Mateo.
“What… Zane’s follower…? How? I didn’t see her come in…” Mateo questioned.
“She was a spectral figure… I don’t know… She was talking as if she was from the future. She was wearing Angelic clothing.” Emmy explained, standing.
“Angelic…?” Mateo gasped, “Is she dead?”
“I don’t know… She was saying something about… being from the future, and…” Emmy stated, shaky.
“The future? How is that…?” Cecil asked.
“She was a spectral figure… and I thought it was an abomination, so I hit her with… some energy that would drive whatever she was to the physical plane.” Emmy explained, “She said… She and Zane were expelled from the agency, for… apparently, taking a lab rat named Lyra from Infinite Tower… From Lieutenant Leon…”
“Expelled…? Why did he…” Mateo growled to himself.
“In less than 24 hours, Raven… will…” Emmy attempted to say, becoming increasingly upset, “Our home… Everything will… be no more…”

Cecil and Mateo stood up, becoming increasingly shocked, and upset as well.
“Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day before the invasion!” Mateo shouted.

Suddenly, the building started to shake, knocking things down from shelves, and the walls. The violent shaking threw each person to their hands and knees.
“What’s going on??” Chelsea shouted.
“Look!!” Mateo shouted, pointing out the window.

From the window, Infinite tower was visible turning a reddish color. Covering all sides of the building, were small specs that rotated around the tower, and launched themselves into space. From the east, a green light emitted from the Eastern province. Followed by a loud roar, the two buildings started lifting from the ground. Angered, Mateo attempted to stand, only to be hit in the head by a piece of the roof that fell onto his head. It lasted only a few seconds, as both buildings launched into the air, filling the other provinces with think smoke, and dust. As the two structures left Raven’s atmosphere, the shaking quickly subsided, allowing the others to stand. Throwing the debris off of him, Mateo stood up, dusting himself off.
“No…” Mateo growled to himself, looking into the sky as the Infinite Tower disappeared into the sky.
“It’s… It’s gone.” Cecil gasped, “It launched… so early.”

Suddenly, screams and yelling could be heard throughout the area. Mateo turned, quickly looking at Emmy.
“Emmy, pack a sack. We’re leaving right now…” Mateo said, turning to Cecil, “Call your craft. We have to get out of here.”
“I… But… I have to… The agency…” Cecil stuttered.

Mateo quickly grabbed Cecil by his collar, and landed a right hook into his face, throwing him into the wall.
“You idiot…! The agency just left you here to die! Those specs were the other agents… fleeing! There… is no more order…” Mateo shouted, slightly shaky.

Cecil held his cheek, and peeled himself off the wall, walking towards Mateo.
“This isn’t the time to be questioning your morality. We have to get out of here, and rethink what we’re going to do. We can’t stay here…” Mateo explained, “Emmy , stop standing there. We have to move!”

Nodding, Emmy quickly sprung towards her dresser, and removed a brown sack from beside it. Opening drawers, and pulling random things out of the closet, she began packing her bag. Mateo, running towards his room, executed the exact same thing as Emmy while Cecil ran out of the house, calling for his vehicle. Chelsea, thinking ahead, grabbed a spare bag beside Emmy’s bed, and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Opening every cabinet and door, she started throwing in food, utensils, and anything she felt was necessary.
“Mateo, what about the books in the library?” Emmy shouted across her room to Mateo’s room.
“Grab a couple!” Mateo shouted back, kicking around debris to get around the room.

Finishing grabbing clothes out of her dresser, Emmy hurled the sack onto the back. She quickly ran from the room, and ran downstairs. While dodging some of the debris that fell, Emmy was able to make it to the door where the abandoned library was. Due to the earthquake, the door was destroyed, and all the books were scattered throughout the room. As Emmy walked into the room, she immediately used her magic to attempt to find a couple useful books. Dropping her bag, she used both hands to help with her concentration of her magic. Because she’s read a majority of them, she started having a hard time deciding which book was useful.
“I… I don’t know which ones to take…” Emmy said to herself.

Suddenly, she came across a couple books, pertaining to the galaxy, each race, techniques, and prophecies. Being pushed for time, Emmy grabbed those books, and threw them into her bag. Tieing up the sack, she saw a book about mystics lying next to the bag. Noticing the bag she had was weighing a little heavy, she grabbed the book with her magic, and ran from the room, towards the door. She sat the sack next to the door, and ran back up the stairs to grab her battle gear. Passing Mateo’s room, she stopped for a moment, catching Mateo looking at one of his pictures from his nightstand.
“Mateo, are you ready??” Emmy asked, stepping into the room.
“I… Yeah. I just… This is our home Emmy… I can’t stand… to see all this happen and we are… powerless to stop it.” Mateo sighed, turning towards Emmy.

Emmy stepped over a broken board from the ceiling, and walked over to Mateo. Sitting on the bed next to him, she looked at the picture he was holding.
“This is the picture of the folks… you and I when they first got this house…” Mateo smiled, shedding a tear.
“We’ll rebuild Mateo… Now come on!” Emmy shouted, snatching the picture from Mateo’s hands, “This is no time for remorse! Let’s go!”

Puzzled, Mateo glanced at Emmy, who had a look on her face as if she was about to go to war. Mateo chuckled a little bit, and stood from the bed towards her.
“Emmy… you’ve changed… So much…” Mateo smiled, “If I didn’t know any better… I’d say you’re… acting like…”
“Let’s go! I got the car ready!” Cecil shouted into the house.

With the two nodding, Mateo grabbed his sack, and ran down the stairs followed by Emmy. Reaching the stairs, Emmy grabbed her sack as they exited the door. Cecil quickly opened the trunk, letting everyone throw in their sacks.
“I think that’s everything…” Mateo sighed, helping Cecil close the trunk.
“Now… do we just leave?” Emmy asked.
“I… Yes.” Mateo hesitated, looking at Emmy.

All of a sudden there was a blood curdling scream from the distance, catching everyone’s attention.
“Chelsea, Cecil… Get in the car, Emmy and I will be back in a moment…” Mateo commanded.

Stomping, Chelsea looked at Mater in frustration.
“There is widespread panic! If you help one… you’re going to help everyone!” Chelsea shouted.

Hearing Chelsea yell at him froze Mateo in his thoughts.
“I…” Mateo hesitated, “I… I can’t help it!”

Grabbing his saber, Mateo turned it on, and ran into the direction of the scream. Thought there were screams all over the place, Mateo honed in to the one. At the same time, Emmy looked towards the ground, becoming more and more nervous.
“He’s… right. This is… how he and I are…” Emmy sighed, “But… Get in the car, let’s wait for Mateo.”

Nodding, the three jumped into the car, and ascended into the sky, just above the buildings. Mateo, running as fast as he could, turned the street corner, still hearing the scream. Each step Mateo took, he caught sight of people from almost every building either hurt, or unconscious. Families gathered in the streets, watching as their houses burned to the ground while other groups and gangs pillaged abandoned homes from the original evacuation. Turning to the right, Mateo noticed he was standing in front of the sandwich shop where he met Achilles. Looking into the doors, he saw numerous people snatching the fixtures, money, and anything moveable. Hearing the scream again, Mateo heard it from inside the building. Wielding the saber to his side, Mateo ran towards the broken door, and with one swing, chopped the door in half before running through it. The crashing of the door caught the thug’s attention, and they raised guns, and knives towards Mateo. Feeling threatened, he started swinging his saber, chopping away at the people’s weapons instead of their bodies. Reaching the stairs, he came across a thug that was running downstairs holding a girl in a white gown. Mateo stopped, and kicked the thug in the gut, throwing him and the girl into the stairs.
“Get… off me…!” She shouted, struggling to stand.
“No no no missy. I like your struggle. You’re my pussy now!” The thug shouted.
“The hell she is!” Mateo shouted, thrusting the saber into the thug’s mid-section.

He uttered a cry from the wound, releasing the girl. Taking the opportunity, she jumped from his grasp, and scurried up the stairs on her backside. Pulling the saber back, Mateo stepped over the dying thug, and approached the frightened girl.
“Come with me, we’re leaving this awful place…” Mateo stated.
“I… I can’t. I told my dad… I wanted to stay here and…” The woman sighed, looking away from Mateo.
“You don’t have a choice! I’m taking you with me!” Mateo shouted, reaching for the girl.

Grabbing her left arm, Mateo jerked her to her feet with enough momentum to catch her with his shoulder. Pushing into her midsection, Mateo raised up, laying her across his shoulder. With his saber in his other hand, Mateo jumped down the flight of stairs, and started to run out the building when he was stopped by another thug, wielding a ball and chain.
“You killed one of our kind, you little fuck! You’ll pay for that!” The thug shouted.
“You’re a goddamn fool! Don’t you realize we’re all going to die??” Mateo shouted back.
“Oh… I know who you are! You’re that Mateo guy from… The gay… Reunionites; standing for righteous and the greater good… I’m ending you now!” The thug shouted swinging his ball and chain around above his head.

With one motion, the man threw the ball towards Mateo. Using his agile speed, Mateo jumped towards his right side, barely dodging the impact of the ball. From the force of the ball, the debris smacked Mateo in the face, scratching his right cheek. Catching himself onto the ground, he quickly placed the woman onto the ground, and looked back at the thug with enough time to see the ball hurling towards him again. Taking his saber with both hands, he swiped towards the ceiling, slicing the ball in half. Kicking off the ground towards the thug in a dash, Mateo skewered the thug, quickly retracted his beam, and holstered it. As the thug fell to the ground, Mateo picked the woman again with both of his hands, and ran out of the building. Looking up, he saw the car Cecil drove, and lowered it towards Mateo. Landing in front of him, the door opened, letting Mateo put the woman in the car.
“Let me out of here! I’m not a slut!” She screamed.

Reaching into the car, Mateo took the back of his hand, and hit the back of her neck, immediately knocking her unconscious.
“What the fuck Mateo??” Emmy gasped, staring at the unconscious woman, “Are you kidnapping now?? What’s your…”
“Leave, Cecil…” Mateo said, looking towards the ground.
“What…? What, no… No Mateo stop it!” Emmy shouted, jumping out of the car, “You’re not doing this!”

Emmy ran towards Mateo, and ran into his chest. Mateo looked down at her, and saw her worrisome eyes.
“Emmy… I know how to save everybody… The gravitation building… has… a device that will release the other provinces… They will escape the invasion. Cecil told me where to go and what to do.” Mateo explained, “If things go the way I’m planning… I’ll see you again. But… You have to go.”
“No, I won’t let you go alone!” Emmy shouted.

Balling up her fist, she struck Mateo’s chest out of anger. She lowered her head, and started shaking slightly. Mateo could feel a tear soak into his chest, realizing how Emmy is feeling. For a brief moment, Mateo felt the need to place one hand on her shoulder, and use the other to raise her head. Looking into her glossy tear-filled eyes, he smirked a little bit.
“Emmy… I… I can’t just run… while people die. All my life… I wanted to help… I wanted to do something above anything and anyone. I wanted to save lives, and be a hero… I know something the rest don’t. The people willing to give life a chance… And fight back left this place. These people need to be saved… I… I can save them1” Mateo explained.

Emmy gasped slightly at Mateo’s words, and looked down again, not letting him see another tear roll down her face.
“I.. I can’t…” Emmy spoke softly.

He felt another tear bleed into his chest.
“Emmy… You’re talking as if I’m going to…” Mateo spoke.

Her head lifted up violently, throwing tears into the air. Mateo gasped seeing Emmy’s face so worried.
“You don’t get it… Mateo, I don’t want… you to… leave me.” Emmy shouted.

Mateo gasped as Emmy embraced Mateo, burying her face into his chest soaking it with tears. She started balling, squeezing his body into her face to ease her pain. With nothing to say, Mateo wrapped his arms around Emmy, attempting to comfort him. At the same time, Cecil looked towards the front, trying to avoid watching while Chelsea stood stuck against the glass.
“Emmy…” Mateo spoke softly, “I’m…”

Emmy lifted her head, looking into Mateo’s eyes again. Her cheeks were slightly red from rubbing her face into his chest.
“Yes…?” Emmy asked, with her eyes glittering.
“I… I love you.” Mateo choked a little, attempting to hide his tears.

She gasped loudly, only for a split moment before Mateo took his hand, and hit Emmy on the side of the neck. Chelsea and Cecil both gasped as Emmy lay limp against Mateo. Grabbing her with both arms, Mateo hoisted her into the car. Laying her against the woman, he reached for a small bag, and pulled out a visor. While placing the visor on his face, he threw a chip in the front of the car.
“Listen, Cecil. That chip has a locater on it. I will be able to stay in contact with you via this chip. This visor I had in that tiny pouch is a long range communicator I stole from my father. It’s able to track to a max… In simple terms Palmara to Dezian. I will stay in contact as much as I can. I am going to need your help to navigate that building… But you guys need to get out of here. It won’t be long before those demons get here. Go!” Mateo shouted, jumping off the side of the car.

Nodding, Cecil took the chip, and pushed it into the dashboard. From the dash, the little monitor turned on, revealing everything Mateo can see from the necklace.
“Good luck… Mateo.” Cecil sighed, “I wish I could help…”
“You are helping by getting Emmy out of here She’s a full mystic. To have her get captured by… the demons. With the amount of mystical energy in her body recently… She could easily make the demons undefeatable. She never understood why… I was so hesitant for her to stay here. Now go! Before she wakes” Mateo shouted, stepping away from the car.

Cecil saluted Mateo, as the vehicle lifted off into the air. As it tilted with the nose facing the sky, a light pop was heard from the back of the car before it launched upwards, quickly disappearing into the sky. Mateo’s heart dropped watching the car disappear. Looking towards the ground, he reached up and pressed a button on the visor, to see through the monitor in the car.
“Comms-check.” Mateo said into it.

Chelsea’s face lowered to the monitor.
“Hear you!” Chelsea shouted.
“Good. You will be able to see everything I see from here on.” Mateo chanted, “Contact me when Emmy wakes.”
“You got it, good luck… Mateo.” Chelsea sighed.

Pressing a button, the visor’s monitor across his eye retracted. Looking up, he saw a purple glow emitting from a very large building in the distance.
“That must be the gravitational building. I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a force field around it… Time to go…” Mateo said to himself.

Surprising Mateo, a large beam cut through a building several feet from him, detonating it and several buildings around him. The explosion was so immense; it threw Mateo down a street, and through a building. Before he had time to realize what happened, as he struggled to raise himself, there was another explosion, throwing him, and large bits of the building he went through back into the street. Rolling and tumbling, Mateo used its momentum to kick himself into the air, and land back on his feet. Looking upwards into the sky, Mateo dropped his jaw as a mix of agents, demons, large demons, world destroyers, and a mix of demonic ships began firing through the protective barrier into the city.
“Oh no…” Mateo gasped, grasping his saber, “It’s starting…”

Attempting to gain his footing, Mateo used a nearby building’s broken windows to climb the building towards the roof. As he reached the roof, he uttered a loud gasp as he watched the world destroyers shoot devastating beams into the large buildings surrounding the area. Followed by the large beams, both agents wearing red battle gear, an alternate color to the blue and armed demons poured from the ships and sky into the city. Thinking fast, Mateo started running towards the end of the building, running towards the direction of the Gravitation building. With all his might, Mateo jumped off the roof of the building, with his intent on reaching the other building’s rooftop. While in the air, he threw his free hand towards the ground.
“I call upon the gods, lend this human some of your energy so that he me save his kind!” Mateo shouted.

Suddenly, a purple mist emitted from his hand, engulfing him. As he landed on the next rooftop, his eyes turned a shade of purple, and his hair changed to purple.  Standing tall, he took a deep breath. With his exhale, golden dust flew from his mouth. Taking a step back, Mateo started running again towards the next rooftop. On the next jump, he easily flew into the air, skipping a few buildings. As he passed over the buildings, he looked down to see regular civilians fighting corrupted agents, along with demons. Mateo had to close his eyes, and look away as he saw one of the citizens being chewed on like beef jerky. Once he landed, he looked up to see that he was several blocks from the entrance of the building. Wielding his saber with both hands, he started running through the streets.

Running down the street, he was approached by several demons, which were quickly dispatched with one strike of Mateo’s saber. He attempted to show no remorse as the streets were covered in bodies, and blood from innocent people. Suddenly, before reaching a corner of a street, a corrupted agent dashed towards him. Using his saber, he blocked the agent’s attack. Mateo pushed him forward, and caught himself, almost falling over.
“ Why… Why did you join demons?” Mateo shouted.

The agent stood tall, with a red                 X across his chest. His clothes were stained red, and his eyes glow red as well. Instead of a beam saber, he wielded a red sword, covered in demonic essence.
“Human, your petty cries will be music to my ears!” The agent laughed.

Laughing hysterically, the agent dashed towards Mateo.
“I can see now you’re no longer human!!” Mateo shouted back, dashing back at the agent.

Slightly relieved, Mateo struck the demon’s sword with his beam, slicing through it, and the agent, like butter. Not looking back, Mateo ran towards the shield around the gravitation building, and stopped. Pressing a button on his visor, the monitor pushed out, revealing he inside of the car again.
“Cecil… how do I get through this force field?” Mateo asked.
“Mateo! That wasn’t…” Cecil gasped.
“They attacked moments after you left. Are you out of orbit?” Mateo asked.
“We’re now sitting in orbit around Motavian. We can see…” Cecil started to explain.
“Good. How do I get past this force field?” Mateo asked again.
“Do you have a utility belt?” Cecil asked.
“Yes…” Mateo sighed.
“The buckle hoses a chip. If you’re a registered agent, you should be able to walk through the shield. If not, it will vaporize you.” Cecil explained.

Reaching down, Mateo pressed into his buckle of his utility belt. Feeling a chip unattached from the belt, he held it in his palm, showing Cecil.
“This?” Mateo asked, holding it in front of the visor.
“Yeah that’s it. Now hold it towards the field, and just walk through it.” Cecil explained.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo jumped forward into the field. Feeling its cold, electric current flow through his body made him shiver. Before he knew it, he was through the field. Placing he chip back on his buckle he started running towards the entrance of the building.
“Thanks, Cecil…” Mateo smiled, pressing a button.

Retracting the monitor, Mateo reached the door to the building. As it opened, he was greeted with a foot, kicking him away, almost impacting the field. Realizing he was kicked in the stomach, he held his gut, and fell on all fours. Struggling to look up, she saw a woman in a silver outfit similar to Commander Arthur’s outfit.
“So… you’re Mateo…” The woman laughed, stepping out of the retracting doors, “I’ve heard so much about you…”

Mateo quickly gained his composure, and wielded his saber with both hands towards the ground.
“Who are you? Are you with Silan??” Mateo shouted.
“Oh my! You’re a human that has capabilities… to use… Mystical energy…” The woman laughed, “I am Vakarra, heir, and predecessor of Commander Arthur. I was given specific orders to not let anyone beyond this door.”
“Really, on who’s authority? Arthur left his moon!” Mateo shouted.
“No… General Zilan.” Vakarra laughed hysterically.

Becoming increasingly angered, Mateo charged at the woman. Reaching the woman in mere seconds, Mateo swung upwards, attempting to strike her mid-section. Shockingly, Vakarra caught the beam with her hands.
“You’re not the only one that has those capabilities.” Vakarra smiled, with a low toned voice.

With her other hand, she punched Mateo in the face, and kicked him away again, this time holding onto his saber. As Mateo tumbled, he kicked towards the ground, throwing him to his feet. Wiping the blood from the side of his face from the punch, he pulled out his other saber, and turned it on. Vakarra, who held Mateo’s saber by the beam itself, placed the hilt in her other hand, and crushed it, destroying it.
“You’re out of your league little man. Give up now…” Vakarra laughed, charging Mateo.
“You’re a witch! Out of my way…!” Mateo shouted charging back.

Coming at each other as fast as they could, the two collided with a long series of slashes, and punches. Where Mateo would attempt to strike, Vakarra would block with her hands, and arms. From a small distance, you could hear clangs from the saber, and her fists echoing. At the same time, as Vakarra attempted to strike Mateo, he would dodge and block with his saber. Seeing an opening, where Vakarra tried to punch his chest, Mateo quickly kicked into her mid-section, and swung his saber, amputating her right hand. Quickly gaining some distance, Vakarra jumped back towards the door to the facility, and fell to her knees, holding her amputated hand.
“How… How dare you strike… an officer of the Agency…?” Vakarra gasped, looking at her stub.
“How dare you destroy the reputation of the agency?” Mateo shouted, pointing his saber at her.
“Fool!” Vakarra shouted, standing to her feet while holding her stub, “You don’t get it! The agency has always worked for the demons! The strongest survive… and the weak… well… You’ll see soon enough!”

Thinking fast, Mateo reached for his pistol while turning on his recorder in his visor.
“For generations, Humans and Angels have worked towards a greater future… But in secret, all along, we’ve worked for Silan. We have finally given him all the tools he needs to… destroy not only this wretched planet, but the Angels as well!” Vakarra shouted, turning her back towards Mateo.
“What…?” Mateo gasped.
“You heard me right. All this time, we’ve given demons all the secrets needed to kill an Angel. Using forbidden magic taught by the Angels themselves… Equipped with mystical DNA, we are able to conjure forbidden magic’s to kill an Angel!  In order for that magic to show its true potential, Raven, the artificial moon, needs to be eradicated! So when planet U comes in alignment with the rest of the system, the final key will be unlocked. Motavian, will have full exposure to planet U. The art will have its true potential drawn out, and demons will control the entire galaxy!” Vakarra shouted, laughing hysterically.

Pointing his pistol towards Vakarra, Mateo closed one eye.
“I only have one shot…” Mateo murmured before raising his voice, “So what happens when you destroy all the angels…?”
“Then demons and humans with co-exist, with no higher power to challenge us!” Vakarra shouted.
“You’re wrong! Don’t you realize that demons feast on humans?? There is no way humans can co-exist! Right now, every agent attacking our home is corrupted in demonic essence. They’re no longer human! Vakarra, how could you sacrifice your own people??” Mateo shouted.
“That…” Vakarra started replying back.

Hesitant, she looked towards the ground, seemingly lost in thought.
“That’s not possible is it…?” Vakarra questioned herself.
“It’s happening…” Mateo sighed, slowly approaching Vakarra, “You were told lies…”

Vakarra fell to the ground, holding her head with her one hand.
“What… What is…?” Vakarra started speaking.

Arching her back, Vakarra looked up into the air, and threw her arms into the air. She uttered a blood curdling scream so loud; Mateo dropped his weapons, and fell to his knees while holding his ears. He was able to glance up, to see a dark shadow pouring from Vakarra’s mouth. It only lasted a moment, before Vakarra fell to her front side. Grabbing and holstering his weapons, Mateo ran to Vakarra. Pulling out a capsule from his utility belt, he quickly flipped Vakarra over to her back, and opened the capsule. Forcing her mouth open, he poured the vial into her mouth, and closed it. Mateo stood up, and took a step back with a smirk as her hand started piecing itself back together.
“Vakarra…?” Mateo asked softly, watching her hand piece back together.

She slowly opened her eyes, unaware of what just happened. When she opened her eyes, the sky was turning red, and Mateo was standing sort of over here. In a quick panic, she rolled to her side, kicked away, and kneeled while reaching for her weapon on her side.
“Speak! Who are you…? Where am I…?” Vakarra asked.
“You’re standing at the gravitational building. Right now, there’s an invasion going on… and I’m on a mission to release the other provinces.” Mateo explained.
“What… What do you mean? I’ve…” Vakarra started to speak.

Suddenly, she fell to her knees, grabbing hold of her head.
“Take it easy for a second… Your memories are coming back.” Mateo said.
“What… did you do… to me?” Vakkara growled, trying not to succumb to the pain, “Who are you…?”
“I gave you an anti-demon vial. You were possessed by an abomination…” Mateo explained, approaching Vakarra, “We fought… and I severed your hand. Thanks to that vial, your hand grew back. Your body is as it was before you were possessed…”

Vakarra stood up from the ground, and looked forward at Mateo.
“Thank… Thank you.” Vakarra replied, “Where… Wait…”

She quickly turned around, noticing Infinite Tower and the Eastern Province were gone.
“Where’s…” Vakarra tried to speak.
“Gone… Commander Arthur launched before the invasion. We need to get to the Gravitation Engine room in the subterranean levels! We can save what’s left… We need to hurry!” Mateo shouted.
“I… I can help!” Vakarra chanted, stepping towards Mateo.
“Let’s go!” Mateo shouted, running into the building.

Nodding, Vakarra drew her saber and followed Mateo into the building. At the same time, above the district, Shimara along with Zilan, watched the entire fight.
“He never got my letter.” Zilan sighed, placing his hand on his forehead.
“I wish to… Cut him.” Shimara laughed.
“Soon, my darling… Soon. Let him have his fun. We will get our turn.” Zilan shouted, pulling out his swords, “Now lets kill some pheasants!”

Inside the building, Vakarra caught up to Mateo, directing him around the dark hallways. Thanks to Mateo’s visor, a light laminated the halls a little bit.
“Where’s the lights…?” Mateo asked.
“When the force-field is active… The main power on the surface level gets turned off!” Vakarra shouted.

Pulling from her pocket, Vakarra placed a visor on her face as well, turning on the light. Suddenly, she stopped, extending her arm for Mateo to stop. She looked towards the ground, and took a step back. While she stepped back, she pushed Mateo away a few steps.
“Do you have a charge blaster?” Vakarra asked.
“Um, Yeah.” Mateo agreed, handing Vakarra a pistol.
“Wow… you low recruits get all the neat gadgets…” Vakarra giggled.
“Well…” Mateo giggled himself.

Before he knew it, she aimed the pistol, and switched one of the switches on the blaster. Holding the trigger, at the end of the blaster, grew a ball of energy. Releasing it, as it impacted the floor, both Vakarra and Mateo shielded their eyes as fragments of the floor flew all over the place. Once the brightness of the blast subsided, Vakarra holstered his pistol, and jumped down the hole. Mateo gasped at the woman’s actions.
“Wow… That was cute.” Mateo said to himself.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo jumped down the chute as well. He didn’t fall long however, landing on a bridge held up by pipes and poles. Mateo landed on all fours, while Vakarra stood firm, tapping her foot while waiting on Mateo.
“You’re slow, for an agent.” Vakarra laughed, running down the bridge.

As Mateo rose to his feet, he rubbed his eyes, looking at the flashing purple, red, and white colors emitting from a golden orb far down below him. The walls flickered with an eerie blue glow, sending chills down his spine. Being uncomfortably cold, Mateo quickly caught up to Vakarra.
“Where… are we?” Mateo asked.
“This is the subterranean level of the Gravitational Engine. This is where all four provinces connect. I’m certain there will be corrupted agents and demons down here…” Vakarra stated.

Reaching for her saber, she quickly turned it on and stopped running. Mateo, confused, also pulled out his saber.
“There’s someone here…” Vakarra murmured to Mateo, “Back to back!”

As Mateo turned around, he threw himself backwards, impacting Vakarra’s back. The moment he did this, a voice echoed through the area.
“You troublesome little bastard…” The voice echoed, “My master told me to let you have your fun… But I’m not willing to wait that long… I thirst for death, and I will take joy… in tearing you apart!”

Suddenly, Shimara fell from the ceiling, quickly attacking Vakarra. As the two collided, the force from slamming into Vakarra sent Mateo over the guardrail.
“Mateo!” Vakarra shouted, pushing Shimara off of her, “Stupid bitch!”
“Mal’Korak level five mother fucker!” Shimara laughed hysterically.

Beofre Vakarra could say anything else, Shimara sliced through one of the cables making the bridge unstable. Mateo, thinking fast, caught one of the suspension cables hanging from another bridge. Swinging himself to the other side, he landed onto the bridge. Quickly jumping to his feet, he clutched his chest, winded by the impact.
“Mateo…!” Vakarra shouted over the visor, “Get to the engine room! From the fall, you should be almost there!”
“But… What about…” Mateo gasped.
“The mission boy! Don’t forget the mission!” Vakarra shouted, hearing Shimara scream in the distance.
“But… Fine. Please be careful.” Mateo replied.

Looking ahead, Mateo saw a pair of double doors, attached to a large, blue, metallic cylinder protruding form the glowing orb below him. Steam pushed through random pipes on and off the cylinder, giving off a light hissing noise. Mateo slowly approached the doors, intimidated at the location he was at.
“I’m at the center… aren’t I?” Mateo asked himself, “This… is where it all counts.”

Mateo pushed a button on his visor, extending the monitor again.
“Cecil, I’m at the center…” Mateo gasped.
“Holy cow, are you alright? You’re all messed up.” Cecil gasped, with Chelsea also looking into the camera.
“Yes… Now… When I get in here, what do I do?” Mateo asked.

All of a sudden, Vakarra’s body impacted the guard rail of the bridge, and she slid off, landing on the bridge. Freaking out, Mateo ran to Vakarra, and examined her body. Barely conscious, Vakarra opened her eyes, and immediately, scrunched her arms and legs. Trying not to scream in pain, She glared at Mateo.
“You… are hesitating…” Vakarra coughed.
“You’re hurt!” Mateo gasped, reaching for a vial.

Pulling Vakarra’s hand from her body, he handed her a vial. Due to her pain, her hand instantly clenched up, and she bright it back to her chest.
“Take it.” Mateo whispered, hearing someone creep up behind him.

Thinking fast, Mateo quickly pulled out his saber, and blocked an attack form Shimara, dual sabers.
“You will die!” Shimara shouted, forcing Mateo to a knee.
“I beg to differ, bitch!” Mateo shouted, grabbing his saber with both hands.

Noticing her mid-section was completely open; he took one of his feet, and kicked her as hard as he could. The force sent Shimara into the double doors, prying them open with her body. As she slid across the floor, she dropped her sabers. Mateo charged after her, noticing she was attempting to recover. Launching himself into the air, Mateo held his saber up high, ready to strike Shimara. Throwing her arms out, from her metallic bracelets around her knuckles, claws shot out of them, and she held them in an X, blocking Mateo’s attack. Thinking fast, Mateo pushed off Shimara, and stood on the other side of the room.
“Zilan has taken great interest in you, my friend…” Shimara laughed.
“Oh really…?” Mateo replied.
“Did you ever read his letter…?” Shimara asked, pointing towards the floor.

Glancing to the floor, he noticed a charcoal envelope.

“No… I never got a letter…” Mateo said, glancing back at Shiamra, “Why in the hell would I open a letter from a demon??”
“You fool!” Shimara shouted, charging after Mateo.

Thinking back to his training with his father, Mateo quickly holstered his saber, and charged after Shimara. Coming within slicing range of Shimara, as her arms came down towards Mateo, he grabbed hold of her wrists, and used the momentum of the dash to push his right foot into her abdomen again. This time, instead of letting her fly, he held onto her wrists as her body flung back. Catching himself, he swung her entire body into the floor on her face. Quickly releasing her wrist, Mateo took his foot, and crushed the lower portion of her back, making her rise up in pain. As she shrieked in pain, Mateo grabbed her by her hair, and hoisted her up to her feet. Releasing her hair, and grabbing her by her hips, Mateo threw her into the wall next to the door, making her head spear through the wall. Panting in exhaustion, he put his back towards the door, and looked at the central controls.
“Cecil… you… still there?” Mateo asked, panting.
“Wow, that was… incredible!” Cecil gasped, “I’ve never seen anyone move like that!”
“What… is next?” Mateo asked.
“Well… This part is simple. The controls are labeled North, South, East, and West. Press North, South, and West at the same time. “ Cecil explained.

Mateo, taking a deep breath, approached the controls, trying to not to let the suspense of controlling the provinces get to him. Suddenly, a dark presence entered the room, making Mateo freeze.
“It’s been a little bit, huh…?” The voice asked.

Hearing his voice again, Mateo glanced, then swiftly turend around, with his saber in hand.
“You… defeated Shimara…” Zilan gasped, looking at her body speared through the wall, “A sexy woman, but now useless to me. Such a shame.”
“You…” Mateo growled.
“You look cute with that little visor thing. Just letting you know!” Zilan laughed.
“I’m going to cut you to pieces…” Mateo growled.
“Really… I think not. Because you have such a swelling heart… I’m going to give you, my friend, a choice. You have one of three to choose from.” Zilan explained.

With his right hand, he threw Vakarra into the floor, beaten up, bloody, and bruised.
“That was a fun toy, but I think… I will use her as a bribe. Here are your options. Shimara here was an agent herself, just like this lieutenant. One… You can join me… saving all these… humans. I’ll even give the command to reverse the corrupted ones, and release the souls that have died. Two, you can press those buttons and I slice you to ribbons. Or three, we can continue our fight from before.” Zilan explained, raising his hands into the air.

Mateo stood, struck by the choices. Holstering his saber, in his mind, Mateo started thinking to himself.
“Being one short of a saber, to duel him would be suicide. If… I give myself up to him… who knows what he will do… I’ll be a demon like him… Or… I can press the buttons, and fight him anyway…” Mateo though.
“Before… I answer, tell me this. Why do you want me to read that damn letter so bad?” Mateo asked.
“Wait, Shimara gave it to you, and you never read it? You little puke. All the trouble I went through to make sure you got it…” Zilan sighed.

Swinging his hand, the charcoal letter flew towards Mateo. Swiping it out of the air, he looked at the envelope.
“Do I have your word you’ll not blindside me?” Mateo asked, tearing the envelope open.
“You have my word, as a demon…” Zilan bowed.

Suddenly, Mateo froze at the content inside. Pulling out a picture, it was a picture of Julius, Vira, Mateo, and one other.
“You see that, there… I remember that day like it was yesterday…” Zilan laughed hysterically.
“No… What… How… This is a picture of…” Mateo hesitated.
“Yes…” Zilan smiled

Mateo fell to his knees, becoming consumed by the picture.
“Is that… Mom?” Mateo asked himself.
“Vira, her name was… And that in the middle is me.” Zilan laughed hysterically at Mateo’s reaction.
“But… I… I don’t understand…” Mateo gasped, becoming overwhelmed with emotions.
“If you got this sooner, this would be so much easier to deal with! But now, thanks to you, I lost one of my great puppets!” Zilan shouted, glaring at Mateo.
“I.. .What’s wrong with my mom? She’s so… beat up, and tired…” Mateo asked himself.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Zilan started speaking.
“Mateo… Kill… him quickly… He’s trying to get into your head…” Vakarra coughed, blood pouring from her mouth.

He glanced over at Vakarra, as did Zilan.
“Kill him Mateo…!” Vakarra spoke.

Zilan quickly dashed to Vakarra, and placed his foot onto her head.
“My god you’re beautiful with your pink hair!! I think it’s pink! Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I think I’ll… Squish your head like a ripe watermelon!” Zilan laughed.

Pushing down slightly on Vakarra’s head, she uttered a loud scream, followed by whimpers of pain. Mateo clutched his fingers as he watched in horror. With each scream, Mateo’s clutches became harder, to the point where blood oozed from his hands. Watching people suffer as Vakarra is, is torcher to people like Mateo, making his decisions more desperate.
“Stop it! Zilan!!” Mateo shouted.

Zilan laughed hysterically in reply, pushing even harder, to the point where blood started pooling near his feet. Looking down at the girl, Zilan smiled maniacally.
“It’s been so long since I felt a human’s head pop like a balloon! It’s been so damn…” Zilan spoke.

Catching Zilan off guard, Mateo charged at him, knocking him off his feet. Wielding his saber in his right hand, he grabbed hold of Zilan’s neck with his left. Sill maniacally smiling, Zilan grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and pried his grip off his neck. Pulling his feet to him, Mateo shoved them in Zilan’s chest, forcing him to let go of Mateo’s arm. Zilan flew out of the room, landing on the bridge outside of the room, while Mateo quickly ran to Vakarra.
“Did you take the vial??” Mateo asked her.
“The… buttons… Hurry…!” Vakarra coughed.

Seeing that Vakarra still had the vial in her hand, Mateo lunged for the controls. Zilan jumped to his feet, pulling out his swords once more. Before Zilan had a chance to charge Mateo, he watched as Mateo smashed the three buttons controlling the other provinces.
“No! You fool! No!!!” Zilan shouted, charging after Mateo.

Before Zilan was able to enter the room the bridge collapsed, sending him into the glowing orb below. From the room shaking violently, Mateo rand across the room, grabbed Shimara’s body, and yanked it from the wall. Laying her body next to Vakarra, he fell to all fours, unable to stay stable. Opening a vial, he carefully poured it into Shimara’s mouth, and poured another elixir into Vakarra’s.
“Cecil! I pushed them!” Mateo shouted into his visor.
“I… Mateo!” Cecil attempted to say.
“You’re coming in broken up! Say again?” Mateo shouted.

There was no response.
“You… won’t be able to communicate… Now…” Vakarra coughed, “The gravitational core… is releasing its energy… Communications will be near useless until it’s… over…”
“How do we get out of here??” Mateo asked, grabbing hold of Vakarra.
“We don’t… Not from here. We have… to make it to the surface before the parts detach… or we’ll be jettisoned into… space. If the core’s explosion doesn’t kill us…” Vakrra coughed, sitting up.

Shimara also sat up the same time Vakarra did. The moment she laid eyes on Vakarra, she threw herself back, and kneeled.
“Commander… I…” Shimara gasped, looking towards the floor.
“Shush it… Not now. We need… to get out of here.” Vakarra shouted, rolling to all fours, “Follow… me. I know the way out! We’ll use the emergency hatch!”

Rolling to all fours, Mateo and Shimara crawled with Vakarra to an escape hatch.
“This hatch will take us to an escape pod… It should be big enough for all of us to fit in!” Vakarra shouted.

Meanwhile, in space, orbiting the planet of Motavian, Cecil and Chelsea anxiously watched the monitor in the car. Eager to hear from Mateo, Chelsea started tapping her foot.
“This is torture…” Chelsea uttered, “I… can’t stand this.”
“I know… Damn fool… We should have helped!” Cecil shouted, punching the steering wheel.

Hearing the impact of the steering wheel woke Emmy from her unconsciousness. The moment she woke, she tried to embrace the seat, thinking it was Mateo. Confused, she rubbed her eyes, and relaxed herself in the seat.
“What… What happened?” Emmy asked, groggily.
“Emmy…!” Chelsea gasped.
“Goodness… You’re finally awake…” Cecil sighed in relief.
“Where are we…?” Emmy asked, looking around.
“We’re in space, Emmy… We launched about three hours ago.” Cecil responded.

Emmy immediately jumped up, trying to get out of the car.
“Let me out! I need to get… to… Mateo…!”

Chelsea turned around, and quickly restrained Emmy.
“Calm down! You… can’t! We’re in space! We can’t go there now anyway…!” Chelsea explained, holding Emmy down.
“Mateo…” Emmy sighed, looking out the window towards Raven.

From their distance, Raven’s surfaced raged with cracks of fire, along with tiny streaks of light. Random electric flares sparked from the planet, throwing debris into space.
“He’s down there…” Emmy deeply sighed, falling limp against the seat.
“I know, and we’ve been talking to him periodically.” Cecil explained.

Enlightened by the news, she quickly jumped forward, towards the front seat.
“When was his last broadcast?” Emmy gasped.
“About fifteen minutes ago. We lost signal, when he… activated the Gravitational release for each of the provinces…” Cecil sighed, looking down.
“Is he… alright?” Emmy asked.
“I don’t know… He left his visor on when he was attacked by Zilan, some woman named Shimara… And he ran into a Lieutenant named Vakarra… She was possessed by an abomination.” Cecil explained.
“What??” Emmy gasped, throwing herself back in the seat, “One of the lieutenants of Arthur… And the general of the Silan Empire…”
“How… did you know that…?” Cecil questioned.
“Shush… let me concentrate…” Emmy shouted.

Closing her eyes, Emmy sat up straight in her seat, and faced towards the floorboard. Only seconds past by before she felt herself standing in the Gravitational Engine room, where Mateo, Vakarra, and Shimara were. They all were on all fours, ready to go through a hatch.
“Let’s roll!” Vakarra shouted, lifting up the escape hatch.

Suddenly, Zilan charged into the room with his demonic wings out, wielding his dual blades. Landing in the center of the room, he pointed his sword towards the three, standing tall.
“I will pry the flesh from your bones like corn!!” Zilan shouted.

Taking the initative, Mateo stood from all fours to his feet, able to keep his balance from the shaking, and drew his beam saber. Holding it towards the ground, he used his free hand, and pointed towards Zilan.
“No… I won’t run! Vakarra, Shimara… Get out! I will handle… this…” Mateo shouted, “Zilan, your days are over! For all… the people you killed, I will end you!”
“You still don’t understand… Stupid… stupid boy…!” Zilan shouted, lowering his sword.

Mateo looked towards the floor.
“I do understand. I may be just… a small guy in this rotten world. I’ve had my family broken… My dreams shattered… and betrayed by people we all believe in. But, I do know this…” Mateo glared at Zilan, and grabbed both hands onto the saber, “ I won’t let you hurt anyone else!”

Without saying anything else, Mateo gripped his saber tightly, and charged at Zilan. With no effort at all, Zilan held one of his swords in front of him to block Mateo. Within striking range, Mateo quickly knocked the saber from in front of him, coming into striking range of his body. Reaching down, he pulled out another vial that was colored green, and threw it into his face, following it with a quick swipe to Zilan’s chest. Zilan quickly kicked Mateo back, being unable to avoid the vial smashing on his chest.
“You’re way too cocky.” Mateo uttered before charging Zilan again.

At the same time, Vakarra and Shimara were frozen, unable to look away from the two fighting. Coming within striking range again, Mateo swung at Zilan again. Not making the same mistake twice Zilan used both swords to counter Mateo’s attack. He attempted to push Mateo away again, but failed. Mateo pushed onto the blades as hard as he could, but Zilan wouldn’t budge.
“This is finally happening! I haven’t forgotten about the last time we came in contact! I haven’t gotten you out of my head, Mateo…” Zilan smiled.

With no emotion back, Mateo used his cockiness to his advantage, and kicked one of his legs, sending him towards the floor. Letting his saber follow, Mateo pushed down again, in hopes to make a contact into his body, but failed. Zilan used his demonic powers, and disappeared into a shadow onto the floor. In seconds, he was on the other side of the room, and materialized.
“You are going to die in here, you know that.” Zilan smiled, sheathing one of his swords.
“Say that to yourself!” Mateo shouted, reaching into his belt again.

Pulling out a blue vial, he opened it, and dumped the liquid onto the blade. Emitting a sizzle, Mateo charged from Zilan again.
“You are using…” Zilan started to speak.

Using all his might, Mateo swung at Zilan only to have it blocked.
“You’re using angelic laced elixers from the old war!” Zilan shouted, holding Mateo at bay, “Mom really trained you well!”

Increasingly angered, Mateo started thrashing relentlessly at Zilan. From dashes, to close swings, Mateo pushed as much energy as he could into his swings. Watching every move, Zilan started to step back, countering every attack Mateo dealt to him with ease.
“You have no idea… Of what you’re doing, do you?” Zilan asked, easily blocking Mateo’s relentless attacks, “Seeing that picture angered you, didn’t it?”

Mateo only became even more angry the more Zilan talked, thrashing harder.
“I’m not surprised, though. But there is one tiny bit of information I will share with you!” Zilan shouted.

With his right arm, and his left hand pressed onto the flat portion of the blade, Zilan shoved Mateo forward, throwing him into the controls across the room.
“Vira is my mother too!” Zilan laughed, charging for Mateo.

Struggling to stand, Mateo used the smashed controls to hoist himself up. Barely able to hold his saber, he grabbed it with both hands, and prepared to take the hit. From the exhaustion of the attack and being hit by Zilan’s push winded Mateo greatly, barely giving him the strength to continue. On top of all of this, he was struggling to listen to Zilan. Shaking wildly, Mateo took a deep breath, and started to run towards Zilan. As he approached Zilan, quick flashes flickered in the back of his mind. Random pictures of his mother, and his dad talking with him at a dinner table, to introducing Emmy into the family.
“Why… am I thinking of these things? I’m… not dying here, and I…?” Mateo asked himself.
“No… Mateo, you’re not…” Emmy sighed.

All of a sudden, Mateo realized he wasn’t running towards Zilan anymore. In Mateo’s eyes, everything froze in place in a dark blue tint. He also realized he couldn’t move. Emmy, standing before him, radiated with a purple light.
“Mateo… You… couldn’t let me be with you… could you…?” Emmy asked.
“Emmy…!” Mateo gasped.
“I only have a limited amount of time to talk with you… My power is running short… Don’t let Zilan win Mateo… Stop… attacking him like you do yourself… You’re better than that… Every attack you’ve dealt to Zilan has been from anger… and hatred for what he has done… And that’s blinding your strength…” Emmy explained, taking a step towards Mateo, “Ever since I’ve known you… You’ve acted from your heart… and always done what’s been right… For the sake of others… Even when your family ended up missing… You still did the right thing. I… I wish I was here… to help you…”

She placed her hand onto Mateo’s frozen body charging for Zilan. She slightly bent her knees, looking at Mateo’s eyes. She placed her other hand onto his face, and rubbed it softly.
“I… Wanted to tell you when… I was looking at you, when you saved that girl… I wanted to tell you something I’ve felt for a really long time… But… you never gave me the chance, because you… were doing the right thing. Please… take this bit of power I have left… and… come back to me Mateo… Please… I… don’t want to fade away in the Mystic plane…” Emmy sighed, “You brought me too many happy memories into my life…”

From her eyes, Mateo saw a tear forming, and a smile cracked on her face.
“You dumb idiot… Come… back to me… okay…? I’m waiting on you…” Emmy smiled.

As her lips drew to his, everything in the surrounding area sped up. With a renewed belief, Mateo gripped his saber extra tight. Zilan, thinking Mateo has lost all his zest, he swing his large blade at Mateo the moment they reached within slicing range. Ducking from the attack, Mateo quickly swung his saber upwards, impacting the spot he threw a vial on earlier. From the beam igniting with the liquid infused in his weapon and Zilan’s chest, a gold spark threw Mateo straight into the ground while throwing Zilan into the ceiling. The explosion knocked Zilan’s blade from his hands, tossing it towards Vakarra and Shimara. Gaining his footing, Mateo quickly struggled to his feet, and gripped his saber again as Zilan impacted the floor onto his front side. In one swift motion, Zilan rose up, and quickly dashed towards Mateo, unsheathing his other sword. Thrusting his body, Mateo impacted Zilan’s blade with his beam saber once more. The impact with Zilan’s blade sent a gust of wind into Vakarra and Shimara, knocking them into the chute.

As Mateo and Zilan kept fighting, the building they were in started to fall part. The walls started falling down while the ceiling cracked and crumbled. Even though the two were locked in a battle, they managed to dodge and maneuver around the falling debris.
“I see you’re harnessing Mystical energy!” Zilan shouted, “You’re a real prodigy, boy!” Zilan shouted!

All of a sudden, the building stopped shaking, and the debris stopped falling. An eerie silenced fell in the room, making the two stop fighting. Lowering their weapons, Mateo and Zilan backed off, looking around the room in confusion.
“That’s enough senseless fighting…” A dark voice spoke, echoing in the room.

Zilan instantly feared for himself, sheathing his sword. Turning his back at Mateo, he glanced over his shoulder.
“Just like I knew it in my gut… You are the one I’m destined to fight but not today. Today’s not the day, Mateo. We shall… meet again.” Zilan spoke softly.

With one large jump, Zilan jumped through a hole in the ceiling, disappearing into the distance. Confused, Mateo wielded his saber tightly as the voice echoed in the chamber.
“You may want to leave…” The voice thundered again.
“What’s going on?? Who are you??” Mateo shouted, glancing behind each shoulder.
“You may want to escape, like Zilan did, boy… It won’t be long before this core detonates.” The voice thundered.
“I said show yourself!” Mateo shouted again.
“A blind fool, you are… But as you wish.” The voice thundered again.

With a quick, blinding flash, a person stood before Mateo wearing red metallic armor, with white strips coming down the skirt portion. On his legs, he had a black thin later, with red armor on the legs and feet. On his chest, he had a red chest plate, which attached to his shoulder pads. The tips of the armor shined two green orbs, with faces inside of them. From his back, a long, black cape barely touched the floor, attached under his chest plate. On his arms, he had black and red striped gauntlets. He had two small back horns that protruded from the sides of his head. His hair was bundled up in a clamp, letting his hair dangle down his back. On the ends of his hair, red sparks smoldered from them. His eyes were a glowing crimson, and his skin was brown, almost burnt.
“Hello, Mateo.” The man spoke deeply.

Hearing his voice startled Mateo, making him step back in intimidation.
“Who… Who are you?” Mateo questioned, shaking in his voice.
“My boy… Are you crazy…?” The man asked, “I guess a fitting introduction is in order. I am Silan, the Emperor of the Demon Empire!”

Mateo struggled to keep his composure. Feeling the heat emitting from him scorched his clothes.
“What’s the matter?” Silan smiled, taking a step towards Mateo, “Are you intimidated by my demonic state? I don’t blame you. Only three humans have ever seen me…”
“I… I’m going to kill you and end this!” Mateo shouted, holding his saber into the air.

Raising his hand towards Mateo, his saber fizzled out. From the intense heat of the saber fizzling out, Mateo dropped it, and held his hand in his arm pit.
“There won’t be any fighting here, boy.” Silan spoke, lowering his hand, “You would think you humans would learn some respect.”
“Why… Why would you do this Silan? What did we ever do to you??” Mateo shouted, struggling to keep his composure from his fear, and the pain in his hand.
“It’s all in the prophecy. In that old library of yours… Don’t you remember?” Silan asked, taking another step towards Mateo.

Mateo took two more steps back, gasping at his remark.
“How… How do you…” Mateo asked.
“The sun is setting on this miserable rock, thanks to you. I could kill you right now in your vulnerable state… But, I think it’s only fitting I do something about this…” Silan sighed, looking towards the floor, “I’ll give you this victory. You have single handedly saved many of your kind, Mateo Leohan… Instead of burning anymore resources, or wasting more demonic well power… I must take my forces and leave this accursed place. The damage has been done, and the goal has been set.”
“For a demon king… You sure act on a conscious!” Mateo shouted.

From using mystical energy as much as he has, Mateo fell to one knee, becoming exhausted.
“I’m a king. I am the muscle, and brains of my Empire. I do show mercy to those… that are beneath me. As my son mentioned, you… You will be spared, and your companions that accompanied you here.” Silan smiled.

As Silan walked towards Mateo, Mateo locked up in fear. Feeling Silan standing in front of him made Mateo feel helpless. He closed his eyes, and balled his fists up on the floor as Silan stood directly above Mateo.
“You have so much potential, my boy… And you’re going to be a key role in the ultimate plan…” Silan murmured to himself as he placed his hand on Mateo’s head.

Silan smirked feeling Mateo’s hair between his fingers.
“The next time we meet, will be our last. Make your time count with your friends.” Silan laughed.

With a burst of red energy, Mateo was enveloped with red energy, then disappeared from plain sight. Zilan ran into the room seconds after Mateo disappeared.
“Why, father?” Zilan asked, “You could have ended him right now!”
“Not… yet, my son. He must take us to the Chamber of Time… before we end him. I should… Kill you instead!” Silan shouted, turning towards Zilan, “How dare you give him a picture of Vira! Are you trying to jeopardize everything??”

Zilan hung off the floor by his neck as Silan squeezed, unable to reply.
“Do not disobey me again, Zilan. This is your first and only warning. I would shed no tears for ending my own son’s disobedient life….” Silan thundered.
“Yes… Yes father…” Zilan replied, struggling to breathe.
“Don’t defy me again… For punishment… You will die here. Maybe when the demonic well returns you, you’ll have more common sense.” Silan smiled.

Clenching his fist, he squished Zilan’s neck. With Zilan instantly going limp, Silan walked to the doorway of the chamber, and chucked him into the colorful abyss. He watched as Zilan fell into the colorful void, and dematerialized.
“Just like his mother; Stupid, and foolish…” Silan said to himself.

In the car orbiting Motavian, Emmy woke up in a cold sweat. In front of her was Chelsea, who was patting Emmy with towels.
“What did you do??” Chelsea asked.
“I… I helped Mateo…” Emmy said softly.
“You’re exhausted…” Cecil said, glancing back at Emmy.
“I… I know… I never exerted myself that hard before…” Emmy smiled, leaning her head onto her shoulder.
“You… gonna be okay?” Chelsea asked.
“Yeah… I… just need some…” Emmy started speaking.

Inside the car, above Emmy and the girl in white, Mateo appeared in a red flashing light. He fell onto the two girls. Everyone in the vehicle, except the girl in white, looked at him in confusion. Emmy was stunned, and started tearing up.
“What…? Mateo…?” Emmy gasped.

Mateo’s purple glow quickly subsided. He rolled his head to see Emmy’s face, and smiled.
“Hi…” Mateo smiled.

Emmy balled up her fist, and hit Mateo in the mid-section as hard as she could to knock the wind out of him. As he raised his head, Emmy grabbed his head, and drew it into her chest in a tight squeeze. Feeling his head in her arms, she started to cry.
“You stupid… inconsiderate son of a bitch…!!” Emmy shouted.

Chelsea, smiling, turned around and faced forward.
“Don’t you ever… in your life leave me like that again!!” Emmy shouted again.
“Yea…” Mateo murmured.

Concerned, Emmy felt Mateo’s body go limp. Looking at his hands, she noticed he relaxed. When she pulled his head from her chest, she realized he passed out from his deep exhaustion. Exhausted herself, she snuggled Mateo tightly, and laid her head on the side of the car door, falling asleep herself.
“Wow that was… weird…” Cecil sighed, shaking his head.
“What do you mean?” Cheslea asked.
“That magic he was brought here. It was demonic essence…” Cecil stated, gripping the steering wheel tightly.
“Oh my…” Chelsea sighed, “So… what should we do now?”
“My guess is we got to Motavian. We can’t do anything sitting here in space.” Cecil stated.

Before Cecil was able to navigate the car, Chelsea let out a murderous scream. Cecil quickly let go of the controls, and turned to her in panic.
“What?? What is it?” Cecil gasped, grabbing hold of his sister’s arm.
“Look…!” Chelsea screamed, pointing towards the side mirror.

Going from the mirror to behind them, they saw flares flinging from the moon of Raven. As three other pieces started to rise from the core, more flares from the core along with tiny explosions could be seen all over. It didn’t take long for each province to successfully detach from the core.
“Where are they… going??” Chelsea gasped.

With no warning, the core of the Raven detonated, emitting a tremendous shockwave from it. The two watched in horror as the shockwave quickly swallowed the provinces floating away from the core, sending them at a frightening speed in each direction. The Western Province headed towards Motavian, while the Northern headed to Dezian, and the Southern towards the moon of Crothan. Cecil and Chelsea had just enough time to see the provinces as a gust of energy hit the vehicle, sending it twisting and turning towards Motavian.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on March 21, 2015.

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