Shining Fantasy: Chapter 9 Complete

Exhausted from an eventful day; Diana, Achilles, and Palacio Slept soundly throughout the night. Around 3AM, Palacio woke from sleeping, disturbed by his thoughts. Pushing the blankets off of him, Palacio rolled from the bed, and onto his feet. Trying to be quiet, Palacio stepped quietly across the room towards the door. As he approached the door, he glanced quickly to see Diana and Achilles sound asleep. With great speed, Palacio quickly opened the door, walked through it, and closed the door. Taking a right, Palacio stepped beyond a double glass door, and stepped onto the outside patio. As he set both feet outside, he took a deep breath of fresh air.

“It smells like shit out here tonight…” Palacio said, exhaling.

He slowly walked towards the banister, looking up towards the sky.
“Becca… I’m feeling horrible… I have been trying… to do things as I did without you… and the thought… of leaving you here… to die with the demons… makes me sick beyond imagination… Leaving your own flesh and blood behind… What kind of father am I…?” Palacio asked, “Why… Why did I leave you? Why didn’t I just make you… force you to come with me? I don’t know… if…”
“Hey…” A voice echoed from behind softly.

Palacio quickly turned around, startled. Relieved it was only Achilles, he turned back around to look at the sky.
“Hey man… You weren’t supposed to hear me get up.” Palacio stated snarly.
“I couldn’t sleep. Diana is snoring like a leviathan.” Achilles said, standing behind Palacio.
“Heh… She’s a feisty little girl isn’t she?” Palacio giggled, crossing his arms.
“Yeah, very feisty; I haven’t had to move like that in years, dude…” Achilles replied.
“I can imagine…” Palacio said.
“Still thinking about your daughter?” Achilles asked.

Palacio started shaking slightly at his knees, and tears started beading at his eyes,
“Am I a failure of a dad…?” Palacio asked, “I just left her there… Knowing she’s going to die… Is eating me alive…”

Achilles placed his hand on Palacio’s back.
“I don’t think you’re a failure or anything like that…” Achilles replied, “You did what she asked you to do… The only thing you can really do is honor that request…”
“Yes but… I could have put my foot down…” Palacio responded, looking at Achilles, “I could have been a stubborn asshole, and made her come with me…”
“Yes but, she saw what would happen if she did come with us… She’s a beautiful adult now, Palacio… You did the right thing…” Achilles responded, attempting to comfort him.
“Girls are like that, guy.” Diana stated, “Believe me, old man… You did the right thing.”
“It’s going to hurt… And keep hurting…” Palacio said, looking towards the ground, “She’s my only daughter…”
“Where’s the mom?” Diana asked.

Palacio looked towards his front side, and turned around, facing Diana with a heartbroken look on his face.
“She… I don’t know where, Diana…” Palacio answered, “She was an agent… And she got sent on a dangerous mission… And never came back.”

Diana swallowed deep, not expecting that kind of reply.
“Oh… Sorry…” Diana replied, “I know it’s tough… Believe me.”
“How could… you understand?” Palacio snapped, taking a step towards her, “You’re a punk in a gang… What could you know about what I’m dealing with?”

Achilles took a step back from Palacio’s flare in attitude.
“That’s just it… I’m in a gang. I’ve seen people die in front of me… I’ve seen everyone I care about and love die beside me…” Diana replied, taking a step towards Palacio, “Unlike you, I have experienced loss of… my family, my friends… Even potential love interests! Over something so stupid… So small… You wouldn’t begin to understand what people like me go through!”
“You could always change! You could get out of the gangs… and make a better person out of yourself, so one day you could have a family of your own!” Palacio shouted, stepping closer to Diana.
“It’s kind of hard when all you know is how to fend for yourself! I wasn’t catered to a life of families, and friends growing up! Thievery and how to fend for myself is all I know!” Diana shouted, stepping closer to Palacio.

The two now stood so close, Diana’s breasts were bumping against Palacio’s midsection. He had to angle his head to look down at the short woman, while she had to look up.
“You have some nerve judging me…” Diana said, looking into Palacio’s eyes.
“You…” Palacio started to snap back, “I…”
“You need to…” Diana started to shout.

Palacio quickly bent down, wrapped his arms around the tiny girl, and embraced her tightly. Confused, Diana started to retaliate, and attempted to remove herself from his grasp, but couldn’t.
“Get the…” Diana started to say.
“I’m sorry… Diana…” Palacio spouted.

Hearing the sorrow in Palacio’s voice made Diana’s eyes widen, and place her arms around Palacio. Diana started reflecting Palacio’s pain, and slightly snuggled into his body.
“I’m… I’m really sorry…” Palacio pouted again.
“What…?” Diana replied.
“You remind me of Becca… somewhat… I… I don’t mean to… Be so hostile… Once Sharon disappeared… Becca became deathly ill… And… For a long time, I tried to keep her better. We lost everything… Achilles here, took us in for about a day… Then we were told to evacuate… It’s been a lot on my shoulders… and to leave her here… On this planet… To…” Palacio explained.
“No, wait!” Achilles attempted to interrupt.
“Explode…” Palacio finished.

Diana quickly pushed away from Palacio, astonished by what he said.
“Wait… What?” Diana asked, bringing one arm to her chest.
“Achilles, it’s taking off tomorrow, might as well tell her!” Palacio shouted, “Demons are invading… and they plan to wipe us all out. That’s why everyone willing to go to the… Drill, is here. Anyone willing to participate gets to live… Everyone else gets to… stay… and die.”
“What…? No… But the agents…” Diana gasped, starting to shake in fear.
“Oey…” Achilles sighed, “No… He’s right. The force the demons are sending is so great… We don’t even have a chance to fight back.

Diana fell to her knees, and dropped her head. Astonished about the news, she attempted to bring her knees up, and tried to bury her face in them.
“Why… did you say something??” Achilles asked, turning to Palacio.

Palacio glared at Achilles with tears streaming down his face. Saying nothing, Palacio walked swiftly back into the hotel. As he passed by Diana, his pants leg brushed her shoulder. Feeling him walk by her, sort of sent a shock throughout her body, making her jump to her feet. She quickly turned around, grabbing Palacio’s left arm as he passed.
“Palacio…” Diana said softly.
“What…?” Palacio asked, glaring at Diana, “I’m leaving… to get my daughter.”
“Don’t… Respect her wishes.” Diana replied.

Palacio pulled his arm from her grasp, only to have her reattach herself to his left leg. She squeezed as tight as she could.
“No… Don’t go! I know… I only met you not long ago but… You don’t understand women…” Diana replied, “She told you to go… And she meant it…”
“She’s right…” Achilles said, taking a step towards the two, “Leave Becca… Do what she said, man…”

Suddenly, Palacio relaxed himself, and stood still instead of struggling to get away.
“… Her mother…” Palacio said softly, “Her mother… would have said the same thing…”

Both Diana and Achilles sighed in relief, with Diana relaxing her grip on Palacio.
“Can I at least… call?” Palacio asked.

All of a sudden, several people started running through the roads in a panic. This made Diana jump to her feet, and the three ran to the edge of the patio. The three looked up in horror as a faint greenish glow covered the sky. Faintly, you could hear a roar from the sky enough to send a chill down your spine. The alley’s and the ground lit up in a green light.
“What is that??” Diana shouted, pointing to the sky.
“That… That looks like a force field!” Achilles shouted.

In the distance, a red glow emitted from the Infinite tower as well, with a reddish aura surrounding the tower. The ground started shaking violently, throwing everyone standing to the ground. Buildings, shacks, and stands started falling apart, landing on passing by people. Quickly reacting, Diana pushed Achilles over the Patio while pulling Palacio, barely avoiding the crashing patio. The three lay on the ground, confused.
“What the hell is going on??” Diana asked, attempting to stand.
“I think… it’s happening!” Achilles replied, rolling to his front side onto his hands and knees.
“This… is leaving??” Palacio gasped, letting himself lay on the ground.

Screams could be heard across the entire province, as the shaking grew more violent, and relentless.
“No way…” Achilles gasped, watching light emit from the distance.

Achilles watched in the distance as the Infinite Tower rose swiftly into the sky, heading towards Motavian. It took merely seconds for it to disappear into the sky.
“I… I think Infinite tower just left…” Achilles stated, trying not to succumb to the shaking.
“It wasn’t supposed… to take off yet!” Palacio shouted.

Suddenly, the earthquake subsided, and the sky started emitting bright stars and lights. Diana and Achilles quickly jumped to their feet, while Palacio lay paralyzed at the event.
“Why… are we taking off so soon…?” Achilles asked.
“I… I… Oh my…” Diana started replying.

It didn’t take long for the large craft to leave Raven’s orbit and display the deepness of space. Citizens from all over came rolling, tumbling, and staggering out of their buildings to gaze at the sky. Commotion echoed through every building, street corner, and alley.
“What’s… What’s that?” Palacio asked, staggering to his feet and pointing to several orange stars in the distance.
“Well… There is Silan, the planet of the demons…” Diana shivered, snuggling close to Achilles.
“Not the planet, the stars above it…?” Palacio asked, squinting his eyes.
“That…” Achilles started to answer, “I have something in my bag that can see, one moment.”

Achilles quickly jumped and pushed over debris, heading back in the hotel.
“The stars… are so pretty…” Diana gasped, stepping into the street.
“I’ve never seen so many stars…” Palacio gasped, staring into the emptiness of space.

Achilles quickly ran out of the hotel, with his small utility belt on, and  holding a scope like device in his hands that was colored gold. He jumped over what was left of the patio, and stood next to Diana and Palacio as he put the device to his eye. Aiming at the stars above the planet of Silan, he stood stiff and silent.
“Whoa… where’d you get that…?” Palacio asked, looking at the weird looking scope.
“Back in the agency…” Achilles replied softly, tweaking the lens of the scope.

Suddenly, Achilles dropped his mouth, and took a couple steps back. Due to the debris he kicked over running to Diana and Palacio, he tripped, falling to his butt. Stunned from what he saw in the scope, he faced forward, with his arms between his legs. Diana quickly grabbed the scope, and started playing with it as Palacio fell to his knees, shaking Achilles.
“Achilles… What did you see? Are you alright??” Palacio asked, wildly shaking him.
“The… That’s…” Achilles murmured, trying to speak.
“Oh my god…” Diana shouted, lowering the scope to her side.

Diana let out a frantic scream, and fell to the ground as Palacio swiped the scope. She put her hands to her face, and immediately started crying. Palacio, curious, put the cope to his eye, and also faced it towards the stars.
“Oh my god…” Palacio stated, adjusting the lens more, “Is that… demons?”
“So many of them…” Achilles said, looking at Palacio, “I’ve never… seen so many… Demons of that magnitude before… Just that small glimpse… I counted fifteen world destroyer giants… That’s more than enough to level our cities… I saw… The head of…”
“No! No no!!” Palacio shouted at the top of his lungs, jumping up and down in a frantic panic, “No no no!! That can’t be!!”
“What is it?? What do you see?” Achilles asked.
“I see… a cloaked demon with red eyes at the front of the star clump… With several agents on his side… Agents… with our battle uniforms…!” Palacio gasped, lowering the scope.
“Wait… our agents???” Achilles gasped, snatching the cope.

Placing the cope back to his face, he looked at each star clump, to see the large masses of demons were also accompanied by agents.
“I… What??” Achilles gasped, putting the scope in his pocket.

Achilles stood to his feet, and glared at the stars, pondering what he saw.
“Those were agents Achilles!” Palacio shouted.

Suddenly, small groups of agents ran through the streets, attempting to police up the injured per each building. The squads were also followed by their followers, and escorted by agents in their battle uniform with their weapons out. Achilles, feeling threatened, reached into his pocket, pulled out his saber, and attached it to his belt, confused. One of the battle ready agents ran towards them, seeing Diana in the middle of the street. In a hurry, the agent ran to them.
“Is everyone alright??” The agent asked.
“Yeah…” Achilles answered for them.
“We are to gather any uninjured citizens, and take them to the central station! With me…!” The agent shouted, “Every person, including us agents, needs to get to the central station immediately!”

Diana jumped to her feet, and wiped the tears from her eyes, while Palacio cleaned his face as well, prepared to follow the agent.
“Wait…” Achilles said, “Before we go can I ask a question?”
“What is it?” The agent asked, puzzled.

Achilles quickly displayed his saber, and pointed it at the agent.
“Why are there agents following demons??” Achilles asked loudly, pointing the saber towards the agent’s chest.

The agent’s mood quickly changed, and he looked towards the ground.
“… Are you sure you’re… not seeing things?” The agent asked.
“Clear as fucking day!” Achilles shouted, pulling out his scope in his other hand, “This is a Class A scope! Only upper level agents get these! Luckily, the restaurant I run… someone left it behind.”
“You… peaked.” The agent growled, reaching for his side arm.

Before the agent had a chance to draw his weapon, Achilles took his saber, and sliced through the agent’s mid-section, tearing him in half. As fast as he could, Achilles quickly turned off his saber and placed it in his pocket. Diana placed her hands to her mouth and took a step back as the agent’s corpse hit the ground. Thinking fast, Achilles walked to the dying agent, and started disarming his weapons, and utility belt. Palacio, stunned, took a step towards Achilles.
“What…” Palacio asked.

Before he could speak, Achilles threw Palacio a saber and a pistol, while chucking Diana one of his plasma SMG’s. He stood up, and started taking things out of the utility belt.
“The agency is compromised…” Achilles said, attaching components of the belt onto his own.
“What…?” Palacio gasped; looking at the weapons he was given.

Achilles then tossed the agent’s utility belt to Palacio.
“Put that on. Diana, Palacio… Get your things. We need to move… now…” Achilles stated.

Kneeling down, Achilles started checking the agent’s pockets for any kind of money, identity, anything he could find as Palacio and Diana ran back into the broken up hotel to retrieve their belongings. At the same time, passing agents caught a glimpse of Achilles cutting down and agent, and started to stare, and watch. A couple agents from the building next to the hotel came out, along with their followers, and approached Achilles.
“What the hell are you doing?” One agent said.

Achilles, with his back facing them, turned his head, catching them with the corner of his eye.
“Do you know of the agents following the demons… on their way to… Raven to exterminate the human race?” Achilles asked softly and cold.
“Wait… what?” The other agent asked.

Achilles quickly pulled out his high powered scope, and turned his whole body towards them.
“I can see them!” Achilles shouted.

With no hesitation, the two agents pulled out their sabers and charged after Achilles. At the same time, the followers pulled out staves, and prepared to help their agents.
“I knew it!” Achilles shouted, drawing his saber again, “The agency is corrupt! They’re working alongside the demons!”

One of the agents was suddenly hit by a red streak of light. The force quickly threw his body into the other agent. With his own saber, the agent that got struck sliced through the other agent’s hands, disarming them. Panicking, the two followers ran to them, attempting to cure their wounds. Diana sprung from the hotel, and put a gun to one of the follower’s heads while Palacio shot the other one in the head. Palacio ran to Achilles, who was putting his saber away, while Diana shoved the gun into the follower’s head.
“What’s going on??” Diana asked, forcing the follower to her knees.
“Stop!! Don’t… Kill me… please…” The follower begged, placing her hands on the ground for stability.
“I’m giving you three seconds!” Diana shouted, pushing the follower’s head down with the gun.

Hearing the other agent with his hands cut off shriek in pain, Palacio quickly shot the agent in the head to silence him.
“Stupid bastard… Siding with demons… I learned a little bit from my wife. Siding with demons is an instant death penalty.” Palacio stated.
“What’s going on here, ma’am?” Achilles asked, kneeling down at the agent with a hole in his head.
“Don’t kill me… Please don’t kill me!” She screamed.

Diana took her other hand, and covered the follower’s mouth, trying to get her to stop screaming.
“We’re not doing any justice out here … Lets go inside.” Diana stated, standing to her feet, forcing the follower to stand.
“Yes, let’s go.” Achilles agreed, quickly snatching the belts, guns, and sabers of the agents.

With everyone agreeing, Diana held the follower by her mouth and a gun to her head, while Palacio and Achilles quickly followed back into the ruined hotel. As they entered into the hallway, Palacio quickly opened their room’s door, and with all her might, Diana threw the follower into the room. The force Diana threw her in the room made her trip up, and hit the floor. They quickly ran into the room, and locked to door. Palacio held a gun to the woman, as did Diana while Achilles walked to her, extending his hand.
“Take my hand.” Achilles asked politely.

The woman was scared, and shaken.
“You killed my agent… my best friend, and her agent… How the fuck do you expect me to interact with you people??” She asked, starting to panic.
“Look, We… Need some answers. There have been a lot of panic movements in the past hour… Please… don’t give any trouble.” Achilles asked politely.

Diana, growing impatient, cocked her gun, and took a violent step forward at the woman.
“Let’s get it over with, and find out what’s going on at the central station. People need to know!” Diana shouted.
“Hold on!” Achilles shouted back, “What is your name…?”
“Lauren… and that man you killed was Max!” Lauren shouted back.
“Why is the agency working with… the demons?” Achilles asked.

Lauren stood about 5 foot 7 inches. She had long, blue hair, with deep blue eyes. Due to her long hair, she had several scrunches in her hair, to keep it from flying all over the place. She a white T shirt, and on her body hugged a green dress that stretched to her ankles. Her feet were covered in thick leather sandals.  On her waist, she had a thin dark green sash. Hanging from the sash, she carried a small brown bag that housed all her belongings.
“What…?” Lauren gasped, attempting to stand on the floor slowly.
“Your agent partner knew about it… That’s why he attacked me. So again, why are agents working with demons?” Achilles asked again.
“I’m not allowed to know that kind of stuff! We are given specific guidelines as followers… Not to ask about the mission unless we need to know…” Lauren replied, shivering in fright.
“She’s not talking…” Diana stated, stepping forcefully to Lauren, “I’m ending this, and we have to go! Now!”
“Wait!” Lauren shouted, taking a step back from Diana’s grasp, “I…”
“Speak!” Diana shouted, aiming the gun at Lauren again.
“Okay! Okay… I… I don’t want… to die…” Lauren cried, “A few years ago, there were preparations for a large scale defense project… It involved the space station and all the ground forces… and if the demons were to dispatch a large force… We could combat them…”

Hearing the story made Diana lower her gun, and sit on the bed.
“There was a mass gathering… Max and I were supposed to go, but he was too busy… Being a boy… and… Fraternizing with his follower, which was me… “Lauren looked down, disgusted taking a deep breath, “I didn’t like it… so we fought and… he got his way. But the mass gathering… Was with many volunteers of Agents level three and up… To go on a large scale scouting mission… To… As Commander Arthur put it… Test the waters of Silan’s defense… They went… and never came back. None of them… Hundreds of agents… and tens to hundreds of followers disappeared. Since then, the rest of the agents were preparing for some large scale evacuation. I don’t know why… But… from what you say is true… Then…”
“Commander Arthur didn’t… send a scouting team… He sent them to become servants of Silan… That’s why the Infinite tower left sooner than us… That means… He wanted to herd anyone willing to listen to the agency… into one place, and those that defy, or show resistance… To… die…” Achilles gasped.
“So… the entire agency…” Diana questioned.
“… Is at mercy… of Silan now…” Achilles responded, “My god… all those people…”
“Are you saying our protectors… the Agency… that stood as protectors of Raven work for Silan now? I… I can’t believe that!” Lauren shouted, taking a step back.
“So why are we gathering at the Central Station?” Palacio asked.
“That, I can definitely answer…” Lauren answered, slightly shaken still, “Apparently, from entering the atmosphere of Motavia… The heat shield only covers but so much… A lot of the city will be burnt up… And there’s about a 30 percent chance of a successful landing. Nothing like this has ever been attempted. Angels have… but… their technology is much more advanced than ours…”
“Here, then… Diana, Palacio.” Achilles said, turning his back to Lauren.

Handing Diana and Palacio a filly loaded utility belt from the dead agents Achilles instructed the two to put them on. He also handed Diana a saber, and Palacio two sabers. He holstered the second one for himself. With the extra pistols, he handed Palacio another one, gave Lauren one, and he placed the other two into his sack in the corner of the room. Placing his bag on his back, Achilles opened the door, and turned towards Lauren.
“I’m sorry your agent got killed, Lauren.” Achilles said, “You’re welcome… to come with us… If you’d like. I don’t expect you to…”
“Yes, I’ll go with you.” Lauren answered, “I… I want to know what happened as well. As long as Diana… you called her; doesn’t dig a gun into my head again.”

Diana giggled, and stood from the bed.
“Bitch, you’re no fun now. Welcome aboard this circus.”  Diana smiled.

Achilles stood at the door, letting Diana and Palacio pass by. Once Lauren got close to leaving, Achilles quickly slammed the door shut, keeping them out. Achilles glared at Lauren, who got scared one again, and took a step back.
“Listen… I have an idea that will… get some heat off you and I both.” Achilles said.
“What… What is it?” Lauren asked.
“You’re an official follower. I have those agent’s wallets, and their identity cards and credentials in my sack. I got out of being an agent a long time ago… How about, when we leave out of here… If anyone asks, you’re my follower…?” Achilles asked, starting to blush.

Lauren tilted her head slightly, confused.
“What…?” Lauren asked, calming down.
“I… I’m no supreme fighter or anything… I… I’m just… sandwich shop owner. I quit the agency some time ago because I wanted to make sandwiches. I didn’t want this lifestyle… And in order for me to get back into the role of an agent, I have to have a follower who… plays the part, or is the real deal.” Achilles explained.

Lauren slightly giggled at Achilles’s response.
“So, you kill my agent… and adopt me to be your follower…?” Lauren asked.
“Um… Kind of… Yeah…” Achilles responded, blushing from feeling awkward, “He was following demons…”
“He was a fucking jerk! He raped me… Countless times, and forced me to be all dolled up like this, for his amusement… I can’t maneuver as a true follower like this! This isn’t even my hair color…! It’s white… He made me…” Lauren looked to the floor.
“Well, he’s dead now… Now let’s go to the Central Station…” Achilles smirked a little.

Opening the door, the two walked out to an irritated Diana and confused Palacio.
“You’re… blushing too? Did you have sex?” Diana asked with her arms crossed, tapping her foot.
“No!” Achilles responded.
“Let’s go…” Palacio asked.

The moment the four stepped out of the hotel, they were greeted with the blood stains of the agents and follower, but the corpses were gone. Against the wall, the three sat against the wall, barely conscious, but their wounds seemed healed. The four stood in amazement, confused how they were healed.
“Just… Run. Let’s go…” Diana signaled.

Following the massive groups of agents, followers, and people, the four held onto each other’s shirts to stay together. Looking into the sky, Achilles saw the moon of Raven, sitting lonely in space directly above them. Slightly confused how the moon got into its position, he looked to the left and right of his position. As they passed a wall of buildings to a street, he glanced down the street and saw the street as far as his eye could stretch. From the end of the road, he started to see the edges of the planet Motavian. Before Achilles had a second to admire its beauty, his sight was blocked by another string of buildings. It didn’t take long before the four were shoved into a huge metallic dome full of people. Once inside, the four pulled themselves from the cluster and flow of people entering, towards the wall. Using each other, they pushed and pulled themselves towards a clear area. Finally reaching their destination, the four sat on the floor.
“God, my aching feet…” Diana sighed, quickly removing her shoes, “They hurt so bad…”
“Goodness…” Palacio sighed, stretching his feet out, “What a nightmare.”
“Damn that was crazy…” Achilles sighed, placing his bag down.
“I’ve never seen a crowd run like that…” Lauren mentioned, removing her sandals and rubbing her feet as well, “The moment we get a chance, I’m totally changing into my look!”
“Look?” Diana questioned.
“Yes… Max… My ex-agent… Made me dress up like this…” Lauren responded.
“Oh… I see…” Diana replied, looking hat her aching feet again.
“Yeah… he made me dress up as one of his favorite little cartoon characters.” Lauren sighed, “Thank god I don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

All of a sudden, from the distance, Max ran towards the four. Achilles, catching sight of Max, jumped to his feet, and reached for his saber. Seeing Achilles reach for his saber made him stop charging them. Achilles blocked Max’s sight of Lauren, angering him even more.
“You rotten little bastard… You’re going to get it once I get my stuff back.” Max growled.
“Uh, you attacked first. I defended myself.” Achilles responded, “How… are you alive?”
“Leon, lieutenant to Commander Arthur revived me and Hansel, along with Margret… You know the others you jacked up.” Max shouted.

He leaned to the right, looking down at Lauren, who looked at Max with a terrified look.
“Lauren lets go. The lieutenant needs to speak with all of us agents and followers.” Max demanded.

Lauren slowly put her shoes back on, and started to stand, when Achilles stepped in his line of vision again.
“I don’t think that’s going to happen, Max.” Achilles stated.
“Oh, a tough guy huh?” Max questioned, standing tall in front of Achilles, “Lauren, need I remind you of your oath as a follower?”
“Actually, she’s a free woman that can do whatever she wants.” Diana stated, standing to her feet.
“You’re a cutie!” Max smiled, “But no. She’s not a free woman. The agency owns her scrawny ass. So if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll get going with me. I’m willing to disregard what happened out there, if she comes along right now.”
“You…” Diana growled, reaching for her side arm.
“Sorry, am I interrupting?” said a voice behind Max.

Hearing the thundering voice sent Max to the side, and kneeling on one knee. In front of Achilles stood Leon, a lieutenant of Commander Arthur.
“So… May I… ask what you’re doing?” Leon asked, taking a step forward to Achilles.

Achilles recognized Leon, and started trembling in his knees.
“Wait… Don’t I recognize you from… somewhere?” Leon questioned.
“You’re… Lieutenant Leon…” Achilles replied, relaxing his arms from confrontation with Max.
“You… seem angered. Did one of my agents anger you?” Leon asked.
“Stupid ass doesn’t respect anyone, especially women.” Diana stated.

Leon’s full attention turned to Diana. He faced his body towards her, and took one motion in her direction. Diana eased back, becoming increasingly intimidated by Leon’s calm stature.
“Are you saying one of my agents were not being respectful enough to… a civilian young lady?” Leon asked.
“Umm… Yeah…” Diana replied.
“That’s funny, because when I passed by, they were on their death bed. I revived them, and… You, my dear, are telling me they were… disrespectful?” Leon explained, “If you were them… wouldn’t you be the same way?”

Diana started shivering from the tone of Leon’s voice.
“Sir, that woman is my follower and she’s disobeying orders!” Max stated, pointing at Lauren.

Leon took a deep breath, and faced Achilles once more.
“So… Now I remember you. You left the Agency to… be… some kind of chef, and I right? Achilles… That was your name.” Leon smirked.
“Yes… Sir…” Achilles replied, slightly blushing in embarrassment.
“Lauren, my dear… your agent gave you an order, you have to follow it.” Leon stated.

As Lauren stood to her feet, she interlocked her fingers and laid them on her lap, and looked down in disappointment.  Before she could take a step, Achilles took a step backwards, interrupting her walk towards Max.
“I… She doesn’t want to.” Achilles stated.

Leon raised his tone, making his politeness dissipate.
“Look, Achilles. I’m going to say this once, because you know the rules as an agent. Once tasked to an agent, he or she is bound to do whatever the agent says. No if’s and’s or buts. No exceptions. Even if she or he hates them, they swore and oath just like you did.” Leon explained.
“Oath’s aren’t shit when demons destroyed the culture!” Diana shouted, echoing throughout the whole building.

A majority of the commotion became light as the people in the building turned towards Diana. Leon became fumed, and glared at Diana. He reached his hand out, emitting a purple beam. Surrounding Diana’s neck, he tightened the grip, and hoisted her into the air. Thinking fast, Achilles quickly attempted to pull out his saber, only to be thrown against the wall with the same purple beam towards his chest. Diana reached for her side arm, but due to holding herself up by the beam to prevent being choked, she couldn’t. Palacio slowly side stepped towards the left, becoming out of sight from Leon.
“You vagabonds want to be hero, and go against the agency? Your own people…? You are a disgrace to humans, and the only punishable act to it is death. I will cast you out into the abyss, and let you plummet to your deaths into Motavian itself!” Leon shouted.

Unaware to Leon, Palacio turned on one of the sabers he acquired, jumped towards him, and sliced down at his arm. Leon had no time to react as the beam severed his arm, breaking his focus. He quickly grabbed the tiny stump where his arm used to be, and fell to the ground, releasing Diana and Achilles. Thinking fast, Palacio turned off his saber, while Achilles quickly turned his on. Thrusting it into the building, he cut a U shape into the structure, and kicked it. As it flung into the wind, he, along with Palacio, Lauren, and Diana were dazzled by the destruction that was made entering the atmosphere of Motavian. With little options, Achilles reached for Lauren’s hand, and dashed through the hole. Following him, Palacio scooped up Diana, and followed Achilles, and left Leon screaming in pain.

Even though the structure is entering Motavian’s atmosphere, due to the large size of the province, outside of the structure was stable enough to walk on for a small time. Wind brushed against the entire province, making it very difficult to stay afoot. Struggling, the four pushed as hard as they could out of the structure. Achilles quickly looked behind, to see Leon struggling to chase them. Thinking fast, Achilles turned around, and put Lauren’s hand on Palacio.
“Keep walking! I have… to stall him!” Achilles shouted at Palacio.

Nodding his head, they kept talking, while Achilles approached Leon. Pulling out his saber, he pushed harder, almost to a run, towards Leon. Bleeding profusely, Leon gave Achilles a violent look.
“Do you realize what you have done??” Leon shouted, “I will personally kill you!”

As he released his stub, a purple shadow of his hand remained there. Achilles took a small step back, realizing the only type of people that can harness power like that was a full blown mystic. Reaching out with his other hand, he aimed at Achilles, and a purple ball started forming.
“You are a fool to challenge me, Achilles! I will have your head!” Leon shouted.
“Think again!” Achilles shouted back, retracting his saber, “Do you realize where we are??”

Putting his saber into his pocket, Achilles turned towards Palacio, and ran towards him. Leon, becoming intent on killing them, let his energy ball gather more energy. Once Achilles reached them, he grabbed hold of Palacio’s belt, and pulled on a tiny lever on the belt and shouted at Palacio.
“Don’t let go on Diana!!” Achilles shouted, “No matter what, don’t let her go! We’re right behind you!!!” Achilles shouted, pulling the lever as hard as he could.

Grabbing Lauren with his right arm, he pulled the same kind of lever on the back of his belt. Suddenly, a chute emitted from the belts, throwing the two with the wind into the sky. At the same time, Leon released his energy ball, exploding where the four once stood. He looked into the sky as they quickly disappeared from sight.
“You son of a bitch…!” Leon shouted, as he, and the entire province disappeared below the clouds.

It only took mere seconds for the province to disappear from sight, and through the clouds. Tired, and out of breath from the descent, Palacio and Achilles struggled to hold on to Diana and Lauren as they slowly descended.
“You… You struck him…” Diana gasped, holding onto Palacio’s body for dear life.
“You struck one of the lieutenants of… The agency! And he’s a full mystic!” Lauren shouted.

Scared of falling, Lauren and Diana wrapped their legs around Palacio and Diana’s waste, while hugging above their shoulders. Even though they squeezed, they couldn’t stop the two men from navigating the chutes.
“So… what now Achilles? That happened… Way too fast.” Palacio asked.
“I think we’ve had enough excitement for one day… Let’s ride… this one out.” Achilles grinned.

~ by Mateo the Wonderer on March 13, 2015.

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