Shining Fantasy: Chapter 8 Complete


Mateo placed his hand on the glass door with the sign, and let out a sigh of disappointment.
“It’s… closed?” Mateo asked, looking down towards the ground, “I didn’t think the academy ever… closed.”
“Hey… It’s cool!” Emmy smiled, placing her hand on his back, “You’ll always be an agent in my eyes!”

He knocked Emmy’s hand off of his back, feeling more disappointed.
“Emmy… I’ve been waiting for this…!” Mateo grumbled, removing his hand from the glass, “The commander himself sent us here… Why in the hell… would he send us here… Just to have it be… shut down…?”
“I… I don’t know…” Emmy shuttered, taking a step back from Mateo, “We could always… go back to the house… and go to the…”

Becoming increasingly frustrated, Mateo turned towards Emmy, and took a step towards her.
“Emmy… We were told by the commander himself to come here! Why would we… I…” Mateo said.
“It sucks, but there’s no need to be angry… Mateo…” Emmy replied, taking a step back from Mateo.
“Yeah…” Mateo sighed, putting his back onto the door, and resting his head, looking into the sky, “We should go… get some ice cream.”
“Holy shit…!” Emmy smiled, jumping for joy, “Strawberries!!!!”

Pushing him off the door, Mateo and Emmy started walking away from the building. With each step Mateo took towards the main sidewalk, the more he felt upset at the situation.
“I just don’t understand…” Mateo kept grumbling to himself.
“Come on Mateo… We’ll just come back tomorrow!” Emmy smiled, placing her hand on his back.
“Yea… I guess you’re right…” Mateo replied.

Reaching the bottom of the stairwell, Mateo and Emmy froze at the sight of platoons of Agents walking the streets.
“Are those agents in the battle uniform…?” Emmy questioned Mateo.
“Yeah… they are. The hell…?” Mateo questioned.
“I don’t think they’re getting ice cream…” Emmy replied.

Mateo shook his head, slightly smirking at Emmy. He took a couple steps, and stopped one of the passing agents.
“Are you all in your battle uniform…?” Mateo asked, looking at the decorated uniform.
“Yes, sir. We agents were instructed to escort families to the Eastern Province.” The agent replied.

Emmy stepped up, grabbing hold of Mateo and putting her head between him and the agent.
“What…?” Emmy gasped.
“Um… Yes. We are escorting families and residence to the Eastern Province.” The agent repeated himself.
“Why…? This doesn’t seem like a drill of any kind…” Mateo questioned, pushing Emmy out of the way.
“I can’t say why. Now, away with you; I have my orders, citizen.” The agent exclaimed, turning away from Mateo and Emmy.

Mateo and Emmy looked at each other, puzzled.
“What… I’ve never heard of any kind of protocol like this…” Mateo stated.
“Let’s go get ice cream now! We have all day to think about it!” Emmy shouted, tugging on Mateo’s arm.
“Alright, fine…” Mateo sighed, letting her drag him around.

With Emmy dragging Mateo by his arm, she dragged him down the road, towards the same ice cream place they were at the other day. To their right, they scarred at the numerous amounts of people being escorted by agents. Some families were packed to the neck in gear; some didn’t take anything at all. Not too many people were carrying, or walking their pets. Each block of homes had several civilians yelling at the agents, telling them they’ll never leave their home. Becoming distressed, Emmy slowed down tugging Mateo’s arm, and started clinging to it.
“Mateo… I’ve never seen this kind of situation before…” Emmy shivered, snuggling against Mateo’s right arm.
“Same here, Emmy…” Mateo replied.

All of a sudden, a loud explosion was heard in the distance. Only a split second passed before the buildings, and surroundings began to shake. Slightly fearful, Mateo fell to his knees, and held onto Emmy, as she did him. People from all around either ran back into their homes, or held other agents.
“An explosion…?” Emmy shouted over the roar of the shaking.
“Come on…!” Mateo yelled, pulling himself and Emmy to their feet.

Struggling to stay balance, Mateo and Emmy ran as fast as they could to the end of the street. As they walked into the end of the street, Mateo only had seconds to react due to a fireball approaching. Using all his force, he turned towards Emmy, and pushed her as hard as he could across the street. With the momentum of the push, it sent him back to a building opposite of Emmy. Throwing her arms into the air, Emmy enveloped herself in a purple orb, protecting herself. By the time Mateo realized what happened; the fireball crashed down the road, and disappeared into ash. Throwing her arms down, Emmy absorbed the shield, and ran to Mateo, who was on his bottom against the building.
“Mateo, you alright?” Emmy asked, falling to her knees, touching Mateo’s chest.
“Yes…” Mateo said, attempting to stand.

Using the building, Mateo rose to his feet, and looked in the direction where the fireball came from.
“The ice cream shop…!” Emmy shouted, pointing at the burning building.
“Oh my… What the…” Mateo replied, confused.

The building that Emmy and Mateo visit for ice cream was nothing but a smoldering ruin. People from around were scattered and shaken by the blast. Some were against other buildings crying, some were hurt from the explosions, while others lay dead across the ground. From the inferno, emerged a cloaked man with glowing red eyes. Mateo had a quick jolt of chill go up his spine, making him instinctively reach for one of his sabers, while Emmy reached for her retractable staff.
“Who is that…?” Emmy asked.
“A… A Demon…?” Mateo shouted, pulling out his beam saber.

Mateo and Emmy only took a step forward before Agents and followers of different colored uniforms ran past them with their weapons out. Some shot rifle blasts at the demon, while others wielded one, and two sabers. Mateo quickly turned off his saber and holstered it, watching the people run by him with such force. The demon in the building took only a few steps, before raising his arm towards the sky. As he did this, something emitted from under his cloak, throwing a mixture of debris and ordinary civilians into the air, hurling them towards the approaching agents and their followers.
“This… Something’s wrong.” Emmy said, still wielding her staff, “Why would a demon come here…? Randomly…?” Emmy asked.
“I… I don’t know. Let’s help some of those people!” Mateo shouted, running towards one of the injured people sitting next to the doorstep of a building.

Following behind, Emmy followed Mateo. The demon, coming close quarters with several agents, swung his arm forward, coming only inches from their heads. Emmy quickly glanced up, hearing the swooping sound from his motion. She put her hand to her face in horror as she saw blood spew from each agent close enough to his swipe. Blood quickly covered some of the buildings, as well as injured, and dead, people surrounding the area. Mateo quickly took his attention from the injured man on the stairs, and gazed at the demon slaughtering the agents. From each motion of the demon, streaks of light were glistening in the sunlight from its fingers, indicating the weapon the demon was using was invisible, and able to slice through the human body with ease. Some of the followers started to run, only to be crushed by falling debris thrown from the demon. Mateo quickly pulled out both beam sabers, and prepared to rush the demon, but Emmy placed her hands on his shoulders, stopping him.
“Wait…. Something’s… not right…” Emmy said, holding him back.
“Emmy, they’re being slaughtered!!” Mateo shouted, watching the demon move its arms around.

With every motion the demon did with its arms, blood and body parts would erupt from bodies, and be slung across the street, and the nearby buildings. It wasn’t long before the several agents that ran towards the demon were decimated, with the exception of one agent, and his follower, who chose not to run towards them. He held his beam saber with two hands, with his follower hiding behind him, shivering in fear.
“Why… Why slaughter so many innocent people??” The agent yelled, inching back from the approaching demon.

Hearing the agent’s voice stopped him from approaching, making the agent stop inching away.
“That’s not… a demon.” Emmy shouted, taking a step back, “That’s… an abomination.”

Slamming her staff into the ground, she focused her eyes onto the demon, and began sputtering words that were unrecognizable to Mateo. Suddenly, a purple ball of energy grew from the top of her staff, with small bolts of electricity inching up her staff into it. Mateo quickly jumped from Emmy, towards the demon, which was focused on the other agent. The demon started raising both arms into the air, glaring at the agent, who was stricken with fear, unable to move. With both beam sabers in the air, Mateo took a swipe at the demon. Shocking to both Mateo and the agent, the blades sliced through the head portion of the robe, and exited under the left armpit. Slicing through that part of the robe, the robe blew away from the wind, revealing a shadowy figure with red eyes.
“What…?” Mateo gasped, landing next to the demon.

Mateo quickly jumped back a small distance, confused as to what is in front of him. The demon lowered its arms, and slowly turned towards Mateo. Mateo began to sweat, glancing down at his sabers in anger.
“My… beams went right through him…” Mateo grumbled, starting to inch back from the approaching demon.

All of a sudden, the ball of energy released from Emmy’s staff, striking the demon. From the energy gathered, the blast sent Mateo tumbling, as well as the other agent and his follower in opposite directions. Emmy, however, stood firm with her staff, watching the blast. The demon’s robe completely disintegrated, revealing the demon’s full form.
“Go back to the shadows, you beast!” Emmy shouted, creating another energy ball.

It was only seconds, before Emmy shot another ball, not as strong as the last. The creature, shrieking in pain, was helpless as the next energy ball struck it. Suddenly, a purple aura emitted from the being completely paralyzing it. Because Mateo’s left arm was slightly hurt, he turned off the blade, and holstered it. Gaining his composure, Mateo stood up with his beam saber at hand, and charged it. Drawing the saber back, he did a forward lunge, allowing the beam to pierce the creature again. This time, as the beam cut through its body, it shrieked in even more pain. Mateo quickly turned towards the creature, and began swiping at it, slicing at it uncontrollably. With each slice Mateo gave the creature, it screamed in different tones, throwing its essence onto the ground.

Becoming increasingly tired, Mateo jumped back a little bit, and held his beam saber towards the ground, exhausted. Him and Emmy both watched as the creature started gargling its essence, and melted into the ground. Before long, it was nothing more than a pile of dark essence. Its red eyes slowly dissipated into itself.
“It’s finished…” Mateo smiled, holstering his saber.

Suddenly, the adrenaline left Mateo’s body, making Mateo fall to his knees, holding his arm in pain. Emmy quickly ran to Mateo, and holstered her staff. She quickly fell to her knees, and grabbed hold of his injured arm.
“You’re hurt…!” Emmy stated, holding his injured arm.
“Bah, it’s…” Mateo shrugged, trying to shake it off.

Closing her eyes, a purple mist emitted from his arm only a few seconds, before the scars quickly disappeared. Emmy opened her eyes, and smiled in relief, looking at Mateo’s arm.
“Wow… you really perfected that healing spell…” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy.
“Yeah… I guess so.” Emmy smiled.

The two looked at the smoldering dark essence in front of them.
“What was that?” Mateo asked.
“That’s a shadowy apparition. They’re scouts of the demon king.” Emmy replied.

Mateo jumped to his feet, and approached the smoldering essence.
“Really; how… do we handle these…?” Mateo asked.
“They feed… off mystical energy. If there’s a congregation of it, they can sense it… and they will come to feed. What you saw it… do… is the result of. I simply gave it some mystical energy; which made it vulnerable to light.” Emmy shivered, looking at the bloody mess on the street.

The agent from earlier, as well as the follower, ran up to Mateo and Emmy.
“That was amazing!!!” He shouted, patting Mateo on the back.
“Um… thanks.” Mateo replied, giving the agent the stink eye.

The follower ran up, and placed her hands around Emmy in a hug.
“You saved us!! Thank you, mystic woman!” The follower smiled, burying her face into Emmy’s mid-section.
“Uh… You seem pretty happy, for someone that just watched their comrades get slaughtered and sliced to a million pieces…” Mateo stated, looking into the bloody street.

Both the agent and the follower released Mateo and Emmy, and took a step back.
“I am a level three agent… My name is… Cecil and this is… my follower, Chelsea.”

Cecil stood about 6 foot 2 inches, with short white hair, and blue eyes. He wore a black leather jacket, with black gloves, black T-shirt tucked into black pants held up by a black belt. He also had black boots. Dangling off his neck, he wore a golden necklace, with a small trinket on it. From his sides, he had dangling one SMG pistol, and on his other side, he had his beam saber.  On top of his head, he wore a pair of goggles.

Chelsea stood around 5 foot 1 inch, making her one of the shortest followers in the agency. She had long, purple hair, with purple shiny eyes. Because her hair was so long, she had a fancy style pony tail with a feather in her hair instead of a scrunch. She also had a small red flower on the left side of her hair. Her skin was white, and at a first look, looks really delicate.  She wore a blue tank top that dangled over her golden belt that held up her blue shorts. On her feet, she wore sandals. Around her neck, she wore a rope, with a small trinket that rested on her chest. On her left side, she had a pistol, and on the right side, she had a cylinder type object.
“Wait, whoa.” Mateo replied, turning towards the two, “If you’re a level three agent, why in the hell did you need help to begin with?”
“We were in training… We haven’t done this… very long and…” Cecil responded, hesitating to answer.

Mateo quickly ran to Cecil, and grabbed him by the collar of his jacket. He slowly hoisted him into the air, slightly annoyed.
“Do you realize what just happened here??” Mateo shouted at him, “A lot of good people died! How could someone with your rank have even made it here like this… and then hesitated?”

With all his might, Mateo threw him to the ground. Chelsea grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and started shaking it.
“Don’t be mad at him! It’s the agency!” Chelsea pleaded, “They sent every available agent…”
“Wait… They send agents… that are in training…?” Mateo questioned.
“Mateo… let’s go… Let’s go home, and talk about this?” Emmy asked, looking at the death around them.
“Is there… anyone left…?” Mateo questioned, slowly glimpsing around.
“I don’t… sense… anything…” Emmy sighed, looking towards the ground.
“Let’s go, now…” Mateo said, shaking his arm, signaling Chelsea to let go, “Cecil… I’m Mateo, and this is Emmy… We’ll talk more at my place.”

Mateo turned his back towards Cecil and started running down the road. Eager to follow, Chelsea pulled Cecil to his feet, and the two started to follow. As Emmy started to follow, she slowed down, and came to a complete halt, before leaving the street. Turning towards what used to be the ice cream area, she gazed at the blood spatters, and the corpses. The man that Mateo attempted to help was also dead. She looked towards the ground one more time, and a tear rolled from her face. Turning her entire body, she opened her eyes, and looked upwards towards the sky, starting to be lost in thought. A voice echoed in her head.
“Help… them… It’s not… too late.” The voice echoed.
“But… some don’t even have bodies anymore… Mystics, can’t…” Emmy started to say to herself.
“You have significantly… increased your power from the knowledge you gained in the library… Throw a portion of power into the sky, and follow your friends… Trust… me…” The voice replied.

Emmy swallowed, worried.
“But… if I…” Emmy said to herself.
“You are beyond… what you think… You will not turn to stone…” The voice echoed.
“I… don’t even know…” Emmy started to yell.
“Stop it, and do it… It’s in your bloodline!” The voice shouted.

Closing her eyes, Emmy faced the ground one more time, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, she looked forward with her eyes open, and her eyes were full of a purple light. Putting her arms together, and her hands fully extended she shot out another energy ball, and quickly blinked, making the purple light disappear. Eager to catch up to Mateo, she left the ball, and started running towards Mateo, who had no idea what she was doing.
“Thank… you…” The voice said.
“I… Who are you…” Emmy asked herself.
“You… will learn in time… Just trust me…” The voice said.
“I… I have a hard time trusting random voices… Come on, be realistic…” Emmy replied.
“Overtime… you will understand… Refer to me… as a celestial being from your powers… Or in your native tongue… a familiar… You can’t see me, but in time you will understand my purpose… I awoke, when you gained the knowledge of our ancestry.” The voice said.
“Then… what should I call you…?” Emmy asked.
“… Call… me Briana… in short… Bri…” Bri said.
“Alright, Bri… I’ll… I guess I’ll… try to live with it.” Emmy sighed.

Trying to ignore the voice, Emmy shook her head, and before she knew it, she stood behind Cecil and Chelsea as Mateo opened the front door to the house. Holding the door, he let Cecil and Chelsea in, but extended his arm to stop Emmy.
“Listen…” Mateo whispered, “Don’t tell them anything about what happened yesterday with Arthur coming here… okay?”
“Uh… yeah, okay…” Emmy replied, confused.

Nodding, Mateo let Emmy, in, and went in himself, shutting the door behind him. Immediately, Emmy ran into the kitchen, and opened the freezer, while Cecil and Chelsea sat in the living room on the couch. Mateo walked in, and unclipped his belt. Placing it on the Kitchen Island, he walked to the couch himself and sat down.
“So… You guys are… level three…?” Mateo asked.
“Well kind of. We’re training…” Cecil replied, reaching for the bag of cashews on the table, “We were about to take our test… We joined about three weeks ago… and tomorrow were test day… but they closed down the academy… and gave us field… graduations? Then Lieutenant Vakarra came to the academy… and ordered us all to go out, and patrol the provinces… Settle down any disturbance… and told us…”
“Told… what?” Mateo asked.

Cecil hesitated, and balled up his fists on his pants.
“I… I can’t say.” Cecil replied, looking towards the table.
“What do you mean, you can’t say?” Mateo replied, standing from the couch, “An agent I ran into earlier said the same thing.”
“I… I can’t…” Cecil grumbled.

Chelsea looked towards Cecil, and let out a loud sigh.
“I’ll tell him then…” Chelsea said, turning towards Mateo, “Tomorrow is the last day we have to escort… The day after tomorrow, there’s a demonic invasion coming. Not just an attack, but a full scale invasion. Commander Arthur has delegated the high ranking Agents to…”

Cecil quickly hit Chelsea in the mid-section, and turned towards her in frustration.
“Shut up! The penalty for defying orders is death…” Cecil shouted, glaring at Chelsea.

A slight shriek came from Chelsea as Cecil struck her. She quickly held her mid-section and fell to her left side, curling up to the fetal position in agony. Mateo, becoming increasingly frustrated, quickly grabbed Cecil, and hoisted him into the air again.
“What did he do??” Mateo shouted.
“I… I can’t… say…” Cecil choked, attempting to reach for his SMG.

Recovering from her hit, Chelsea rose up, and grabbed Cecil’s belt. Pressing a small button on the belt buckle, the belt fell off of Cecil, making him totally vulnerable. She threw it across the room, and took a step back.
“Commander Arthur has issued a planetary evacuation to the Eastern Province. The sad part is… About 60 percent doesn’t want to leave their homes… And since we can’t tell them there’s a demon invasion on the way… We have to leave them here. The Commander seems to think if enough people stay here, on Raven, there will be enough people here as decoy’s… foods… long enough for both the Infinite Tower to escape and the Eastern Province so those two places can make a station on Motavian. All the level one and level two Agents were supposed to escort people to the Eastern Provinces. Level threes are supposed to patrol and silence any disturbance that would cause any kind of panic… Level four and five are to stay in Infinite Tower, and the Eastern Province, to protect those on the way to Motavian… But… all the in training ones are to dedicate ourselves to protecting Raven no matter the cost…” Chelsea explained.

Mateo let go of Cecil, and sat down on the couch again, while Cecil gasped for air, sitting back on his couch.
“And rumor has it… the Air brigade is not even participating… and being used to protect the Infinite Tower when it takes off…” Chelsea explained.
“Whoa… hold on… An invasion…?” Mateo asked.
“Yes… A full scale invasion to wipe us all out…” Chelsea explained.
“Why… I don’t… I don’t get it… What does the president say about all this?” Mateo questioned.
“Word around is that he’s already on Motavian…” Chelsea replied.
“Chelsea!! Do you realize what you’ve done?” Cecil shouted, looking at her, “You broke just about every Agent law!”

Mateo stood up and quickly walked over to Cecil. He placed his hand on Cecil’s shoulder, which started him.
“Cecil, Commander Arthur is sacrificing your life…” Mateo said in a calm voice, “You’re okay with that…? That he’s throwing your life away to protect his elite guard and that’s it?”

Cecil looked over at Mateo, and knocked his hand off his shoulder.
“What are we supposed to do, say no?” Cecil snapped, “He’s the commander!”
“He’s purposely not telling a damn soul what’s going on… Do you realize how many people are going to die…? Mateo asked, putting his hand back on Cecil’s shoulder.
“It’s so we can continue living!” Cecil responded.

Mateo slung Cecil back in his seat.
“No. He wants to take those that are willing to do whatever is said and done… And those that resist… he’s leaving here to die.” Mateo replied.
“No… I doubt that! Why would he leave agents here to fight?” Cecil asked.
“That’s easy… Leave the weak to die.. .Take the strong, and build an unstoppable empire with the biggest and the best.” Mateo sighed, “The agency… is corrupt… I had my suspicion… but…”

Mateo turned to Emmy, who was digging and scraping inside of an ice cream pint.
“That would explain why he came here to join the agency… He was trying to get us to be a part of the scout team… and… get…” Mateo explained.

Emmy quickly lowered the ice cream pint, and glared at Mateo.
“Mateo…” Emmy replied.

Chelsea stood up, and took a couple steps back. She twined her hands together, and looked towards the floor in shame.
“I…” She hesitated, “I shouldn’t have…”

Mateo happily walked over to Chelsea, and placed his hands on her shoulders.
‘You… Did great… I’m glad you told us.” Mateo smiled.

Chelsea looked up at Mateo, and smiled.
“Thanks…” She said happily.
“Traitor!” Cecil shouted, jumping from the couch.

Balling his right fist, Mateo turned 180 degrees, and slung his fist into Cecil’s face. The impact knocked him over the couch, and banged his head on the Kitchen Island, instantly knocking him out. Mateo turned to Chelsea, and looked into her eyes.
“Thank you for all that information…” Mateo smiled.

Mateo turned to Emmy, who was again scraping ice cream.
“So… We have a few options Emmy…” Mateo responded, “We can go to Infinite Tower, and take on Commander Arthur… We could go to every house that we can, and spread the word that an attack is imminent, and we need to rush the Eastern Province… Or we can stay to the bitter end… and fight as much as we can to protect our home…”

Emmy threw the spoon she was scraping in the sink, and threw away her empty ice cream container. She took a paper towel, and wiped her face.
“Well… Mateo… I don’t know what we should do, honestly… I mean… I’m just a mystic, and you’re just a guy… What could we possibly accomplish?” Emmy asked, walking towards Mateo.

Mateo looked towards the ground, feeling helpless.
“I… I… don’t know. With the recent current events, I feel like the commander was trying to purposely off us…” Mateo grumbled, “He… never gave my parents… the best missions to begin with, and he almost got them killed numerous times…”
“Mateo…” Emmy said.

He started walking towards the door to the abandoned library.
“The last mission they were put on… Sent them to Motavian to research machine… or… something or whatever… and they never came back.” Mateo explained, “I am now wondering… if… He marooned them there… Or he had a team ambush them or something.”
“What… do you think we should do, Mateo?” Emmy asked, looking at the unconscious Cecil.
“We aren’t doing anything…” Mateo said, turning around, “You’re going with Chelsea and Cecil… to the Eastern Province, and you’re leaving. I’m staying here, and I’m confronting Arthur.”
“Wait… What??” Emmy gasped, taking a step back.
“You’re not staying here, Emmy!” Mateo shouted, taking a step towards Emmy, “Your power as a mystic would only fuel their ambition! Did you not forget… What would happen if…”
“I know what would happen; I don’t give a shit…” Emmy shouted, stepping forward, “I’m staying with you, Mateo…!”
“Why do you persist on being so stubborn??” Mateo shouted, “I’m not trying to say you’re weak or anything… but if any demon decides to suck on your mystic stuff…”
“I’ll kill them!” Emmy shouted.

Without noticing, the two stood almost chest to chest, looking at each other eye to eye.
“I… I don’t want to leave you Mateo!!” Emmy shouted, tears starting to form in her eyes.
“Emmy…” Mateo replied, looking into her eyes.
“I don’t want to be alone… I would rather face the hordes of demons… than be safe, knowing you’re in danger…” Emmy said, laying her head onto Mateo’s chest.

Mateo embraced Emmy, and held her close to his body, comforting her.
“Emmy… I… I am sorry; I won’t do that again…” Mateo responded softly.
“Gosh you guys are cute!” Chelsea said with an admiring voice.

Feeling awkward all of a sudden, Mateo and Emmy quickly separated, with their faces blushing. At the same time, Cecil started rising form the floor, shaking his head. Chelsea walked to him, and looked straight down on him in pity.
“Cecil… I’m… going to quit the agency… Mateo is right, the agency is corrupt… and I’m going with them to do the right thing.” Chelsea said.

Shaking his head, Cecil rolled to his side, in an attempt to stand from the floor.
“God… my head…” Cecil murmured, using one of his hands to rub where he got punched, “What did you… say Chelsea…?”
“I said I’m done with the agency. Something’s wrong with it… And I knew from the beginning something was wrong… These people here know exactly what’s happening… and I’m not standing under the Agency anymore…” Chelsea stated, throwing her arms down.

Cecil stood to his feet, and approached Chelsea.
“You’ll be killed… for going AWOL…” Cecil said, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Chelsea looked towards the floor, with her feelings raging inside.
“I know… but…” Chelsea looked into her brothers eyes, and pushed away his hands, “I would rather die freely… than know I’m supporting something so cruel…”

This said, Cecil walked across the room, and picked up his belt. He faced the exit with his body, and turned his head towards Emmy, Mateo, and Chelsea.
“I am still having a hard time understanding how you all…” Cecil stated.
“There’s nothing hard about it…” Mateo said, looking at Cecil with disgust, “Commander Arthur is wrongly throwing many lives away… He sent my parents on a mission years ago they didn’t come back from… and I have reason to believe he purposely got rid of them… For some cause; and I intend to find out why. Emmy has been my friend for many years… she will never separate from me… And seems like your follower over there believes us… But I’m not going to stop you in whatever you do. But with your elite stature, we could easily get into Infinite tower…” Mateo stated.

Cecil looked towards the floor, hesitating to leave.
“I… Ugh…” Cecil sighed, stepping back into the room, “We’re better off going in the morning. There’s too much commotion right now with the take-off… and pissed off citizens.”

Chelsea sighed with relief, placing her hand on her chest.
“Thank heavens…” She smiled.
“I’m not doing this for you, though, Mateo… I swore my life and I’d give my country honor in death… But deep down something tells me to trust you, so I’ll help you any way I can.” Cecil stated.
“Thank you… You’re going to be much more help than you know…” Mateo smiled, squeezing Emmy tighter.
“Yeah yeah…” Cecil replied, blushing, looking towards Chelsea.
“What kind of car do they give level threes?” Mateo asked.
“We get the upgraded duos. The level one and twos have basic cars with accelerators. We get the ones that are built for space travel… But level threes and up have to have clearance to use it though.” Cecil replied.
“Awesome…” Mateo smiled, releasing Emmy.

Mateo walked towards Cecil, and extended his hand.
“We’ll come up with a plan tonight then. You and Chelsea can crash here for the night.” Mateo smiled.

Cecil accepted his handshake, and smiled back.
“We got this… But I will not kill, or injure another agent!” Cecil replied back.
“We have a deal.” Mateo agreed back.
“I’ll start the fish!” Emmy cheered, running to the freezer.

With everyone in agreement, Cecil and Chelsea walked over, and sat on the couch while Mateo walked into the kitchen to help Emmy with dinner. Seeing the TV remote, Cecil reached over, and grabbed it to turn the TV on. As Emmy laid fish into a pan, the news report caught everyone’s attention as it came on.
“This is JELA news with your host, Felix Strongberger! A couple hours ago, there was a demon like creature that attacked western Zerma. Many people died… but for some strange reason… Everyone is alive and well…” Felix announced.

Hearing this caused Emmy to drop the fish in the oven, creating a loud banging noise. She quickly closed the oven and ran to the TV.
“Experts are unaware on what could cause such a phenomenon! We have Agent Krysk here, to fill us in as to what happened.”
“It.. was brutal… The demon literally slaughtered all of us… I remember having something burn in my chest… then I blanked out… I remember seeing my lower half… Then next thing you know… I woke up in my own blood… and I was whole…” Krysk said, touching his body.
“A strange phenomenon indeed…” Felix said.
“The demon was also slain, and his residue is being collected for testing…” Krysk said, before walking away from the microphone.
“This is JELA News! Now back to your regularly scheduled program!” Felix announced.

As the TV flickered, a random TV show appeared on the TV.  Emmy dropped her mouth slowly turning to Mateo, who was preparing green beans.
“I… Holy cow…” Emmy said to herself.
“Wow!! How did that happen?? Was that a magic trick?” Cecil asked Chelsea.
“Hum…” Mateo said to himself, glaring at Emmy, “Very strange indeed…”

Emmy walked calmly towards Mateo, and stepped up close enough to where Cecil and Chelsea couldn’t hear them.
“Mateo… I…” Emmy whispered.
“You… How much… did you read in that library…?” Mateo whispered back, facing Emmy.
“I… I’m sorry Mateo…” Emmy sighed, stepping back from Mateo.

Looking towards the floor, Emmy walked silently towards the Abandoned Library. Hitting the key code, she swiftly walked in, and shit the door quietly. Mateo watched her as she went into the room, and shook his head.
“Whoa… is everything alright?” Chelsea asked, turning back at Emmy.
“Yeah… Just watch some TV and chill.” Mateo responded.

Grabbing a pot out of the cabinet, Mateo quickly dumped the beans into the pot. He walked over to the sink, and filled it with water, while taking some butter out of a container next to the sink. Slapping it in the pan, he cut the faucet off, and placed the pan on the oven. While turning on the oven, Mateo turned towards Chelsea.
“Chelsea,” Mateo asked, walking towards the couch, “Can you watch dinner? I’ll be right back.”
“Huh? Sure!” Chelsea happily agreed.

Mateo walked with a slight urgency into the abandoned library, and shut the door. Because he didn’t want Cecil and Chelsea seeing the room, he bolt locked the door. Turning around, he saw the abandoned library was completely clean, and all the books were neatly stacked. Emmy, with her head on a table, was sitting at an old table that used to be broken, and against the wall. Mateo walked up to her slowly, and placed his hand on her back.
“Emmy…?” Mateo asked softly, slightly leaning forward, “Emmy… are you alright?”
“I saw that look you gave me…” Emmy cried, “You didn’t like what I did…”

Mateo let out a faint sigh.
“No… Quite the opposite…” Mateo responded, with a smirk on his face, “I didn’t realize you… furthered your powers so much in such a small time.”

Emmy rose her head up, with a couple tears flinging off her face from the force.
“What…?” Emmy gasped.
“I’m not stupid Emmy…” Mateo smiled, raising up, removing his hand from Emmy’s shoulder, “I left you in here… and you read virtually every book in here… didn’t you…?”
“I…” Emmy attempted to answer, looking towards Mateo, “I read about what was documented on Julius and Vira… I read about Gethos… Crothan… Silan… Even Raven… I read about how each planet, and their foundations were formed… The leaders… everything…”

Emmy stood up and started walking towards the bookshelf.
“I did some deeper reading with my family. From the looks of the articles, and logs, The Agency killed my family, and they had no intention… of… killing yours. Apparently, my parents were high level mystics, and they are long descendants… of Queen Xion… the Queen of the Mystical Realm. You were right… Bandits were the written cause, and publicized. More like a gang but…” Emmy explained, grabbing a book from the shelf.
“But what… does that have to do with what happened in street a couple hours ago…?” Mateo asked.
“I learned…” Emmy explained, pulling a golden book from a shelf, “of a way… to focus my energy, and fully heal any wound. As long as there’s a heartbeat, of any kind… or the soul is near the body… I can revive, and regenerate any kind of deformity without depleting my energy supply. Thanks to this one book here, I can call upon elements… of more than just pure energy… and draw strength from it. There is Energy, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Darkness. I was unsure how to use them at first… But I first practiced when you all ran away from that bloody street corner.  I practiced combining some of my energy, with the light of the sun, the water vapor in the essence of blood… and created a type of healing power… I didn’t stay to see the outcome… I didn’t want to be around… if… something were to have gone wrong. By using the elements around me… I can use my powers more freely…”

Mateo approached Emmy, who started to become emotionally unstable. He placed his hands on her shoulders, and slowly pulled her to his body.
“I… learned other things too… Things I shouldn’t… know…” Emmy said, a tear starting to roll down her face.

As the tear fell off her face, the moment it hit the book she let it go, allowing it to hit the floor. She took her hands, and buried her face in them.
“There’s some magic I practiced… that is forbidden… And I already broke some of the many intergalactic rules of mystical channeling…” Emmy cried, her emotions starting to cave.
“What did you do?” Mateo asked.
“I called upon the dead souls of my parents…” Emmy cried.

Mateo quickly released Emmy, and took several steps back. He frowned, hearing the astonishing news. His heart started beating hard, and felt like it was in his throat, becoming anxious.
“The mystics were a strong, proud, and wise race…” Emmy cried, turning around to face Mateo, “But they were too afraid… to tap into their true power… A lot of their forbidden abilities… I read about and practiced. Not all, but some… and I called upon the souls of my dead parents…”
“Why Emmy…? You… If you read the rules of mystical challenging, why did you do something that bold? That could change your very way of life…!” Mateo shouted.
“I wanted to know the truth!” Emmy shouted.

Emmy threw her hands that were on her face to her side. Tears flung from her face, into the air.
“I… Summoned them here, into this library of knowledge… and we talked for as long as I could channel my energy… They didn’t tell me everything I asked… but they did tell me the Agency… is corrupted… And we would be outright foolish to believe Commander Arthur… And join the agency. They told me… The main reason they were killed was not because they had information on your family… Not because they were Mystics… but because they defied the wishes of the Commander. He, himself, wanted them to help his cause, and begin brainwashing random citizens to do DNA testing… Something is happening within the organization… And I fear it will change the outcome of humans and civilization as we know it… And Commander Arthur will be on top…” Emmy explained, “They said that the reason he wanted us to join the Agency so fast… is because he wanted us to be killed by the upcoming invasion.”
“Emmy…” Mateo gasped.
“That’s not all… I… Was supposed to be fed to the demons…” Emmy sighed, looking down to the floor while grabbing her left arm in disgust, “I’m the last of my family bloodline… with me gone, there wouldn’t be any more free willed full blooded Mystics to question anyone…”

Mateo approached Emmy, and placed his hands on her shoulders again.
“Why were you so hesitant to tell me all this?” Mateo asked, confused.

Emmy’s eyes watered up again, and she gazed into Mateo’s confused eyes.
“I broke so many rules… But I know more truth than anything… We… We’re supposed to die aren’t we Mateo?” Emmy asked, tears running down her face, “The last thing my parents told me was that I have a swift death in the upcoming invasion…”
“No… We’re not going to die…” Mateo smiled, with confidence.
“I don’t see how… we can win… Mateo… I’m scared…” Emmy choked, succumbing to her emotions.

Before Mateo could say another word, she pushed herself into Mateo’s body, squeezing it tightly. Taking her face, she buried it into Mateo’s chest, and let out a sorrow filled howl. Tears started staining his shirt as she continued to bawl.
“Emmy… It’s okay…” Mateo repeated, attempting to relieve her pain.

Unable to calm Emmy down, Mateo took his left hand, and started stoking her hair, while embracing her body with his right. Feeling the weight burning on Emmy’s heart, Mateo couldn’t help but to share part of her sadness. He kept taking small sighs, trying to relieve his own inner turmoil from all the news.
“Emmy…” Mateo said softly, “It’s alright, seriously… There’s no reason to be scared.”

Emmy lifted her head off his chest, and sniffled a little while wiping the tears from her eyes.
“You shouldn’t be scared… With my reflexes, and combat styles… and your magic, we’ll save ourselves! We will devise a plan, and somehow fend off the coming invasion… or save more lives in doing so… We’re not going to die here…” Mateo smiled.
“I read your book on combat as well… I see where all the maneuvering skills and all come from now… as well as angelic potions and brews…” Emmy smiled, tears slowly beading from her eyes.
“Yes. If you read all of that, you’d know even if we don’t stop Commander Arthur… we can do our part in helping against the upcoming invasion… If we need to leave, we have the aid of a level three agent. After dinner tonight… We will set our plan in motion… Once we come up with one…” Matteo smiled, using his left hand to wipe tears from Emmy’s face.
“Guys…!!” Chelsea shouted, pounding on the door, “The fish smells like its burning!”
“Come on… Let’s go finish dinner… I’m starving!” Mateo cheered, releasing Emmy.

As Mateo turned around, he bolted for the door. Emmy, however, took it slow. Watching Mateo leave the room, he let the door shut slowly, expecting Emmy to follow. Taking a step forward, Emmy took a deep breath, and exhaled to remove what sorrow was left in her body.
“Emmy…” Bri said in the back of Emmy’s head.

Hearing Bri stopped Emmy in her tracks.
“Why are you so bothered by the truth…? Why didn’t you tell him everything…?” Bri asked.
“Because…” Emmy shivered, looking towards the floor, “It’s better that these last moments are filled with joy… Than wallowing in our own sorrow…”
“The knowledge… and power you now hold… You know what’s going to happen… Why are you trying so hard not to change his… or anyone’s fate?” Bri asked.
“Why should I change the future??” Emmy shouted, “It’s against Mistweaving law…! Fate is fate for a reason… isn’t it?”
“Maybe the Mistweaving law is wrong in their choices… Maybe it’s time you made a difference… and changed everything.” Bri echoed.

Emmy glared towards the floor, deep in thought. Hearing Bri’s words thundered through her body.
“I… I don’t know what to do… What do you think I should do, Bri?” Emmy pleaded, looking towards the ceiling.

Emmy waited, listening for Bri’s voice, but after a few seconds, realized there was no answer.
“Bri…?” Emmy asked.

She starred into the ceiling for a good minute, repeating her call to Bri with no answer. Taking a deep breath, Emmy shook away her feelings, and headed for the door. Reaching for the knob, Bri echoed in her head again.
“It’s not up to me to decide your fate… Your destiny, along with Mateo’s is in your control… Don’t let life go to waste…” Bri said.

Taking her statement, Emmy opened the door, and smiled at Mateo, who was sitting on the couch, with his plate of food.
“I will make a difference… I promise it.” Emmy smiled, walking towards the Kitchen Island for her food.

While Emmy grabbed her food, Cecil and Chelsea were already cramming food down their throats. Mateo watched in astonishment, and ate slowly, as he saw the two eat.
“Do… you know how long… it’s been since we had… a cooked meal?” Chelsea said with her mouth full.
“Well… Eating Agency food… I would say this morning…” Mateo giggled.
“Yeah, pretty much. But this province food is bangin’!” Cecil shouted before shoveling in another fish fillet.
“Oh my… And here I thought you people ate well in that crazy looking tower…” Emmy stated, sitting down next to Mateo on the couch.
“So… I came up with a plan…” Cecil smiled after swallowing his fish fillet, “It’s pretty straight forward. I have clearance to see Commander Arthur right…? I already made the call to have an audience with him and his lieutenants. It’s at the top floor, in his audience chambers. Yeah, I know, it’s the President’s… But he’s, from what I understand, on Motavian in a safe zone from this invasion. Mateo, you can soup up with whatever you want… Emmy, you do the same… Chelsea and I will go with you, and escort you guys through the secret halls that only level three agents and above can go, unless you’re escorted. Once we get into the chambers… I’m assuming that’s when you guys are going to… do your thing. That’s when Chelsea, and I will take our leave…” Cecil explained, before scooping up green beans.
“Wait… that’s it? Are you sure we won’t be spotted and taken down? I think Arthur is going to know we’re coming for him…” Mateo stated.
“Yeah, but, I mean… there’s no other way to get to that floor… Unless you take a ship, and crash through the tower itself; and even then, that’s impossible with the recent increase in security. We had an agent and his follower kidnap a lap specimen and go rogue earlier today… And they rigged their craft to go into space. So that idea is virtually impossible. And even if it was remotely possible; there’s only a fifty percent chance you’ll actually survive the impact.” Cecil explained.
“I could use my…” Emmy started to say.
“No. That’s the worst idea yet.” Chelsea said, setting down her cup of water, “Arthur’s lieutenants… Leon… is a DNA Enhanced Mystic… and Vakarra is… A DNA Enhanced angel… with her wings clipped… She also has a hidden ability to fly without them… If you were to use your energy at any level, Leon will discover it… And that would be it…”
“So… in and strong I guess…” Mateo sighed.
“In a matter of sorts… yup…” Cecil agreed, “if things go south… I’m out…”
“What…? Why? We already know something’s wrong with the agency Cecil…” Chelsea stated, setting down her mostly eaten food.
“Because I have an honor! I swore an oath…!” Cecil said back, setting down his empty plate.
“Oh come now…” Chelsea responded, turning to Cecil, “We’re not doing this again… As of earlier, I denounced my agency… I’m joining Mateo and Emmy’s cause.”
“Then do it…” Cecil stated, turning towards his sister, “You do whatever you feel is right… I won’t question what you do… Just don’t jeopardize my place in the agency…”
“Sounds like a well thought out plan…” Emmy smiled, slurping on the soup on her plate.
“Yeah, that about sums everything up; we leave in the morning…” Mateo said, placing his empty plate on the table, “We’ll pack up as much as we need. Weather we pass or fail our task… I would like to think someone needs to have the vehicle ready at the closest route, so we can all escape.”
“Way ahead of you…” Cecil smiled, giving Mateo a thumb up, “I have a remote for all that stuff. Don’t worry. I have a copy, and I’ll give you one… Incase… something happens…”
“Sounds like a plan…” Mateo replied, smiling.
“Can… Can we stay here tonight?” Chelsea asked, looking at Mateo.
“Um… Don’t you have your own place near the tower? The barracks…?” Mateo asked.
“We did, until this num nut got us kicked out… He wanted to practice his swordsmanship… And somehow ignited the propane tank in the floor…” Chelsea sighed, crossing her arms, “We either had to move into the car, be homeless, or pay back 2 million lexus to compensate for the damages…”
“Wow… I can’t even fathom how you do that!” Mateo laughed.
“I… Ugh…” Cecil sighed, leaning back in his seat.
“You have a real talent there, Cecil!” Emmy laughed, almost dropping her food.
“Yeah, he does. King derp, level ten class!” Chelsea giggled, pointing at Cecil.
“Yeah… whatever…” Cecil growled, grabbing his empty plate.

Standing up from the couch, Cecil walked around the couch, and into the kitchen where he placed his dirty dishes into the sink. Filling up his water glass, he looked into the living room, admiring his sister’s laugh.
“God… I haven’t seen her laugh that much in years…” Cecil smiled, admiring his sister.
“So… It’s about that time I guess, huh?” Mateo smiled, rubbing his belly.
“Just about. It’s dark…” Emmy pointed out.

Emmy then stood from the couch, and grabbed both Mateo, Chelsea, and her own empty plates, and headed over to the sink to dump them.
“Thanks!” Chelsea smiled.
“Yeah, thanks Emmy…” Mateo smiled as well.
“Chelsea… wanta come up to my room? We can talk about girl stuff!” Emmy cheered, dumping the dishes into the sink.
“Sounds like a party!” Chelsea shouted, jumping from the couch.
“Does that mean…” Cecil asked, getting excited.
“Absolutely not… You’re one of those mighty agents… you can agent yourself here in the living room… Like a true agent.” Mateo replied snarly.

Cecil gave Mateo the stink eye as Emmy and Chelsea ran upstairs. Before Emmy disappeared in the stairwell she yelled at the top of her lungs.
“Oh yeah, Mateo, guess who has dishes tonight… Not this gal!” Emmy laughed.

Mateo snapped his fingers, and said “Fuck” as he watched the two women disappear.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on February 15, 2015.

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