Shining Fantasy: Chapter 6 Complete

Achilles approached his store, and unlocked the door for business. As he walked in, he shut the door behind him, flipping the sign from closed, to open.
“Today’s a beautiful day to… Make sandwiches for the common public!” Achilles smiled, taking a deep breath while looking into the sky.

Turning around, he walked towards his register when he spots a shadowy figure over the grill. With haste, Achilles runs to the opening of the cooking area, and turns the light on.
“Sorry boss; making everything pristine for you!!” Palacio smiled, eagerly scrubbing the grill

Achilles put his hand to his chest, and took a deep breath in relief.
“I forgot I let you live here…” Achilles replied, leaning onto the wall.
“I cleaned the fridge, rotated all the juice, and meats, wiped off the glass, buffered the floor, and I was about to prep the meat until you came in!” Palacio smiled.
“Did you even sleep??” Achilles asked, pushing off of the wall.
“I did after I brought Becca! She’s still as ill as ever… and sleeping in my bed right now.” Palacio replied, chucking the sponge into the sink.

Achilles glanced at all the progress he made on the store, and quickly whipped back at Palacio.
“You… You cleaned… and prep’ d everything already…??” Achilles gasped, almost drooling at the place.
“Yes sir! Anything more you’d like please tell me!!” Palacio smiled.

Stunned in disbelief, Achilles took a couple steps back, and fell to his knees.
“You… Uh… Thank you…” Achilles said, in a stunned voice, “For this… I’ve never, in my 24 years of life… seen this place so beautiful…”
“So, how did you go about owning a business like this anyway? The grade of the food and everything… is amazing.” Palacio questioned, pulling out a tray of meat from the fridge.
“You really want to know?” Achilles questioned, standing from the floor, “Sure! I’ll tell you after we prep the meat!”
“Good plan, boss!” Palacio cheered.
“Stop calling me boss! Call me… Achilles.” Achilles responded snarly.
“Sure Bo… Achilles sir!” Palacio cheered some more.
“That’s… Ugh, that’ll do. Now, let’s prep some meat!” Achilles shrugged.

Passing over the door into the cooking area, Achilles immediately grabbed two spatulas. Wasting no time, Achilles began chopping, throwing, and dicing the meat into fine little chunks. While he did this, Palacio stood back in amazement as he watched him salute the meat.
“Wow, look at you!” Palacio gasped in astonishment, “You’re like… a chef!”
“I… I used to be a chef…” Achilles replied, “I cooked for the Agency.”

Palacio rested his arms against his body, and watched as if he was hypnotized by the way Achilles was sautéing the meat.
“Really now…?” Palacio responded.
“Yup, for several years…” Achilles replied, becoming slightly frustrated.
“You could tell me… Come on! We’re worker bees now! Well… I’m a worker bee… So that would make… you a queen bee! Well… You’re a guy so… I guess… That means, you’re a robot…!” Palacio snapped back.

Achilles accidentally dropped one of his spatulas’, becoming increasingly frustrated.
“Palacio…!” Achilles shouted, snapping at Palacio, “Yes! I don’t… get people usually all uppity and chit chatty this early in the morning!”
“Oh… Sorry boss…” Palacio sighed.

Before Achilles had a chance, Palacio reached down, and picked up the spatula he dropped. He walked to the sink, and turned the water on to wash it off.
“Look… When I was 15, I joined a chef academy. Despite my family wishes for trying to make me into an Agent…  I wanted to cook… Not fight…” Achilles explained, using one spatula to flip the meat, “Sorry… I get a little snappy in the mornings… Especially about that…”
“You’re fine! I am a klutz!” Palacio smiled, holding out two fingers in front of him.
“When I joined the chef group… I was proud… and happy. But my family damned me to ever see them again, and they forced a name change on themselves… So they wouldn’t be affiliated with me. My dad told me he was so disappointed that I became a chef for the Agency he retired from.” Achilles explained.

He took the prepped meat off of the burner, and put it on serving plates.
“So they moved to the Southern Province… And I never heard from them again… I had a sister, her name was Cecilia… But, I never saw her or my family again after that. It’s been almost 10 years. So, shortly after that, I quit the chef… and opened this store here. It doesn’t bring in a ton of business… But I make enough to get by.” Achilles explained, placing the meat tray next to bread.
“That’s tragic!” Palacio sighed.
“Meh, it’s alright. I’m making a good…“ Achilles began to explain.

All of a sudden, a man walked into the room, wearing a blue uniform with a white belt and gloves on. He wore two pistols on his sides, along with a beam saber on the left side. On his ear, he had an earpiece, with a tiny antenna.
“All citizens are to report to the Eastern Province gate immediately!” The man shouted.
“Excuse me…?” Achilles asked, looking over the counter.
“Under Commander Arthur’s command, all citizens are to report to the Eastern Province! This is an emergency evacuation…” The man explained.
“What’s going on??” Achilles asked, jumping over the counter.
“Sir, I’m only here to escort you and your friend over there. If you fail to come with me, then you will not be granted access to the Eastern Province!” The man explained.
“We should go…” Palacio replied to Achilles.

Achilles looked at the man, questioning him.
“Is that… the battle uniform of the Agency…?” Achilles asked.
“Yes sir… Now let’s go! Are there any children in here?” The man asked.
“Yeah there’s…” Palacio replied.
“Yes… But I’m not going anywhere until I know what’s going on!” Achilles shouted, “I know there are protocols in the Agency… This isn’t one of them. What are you doing, and what is going on?” Achilles questioned, walking towards the man.
“I am under strict orders! This is the last call, or you will be ignored!” The man responded snarly.
“Achilles… Becca…” Palacio beckoned.
“Pal… Stay there.” Achilles said, turning towards Palacio, “There are protocols we have to follow…” Achilles then turned toward the agent, “This isn’t in protocol.”
“Bah… Moving on…” The agent sighed, turning around.
“But Achilles…!” Palacio shouted, jumping over the counter.
“Trust me. Something is fishy…” Achilles responded, holding his hand towards Palacio.
“You will no longer be permitted to enter the Eastern Province, I hope you know…” The agent explained, beginning to exit the building.
“Agents don’t make these kinds of visits unless it’s important! My daughter Achilles…” Palacio begged, pressing against Achilles’s hand.

The agent opened the door, and took one last look at Achilles and Palacio, and let out a sigh.
“Kids… You need to think of your kid’s future. Think of…” The agent hesitated, staring at Achilles, “Do… Do I know you?”
“Eh? I certainly hope not…” Achilles replied back snarly.
“I… I do know you!” The agent shouted, fully entering the building again, “You… You used to make that banging bread!”

Achilles glared at the agent, lowering his arms, letting Palacio lose his balance and hit the floor.
“Kane…?” Achilles gasped.
“Dude! It’s been forever!” Kane smiled, running towards Achilles with open arms.

Kane quickly embraced Achilles for a brief moment, then let him go as Palacio stood from the floor, shaking his head from the fall.
“It’s been so long! How the hell are you?” Kane shouted happily.
“I’m doing… I run this sandwich…” Achilles responded.
“Listen… You need to keep this down. I’ll let you know what’s going on.” Kane replied.

Thinking fast, he ran to the doors, and locked them. He also turned the open sign to closed.
“Hey… This is…” Achilles began to scold Kane.
“Listen…” Kane whispered, sneaking over to both Achilles and Palacio, “You need to come with me to the Eastern Province… There’s a lot of talk about a possible planet wide evacuation… and only the people that come with agents can enter.”
“What…; an evacuation?? Why?” Palacio shouted.
“Keep it down you fool! There’s talk of an invasion from demons; But the amount gathering to invade… outnumber us three to one. It’s a murder… So the President ordered a planetary evacuation to the Eastern Province. Just before the attack, it will launch and go to Motavian…” Kane explained.
“No way…” Achilles gasped.
“Yeah, way; If I’m not mistaken… There will be a large number of level one and two agents, like myself, here still. We are to evacuate to Infinite tower on a timed schedule, or we will… be stranded here… when…” Kane’s face turned a slight pale, “Raven will be space dust. The core is set to implode; meaning the force field surrounding this place will dissipate… Sending what’s left into space. Anyone left will be either killed and/or eaten by the demons… or… the vacuum of space will destroy you.”

Achilles and Palacio both looked at Kane, stunned.
“All men women and children are supposed to evacuate to the Eastern Province as soon as possible. I have to escort you. I’ve already seen some families that refuse to leave their homes… We are under strict orders to not say why we have to do this… You two are literally… the only ones that know, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell anyone. It would cause a panic, and if things go to hell… The province and the infinite tower will take off… leaving anyone and everyone behind…” Kane explained.
“So if we said no… We would have been demon chow…?” Achilles asked, turning more and more pale.
“Yup; we were told to give every citizen a chance… if not, we’re told to leave them.” Kane replied.
“Isn’t that a little… unfair?” Palacio questioned, “Some families are spread out… If, for example, I said yes, and they said no…”
“That’s really unfortunate… Achilles, I told you this information because you were a former agent yourself… So please keep your word you won’t spread this information.” Kane pleaded.
“You got it. Can we have a few minutes to pack and all that?” Achilles asked.
“You have ten minutes…” Kane responded, nodding his head.

With this said, Kane walked over to a table, and sat down comfortably while Palacio and Achilles went upstairs in a hurry. Once upstairs, the two broke away into separate rooms. Due to Achilles owning the business, he not only had an apartment across the street, he had a small room also in the restaurant. Taking off his orange apron, he untucked his shirt, and ruffled his hair to get more comfortable. Walking over to the dresser, he opened a drawer to reveal his old utility belt. Due to it being many years, it was covered with dust, along with the only pistol. Taking a deep breath, he blew off the dust, allowing the golden glow of the utility belt to sort of shine. Pulling it out of the drawer, he shook it a little to finish knocking the dust off, and attached it to his waste, while holstering the pistol. Walking over to the closet, he pulled out a small sack, and began emptying all his clothes from the drawer’s into the sack. Before stuffing his bag, he grabbed his long sleeve blue windbreaker jacket, and zipped it up half way.

At the same time, Palacio walked into the clean room, and immediately laid eyes on his daughter sleeping in the bed. Becca wore a long white gown, with black bands around her neck and waste to keep the dress on. Her eyes were sky blue, along with her hair. Her blue hair was wrapped on her head in a bun on the left and right side of her head. She stood close to 5’2”. Having long ears and tanned skin, it indicated that she possessed mystic energy.
“Becca…? Are you awake?” Palacio asked softly.

Becca rolled to her back, and was barely able to open her eyes to look at him.
“Yes… Daddy… I’m awake…” Becca replied back softly.
“Listen, we have to go somewhere else for a little while, okay? You feel up to it?” Palacio asked.

Becca began coughing wildly, disturbing Palacio.
“We just… got here… Daddy…” Becca moaned, recovering from coughing.
“I know, sweetheart but we have to go… some mean bad guys are coming… and we have to leave… If we don’t we’re going to die…” Palacio responded.
“Just… leave me here dad…” Becca responded, facing away from Palacio.

Palacio took a step back, appalled at Becca.
“Say what? No young lady, you’re coming!” Palacio snapped, holding back yelling at her.
“I have been ill since Mom left… Stop treating me like a child and leave me… I’m old enough to make my own decisions… I don’t think I’ll make it another year… so just leave me. At least I can control… when I die…” Becca yelled.

Hearing the yelling caught the attention of Achilles, who just finished packing. He scurried out of the room, and put himself against the wall, ease-dropping.
“Listen to yourself Becca!” Palacio began to plead to her, “You don’t know…”
“Dad…!” Becca shouted, throwing the covers off of her, and stood on the other side of the bed, facing Palacio, “I am nineteen years old… Ever since mom left, all you have done is baby me! I’m sick! I’m ill, and I’m not getting better! Let me an adult… and let me just enjoy the last few days to live happy! I haven’t slept in a warm bed in years! I haven’t felt this good in a long time! And the view… of the commons area is very pleasant this morning. Save yourself, and leave…” Becca screamed.

Achilles walked into the room, hearing Becca.
“Palacio…” Achilles said to himself.

Now tearing at the eye, Palacio looked at his beautiful daughter starring him down.
“But…” Palacio tried to speak.
“No… No buts… Leave me… here… And go…” Becca struggled to say.

Exhausted from the sudden burst of energy, Becca collapsed onto the bed. Palacio sprung from his startled state, and pulled Becca back to a comfortable position on the bed. While covering her up, Becca coughed wildly again, bringing Achilles close to tears.
“Dad… Please… for once in your life… Do what I ask… please… Live the rest of your life…” Becca asked softly, “I don’t want you… to be sad for me… anymore…”
“Okay…” Palacio sighed, looking into Becca’s face, “I’ll… do it. Achilles…?”
“Yes Palacio?” Achilles asked, stepping forward towards Palacio.
“Is there enough downstairs for Becca to enjoy the rest of her days here?” Palacio asked, starting to pout.
“Of course… There’s enough to feed an entire army in the fridge… If Becca knows how to cook.” Achilles responded, attempting to smile.
“Thank you…” Palacio replied, facing Achilles.

The look on Palacio’s face made Achilles leave the room; he couldn’t bear to see him so upset. Palacio turned to Becca, and sat on the bed, petting her hair.
“I love you, Becca…” Palacio responded, smiling with tears streaming from his eyes.
“I love you too dad…” Becca smiled, closing her eyes.

Due to exhaustion and exertion of energy, Becca’s head rested to the side, and she fell asleep. Feeling broken, Palacio stood up, and began to leave the room. Before exiting the room, he looked back, looking at his daughter one last time.
“You sound just like your mom…” Palacio sniffed, wiping the tears from his face.

Taking a deep breath, he turned away from her and shut the door before going downstairs. Achilles, standing next to Kane at the table, walked up to Palacio, and tried to rub his back. Palacio nudged his shoulder into Achilles, knocking him a couple steps back.
“Let’s go…” Palacio responded.
“Aren’t you going to bring some clothes?” Kane asked.
“They’re in the western Province… I’ll be fine in this.” Palacio responded, looking at the floor in sadness.
“Alright… What about…” Kane began to ask about Palacio’s daughter.
“She’s staying.” Palacio snapped back.
“Lets… Let’s just go.” Achilles said, glaring at Kane.

Catching the hint, Kane stood from the table, and lead the two out of the building. Once outside, Achilles turned to look back on his restaurant, and let out a loud sigh, catching the attention of Palacio.
“It was my dream… I’m sorry I never got to fix her up… the way I wanted.” Achilles said to himself.
“It pains me to leave my daughter… Achilles…” Palacio responded, standing next to Achilles.
“Hey, you two… we need to move it if we’re to catch the next shuttle to the Eastern Province. Let’s not wait any longer.” Kane snapped.

Turning their backs on what they love the most, Palacio and Achilles followed Kane. As they walked through the streets, small groups of people following agents were seen everywhere. Some agents had family members hanging off of them, screaming and crying for explanations, while some tried to be hostile with the agents. The businesses around had boards on their doors and windows, as well as closed signs.
“Man… how much of this province have you evacuated already?” Achilles asked Kane.
“Some… A lot of people want to stay, thinking this is just a drill or hoax.” Kane responded.
“Poor souls…” Palacio sighed, looking towards the ground.
“So… What’s new Achilles…? I saw you opened a restaurant… Didn’t you have a family crisis or something that happened that made you quit the agency?” Kane asked.
“I… ugh…” Achilles explained, “I don’t like saying that, Kane…”
“Why? You joined the Agency… then became a chef, and quit the agency.” Kane explained.

Palacio looked up, hearing this.
“So… you were a full blown agent!” Palacio asked.
“Yes… yes yes yes… God…” Achilles sighed, becoming frustrated, “Yes. My parents hated the fact I wanted to be a chef. I went through the training, and became a level one agent. But I took a side job cooking, and I really loved it… so I quit the agency, and I Lost my job at the agency as a chef. So… That’s the real story.” Achilles explained.
“Wow…” Kane replied, “What a supportive family…”
“Yeah… Whoop-de-do…” Achilles replied sarcastically.
“So what happens to all the agents and their families?” Palacio asked.
“All the immediate families already live on a branch of Infinite tower, including mine. Any distant family is no different than common folk. If an agent shows favoritism, they can be penalized… or even made to stay on the planet.” Kane answered.
“Wow… When did changes like that happen??” Achilles asked.
“Commander Arthur…” Kane answered, “A lot of things have changed since you were in, Achilles. Mystics aren’t allowed into the ranks anymore… For who knows what reason… And… The rules have gotten much stricter. I don’t understand what’s going on anymore to be honest… I was actually about to hand in my paperwork before this emergency happened.”
“I see…” Palacio responded.
“Look at all those people…” Achilles gasped.

As the three approached the end of the road, they began to turn with the road when Achilles looked over the banister at the lower decks. All over, he caught sight to people arguing, fighting, crying, and following agents everywhere. This also caught Palacio and Kane’s eyes as they looked down at the deck.
“This… This is horrible.” Achilles responded.
“A lot of people are staying it seems…” Kane responded heavily.
“The violence… If I didn’t say any better… I would say that people are beginning to panic.” Palacio stated, looking at the groups of people running in and out of buildings.
“Let’s… Let’s go… I can’t watch this.” Kane said, looking away.

Following Kane and turning away, the three walked up to a hovering bus, becoming increasingly crowded with people and their luggage. To the side, was piles of luggage that was thrown from the bus to fit people.
“Jesus… Why all the stuff…” Palacio gasped.
“Some people like to hold on to their stuff…” Achilles replied, glancing at Palacio.
“I bet you guys are glad we’re not riding in this huh?” Kane giggled, turning around to see Achilles and Palacio.

Both Achilles and Palacio stared at each other, sort of puzzled, then looked back at the crowded bus.
“For goodness sake; we’re taking my car!” Kane sighed, smacking his forehead with his hand.
“Oh!” The two said, sort of giggling.

Reaching into his pocket, Kane pulled out a tiny remote and pushed a button on it. Within seconds, a small red car flew in from over the buildings, and stopped within inches of Kane. He pushed another button, opening the side doors.
“Let’s go.” Kane smiled.

Wasting no time, Achilles and Palacio both threw their stuff in the back seat, and while Palacio got in the back seat, Achilles got in the front seat. As Kane got in the car on the other side, a pedestrian ran up to the car, and started banging on the glass on Kane’s side.
“Please take me with you! Please! My baby is with his father, and I need to be with my baby! He’s an agent just like you but we’re separated!” She yelled, banging on the glass.

Attempting to ignore her, Kane pulled back the wheel, making the car begin to hover into the air. Thinking fast, the lady jumped up, hanging off the driver side of the car as it lifted off the ground. Achilles and Palacio’s heart jumped to their throat as Kane ignored her.
“Kane, she’s going to slip! Even at this height it’s fatal!” Achilles gasped.
“I can’t… It’s against martial law now… She’s one of the many that said no to leave…” Kane replied.
“How do you know?? She could be someone that missed that invitation all together!” Palacio responded.
“Let me in! I’m going to slip!! I have to be with my child!! Help me!!” She yelled, dangling off the car.
“I… I can’t!” Kane shouted, pushing the wheel forward.

Pushing the wheel forward made the vehicle dart off at a decent speed forward. The force made the woman outside hold onto a small bar on the side of the car, screaming for dear life.
“Kane! What’s the matter with you?? LET HER IN!” Achilles yelled, turning towards him.
“Achilles! I…” Kane tried to respond, pushing the wheel harder forward.

Paying no mind to Kane or Achilles, Palacio darted to the other side of the car, threw the bags to where he was sitting, and opened the door. With the wind pushing against the door, he pushed with all his might. He struggled, due to the angle the woman was, along with the wind. Using his right leg to hold the door open, Palacio reached out, and wrapped around the woman’s mid-section with his left arm, while holding onto Kane’s seat with the right. With all his might, Palacio pushed the door hard enough to open it all the way, forcing the woman to let go of the bar of the car. The sudden increase in weight against Palacio almost immediately forced him out of the car. Thinking fast, Achilles reached back, and grabbed Palacio, almost being pulled out of the car as well. The woman swiftly was pried from Palacio’s grip, forcing her to grab hold of his arm. Kane, watching all of this unfold, pulled the steering wheel back towards him, forcing the car to come almost to a complete halt in the air. With the wind now not pulling against them, they pulled the woman into the car, and shut the door. The woman lay across the back seat, with her legs across Palacio’s lap, while both Palacio and Achilles laid back in their seats, gasping for air. Kane, shaking his head, pushed the steering wheel forward a little bit, making the car go forward again.
“Thank… You…” The woman said, panting and looking at Palacio.
“You shouldn’t have done that…” Kane responded.
“Why not…?” Achilles responded, really frustrated, “Sometimes rules can be broken to save a life, you know!”
“What if the life you’re saving cost the lives of others, huh Achilles?” Kane asked, glancing at Achilles.
“She was hanging from the car Kane!” Palacio shouted, placing his arms onto the woman’s legs.
“Rules can be broken… To save lives as well…” Achilles said to Kane, leaning back in his seat again.
“Really, now? Watch this… Lady, what’s your name…? What agent do you know?” Kane asked, looking at her from the rear view mirror.
“My… name is Diana… I… I don’t have any kids… or know any agents… I just wanted to get away… From this massacre…” She said, panting.

Diana, standing about 5’6” had long, brown hair that stretched past her shoulders. Her eyes had an identical match with her hair. From her hair, her ears protruded from her head, and her skin was tanned, indicating she has mystic in her. She wore a green sun dress that stretched to her knee caps, with a brown band around her mid-section. On her feet, she wore sandals that strapped at her ankles, and up a small portion of her shins. On the right side of her wrist, she wore a metallic band.
“Massacre…?” Kane asked, beginning to sweat bullets.
“Yes… There were several agents claiming that the end of days is coming… And if we don’t follow… we’re all going to die…” Diana panted.

Kane glared at Achilles, becoming concerned.
“Why… What the…” Kane said to himself.

Thinking fast, he reached to the middle of the car, and turned on the radio. The very moment he turned on the radio, a constant ringing came on the air for a second, then stopped.
“This is JELA news with your host, Felix Strongberger! This is a number one priority broadcast. Ladies and gentlemen… A few moments ago, I was approached by an agent of Raven… telling me the end of days is coming. He broke it down, and said…” The radio broadcasted.
“Son of a bitch! We need to hurry!” Kane shouted, pushing the wheel forward as hard as he could.

Pushing the wheel as hard as he did, made the car triple in speed, pushing everyone in the car into their seats.
“In approximately 1 – 2 days, demons will invade our home. They are preparing a military big, and strong enough, to wipe us all out… so we have to… follow agents into the Eastern Province. He said… not to panic, due to… Panicking will force the engineers to launch early… resulting in a catastrophic murder of just about everyone on the planet. Stay tuned for more news! And now, back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress!” The radio announced.
“God-damnit!” Kane shouted, slamming the steering wheel with his hand, “I have to get you guys there ASAP… Now that that is out of the bag… It won’t be long before they launch…”
“What… do you mean… launch?” Diana asked, still gasping for air.
“Fuck me man…” Kane screamed, “Launch… As in the Eastern Province will be launching the whole province into space to Motavian to resettle there. To get away from the demons and their thirst for our blood…”
“Glad… I’m an orphan…” Diana smiled, placing her hands on her head.
“Oh you’re not staying…” Kane sighed.
“Say… what…?” Diana gasped.
“You are not on my manifest. I have to drop you off at the gates of the Eastern Province.” Kane explained.
“No… You can’t! Why not just let her come with us!” Achilles asked.
“Because! It’s rules!!” Kane shouted back.
“Fine… That’s my long lost sister.” Achilles replied back, crossing his arms.
“Uh… No. That’s not gonna work, Achilles.” Kane giggled, shaking his head.

Diana, hearing Achilles, started getting into the role.
“Ach… Achilles…? I remember you when we were kids! Holy shit! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you!! Oh my god…!” Diana shouted.

Kane placed one hand on his forehead and began shaking it out of the stupidity.
“Fine; Fine!!” Kane shouted, hitting the steering wheel again, “Fine! Jesus Christ… You all are going to be the death of me…”

All of a sudden, something flew by the car, making Kane shift the car hard left, barely missing the object. Because she didn’t wear her seat belt, the turn sent Diana into Palacio, knocking both unconscious. Kane quickly stabilized the car, and looked around for anymore objects. Achilles grabbed hold of the dash, and held it down hard.
“The fuck was that?” Achilles shouted, looking at Kane.
“That came from the gates of the Eastern Province… It’s releasing access energy… and preparing to take off. The process takes about a day… So things like that will happen more and more often.” Kane explained.
“Thank god, we’re here.” Kane sighed with relief.
“Wait… aren’t we really far away from the Northern Province? How fast did this car go??” Achilles asked.
“Agency Vehicles can go up to Mach 3.” Kane replied.
“Good lord… How fast were we going before we pulled in Diana??” Achilles gasped.
“We were going… about… fifty mph? Not fast at all…” Kane responded.

Kane immediately started descending the car towards a small pad near the gates of the Eastern Province. Achilles looked at first to see the beautiful scenery, but what was supposed to be a breathtaking view turned into a nightmarish view. Achilles watched as people in large clusters, standing at the gates, throwing things and shouting to get in.
“Oh my god…” Achilles murmured to himself.
“See? This is why I warned you guys not to say anything… but looks like some of the agency doesn’t care about what happens to them and their families…” Kane sighed.
“My god… So many people…” Achilles gasped.
“Yeah… This will go down in history as the most catastrophic even in humanity’s history…” Kane responded.

It didn’t take long for the car to land on the ground. The moment it was on the ground, Kane pushed a button on his wheel, opening the doors. Hearing the doors open woke both Diana and Palacio up. Grabbing his bag, Achilles, Palacio, and Diana got out of the car, and walked with Kane to the end of the platform to some stairs that led to the commons area.
“From here, you’re on your own until launch. Listen for the loud speaker, and if you get lost, there are agents around that will help you. Achilles, it was great seeing you again.” Kane smiled, placing his hand on his shoulder.
“You too, brother… Take care of yourself… See you on Motavian.” Achilles responded, putting his hand on Kane’s shoulder.
“Here, take this.” Kane said, reaching for his belt.

Kane detached one of his beam sabers, and handed it to Achilles.
“Hold onto this… Keep it, and protect yourself, and your lad’s. Hopefully, I’ll see you again.” Kane smiled.
“You got it… Please be careful Kane… Next time we meet up, we need to really catch up!” Achilles smiled, “And thanks for the information.”

Kane nodded, before letting go of Achilles, and walked to his car. The three started descending from the platform, helplessly looking to the right as tons of people pushed against the gates of the Eastern Province.
“This is… horrible. I feel… so guilty.” Diana said.
“Why did you jump onto the car like a lunatic?” Palacio asked snarly.
“I feel guilty being here on this side. I don’t feel guilty that I get to live. Besides, all the money and the good shops are here!” Diana giggled.
“Wait a second… I recognize that band… Are you apart of The Raiders gang?” Palacio gasped.
“Well… Not really anymore. Once word got out something big was happening, the gang dispersed. This band holds in my claw. It’s the gang’s signature… but… I love it! It’s saved my ass so many times! And look at this ass! It’s amazing!” Diana laughed, pointing at her butt.
Palacio’s cheeks turned red, glaring at her butt. Soon, the three were down the stairs, at eye level with the hundreds to thousands of people on the other side of the gate. The three moved a little slower, feeling awkward as the people looked at them like they were walking pieces of meat.
“How does it feel being important?” One man shouted.
“I have family in there, how come some punks got in and not us!” Another person shouted.
“You let gang members in, but not us! I have royal blood!” Another person shouted.

As the three began to pick up speed, more and more people became upset, and yelling insults, as well as constant screaming. Agents stood about fifteen feet apart at the gate, holding high caliber rifles at the low ready to keep the people at bay.
“This… is really awkward…” Achilles said.
“Yeah… no kidding…” Diana sighed, trying to hide her band.
“Ugh, I feel like I need to take a shower…” Palacio sighed.
“Let’s go to the inn. It’s a few blocks… but it’ll give us a place to stay… and talk this through. And so I get to know you guys!” Diana cheered.
“Um, get to know us…?” Palacio questioned.
“Yeah! You saved my life… We’re lifelong partners! Its apart of our gang’s religion. Once one shows enough affection to save a member’s life, they’re bound for life! So you’re stuck with me!” Diana smiled, putting her arms around both Achilles and Palacio.
“Out… freaking… standing.” Achilles murmured to himself.
“Come on boys! We’re gonna have a fantastic time!!” Diana cheered.

Finally reaching a corner, the two descended down the commons, where many people were walking around, not bothered by the upcoming threat. The three sighed in relief finally out of view of the gates.
“Thank god…” Achilles sighed in relief.
“Look at all the people…” Palacio stated.
“Yeah… this is one of the busiest districts on Raven.” Diana said.
“How… How do you know all this? Aren’t you from the Northern like me?” Achilles asked.
“Nope! I’m originally from here! I went to the Northern Province to gather Intel for the gang! To smuggle some equipment from the Agencies’ armory…” Diana explained.
“But… why…?” Achilles asked, “This battle… they’re going to need everything they can get.”
“Because when this big palooka lands; There’s no plans for order…” Diana began to explain.
“Shush! Not out loud! Let’s go inside somewhere to talk about this…” Palacio snapped watching people pass them by stare and attempt to eavesdrop.
“We’re there, anyway, fancy-pants!” Diana replied snarly, pointing at a small inn.

To the right, she pointed at a building with a sign on the front “The Finicle In”. As the three walked in, Diana threw both hands up into the air, and smiled really big.
“Uncle! I’m home!!” She yelled.
“Diana!” An old man said, walking around his podium.

With open arms, the two embraced each other snuggly for a moment. She quickly pushed off him, and stepped backwards. Putting an arm around both Palacio and Achilles, she smiled.
“Can we have a room? Everyone’s getting all crazy with the recent… evacuation to this province… I’ll pay you eventually!” Diana smiled.
“Don’t worry about it! Stay as long as you like. Your usual room is at the end, on the right… Just… Keep it down this time… please?” Her uncle pleased.
“Uncle…!” Diana growled, blushing hard.
“I know… You’re a beautiful woman that likes to explore… Just… Use protection!” Her uncle laughed.

Diana turned so red, she could match an apple. She took a step back, and started shoving the two awkward men down the hallway. As she passed her uncle, she stuck her tongue out while he laughed at her blushing.
“That was… awkward…” Achilles gasped.
“I’m getting laid tonight?” Palacio asked, smiling at the idea.
“No way, you don’t have anything to offer, and I don’t need money right now!” Diana snapped.
“Well then, I see you get around much!” Achilles laughed.

Reaching the room, Diana opened the door, letting the two men in. Inside the room sat one large bed, with two chairs and a desk. On the wall, sat a large flat screen TV, and across the room was a door that led to a large bathroom with a hot tub.
“Welcome home for now, boys.” Diana smiled.
“Thanks Diana…” Achilles replied, walking into the room.
“Thanks a ton!” Palacio smiled, walking into the room.

Diana blew some hair out of her face as she walked into the room as well, shutting the door behind her.
“This is so nice! The decor is amazing!” Achilles gasped, admiring the room.

Suddenly, Diana reaches behind her dress, and pulls out a laser pistol identical to the Agent’s pistol. She quickly holds it to both men, and puts on a very serious face.
“Alright… Tell me what’s going on?” Diana shouted, holding the gun at Achilles.

Achilles quickly pulls his pistol out, while Palacio quickly jumps across the bed, and tucks himself between the bed and the wall.
“Whoa! This escalated way too quickly.” Achilles shouted back, pointing the gun at Diana.
“Why were you with the agent?” Diana asked, her voice dropping low.
“We were being escorted here, to the Eastern Province!” Palacio shouted, putting his hands over his head.
“Diana, put the gun down… We’re friendly here…” Achilles responded.
“Yeah, until you get the chance to kill me. I know how you lower level agents work!” Diana shouted.
“I’m not an agent! We were being escorted… For god sake Palacio had to leave his dying daughter back at my sandwich shop…” Achilles shouted back.
“Are you for real? Do you take me for a fool!? You’re here on a secret mission to disband my gang aren’t you?” Diana shouted, walking towards Achilles, “I don’t believe you… and I think it’s time…”

Before Diana could utter any words, Achilles quickly ducked, dashed forward enough to be within arm’s reach, and arose, knocking Diana’s pistol from her hands. In the same motion, he dropped his pistol, put his left hand around her mouth, and pushed her against the door, pinning her against it with his weight.
“Listen to me”! Achilles shouted, struggling to keep the girl pinned, “We don’t give a shit about your gang… We were told to come here because demons are coming to destroy our planet!”

Hearing this made Diana stop resisting.
“The Eastern Province is the only side that can detach from the actual planet. Select people from each Province are being escorted here. That’s why there are so many people at the eastern gates. They either told the agent’s no, they’re not going… or they weren’t selected. Palacio’s daughter was so sick… she chose to stay behind so she wouldn’t slow us down. If you want to be a scrawny little bitch and try to kill us for a nickel… Sorry we’re broke. We are trying to survive, not be gunned down by some bimbo in a gang… Which whose life we saved out of the goodness of our hearts…!” Achilles growled.

Diana forcefully turned her head, to look into Achilles’s eyes, and completely went limp. She gazed into his eyes, and felt a slight sense of comfort as he held her tight against the wall.
“I’m not a fan of guns… and I’m not a fan of violence… That’s why I quit the agency. But I refuse to be gunned down. I’m going to let you go now…” Achilles said.

With this said, he released Diana, and took a couple steps back. Palacio, with his hands on his head, rose up, peeking from the bed.
“Is mommy and daddy done fighting? I don’t like it!” Palacio shouted.

Diana fell to her knees, onto the floor while Achilles walked over and picked up both pistols. While holstering his, he grabbed Diana’s from across the room and walked back to Diana.
“Here…” Achilles said, handing over the weapon.

Diana slowly took the gun from him, and placed it behind her dress.
“I… I’m sorry…” Diana said softly, looking up at Achilles, “I… I have a hard time believing strangers… Especially ones accustomed to agents…”
“It’s alright… Just don’t do it again…” Achilles replied, extending his hand.

Gracefully, Diana gave Achilles her hand, and he helped her to her feet.
“Thanks…” Diana nodded.
“No problem… Don’t do that again. I may not be an agent anymore, but I still got them amazing skills, know what I mean?” Achilles snapped.

Palacio hopped from the side of the bed, and laid on it with his belly, and looked at Achilles and Diana.
“So… What’s for dinner?” Palacio asked.

Achilles glared over at Palacio.
“What time is it?” Achilles asked.
“It’s dinner time…” Diana giggled, looking at her watch on her other wrist, “It’s almost 6PM.”
“Who’s ordering…?” Palacio asked.

The very second Palacio asked, both he and Diana screamed.
“NOT IT!” they said.

Achilles looked at Diana, and Palacio, then placed his hands to his face.
“You guys… damnit!” Achilles shouted.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 31, 2015.

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