Shining Fantasy: Chapter 5 Complete

Exhausted, Mateo sluggishly enters the house, while Emmy is twirling and dancing with bags from multiple stores. Eager to rest his body, Mateo used his feet to pull off his shoes, and left them in the hallway as he staggered to the living room, where he allowed himself to fall back on the couch. Emmy, giggling happily, walked into the kitchen, and placed all her bags on the counter.
“You shop like a mad dog…” Mateo sighed, laying his arms over his head.
“And I look sexy doing it too!” Emmy giggled, ripping through her bags.
“So… What are we doing tonight?” Mateo asked, reaching for the remote.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m trying on these cute clothes! I want to look good for tomorrow when we head to the academy!” Emmy smiled, pulling out one of her new outfits.
“You want to… look… good?” Mateo questioned, rotating his head away from the TV.
“Of course..!” Emmy shouted, stepping into Mateo’s full view, “I’m a girl! I need to be feminine!”

Mateo shook his head, watching as Emmy was holding a black lingerie gown.
“Yeah, that’ll totally knock the socks off them female followers. Yup! You go girl!” Mateo laughed, turning back to the TV.

Becoming slightly frustrated, Emmy reached in her bag, and pulled out a plastic thermos Mateo bought, and slung it at him. Before Mateo realized it, he was smacked in the face by the object. He quickly grabbed the thermos, and set it on the floor, and turned on the TV. Emmy watched as Mateo completely ignored her attack, and goes back to a bag where a jar of peanut butter was. Winding back, she threw the peanut butter with all her might. Catching Mateo off guard, the peanut butter struck him in the chest, slightly knocking the wind out of him. He brought up his knees, and squeezed his chest, coughing.
“Typical man… You don’t know the first thing about women, jerk!” Emmy shouted, placing her hands on her hips, “I bought some of these to look good for the academy! I bought some for… you…”

Quickly grabbing some of the bags with the clothes, Emmy stomped out of the room, and went up the stairs to her room. Mateo, now on the floor in agony, placed his face onto the floor as he heard her door slam.
“Look at that… I’m not only a jerk… I got owned by peanut butter…” Mateo sighed.

Aggregated by Mateo, Emmy threw all her clothes onto the bed, and crossed her arms.
“He can be such a jerk…” Emmy growled, looked at her clothes, “I’m the woman around here… I have the girl’s touch!”

With that said, Emmy dropped all the bags onto the ground, and immediately stripped to her undergarments. Before trying on any clothes, she caught herself in the mirror, and gazed at her luscious figure.
“Man… What a beautiful body!” Emmy smiled, placing her hands on her hips, then places her hands onto her ears, “If only I had ears like a human… Ugh!”

Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a red and white stripped sun dress. Looking into the mirror and smiling, she snapped her fingers, making the dress disappear, and appear on her body. When she opened her eyes, she looked to her left, right, and back at the mirror to see how it looked. At the same time, Mateo was now back on the couch, thumbing through TV channels.
“I’ll never understand women…” Mateo said to him, watching a small purple flash emitting from the hallway, “I bet she’s going to town trying on her new clothes.”

All of a sudden, a news channel caught Mateo’s eye. There was a reporter on the TV, with the microphone held to a gentleman that’s clothes was shredded, and many scars all over his face and arms.
“Sir, can you explain what happened?” The reporter asked.
“I’m not terribly sure… I heard a loud bang, and when I looked up, debris form something just rained down on all of us!” The man screamed, running off screen in agony.
“Apparently, around 5PM this afternoon, a rain of debris fell from the sky, destroying this neighborhood. The reason being is unknown… Some pedestrians say that Attack drones from our very Agency attacked an unknown ship falling from orbit. The debris from the explosion rained down on the citizens. There are no signs of survivors from the explosion. The damage cost is ranging over the millions, and there have been reported 840 deaths, and thousands of casualties and the numbers are climbing. Many structures have been damaged in the northern corner of the Southern Province. This is EBJLA Signing off!” The reporter explained.

Mateo flipped the television to a random cartoon show, and turned the volume down to almost mute. He placed the remote on the right arm of the couch, and looked out the window to his right.
“What on earth… What’s going on…?” Mateo asked himself, “Arthur came here this morning… and now there’s unknown ships coming to orbit… Something is wrong…”

He stood from the couch, and glanced at the coffee table in front of him.
“Maybe it’s time I head back into the abandoned library… and study more about the races before going to Motavian. The last thing I want… is… to be… a minority.” Mateo said.

Walking over to the counter, Mateo grabbed his utility belt, and fastened it to his waist. At the same time, Emmy walked out of the bathroom in her normal outfit. She looked puzzled at Mateo as he finished fastening his belt.
“Um… Going somewhere?” Emmy asked, scratching her head.
“That was fast… Are you done trying on your clothes?” Mateo asked, looking at Emmy.
“I’m a Mystic, Mateo…” Emmy giggled, “It doesn’t take me long to try clothes. Snap of my finger and boom! All done!”
“That’s called cheating…” Mateo smiled, “I’m headed to the abandoned library to study a little bit.”
“Oh…” Emmy replied, placing her right hand on her left arm and rubbing it while staring at the floor, “Are you gonna be there all night…?”
“I can’t make any promises…” Mateo replied.

Emmy turned her back on Mateo, still looking towards the ground.
“Why… Why can’t you stay out of there?” Emmy asked softly, “Today almost ended perfectly… Every time you go there, you come back so weird! I don’t like it…”

Mateo walked towards Emmy, and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Emmy… I’m… sorry.” Mateo apologized.
“Then…” Emmy said, turning around, looking into Mateo’s eyes, “Take me with you!”

Mateo let go of Emmy’s shoulders, and took a few steps back.
“Emmy… I…” Mateo replied.

Emmy put her hands together, and took a step forward towards Mateo.
“Mateo… Please. You’ve never taken me down there… I want to study too…” Emmy asked, anxiously.
“There are… so many things down there. I’m…” Mateo looked down towards the floor.
“I’ve asked you so many times to let me down there! I realize that it belonged to your family… But I’m a part of this family now… I have a right as well!” Emmy shouted.
“There are secrets about Mystics down there that could destroy the very ties that keep you sane, Emmy! I… I’m…” Mateo replied, turning his back on Emmy, “Sorry.”

Lowering his arms, Mateo proceeded to the other side of the kitchen, leaving Emmy in shock and disbelief. Her eyes began glittering, as a bead of tears began swelling on her face. For a brief moment, she watched as Mateo walked away from her, feeling ignored, and thrown away like trash. Allowing the thoughts to get to her head, she closed her eyes, attempting to hold in the emotional pain, then released everything, throwing her arms to her sides.
“You shouldn’t be allowed to go down there either! There’s things down there I know that could help out the entire Agency, along with the culture of our very lives! You choose to be selfish, and wallow in your own self-pity over your own family’s death! I’ve tried for years to get you to open up and stop taking it out on yourself… But… you’re just a lonely coward who doesn’t understand what gratitude is! You’re a bastard…” Emmy shouted, with a few tears flying into the air.

Hearing this stopped Mateo in his tracks. With his hand on a door at the end of the small hallway, his eyes grew large; as he let her words slowly sink in.
“You…” Mateo began to reply.
“No, shut up! You forget I lost my parents when I was five… FIVE Mateo…!” Emmy shouted, tears beginning to bleed from her eyes once more, “I watched them get murdered in front of me… You and your parents took me in… And… we’ve been together since… And… for you to deny me in that library breaks my heart Mateo…!”

Before Emmy could turn away, Mateo grabbed her arm, and brought her body to his and embraced it. He squeezed her tightly, attempting to numb the pain in her heart, at the same time, trying to conceal his own tears.
“Emmy… Come on. Let’s go to the library together…” Mateo replied in a soft voice in her ear.
“Thank… Thank you…” Emmy replied happily, wiping her tears onto Mateo’s shirt.

Releasing Mateo, Emmy and Mateo walked towards the door at the end of the hallway. Reaching above the doorknob, Mateo pressed a bunch of numbers in a fast sequence, unlocking the door. Once the latch was heard unlocking, Mateo turned the doorknob, and opened the door. Emmy’s eyes lit up to see the room beyond the door. Over the years it’s been dormant, the room was covered in dust, cobwebs, and random papers and torn books on the ground. In the middle of the room sat a long bookshelf with a ton of books on each of the 7 shelves that stretched to the ceiling. Mateo quickly pulled Emmy into the room, and shut the door.
“Mateo…! This is… the…” Emmy gasped.
“Yup… This is where I spent almost two years. Over there, to the right…” Mateo pointed to a blocked off door, “lead to what used to be our old neighborhood. The renovations and the decks took care of that though… so I sealed it using a spell I learned from a Mystic Spell book.”
“Wait! There are spell books here??” Emmy gasped.
“Yes… Vira, my mother, wrote them… and left them here. Even though I’m not mystic… there is a tiny portion of that energy in every being. If we can carefully tap into that energy, we can do very miniature things… like an extra jump boost… temporarily enhance our vision… Allow a stronger attack… And other small things; the other extent is shooting a single small ball of energy. You, unlike me, are a full blooded Mystic. You can do these things without depleting your energy reserve. If I get careless in any shape way, or form… it will quickly use my life force… and I’ll die.” Mateo explained, walking towards the bookshelf.
“Mateo… who else knows about this stuff…?” Emmy asked following Mateo.
“Nobody here…” Mateo answered, stopping at the bookshelf, “A lot of these books come from Gethos, The Golden Paradise of the Angels…”

Emmy took a step back, astonished at Mateo.
“Angels…? But…” Emmy said.
“My mother, Vira… was half Mystic, Angel, and human. She was labeled as a Tri-being. She had the fire of a human… The swiftness of an angel, and the power of a full mystic… My father, Julius… Was also a Tri being… but he didn’t have Angel blood. He had demonic blood. They never shared their genetics to anyone but to your family, Emmy.” Mateo explained, pulling a book from the shelf and handing it to Emmy, “They were among the top level of agents. Nobody could defeat them… Not even Commander Arthur. But the secret got out, and everybody became skeptical of the situation… Which got your family killed…?”

Emmy opened the book, and immediately seen a picture of her parents and Mateo’s parents together in a family picture. Mateo, only a couple years old in the picture, was holding an infant in the picture.
“Mateo… Is this…” Emmy gasped, tears beginning to form on her face again.
“That’s the family portrait of our families. Before they were killed… The authorities claimed that a band of mercenaries… Killed them… But, personally I don’t believe it for a second. After that ordeal, the missions my parents were put on were more and more time consuming… The elite guard was here at the house, patrolling all the time, and periodically coming in here. I’m sure you remember that part though. When I was 18…” Mateo looked towards the floor, “They were sent on a mission to Motavian… That very day… is when they banned all inter-racial groups from joining the Agency… and a week later, I got a letter saying they were MIA.” Mateo finished.
“Oh gosh…” Emmy sighed, flipping through the pages of the book.

One page in particular came around, showing Mateo taped and bound to a table.
“Mateo what is…” Emmy asked, pointing at a picture.
“That…” Mateo replied, looking at Emmy, and then turning his back, “That’s when they altered my genes in that horrid lab under Infinite Tower.”

Emmy then glared at the passage written in the book.
“Because I was the son of Julius and Vera Leohan, they suspected I was also inter-racial. Having Angelic, Mystic, Human, and Demonic blood in one body… Could be catastrophic… So they tested my blood, and experimented with it… to… Bio-engineer super soldiers…” Mateo explained, “The project was quickly terminated, and I was given a serum that was supposed to wipe my memory of the whole ordeal… And it almost worked, until I found that very book in this library.”

Emmy sat on the floor, and began reading as Mateo kept talking.
“The tests they done completely removed demon essence from my genetics; as well as the mystic and angelic genes… They made me completely human.” Mateo explained, “And with the book you have there, it was something planned from my parents. They wanted me pure human, so I could do what they could not… Even with their unique genes… One counter’s the other. If a demon were to get ahold of a mystic; they can absorb their energy… and turn to stone. You have exactly one hour before your petrification is permanent… or your body is destroyed within the hour. If a demon were to get ahold of a Tri-being… and absorb the mystic energies; there is a good chance the being can become corrupt… and turn under demonic influence. My father, Julius, because he originally possessed demonic blood, became an immediate threat to everyone he went around.”
“So… You were telling the truth… About Demons and Mystics…” Emmy gasped, hearing Mateo’s knowledge.
“Sadly, yes. There are spells to counter being seen… but to a demon, Mystics are seen as a heat signature. They can spot even the smallest of the energy. Just like flies to a fly trap.” Mateo explained, “Now back to what I was saying… Humans with demonic DNA in them just leads to disaster. Human DNA is the weakest of the gene pool. Demonic essence overpowers it… Angelic and Mystic DNA are equal, but can be easily overpowered by demons… Especially if they’re infused with Mystic energy; And when the Agency found out Julius and Vira’s DNA… they… took my genetics. But there’s a positive note to it. I can combat any race, without being fearful of corruption unless I allow myself to be corrupted.  That book taught me a lot.”
“So much… to digest…” Emmy said.
“Yeah… That’s what she said.” Mateo giggled, removing another book from the shelf, “I was originally told to never let you in here, Emmy… By both your folks and mine…”
“What… Why?” Emmy asked boldly, looking towards Mateo in a concerned voice.
“In these spell books… are magic spells that… are forbidden even to Angels. To use them could throw you into insanity… and chaos. You have to promise me… if you read through them… You are not to practice them… Because you’re a full Mystic… it could be catastrophic…” Mateo said, glaring at Emmy.

Hesitant, Emmy looked at Mateo.
“I… But…” Emmy began to say.

Mateo dropped the book from his hands, and fell to his knees, placing his hands onto her shoulders.
“Emmy, you have to promise me. There are spells that can completely alter our reality. You have a power that can be tapped… that can bend the rules and fabric of our very lives. Please… Do not practice them. They’re called death weaving… It’s so taxing on your energy pool… your mind and body… You could be killed, or fall into chaos… Emmy… I can’t bear to have anything like that happen to you… Please..” Mateo pleaded.
“I… I promise.” Emmy smiled, watching Mateo be concerned.
“Thank you…” Mateo replied, letting go of Emmy, and picking his book up, “Read and study whatever you want.”
“I do have a question… How did your family obtain these books?” Emmy asked.
“The book you have right there my mother wrote. I’m not sure who added in the stuff about my genetics being removed because that took place after my parents disappeared. The rest of these books came from the Ancient Library of Parthemeous… The biggest library in all of the Algian system… Anything in history is recorded and placed there. Though my parents were great people… They always stole books from there, in case they were never able to go there again…” Mateo explained, staring into a book.
“I… I may be in here a while tonight…” Emmy replied, glaring into the book.

Mateo looked up from the book, glancing at Emmy. Unknown to her, some of the debris from the floor began rotating above her head, as if a sphere was above her head.
“Emmy… Look up…” Mateo asked, pointing above Mateo’s head.
“What…? Huh?” Emmy replied, looking up.

The very moment she looked up, the debris on the floor fell, landing on her face. Slightly startled, Emmy jumped to her feet, and held the book to her chest.
“I… What was that…?” Emmy gasped, looking at Mateo, slightly startled.
“Emmy… You’re a Mystic. When you increase your knowledge… You begin to control things around you. The very air around you… you can manipulate things all around you with little to no effort… Have you ever explored your Mystical heritage?” Mateo asked.
“No… I’ve only done what was shown to me by other mystic kids in school…” Emmy replied, “And the lesson I was in about Mystical protocols and maneuvers.”
“You’ll be in here for a while… While you read, I’m heading to make dinner… The key code is 4169285… You can come in here whenever you want…” Mateo smiled, closing his book.

Standing up, Mateo put the book back in its place on the shelf, and turned towards the exit. As Mateo proceeded towards the exit, Emmy sat back onto the floor, and began reading more of the book Mateo handed her. As Mateo placed his hand on the door knob, he glanced back, and saw Emmy reading diligently, ignoring everything around her as papers began rotating above her head.
“I… I hope… I didn’t make a mistake mom… and dad…” Mateo murmured to himself, as he exited the room.

Emmy, not paying attention to Mateo as he left the room, closed the book she was handed and set it next to her. Extending her hands, five books came out of the shelf, and floated to her. Grabbing one of the books while the other four made a stack to her right, she eagerly opened it, and began reading.
“The great war between factions… Eons ago, before the foundation of any organization… All the races lived peacefully…” Emmy read, the looked up from the book for a second, “Wait… Mystics had… a place to call home?”

Emmy looked back at the book anxiously, feeling butterflies enter her stomach. She began reading out loud again.
“Angels lived on Gethos… Humans on Raven… Demons on Silan… and… Mystics… On… Crothan…” Emmy froze for a moment to reflect, then began reading again, “All the races lived peacefully… until a quad-being by name of Xenaz… Surfaced from the deep reaches of Raven… He single handedly conquered Raven, and enslaved humans that resisted his wishes and desires.  Over the course of five years, humans became feared, and hated upon for their savage nature. Due to the nature of Angels and Demons… In their context… they refused to work together to stop the enemy… But with the help of the Mystical beings from Crothan, the two races teamed up… to take power from Xenaz… With the help of an organization… calling them… “Agents”, they lead a team from each faction into the core of the moon Raven… and dispatched Xenaz…” Emmy read.

Unknowing to her, Emmy began to float off the floor, still in a sitting position. The books she had stacked next to her still sat next to her, but in the air. Same with the book Mateo gave her.
“But… it cost them all their lives, when the core of the moon ruptured… sending lava towards the surface. With all the races, and their knowledge; Using magic from Crothan, the strength from Silan, and the technology from Gethos… They were able to put together a gravitational system to sustain the moon. Because there are four moons around Motavian; if one was to stop its orbit… The three moons could possibly collide with each other, or mold into a single planet, killing all the inhabitants. From then on, the human populous dwindled to extinction. A treaty was signed by each of the leaders, allowing each race to mingle… and create inter-racial beings. The treaty lasted over three hundred years, cultivating each race. Over the course of those years, several individuals were sent from each moon to explore Motavian, and begin growing settlements there. This created the silver age of peace… The peace ended when a fourth planet entered the solar system… and Astronomers from each faction believe that once this planet came into the system, it tilted the rotation of the moons around Motavian, creating an unexplained vacuum every fifty years our time… It destroys various things on Motavian… This also caused the destruction of the Mystic faction, Crothan… Every 50 years, Crothan is in the line of the rest of the planets… and when this vacuum happened, it annihilated every Mystic on Crothan… and made the moon completely uninhabitable… From this, the treaty was broken… And over the course of 200 more years, the races, now no longer in a joint communication; slowly broke away. Although Mystics were the major helping hand in the treaty, they became an endangered race… Humans and Angels extended their hands to help, while Demons took in what they could, only to harness their energy and grow in power. Rumors are said that the ash and mist on Silan, are the remains of Mystics…” Emmy stopped for a moment, and reflected the information.

Mateo, only spending about fifteen minutes in the kitchen, walked into the library, to see Emmy in the air. He glared at Emmy for a moment, watching her intently reading the book. As he looked closely, he noticed she was reading “The History of Algian”, and decided to leave her alone. Leaving the room, and shutting the door, he walked back into the kitchen and began preparing Emmy’s dinner plate.
“The only thing that stood for the treaty between Humans and Angels were their shared hatred for Demons. The only rulers that have near immortality are the rulers of the Angels and Demons… The Demon King Silan, and the Angelic Leader Hesediel of Gethos… The old king of the humans… was only human. So every fifty years, the rulers of Raven are replaced… And of the Mystics, the leader was named… Queen Xion; before the civilization perished… Over the years of conflict, Angels have deemed it time to stay out of the ordeals of Humans and Demons… At the same time, the treaty also dwindled over the demand of the Humans. Due to their savage nature that festered over the years… Humans are often hated, and not wanted.” Emmy read.

Feeling as if she read enough, she closed the book, and set it onto of the first book she had. Reaching to the pile she hasn’t touched, she opened another book, and began reading it. At the same time, Mateo walked into the room, with a plate full of baked fish, green beans, and mashed potatoes in each hand. Walking closer to the floating Emmy, he stopped, and looked up at her.
“I take it you’re enjoying what you’re reading?” Mateo laughed.
“There’s so much… to take in…” Emmy replied back, looking into the next book.
“You should take a break… and…” Mateo began to say.

Suddenly, the food from his right hand was ripped from his hand, and began orbiting around the room with the rest of the debris. Instead of staying in orbit, the plate floated next to her head. Using her energy, she used the fork to pick up the food and eat it without putting her hands on it or looking off the book.
“Well then!” Mateo replied back, taking a few steps back, “You want to eat together??”
“Not really! Reading!! I’ll chat at you later” Emmy snarled back, taking a bite of the green beans.
“Alright then; Just try not to stay up too late, we have an early day tomorrow…” Mateo replied back.
“Yup; Goodnight, Mateo…” Emmy replied, taking another bite of food.

Turning his back on Emmy, he proceeded to leave the room, glancing at Emmy from the corner of his eye.
“I… I think I messed up…” Mateo replied as he exited the room.

Closing the door behind him, he walked to his couch, and began eating his food. With every bite, he could feel a sort of energy emitting from the Library. Trying to shrug the feeling, Mateo grabbed the remote, and turned on the television again. This time, another news report was on, about how the cars of today can fly. As this was playing, Mateo began chatting to himself.
“Did Emmy’s parents not want her reading about Mystics? I don’t understand it too much. She’s entitled to know about her heritage… and what happened in the past… Why didn’t they want me to show her? I don’t understand… Maybe she’ll get a good idea about the Mystic background now… While I sit here, and watch this, and eat this amazing salmon.” Mateo smiled, chowing away at his dinner.

Meanwhile, Emmy closed another book, and pulled out the last of the stacks she originally pulled out.
“Those were all spells… I already knew… This one… The first page explains… A spell that… I’ve never seen before.” Emmy stated to herself, finishing off the green beans on her plate, “THIS… This is a forbidden spell… It’s…”

Emmy closed the book, and read the title of the book, “Mystics, and the forbidden magic”.
“I don’t… think I…” Emmy murmured to herself.
“No… You shouldn’t…” A voice echoed through her head.

Emmy opened her eyes, becoming scared, glancing around the room.
“Who… Who’s there?” Emmy asked out loud, “Who is out there…?”
“You must listen…” The voice echoed through Emmy’s mind, “The spells and information of the book you now wield could very well change your outlook on everything you hold dear. There are spells in that… that even Queen Xion forbid to use. You, Emerald, are one of the descendants… of… Xion. You have inherited a power deep within…”

Hearing these words made Emmy descend from the air, and land on two feet. All the objects in the room slowly fell to the floor, including her empty plate of food. She held the book close to her chest, and began looking around the room, looking for the voice.
“Nobody has ever called me by my real name…” Emmy replied.
“ I’m willing to show you who I am… But you must make a Mystical promise you will not utter anything you see, or say to anyone.” The voice replied.
“Pinky swears, and yes. I promise…” Emmy smiled, nodding her head.

All of a sudden, a fiery construct appeared in the room, appearing like a woman. Although her feet didn’t touch the floor, she floated in the air.
“Hello, Emmy… It’s been… a really long time.” The woman replied.
“You… You… I know you…” Emmy replied back.
“Emerald… It’s me… Vira.” Vira replied back

Emmy fell to her knees, astonished at Vira.
“You… You’re alive??” Emmy gasped, astonished.
“Sort of… But I don’t have much time. The book you hold… If you read that book… You’re going to partake on a path… that is unclear for you… and all Mystics. The power that’s emitting from you as we speak… Even Zilan can see from where he is right now on Silan. A long time ago, I made Mateo swear he would never let you in here… because I had a haunch you were one of the descendants of the Queen Xion… And I was right. You shine brighter than any star…” Vira explained, “But that can prove to be something more deadly than you can imagine. You’re a target now, Emerald…”
“But… I have Mateo to protect me!” Emmy replied back.
“He’s only human Emerald… I came here… to warn you… Be careful with the powers you’re tapping into… Be careful and use them wisely…” Vira warned Emmy.
“Why… Where have you been? Mateo has changed so much without you guys here…” Emmy asked, looking down at the floor.
“Emerald… It’s too soon for that. You can’t tell Mateo I was here… The only thing I am here for is to warn you to be careful… with that very book in your hands… And trust your own judgment. Regardless of what anyone tells you… Or says… Even Mateo…” Vira explained, “I have to go now… Please listen to my words… And do not tell Mateo, or anyone of what I said… or me being here…”

Emmy covered her face as Vira disappeared in a quick flash of light. As the light cleared, Emmy held the book in front of her, and pondered what Vira said to her.
“A… Descendant… of Queen Xion…?” She questioned herself, as she gazed at the book, “Is that why… I was told never to find out? What does… all this mean for me…?” Emmy asked herself.

Sitting back on the floor again, she looked deeply at the cover of the book.
“What… am I to do…?” She continuously asked herself.

Meanwhile, Mateo begin yawning, and stretching from watching the TV. As he cut the TV off, he stood up and stretched again, this time hunching over, feeling sleepy. Looking at the clock, seeing it was after 10, he decided he was going to go to bed. Before heading to his room, he started heading to the library door, and put his hand on the door knob, attempting to enter the room again.
“Wait…” Mateo said, “She’s doing what a Mystic does… I should just leave her, and head to bed. I’ll wake her in the morning so we can go to the academy… Yeah, let’s do that… Let’s leave her alone to her studies…” Mateo smiled.

Releasing the knob, Mateo turned around, and headed towards his room for bed. Walking up the stairs, he glimpsed one more time at the library door, thinking of Emmy. Finally up the stairs, Mateo walked to his room, and shut the door. Undressing to his underclothes, he grabbed a towel, and proceeded to his bedroom bathroom, where he started his shower. Taking off his underclothes, he stepped into the shower.
“I hope I… Did the right thing…” Mateo murmured to himself.

After a few minutes, Mateo finished his shower, and put on fresh undergarments. Throwing his dirty clothes in his laundry hamper, he pulled over the covers, laid in his bed, and looked at the ceiling as he covered himself up.
“That girl… I hope I didn’t make a mistake… I have a weird feeling I did…” Mateo mentioned to himself.

With that, Mateo reached over to his right side, and cut off his lamp. Surrounded in total darkness, Mateo closed his eyes, and let out a happy sigh as he drifted off to sleep. While his eyes were closed, Mateo began thinking about Emmy, and what she could be learning in the library.
“That poor girl must be going through a cultural shock right now… All the secrets hidden from her… Her heritage… Her background… Her life… Everything… I hope… I did the right thing. I don’t know why I doubt myself… I’ve been with her… her entire life… I would know, above anyone, if it should change… or hurt her. I foresee… a change coming, somehow… I just don’t know what.”

Suddenly, Mateo’s alarm went off, indicating it was morning. He opened his eyes, and slung his arm, knocking the alarm clock off the night stand while it was still ringing. Becoming quickly agitated, Mateo rolled to his side, and grabbed the alarm clock. While turning off the clock, he placed it back on the night stand, and sat up in the bed. He stretched high and wide, uttering out a yell as he yawned as well.
“Good morning!” Mateo shouted, throwing off the covers, “Today’s the big day!”

Jumping out of bed, Mateo ran to his dresser, and put on another black T-shirt, and brown Khaki pants. Walking over to his table, he sat down, and put on his special black combat boots. Running to the bathroom, Mateo quickly brushed his teeth, and brushed his hair. It didn’t take but a couple minutes to finish grooming, before he exited his room. Thinking of Emmy, he walked to Emmy’s room, and knocked on the door.
“Emmy… Good morning…” Mateo smiled.

No answer. Puzzled, Mateo knocked several times, but nobody answered. On the eighth knock, the door opened on its own. Slowly pushing the door, Mateo peeked into the room, to see that Emmy was not there. His heart dropped, and put him into a slight panic. As fast as he could, Mateo jumped down the stairs, and ran towards the library door. Approaching the door, he looked and saw the keypad had been blown off. Using his shoulder, Mateo rammed the door, breaking into it. Mateo struggled to his feet, and placed his hands onto his head in horror. Not only was Emmy still reading, a purple glow emitted from her, along with every book in the library rotating around her, instead of above her head now.
“Emmy, Are you crazy!?! Come down from there!!!” Mateo shouted, placing his hands around his mouth.

Emmy didn’t respond. Mateo, thinking fast, used what little mystic power he had, and infused his legs. Using the power, Mateo ran towards Emmy, being hit by flying books. With all his strength, he jumped towards Emmy, in hopes to break her concentration. As he approached Emmy, more books hit him in the chest, and the face at fast speeds, bruising him. Within arm’s reach, Mateo grabbed hold of Emmy, knocking her out of her concentrated reading. Mateo held her tight as they landed on the ground. Due to Emmy’s concentration being broken, all the books in the room fell to the floor, as well as debris.

Mateo, trying to protect Emmy, landed on his back with Emmy in his clutches.
“God damnit…” Mateo shouted, feeling immense pain throughout his body.

Emmy broke from his grasp, and stood to her feet.
“You… Why’d you do that?? I was concentrating!” Emmy shouted, picking up one of the books.
“Do you realize… what… you were doing?” Mateo asked, attempting to stand.
“I was reading happily…” Emmy replied, dusting off the book.

Mateo finally was able to stagger to his feet. He glimpsed at the book she held, and looked back at her.
“You… You read the forbidden magic book didn’t you?” Mateo asked, becoming concerned.
“I finished that a long time ago… This was… nursery rhymes…” Emmy giggled, smiling at Emmy.

Mateo took his hand, and placed it on his forehead.
“Did… you sleep at all last night??” Mateo asked, letting out a helpless sigh.
“I slept in meditation…” Emmy replied back.
“Ugh… Go freshen up. It’s time to head to the academy.” Mateo stated.
“That’s right! That’s today!! I completely forgot!!!” Emmy gasped, dropping the book.

Glancing at her dirty and dust covered clothes, she ran out of the room, and headed to her room. While she began to get ready, Mateo looked at the trashed library. Glancing at each book, he uncovered the book he first gave to Emmy, and held it tightly. Looking how all the books were thrown on the floor, he kept hold of the book, and walked out of the library. Taking a glimpse of the library as he walked out, he smirked a little, and looked back in front of him again.
“I’m totally not cleaning it up.” Mateo smiled, closing the library behind him.

Taking the book to his room, he placed it under his pillow in his room. At the same time, Emmy walked into Mateo’s room, dressed in a green tank top, with blue jeans along with a dark blue light jacket on top. Having her black belt and weapons on, she smiled, and gave Mateo the thumbs up.
“Ready when you are, sir!” Emmy smiled.

Reaching under his night stand, Mateo grabbed his utility belt, and clipped it around him. Also, he reached again for his sabers and pistols, and holstered them onto his belt.
“Let’s do this.” Mateo smiled.

The two walked downstairs, and before heading outside, Mateo grabbed his trench coat, and put it on. Opening the door, the two walked out of the house. Mateo shut the door behind them, and locked it while Emmy took a deep breath outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.
“Holy shit, it’s beautiful outside…!” Emmy smiled, closing her eyes, feeling the wind.
“Yeah, it sure is…” Mateo replied.

As the two took a few steps forward, Emmy suddenly stopped moving.
“Mateo… Where… is everyone?” She asked, looking around the plaza.

Mateo also looked around, confused.
“It’s morning time, usually there are people all over the place.” Mateo questioned.

Shrugging it off, the two headed down the street, towards the academy. Still looking around, seeing nobody around, made the plaza and the streets eerie, and lonely.
“This isn’t normal.” Emmy mentioned, looking at a daycare completely empty.
“Right…? It’s a ghost town around here… It’s not right.” Mateo replied, “So… Did you have fun last night…? You seem awfully lively.”
“Oh Mateo… I learned so much…” Emmy replied back, almost brought to tears of joy, “I had no idea… about anything until now. SO many things make sense…”
“I’m glad…” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy’s happiness.

Within minutes, the two stood at the large academy building. IT was shaped like a half circle, but stood many stories high. There we very long stairs up to the building, making only the physically in shape people able to walk to the top. About half way up the stairs, Emmy began panting form exhaustion while Mateo was several steps farther.
“Come on, little lady! Let’s go!” Mateo shouted, smiling.
“It’s kind of hard… when… You feel like a pound of bacon…” Emmy replied, holding onto a guardrail.

Mateo giggled a little bit.
“Well… That’s what happens when you ARE a pound of bacon!!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy balled her fist up, and started increasing her speed up the stairs, trying to catch Mateo. Having an irritated face, she was determined to catch up to him. It only took minutes before the two were at the top, panting from the stairs.
“Here we go!” Emmy panted, looking towards the doors.
“Finally…” Mateo said to Emmy, starring at the entrance of the building.

Slowly approaching the building, with every step he took, he began remembering what his father said, as well as his mom about being an agent.
“Son, being an agent means putting all things aside… Feelings… and those you love behind the mission. The mission comes first… and the fact you’re volunteering yourself is an honor on its own. Every Agent that passes through here, leave with honor, and dignity. One day you’ll do the same.” Julius’s voice echoed through Mateo’s mind.

All of a sudden, the two stopped at the door with a large sign on it. Mateo’s mouth dropped while Emmy put her hands to her mouth in horror.
“The Academy is closed until further notice. If there are any issues, please call 555-555-0129.”


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 25, 2015.

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