Shining Fantasy: Chapter 4 Complete

Exhausted, Alec laid on the floor, panting as he looked towards the ceiling while Lyra leaned against her bed. Elena, still unconscious, was also on the floor, in front of her bed. Moments after the rocket took off, the walls of the building faded away, revealing the darkness of space. Lyra slowly rose to her feet, and looked through the glass, watching the fiery planet Silan.
“Alec…” Lyra panted, “Thank you…”
“Shush… It’s apart… of the job.” Alec replied back, trying to catch his breath.
“We… escaped… And you got the battle plans…” Lyra smiled, looking back at Alec.
“Yeah, I guess we did it, huh? Thanks for the supporting fire…” Alec replied.
“Yes…” Lyra smiled, allowing herself to fall on her bed from the window.

Suddenly, Elena made a slight moan. Alec quickly dusted himself off, and rose to his feet as Elena began wiggling and moaning in pain. He quickly gained his composure, and walked towards Elena, and sat on his bed, looking at her scornfully. She immediately placed one of her hands on her face, and sat up. Her hair dangled, towards the floor, so he was unable to see her face. Alec wasted no time at all in beginning the conversation.
“Elena, why…?” Alec asked scornfully.
“What…?” Elena replied, not looking in his direction.
“I needed you the most down there, and in our most critical of times… You locked up, and couldn’t finish the mission with me. I had to jeopardize our cover, and put Lyra in even more danger than she was supposed to be in. You blew our cover, and we almost didn’t make it back to the ship in time. What the fuck is your deal?” Alec questioned, showing no remorse.

Elena began rising to her feet, only to sit on her bed. She looked towards the floor, letting her hair block anybody from looking at her face.
“I…” Elena began answering.

Alec stood to his feet, stood in front of Elena, and with his right hand drawn back; he released it against her face from his backside. The smack not only startled Lyra, but threw Elena off the bed, back onto the floor. Lyra quickly jumped to her feet, but Alec pushed his left hand towards her, signaling for her to stay back. Elena quickly scurried to her feet, and began holding her face in pain and astonishment. She looked at Alec with her beading eyes, and began to tear up.
“No! Why did you leave us there in the middle of a mission?? This was one of the most critical missions to date! We needed you! We lost our ground; Lyra had to come from cover, to get you… And I had to walk into the stronghold of the demon empire for information with no cover! The demonic base of Silan!!  Absolutely none! You freaked out like a coward… I expected that kind of behavior from a level one, not you! I got ambushed by Zilan, one of the generals of Silan, and several of his elite guards. If it wasn’t for Lyra, I would have died…” Alec explained.
“Alec, I’m…” Elena tried to explain.
“No! I’ve had it!” Alec shouted, turning around, with his back facing Elena, “When we get back, I’m decommissioning you as my follower. You almost cost us not only our lives… Not only the mission… But do you realize this could hasten the attack on Raven? You put your own selfish concerns before the mission! Again! This time you messed up too much. I’m going right to Commander Arthur and decommissioning you!”

Elena, horrified, stood in disbelief, holding her face in agony. Lyra, on her feet, put her hand to her mouth, turned the other way, and began looking at the stars again.
“Alec… Don’t please… I…” Elena attempted to beg.

Alec quickly turned around, grabbed Elena by her collar, hoisted her into the air, and pushed her against the glass of the ship.
“Just because you’re the commander’s daughter you think you can be clever and do what you wish! Like your life is over everyone else’s…!” Alec shouted, pushing tighter on Elena’s neck.

Lyra, beginning to shake at the knees, turned around, and looked at Alec in disbelief.
“Alec, stop it!” Lyra shouted at him.
“Shut up!” Alec shouted at her, not taking her eyes off Elena, “You have no idea what you jeopardized! You could have doomed us all!”

Elena began struggling, kicking Alec in the chest, losing oxygen.
“I have never been this angry at you! I can’t believe you locked up on the most important mission we’ve ever been tasked on!” Alec shouted, begging to growl in his speech.

Lyra quickly grabbed hold of Alec, and pulled him back; making him drop Elena, and the two hit the floor on their backs. Elena fell to her hands and knees, coughing and gasping for air.
“Stop it Alec! You made you point…” Lyra pleaded, refusing to release Alec.
“Let me go!!” Alec shouted, trying to reach for Elena again.

Elena quickly recovered, and jumped to her feet. Her eyes began tearing up, looking confused at Alec.
“You… don’t understand… Alec…” Elena replied softly, hearing the sadness in her voice, “I… I saw something…”
“You saw things from fear!” Alec shouted, still struggling to reach Elena.
“No… You… Listen to me please…” Elena pleaded, “I saw a vision…”

Lyra, puzzled, glared at Elena in confusion as Alec calmed down. He braced Lyra’s clutch and pulled her arms away. Using the beds, he pushed himself to his feet, and looked at Elena.
“I saw… something.  In my head, I saw… something…” Elena repeated.
“What did you see? What was so terrifying that you had to jeopardize the mission? “Alec asked.
“I saw…” Elena replied, sitting on her bed, holding the side of her face that Alec hit, “A vision. I saw… Our planet, but… there was fire everywhere. The buildings were half broken… Some fell to the floor of the planet, floating in the lava… I saw buildings floating in the sky, and I saw the shield gone over the planet that helps preserve live…” Elena explained.

This made Alec sit on his bed while Lyra sat next to Elena, and began rubbing her back.
“The moment we stepped on the Cathedral… I began having the visions, but I ignored it. I should have… said something…” Elena explained, becoming choked up, “The rings around the control tower were rotating, which means the gravitational systems were either damaged, or malfunctioned… I saw everything in ruins… molten pillars from the core throwing itself into space… I saw, Zilan, with a large weapon… covered with blood, and some yellow-goo stuff… He was holding it high in the air.”

Elena began to hold where Alec slapped her again.
“I saw buildings floating into the atmosphere… Bodies and lava everywhere… The planet Silan was… blue… And then I saw those red… red crimson eyes looking at me. They were… haunting… It felt like it was chilling my soul…” Elena placed both of her hands on her face, and looked towards the ground, “It began talking to me… It was dark, and cold… It almost made me panic… But I couldn’t move… I was petrified… I blanked out after that. But the words it said to me… I…”

Succumbing to her thoughts, Elena covered her face with her hands, and leaned into Lyra’s lap. Alec, astonished by Elena, stood up and proceeded towards Elena, when Lyra looked heavily on him.
“Back off…” Lyra shouted, giving Alec the stink eye, “That was the coldest I’ve ever seen out of you…”

Alec shrugged his shoulders, unaware he did anything wrong.
“Lyra, something you need to understand…” Alec began to explain, walking away from the beds, “This mission wasn’t like anything we’ve ever been tasked before. Elena and I are top ranking Agents. There is no room for error.”

He turned, facing the two women,
“Elena and I go back a little bit. A daughter of the great Commander Arthur, and a highly skilled medic, and fighter; Elena has a lot to live up to. She made rank quick, and got partnered with me. At level five, the missions we get tasked on are some of the worse… Physically draining missions to date; the most dangerous, and the most unforgiving; we put many lives on the line when we mess up. So there’s no room for error. Failure to complete our missions results in immediate debrief, and kicked out of the Agency… or death. No in between, and no leniency. Elena jeopardized herself, me, and the rest of the population on Raven… Deep down, I have deep sympathies for you, for having a vision. But you’ve had the same thing happen eons ago, and it did cost the lives of an entire town!” Alec shouted, pointing at Elena, “I can’t… Risk doing that again…!”

Lyra gasped, hearing the information. She looked down, feeling Elena’s sorrow pour onto her lap, and started to pet her hair, attempting to comfort her.
“You know… There are some things that just can’t be helped…” Lyra spoke softly, raising her head to look at Alec, “Maybe when we get back… I’ll leave you guys…”
“You can’t.” Alec replied.
“What…?” Lyra asked, placing her hand on Elena’s hip.
“You are under strict contract to me and my team, Lyra. You’re a project. A lab rat… If you were to spring on your own, I would be responsible… Which means, under the agency guidelines; I’d have to put you down.” Alec sighed, turning away from Lyra’s eye sight.
“What…?” Lyra gasped.
“That’s right. You heard me right… In the event a project of any kind goes astray, I am under strict orders to immediately dispatch the rogue experiment.” Alec replied, looking back at Lyra.
“That’s… I’m mostly human! I’m a physical being…” Lyra said, beginning to shake up a bit.

Elena slowly rose from Lyra’s lap, wiping the tears from her face. At the same time, Alec walked towards his locker, and started to shuffle through a bag that was inside the locker.
“Thanks Lyra… I needed that…” Elena smiled through her tear stained face, “But what Alec says… is right. With the brief we both sat in… If you were to go astray… you could possibly turn rogue, and be a threat yourself…”

Alec then threw a folder at Lyra.
“Here… Look at this, you need to read it.” Alec said, tossing the folder.

Lyra quickly snatched it from the air, and immediately opened the folder. Inside showed two body photos, with a number inscribed on a piece of paper, “469172” and on the second line, was listed, “Project Lyra”.
“This…” Lyra gasped, looking at the pictures.

As she thumbed through the information, the picture to her right was a picture of her normal eyes. They were colored brown originally, and along her temple’s she had a blue and green marker dot on them. Information at the bottom of the picture stated what each color meant. Lyra stood up, and began reading the information out loud.
“So, my left Light blue eye symbolizes the sky, the air, the angelic… my right light green stands for nature, and the mystics. And… here, this bit says… I have something imbedded into my brain… To allow me to be an expert marksman…” Lyra read.
“That’s right.” Alec replied.
“So my mind… Isn’t my own…?” Lyra questioned, turning a page.

Looking onto the next page, she grabbed hold of a particular page, and dropped the folder onto the ground. She began shivering, reading the page, making her sit down in astonishment.
“Day seven…Rei is a 21 year old abandoned child on 34th street, in the western province. It’s been two weeks since she has been brought to our laboratory. Her body is in critical shape, and the tumors seem to be getting worse by the day. Once the tumors reach their peak, they will be removed, and parts of her body will be removed, such as the lungs, heart, stomach, liver, bladder, and various muscle tissues from the damage the cancer has dealt.”

Lyra began choking up from reading the document.
“Day thirty… Our first procedure is complete. All of the tissue and organs damaged by the cancer have been replaced with various other organisms and their parts. With the heart and lungs of an Angel, and her stomach, liver, bladder, and some muscle tissue of a Mystic, and some blood from both races, with her body tolerance level, she should undergo the fusion perfectly. Day thirty-two… Some of the brain matter has been damaged on the Spatial, Visual, and short term memory sides of the left lobe. In order for this woman to survive the rest of the infusion, we must begin infusing brain matter from other sources. Because this is such a critical matter, we have decided to take some of the good brain matter, and store it in the right lobe of the brain, making her memories accessible at a later date and time. Day thirty seven… Due to recent changes in the project, we decided to place the brain matter in an unlockable state for now. We must make sure this doesn’t destroy the current mission of the project. Day thirty-nine… We are attempting to begin transfer of specific programs into the new issue installed in the left lobe of the brain. Day forty-two… The subject’s brain operation and infusion of the blood was a complete success. Day fifty-five… We have completed surgery repairs, and the marks are gone. When she awakes, the only things she will remember are her project name, and basic fundamentals of her personality we have created for her. Although her human mind is now unlocked beyond human potential, it is likely she will never use that side of her brain, and tap in to her previous life.  Project Lyra is a success… Day seventy-one… Project Lyra woke from her slumber, speaking as if she just woke from a nap. Exactly as we wanted;  she will be attached to Agent Alec Raka, and his follower Elena Odysseus.”

Elena looked towards the floor, in deep thought hearing Lyra read off of the paper. Alec, on the other hand, crossed his arms, looking at Lyra.
“There’s a warning on the very bottom… If the project fails at her mission, she is to be dispatched immediately. Although she is ready for combat, it is unsure if she will regain her memory of her former self. If she does there could be a conflict that will either end her life, or drive her insane… And with the infusions, it could awaken a potential we have never calculated… and kill us all, or kill her…” Lyra read, releasing the paper onto the floor.
“There… You now know everything.” Alec explained.
“Why… But… I… Alec… But…” Lyra began repeating herself, falling onto the bed.

Lyra starred at the floor with the scattered papers, with different smaller photos of the scientists removing and placing in parts into her body.
“I’m nothing more than… a complete lab… rat…” Lyra murmured to herself.
“Exactly why you were attached to me…” Alec replied, lowering his arms to his side, “You are a lab rat. Deep down you are who you are…”
“Why… did you show me this?? Do you have any idea what this is doing to me?” Lyra shouted, looking at Alec with a glossy eye, ready to burst into tears.
“Because even though I’m a mission kind of guy, I hate lying. I hate deceiving. And what they did to you was wrong, even though your skills are unmatched. If you are to trust me, and this team, you need to digest the truth. But I didn’t do it to mess with your brain. I did it so you would fully trust me, and my judgment.” Alec explained.

Lyra paid him no mind, as she began repeating words back to herself randomly that was on the papers. Elena faced Lyra, and stood up from her bed. She walked over to Lyra, went to her knees, began gathering the papers and putting them back in the folder. Elena looked at Alec, and a tear was still stained on her face.
“Maybe… we should go our separate ways Alec…” Elena suggested, looking at Alec.
“Unfortunately, we can’t.” Alec replied, turning 180 degrees, “There’s more to this mission. Once we get back, we have to give the information to Commander Arthur, and-“Alec began explaining.

All of a sudden, the ship shook violently, throwing everyone to the floor forcefully. Alec quickly struggled back to his feet, and screamed,
“Computer! What the hell just happened??”

A drop-down screen lowered in the middle of the room, with a large display of the ship. The computer’s voice emitted from it.
“The ship heading towards an asteroid field…” The computer announced.
“What?? There is no-“Alec began replying.

Another violent shake turned the ship a different direction, making all three people plummet in free fall towards the other side of the room. With the beds now becoming the ceiling, debris also fell with the people. Alec quickly grabbed hold of the table in the middle of the room, preventing him from slamming against the other side like the women did.
“Show me on screen what’s happening outside!!” Alec shouted, holding onto the table.

As the screen came on, Alec was horrified to see that one of the turbines on the ship exploded from an impact of a space object unidentifiable.
“Our rear turbine is destroyed! Computer what is our current trajectory?” Alec asked.
“We will land on Motavian, in the uncharted territories.” The computer replied.

Alec’s heart sank as he heard this information. Thinking fast, Alec looked towards the lockers, and saw that his was still open. Dropping down to the bottom leg of the table, he began swinging himself towards the locker. Glancing down, both women were unconscious from the fall, rendering them useless. Gaining enough momentum, he released from his swing, and grabbed hold of the locker. Reaching high, he grabbed his bag, and pulled it from the locker. Once he had it, he harnessed it on his back, and allowed himself to fall to where Elena and Lyra were. Reaching down, he picked up Lyra, and walked to the end of the room opposite of the lockers.
“Computer, open the emergency bay door!” Alec shouted.

With the command said, a secret door opened up from the wall. Due to the ship’s tilt, Alec was facing the door side-ways. He quickly threw Lyra and his bag into the room, and hit some random key panel on the side of the room. Reaching on his face, he removed his visor, and hit a button on it.
“Lyra, get this to the commander at once! This is agent Alec Raka, and Elena Odysseus. One of our main turbines is damaged beyond repair, and we are plummeting out of orbit! I am sending Lyra with the emergency pod. She has the information on the attack on Raven! If we survive the fall, we will be marooned on Motavian! Do not send help! Don’t send anyone after us! It’s… It’s been an honor serving you, sir. Project Lyra is a perfect design! I repeat, a perfect design-“ Alec continued to shout.

Suddenly, the ship bounced heavily, slamming Alec against the door violently. Instantly impacting the door side, blood started pouring from his head, along with more debris from around the ship. Glass began cracking from the violent jerks, making alarms sound throughout the room. Struggling to stay conscious, Alec tossed his visor into the room Lyra was in, and rolled out of it. Pressing a red button on a keypad, the door sealed shut. At the same time Lyra began coming to her senses. She shook her head in disarray, and was already facing an injured Alec. Alec, barely conscious, looked back at Lyra, and smiled.
“Be good, okay?” Alec asked, releasing his hand on the button.

Lyra stumbled over the bag, and placed her hands on the glass door leading into the ship. Suddenly, the room detached from the ship, displaying a small octagon shaped ship. Lyra watched through the glass door helplessly as Alec quickly disappeared from sight, and only the damaged ship was in view plummeting towards Motavian.
“Alec… Elena…!” Lyra sighed, with her hand on the glass, looking at the damaged ship.

The more she watched the ship descend into Motavian’s atmosphere, the more she cried inside. Watching helplessly as the outside of the ship began smoking, exploding, and breaking apart, she looked down, and tears began rolling down her face.
“What just… What just happened…?” She asked herself, “I was just talking with them… My friends…”
“Don’t be… scared, Lyra…” A voice emitted from the ceiling, “Listen… Everything will be alright… My visor is sitting on the ship. Get that to the commander…”
“Alec??” Lyra gasped, attempting to stand in the small ship.
“My… feed is… Just… Self…” Alec replied.
“You’re breaking up! I don’t understand…!” Lyra shouted, looking back out where the ship was.

In horror, she began crying endlessly, watching the ship transform into a ball of fire, falling faster towards the planet’s surface. Debris broke away swiftly until it wasn’t visible anymore. She picked up the bag, and placed it behind the chair, as she sat back slowly. Resting her head on the headrest of the chair, she looked to her left and saw the moon Raven approaching slowly.
“We were… almost there…” Lyra sighed, wiping the tears from her face.

She looked down, seeing Alec’s visor. Thoughts of Alec, and everything he said pondered her mind as she reached down to grab it. Reaching around, she threw it into Alec’s bag, and rested her head against the seat again. Wiping more tears from her face, she began rethinking everything that happened on the ship.
“What am I going to do now…? When I return to Raven… are they gonna put me back in a test tube…? Or kill me because Alec is gone…?” She asked herself.
“Unidentified air ship! You are approaching Raven air space! Identify yourself, or you will be shot down!” A random voice came over the intercom.
“Huh? Who are you?” Lyra asked, opening her eyes.
“Raven air space… You have fifteen seconds to comply, or you will be shot down!” The voice said again.

Suddenly, two V wing ships passed Lyra’s ship from Raven’s direction, turned around, and began following her.
“I was part of Agent Alec Raka’s group… Our ship was shot down, and they were crashing towards Motavian! I am… Project… Lyra…” Lyra replied.
“Project…. Standby…” The voice snapped.

All of a sudden, the darkness of space began to form color, and the ship shook a little bit. Becoming frightened, Lyra sat back in her seat, and grasped hold of the arms. Waiting on the voice to come over the intercom made her heart beat in her throat. Staring at the two ships following her, the tips began to glow an eerie red, and pulsing. Another man came over the intercom, with a much more deep voice.
“This is Raven air space control, you are clear to…” The man spoke.
“Rogue ship! You are traveling too fast!” Another man came over the intercom.

Hearing this threw Lyra into a panic. Turning around in the seat, she saw nothing but flames, and the view of countless buildings being blurred by the speed of her descent. She quickly spun around, sat back in her seat, and began chanting, “Oh my god…”.
“Project Lyra, activate protocol four on the keypad!” The man with the low voice shouted.

Lyra heard, but didn’t recollect what the man said. She opened her eyes, and slowly peaked above her, seeing a small keypad with the numbers one through nine in rows of three. She reached up, and pressed four, anticipating that’s the right one. Suddenly the ship jerked violently, sending Lyra towards the door she entered in, and smashed her head against it. The impact struck her so hard, she instantly fell unconscious. Limp, she fell back into the chair, with her arm slipping under the straps of Alec’s bag.
“Project Lyra are you there? Do you read…?” The man with the low voice asked again.
“She’s descending too fast! Even with the protocol enabled, at her current speed and trajectory, she will land in the northern district, causing massive damage to one of the life support reactors!” One of the men on the ship said over the intercom.
“Preparing to fire…!” The man from the other ship said over the intercom.
“Not so fast, gentlemen!! We got this!” A womanly voice came over the intercom.
“Identify yourself!” The man with the low voice asked.
“Agent Zane and Specter at your service…!” Specter giggled.

Using their car, with Zane on the hood of the vehicle, they flew towards the ship on the right side. One of the fighter ships broke the formation, sped up, and flew in front of Lyra’s ship. Zane, within reaching distance of the glass of Lyra’s ship, pulled out his beam saber and struck it in two swings, forming an X. Following it with a circle, the glass flew back, almost striking the ship following. Quickly holstering his saber, he jumped into the ship, allowing Specter to peel away. Grabbing hold of Lyra, he quickly dove out of the ship, beginning a free fall from the ship. Now clear, the fighter jet following it shot its laser. Zane watched from below as the laser struck the ship, exploding it. Noticing how close they were from the ship, Zane rolled, facing his back towards the ship as it exploded, protecting Lyra from the explosion heat.

Debris rained down from the sky as the ship exploded. Specter, seeing Zane falling towards the ground, turned her car around, and began accelerating at their speed. Zane held onto Lyra tightly as he attempted to slow down the free fall, scared of hitting terminal velocity. It wasn’t long before Specter reached a faster speed than Zane, allowing her to catch up to the two. Pushing a button, the back portion of the hood opened, allowing Specter to fly into the two, catching them. As soon as the two were freefalling in the car, Specter closed the hatch, and began pulling upwards. Just the tilt of the car jolted everyone forward, immediately slowing their descent.

Quickly stabilizing the speed, Specter eased back in her seat, and pushed a button, allowing the glass wall between the front and back seat to rise up. Zane, lying Lyra on the back seat long ways, jumped to the passenger seat of the car.
“Damn I’m a sexy beast!” Zane cheered.
“Damn straight, snookum’s” Specter smiled back.
“But my hair… It’s all jacked…” Zane said, pulling out a comb from the dash board.
“Le sigh…” Specter signed, looking down in embarrassment.
“What?? If we’re seeing the commander today, we need to be extra sharp!” Zane smiled, stroking his hair.
“Why are we going there? Don’t we need to get this girl to the infirmary?” Specter asked, glancing back, “Zane, she’s bleeding!”
“What?” Zane asked, dropping his comb.

He turned to the back, and saw that Lyra was bleeding from the forehead.
“Shit! Move it then!” Zane gasped, jumping to the back.

As he jumped to the back, his foot hit Alec’s back, which spewed the items of the bag onto the floor. One of which was the Project Lyra folder, and the pictures scattered everywhere. This caught Zane’s eye as he pulled out some medical bandages from the side compartment of the door, and placed it on her head to dry up the blood. One in particular was the picture with her name and number on it.
“No. We’re going to Commander Arthur.” Zane replied.
“Say what? No?? Why??” Specter asked, glimpsing back at Zane.
“Look there…” Zane replied, nodding his head towards the floor board.

As Specter glimpsed at the floor, she also saw the picture.
“Maybe… we should report this first? For all we know, she could be a demonic experiment…” Specter suggested.
“Maybe… but we have to… He was personally saying things over the air space net. We have to report to him…” Zane explained.
“Okay, fine… But if she dies, then I’m riding your ass for it.” Specter answered snarly.
“Shut up.. And drive… I have a bad feeling…” Zane replied, also catching glimpse of the visor.
“Specter… it’s a high caliber visor…” Zane gasped, picking up the visor.

He jumped to the passenger seat, and examined the visor.
“It’s all torn up, and beat up. This girl… Must have had a crazy adventure…” Zane said.

Rolling it to its side, he pushed a button that ejected the memory card from the visor. Removing it, he inserted it into the car radio and pressed play.
“Zane! Are you fucking crazy?? Are you trying to get us killed?? Are you sure that’s not classified or anything? Those types of visors belong to the top ranking agents!!” Specter shouted smacking Zane in the leg as hard as she could.

By the time Zane had time to react, a screen appeared through the windshield, displaying what was on the visor. The first clip was the sound of Elena and Alec running through buildings, getting to the Cathedral.
“Is that…” Zane asked.
“Oh my… Eject it, eject it!” Specter shouted, repeatedly smacking Zane.

Thinking fast, Zane pushed a button on the player, ejecting the card. He quickly reached into his dash, pulled out a small tray, placed the card in it, and closed it. Zane and Specter’s hears jumped to their throats,
“Are you kidding me…?” Zane asked, glaring at Specter.
“Yeah, we need to go see Commander Arthur right away!” Specter shouted.

Grabbing the gearshift, Specter threw the shift all the way forward, and stepped on the gas. It wasn’t long before they reached the Agency parking deck. The deck sat on the upper levels of the control tower. Haste-fully, Zane and Specter jumped out of the car. Specter grabbed hold of Alec’s bag, closed it up, and strapped it to her back while Zane picked up the girl. Within seconds, some of the elite guard approached Specter and Zane, like an escort.
“Um… Excuse me…? We’re agents!” Specter shouted, looking at one of the elite guards.
“Go… Now… Walk…” One replied, gripping his lance.
“Is something…?” Zane began to ask, looking at the other elite guard standing next to him.

All of a sudden, four more elite guards ran onto the deck, surrounding both of them. Baffled and stunned, Zane and Specter stood with wide open eyes, confused as to what was going on.
“I’m repeating one more time, and we will strike. Move it. Now…” The elite guard standing next to Specter shouted.

Scared out of their wits, the two walked the same pace as the elite guards onto the bridge that connected the control tower and the upper deck. Zane turned to Specter as they walked across the bridge, in complete confusion.
“What the hell… is going on? What did we…?” Zane asked.
“I told you… Zane… You should have fucking put everything in your report!” Specter grumbled.

Finally reaching the end of the bridge, they all entered a large door, into a large room made of blue walls. Energy coursed through them, disabling all the weapons Zane used. Without stopping, they were guided and walked straight to the Authority room, where Commander Arthur, along with two other people dressed in the same alike armor, but silver, stood waiting for them. One had pink hair and pink eyes, while the other had white hair and grey eyes.  Zane and Specter were then pushed aggressively into the room, and the door was shut loudly. Two of the elite guards stood in the room, preventing any kind of escape. Seeing a cot on the side of the room, Zane took it upon himself to walk over, and lay Lyra on the cot. He slowly placed her on the cot, and looked at Arthur in confusion.
“Sir..!” Zane gasped.
“Save it, Agent…” Arthur shouted, placing his hand in front of him, “The other day, I was given a report from you that there was a disturbance in the common district in our very northern province… You said there was nothing more to conclude…” Arthur explained.

Specter immediately crossed her arms, and glared at Zane in disappointment.
“I…” Zane began to reply.
“No… Stop! My lieutenants will be furthering this conversation. Follower Specter… What is in that bag…? That’s a level five agent’s sack.” Arthur asked, looking at Specter.
“This was on that girl’s ship when we saved her…” Specter replied, taking the bag off her shoulders.

One of the lieutenants immediately walked towards Specter, and grabbed her hand.
“Come with me, miss.” The lieutenant asked.
“Do you have to grab me so forcefully? I’m not showing you any…” Specter began speaking.

Without another word, the female lieutenant pulled Specter out of the room. One of the elite guards shut the door, and locked it tight. Puzzled, Zane watched.
“Okay! I may have missed a portion in my report!” Zane shouted, succumbing to the intensity of the room.
“Do you realize… You not only put hundreds to thousands of missions, agents, and followers lives on line… That girl behind you was part of an experiment on one of the most top classified missions to date… And it’s all your fault the mission was not only a failure… we lost the two agents!“ The second Lieutenant shouted, walking up to Zane.
“But…” Zane attempted to reply.

The lieutenant took his right hand, and backhanded Zane across the room. He landed on the floor hard enough to make him slightly delirious. Struggling to keep his composure, he struggled to his feet, holding his jaw. The Lieutenant, lowering his hand, turned to Zane, and swiftly approached him again.
“You withheld information a commoner knew! How could you withhold a pending attack on not only this agency, but the entire planet?” The lieutenant shouted.

Drawing his right hand again, he backhanded Zane again. This time, Zane caught himself, and attempted to follow with a punch to his face. Instead of making impact, the lieutenant caught his swing, and using little effort, he twisted Zane’s arm, and kicked him in the side, sounding a large pop in his shoulder. Without time to react, the lieutenant grabbed Zane by the collar, and threw him to Commander Arthur’s feet. Disgusted, Arthur took a small step back, looking down at Zane.
“And to top things off; I have to involve someone I didn’t want to step foot in this organization. Because regrettably, he has the skills to take on one of the leaders of the Demonic Empire…” Arthur said, “This gamble is on you, Agent. I have to break a promise I made so long ago… The pieces that are in motion now are now unavoidable… And you will answer for it. As of today, you are no longer an agent of this system. Your follower will be promoted to an agent level three, and she will gain her own follower of her choosing. As for you, you will never again be allowed to interact, step foot… or even come near anything related to this Agency. You are expelled.” Arthur said, with no emotion whatsoever.
“But… Sir…” Zane coughed, attempting to rise.
“I’ll give you the floor to speak. Don’t worry.” Arthur replied, “Help him up, lieutenant.”

Given the order, the lieutenant moved with urgency, running to aid Zane. Throwing his right arm over his neck, he picked up Zane.
“Sir… I didn’t add it in my report… Because… the information given… Was not accurate… It wasn’t said directly to me… We, at the academy… were told to never report anything unless it was one hundred percent accurate… I didn’t report the two week attack… Because it wasn’t used as a formal threat, He… He said he may attack in two weeks… But…” Zane choked, becoming balanced on his feet.

The moment he gained footing, he shoved the lieutenant off of him, and placed his hand on his jaw where he was backhanded.
“If that’s the reason you’re firing me… Then you better fire every agent around here. If you were told about the attack, the only person you gained information from was a commoner! It was always taught to us to take commoner’s actions and talks with a grain of salt!” Zane shouted.

Arthur stood, astounded, hearing Zane speak.
“Wow… I’m impressed. You… are absolutely right, Agent. Lieutenant, take him to the infirmary. Same with the girl… When she wakes, I need to know immediately.” Arthur commanded, proceeding to the door.
“Am… I still… dismissed?” Zane asked.

Hearing this made Arthur stop at the door with his hand on the doorknob.
“Disregard the last command. Due to your stupid mistake… I have no choice but to let the son of Vira and Julius Leohan’s son… and his friend be an agent. Do not interfere with his training… Or you will be deported to Motavian. And never see this place again.” Arthur replied.

With this said, he opened the door, and left. Gaining his composure, Zane watched as the Lieutenant walked over, and picked up Lyra.
“Come with me…” The lieutenant said, beginning to walk out the room.

Meanwhile Specter was escorted to a green elevator with the other Lieutenant with great urgency.
“Why are you acting so hostile?” Specter asked, leaning back on the elevator wall.
“Sorry for the mistreatment. Your agent is charged with withholding information… But the priority is to get the data of that bag to the command center. The agent it belonged to retrieved battle samples… Of the pending attack on Raven…” The Lieutenant explained.
“Are you… allowed to tell me…?” Specter asked, confused.
“Yes, you and your agent are supposedly on this mission now. So you are allowed to know everything we know.” The lieutenant explained

Suddenly, the walls in the elevator turned red.
“Welcome to the Raven Command Center, miss.” The lieutenant smiled as the doors opened.

Specter gasped at the sight of the computer monitors, shelves, graphs, lights, and people maneuvering all over the place. The lieutenant grabbed the bag from Specter, and the two began walking towards the middle of the room. At the middle of the room, encased in glass, was a large conference room table with a monitor encased in the glass. The two walked in there, and as Specter entered the room, the Lieutenant shut the door. Immediately following, he took the bag, and dumped it out right on the table. Instantly seeing two memory chips, he swiped them, and walked over to the other side of the table. Pressing a small red button under the table, the room began to move like an elevator into the exact center of the entire command room. As the box reached its destination, a small panel opened up in the center of the table. Removing the memory chips from the cases, he inserted the two chips into slots in the center of the table.
“Miss, you may want to take a seat.” The Lieutenant said, pointing to a chair.

Wasting no time, Specter grabbed a chair, and sat in it as fast as she could, intimidated from all the data around the room. The lieutenant began pacing as the ceiling, and the glass walls began to retract. Specter gasped at the magnificent sight, never before seeing such technology. As the table was completely exposed, the Lieutenant grabbed a microphone from the center of the table, and began to speak in it.
“Attention everyone. Code Zeta please… I repeat… Code Zeta.”

Hearing code Zeta, every monitor in the room froze. Every human and mystic in the room turned their seats and bodies towards the center of the room. Every beep and whistle instantly silenced.
“Ladies and gentlemen… For those that don’t know me… I’m Lieutenant Vakarra Jules. Within the last twenty four hours… Our top agent, Agent Alec Raka, and his follower Elena Odysseus… Recovered vital information… You all need to pay close attention to what I’m about to show on the center hologram. They were on a top secret mission on the demonic hellhole of Silan itself, to do recon and spy work…”

Reaching for her pocket, she pulled out a remote, and pushed one of the buttons. From the very table, shot out a bunch of lasers, imitating a hologram in the middle of the room of the Cathedral from Silan.
“This is the Demonic Fortress, The Cathedral of Hell. It’s the primary stronghold for the Demon King Silan, and his leadership. It’s also home to the demonic well which they are reborn.”

She pressed another button, which focused on the room Alec stole the battle information.
“This is the room which they devised the plans to annihilate us. And thanks to Agent Raka, we can view the battle plan!” She shouted.

With another button press, a map of Raven showed visible only for one second. Suddenly, the map faded, and appeared a demonic face. This startled everyone, including Lieutenant Vakarra. She jumped back, and unsheathed her battle saber out of instinct. Everyone in the room began commotion as the lieutenant holstered her weapon again. Suddenly, the face began speaking.
“Hello, my fellow humans… and delicious Mystics. For those that have never heard my voice… I am Zilan, one of the generals of the Demon Lord Silan. Listen carefully, I’m only going to say this once… unless you replay your little recording. You send filthy humans to our domain in hopes to get the edge on your side… Well… There’s a little problem with that. There is no battle plan. We aren’t playing hostile attack and takeover anymore. We are coming to completely wipe you out. Every fiber of human essence will be wiped from existence… or in our stomachs… And all your delicious Mystics will be completely absorbed, fueling our demonic essences… And your bodies will be fuel for our Hellforge… So we may build weapons for a better goal. The end is coming… There won’t be anywhere to hide… because once your little moon is out of the picture… Then the real fun begins! You have two days to prepare…  We were going to be nice and make it two weeks… But due to the human filth that touched our Cathedral… We’re making it three days! Don’t make this easy… Make us work for our food! And one last thing; make sure you tell Mateo Leohan I said… Hello… Bwahahahahahah!!!!  ” Zilan laughed.

All of a sudden, the hologram phased away. Vakarra ran to the center of the table, and removed the chips, only to see one of them disintegrate in her hands. Full of anger, she took the dust, and smashed the table, cracking it. Grieving for only a second, she stood tall, and took a deep breath.
“All right! We don’t have much time! Quickly!” Vakarra shouted in the mic, pointing to the main screen in the front of the room, “Get me a map of the entire planet, hurry!

Hearing the command, everyone in the room became live again. Only a second passed, and the map of the moon was on the map.
“Alright everyone! We have four provinces we have to look over. The southern, northern, eastern and western… Here is what I want done…” Vakarra began to announce.
“Hold that order…” Commander Arthur shouted from the floor level.

Using no energy, Arthur pushed off the ground, and jumped to the level of the conference room. Vakarra quickly handed the microphone to Arthur, and quickly sat down next to Specter.
“Ladies and gentlemen… This is a war… that many people are about to lose their lives. For eons, we have battled the forces of hell… but this fight… This one will decide the fate of both Humans… Mystics… and even Angels. I have received word, from our liaison from Gethos… that we will receive no help in this matter, because we chose to act on our own… and step foot on grounds we were not meant to patrol… Silan. There has been a treaty between us and the angels for decades… Hundreds of years… Today… The treaty has officially been broken.” Arthur explained.

This started even more commotion in the room; startling both Vakarra and Specter.
“I was told, because we put humans directly on Silan, we were initiating a war… So the treaty has been broken, and the supply line between the two of us… has been severed. We’re on our own, people… This is what I want. I want every level one and two agents go to every province…  I want every man, woman, and child placed in the eastern province. We will use the northern, southern, and western provinces for the battlefield! Before the attack, we will detach the eastern province to Motavia. With luck, our people will be pushed to safety. Every level three and four agent will be placed evenly between the western and southern provinces… The level fives will accompany me here, in the Northern Province. Once the eastern province is secure on Motavian, then whatever forces are left, will gather in this very control tower… We will fly to Motavian ourselves, and detonate the moon of Raven, impacting Silan’s forces greatly. I want every electronic and battle engineer to come up with Ion cannons. I want them placed on every large building in every province! In exactly two hours, I want to have a meeting with my leadership! We have to get this rolling now!” Arthur explained.

Silence echoed throughout the room. Every individual in the room became sick and pale hearing the news, including Vakarra. Specter, on the other hand, was troubled by something else.
“Commander… I have a question… What if… Zilan’s forces catch wind about the Eastern Province… and they attack it as it descends to Motavian…?” Specter asked, hesitant.

Commander Arthur glared at the girl with a stink eye.
“Young lady, there is nothing more I can say. Unless you have a better idea; be my guest.” Arthur answered.

With this said, he handed the microphone to Vakarra, and jumped down off the conference room platform. As he left the room, nobody spoke or murmured anything. You could hear Arthurs boots clank against the floor as he left the area.
“Lieutenant… Three days…” Specter shivered.
“The commander’s words…” Vakarra uttered back, “I’ve never heard him talk so… Strongly…”
“What does that mean?” Specter asked, grabbing hold of Vakarra’s shoulder.

The lieutenant turned towards Specter in somewhat of a daze.
“He doesn’t think we’ll make it…”


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 18, 2015.

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