Shining Fantasy: Chapter 3 Complete

Mateo slowly opened his eyes from the crack of light emitting from his window. Slowly pushing the covers off of his body, he rose up and stretched his arms as high as he could towards the ceiling. Letting out a yarn, he twisted his body, and put his feet onto the ground, and hoisted himself up.
“What a night… I haven’t slept like that in ages.” Mateo smiled, rubbing his eyes.

Feeling extremely groggy, he walked over to his window, and opened the curtains. Briefly blinded by the sun, his eyes quickly focused, letting him look outside. As his sight fixated again from the light, he gazed at the gardens below him. Watching the birds fly around tall structures in the distance, Mateo took a deep breath.
“Such a beautiful day today…” Mateo exhaled, smiling at the environment.

Suddenly, Emmy walked into the room, wearing a silky silver robe. It was tied in the front tight, so nothing would reveal from her robe. Thankfully, Mateo was wearing black and white poke-dotted boxers. She held in her hands a tray, with a glass of liquids and a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
“Good morning honey!” Emmy smiled, walking towards Mateo.

Mateo turned, releasing the curtains, and gazed upon Emmy’s beauty for a brief second before focusing on the food.
“Emmy, good morning…!” Mateo smiled.
“Hello… I made you some breakfast…” Emmy said, with a soft voice.

Emmy hoisted the tray towards Mateo, looking deep into his eyes. For a moment, Mateo looked back at Emmy and began starring deep into her eyes. He grasped the tray of food, and slowly placed it on a table behind him, and quickly looked back into Emmy’s eyes. A tension began brewing as the two stood silently, looking at each other.
“Um… Your food is… over there, Mateo…” Emmy pointed out.
“I know… Thank you, so very much!” Mateo smiled, taking a small step forward.

Emmy’s heart began racing as she watched Mateo slowly advance towards her. Unnoticing her actions, she began to do the same. Mateo reached up with his arms, and placed them on Emmy’s shoulders, and began slightly squeezing them.
“Emmy… I…” Mateo smiled.
“Mateo um…” Emmy stuttered, reaching for Mateo’s hips.

With each other in their grips, the two drew each other closer, not losing contact with their eyes.
“This… you know this is dangerous…” Emmy spoke warmly, feeling the tenderness of Mateo’s body.
“I… I know. You… You make me happy… No matter what I’ve been through…” Mateo smiled, placing his hands on Emmy’s back.
“Oh Mateo…” Emmy smiled back, pressing her head against his chest.
“No, Emmy… Thank you for… making me breakfast!” Mateo shouted loudly.

Using his strength, he grabbed Emmy by her hips, and tossed her onto his bed. Swiftly turning to his food, he grabbed the chair sitting next to the table, and sat in it. Swiping up the fork, and syrup container, he began pouring it onto his pancakes, and chowing down. Emmy, confused, scurried to conceal any part of her body exposed from her robe, and hustled to the side of the bed Mateo was on. She sat on the bed, with her legs dangling off the bed, and watched in amazement as Mateo ate his breakfast.
“You really are a total freak, Mateo…” Emmy giggled.
“Yeah, yeah… I get that a lot!” Mateo smiled back, shoveling a whole pancake into his mouth.
“So… What’s the plan for the day? A relaxing day of shopping…? Staying indoors to clean? Another joyful walk around town…?” Emmy asked, excited about planning the day.

Mateo placed his fork down, and slowly eased back in his chair, holding his stomach in comfort.
“Emmy, you make the best breakfast!!” Mateo sighed happily, placing his hands on the back of his head.

Using this opportunity, Emmy stood up, and placed her hands on his shoulders. She leaned forward, facing Mateo’s face upside down. As the sun began coming through the window, it lit up Emmy’s hair, raiding a slight aura from it from Mateo’s view. Mateo rested his arms in his lap, and placed his right hand against Emmy’s cheek.
“Emmy… Your hair…” Mateo smiled, felling the warmth of Emmy’s cheek.
“Yeah…?” Emmy smiled, placing her hand against Mateo’s hand.
“It’s shiny…” Mateo giggled, looking deep into Emmy’s eyes.

Suddenly, there was a pound at the door, startling the two. Emmy not only jumped backwards, she fell onto the bed as Mateo fell backwards, landing on the floor with his back. Curling to a roll, she used the momentum to roll across Mateo’s bed, and land on her feet on the other side, standing back up again. Making sure none of her lady parts were exposed, she retightened her robe, and began walking towards the door while adjusting her morning hair. In embarrassment, Mateo laid still on the floor, with his hand on his face, shaking it slightly in disappointment. Rolling to his side, he pushed off the floor to his feet, and started grabbing his clothes.

Emmy grabbed hold of the door knob, and peaked through the hole to see who was knocking. Suddenly, Emmy screamed to the top of her lungs, which started Mateo. He swiped his pistol from his inn-table, and held it at the low ready. Ducking beside the bed, Mateo quickly shouted for Emmy.
“Emmy…! Who is it??” Mateo asked, grabbing his utility belt from under the inn table.
“It’s Arthur! He’s here!!” Emmy screamed, stomping through the house to her bedroom.

Mateo, hesitant, stood up and quickly holstered his weapon. Checking his clothes for any deformities, he quickly exited the room, and shut the door. He rested his head on the door for a quick second, questioning why the commander of the agents and the general of the Raven military would show up at his house. Full of confusion, he walked to the front door, and grasped the door handle.
“Why would… Why would he be here…? He swore to ever go near me, or have a thought that I could join the Agency…” Mateo asked himself.

Taking a deep breath, Mateo turned the door knob, and swung it open, revealing a man in golden clothes. Arthur  wore a golden coat that stretched to his ankles from the back, and on the sides came down to his kneecaps. It had two decently sized pockets, allowing him to place his hands into his pockets comfortably. Underneath, he wore a born colored shirt and pants that tucked into his black boots.  Across his waste, he wore a golden belt that allowed him to sheathe and holster one golden beam sword. His long sleeve shirt was tucked into his gloves, which concealed a red ruby on his ring finger on the left side, indicating he was married.  On his head was silver hair that stretched to the lower portion of his neck, connecting to his silver beard and mustache. His face was slightly wrinkled, showing his slightly elderly age.

The old man smiled, and crossed his hands behind him, and gazed at Mateo.
“You’ve grown, Mateo…” Arthur smiled, looking at the devastated man.

Mateo couldn’t speak for a moment, astonished Arthur stood in front of him and his house. Before he could say anything, Arthur began taking steps into his house.
“Mind if I come in?” Arthur smiled, already stepping into Mateo’s house.

Followed by four agents in silver armor identical to Arthur, they speedily walked past Mateo, and into the large living room. With two of the guards standing at the doorways of the living room and the front door, Mateo stood back, allowing them to pass. As Author walked into the living room, he say down on the large sofa, and placed his feet up on the dining room table.
“Is he in yet, Mateo??” Emmy shouted, running down the stairs like a freight train.
“Emmy, shush!” Mateo yelled, looking up the stairwell at Emmy.

Emmy, coming down in her normal outfit and gear, stepped off the last step, and eased into Mateo’s body and embraced it tightly.
“I… Please… don’t do anything stupid, please?” Emmy begged, squeezing the front of his shirt tightly.
“Emmy, stop… I’ll be fine.” Mateo smiled, pulling Emmy off him, and looking into the living room.

With a deep breath, Mateo, followed by the anxious Emmy, walked into the living room and sat down on the smaller couch closest to the wall on the other side of the room. Arthur, who was reaching for cashew  at the center of the living room table, began smirking as the two passed him to sit down.
“So, Mateo! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” Arthur smiled, munching on some cashew .
“Sir, it is an honor to meet you finally…!” Emmy anxiously smiled, slightly bouncing in her seat.
“A pleasure, ma’am…” Arthur nodded at Emmy, “So, as I understand it, you two were involved with an attack yesterday, regarding a… Tall demon with two swords…? Care to explain what happened?”
“Um… Didn’t Zane say anything in his report?” Mateo asked, questioning Arthur.
“Who? Oh… Oh! A level 2 agent! No… He reported nothing along the lines of a demon with two swords… Just reported of a disturbance that was handled…” Arthur asked, chewing on cashew .
“That’s…” Emmy began to say.
“Yes, that’s what happened.” Mateo interrupted, facing Emmy coldly.

She looked at Mateo puzzled.
“I highly doubt that, young man…” Arthur smirked, placing his feet off the table and sitting up from the couch, “A level two is nowhere as skilled to take down someone of that status from the demonic lords of Silan. What truly happened?” Arthur asked, mingling his hands together.

Mateo began sweating, looking down towards the floor and appearing intimidating to the question. Emmy, slightly concerned, put her hand on his back and began to rub it.
“You said… to never…” Mateo shivered.
“I did. But I didn’t say to not protect anybody.” Arthur said, leaning towards Mateo, “I’m old, but I’m not stupid… You think I don’t remember what happened that day? Mateo, your parents were good people. They did wonders for our organization. May times, your father, Julius, saved me many times. Vira, the lovely mother you had, was able to pull off things no other follower could ever do. You come from a very strong heritage… But your family’s status created a jealousy hierarchy within the organization. Your family had opportunities no other agent has ever received, or gone through… Something I can’t control is every Agent’s actions. All I can do is punish… and our law doesn’t abide by mass punishment. If you joined when you did, you would have been killed. The agent that challenged you… Did you a favor son.”
“… The demon that attacked was general Zilan. He intimidated Zane to a non-responsive state. I personally jumped in, and with the aid of my mystic friend Emmy here, we not only saved Zane and his follower, I was able to inflict damage on his demonic armor using a vial I crafted.” Mateo explained.

Arthur placed his hand on Mateo’s shoulder, and smiled.
“Son, that’s all you had to say. Now… the reason I’m here… is that a lot of people saw what you and your friend here did. And you’ve been reprimanded…” Author said.

Mateo’s eyes lit up as he slowly raised his head to look at the commander in disbelief.
“What…?” Mateo asked.
“Yes. You and your mystic friend there are being personally entered in the next Agency academy. One of the victims you saved… He was smashed under some debris… You, little girl, saved him from almost a dead state… That took guts… He is also one of my most trusted military advisors. Although I can’t announce to the rest of the agency that you’re a mystic; I can bend the rules a little bit here. The other gentleman you saved was an in training Agent. Not only did you inspire him, he’s trying out to be a level two…” Arthur smiled, patting Mateo on the shoulder.

Mateo’s face dropped, as he let himself fall back onto the couch. Emmy, excited, grabbed his arm, and began bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement.
“There is something else you need to have, that concerns me greatly.” Arthur said, reaching into his coat, “I need you to finish the academy with excellent grades, there’s a mission you need to go on as soon as possible. With your combat style, and your experiences, you will be best fit for this mission.”

Pulling out a white envelope, he handed it to Mateo, who was still struck that he was given a chance to walk into the academy. Quickly, he opened the envelope and started reading the paper. It only took a couple minutes before Mateo’s face turned pale.
“Mateo…? What’s wrong?” Emmy asked, looking at Mateo’s facial expression.
“Commander… This mission…” Mateo spoke as if he was out of breath, “This is the exact same mission my parents were on…!”
“I cannot fathom what happened to them… But since you have the determination to find them… Might as well put all your skills to good use, and find them. I need them more than ever to pinpoint our next military move against Silan and his demonic forces… I need to know if they’re dead or alive…” Arthur spoke, reaching for more cashews.
“Yes… I’ll do it.” Mateo smiled, looking at Arthur with respect.
“I knew you would! And… Emmy, you called her, will accompany you.” Arthur smiled, standing.

As Arthur stood, he reached for the bowl of cashews, and cracked a huge smile. He turned to Mateo, who was still shocked.
“Mind if I…” Arthur asked.
“Take’em! Take everything!” Emmy shouted, jumping to her feet, grabbing Mateo’s arm again.

Mateo looks at Emmy, who is super excited, and looks back at Arthur, who is smiling back.
“Thank you… Sir…” Mateo smiled, holding out his right hand to be shaken.
“You deserved this for a long time, son. Things had to… settle down first.” Arthur replied, shaking his hand back, “I have other matters to attend to, so I will let you have at your business. When you’re ready, go to the academy, and you both sign up. Say I sent you there.  And show them that letter of yours. At the bottom is my seal of approval. That’s all you need to show them if they need proof…”
“Yes sir…! Both Emmy and Mateo shouted.
“Take care, Mateo. Your mother would be proud…” Arthur smiled, releasing Mateo’s hand.

With that, Arthur began chowing down on more cashews as he and the rest of the knights left the house. As the last knight walked out of the house and shut the door, Mateo fell back onto the couch in disbelief.
“Emmy…” Mateo sighed, looking back at the letter, “Do you realize where we’re going?”
“Nope! Just now we’re going on an adventure!” Emmy smiled, still jumping for joy.
“Motavian… We’re leaving Raven…” Mateo sighed, folding up the piece of paper.

Hearing this made Emmy stop jumping, and she sat down with a sad look on her face. It’s as if her entire emotion shut down.
“Leaving…?” Emmy asked, looking at Mateo.
“We’re leaving Raven… For a good amount of time…” Mateo explained.
“We’ll be together though… Right…?” Emmy asked, grabbing hold of Mateo’s arm again.
“Well, I would imagine so… As long as you go the same caliber I do in the academy…” Mateo explained again.
“I…” Emmy shivered slightly, grasping Mateo’s arm tightly.

Puzzled, Mateo rose up, and looked at Emmy, who was slowly clinging onto Mateo’s arm tightly.
“I’ve never been outside the city, Mateo…” Emmy said softly, “It’s going to be hard for me to… “

Mateo placed his other hand onto Emmy’s chink and lifted her face to make eye contact with Mateo’s.
“Emmy… You will be fine. We will succeed!” Mateo smiled, attempting to reassure Emmy.
“I… hope so…” Emmy smiled, feeling comfort from Mateo’s words.

Mateo leaned back, and pulled Emmy back with him. Lifting his right arm from her grasp, he pulled her towards his torso. Felling more comfortable, she brought up her knees to her chest, and buried her face into Mateo’s torso while wrapping her arms around him.
“Mateo… I want to be with you forever…” Emmy said softly, nestling into his torso.
“You’re being really… Clingy today aren’t you?” Mateo questioned, placing his head on hers.
“Yeah; I’m on my period… Sorry.” Emmy replied.

Mateo’s face instantly went blank for a brief moment, interrupting any kind of emotion he felt during the moment. Slightly shrugging his shoulders, he placed his head back on hers.
“So… you wanted to go shopping?”
“Yeah… Yes, I would like that.” Emmy replied.
“Let’s go… somewhere good. Let’s go to Steak & Jerry’s today for lunch. Then prepare for our adventure.
“Oh!” Emmy shouted.

Suddenly, with a burst of energy, Emmy jumped from the couch, and ran around the living room, towards the kitchen.
“We should enjoy the whole day! Just you and me…!” Emmy shouted with excitement.
“Yeah let’s do that!” Mateo smiled, standing from the couch.

He walked into the kitchen where Emmy was, and unbuckled his utility belt. Placing it on the counter, as did Emmy, the two proceeded to exit the house. Locking the door behind him, Mateo and Emmy began walking with the not so crowded people on the sidewalk towards the bigger city. As they walked, Emmy looked back at Mateo, and giggled slightly.
“The streets don’t look super crowded today…” Emmy said.
“Nope, not at all… Probably from that attack yesterday…” Mateo replied.
“Makes sense…” Emmy smiled.
“Look! We’re almost at Steaks at Jerries!” Mateo cheered.

On the left side of the sidewalk, the two walked into a big brick building with glass double doors. Normally, when the sun is up high into the air, the place would be more crowded. But due to the demonic attack yesterday, nobody was eating there. Mateo walked up to the bar, and gazed at all the interesting toppings. His mouth began watering, smelling the smell of cooked shredded steak.
“Hi, may I help you?” A man asked, turning from the grill.
“Yes… Can I have a double meat turkey, toasted with lettuce and cucumber?” Mateo requested.
“Sure thing boss! And what about you, pretty lady?” The man asked, turning to Emmy.
“Can I get a tuna wrap? I soooo have to watch my figure…” Emmy smiled, placing her hands on her stomach.
“I can see. I’ll get right on it. Have a seat, and I’ll bring you your sandwiches. Grab some cups for drinks and I’ll be right there!” The man said.

The man turned, and began preparing the food as Mateo and Emmy walked over to the drink fountain. The man stood about 6’1, and wore a white T-shirt along with black khaki pants and black boots. His hair was white, and stood a few inches from his head, and his eyes were crystal blue.

Mateo, grabbing some ice and pouring some sweet tea with Emmy behind him getting the same thing, walked over and sat in a booth next to a glass window. As Emmy sat down, she immediately began sipping her tea.
“Goodness gracious, this is good tea!” Emmy smiled, looking at the straw, “Not as much sugar as I’d like but… Absolutely amazing!”
“But uh… that’s my line!” Mateo questioned, slurping his tea.
“So…, I have a tiny question for you, Mateo…” Emmy asked softly, “Why did he… come to our house again?”
“I’m just as shocked as you… I never expected to ever see him again… Or join the agency… And to be put on the same mission as my parents…” Mateo replied, slurping his tea.
“It’s just strange to me…” Emmy answered.
“Oh? How so…?” Mateo asked, taking a long swig out of his tea.
“For starters…, Arthur knew where we lived; which means he was keeping tabs on us…” Emmy explained, “He is tasking a mission when we aren’t qualified to do it!”
“Maybe he finally saw things my way?” Mateo questioned.
“I don’t know… the fact he brought some of the royal guard to our house… is a little… Out of the ordinary…” Emmy explained, “One tracked mud in…You know how I feel about mud!”
“Oh pish posh…” Mateo giggled, sipping some tea.
“It’s just so weird to come out of the blue, and just task you… He also didn’t sound as if Zane gave him the information he needed about the attack in two weeks.” Emmy replied.
“Better question is… Are you prepared to attempt to keep your powers under wraps while you go through the follower academy?” Mateo smiled, glaring at Emmy.

Emmy forcefully placed her tea cup on the table, and grasped it slightly.
“I’m not happy at all!” Emmy proclaimed, “There’s no reason for it! In a combat environment, we can take care of basic spells that would you would benefit greatly from!”
“Emmy…!” Mateo shouted back, putting his hands in a slight lowering the voice motion, “Stop… Don’t make a scene… Arthur said to be quiet…”

Hearing Mateo get a little stern made Emmy sit forward, and shrivel up a little bit.
“Sorry…” Emmy said softly, feeling in trouble, “It just makes me so angry. We’d be the best support in a fight…”
“Yes… But in the guidelines of the Agency, they have to be full human. Demons siphon magic from Mystics, and that could turn the tide of any battle…” Mateo explained, “One fully powered mystic can give a platoon of demons enough power to wipe out an entire squad of level 5 agents…”

Hearing this information made Emmy curious, making her sit back in her seat. She grabbed her tea and began slowly drinking it.
“Really…?” Emmy asked, feeling a little scared.
“Yup. In fact, in some of the ancient text I read in the abandoned angelic library… If a demon grabs a powerful enough mystic, they can warp the very fabrics of reality, and travel through time. Though it hasn’t been document if that has ever happened. In theory, anyone that has the power to travel back in time can alter our timeline… Which… Could possibly end everything as we know it, and we would no longer exist. About 100 years after the treaty was made… This was after all three races mingled… Had half children… The leadership of Raven, and Gethos, found out about the mystic syphon when the queen of Raven, who was half mystic, got her power absorbed by the leader of the demons, Silan… and became so powerful, he destroyed the majority of the forces of the two super powers single handedly. With some low class militants of all three races, they were able to weaken him, and extract the energy. But it was already too late to save the queen. It was then, that they all agreed Mystics would not fight on the front lines, and they would be the minority race. Any traces of their DNA in any human or angel, would be not allowed to fight ever against a demon. Full mystics were…” Mateo stopped.

Catching the corner of his eye, he saw the man that was preparing their food, was standing there with the tray. Two sandwiches steaming from being freshly removed from the grill; the man was eagerly listening to the story. Being caught, he quickly placed the tray on the table, and turned around.
“Were… you listening to me…?” Mateo asked, looking at the sweating man.
“Uh, yeah uh…” The man said, with his back turned towards Mateo.

Emmy then turned to see the man, shaking with nervousness.
“Why are you nervous? Is it me? Is it my legs?” Emmy asked.

She turned her right leg, and raised it into the air, towards the man. Mateo put his hand to his mouth and began chuckling as the man slowly turned around, and stared at Emmy’s leg. The man gazed on her leg, and took a small step forward. Suddenly, he reached down, grabbed hold of her leg, and began examining it. With the force he put into his exertion, she fell into the booth. She quickly pulled down her skirt, and clamping it between her legs so nobody could see her panties. Mateo began laughing hysterically, looking at the crazed man over her leg.
“Your leg is so pristine! Not a single hair on it!” He gasped, placing his face on her leg , closing his eyes and rubbing his cheek back and forwards on it, “I feel… complete smoothness… and I smell vanilla…? Yeah… I smell vanilla fragrance…”

Emmy’s face began turning red from the compliments. With her left foot, she raised it up, and thrust it forward, kicking the man in his face. It sent him flying across the room, impacting the wall, slightly cracking the fixture with his back. Emmy quickly rolled back to her sitting up position, blushing, and overcome with embarrassment. She placed her hands together, and placed them in her lap, while looking at her food.
“Emmy, I think your legs are nice and clean!” Mateo laughed hysterically.
“Shut up…” Emmy grumbled, not removing her eyes from her sandwich.

The man slid to his butt, in shock from the impact. Grabbing his face, she slowly pushed and rolled himself to his feet. Also feeling embarrassed, the man walked towards the table, twisting his two main fingers in each other and staring at them.
“Sorry about that, ma’am… I can’t help but to look at such beautifully crafted flesh and skin… I’m a sucker for it…” The man said in a low, embarrassed voice.
“Don’t worry; Emmy likes to attract the creepy ones!” Mateo blurted out, smiling.

Emmy quickly gave Mateo the stink eye, and with all her might, she kicked him in the shin. Attempting not to make a face, Mateo sat still, looking at Emmy while biting his lip.
“I also love… ancient lore. I have always been fascinated with angels… It’s been my life long goal to go to the planet Gethos… and research their culture… But since they cut off common communication… I don’t know how I’m going to get there…” The man sighed, placing his hands and arms to his sides.
“I have more… to tell, if you want to listen.” Mateo smiled.

Emmy shot another stink eye at Mateo, for suggesting that.
“You… You don’t mind ma’am?” The man asked, looking at Emmy.
“Go… ahead…” Emmy murmured, pointing her eyes towards the edge of the table next to the window.

Full of excitement, the man turned around, grabbed a chair, and sat in it.
“Emmy, go ahead and start eating your sandwich… I have more to explain.” Mateo Suggested, dragging his sub in front of him, “Full Mystics were to be set as minorities… and never to be put in the front lines… Or any position where a demon can use them. Before this law came to play, a majority of the mystics, and the mixed mystic populations left Raven and the ones with angelic blood left Gethos and attempted to make a settlement on Motavian. Some that were in the militaries of both parties, were allowed to stay… but the full bloods were debriefed and forced to stay away from anything involving fighting.” Mateo finished explaining.
“That’s awful…” The man said, shocked listening to the story.
“And from the news reports, not even 10 years after that, they halted any transportation to and from Gethos, due to a recent increase in demons in that general path between planets.” Mateo explained, “And that’s where the text stops”
“So… What’s what Arthur meant…” Emmy said with a slight sigh, grabbing her sandwich.
“Wait wait… You met Commander Arthur?” The man asked, becoming joyful.
“Uh…” Emmy questioned.
“No, and I think our conversation is over, sir…” Mateo replied, looking at the man.
“Call me Achilles…” He smiled, looking back at Mateo.
“Well, Achilles… My friend and I have some intricate things to talk about… So, no disrespect, but you have to leave us alone…” Mateo replied.
“But you said I could listen…!” Achilles replied.
“Yeah, I did… But I’m done for now. We don’t have much time left… so please let us talk…”Mateo asked Achilles nicely, “I’m glad someone is interested in the history… But we have important things to discuss… Between her and me… you know? I’ll come back and talk with you about whatever you want…”

Hearing the seriousness of his tone, Achilles said nothing as he stood up from the table, and began walking back to the grill, to prepare more sandwiches. Mateo then leaned forward, so he can talk in a whisper.
“So… what if the draining happens to me…?” Emmy asked, taking a small bite of her sandwich.
“We would have to extract the energy form whatever stole it… and hopefully put it back before… you turn to stone. The time frame is about… thirty minutes. If you were half human, you’ll have a fifty percent chance of being fine… but… You would never be able to use your mystic powers ever again…” Mateo explained.
“That’s… frightening…” Emmy replied, setting her sandwich down slowly, “I’m… I’m a bit scared now… What if I…”

Mateo took a huge bite out of his sub, and looked at Emmy.
“Don’t… Don’t worry Emmy… You’re too cunning, and I’m always going to be with you. I’ll protect you no matter what!” Mateo smiled, munching on his sandwich happily.

Emmy smiled, helplessly watching Mateo eat his sandwich.
“Usually people say things like more epic like… just saying…” Emmy giggled, grabbing hold of her sandwich.
“It’s a good sub…” Mateo laughed, taking another huge bite.

Suddenly, the door opened from the restaurant. Instinctively, Mateo and Emmy both looked towards the entrance to see why came in. A man wearing black, wielding a high caliber rifle ran into the restaurant, starring straight at Achilles and the register. Mateo, aware that weapons weren’t allowed in plain sight, especially aimed at people, placed his sandwich in front of his face, watching him. Emmy quickly turned towards Mateo with a concerned look on her face. She quickly placed her sandwich on the bare table, and began to stand up when Mateo looked at her a specific way. Seeing Mateo’s face at ease, instinctively told her to sit back down.
“Give me all the money in the register, now!” The man yelled, holding the gun at head level with Achilles.

At the moment, Achilles was preparing some steak on the grill. Hearing the man yell, made him stop for a quick second. With the metal blade in his hand, he held it in the up position, about to cut the steak and froze.
“Uh… excuse me?” Achilles replied, slightly turning his head towards the armed man.

The man raised the rifle, and cocked it, and placed it back at the high ready, with this finger shaking on the trigger.
“I said move your fucking ass, and give me the money!” He screamed a second time.

Emmy then placed her hands on the table; eager to stand, but Mateo reached over, and grabbed her arm, signaling to sit back down. Beginning to worry, Emmy whispered violently.
“Mateo, we need to help!” She whispered, her eyes wide with worry.
“Shush… we will in a moment…” Mateo replied, nibbling on his sandwich while starring at the man.
“I’m going to ask you one more damn time! Give me the money, or else I’ll shoot the hostages!” He shouted, pointing the gun towards Emmy and Mateo.

Suddenly, Mateo nodded at Emmy, and leaped from his seat. Using her magic, she encased Mateo in a shaded purple bubble. He charged after the man, swiping a knife from one of the tables he passed. Before the man had a chance to react, being distracted by Achilles’s patience, Mateo chucked the knife into the rifle that was pointed at him. The man, quickly glancing to his left, saw Mateo charging after him, and squeezed the trigger. Being the bullets were blocked by the knife, there was a tiny explosion, turning the barrel of the rifle into a banana. Using the distortion, Mateo reached for the man’s collar, grabbed it, pulled it close to him and with his other fist; punched the guy between the eyes. The force of the punch sent the man crashing into the wall, cracking it. Achilles, thinking fast, grabbed the closest thing he could find, which was a hard metallic pan, swung and hit the man on top of the head. Mateo looked at Achilles, and began laughing.
“So, I guess his order… was invalid huh?” Mateo chuckled.

Emmy glared at Mateo’s awful joke, placed her right hand on her forehead, and sighed loudly. Achilles, full of adrenaline, looked at the man, and back at Mateo.
“Are you an agent?” Achilles asked, placing the bent pan back on the counter.
“Well, not exactly. Soon to be; I guess you could say… pending.” Mateo answered.
“That was awesome!” Achilles replied.
“Can we go now…? Our happy lunch date was ruined by this jerk!” Emmy shouted across the store.
“Huh? Yeah, we can go window shopping if you want.” Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy.
“Thanks, Mateo…” Achilles smiled, extending his hand.

Mateo looked at Achilles’s hand, and firmly grasped it with his right hand.
“You’re welcome… You may want to call the city police for him though.” Mateo suggested, releasing Achilles’s hand.

With a smile, Mateo walked with Emmy, side by side as they left the store. Achilles, watched the two walk out, and let out a happy sigh.
“Those guys are going to be amazing one day… I just know it…”
“You said it…” The burglar replied.

Hearing his voice made Achilles grab him by his collar, and hoist him up against the wall. Looking at him with demonic eyes, Achilles growled at him.
“Lucky for you, I’m not calling anyone…” Achilles growled.

With all his strength, Achilles threw the man behind the counter, and before he had time to react, he grabbed his steak cutter and held it to him.
“You are going to work for me. You will clean all this mess you made with your nonsense and you will keep working for me. I am now your boss, and you will do as I say, or you will pay for it dearly…” Achilles scolded him.

The man raised his head, and looked at Achilles, afraid of him.
“Yes… I’ll do it… I… My daughter…” The man began explaining.
“Hey, settle down… what’s your name?” Achilles asked.
“I’m…” The man explained, standing to his feet, “My name is Palacio. I’m… I was from the southern towers… My daughter… is sick, and I needed money. I felt I had to…” Palacio explained, looking towards the floor.
“Whoa… slow down partner… Go sit down at a booth. I’ll make you something on the house.” Achilles smiled.

Palacio smiled, and reached up to take his ski mask off.
“Thank you…” Palacio smiled as he removed his mask, and began removing his robe.

As he pulled off his mask, he revealed his short and spikey black hair with brown eyes. The stains on his face show that he has been through tough times over a long span of time. Wearing black combat boots, multi colored wooden khakis, a black belt, and a multi colored green tunic with a black shirt tucked in underneath it, someone could mistake him for a hunger. He reached into his back pocket, pulled out a black beret, and placed it firmly on his head, and walked over to a booth to sit down. Achilles, watching the man bundle his robe as he walked past him, made him think, “The hell is this dude doing?”

It only takes Achilles a few seconds to prepare a double meat turkey sandwich for Palacio. Putting it on a pristine plate, he grabs a bottle of juice from the fridge next to the grill, and walked to Palacio. Also grabbing a bottle of tea from the fridge for himself, he sets the food on the table, and pushes it to Palacio.
“This is for you and the drink too… It’s on me.” Achilles smiled, sitting down on the other side of the booth, “Now… Explain to me… Why were you robbing me?” Achilles asks, sipping on some tea.

Palacio takes no time in starting to chow down on the sandwich.
“Slow down! You’re going to choke!” Achilles suggested, watching the man scarf down the food.
“I can’t help it!!! It’s like a thousand little pin-needles dancing in my mouth! Absolutely exquisite…!” Palacio shouted.
“So… about your daughter…” Achilles asked.
“So…” Palacio stopped for a moment, to let out a quick belch from being done with the sandwich, “About three years ago… my significant other, who was a follower of an agent… Level… three I believe…? They went off to some random mission on Motavian… and when she came back, she was ill…”

Achilles began feeling sick, expecting to hear a sad story. He leaned forward, resting his head on the drink he had for himself
“She looked at me with her lovely eyes… and said… she has to go away for a while, and to let Becca know… That she loves her…” Palacio began explaining, slowly becoming saddened.
“Where…” Achilles began to ask, unable to speak.
“I don’t know. She left a note and told me she was going on a super-secret mission… and she won’t be back for a long time. Ever since she left… Becca has been sick. And nothing I do can cure her… Of course, after about a year of no word… The Agency cut funding… and we lost our house… our vehicle… everything… And now we live in an alley way not too far from here.” Palacio sighed, sipping on his drink.
“Well… Don’t worry!” Achilles smiled, standing from the table, “Bring your daughter here! You and she can stay with me! I’ve been looking for a roommate, and since I own the place… you can work for me! And live here. We’ll make your daughter well again!”

Palacio was in the middle of a drink, and when Achilles said that, he began choking.
“What…?” Palacio asked, trying to regain his composure.
“Yes! All my life, I wanted to be more than a sandwich maker. I want to make a difference!” Achilles smiled, “If I may ask… What was her name; your wife…?”
“Her name was Shimara… I called her Sharon though.”


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 17, 2015.

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