The Final Force: 3

Chapter 1: Introduction

Many heroic deeds are done throughout time and space, but the legacy of all the great deeds done in the universe are never remembered, only forgotten and lost throughout time. One of these tales begins in a solar system called the Algian Star System… The Algian star system consistes of five planets; Palmera, Motavian, Dezian, Raven, and Silan. Because Palmera is too close to the sun, it is unable to support life. Motavian is a desert, wasteland type planet but still able to support life. Beyond Motavian, was Dezian; A planet that is almost completely covered in snow and ice, except a few parts, also able to support life. Raven is the fourth planet in the system, being a complete city. The entire globe made of nothing but one single city devided by democracy, and governments. The farthest planet in the solar system is Silan, a planet full of demonic creatures; able to support life also but noting on the planet can survive unless it had a demonic aura or purpose. These are the tales of the noble heroes that fought with their lives, and died for their causes…

Xenaz is a strong Arcangel that used to accompany the powerful King of Dezian, Cross. On 17 A.W.D., learning the powers of the demonic Arcangels, Xenaz turned on Cross, thirsting for power over Dezian. A great battle took place leaving Dezian charred and almost completely destroyed. Cross was defeated by Xenaz, and became ruler of what was left of the planet. From that day forward, any Arcangels found on the planet died, or were de-winged and banished to Motavian.

Motavian, at the time, was nothing but a gigantic wasteland. It was also a stronghold for treasures that had riches beyond imagination. This was realized after arcangels were de-winged and banished to Motavian. Due to the dangers of the planet, it couldn’t be fully explored. On 639 A.W.D., a drifting planet fell into orbit with the solar system beyond Dezian, making it the fourth planet in the solar system, called Raven. On 1736 A.W.D., people from Raven began colonizing Motavian also, bringing a new age. This quickly caught Xenaz’s attention and with both demonic and archangel power, he summed a demoic planet drifting throughout the universe to orbit around the solar system, making it the fifth planet around the solar system.

Chapter 2: Year: 2132 Month: Cobetuary Chapter 1

~Year 2132 A.W.D.~

~Month: Cobetuary~

~Chapter 1~

Raven responded to Xenaz’s revolt on Motavian, and sent multiple squads of infantry to the planet to keep the cities and towns safe. One particular squad was Zane’s squad, one of the best squads on Raven. They just finished cleansing the town of Zune from Xenaz’s forces. It’s tradition for the city or town that is rescued by a squad from Raven to throw a party, called Sporga.

“Man, I don’t want to go…” Zane Whined.

“Oh, shut up. It’s not terrible to go.” A member of his squad replied.

“I hate this kind of attention. I feel we’re gonna get jumped every freakin time… Specter… Come-on please don’t make me go…” Zane whined some more.

“Shush and get ready!” Specter yelled.

Specter’s hair stretched to her knees. She was about 5’5″ and skinny. You could see where she had tanned before in the hot sun. Her hair shined like a block of gold. Her eyes were like Sapphires sparkled in her eyes like a full moon at midnight over a calm lake. Her clothes fit her hourglass body perfectly; a jean-skirt that stopped at her kneecaps along with a strapless tank-top that showed off her belly. On her left finger, a large diamond sparkled, indicating she was married.

Zane had hair stretching to almost his shoulders, with a small beige tint to it. The way he had it sleek, made him look like a bad-boy, which drove Specter crazy. His eyes were a glossy green, deep enough to melt any woman’s heart, but make a man fearful of him. He stood a few inches more than Specter, wearing regular black tennis-shoes, grey socks along with khaki pants. He had a black T-shirt that hugged his body, showing off where he’s worked out his whole life, with a dark blue and green checkered plaid shirt on-top hanging loose and open. On his left finger, he wore a golden band, indicating he was married.

Specter stood up slowly, letting her long, shinny hair dangle down her back and slowly approached Zane.

“Zane… You always over-react.” She said with a smooth voice, “After the celebration we can leave… Okay?”

“Then we’ll stay for the night… I just don’t feel like going!” Zane sighed.

“Ugh… You’re such an ass sometimes Zane…” Specter sighed with frustration.

“Hey! No need for name calling!” Zane shouted, trying to get Specter to laugh.

“Why the hell did I marry you five years ago?” Specter sighed, putting her hand to her forehead.

“Why? Maybe because you love me…?” Zane chuckled, walking towards Specter, laying his hand onto her shoulder.

Specter turned around, and snuggled to the front of Zane, looking into his gorgeous eyes. She took her arms and wrapped them around his neck and buried her head into his chest as if she was a kitten in its owner’s lap.

“Zane… I love you…” Specter smiled happily.

Zane delicately stroked Specter’s head, feeling how smooth and soft her hair was. For a brief moment, the two felt each other’s heartbeat through each others chest. This made them melt in each other’s arms in warmth and happiness. Nothing was going through their minds except the words “I love you”. With each beat of the heart, the more comfortable one got with the other.

All of a sudden, the door was busted down, with one of Zane’s squad members armed and ready to fight without warning. Specter and Zane were shocked to the point where they almost knocked each other down.

“Zane! Specter! We…” He began shouting, looking at the two, “Do I need to come back later…?”

“What’s the situation, Caim?” Zane gasped, running to his weapons on the other side of the room.

“Well… We were having a good ole’ time downstairs wit dem sexy mammas… And then a dude… showed up wearing a black cloak…” Caim explained, panting from running.

“Black cloak?!” Specter gasped, grabbing her pair of claws.

“Yeah… Ely and Spercu are already down there battling him! The townsfolk have already evacuated the city.” Caim shouted.

Without any warning, a body came flying into the room. Specter and Zane ducked as he passed over their heads, and cracked the wall next to the door where Caim was standing. The bloody body fell onto the floor like a ragdoll, followed by an echoing laugh from the outside. Caim kneeled, assessing the body. He tried looking at his face, but couldn’t tell who he was. His hands began shaking as he reached into the person’s jacket pocket to reveal who he was.

“Zane… This is Spercu! He’s dead…” Caim gasped, dropping his large weapon.

Zane quickly strapped his gigantic sword onto his back, followed by his gigantic plasma cannon. Holstering his two handguns and beam-saber onto his utility belt, he kneeled to his dead ally, and a tear began to shed from his eyes.

“Spercu…” Zane began to mourn, “You did good soldier…”

He reached to Spercu’s neck and grabbed his tag hanging off his chain and tugged violently. A loud breaking of a chain link echoed all the way outside, followed by Zane shouting, “Nooooo!”

Anger flowed through Zane’s body as he picked up his fallen comrade’s beam-saber. Aggressively, he ran towards the hole in the room and jumped out of it as if it was a hurdle during a track team race, followed by Specter and Caim. Just as Zane and the others came out of the hole, they watched horridly as their other team member was harpooned on his own spear by this cloaked monster. Laughing came from the monster as he let go of the spear, and looked at Caim, Specter, and Zane.

“Ah… Lookie here… some heroes!” the cloaked monster shouted with happiness while reaching into his cloak.

Zane held the beam-saber over his head, turning on the red blade. Only a second clicked when Zane struck at the monster. A small gust of wind exploded form the two when that second was over. Zane gasped at this cloaked monster when his hood blew off, blocking Zane’s attack with two silver blades with yellow rings around them.

A battle-shout came from the cloaked monster, pushing Zane away. The force the cloaked monster used threw Zane into the building he jumped out of, cracking the wall with his back. Specter took a quick glimpse of Zane as he flew by her, and dashed at the cloaked monster with one claw in front of her, and one at her side. Both swords were up in the air, and came down onto Specter. Thinking fast, she threw her claws straight into the air. Shrieking came from Specter as the blades clanged against her claws. Another gust of wind exploded from the two, this time with a much greater force, throwing Caim into the air, over the building he jumped out of, and kept going.

Specter was now struggling for her life, trying to keep the swords from chopping her tiny body in half. She was using all of her strength to hold herself and these swords up, while the cloaked monster used no force at all. He began laughing hysterically.

“You should be cleaning my boots, little girl! What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here with these heathens…?” He asked.

The sound of the cloaked monster’s voice almost broke Specter’s sanity. It was so dark and cold, the dead could rise from their graves. Specter began shrieking, struggling to keep herself standing from the weight of the blades. She felt something drip onto the top of her hand, and burned.

“Who… Are you…?” Specter asked, grading her teeth

“In your tongue, I am deathbringer of your kind… I am Zilan! Leader and mastermind of Silan! That’s all you need to know!” Silan laughed hysterically.

A thunderbolt went off in Specter’s head, remembering what she read about Silan. She shrieked again, aggressively trying to push the blades off her burning claws. Zane, standing up from the blow against the wall, grabbed Spercu’s beam saber, and began mad dashing at Zilan.

“Specter, I’m coming!” Zane shouted.

“Lookie here!… compassion! Let’s make this battle worth while!” Zilan laughed.

Lifting his right sword up, he used the large flat side of the blade, and smacked Specter as if she was a baseball and held his two gigantic swords in a fighting stance. Zane watched in terror as Specter flew through building after building. He aggressively grabbed his other beam saber, and swiped at Zilan. Zilan countered both beam-swords with one of his swords, and took his other sword and attempted to run Zane through. Using his body like a piece of paper, he used the momentum of Zilan’s blade, and boosted himself over both blades, and struck his shoulders. Both beam sabers slid to the hilt into Zilans shoulders.

Lightning began shooting out of Zilan, with both shrieks and laughing coming from the monster. The force sent Zane towards a building in the distance, close to the hole Specter made with her body. Reaching back, Zane grabbed his cannon and aimed at the shrieking demon king, and pulled the trigger, sending Zane two times as fast towards the buildings.

The glowing blew and green beam, struck Zilan’s back. The lightning began swirling around Zilan, striking through his cloak, making him shriek in pain. His screaming shook the ground, creating fissures and crevices all over the region. Large twisting tornadoes ripped through the land, with rain beginning to pour over the town. Zilan, The Demon King, dropped his swords and fell to his knees, screaming. Zane smirked as he plowed through the same buildings as Specter did, this time demolishing the buildings.

“I cannot die! I’m immortal! I will return to destroy this wretched planet!” Zilan shouted.

This echoed overtop all the chaos in the wind, the thunder, the roaring waters all over the quaking planet. Zane, barely conscious, stood from the rubble of the buildings he impacted, and pulled one of his handguns out. He staggered left and right, barely able to keep his eyes open. Zilan stayed in his eye, as he tried to keep his handgun aimed at Zilan. On his handgun, he switched his handgun to overdrive. Propping one of his legs onto a large piece of debris, he aimed his handgun at Zilan who is still shrieking from the two beam sabers in his shoulders, and closed one of his eyes.

“For… Raven…” Zane sighed, pulling the trigger.

The click of the trigger emitted a large beam, throwing Zane several feet back, knocking him unconscious. Within seconds, the beam blew a clean hole through Zilan’s chest cavity. One large bolt of black electricity struck down, enveloping Zilan, causing him to slowly disintegrate into the rain. The screams were eventually overpowered by the thunder and the roar of the tornadoes, which were also becoming silent. The black clouds hovering the sky slowly began breaking apart, allowing the sunlight to break through. Rainbows started sprouting all over the broken up land.

Zune, the City of beautiful art, was now a rubble wasteland of a short, but intense battle. The city folk began coming back to the city to see what’s left of their home. Nothing was left of Zilan except his two gigantic swords laying on the ground, and a hole where Zilan once stood. Caim emerged from a dirt mound, gasping for air.

“God… what a fight…” Caim choked, trying to stand from the dirt mound.

Caim quickly dusted himself off, and held his handgun at the low ready, unable to hind his large gun. He slowly approached where Zilan stood, aiming his weapon at the ground, ready to draw and fire at a second’s notice. He was taking quick glimpses left and right of him, shouting for Zane and Specter as he approached the crevice where Zilan stood, still moving cautiously.

“Zane…! Are you there? Specter…!” Caim kept shouting, but received no answer.

Finally, he was over the crevice. He peered down the crevice to see not even dust laid as remains of Zilan. A rock fell, startling Caim, from movement under debris. Caim startled, jumping back, looking straight into the distance, watching a small piece of rubble move. Quickly holstering his weapon, Caim jumped over the crevice, and dashed towards the moving rubble. He grabbed rubble piece after piece and began digging out whoever was under the rubble. Lifting off a decent size piece of debris, he saw a faintly moving hand.

“Hang on, I gotcha…” Caim gasped, grabbing hold of the hand.

With a small tug of force, a body unburied from the debris and lay back onto the ground, screaming in pain, barely moving. Caim kneeled to her.

“Specter…!” He shouted, looking at her battered body.

Along her right side was all burned, and both her claws were just metal cakes melted into her hands. Her body was so bruised up; it’s a miracle she was still able to talk. Hearing Specter moan in agony and pain made Caim start to shed tears.

“Specter…!” Caim gasped.

“Caim… Where, is… Zane…?” Specter pleaded, laying her hand onto Caim’s lap.

“Don’t speak, Specter…” Caim”

Zane, crawling form under some rubble, and arose to his feet.

“I did it… I killed… Oh no… Specter…!” Zane shouted, feeling his heart drop to the ground.

He ran to Specter’s side, knocking Caim away; tears flowing from his eyes like someone turned on a faucet.

“Specter…!” Zane cried, tightly squeezing her hand.

Caim stood on his feet and looked down onto the wet ground, closing his eyes. As he shut his eyes, he could feel the sorrow emitting from both Specter and Zane. Zane gazed at Specter’s battle wounds.

“What happened to you…? You’ve been hit far worse than that…” Zane gasped.

“Zilan’s blades had acidic venom in it… The yellow rings around his blade… Melted my claws… and… poisoned… me.” Specter replied, in a soft, hurting voice.

“No… No! I don’t believe it!” Zane shouted in pain, looking into her glowing, pained eyes.

“Believe it… Because… I don’t… have much time…” Specter cried, tears flowing from her beaten face.

“I’m not going to let it end like this Specter!” Zane shouted, ripping the tags off of his chest.

Zane held his tags out, displaying a small amulet with a tiny crystal inside of it. Standing overtop Specter, holding it over her, he reached out and touched a tiny switch on the top of the amulet. The golden band holding it together broke into many pieces, and the tiny crystal fell from the amulet. As it fell, and sparkled through the tiny sunlight, it gave off a warm aroma that matched a heartbeat. Time seemed to slow down as it fell closer to Specter. Suddenly, a ghostly hand rose from Specter, and caught the shimmering crystal, and time completely froze, except Zane and the ghostly figure rising from Specter.

“Zane… Listen… It’s not time to use this… I know it in the bottom of my heart that you love me enough to use this… But this war is bigger than the both of us…” the ghostly figure explained, holding the crystal.

“Specter…?” Zane gasped.

“Yes… I’m here… Zane, you must listen to that I have to say. I never told you this… But I am a Sacred Maiden.” Specter’s spirit explained.

“What…? How…? Why didn’t you tell me…!” Zane asked, fighting back even more tears.

“Because… If you knew what I am then you wouldn’t have married me… I love you Zane… When you came into my life, I ran away form that life and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you….” Specter’s spirit explained.

“So let me revive you…!” Zane pouted.

“No. Doing that will doom me for eternity; I’m a Sacred Maiden, if you were to restore me… I will be nothing like me… I’ll be no better than Zilan.” Specter’s spirit explained.

“But…” Zane whined, tears on the peak of bursting.

“Zane, stop… This is already hard for the both of us… I will always be with you… Carry on Zane… Be the man that I married…” Specter pleased, “There are others out there worthy of your love… the same as I have… and always will. I love you Zane…”

The spirit lifted, and time began rolling as it was before. Zane, standing over his dead bride, held in his hand the shimmering crystal he was going to use to restore his wife. He held it close, and closed his eyes as a tear fell from his face. Inside the tear he had flashbacks of the past five years.

“Zane… Are you going to be okay?” Caim asked, putting his hand on his shoulder.

Zane gazed at the shimmering crystal and held it tight. Thoughts began racing through his mind, and as he was about to let it go again, a soothing voice flowed through his mind. He slipped the crystal in his pocket, and fell to his knees next to his battered wife, and shed some more tears.

“Caim… She’s a Sacred Maiden…” Zane cried, burying his have into her body.

“What? That’s against… the…” Caim gasped.

“Shut up… I know…” Zane shouted.

“Damn… So you can’t revive her.” Caim sighed.

“Yeah…” Zane cried some more.

“We need to go, Zane. We need to travel to the next town.” Caim sighed, looking at a digital map coming from a device in his pocket.

“So soon…?” Zane asked.

“I think we should… There’s almost nothing left of this town…” Caim explained, looking at all the demolished buildings.

Zane wipes his face with part of his shirt, cleaning the tears from his face, and reaches down at his battered wife. He picks her up in his arms, and looks over at Caim.

“We need to bury her.” Zane sighed, looking at Caim.

“Let’s go to the cemetery… I almost guarantee that’s the one place that didn’t get destroyed.” Caim suggested.

Right before stepping off, a shining light emitted from Specter. Zane, startled, laid her back on the ground, and both Zane and Caim took a few steps back. A tiny beam of light rose from her chest, into the clouds in the sky. The light was so bright, and the wind was so fierce, Caim and Zane shielded their eyes, along with any townsfolk that were nearby. Within seconds, the light subsided, and dust and tiny rocks fell from the sky. When Zane and Caim looked back where Specter lay, Specter was gone. All that remained was the ring Specter wore, and her two burned claws.

“Her ring…” Caim gasped quietly to himself.

Zane slowly walked over to the ring and picked it off the ground. The moment he touched it, he felt a part of her with him, as if she was hold his hand.

“Let’s go Caim; we have work to do…” Zane said, taking off his necklace.

He slid the ring onto his necklace, and smirked slightly as he snapped it back on the claws on the ground sparkled as he picked them up, and turned to Caim.

“I hope the next town has a smith. I have an idea!” Zane smiled.

~Year 2142 A.W.D.~

~Month: Frenge~

~Day: 15~

Chapter 3: Year: 2135 Month: Frenge Chapter 2

~Year 2135 A.W.D. ~

~Month: Frenge~

~Day 15~

Even though the Demonic King, Zilan was defeated 3years ago, Xenaz continued to send twice as many demons, commanded by Death Angels from the planet Silan. Raven, also reacting to Zilan’s death, began sending all combat and support squads from Raven onto Motavian, slowly making the entire area into a wasteland of war. Almost every city, town, village, was battle scarred or already taken over by demons, or Death Angels. Death Angels were spawned from Xenaz’s powers of darkness. Twisting their spirit, and body, their holy wings turned pure black and had a thirst for power and destruction. They also possess enough power to manipulate any living organism and acquire anything to benefit them on the battlefield, making them deadly opponents. The only creatures able to resist such dark magic are Archangels.

Combat and support squads’ from Raven usually consisted of five to ten people, with incredible skills with weapons. Every squad was unique in some kind of way, but there was one squad that didn’t have not even five people in it. This squad worked secretive missions all over the planet, and was noticed by even Xenaz.

Inside an inn in the town of Zeleb, the two sat happily inside a room together. All the weapons were stacked next to the door, with the shoes on the floor of their beds. One person sat on 1 of the beds, while the other was laying, reading a book.

“Emmy… Whatcha reading?” the boy asked, looking over at Emmy.

“Hm…?” Emmy replied with a soft, soothing voice, “I’m still reading this book. It’s very fascinating Mateo… Someone wrote a book about that Zane guy and his heroic deeds…”

“Oh… Zane…” Mateo Sighed.

“You know him?” Emmy asked, closing the book.

“Yeah… I do, he was one of my… good friends.” Mateo sighed, looking at the ceiling.

“Oh really…? Do tell… I would love to know!” Emmy giggled, sitting up from the bed, allowing her legs to dangle off the side of the bed.

“Well… Back on Raven, before I met you, we were the best of friends. We trained and sparred together with even results, every time. We were equally matched, but this was also our greatest feat over any person at the academy. We were the strongest… For a long time…” Mateo explained, rolling to his side to face Emmy.

“Wait… How come I never knew this, huh?” Emmy asked.

“Hang on, lemmie finish… It was about a year before I met you… Our captain decided it would be fun to put us in the combat arena, and fight until someone draws blood.” Mateo sighed.

“I remember those! Those aren’t fun.” Emmy gasped.

“Anyway… He and I agreed we would fight for a little… call it a draw and have a day… Well… It didn’t exactly happen that way. Our captain gave us both defective weapons, and brought himself in, announcing whoever won would also receive special orders from the RCO or Raven Combat Operations General. Zane and I both wanted the position so bad… We teamed up and made quick work of our captain… and then the General showed up to observe our battle. We were given weapons of our choice and went at it… And we kept fighting and kept fighting…” Mateo explained, getting a little excited.

“Holy shit!” Emmy shouted, bouncing on her bed.

“Well don’t get too excited… During the fight with our captain, he slightly cut Zane’s left arm. That disqualified Zane from the fight, thus I won. Zane wanted to have a rematch, but the General downgraded Zane for it, and made him just another squad leader. I got to meet with the General and later on, I met you… From that day on, I haven’t seen Zane… I’ve only heard about him from messages and checks from Raven. He disappeared after that nasty fight 3 years ago with Zilan. Nobody to this day has seen him.” Mateo explained.

“That’s really sad.” Emmy replied, with sadness in her voice.

“Yeah… But that’s in the past. Were to now, Emmy?” Mateo asked, rocking off the other side of the bed.

Mateo began walking to the weapons in the corner.

“Well, there’ve been reports that on the trail to Zune, nasty looking animals have been kidnapping travelers.” Emmy explained, typing on her watch as if it’s a mini keyboard.

“Shall we get moving?” Mateo asked, slinging his sword across his back.

Mateo, a bulky man with dark blue eyes, smooth black hair that reached to his shoulders, and slight brownish skin, standing about 5’10”, wore khaki pants with black combat boots. On his chest he wore a black T-shirt with a dark blue trench coat that stretched to the floor. He wore a small utility belt with little vials attached to it, along with a pistol holstered on his left and right side. Also, next to his holstered guns he had a beam saber hilt. Over his back he wielded a longer, sturdy sword inside a red scabbard. The scabbard itself was beautiful on its own, with a golden chape and locket. The grip was tinted dark red with three colored jewels engraved into it, with the pommel being gold also, along with the cross guard. The hilt had a golden D-guard. Inside the scabbard, the blade itself was dark grey, and was light as a feather, but as hard as titanium steel, and was very large. To a normal person’s eyes, the sword would be two handed. Around his neck he wore a tiny silver chain, with a silver tag under his shirt. Out of sport, he wore a black boonie cap, having a touch of fashion.

Emmy, a tiny, skinny woman with a touch of tan skin, long green hair that dangles almost to the floor, deep green eyes, standing about 4’5″, wore a green skirt that stretched to her knee caps with a green tank top that stretched to the length of her skirt top. On her feet, she wore loose traveling sandals. Her belt was pure black, with steel sai on her left and right, identical to Mateo’s beam sabers. Unlike Mateo, she had an extra handle next to her Sai, identical to the beam saber, but it’s not a beam saber. She, also like Mateo, possessed two Pistols next to her sai. On her backside attached to her belt she also had a pair of Nunchaku (Nun-chucks) that were the same color as her clothes. On her front part of her belt, she had a pouch. Inside each pouch, she possessed a glove, capable of emitting four blades that stand about one foot outwards, representing claws.

“Mateo,” Emmy questioned, sliding her silver gloves on, “How much money do we have?”

“Not too much, but after the next mission, we should receive a little more gold coins.” Mateo replied, sliding his boonie cap on.

“We’re low on rations!” Emmy cried, peeking into her small, green travel sack.

“Yea, I’m gettin’ a little low on my side too. We’ll be okay, just have to make it stretch. Are you ready?” Mateo giggled, throwing his sack onto his back.

“Hell yea! I’m totally ready!” Emmy cheered, throwing her sack onto her back.

With smiles, the two walked out of the building, and as they approached the gate to the city, a traveler ran to them from Mateo’s side and grabbed hold of his left arm.

“Don’t go out dere…! It dangerous! Dere’s nosty lookin monsters out dere!” The old man begged.

“We’re goin’ to fight’em old man! Don’t worry!” Emmy cheered, throwing her fist into the air.

“If you… See ma’ wife, please bring’er back. I miss ma’ ole lady… I’ll give ye nice reward!” The old man pleaded, tears forming under his eyes.

“We will…” Mateo tried to reply.

“No problem! We’ll being’er back for sure!” Emmy blurted out.

Mateo shot Emmy a uncertain look,

“Emmy… We don’t know if she’s dead…” Mateo whispered.

“Give the old guy some courage and faith… People need that kind of spirit…” Emmy whispered back, “We’re outa here. What’s your wife’s name?”

“It’s… Margareta. Mine is Hasmel.” Hasmel smiled, revealing he has only one tooth.

“See ya Hasmel. We’ll be back if we find anything.” Mateo replied to the old man.

With that said, the two began walking out of the town, chins high, sun shining brightly, the wind blowing briskly through the trees, petals of flowers throughout the area blowing in the breeze in tiny groups.

“It’s so pretty outside, Mateo!” Emmy gasped, smelling the air deeply.

“Yea… I couldn’t agree more, Emmy. But you can’t be going through every town, telling them we can save this or that person. Remember the last?” Mateo questioned Emmy’s actions.

“Well… How would I know we’d find that one guy’s brother’s remains in a bone yard…? I brought back a treasure so that he may rest in peace knowing his brother’s not tortured…” Emmy explained.

“Still, you haf’ta be careful…” Mateo replied.

“I’m trying, I really am!” Emmy pouted.

The two began walking deeper down the large dirt road. As they walked down the road, Emmy grabbed a black band form her pocket and began rolling her hair up into a hand-sized bun, and tied it up tightly. She let out a relieving sigh, indicating she felt better that her hair wasn’t blowing all over her face. Mateo laughed, pointing at her unusually long bun.

“Look at that thing, looks like a ticking time bomb!” Mateo continued to laugh.

“Shush, you!” Emmy griped, throwing her fists towards the ground, shooting Mateo an evil stare.

“So moody…” Mateo giggled.

All of a sudden, the wind abruptly stopped. The sun, bring as bright as it ever was, was sucked away by dark rolling clouds. Mateo stopped in his tracks, looking into the sky. Emmy slowly turned to Mateo, curious why he stopped. Nothing was mentioned; Emmy could read his body language. Something was coming, something big, and terrifying. Emmy slowly grasped her handle next to her sai that looked like a beam saber and held it tightly. At the same time, Mateo reached for his large sword on his back and held onto it, ready to unsheathe it at any moment. As the two waited, the wind began blowing again, but this time, the wind was slightly cold.

The surrounding green trees began shading a lighter green, indicating ran was approaching. A light, roaring thunder grumbled beyond the horizon, sending a tiny quake of fear down Emmy’s back. Feeling this kind of cool wind, and hearing the shuttering thunder wasn’t normal for Emmy, creating a sense of fear. Suddenly, a carriage being pulled by two horses violently raced towards Mateo and Emmy. Startled, Mateo let go of his sword hilt and darted for Emmy. Emmy didn’t blink twice before Mateo’s arms were wrapped around Emmy, and the two hit the grassy side of the road. Without second guessing what just happened, Mateo jumped from Emmy, unsheathed his large sword, and struck at a creature that was in pursuit of the carriage. Green fluid spewed in all directions as Mateo extended his sword and landed on the ground to his knees. Mateo quickly grabbed hold of his blade with two hands, and spun a half circle clockwise while rising up from the ground, striking the creature again with his blade. Mateo stood firm, his sword pointing northeast, with his other arm to his side, and looked as the creature he stroke fell in three pieces onto the ground. Green fluid was everywhere, on the ground, on Emmy, on Mateo, all over the place.

“Mateo…!” Emmy shouted, jumping form the ground.

“Emmy, get ready… There’s more on the way…” Mateo told Emmy with a low, deep voice.

Without second guessing Mateo, Emmy whipped out her handle, and pushed a button. With a flash of light, the handle she held extended to a metallic rod; on both tips extended a large crescent blade. Emmy then held the staff to her back, in a charging stance, ready for anything to approach her. Mateo quickly wiped green goo from his face, and held his sword to his side, looking into the distance where the wild carriage came. Only standing there for a brief minuet, the two began running into that direction, ready for anything.

It wasn’t long before another spider jumped from the distance, and headed for Mateo. Emmy jumped into the air, her staff grasped with two hands, and struck through the large spider, with more green goo spewing all over the place. Mateo glanced up to see Emmy push off the monster’s corpse towards the ground. Mateo smirked as he looked in front of him. He held his blade in front of him as a spider swiftly approached him. He took the sword and held it as a pole, and allowed the front of the sword to stick into the spider’s face. Barely dodging the spider’s pinchers, Mateo pointed the tip downwards, making the tip of the blade rip through the spider’s face, and stick into the ground. With the momentum of the speed he was running, he leaped into the air; dodging acidic poison spewing form the spider’s ripped open face. Taking all of his strength, he pulled his sword up from the ground, his back almost hit it, and did an axe chop, slicing the back end of the spider. Mateo landed onto the ground with his sword by his side, as the creature cried out in pain and fell. Mateo quickly glanced in front of him, and to his left and right for any signs of more spiders. Feeling something still watch him, he held his sword to eye level and turned around, and faced the fallen creature.

If Mateo didn’t turn around when he did, he would have been struck by a two foot stinger that shot from the remains of the spider. The force of the stinger clinging against Mateo’s blade, threw Mateo back a few feet. Thinking fast, Mateo slung his sword at the sky and threw his hands down. Throwing his hands down made him begin to flip a few times, only to have him land on his feet. Mateo looked up, and saw his sword sticking from another airborne spider that is heading towards him.

“Shit!” Mateo shouted, jumping for dear life.

Mateo was blown a few more feet from the spider landing onto the ground. This time, he slid on his front side. When his sliding body came to a halt, he jumped to his feet, and turned around. Inches stood between him, the hilt of his sword and the carcass of an abnormally large spider. Mateo walked towards the dead spider, grabbed his sword sticking from the spider’s head, and pulled it out. Right when the blade completely exited the head, green goo spewed from the wound, drenching Mateo. He tried to shield his face with his sword and his other hand, but the pressure was too fast. When the goo stopped spewing, Mateo quickly wiped it from his face and fell to his knees, trying to spit it all out of his mouth.

At the same time, Emmy landed and quickly scanned the area for anymore spiders. Shockingly not seeing anymore, she turned her scythe-like weapon off, reducing it to just a handle, and attached it to her utility belt.

“Mateo…?” She shouted, turning 360 degrees.

Hearing faint coughing in the distance behind her, she ran and kept running until she saw a carcass of a spider, with Mateo on his knees. She darted as fast as she could, thinking something went wrong. As she approached him, Mateo reached behind his back and scooped up a handful of green goo.

“Mateo…?” Emmy gasped, looking at Mateo covered in green goo.

“How… did you not get any on… you?” Mateo asked, acting as if he’s continuing to cough.

“Well, I’m a lady, and I’m graceful in acrobats” Emmy giggled, noticing he’s not dying.

Clenching his fist, he chucked a handful of green goo at Emmy’s face. It impacted Emmy so hard, her feet left the ground and she fell on her tail. She sat up on her knees, and placed her hands between them, quickly getting angry. Mateo held his stomach, and rolled to his back and began laughing hysterically.

“I see green goo on you!” Mateo laughed.

“You… Got goo on… me…!” Emmy whimpered, so angry she’s being reduced to tears.

“Oh don’t cry!” Mateo chuckled, rising up off the ground, “We got’em all… I think.”

Mateo reached his arm out to Emmy.

“No. Don’t touch me.” Emmy grumbled.

All of a sudden, she threw a handful of green goo at Mateo, only for Mateo to duck. It flew completely over Mateo, landing on the carcass behind them.

“Ha! You missed!” Mateo laughed.

No sooner that Mateo started laughing again, Emmy jumped from the ground, and pushed Mateo to the ground again, soaking him in even more green goo. Emmy began walking away, laughing to tears at Mateo’s misfortune.

“What a girl… I swear…” Mateo laughed, wiping the goo form his face.

Chuckling, Mateo stood up again off the gooey ground, and embraced his sword. He spun it in front of him a few times, watching as all the goo was flung off of it, and sheathed it onto his back.

“Well… Let’s keep walking, there might be more.” Mateo suggested.

Taking a step forward, he heard a clanking sound under his left boot. The noise startled Mateo, and he jumped back, only to find it was a tiny piece of metal. Curious, he reached down and with his thumb and main finger; he picked up the piece of metal, and examined it.

“Emmy… Come here.” Mateo gasped.

Emmy walked to Mateo, still chuckling. She walked close to him, looking at the dangling piece of metal attached to a chain that was in his hand.

“What is that?” Emmy asked.

“What was Hasmel’s wife’s name again…?” Mateo asked.

Emmy’s heart sank to her stomach, and she put her hands to her face in shock,

“That’s Margareta’s pendant isn’t it…?”

“Yeah… But from the shape of this necklace, it’s been ripped off, not digested with a body. SO she might very well be alive. Let’s check those woods in the distance.” Mateo explained, putting the gooey necklace in one of his trench coat pockets.

“Ew… We’re so gross! Can we have a shower first?” Emmy whined, wiping goo off her clothes.

“No. Time is critical! Let’s go!” Mateo shouted, running for the forest.

“Ugh… Mateo I hate you!” Emmy shouted, running behind him.

During their run towards the forest, rain started falling heavily from the dark clouds in the sky, and the wind began to speed up. The goo that Emmy whined about slowly started to wash off.

“We’re almost there!” Mateo shouted, trying to speak over the pouring rain.

“Ow! I shouldn’t have worn these stupid sandals! Now they’re ruined!” Emmy shouted, trying to run and tiptoe at the same time.

Finally the two reached the border of the forest. With the rain and wind, the forest appeared to be cursed with evil, but Mateo reached into his trench coat and pulled out a pistol, and a beam saber. Pointing the handle away from his body, he turned on the beam saber. His eyes sparkled as the beam’s blue color rose from the hilt and stopped about two feet from the hilt. He held it tightly and began walking into the forest, with Emmy wielding both pistols. What was a normal trail is now a mudslide. To avoid being swept away in the mudslide and forest debris from the wind and heavy rain, the two traveled on the edge of the narrow trail, chopping down vines, small trees, and sinkholes. The roar of the trees prevented them from shouting out at any survivors.

Suddenly, through the roar of the dark forest, a faint sound could be heard, shouting for help, and save me. Emmy, grabbing hold of Mateo’s trench coat, halted him.

“Mateo… Do you hear that?” Emmy shouted.

“What?” Mateo shouted back, unable to understand what Emmy shouted.

“I heard a cry for help!” Emmy shouted back.

“Well lead on! This retarded rain is makin’ it hard to do anything!” Mateo shouted back, beginning to get frustrated.

Emmy quickly holstered her weapons, and held her watch to her face. With the touch of a button, the cries were vastly amplified, and an arrow appeared on a mini hologram of the forest.

“I know which way to go!” Emmy shouted shoving her watch into Mateo’s face.

“What do you want me to do, swallow the damn thing? Lead on then!” Mateo shouted, holstering his pistol and grabbing Emmy’s shoulder.

As fast as they could, they ran in the direction Emmy’s watch shouted to go. Approaching the target, the rain began to lighten up, thus allowing Mateo to see Emmy in front of him. He sighed in relief, letting go of Emmy’s shoulder, and the two increased their pace. Finally, after being slightly bruised and their clothes slightly torn from branches and trees, they reached where the beeping on Emmy’s watch was. Lowering her watch, Emmy gazed upon the trees, gasping as bodies dangled and twirling from spider cocoons and web.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god…! Spiders…!” Emmy shrieked very fast, almost in a panic.

She grabbed hold of Mateo and squeezed as tight as she could.

“Emmy what’s wrong?” Mateo asked.

“I hate spiders!” Emmy shrieked, burying her face into his back.

“Now is not the time to have phobias! There’s only a few…Let’s do this!” Mateo shouted, wielding his other beam saber, “This is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna jump up there, and cut these people lose. You catch’em. Can you do that?”

Emmy slowly let go of Mateo.

“Yeah… I can.” Emmy sniffled, feeling sorry for herself.

Mateo then leaped high into the air, and with one stroke from his two beam sabers, he sliced a cocoon from the tree. From one branch to another, he cut down cocoons and sliced small spiders. Within a few minuets the few cocoons were cut down. Emmy sat onto the ground and began panting from the catching, as did Mateo right next to her. Mateo holstered his beam sabers, and wiped the sweat from his face.

“Goodness… That didn’t take too long.” Mateo panted.

Emmy looked into the sky and noticed the clouds began to break up, and the rain disappeared. The only raindrops left were the rain dripping off of the tree limbs.

“The storm let up already.” Emmy smiled.

“I wonder if these cocoons have live bodies in them…” Mateo asked himself.

“Well… Think about this, How’re we gonna get all these bodies back to the town? It took about seven hours to get here.” Emmy sighed.

“Ugh. Always optimistic I see…?” Mateo sighed.

“Yup…! I’m a girl that way… I have a degree!” Emmy attempted to giggle.

Suddenly, the cocoon Mateo and Emmy leaned on began to move. Startling the two, the two jumped back, followed my Mateo grabbing hold of his large sword and swiping at the cocoon. As soon as the blade struck the cocoon, the cocoon exploded, throwing three people to the ground coughing for air, and weak. Mateo quickly sheathed his sword, and the two ran to the three people that fell from the cocoon.

“Are you okay?” Mateo asked, shaking the shoulder of a person scurrying to their feet.

The person Mateo was tending too jumped to his feet and grabbed hold of Mateo’s collar and began shaking him wildly,

“We’ve gotta get outa’ here! Spiders!” He shouted.

“Shh!” a woman gasped, jumping to the man shaking Mateo, and covering his mouth.

The two fell to the ground, with the man trying aggressively to get from the woman’s clutches. The person Emmy was tending to calmly rose to his feet and sighed.

“Thank you… We’ve been stuck in that cocoon for days… Those spiders kidnapped us and were about to eat us before you showed up… This man here has gone almost completely insane… When he shouts… spiders come.” He sighed.

Mateo quickly took a vial from his belt, along with a needle from another vial and attached the two together. Kneeling to the panicking man, he slowly slid the needle into the man’s stomach, since it was the one place that wasn’t flailing for dear life. Within seconds, the man was out cold in a deep sleep. Scared, the woman jumped from the man and pointed at him.

“What did you just do…?” The woman gasped.

Mateo calmly put the empty vial and needle back on his utility belt and stood to his feet.

“That will calm him down. It’s a sleeping medicine I gave him. We don’t need anyone panicking right now. Especially when we need to get back to town in one piece…” Mateo explained.

“What’re your names, children?” The woman questioned, standing from the ground.

“I’m Mateo, this is Emmy.” Mateo explained.

“Heroes…?” The old man asked.

“Um…” Emmy replied, afraid to answer with her cheerful, optimism.

“Look out!” The woman shouted, pointing behind Mateo.

Reacting to the shout, Mateo drew his sword on his back, turned the other direction, and jumped. While he jumped, he sliced at an incoming shadow that was quickly identified as a spider. He landed a couple feet from the group, and turned to Emmy.

“Emmy… cut these people free and get out of here! I’ll hold off these monsters!” Mateo shouted.

Without second guessing Mateo, Emmy acknowledged Mateo’s wish and began running to the other cocoons. The old man picked up the unconscious man and bout he and the woman followed Emmy. Goo began flying in all directions as Mateo jumped from one tree, to the next, towards the ground, and in midair slicing incoming spiders. Emmy aggressively whipped out her scythe-looking weapon and began slicing at the cocoons, letting people out. She also handed the woman they rescued earlier a pistol and was told to cover Emmy while she opened cocoons.

“Emmy…! You almost done…?” Mateo shouted anxiously, landing a few feet from a destroyed cocoon.

“Yeah…! Finished…!” Emmy cheered, looking at Mateo with a thumb up.

“Let’s get out of here!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy holstered her scythe-like weapon and took her pistol back. She looked at her watch, and typed on it a few times, and within seconds got a response.

“This way…!” She pointed.

“Run, I’ll cover behind!” Mateo shouted back.

Within moments, the group of people followed Emmy, with Mateo in the rear. Being that they’re running for safety, Mateo sheathed his sword, and pulled out his two pistols, shooting at any incoming any spiders, regardless of size. Branches continued to rip Mateo and Emmy’s clothes, and scar their exposed skin, allowing the green goo to touch the scars and inflame them.

“Almost out…!” Emmy shouted, trying to motivate the group of people to run faster.

At the same time, Mateo felt the ground slightly rumbling. He glanced over his shoulder, only to see there was a small heard of spiders, followed by a very large spider in pursuit.

“Really…? Shit.” Mateo grumbled to himself, “Emmy! Run faster!”

“Why?” Emmy replied.

She turned around, and as she replied to Mateo, she shrieked at the large spider followed by other spiders. Her fear of spiders punched with full force, sending her to overdrive.

“BUGS!” She shouted, running twice the speed she was running.

Shouting bugs terrified the rescued people, making them also run twice as fast. Within seconds, the group finally exited the forest, and was running on the trail again. As Mateo ran from the forest, he came to a sudden halt and holstered his pistols. He spun around, facing the swiftly approaching spiders, and unsheathed his sword. Turning it sideways, he held his sword in front of him.

“You shall kidnap nobody else! You demons will go back to Silan where you came from!” Mateo shouted.

With this said, he began running towards the approaching spiders. Wielding his blade high in the sky, the sun rays began shining through a gem imbedded in the tip of the blade, the sword began to glow a golden color. Mateo shouted at the top of his lungs,

“Judgment has fallen on you demons! And that is death!”

As these words echoed throughout the area, Mateo struck towards the spiders. A golden line formed where Mateo struck, and shot towards the spiders, forming into a crescent moon. Mateo shielded himself with his blade as the crescent struck the large spider. Emmy and the others quickly turned towards the forest, dazzled at the bright light emitting from the spiders.

“Shield your eyes!” Emmy shouted, covering her eyes.

Strong light then emitted from the forest, shaking the ground in its fury. Only seconds past, and the light was gone, and Mateo was left standing on the ground, sword sheathed and his back facing the forest. Nothing was left, not even green goo, of the spiders, nor any trace of anything chasing them. Only the fear of almost dying was left for the survivors. They rested on the dirt trail as Emmy ran back to the forest, where Mateo stood. Sunrays seemed to dawn on Mateo for a brief moment, filling the area with life and happiness again, with the wind blowing gently. Rose petals were flowing in the breeze once more; the sky shown no signs of dark clouds, or nasty weather anymore. The only thing left form the nasty storm was small puddles along the road, and in the grassy plains.

“Always have to make a big flashy ending dontcha…?” Emmy laughed, approaching Mateo calmly.

“Of course…! I’m a hero!” Mateo smiled happily.

“These scars don’t feel too good…” Emmy panted, resting her hands on her knees.

“Are you… feeling okay…?” Mateo asked, falling to one knee.

“Mateo what is this…?” Emmy gasped, beginning to take short breaths.

“This goo, it must be…” Mateo sighed, falling to the ground.

“No…” Emmy sighed, also falling to the ground.

Mateo vigorously attempted to move his right hand, but was unable to use it to push off the ground, and rested it on the ground with the rest of his body. His eyes began to close as he saw a figure from the distance approach him in all black clothing. The person stopped about a foot from Mateo’s head as his eyes shut completely.

Chapter 4: Year: 2135 Month: Frenge Chapter 3

~Year 2135 A.W.D. ~

~Month: Frenge~

~Day 18~

A jolt of lightning surged through Mateo, waking him from his deep slumber. He shouted in deep pain and sorrow. Quickly, he attempted to sling his arms forward, but was banded with chains attached to a brick wall. He shook his head, trying to get his senses together, but was shocked again by a surge of electricity.

“What the hell…? Where’s Emmy…?” Mateo shouted in pain.

He could hear Emmy’s pleas in the distance, which made Mateo stop screaming in pain.

“Stop it! Why are you hurting him…?” Emmy shouted, clanging a metallic bar against bars.

Mateo’s senses then came to him, he was bound to a wall with chains, and his legs were wrapped with chains. Using all his strength he tried to shake the chains free, but was again struck with more electricity. A hooded man approached Emmy’s cell and slammed against the bars.

“Who do you think you are telling me to stop?” The man shouted.

The wind coming from the man’s mouth threw Emmy to the wall. Tiny cracks were imprinted in the wall as she slid down the wall and fell to her knees and hands on the ground. Her body shaken from the hit, she rose to her feet and staggered a little bit.

“You’re going to tell me what I want to know, or this man will die.” The hooded man laughed, raising his right hand towards Mateo.

“What is it…?” Emmy spoke with a hurt and soft voice.

“What is a skilled fighter of Raven and an Archangel from Dezian doing on Motavian?” The hooded man asked.

“Don’t say a word Emmy!” Mateo shouted, still trying to sling form the shackles.

A burst of electricity flowed form the hooded man’s hand, electrocuting Mateo once more. Hearing Mateo’s shouts of pain and torture brought Emmy to tears as she watched his body flail in the bound shackles.

“Stop…” Emmy cried.

“Tell me now! I’m growing impatient! I’ll give him more power if you don’t tell me! Haahahahaa!” the hooded man laughed, continuing to electrocute Mateo.

All of a sudden, a faint clank of metal was heard. Emmy looked up in surprise; Mateo’s left arm broke the shackles. With al his strength, Mateo whipped the chain outwards, quickly wrapping the hooded man’s arm with it, and jerked his arm. The hooded man shouted in pain as a loud crackle echoed form his arm and his arm ripped from his body. Electricity subsided, giving Mateo the perfect opportunity to break free. Reaching into his utility belt, Mateo pulled out another vial of crystal blue liquid. He turned to the wall binding his right arm, and chucked the vial and shielded his face with his left forearm. Emmy quickly turned her head before impact. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, followed by a thick blue sparkly essence. When Emmy unshielded her eyes, she looked at the metallic bars that were holding her inside the cell. The steel was gone, along with Mateo’s shackles. Mateo fell to the floor, and fell to his hands and knees, weak from the electricity. At the same time, the hooded man continuously shouted in pain, holding his right arm where his arm used to be.

Worried sick, Emmy ran to Mateo, and fell to her knees and placed her hands on his shoulders and back.

“Mateo…! Are you alright?” Emmy asked.

“Never… Better…” Mateo coughed, staggering to his feet, “Why a villain would bind an agent of Raven and not take their weapons or utility belt is beyond me…

Emmy helped Mateo as he staggered to his feet. Using Emmy as a crutch the two ran out of the room into a long hallway. Mateo looked left while Emmy looked right. Mateo forcefully tugged Emmy to run left.

“Mateo, be careful…” Emmy pleaded.

The two began limping and running down the hallway, only to run into a dead end with a large window. Mateo pointed to the window, signaling to go to it.

“What in the hell…?” Mateo gasped.

Outside the window, the sun was setting over the clouds rushing below them. You could see the stars already setting for the night.

“This isn’t good…” Emmy gasped.

All of a sudden, dozens of armored troops stormed the hallway, armed with laser rifles pointed at Emmy and Mateo. Pushing Emmy away, Mateo unsheathed his sword, only to fall onto it as if it was a crutch. The hooded man walked from the ranks of the armored troops.

“I’m guessing you’d like to know where you are…” The hooded man grumbled, staggering from his right arm missing.

Mateo slung his sword, pointed towards the hooded man.

“If you don’t want to die, tell us where you are!” Mateo shouted.

Emmy quickly ran to Mateo’s side just as he started to fall and helped him keep his balance. Mateo’s eyes refused to stay off of the hooded man, and kept his sword pointed at him.

“So touchy…” The hooded man laughed, “Seems I out-weigh you in the threats here. I have lasers… and you have that piece of tin.”

“It may… be a piece of tin but… I can slay you with it. Where are we?” Mateo demanded, struggling to stand even with Emmy’s help.

“You can barely stand Mateo!” Emmy murmured to Mateo.

“When I give the signal… Run out this window…” Mateo whispered.

“What?” Emmy gasped, “Are you insane? We’ll die…”

“Trust me…” Mateo chuckled quietly at Emmy.

Mateo shrugged his shoulders and pushed himself forward, giving Emmy the signal that he doesn’t need her help to stand, and began slightly staggering. He slowly approached the hooded man, the sword still pointed at him.

“I can’t believe such a stupid human is causing me so much trouble!” The hooded man laughed.

“You got that right!” Mateo smiled, swinging back his sword.

Suddenly, Mateo turned towards Emmy, and slung his sword towards the window. At the same time, the hooded man lunged for Mateo. Emmy ducked, cowering to the corner as the sword hit the glass window. A loud, ear shattering crash echoed as the glass shattered. Glass shattered everywhere for a quick second, then was sucked away from the speed of the ship. The window then became a large vacuum cleaner. Armored troops scattered for their lives as one after another were sucked out of the window. The hooded man, thinking fast, as he lunged for Mateo, grabbed hold of him with his only arm in hopes of dragging him out of the window. Emmy, being sucked to the window, grabbed hold of the window seal for dear life.

Mateo’s feet flew from under him as the hooded man grabbed hold of him, making him lose his balance. Emmy barely caught a glimpse of Mateo as he approached the middle of the broken window. All of a sudden, a metallic window slowly rolled down the window seal. Emmy looked up, watching as the metallic window scrolled down, and looked again to see Mateo almost through the window. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and let go of the seal, and started a freefall out of the ship. Mateo caught notice of the closing window, and quickly whipped out one of his pistols.

“I’m Zilan… Demon King of Silan! You may get away now, but it’ll be a matter of time before I am back!” The hooded man chuckled, quickly standing on the floor.

As Zilan chuckled, Mateo pulled the trigger of his pistol, shooting through the hooded man’s cloak. The force of the shot threw Mateo through the window inches before it completely closed. Wounded and still barely able to move, Mateo also began a drastic freefall towards the planet. Thinking fast, Mateo pulled a pair of goggles from his utility belt, and strapped them to his eyes, enabling him to see with both eyes open during his descent. He quickly located Emmy, but was able to see her for a quick second as she disappeared into the clouds. Before he also fell into the clouds, he took one more glance at the floating ship they were sucked out of, and even though the ship was flying farther and farther away, Mateo managed to make perfect eye contact with Zilan, standing on the outside rock of the floating fortress. A voice was heard inside Mateo’s mind.

“You may think you have wounded me, but you have yet to experience true pain. Nobody can kill a god, especially your friend Zane.”

Mateo gasped, hearing Zilan’s words.

“Yes… I know you know him. I read your thoughts already; you’re an agent of Raven. I will kill you when time presents itself… I merely wanted to… see for myself why Xenaz is wondering how you are defeating our demonic forces and now I see how. You won’t be a thorn any longer. When you least expect it, I will have your head branded on my spear. Until that day…”

The voice echoed to silence in a horrific laugh. Mateo shrugged the laugh as the clouds dissipated, revealing the beautiful land below. Glancing to his left, he saw a now unconscious Emmy. Using his trench coat, Mateo grabbed hold of the bottom edges, and steered himself towards Emmy slowly. As he approached her, he began wondering about what Zilan told him. With the ground quickly approaching them, Mateo had no time to hesitate. He reached out, and grabbed Emmy with his left arm. Reaching into his utility belt with his right hand, he pulled out a tiny capsule. Not much strength was left in his body as he guided both his and Emmy’s body upwards; their feet facing the ground. Holding his right arm towards the sky, he crushed the capsule, making it explode in his hand. Smoke cleared just as it exploded revealing a parachute attached to a handle bar. A violent tug jerked on his right arm. Force from both his body and Emmy’s body pulling down emitted a horrid snap from within Mateo’s arm, causing him to shout-out in pain. He continued shouting as they glided in the wind slowly towards the ground.

Shouts became whimpers as they continued to glide down. Mateo looked below to see where they were landing, and to his surprise a city incoming. He struggled to hold Emmy with one arm, with the pain in his other arm was increasing at an alarming rate. It hurt to the point where tears began streaming down his face, but the pain was unavoidable. If he didn’t hold onto both, Emmy would die, or both would die. The city wasn’t too far below; he had to hang on just a little bit longer. People inside the tallest skyscraper ran to the window, frightened and confused as Mateo and Emmy approached the city. Townsfolk walking through the streets began pointing and gasping while they floated above them.

Mateo’s pain began getting to the point where he couldn’t tolerate it anymore; the pain started working on his consciousness. He struggled to keep his eyes open and his muscles fixed on holding both the parachute and himself as they glided down. Letting go at this altitude would almost guarantee death, even though he could see the faces of hundreds of people below them.

“I… tried Emmy…” Mateo sighed.

Mateo let out a silent sigh, as his hand slowly slipped from the parachute. The two began tumbling towards the ground below them, with hundreds of people shrieking and shouting all over the city. People were running out of buildings to watch as they were falling. Emmy then took a deep breath and opened her eyes, only to see she was several feet from the ground. Thinking fast, she reached out and grabbed hold of a clothes line stringing form one building to another and swiftly grabbed hold of Mateo’s trench coat. She watched as the clothes line slowed their fall down tremendously, but not able to stop them all the way, and snapped. But when it snapped, they only fell a couple feet, and landed onto the ground.

People surrounded the two as they lay on their back, with Emmy being the only one conscious. It wasn’t long before armored knights with shields and swords surrounded the area, protecting the two from publicity. Emmy coughed and staggered to her legs, unable to stand. Her head felt really heavy from the pressure of being thousands of feet into the air and a huge crick in her neck. She looked at her bruised up arms, and cutup body, and quickly glanced over at Mateo. Mateo’s wounds were similar to Emmy’s, only more burn marks from when he was electrocuted. His right arm was severely bruised and cutup, with it being the one that opened the parachute.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a white robe tapped on Emmy’s shoulders,

“Miss…?” She asked with a polite voice.

Emmy couldn’t speak due to her consciousness was hazy and she couldn’t focus her eyes or her thoughts correctly. Only the thoughts, “Am I okay? Is Mateo Okay…?” rang in her mind.

“Are you alright?” The woman asked again, “Can you hear me?”

“Um-num-num-nua” Emmy replied.

Without warning, Emmy closed her eyes, and fell onto her back, completely unconscious. The woman in the white robe pointed at three knights and asked them to carry Mateo and Emmy.

“These two need medical attention immediately!” She shouted as the knights picked up Mateo and Emmy.

They were carried to a small building not far from where they landed. The two were put into a room with separate beds, and were stripped of all their weapons and clothing. Instead of normal clothes, they were wrapped in black robes. Over the course of several days, doctor after doctor took turns cleaning out every scar over their bodies. With extensive work, and caution, three select doctors and nurses worked with Mateo’s right arm. Without technology of Raven to properly help the two, they had to rely on the extremely limited medical resources of the Motavian city they resided in.

After several more days, Emmy finally opened her eyes, her thoughts and conscious in tact, and was able to move freely.

“I’m so sore…” Emmy moaned, rising out of bed.

Suddenly, she looked next to her to see Mateo also lying comfortably in bed. She jumped out of bed, only to fall on the floor. Two nurses instantly responded to the fall, and ran to Emmy.

“Are you alright?” One of the nurses asked, hoisting Emmy up to her bed.

“I’m fine… Is Mateo okay?” Emmy pleaded, being placed onto the bed again.

“His arm was damaged… but he’s recovering nicely… What happened?” The other nurse asked.

“Everything happened…” Emmy sighed, lying back onto the bed, “Where are we?”

“This is the city of Besaid.” The first nurse answered.

“Ah…” Emmy smiled, looking at her wrist.

Shock shot through Emmy’s body as she looked at her naked wrist, and reached for a nurse’s collar and jerked it to her face.

“Where’s my watch?” Emmy shouted.

The nurse fought with Emmy, eventually letting go of Emmy’s clutches. She almost fell onto Mateo’s bed, and began gasping for air.

“Let me… go get it…” The nurse coughed.

Emmy then sat up out of bed again, and looked at the other frightened nurse,

“I’m sorry…” Emmy pleased.

“It’s okay, really. We shoulda had a note for you that we’re holding all your belongings in storage until you’re all better.” The other nurse explained, sighing in relief.

The nurse brought in Emmy’s watch and shook as she handed it to her.

“It’s been beeping crazy-like numbers and names since you two landed here a while back.” One of the nurses mentioned.

This made Emmy strap on the watch twice as fast. She raised it in front of her and began typing away. Suddenly, a small man appeared above the watch; a hologram. The man wore a black cloak, with his face mostly covered except his chin, and he had a long silver-like beard.

“Where have you two been?” The man shouted.

Hearing the man yell made Emmy feel two inches taller; making her shiver a little. She looked at the two nurses and asked kindly if they would step out of the room for a little bit. Instead of leaving the room totally, one kept the door cracked and eavesdropped on the outside of the door.

“We ran into something…” Emmy explained.

“Ran into nothing…! I’ve been eagerly trying to get a hold of you two for days! I want a report now!” The man shouted.

“If you must know…” Emmy replied sarcastically, “Mateo and I were in the city of Zeleb, resting from a long travel from the ruins of Paseo… and as we were leaving, we encountered demonic spiders… and they held some people of Zeleb captive, so we went in to investigate… found them but then… Next thing I know… I woke up with Mateo being electrocuted… we managed to break free from some kind of… Floating fortress… and then I woke up here.”

“Floating what?… Hang on…” The man replied back, startled from Emmy’s explanation.

There was an awkward silence. For the man giving Mateo and Emmy orders to ever have an awkward silence is never good.

“Is Mateo alright…? Is he awake…?” The man asked, with a ton off concern in his voice.

“He’s still sleeping, but he’s okay… I think… After the encounter, I guess he managed to find a way to slow our descent from the fortress… His arm looks pretty messed up though.” Emmy explained, quickly examining Mateo.

“That floating fortress you’re speaking of is why I needed to talk to you. That fortress… is the Motavian home to Zilan. Zilan somehow returned… and now we are insisting that our squads return back to Raven. It’s too dangerous out there now to have both Zilan and Zane out there!” The man shouted.

“Zane is our enemy?” Emmy questioned, remembering Mateo’s story.

“What? Mateo didn’t tell you? Being together this long… and being as smart as you are, Emmy… I thought you woulda known this story by now…” The man gasped.

“If someone wasn’t such a dickhead with his stories…” Emmy grumbled, glaring at Mateo.

“Zane was one of our top agents. There was nothing he couldn’t accomplish, and with his wife Specter he was unstoppable, even from a flesh wound… Specter would just patch him up and all is well… Mateo came in the picture, and long story short… Zane lost in a duel, and the General of our military at the time reduced Zane’s squad to a regular squad and sent to Motavian… While Mateo, then you and Mateo…, got the important missions… But one dark day, Motavian turned completely black, the planet shook, and the seas roared…” The man on the watch explained.

“Just spit it out…” Emmy sighed, getting extremely bored.

“Zane’s squad encountered the demonic king, Zilan. Zilan made quick work of every team member, and killed off all but Caim, Zane’s right hand man, and Zane. Specter was even killed in the fight, throwing Zane into a berserk. He slain Zilan that day… or so we though. Zane and Caim went AWOL and were never heard from again. One day last year, we got a report that Caim was found dead at an altar with bodies of other squads all over the place. It was clear that Zane was the cause… Now Zilan has returned… and that much power on that planet cannot be contained with our forces spread out like they are. Head back to Optua, and stand ready to be brought back to Raven for debrief. I will contact you in two weeks to confirm you are ready. Maddock out…” Maddock explained.

Emmy pushed a button, turning her watch off, put her hands behind her head and starred at the ceiling.

“This Zilan character sounds vicious…”

All of a sudden, there was a scream down the hall. This startled Emmy, making her jump out of the bed. Quickly, she ran to the door and poked her head out the room. She saw a nurse panicking at another nurse, and saw as she pointed to Emmy’s room. The nurse then faced Emmy, and screamed herself, and ran into another room. Emmy closed the door, and sat down on the bed again.

“I bet they were eavesdropping on me…” Emmy sighed, “That’s not good…”

Without warning two knights stormed the room, and held their swords at the defenseless Emmy. Emmy jumped from the bed and stood against a corner of the room, trembling in fear.

“Where are you from? Outsiders are not welcome here!” One knight shouted.

“Treason in our own town…? After we took you in and nursed you back to health?” The other knight shouted.

“What? There’s no treason! We are agents from the planet Raven! We were sent here to help the planet!” Emmy cried.

“We are capable of defending our own city!” The first knight shouted.

Clank, Clank! Two loud metallic clanks echoed from the back on the knights, making them fall to the floor, unconscious. Mateo stood behind them with a large rock. Emmy then starred at Mateo with a puzzled look.

“Why’d you do that…? I had it under control!” Emmy gasped.

“Yeah, sure you did. We need to leave… Now…” Mateo stated, picking up a sword and shield from the knights.

Immediately after picking up the weapons, Mateo ran out of the room, with Emmy on his back. The two then peeked out of the room, looking around for anymore knights. To their surprise, there were none.

“Do you know where our equipment is?” Mateo asked, glaring left and right of the hallway.

“In storage, one of the nurses said.” Emmy replied.

Mateo then passed Emmy the sword he was carrying.

“If anything should hit us… Use this.” Mateo sighed.

Emmy acknowledged Mateo’s request, and the two set out into the hallway. Nurses cowered against the wall as the two heroes ran down the hallway.

“Get out of the way!” Mateo shouted, tightly holding the shield against his body.

Nurses shrieked as doctors gasped, jumping out of the way. Suddenly, they stopped at a dead end with doors that had stairs and elevator symbols. Thinking fast, Mateo pointed at a nurse that was cowering next to him against the wall.

“Where do you hold patient’s stuff? Where’s this storage?” Mateo asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know!” The nurse panicked.

Emmy then grabbed hold of the woman, and held the sword to her neck.

“Where is it?” Emmy shouted.

“Emmy… Don’t!” Mateo shouted at her.

“This… Way…” The nurse pleaded, struck with fear.

Happy with the answer, Emmy released the nurse, and the nurse ran in the opposite direction they were running. Within a few minuets they were next to the door.

“Spare me please!” The nurse shouted in panic.

Throwing the shield to the ground, Mateo used all his strength and kicked the door. The lock where the door was locked broke off, and the door slung open. Emmy quickly grabbed the panicking nurse and slung her into the storage room as Mateo entered. Then Emmy chucked the sword into the room, grabbed hold of the shield, and dragged it into the room. Bracing the shield, she propped it against the door handle so nobody can open the door. First thing Mateo did after the door was jump to his cubby hole and began throwing his clothes and equipment on as fast as he could.

“Why are we being attacked?” Emmy asked, firmly picking up the sword from the ground.

“I don’t know… Please, just let me go!” The nurse shrieked, curling into a ball position, burying her face into her legs.

“Stop being a female and answer me!” Emmy shouted.

With all her might, she threw the sword to the floor, creating a loud metallic ring in the room. The nurse put her ears to her head, and her tears stopped flowing. She slowly stood from the floor and began dusting off her butt. While wiping the tears from her face, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“What are your questions?” The nurse asked politely.

“We just want to know why they are trying to attack us…” Emmy asked.

“One of the nurses eavesdropped on your conversation with some imaging machine. She yelled about something to do with Zilan and taking over the planet, I’m guessing she thinks you two are working for Zilan… I’m not exactly sure.” She explained.

“Damnit…” Emmy sighed, “So now this town thinks we are the bad guys?” Emmy questioned Mateo.

“It would seem so. Why would you talk to the headmaster with people around, Emmy? You know what happens!” Mateo questioned, sounding disappointed.

“So you’re really…?” The nurse shivered.

“Absolutely not…!” Emmy shouted, stomping one of her feet to the floor, “Zilan is still alive… Though…”

The nurse clutched her fists to her chest in fear.

“But… I thought someone killed him…” The nurse gasped.

Emmy walked over to Mateo, spotted her belongings, and began putting her clothes and weapons on.

“Apparently not…” Mateo replied, strapping the scabbard onto his back, “Listen… We are from the planet Raven. Our mission is to defeat the demonic armies of both Xenaz and Zilan.”

“… And our headmaster told us we have to return to Raven immediately.” Emmy said, strapping her utility belt on.

Mateo’s eyes grew to the size of quarters, and dropped one of his pistols onto the ground.

“What…?” Mateo gasped, a bead of sweat rolling down his face.

“Yeah… The Headmaster told me that we must leave here immediately, and get to Raven. Zilan’s forces are growing at an alarming rate…” Emmy sighed.

The nurse was slowly walking towards Mateo and Emmy as the two were talking.

“Damnit…” Mateo sighed, “How far is Optua from here?”

“About one week’s travel…” Emmy replied, touching a couple buttons on her watch.

Unnoticed, the nurse reached down slowly and grabbed hold of Mateo’s pistol lying on the ground, and quickly jumped towards the door. Having Mateo’s pistol in her hands, feeling she had the power to control the situation, she pointed it towards Mateo and Emmy.

“Freeze…!” She shouted.

Both Emmy and Mateo froze, and raised their hands in defeat.

“No… I was one of the nurses that were cleaning your wounds… and examining the fluids that some demonic spider poisoned you with. The only way to get that is if you were hand to hand with those demons… I believe you… But I doubt the rest of the staff here in this hospital… Better alone this city… will believe you.” She explained, lowering the pistol.

Lowering the pistol put Mateo and Emmy into a slight comfort zone, lowering their arms.

“May… I go with you two?” The nurse asked.

Emmy looked at Mateo’s puzzled face.

“You just tried to shoot us.” Mateo responded with a blank look on his face, “Why should we bring you with us…?”

“Weather you believe it or not… I’m trained in martial arts… and I’m a very skillful explorer. I only do this to get my foot in the door to a better life. Nothing will make me happier than to get away and see Raven…” The nurse cheered, walking slowly towards Mateo, extending her right arm with the pistol at hand.

The nurse stood before Mateo, holding out the pistol she acquired on the floor, with the handle side facing Mateo.

“Mateo…” Emmy pleaded towards Mateo, tugging on his ragged trench coat.

Concern and puzzled thoughts crossed Mateo’s mind as he starred into the nurses eyes. For a brief moment, looking into her lovely blue eyes, he could see something about her that would be very helpful to the quest. At the same time, he also thought if it was the right ting to do to take an innocent bystander and put them in harms way now that even the demon king himself is after them. Mateo extended his left arm out and grabbed hold of his pistol. The nurse smiled a little, looking into Mateo’s eyes and tilted her head slightly to the right.

“You know… You have some dashing eyes…” She giggled.

Emmy put a pathetic look on her face, and tugged violently on Mateo’s trench coat, throwing him off balance.

“Emmy…!” Mateo shouted, catching his balance.

“Quit flirting with the floozy and let’s find a way out of here!” Emmy snapped, crossing her arms.

“My name is… Rosa. Rosa Banks…” She smiled.

“Um… I’m Mateo, and this is Emmy.” Mateo introduced himself.

“Okay. Now then…” Rosa sighed with relief, “First thing you need to do is get on that cart.”

Rosa pointed to a cart sitting in the corner. It had two thick folded dark-blue sheets. She walked towards it and pulled the cart to the middle of the room, dusting it off as she pulled it.

“Okay this is the plan. One of you will get on the top of the cart… and one on the bottom. I’ll take these sheets and cover you two… Then stay there and don’t make a motion. No matter what you hear me say… Do not come out of these sheets until I uncover you. Understand?” Rosa explained.

“You better not double cross us…” Emmy threatened, holding her fist to her face.

Rosa smiled sarcastically, and with one finger, gently lowered Emmy’s fist.

“Don’t worry! I want out of here…” She giggled.

The two curled into balls and crawled under the cart. Rosa too the sheets and covered the entire cart, making it seem as if she’s headed to a surgery. Very swiftly, Rosa wiped what little residue of tears from her face, and straightened her clothes. Taking a quick few seconds, she ran her hands through her long, dark red hair a few times, taking away the frizz.

She took one large deep breath as she put her hands on the handle bars of the cart. Suddenly, the door came flying open; the metallic shield bending to the shape of a V and flying to the side of the room along with the door. Several knights ran into the room, their swords pointed at Rosa. A brown cloaked man walked into the room, with knights closing the way out. Rosa swallowed hard as he approached the cart.

“Hello there…” The man smiled.

“Hi sir…” Rosa smiled, grabbing hold of the cart really tight.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing in here?” The man asked.

“I was gathering supplies… We ran out in room 704…” Rosa replied, trying not to let anxiousness affect her tone of voice.

“Do you mind… if…” The man questioned, grabbing hold of the sheet.

He lifted up only an inch before Rosa slapped the man on his hand. He drew back, holding his hand in pain and gave Rosa the look of death.

“How dare you strike me…?” The man shouted.

“You’re not a qualified doctor or nurse in this establishment. I will ask once to leave the premises immediately, or I shall have you escorted out!” Rosa explained nicely, gripping the handle of the cart tighter and tighter with each passing second.

Emmy, hearing the conversation, put her hand to her mouth in fear. Mateo, also getting scared and angry, took his arm and put it over Emmy to slightly comfort her.

“Young lady… I will have you terminated!” The man shouted, snapping his fingers.

Knights all around the room lowered their swords, and covered themselves with their shields, forming a perfect wall with blades sticking out. The man slammed his hands on the edge of the cart.

“You’re going to regret putting your hands on me!” The man shouted, reaching into his pocket.

Rosa gasped loudly as the man pulled out a pistol of his own from his belt and aimed it at Rosa. Her eyes began twinkling in fear and anxiety.

“Too bad I took over this region’s security.” The man laughed.

Emmy then began to shed a tear, “That woman’s going to die…” Emmy thought, trying to hide her emotions. “Damnit…” Mateo sighed, clenching his fists.

“Anything else you’d like to say before I end your life?” The man laughed, laying his finger in the trigger well.

“You’re a horrible man!” Rosa shouted, feeling a tear roll down her face.

The man laughed as an awkward pause filled the room. Ever person inside that room became stiff and extremely tense, except the man holding the weapon. He continued to laugh, watching Rosa shake to the bone. Emmy slowly leaned towards a corner, and lifted up a tiny part of the sheet to see the shadow of the man holding the gun.

“Very good, miss. You are an excellent nurse.” The man chuckled.

He lowered his gun and holstered it on his belt. Snapping his fingers again, the knights stood down form their defensive stance, and stormed from the room.

“Carry on, nurse.” He laughed.

Whistling as if nothing happened, he slowly stepped out of the room and walked away. Rosa stood frozen in fear, cowering to the bone. She took another deep breath, almost loosing her composure, and began rolling the cart out of the room. It wasn’t long before they approached the elevator. Some associates carrying books approached Rosa while walking towards the elevator. Hitting the ridges to the elevator, Emmy busted her head on the top of the cart. She bit her lip as hard as she could while her eyes went immediately bloodshot, trying to hold in the pain. The two associates walked into the elevator with Rosa as the doors closed.

“So… Did you hear?” One associate questioned Rosa.

“Um… Hit the G please.” Rosa pointed to the buttons of the Elevator.

“Sure!” The associate laughed, pushing the G and another button, “So… They say some handsome boy came in here and started rumors that evil’s afoot!” She gasped.

“No way…! Totally nasty…!” The other associate gasped.

“What do you think?” They both asked looking at Rosa’s hair.

“Well… I think…” Rosa began to ask.

One of the associates then put her hand through Rosa’s red hair and began jumping up and down.

“Your hair is so pretty!” One shouted with a very girly tone.

“Oh my god…!” The other one shouted, “Your hair is like… So amazing…!” The other one shouted happily.

“What did you do?” The first associate giggled.

“It’s um…” Rosa mumbled.

“Totally soft…!” The other associate laughed hysterically.

Rosa clenched the bar of the cart once again, in frustration as the two girls continued to tug on her hair and jump up and down like fools. Feeling her hair get tugged on made her feel like a raggedy Ann in a playpen of two year olds. Her eye began twitching a tiny bit indicating she’s about to loose her cool.

Suddenly, the elevator stopped and the door opened. The two associates released her hair and ran out of the elevator as fast as they could, screaming to the top of their lungs. As the door shut, the elevator began moving again. Mateo poked his head out from under the cart, and looked at Rosa’s face.

“You alright…?” Mateo giggled slightly.

“I think I wanta scream… and cry… and all that good stuff all at once…” Rosa replied, etching a smile on her face.

Finally, the elevator stopped at G. When the door opened, Rosa began pushing the cart out of the elevator. To their surprise, as the elevator door quickly shut, it shot on a tip of the sheets. Within seconds, the sheets were pulled off of the cart, revealing Mateo and Emmy under the cart. Rosa felt the sheets fall, and made her entire body freeze. Mateo and Emmy also froze, looking around the gigantic room full of knights, nurses, doctors, regular citizens, and men in black trench coats looking at them with a puzzled look.

“Run!” Mateo shouted, jumping form the cart.

Mateo quickly knocked Rosa onto the cart, and grabbed the cart firmly. Knights standing throughout the room began running towards the cart as Mateo grabbed hold of it. Rosa quickly scurried to her knees on top of the cart, and led onto the sides as Mateo began to run towards the exit, pushing the cart as fast as he could. Rosa shouted while Emmy screamed as they approached the door. Mateo quickly scanned to the left and right of the door and saw two knights on each side. Thinking fast, Mateo took both feet, and pushed off as hard as he could and jumped onto the cart. Mateo’s ankles were right next to Rosa’s hips, with her head facing Mateo’s backend. Using Rosa’s hips to steady himself, Mateo pulled out his pistols, and began shooting the door. Hearing the sounds of his pistols going off sent everyone in the room and outside of the hospital into a horrid panic.

Lasers flew from Mateo’s pistols, slicing though the hinges to the double doors. Mateo quickly ducked on top of Rosa as the runaway cart flew through the crumbling glass doors. Watching the cart shatter through the doors, made all three of them cover their eyes. Mateo quickly stood and holstered his pistols and jumped off the backend of the cart. As his feet landed onto the road, he straightened his right leg and held onto the cart for dear life as it spun to the right. Aligning the cart with the side-road, Mateo jumped up and put his feet on the first shelf of the cart. Being the side-road was downhill, they could use the cart to go much faster than running on foot.

“Rosa! Which way is outa’ here?” Mateo gasped, watching as a fork swiftly came up on the sidewalk.

“Turn left!” She shouted, shrieking as the cart rolled faster.

Using his left leg, he threw it down, allowing the cart to drift left. At the same time, knights on horseback began running though the same path the cart was rolling. Mateo glanced back, hearing loud galloping, and quickly looked forward.

“How the hell do you get horses in a city like this so damn quickly?” Mateo questioned Rosa.

“We’re gonna die!” She replied, holding onto the cart for dear life.

Suddenly, a ridge came in sight. Mateo’s face turned pale white as the ridge was approaching so fast. He grabbed hold of Rosa’s head and yanked her hair up so she could see the vastly approaching ridge.

“Any plans?” Mateo gasped.

“Can… you fly?” She replied back sarcastically.

“Holy shit…!” Emmy shouted, grabbing hold of the bars to the cart.

The knights quickly stopped pursuit and stood in a line as the cart approached the ridge. Beyond the ridge, beautiful trees, lovely green grass, with a touch of cloud cover. You could see a shoreline in the far distance, and miles of ocean. If you were a traveler, it was one of the city’s trademarks. Mateo held on tightly as the cart hit the bottom of the hill. There was nothing stopping them from destroying the guardrail, and flying into the wind like a soaring bird.

Everything became silent as they went airborne. No screaming, no roaring of cart tires, no wind blowing over your face, not a sound was heard for a few seconds. Mateo held onto the cart for dear life as sound came back to his ears, and looked down. Girls screamed, the wind howled, and clouds brushed over their faces as the cart began its freefall to the land below. Their speeds increased to the point where the three individuals began flying into a different direction from the cart. Emmy looked down also, glancing at where their gravestones will be put up and quickly realized there was water below. She quickly reached out, grabbing hold of Mateo’s trench coat and Rosa’s arm, and shouted as loud as she could.

“Aim downwards…! Water…!” Emmy shouted, twisting her body where her feet were pointing towards the water.

Quickly glancing towards the ground, the two also noticed there was water. Thinking fast, they also copied Emmy. Not a moment after they positioned themselves, they impacted the water, creating three large splashes. Above, the man threatening Rosa stood over the ridge where the cart smashed through the guardrail, and crossed his arms.

“Well then… So she was hiding them.” The man chuckled.

“Let them go… Don’t bother chasing after them…” Another man murmured to him, standing to his right in a black cloak.

The man jumped back, startled.

“Who are you?” The man gasped loudly, drawing his weapon.

“I am Zilan… Demonic King of Silan… It would do you wise to listen to me…” Zilan suggested to him, removing his hood.

“You are the very evil poisoning this world!” The man shouted.

“I can kill you…” Zilan smiled, glaring at the man’s fearful eyes, “I can see into your soul.”

“Stay back!” The man shouted.

“Too late, fool!” Zilan laughed.

In a flash, Zilan disappeared. For a brief second, the man put his hands to his knees in relief. Holstering his weapon, he took a long, deep breath and looked one more time over the ridge. Suddenly, air became hard to take in. At first he looked around, puzzled. Puzzled turned to panic. Now gasping for air, he put his hands to his neck, and fell to his knees. With a poof of smoke, Zilan stood one again in front of the man gasping for air.

“You petty humans are nothing more than pawns in my plan for dominance. I will play your role on this wretched planet… And kill without mercy under your name… Julius!” Zilan laughed.

Zilan held out his hands to Julius. Yellow light began shining from the tips of his fingers, while a large yellow light began shining from Julius’s head. He murmured words in demonic tongue and with each passing word, the light began growing brighter. Within seconds, the light subsided, leaving Julius on the ground. Zilan looked at the unconscious Julius and grabbed hold of his pistol.

“Ha… Now I am Julius.” Zilan laughed.\

As hard as he could, Zilan pulled his leg back, and kicked Julius over the destroyed guardrail. While his body tossed and tumbled in the air, Zilan turned his back on him, and faced the knights watching the entire scene.

“You think you will get away with watching?” Zilan laughed, throwing his hands forward.

Dark beams shot from his fingertips. Loud screams and shouts sounded form the knights as the beams entered their helmets. The shots and screams came to abrupt halt when Zilan raised his right hand towards the sky.

“You are my prisoners… You ten knights will be the ones doing all my bidding. First order of business… Go to the mayor and kill him… Kill anyone watching you kill him… and kill more beyond them! This city will be my foothold towards conquering this rich planet!” Zilan shouted.

“Yes, sire!” The knights sounded off.

A Black X appeared on the chests of the knights with stars moving as if they were traveling in space.

“I shall call you… Death Knights of Silan…!” Zilan laughed, lowering his hands.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 10, 2015.

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