The Final Force 1

******* The old Shining Fantasy 1**********

The wind blew quiet over the lifeless land. Trees were nothing but cold, dead sticks that barely stood from the rock-solid soil. Farther ahead over the horizon, the water that used to flow life into the earth was nothing but bubbling, poisonous ooze. A fragile little girl became separated from her group as she searched endlessly for her lost pendent. Poisonous fumes emitted from the landscape, revealing a light purple fog that barely lifted across the ground.

The skinny girl that stood about 5’3 wore a light blue skirt, and had a small red belt attached to her waist to hold the dress onto her body. Also, she wore a light blue t-shirt with a small red mantle attached to her back. The red straps were over her shoulders, buttoned at the top of her chest bone. Her eyes shined the color of a deep sapphire that glowed at the end of a dark tunnel. Like silk, her hair shaded the color of the boldest Emerald as it would sparkle in a woman’s eye, filtering the sorrow.

Coming to a small cliff, she slowly gazed down upon the land below; trying to find the lost pendent she was given when she was a child. A sparkle from below caught her eye, immediately filling her body with great joy and happiness. Allowing the joy to overtake her, she leaped into the air in celebration. As she landed onto the ground the small edge of the cliff she stood upon crackled away. Hearing the rocks break away she turned around, barely able to see how far away she was from the other side of the cliff. Taking a quick breath, she tried to run for the edge of the cliff, but was unsuccessful. A faint but crackling shriek echoed throughout the area as the girl fell and tumbled down the cliff.

“What was that…? This land is very… lifeless…” A man in a black cloak asked, holding onto his crystal staff with both hands, as if he was about to attack something.

“I heard a scream, Kain! We should go follow it but… I don’t want to go die!” Another man exclaimed thrusting his hand to his sheathed sword attached to his left side.

“State the obvious, right Diane…? Stop being such a baby, Palacio!” A woman sighed, rubbing her forehead in pity.

“Kain, Palacio, Sharon, calm down! Now, let’s go find out where that scream came from! I hope they haven’t been…” Diane stated, running in the direction of the scream.

Kain wore a black cloak and wielded a crystal-like staff from his hometown, Moss. His grey hair matched the color of a thunderstorm cloud, ready to shoot lightning into anything that moved. His black boots clanked against the ground that sent a cold chill down any enemy’s back. Black as charcoal, his eyes could pierce through anything pure, bringing out the true evil in a man’s heart, revealing their true colors. No sorcerer was as powerful as he, but he lacked the emotions of being happy. He allows depression and sorrow overtake his heart, making him vulnerable.

Palacio was a baron from another country. Wielding a Katana on his left and right side, he was known for his excellent swordsmanship, but not for his fear. Despite his reputation, Palacio wore a military outfit that matched the Kingdom of Fuhmol. It consisted of a forest-colored bottom and top, with a cap that went on top of his head. He also wore wooden blocks as shoes. He wouldn’t run from battles, but would become scared of being hurt and would hide or do something exquisitely different, and would somehow win. Else wise, he would draw his swords and battle until he couldn’t fight anymore, willing to give his life for what he believes in. Like spikes, Palacio’s hair stood not even an inch tall. With a rarity of eyes, Palacio’s eyes sparked that of a crimson jewel.

Sharon was found nearly dead on the seashore. She claimed to have washed up from the destruction of her hometown of Moss, a country far from where they are now. Sharon wore a very short black skirt, along with a strapless tank top. Her hair was also black, stretching all the way down her smooth back, touching her beltline. Wielding two pistols on both sides and an automatic machine gun slung at her front, she was known as a deadly weapon. Tanned like a supermodel, every time Palacio and Kain had a chance, they would gaze upon Sharon’s beautiful legs, or the sexy curves in her body. Her eyes were the color of the sky as she looked upon the soul of a man. Sometimes cold, Sharon had a soft heart towards Palacio’s courageous side, but it would quickly diminish as he became a coward shortly afterwards. On her side, she carried a small sack tied to her belt that shaded the color of her clothes. Inside it held emergency medicines, herbs, and cloth.

Diane wasn’t as sexy as Sharon, but the way her body was shaped made her look almost identical to Sharon. She had long, deep green hair to match the greenest in the land. Her name was mentioned throughout every city she stepped in for the color of her beautiful hair. Also, her eyes had an identical match with her hair. She wore a pair of blue jeans, with a black belt that was loosely set onto her waist. On top she wore a green tank top, to show off her curves and her belly but wore a long, black trench coat around her to hide her beauty. With two mechanical claws that she could retract from the top of her hands, she was known as “The Beautiful Assassin.” She could run in the wind and jump as high as the tallest tree to hide, and able to land onto anything below her like a kitten being thrown into the air. Though she was labeled “The Beautiful Assassin”, she was very much in tact with her emotions, making her a leader at heart and a softy when it came to emotional situations. Her hometown in Agate never knew of her name being “The Beautiful Assassin.”

Swiftly, the four brave souls began sprinting towards the direction of the scream, hoping to find who was screaming. Running up the horizon, the team began preparing for a fight.

“What if it’s a giant monster eating people…?” Palacio wined.

“Shush!” Sharon exclaimed, punching Palacio in the arm “Don’t ever say that again!”

Exaggerating the punch, Palacio fell onto the ground, moaning in exotic pain. Diane, following behind Kain, jumped over Palacio, forgetting what kind of clothes she had on. For a split second, Palacio was overjoyed at the view he saw under Diane’s skirt. With an ironic twist Diane reached down, grabbed Palacio’s collar, and jerked him to his feet.

Gasping for air from the sprinting, the four came up to the edge of the cliff. Sharon, feeling invincible, looked down the black crevice and saw nothing but darkness.

“Oh no…” Sharon gasped, looking to her left.

“What is it, darling?” Diane asked.

“This here was part of this crevice… and it broke away. Whoever was screaming fell… down the-“She Sharon began to say.

“Help…!” Someone screamed from down the crevice.

Immediately, Kain held his crystal staff down into the crevice and murmured.

“Shine with the holy light of Vox, the God of Light!” Kain shouted.

Feeling the wind gust around Kain, Palacio, Sharon, and Diane slowly backed away as a beam of holy light struck down, enveloping Kain. After a few seconds, the light subsided and was concentrated into the top orb of Kain’s crystal staff.

“Wow! You so have to show me how to do that!” Palacio shouted, his hearts gleaming with happiness.

Diane, hearing Palacio’s ignorance, pounded Palacio in the stomach.

“Settle down you two!” Sharon shouted, watching Kain use his staff.

“Look down into the crevice, Sharon…” Kain replied to Sharon, showing no emotions.

Sharon gazed upon the deepness of the crevice with belief that there was nothing there but darkness. Kain made a 260 degree spin, erasing the darkness inside the crevice. Instantly, the whole crevice had light, enabling her to see farther down the crevice.

“Look! It’s a girl!” Sharon shouted, almost going ecstatic.

“No way…! How could she…?” Palacio gasped, looking down the crevice at the green haired girl.

Due to Palacio’s curiosity, he took one step too far. Noticing he was beginning to fall, he looked towards Diane and his friends. All of a sudden, Palacio shouted at the top of his lungs as he began to tumble down the cliff.

“Mommy…! Help me…! Damn it…!” Palacio shouted.

“Palacio…!” The party shouted, watching Palacio fall helplessly towards the green haired girl.

The green haired girl watched as Palacio’s bulk body can hurling towards her. With all her strength in her skinny body, she latched onto the small branch coming out of the cliff, praying it would save her from Palacio falling on top of her. At the same time, Palacio drew both of his swords and thrust them into the cliff walls. Grabbing onto the hilts with all his might, he struggled to keep hold as his sharp blades cut through solid rock. Finally, eyes closed and praying, he stopped only a foot above the green haired girl. Palacio peeked over his shoulder, looking down at the girl, smiling.

“It could have gone worse huh? Climb up my feet and hang onto my shoulders… I’ll get you out of here, little girl.” Palacio smiled, trying to act brave and strong.

Pressure hit Palacio’s body as the girl grasped his feet and hoisted her body weight onto his. She slowly climbed onto Palacio’s back and held onto him tight, burying her face into his back for comfort.

“Don’t let me die mister… please…” The girl whimpered.

The tears soaking through Palacio’s clothes filled him with courage and strength. He thought, “I can’t let this little girl torment to death in this unknown abyss. I must save her… for her family… and friends that wait above!” Suddenly, his eyes became a burning inferno. The party above watched as Palacio pulled out one sword, while shoving another into the hard wall of rocks. Using all his available strength, his determination and willpower allowed him to safely climb to the top of the wall.

Reaching the top, the fatigue crushed Palacio’s mental state, making him fall to the ground with a pained look onto his face. The girl flung forward, landing onto her back and facing into the cloudy sky. Her vision went blurry from the tension of holding onto Palacio as he climbed the wall. Suddenly, a shadow appeared over her eyes. She desperately tried to identify who was over her, but her vision was too blurry.

“M… Alec…? ” She mumbled, lifting her right arm form off the ground.

Like a light feather over your hand, she slightly stroked the face of the shadow above her.

“Rest, Alana…” The voice murmured, sounding very familiar.

Suddenly, as cheer and happiness began growing in her heart, her vision began to become clear. Startled that it wasn’t who she thought it was, she kicked the ground allowing her to scoot on the ground and flipped into the air. Reaching to her sides, she unsheathed two medium sized daggers that shined Gold and silver.

“Who are you people?!” Alana asked, beginning to panic.

“Calm down, Alana.” Palacio asked, slowly approaching her with his hand extended in friendship.

“Where’s Alec?!” Alana shouted, as if that’s all she knew how to say.

“Alana…! Calm down! Please…” Palacio pleaded kindly.

A whistle sung into the wind like a sonic boom. Almost instantly, Palacio unsheathed his sword, blocking Alana’s strike.

“Stop this!” Palacio shouted.

Hearing the shout from Palacio’s mouth made Sharon tremble and melt.

“He’s so dreamy…” Sharon whispered, becoming obsessed with Palacio’s deep, shouting voice.

“Alana…! Stop it now! I saved you!” Palacio shouted, trying not to counter-attack.

“You want to hunt me too! No! I won’t let you!” Alana shouted, lifting upwards with her daggers.

Palacio was astounded as she carried Palacio’s sword and threw it high into the air. Spinning around, Alana plummet the daggers into Palacio’s torso, only to kick him off of the blades. Palacio shrieked with pain as he fell to the ground. Reacting swiftly, Kain lifted his staff into the air and shouted with all his might, “Freeze!”

Immediately, stone barriers appeared around Alana, trapping her in a clear sheet of ice on all four sides. She slashed and kicked the walls, only to weaken herself of her strength. Scared and aggravated, she sheathed her daggers and sat silently in the middle of the prison. While Kain kept the staff high, maintaining the strength of the prison, Sharon and Diane ran to Palacio’s aide.

“Palacio, can you hear me?” Diane asked, stroking his face.

Palacio didn’t move. Not a pained, but a sleepy look was on his face. Sharon worried more and more as she tried to examine his chest for the dagger wounds. Accidentally placing her hands onto his crotch, Palacio sat up with a large smile on his face, “Give me some now!”

Like a swift, speeding train, Sharon and Diane punched Palacio dead in the face.

“How dare you make us think you’re hurt…?” Sharon shouted, consistently pummeling Palacio in the chest and face as he lay on the ground.

As Sharon pounded Palacio, cussing him out with every name in the book, Diane slowly walked to the prison, gazing at the beautiful girl sitting inside of it.

“Will she be able to hear me if I say something?” Diane asked Kain.

“Yes, she can hear you as if the walls were never there. You can go inside if you wish; I will make sure she does not strike you.” Kain replied, not showing any intensions of emotion.

With this said, a small hole opened in the wall, allowing Diane to enter.

“Alana…? That’s your name right…?” Diane asked silently.

Without answering, Alana tried to jump to her feet, but only to be held down by the binds of Ice over her legs.

“We’re not here to hurt you. Look,” Diane sighed, retracting her claws,” We just want to know what happened… And how you fell down the cliff… This area shows that you were being chased by more than just a simple dog.”

“… Yes my name is Alana…” Alana replied, looking down hopelessly, “I was running from large machines that are known as the Divine Wings. These unholy creatures are nothing more but humans genetically altered with a large robot, transforming them into the perfect machine. Me and Alec… We were brought here by force. Alec stayed back and held them off, and told me to escape… They really wanted me, not him because… I’m…” Alana began to explain.

“She’s an Imperial Angel.” Palacio stated, approaching the prison with Sharon at his side.

“Shhhhh… don’t say that too loud! He is listening!” Alana shouted.

“He…?” Sharon asked.

“Don’t ever mention that forsaken race in public.” Kain stated, lowering his staff.

As he lowered the staff, the prison disappeared, allowing Alana to stand on her own two feet.

“Imperial Angels are a holy civilization that used to dominate the land, sky, and the sea.

Their king was named King Imperial. Well one day there was a disaster; this disaster shattered the very links that held the whole cosmos together. The major life source of all Imperial Angels, the Zirconium Core of the Imperial Paradise, was destroyed in the process, preventing Imperial Angels from being Immortal and giving them godly powers. One by one, the age of Imperial Angels began to drastically die from the conflicts that were brought upon by the new claiming emperor Imperial Nexus. He began creating and recreating the cosmos. Because of Nexus, Humans, Demons, Imperial Angels, All races were from his creations. But another battle was waged, because Nexus wanted to use his powers to open a dimension to a deadly wasteland called the Netherlands. A small group rebelled against him, and overtime it grew to be known as The Final Force. They defeated Nexus, but at the sacrifice of their freedom as beings of this time. Nexus, along with the heroes of this era, were trapped in the Netherlands. With the war and fighting gone, the Imperial Angels still dwindled on the edge of a cliff and as of today, finding an Imperial Angel is very rare. She is eyed by many groups and alliances of this time. Rumors have it a new evil has spurred on this very planet, in a tall tower called the Eurlia Tower. The enemies are unknown, for anyone that approaches the tower is killed or banished to the Netherlands. So for her sake, along with ours, do not mention those forsaken names. They’ve been damned by civilizations and rumored to bring destruction to all who come in contact with her.” Kain explained.

“… Kain…” Diane gasped, looking towards Alana in a new light.

“You’ve said enough, warlock.” Alana sighed, falling to her knees, “You are right about everything… and I am an Imperial Angel…”

“So is there any reason for wanting a little woman like you?” Sharon asked, throwing her hair back like a gorgeous beauty queen.

“I can open a seal to the Netherlands. Sacrificing my holy body will grant access to the Netherlands for only a short period of time. Some Imperial Angels could control it and not die, but having that kind of power drove them mad.” Alana explained, sheathing her daggers.

“So you attacked me because you thought I was someone from that tower?” Palacio asked keeping his eyes fixed onto Sharon’s legs.

“I’m so sorry, sir…” Alana pleaded, her puffy Emerald eyes beginning to fill up with tears.

“Alana…” Diane sighed, kneeling towards her.

“Leave her alone!” a voice echoed from the sky.

Releasing her claws, she stood and blocked a man falling towards her, his sword wielded strong. Without any thought, Diane threw the man back. At the same time, Kain trapped the man in a smaller Ice prison. The cube fell onto the ground only inches from Alana and Diane. Alana scooted towards Sharon and Palacio as Diane approached the cube. Inside was a man with short brown hair, wearing a blue cape and wielding a chipped and beaten jeweled sword. He looked about 5’7 with an average build. Even from far away, his eyes shaded the color of a crimson gem. Under his cape, he wore a pair of loosely dark blue pants and on top he wore a red shirt with a green X from his shoulders to his hip. On his back, he wore a slightly torn blue cape that stretched to the middle of his thighs. This man always liked to help people, sacrificing most of his time helping small townsfolk more than his own family. People knew him as “The Man that never stopped giving and never taking.” One day, he remembered a young girl running into him and behind her was thousands of brutal knights with weapons beyond their own. He grabbed her hand and headed far away, untraceable by the knights.

“Who are you…!? Why did you attack me…?” Diane shouted, pointing her right claw towards the man.

“Release me now, woman. Alana! Come here! Get away from these people!” The man shouted, thrusting his sword towards the cube wall.

On contact with the walls of the cube, it shattered, throwing Kain to the ground. Diane swiped through the shards of the cube, staring at the man wielding the sword. Suddenly, the man lunged towards Diane. Thinking fast, Diane put her claws together, murmuring something under her breath. Watching the man get within striking range, Diane shouted, “Sani-Kou-Hah!” and opened her arms widely, allowing her claws to scrape one another. Out busted a wave of light, only to be sliced in half with the man’s sword.

“Alec, Stop! These people are nice!” Alana shouted, watching as Alec got ready to strike Diane.

This made Alec gasp, loosing his concentration. Diane, hearing Alana, stepped to the side and watch Alec slam onto the ground. Alec’s sword flew several feet in front of him, sticking into the ground as if it was sheathed to the ground.

“Alec, these people saved my life…” Alana pleaded, running to Alec’s side.

Alec stood off the ground and dusted the dirt off of his black cloak, acting like nothing happened.

“… Alana, are you going to introduce me?” Alec asked, acting like he was formal.

“Everyone, this is Alec. Alec, this is Diane, the girl you just fought, Kain the sorcerer, you busted out of he ice prison, Palacio, the guy with the two swords, and then there’s Sharon, the girl with almost no clothes on.” Alana explained.

Sharon ran towards Alana, only to be held back by Sharon by her stomach.

“You little brat…! No clothes?! I’ll show you no clothes when I rip you to shreds! Get over here!” Sharon shouted, only to be ignored by the giggling of the whole group.

“These people saved you?” Alec asked, slowly approaching Diane.

“Yes, well actually it was Palacio that saved me but they all took part in saving me. They know the story as to why we’re running away.” Alana mentioned.

“And since you’re standing there, comfortable with them around, I’ll be okay with it. But, if any of you decide to lay your hands on Alana, I’ll have your head!” Alec shouted, standing inches from Diane.

“Alec, stop yelling. What happened back there…?” Alana began asking Alec in concern to the tone of his voice.

Alec clenched his fists and turned towards the road with dead trees. Purple smog covered the fields before them as Alec stood down towards the ground. Kain recuperated from Alec slicing through his ice prison and stood up at just enough time to see a tear drip form Alec’s battle-scared face. Palacio walked over to Alec’s sword and pulled it from the ground, not paying too much attention to Alec and the others. Sharon walked towards Diane as they watched Alec enraging with both sorrow and anger. Suddenly, Alec slung his fists to the ground, as if he was punching the ground.

“Alana… They destroyed it…” Alec whimpered, clenching his teeth together.

Hearing those four words struck Alana’s heart like a thousand needles. She held her chest tight as to resemble holding her heart from falling out of her.

“Everything…?” Alana asked, her puffy green eyes swelling with water.

“Every… Every one of them… I couldn’t save anyone…” Alec shouted into the sky.

At the time Alec shouted to the sky, Alana covered her face with her two hands and began to cry. Awkwardly confused, Sharon approached Alana and kneeled.

“What happened?” Sharon asked, rubbing Alana’s back,

Sniffing her nose, Alana looked dead into Sharon’s eyes as puffy as they were struck a deep nerve in Sharon’s heart.

“That town we were in was the last stronghold against the Eurlia Tower… It was our fault… and we couldn’t save anyone…” Alana cried, covering her face again.

“The children… the men and women… all dead…” Alec cried, trying to hold in his outbreak of sorrow, “We got surrounded… and they released this different magic… I’ve never seen anything like it. It looked like metallic pellets and it pierced clean through the strongest knights’ armor. I used my sword and luckily deflected their magic, and it hit them. I couldn’t hold anymore and I tried to grab as many as I could to help get away, but… They died by the time I got to them so I ran… and then when I was safe I saw you Alana on the ground with you approaching, Diane.” Alec explained; turning towards Alana and Diane’s party.

Alana stood from the ground, wiping the tears out of her face. Sharon, trying to be very supportive, reached into her small sack and pulled out a piece of cloth. As Alana received the piece of cloth, she began to wipe the tears from her eyes and face.

“Thank you Sharon…” Alana told Sharon with a soft voice.

“Alana, we should leave the area…” Alec replied, approaching Alana slowly.

“Wait, Alec,” Diane asked, “could we go with you? We kind of… found each other on this land and we don’t know where we’re going…”

“Wait, hey, Palacio!” Alec shouted, diving for Palacio.

In an instant, Palacio turned 180 degrees, not allowing Alec to grasp a hold of him.

“Alec, this sword, what’s the name of it?” Palacio asked, showing no emotions.

“It’s called the Ragnarok. Now please, give it back… I’m its wielded and me alone. Don’t try to use it, Palacio.” Alec announced, standing up form the ground.

“It’s so light…” Palacio smiled, staring into the engraving in the hilt.

Instantly, Alec jumped over Palacio, snatching the sword from Palacio. The moment the sword left Palacio’s grip, Palacio went to his knees, grabbing his head in pain. As Alec landed, Diane and Sharon ran to his aid. Alec sheathed his sword at his left side, staring at Palacio.

“Nobody can wield the Ragnarok… It’s the death bringer all that lives… I’m the one it chose to wield… Anyone else whose hands hold the blade feels its power and their deepest, darkest wishes are let free.” Alec explained.

Diane looked boldly at Alec, astonished from Alec’s words. With that said, Alec turned towards Alana.

“Alana, we should get going… These travelers shouldn’t get involved…” Alec sighed.

“You’re right…” Alana agreed, running to Diane and her party, “I’m so sorry I caused you so much trouble. Farewell…”

Running to Alec’s side, the two slowly paced up the small hill bank, only to disappear to the other side out of Diane’s sight.

“Damnit… That’s the Ragnarok…” Palacio moaned, rising to his feet.

“That sword is from the Netherlands.” Kain explained, “That man has a terrible burden on his back… I see his hope controlling the sword beginning to fade away, along with his companionship with that girl. He has strong feelings… for her. It’s those very feelings that are stopping the evil and darkness of the sword from overtaking his soul and reeking havoc across this land. Palacio, that’s why Alec snatched that sword from you, he didn’t want you to continue the burden.” Kain explained, approaching Palacio.

“What a sad story…” Sharon gasped softly.

“We should follow him, guys.” Diane mentioned, stepping before the party.

“Why? Look at what it did to Palacio!” Sharon shouted, pointing at Palacio.

Diane stared at Palacio, wondering what Sharon meant. Palacio, despite his overpower surge with the Ragnarok, was on his knees, playing with rocks with the ants. Sharon balled her fists up and pounded Palacio on the top of the head, furious.

“You’re supposed to pay attention! Now we have to follow the Doomsday!” Sharon shouted.

“Mom…! The wench hit me again!” Palacio moaned, exaggerating the pain.

Diane rubbed her forehead, in disappointment. Staring down the road Alec traveled down, she began talking to Kain.

“Kain, should we follow him?” Diane asked.

“It is not up to me, Diane… The question is do you want to go. We are not a group from home… but a group from various places. This is the moment where you choose your own destiny.” Kain explained.

With this said, Kain shooed off a small bit of dust from his shoulder. Lifting his staff, using it as a walking stick, began traveling down the road. Diane gasped by Kain’s actions and began talking to herself, ignoring Sharon and Palacio’s goofiness.

“Kain’s right… We just met on the beach side… Since they seem to know where they’re going, I’ll follow them.” Diane mumbled to herself.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Thinking about what’s to happen in the future, Diane sped up her walk, catching up to Kain’s side. At the same time, Sharon continued to shout at Palacio. Noticing the others have began to leave them behind, she stopped beating and yelling at Palacio.

“They’re leaving…” Sharon gasped, “Do you think we should follow them? On a serious note…” Sharon asked Palacio.

“They’re all doomed. I’m going home.” Palacio shrugged his shoulders, beginning to head into the opposite direction.

“What…?! You’re just going to leave them like that?! No way..!” Sharon shouted.

“Watch me. I’m not going to be a victim of what’s-his-face’s evil whatever the hell he calls it. I may be some master swordsman but if he has something that evil in his hands, I’d rather die in my sleep than to die by that sword.” Palacio stated, taking two steps farther from Sharon.

Thinking fast, Sharon began to remember all the times Palacio was flirting with her. Being she was sexy as hell, she decided to start to manipulate Palacio.

“Oh Palacio…” Sharon called Palacio in a low, soft voice.

Hearing Sharon drop her voice instantly made Palacio’s heart beat. Turning around, he laid eyes on Sharon, who was twirling her hair with one finger, having her knees crossed, trying to be a hot super model.

“Palacio… please come with me? I can’t go without you…” Sharon smiled, making cute and irresistible faces towards Palacio.

“I must be dreaming!” Palacio smiled, running only inches form Sharon’s luscious body.

“If you come with me,” Sharon smiled, pressing her body against his, running her fingers around Palacio’s body, “I’ll give you a present you’ll never forget…” Sharon giggled.

Filling full of joy and achievement, Palacio darted for Diane and Kain with Sharon following.

“Yes… I’m such a bitch.” Sharon laughed to her self.

Farther ahead, Alana and Alec began talking to each other through a dead forest. A light purple mist emitted from the ground, also coloring the clouds the color of a thunderstorm. Stepping onto the dead earth would make a sharp tingle shock through a persons’ body.

“Alec, where are we going to do?” Alana asked.

“Since there’s no major stronghold on this continent that can stand against Eurlia, we can head to the Agate refugee point due east. It’s not much, but they’ve been able to fend off Eurlia’s attacks with their Iron Magic. I heard someone talking about it in Gotch, before… everyone was killed.” Alec sighed.

“Hey… I thought that was across the water…” Alana gasped.

“It was… then that part of the land broke away in a tremendous tidal wave. Everyone is supposedly dead, but there may be a few minor survivors. We need a large group to storm that tower…” Alec stated.

“Alec…” Alana gasped.

“The entire world is at their mercy if we don’t do something. This isn’t just our fight… This is the whole planet… And if we don’t do something soon everything will be gone… I can’t let it go down… I have to protect…” Alec explained.

“This is all my…” Alana began to complain.

“No!” Alec shouted, lightly grabbing Alana’s shoulders, looking deep into her sparkling green eyes, “This is not your fault! Stop saying this is your fault! It’s that meteorite’s fault… After it landed and wiped out Eurlia, that tower appeared… It had nothing to do with you Alana… Stop thinking this is your entire fault…”

“Alec… I’m scared…” Alana sighed, her eyes beginning to fill up with tears.

Seeing Alana’s tears struck Alec’s heart battling with the evil of the Ragnarok, emitting a sharp cramp in his chest. For a brief few seconds, Alec was released from the evil to which was burdened upon himself.

“I’m scared too, Alana… I can’t keep going carrying this evil…” Alec whimpered, tears beginning to stream down his face.

“Alec…! You’re controlling it!” Alana smiled, jumping into his arms.

Feeling Alana’s fragile body against Alec’s buff body kindled a small fire of happiness. Slowly, Alec slowly wrapped his arms around the lower area of Alana’s back, allowing her to feel safe. Softly, she snuggled into Alec’s chest, allowing herself to feel comfortable in his arms. Alec and Alana both began to cry in fear, but in happiness also.

“Alana…” Alec mumbled with a deep, low voice, “I will protect you…”

“Oh Alec…” Alana smiled, squeezing Alec.

All of a sudden, Alec released Alana, allowing her to back away. Feeling the power of the sword sealed away his emotions once again, making Alec slightly aggravated.

“I’m sorry Alana…” Alec stated, looking into Alana’s glimmering Emerald eyes.

“You must get rid of that sword Alec!” Alana shouted in rage.

Enraged, Alana began running away from Alec, jumping over small hills and debris from broken trees.

“Alana, wait!” Alec shouted, chasing after her.

All of a sudden, a winged man flew from the sky and snatched Alana from the ground. Holding her at a small distance in the sky, the man glared at Alec, who tightly grasped the Ragnarok.

“Time’s up, little man. The master wants the Ragnarok. Give it here or watch this beautiful thing be ripped to shreds.” The man laughed, pulling her arms to their limit.

A lone shriek echoed throughout the area. The shriek had a since of pain, agony, and yet hope. Dangling from this winged man’s arms, she glared at Alec’s mindless soul that carried the Ragnarok and closed her eyes in sorrow. At the same time, as Alec looked boldly at the winged man, he’d tug harder on Alana’s arms, allowing her to shriek in pain once more.

“Stop…! Stop hurting her!” Alec shouted, grasping the sword so tight; a bead of sweat rolled down his battle scared face.

“You have three seconds, or this cute little girl is history!” The winged man laughed.

“No! Fine…” Alec sighed, releasing his tight grip on the sword.

Almost instantly, the area froze in a dark shadow. Behind Alec, a large black figure emerged from the ground, grabbing Alec.

“You are giving up The Ragnarok? You swore an oath never to release the blade! Especially to the one who crafted it! Have you gone mad? If that man gets a hold of the Ragnarok the world is surely going to become nothing but an outpost of evil! That cannot happen! That girl is just a girl! Losing a girl is better than loosing this instrument of war! You…” The shadow shouted.

“No! She’s more than a girl! That’s the soul last Imperial Angel! If I lose her…” Alec replied.

“It does not matter, Alec. A human with wings, that’s all she is. You like her, and that is putting you blind of your true purpose!” The shadow shouted.

“Then I guess I’m a failure!” Alec shouted cutting the shadow that grabbed him.

“You fool!” The shadow shouted.

As the blade came in contact with the sword, Alec watched as the man pulled harder on Alana. Her shrieks became faint as her eyes began to glimmer like a dying star. Alec, watching as blood began to trickle down Alana’s arms where the winged man grasped her, fell to his knees and held the sword up to offer.

“Take… Take the Ragnarok… just leave Alana alone…” Alec sighed.

“That’s the spirit!” The winged man laughed.

Darting for Alec, he threw Alana as hard as he could towards Alec, at the same time he grasped the sword form Alec’s clutches. Alana slammed into Alec and they skid across the ground a few feet. Struggling form being hit by Alana, Alec watched as the winged man flew away, laughing as the darkness began to flow through his veins. The sky began puffing with rain clouds. Rain sprinkled across the dead land, splashing upon Alec and Alana. Alec ripped a piece of cloth off his torn shirt and began to wipe off the drying blood from Alana’s arms.

“I’m so ashamed… and yet… I feel… like myself again…” Alec smiled, ripping off two more pieces off his shirt.

Unnoticed, Alec’s crimson eyes began fading to a darker brown. With each piece of cloth, Alec bandaged up Alana’s arms, while gazing upon her beauty. After bandaging her up, Alec picked up Alana’s delicate body and carried her to a trunk of a tree with a hole in it large enough for two people to sleep inside. Alec rested her body on the wall, leaning her over into his lap. Lightly, he stroked her smooth, silky green hair, though it’s slightly wet, thinking about the burden that’s been released.

“Alec…?” Alana spoke softly, with a tone that would put a man into the clouds.

“Alana, you’re awake… How do you feel?” Alec asked.

Alana slowly looked at Alec and quickly turned the other direction, sitting up on her butt.

“Alana… Look at me, please?” Alec asked Alana.

“Why? You let me hang there for a long time! He was going to…” Alana began to cry.

“It wasn’t easy Alana! Please understand… That sword possessed me!” Alec pleaded, “I had to release its darkness from within me…”

“You… gave it up?” Alana gasped, slowly turning towards Alec.

“I couldn’t bear to see him hurt you… You… mean a lot to me Alana…” Alec smiled, running his hand down Alana’s smooth face.

“That sword is…” Alana began to shout.

Alec laid his pointing finger upon her soft lips, and smiled.

“I could have lost something more important… Though the world may end… I rather have you at my side until that time comes… I was placed under a really heavy burden… and I was possessed by a shadow of Darkness… I battled the demon for so long… and now I’m released from it… The sword is out of my hands… and now you’re safe. I love you Alana…” Alec smiled.

Alana, feeling his finger rested on her lips, she grasped hold of his wrist and slowly pushed his finger through her soft lips, like slowly sucking on a lollipop. A light moan could be heard emitting from Alana’s throat. Alec grinned happily as he pulled Alana close to him. Pulling her close was like walking towards an open heater. Pulling away his hand, he wrapped his arms around Alana’s fragile body and grinned.

“I love you too… Alec…” Alana smiled, wrapping her arms around Alec’s neck.

With each other closing their eyes, they interlocked lips. Feeling the passion and comfort of each other’s lips, their warm bodies, they laid comfortably onto the ground. Alana, being the fragile one, rolled on top of Alec. She released from Alec’s lock and looked into his eyes with a smile that could make the saddest person the happiest man alive.

“Alana… You’re so beautiful… I wish we can be rid of everything and…” Alec began to speak softly.

“Hush Alec… and kiss me…” Alana giggled, lowering her head towards Alec.

All of a sudden, there was a horrific explosion from outside. Alana and Alec jumped from the ground gave each other one last kiss, and the two ran outside to investigate. Thinking fast, Alana took off one of her daggers and handed it to Alec. Alec strapped it onto his belt as he and Alana saw what the reason for the explosion. Outside, a person in a black cloud was flying in the sky, blocking energy shots from the winged man that took the sword from Alec. The winged man laughed, as if he was possessed by pure evil.

“Fool, you cannot stop the Empire. Embrace the divine abyss known as your grave! You cannot stop us.” The winged man laughed insanely, pointing the Ragnarok towards the other parson.

“Your time is over, Indalecio. You cannot beat me!” The person shouted.

“That… That voice…” Alana murmured to herself.

“Alana…?” Alec asked, overhearing Alana.

With an evil smile, Indalecio swiped the sword in front of him, shooting a crescent energy wave towards the person. Balling their fist up, the person knocked the wave into the sky. Indalecio couldn’t believe his eyes as he done it again. This time, the person grasped the wave and flipped, throwing the wave towards Indalecio. Flipping, the hood from her cloak flew off, revealing her identity.

“Laura…!” Alana shouted, emitting a large smile from ear to ear.

“What? You’re…” Indalecio gasped.

“Damn it!” Laura whispered, throwing off her cloak.

“I must notify the master!” Indalecio shouted, flying in the opposite direction of Laura.

“No!” Laura shouted, beginning to chase after Indalecio.

Seconds after Indalecio flew off; he threw a net with two hundred pound weights at the bottom. Indalecio laughed hysterically as Laura dashed head-on into the net. The net made a loud clank against the ground, as if someone took a hammer and smashed it across a paved road. Laura, glaring in the direction Indalecio flew, allowed her eyes to glimmer with sorrow and anguish.

“He got away…” Laura sighed.

“Laura…!” Alana shouted, running to the net.

“… Alana…?” Laura gasped, turning her shoulder, unable to stand from the net.

“Laura… I can’t believe you’re here…” Alana cheered, overwhelmed with joy.

“Alana, you’re alive! After all these years…” Laura smiled, despite her loss with Indalecio.

Moments after Alana began cheering Alec approached the net. Feeling Alec’s presence made Laura spring from the net, freeing her from the prison. Snatching her staff from the ground, she dashed immediately towards Alec, upper cutting him with the lower part of the staff. Reacting to the attack, Alec took the dagger and pointed it diagonally, catching the staff. With all his might Alec lifted upwards and quickly threw the staff from his direction, throwing the staff blindly towards the side. Laura fell to the ground, at mercy to Alec’s dagger that was pointed inches from her throat. Alana, watching the small fight, grabbed hold of Alec’s strong arms and begged him to stop the fighting.

“She started it!” Alec shouted, huffing and puffing.

“A human…? Alana, you’re one of the last holy kin of our ancestors! How can you let this dirt spawn travel with you?!” Laura shouted, instantly jumping a couple feet into the air.

“Dirt spawns…?! How dare her…” Alec began murmuring to himself.

“Laura, this human saved me…” Alana began declaring defense.

“Dirt spawn ally with an Imperial Angel, the holy saviors of this realm? Don’t make me laugh! Humans are the cause of our great battle with Nexus, the death bringer to our race! How can you trust the word of a human…?” Laura shouted, reaching for her staff that lay several meters from where Alec stood.

“Alec has proven himself! He saved me Laura so many times… He’s my guardian of truth and him and him alone I will travel with!” Alana shouted, sheathing her dagger.

“Then why did this human sacrifice the final key to opening the forbidden realm of our forefathers?!” Laura demanded, using her mind power to retract her staff.

“It possessed me, Alana!” Alec shouted, sheathing his dagger.

“Nonsense…! That blade has the power to unlock the forbidden Netherworld from its slumber. There, Nexus’s power, along with his minions and foul armies, will be able to instantly use its pathways to teleport to different dimensions and realms throughout the entire cosmos! That itself is unforgiveable! The blade awakens the inner darkness of one’s soul and corrupts it, feeding on the host’s fear and anger. Once the host sees this for himself, he has two pathways. One is to allow himself to be overtaken by the blade and sacrifice to another host, or to abide by the temptations of the blade and become the savior, but lonely, warrior that will save us from utter destruction. Alec, you have a pure soul, but weak mind. You gave up the Ragnarok to the enemy’s valued officer! Using the darkness of his heart alone, the sword will willingly fuse to the host and become the lone warrior that will bring destruction to the cosmos by unlocking the Netherworld.” Laura explained.

“Laura, if I didn’t give up the sword, I wouldn’t be standing here with Alana… I would have driven her to chaos… and she would have died…” Alec explained.

“It doesn’t matter! Sacrificing innocent blood is necessary for this war to be over! The doom of this era will begin and it cannot be stopped!” Laura shouted, thrusting her fists down towards the ground.

“How can you say that about your own people…? I was thought to be the last Imperial Angel…” Alana gasped at Laura’s remark.

“It’s got to be done. Now that Indalecio has it, it won’t matter anymore… He has it, and we’re already losing this horrid war. Alec, I congratulate you for assuring the losses we will soon accumulate. I must go defend what’s left of our main stronghold against Nexus’s forces.” Laura announced, turning her back to Alana.

Allowing her wings to raise wildly, Laura began to prepare for an immediate takeoff when Alana grabbed hold of her ankle, preventing her from leaving.

“Laura, wait…” Alana asked kindly.

“There’s no greater shame than what you have done… The Imperial Angels is a strong, proud race… It’s angels like you that made us near extinction.” Laura sighed.

Hearing Laura’s words made Alana let go of her ankle and fall to the ground on her hands and knees, shocked from the bold words that were uttered from Laura. Alec watched as Laura darted deep into the sky. Looking at Alana, Alec ran to her and took a knee, placing his hand onto her back.

“Alana, she’s not telling the truth. You’re the reason your race continues…” Alec told Alana in a deep, low voice.

“How could she say something like that…? I am trying to resolve the conflict, not make The Imperial Angels name fall to shame…” Alana whimpered, as if she was about to cry.

“Don’t listen to her, Alana. You’re doing what you have to do, and you know it’s a good cause, as do I.” Alec explained.

“How can Laura be against you? If only she knew the great things you’ve done…” Alana cried.

“Everything will be okay Alana…” Alec sighed, looking into Alana’s tearing eyes.

“Alec…” Alana moaned slightly, as if she was being struck in the heart.

“Yes, Alana…?” Alec replied, comforting her.

“I want you to leave… Turn your back and walk away…” Alana cried, grabbing handfuls of dirt.

“What…?” Alec gasped, jumping to his feet.

“I want you to leave me, Alec… I want to continue my quest alone… I don’t want to be a burden to you anymore… and I don’t want my name put to shame anymore… So… please, respect my wish…” Alana cried, standing to her feet, letting go of the soil in her hands.

“Alana… Don’t…” Alec tried to plead, only to be interrupted by Alana’s sorrow voice.

“Alec; stop trying to get me to stay… I must go on without you… I’m sorry about the loss of your family… and I hope you do get revenge on the murderer someday… But I must continue on and fulfill my destiny…” Alana cried, allowing her wings to expand from her back.

“No! Don’t sacrifice yourself!” Alec pleaded, hanging onto Alana’s right arm.

Alana looked towards the ground in sorrow. On the ashy ground, she began seeing the images where she first met Alec and how they first became friends.

“It’s my destiny, Alec. Imperial Angels are a very rare race… and our destiny is to be used as keys to unlock the forbidden world. We or the Ragnarok can unlock it… or have the gateway vanish forever… Imperial Angel blood is a very rich and holy attribute to all angels… It’s worth more than the rarest gem… and it can determine the tides this war can dwell…” Alana explained, balling her fist up as tight as she could.

“Why would you do such a treacherous thing to what’s left of the resistance…?! That’s assuring the doom of our people!” Alec shouted.

“I will sacrifice myself to not unlocking it… but to have the gateway vanish. Then Nexus will not get in… Let me go, Alec.” Alana sighed; looking into Alec’s hurt eyes.

“I don’t… want to let… you go…” Alec cried, allowing a tear to drop from his battle scared face.

“Alec… I enjoyed your company… But I must bid you… farewell. Goodbye, Alec the wonderer…” Alana stated, looking deep into the sky.

Slowly lifting into the air, Alec held tightly onto Alana’s hand as it slipped out of her soft touch. Alana watched as Alec’s heart shattered as she flew and took off in the same direction as Laura did. For the first time in Alec’s life, he felt he had lost everything. On his knees, letting his emotional and depressed tears roll down his dirty face, he watched as Alana flew farther than the average eye could see.

“Alana… You promised me you’d never leave me… no matter what…” Alec cried, clenching his stinging chest.

The wind blew silently over Alec’s troubled body. His hair seemed to cool his emotions a little, feeling the song of remorse humming in the breeze. As he stood to his feet, he gazed upon the ground and saw a lone flower weeding through the ground. Taking a knee, Alec slowly stroked the flower as if it was a living animal and slightly grinned.

“I’ll go find Alana… and stop her… I love Alana…” Alec told himself.

Grabbing his sheathed dagger, he pulled it out slowly. He listened heavily into the ring of the blade as it slid from the sheath. The ring of the blade made a song so quiet and peaceful; it could put a baby to sleep.

“I will turn my battle towards Eurlia… and I will march my way to the top of the tower, and face this evil that poisons our world. My life may be taken… but it’s much better than to see the woman I love sacrifice herself…” Alec murmured in his head.

Turning in the direction Alana and himself traveled before the incident, Alec began walking in the direction again; this time, wielding a dagger in his right hand. Approaching a dead tree, Alec examined it briefly and shook his head.

“The living on this continent is all dead…” He began to tell himself.

“No way…!” A swiftly approaching voice shouted from above.

Looking up, Alec had only enough time to scream “Oh shit” before being clobbered by Palacio falling from a dead tree branch. Palacio quickly jumped from Alec and boosted him to his feet. Helping Alec dust off all the dirt, Palacio put a smile on his face; the kind that you know you did something really wrong and trying not to get beat down.

“I’m so sorry, sir Alec…” Palacio pleaded.

“Alec, sorry but we followed you.” Diane giggled, jumping from the branch above and landing on her feet.

“We’re so sneaky…” Sharon laughed, walking from behind a tree.

Alec looked at the three with a look of surprise.

“Where’s that wizard that always follows you?” Alec asked.

“I’m not one to make my appearance known to everyone in the area… I’m just here.” Kain replied with a tone that had no emotion behind it.

“Why did you follow me…?” Alec asked, jerking away from Palacio.

“We watched what happened… and I’m sorry about Alana…” Diane explained.

“I’m going to Eurlia!” Alec shouted, clutching his fists together.

“Palacio, Kain, Sharon, we should go too…” Diane agreed.

“What…?! We’ll be turned to monster food!” Palacio cried, biting his fingernails.

Hearing Palacio moan in fear, she balled up her fist and hit him in the back of the head. With the force behind her punch, Palacio came down with his teeth and bit his fingers. Diane and Sharon looked down in embarrassment as Palacio jumped high into the air, swinging his hands up and down.

“Wow… I never knew he could jump like that…” Diane gasped.

“Me neither… What a klutz…” Sharon sighed, rubbing her head into her hand.

“So… We’re off to Eurlia then?” Alec asked, surprised at Diane and her group.

“It will be so. We shall head through the Swamp of Memories to reach the secret cave that leads directly into the war room of the Castle of what used to be Eurlia.” Kain explained.

“How do you know that, Kain? You never talk like that…” Diane gasped, turning to Kain.

“I choose to speak when my intelligence is needed.” Kain answered, wiping a piece of dust from his flawless staff.

“Let’s go!” Diane cheered.

With this said, the group began heading towards the end of the forest of dead trees. Meanwhile, as Alana flew bold and hard towards the gates of Eurlia, she began to think how she yelled at Alec.

“Maybe… I’m making a mistake…” Alana asked herself, slowing down to a small glide in the air,” Alec didn’t do anything wrong… He was right about Laura…”

“So why did you run away?” a familiar voice from above her asked.

“I ran because… I want to know what our purposes are in life… I wanted to go with Alec and help him stop this evil form spreading and killing our world… but I abandon him… after all he’s done for me…” Alana gasped, overwhelmed about what she said to him.

“Alana, you’re a fine Angel, and pure. Sadly, this is our destiny, to protect the gates to the Netherworld, or sacrifice ourselves trying. Also, not one angel can seal up the gateway forever… It has to be sealed with the body of an angel… In other words, you must perform The Sealing of Seeds. The Sealing of Seeds is a secret dance that only a few Imperial Angels and very well known to the other race…” Laura explained.

“Another race…?” Alana asked stopping and floating in midair.

“The Grim Angels…”Laura mentioned.

“Where are they?” Alana asked.

“No way, Alana… The Grim Angels…” Laura hesitated, “They are the founders of the ancient Magic forbidden to be used by Imperial Angels.”

“Forbidden? Was it because of Nexus?” Alana asked.

“Nexus is half Grim Angel and half Imperial Angel. He has the power of the greatest traits in this era. That’s why he has two white and two black wings.” Laura explained.

“But why was it forbidden?” Alana asked boldly.

“Shut up! I’m getting to it! As you know about The Grim Angels now, you already know about the battle of the Angels right?” Laura asked.

“Yes… my dad used to tell me that story all the time but, that was such a long time ago… He never told me who the real people fighting were… He just said Angels versus the Demons.

“He was right. The Grim Angels are half Angel and half Demon. Because of the demon blood running through their veins, they’re prone to be controlled by evil itself and driven mad. When the King of the Imperial Angels figured this out, he was devastated and made a law throughout the Angel district that no Imperial Angel shall communicate, visit, not even speak of The Grim Angels. War came upon us and it became known as The Battle of the Angels. The Imperial Angels won and we sent The Grim Angels to the lower depths of the earth that we now stand. Their wings torn away, and their way of life perished, they were sealed beneath the earth, never to walk on the soil again. So getting to them is near impossible” Laura sighed.

“I don’t see how magic is so bad…” Alana replied angrily.

“Practicing magic is a way of their culture, and we cannot learn or practice it.” Laura explained.

“So what should we do?” Alana asked, confused.

“We…? I’m going to Zarmia… There’s more Imperial Angels like us fighting there still and they need more support against Nexus’s forces.” Laura explained.

“May I come with you?” Alana asked.

“Of course, my sister..!” Laura cheered.

“Laura, what about Alec…?” Alana asked, curious of her remark.

“All humans may become extinct at the end of this war. This is a battle for the stronger, Imperial Angels, and humans only get in the way of the demons. Their flesh feeds the Demons. They are lost.” Laura stated, taking off towards a distant mountain.

“No… Alec…” Alana gasped, chasing after Laura.

Hearing Laura’s cheer, the two began darting for the town of Zarmia. As they approached a distant town that rested on the foot of the mountain, Alana noticed the ground began to look burned, as if it was nothing but sitting ash. The air that Laura and Alana flew covered their wings slowly in a grayish and dark color ash. It also mad it harder to breathe the closer they reached the city.

For miles, the five travelers traveled along a nasty dirt road. Using signs of war and broken signs, Alec’s instincts told him to follow the road. Palacio, finally stopping after hours of walking, began to rant.

“Wait a minute!” Palacio shouted, coming to a stop.

Sharon and Diane stopped seconds after Palacio did, wondering what was wrong. Sharon scratched her head dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong, Palacio…?” Sharon asked with no particular emotion in her voice.

“I’m tired… We’ve been walking for hours… We need to rest at least a little bit…” Palacio cried, throwing himself on the ground like a baby and removing his boots.

“Alec…?” Diane asked, watching Alec continue to walk the path.

“Yes?” Alec asked, with a tone of urgency.

“Alec, we should rest for the night and continue our travel in the morning…” Diane suggested.

This made Alec stop in his tracks. Still facing the direction he was traveling, he balled his fists up and thrust them to the ground.

“Alana wouldn’t just stop… She’d keep going…” Alec stated, not even looking at Diane.

“We’re not angels, Alec we’re human!” Diane shouted.

Alec swiftly turned around and was instantly in Diane’s face, full of sorrow and anger.

“She’s about to sacrifice her life!” Alec shouted in her face.

“Alec, stop now…” Kain mentioned, walking towards Palacio, “Diane is right. You’re no help to nobody in your current condition. Just sit down here and just enjoy the evening…”

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

“Kain…! Thanks!” Palacio cheered, jumping for a hug towards Kain.

With a simple raise of his staff, Palacio’s head hit it. On impact, a flame spewed from it like a dragon breathing fire. Palacio shouted until the flame was gone. Now charcoaled, and burned, Palacio fell onto the ground in a daze. Kain slowly cracked a grin, very noticeable by Diane and Sharon.

“Kain…! You’re smirking!” Sharon cheered.

“No, I’m embarrassed…” Kain mentioned, trying to hide the gesture.

Palacio, hearing Sharon’s voice, began to stand onto his feet. As he rose up, his body came in contact with the tip of Kain’s staff. Almost instantly, a bolt of lightning struck right next to Palacio, scaring him out of his wits. Now in shock and fear, Palacio slowly uttered with small gasps, “I think your staff doesn’t like me…”

Alec slowly turned around; hearing the pain Palacio is enduring. As he turned, he watched as Kain slowly crackle a smile. Sharon and Diane, watching Kain begin to show a piece of emotion, the two jumped at Palacio and began attacking him with bare fists. Palacio, being the stronger man, began blocking them as he lay on the ground.

“You women love to hit on me don’t you?!” Palacio laughed.

All of a sudden, Kain let out a scratchy, yet refreshing giggle. The three stared at Kain as he continued to raise his giggle to a laugh. Alec, standing a small distance away from the four people, glared at the scene. He looked to the ground, as if it was helping him feel better.

“Alana…” Alec thought, slowly backing to a small burnt tree stump.

Letting his body fly, he allowed himself to fall to the ground, with his back resting onto the stump. Feeling his body relax from the exhaustion, he looked over at the laughing Kain. Diane glimpsed over to Alec, who was nearly ready to fall asleep. Diane stood up on her feet as Alec’s body collapsed to his left side.

“Alec…!” Diane shouted, scurrying over to his exhausted body.

With Sharon following, the two picked up Alec and brought them over to Palacio and Kain. There, they stretched Alec’s body out and removed his shoes and took his blue cape and used it as a blanket. Kain used his staff to create a nicely made camp fire and took a block of ice and allowed it to float it over the fire, creating water. With the water particles that dripped off the ice, Kain flowed all of it into a small container that was found not too far away from where they set up camp. Sharon, tearing a small piece of Alec’s cape, dabbed the cloth into the water and washed Alec’s forehead. At the same time, Palacio scouted the area, looking for any signs of food.

“How’s he looking?” Diane asked, lying comfortably next to the fire.

“He’s looking much better than he did before… He’s actually rested right now compared to how exhausted he is.” Sharon explained, resting on her knees right next to Alec’s torso.

“That’s good…” Diane smiled, looking into the sky, having a since of depression in her voice.

“Is something wrong?” Sharon asked, turning her body to face Diane.

“Well yes a little bit…” Diane sighed, staring at the twinkling stars.

“Speak it woman.” Sharon smiled.

“Well… We are going to be in a long fight once we reach our destination… I’m not so into the killing business…” Diane shivered.

“But you’re the-“Sharon began to state.

“I know what my name is!” Diane shouted, rising up, “I don’t like the job! I only did it because… my family was assassinated…” Diane whispered in a quiet tone.

“Oh my god… No way…!” Sharon gasped slightly.

“Yeah… I was a child just learning how to use weaponry, like these claws I have… I was practicing the hiding techniques my dad taught me… and then they were assassinated… and when I came back they were all on the floor dead… I decided to find out who killed them and I found it out was the number one gang in our land…” Diane explained.

“The Crimson Eyes…?” Sharon gasped.

“Yes… Sharon… Where do you live?” Diane asked.

“Moss… The town that had the best flowers…” Sharon sighed.

“I lived in Agate… It’s near the Kingdom of Zoffel… The Crimson Eyes had their base in the mountains… I went there solo and saw revenge on my blades. I cut every one of them vile men… Killed the entire gang… Even the people that tried to run, I threw daggers at them. And then I came across their leader… and it turned out to be my father’s best friend… A long fight progressed, but I was the victor… But it’s the after effects of revenge I’m stained with now… I’m called the Beautiful Assassin because I have no heart when it comes to killing… everyone I slice, I see as The Crimson Eyes… and what they did to my family… I don’t think I want to do it anymore… So much blood was stained on these claws…” Diane sighed, looking deep into the stars.

“That’s so sad…” Sharon gasped, shocked how many people she killed.

“That’s not the half of it, Sharon… Because of my skills with the claws, it’s given me the path of a dark warrior… All who seek me end u in death…” Diane sighed.

“Seek as in… love?” Sharon asked, looking at Palacio in the distance.

“Yes… Seeing Alec in such turmoil made me feel like holding him and play with his hair… But I can’t…” Diane sighed, “I haven’t been held… or anything by any man because they’re afraid of being sliced up or they want me for my body…” Diane cried.

Sharon looked down into the fire, allowing its fiery blaze set her mind into a trance.

“I know hot that goes… It happens to me all the time. Now I’m known as the town whore… before… It got swept away.” Sharon complained.

Seconds before Sharon began talking; Diane rolled over and closed her eyes, facing away from the fire. Sharon let out a deep, drawn sigh and laid down where she sat. Using her arms as her pillow, she began to fall asleep. Kain lay perfectly straight beside the fire, parallel to Sharon, with his staff dug into the dirt. As his staff stood in the ground, a light golden aura surrounded the small camp. Palacio, finishing his scouting, rested next to Kain, using his swords’ sheathes as a pillow. Alec, opening his eyes wide as if he was awake, stood up from the ground. He felt his cape slide off his body, falling into the dirt. Reaching down, as he grasped his slightly torn cape, he glared at it. Suddenly, he heard a voice from afar.

“A voice…” Alec stated to himself, tying his came back around himself.

Listening harder to the light breeze flowing through the area, he heard another faint cry. Slowly approaching Palacio, Alec reached down and grasped one of Palacio’s swords. Taking his left hand and placing it at the base of the sheath, he held it steady as he slowly pulled the sword form the sheath, silencing the metal sliding against the metallic ring around the base of the sheath. With the sword in his possession, Alec ran out the aura and towards the direction of the faint cry, after slipping on his shoes. Approaching a small horizon, he began to think how much fighting he would have to do. Sweat began to bead down the top of his head as he came to the point of the horizon where he could see over it.

“Oh my god…” Alec gasped to himself.

Over the horizon, a small town was being taken over by large mechanical beings. Shooting a light from its face, it destroyed hundred’s of year old buildings. Looking down, he saw a small fortress deploying soldiers in a gliding contraption with bow and arrows. At the same time he saw the fortress deploying small squads of military to destroy the large mechanical beings. In the sky, Alec was astounded as he saw angels darting towards the beings in a large effort to destroy the headpiece. Alec grasped the sword tightly, and dashed towards the town.

Wielding the sword towards the ground, he ran through the burning gates of the town. Instantly, he remembered the town him and Alana were in before its destruction. All over the place, bodies lay motionless, and distorted. Hearing a scream from a burning building, Alec looked helplessly in a window as the woman fell towards a burning infernal below. Thinking fast, Alec jumped as hard as he could, barely making it over the infernal. Reaching his left arm out, he caught the lightweight woman and landed on the ground. He sat her down and quickly examined her.

“Are you okay?” Alec asked swiftly.

“Yes… I’m fine… Thank you…” The woman cried, startled from being saved from some random woman.

“Listen… Run out of the town and head over the horizon. There are a few friends of mine that can help you… Go, run!” Alec shouted, pushing the woman towards the burning gate.

“Yes sir…” The woman agreed, trying to keep her night dress on her body being torn and burned.

As the woman headed towards Diane and the others, Alec darted past the burning buildings and approached one of the mechanical beings. Alec looked all over the place, looking at all the mutilated and lifeless bodies of men, women, and children and became more infuriated.

“No, please!” a man shouted in the distance around the corner.

Only seconds after Alec passed the last of the burning buildings, he watched helplessly as a beam passed through the shouting man. Alec jumped instantly towards the mechanical being as the beam made a ninety degree rotation into more of the burning buildings. With all his might, Alec grasped the sword with both hands and struck the headpiece of the being. Feeling the beautiful blade slice through metal and machinery, Alec felt a since of relief from all his rage. As he landed s short distance from the being, he turned and watched as the being exposed tons of smoke from the headpiece as it slid off its shoulders. The headpiece crashed against the ground and exploded, sending smaller pieces of shrapnel in all directions as the body descended onto the burning portion of the town. Grasping the sword tightly with both hands, Alec defended himself and sliced all the shrapnel heading towards him into smaller pieces.

“What the hell are these?” Alec asked himself.

All of a sudden, the ground shook one time. A loud ground crunching stomp was heard behind him, startling Alec. Slowly turning around, Alec saw another mechanical being standing only several feet from him. Looking at the blade, he saw that it was covered in a black substance that didn’t match that of blood. Unable to examine it farther, he grabbed the sword tightly and ran towards the foot of the machine. Doing a whirlwind spin, Alec sliced the ankles of the machines multiple times. Alec didn’t take the time to look back as he darted for the fortress. The machine’s legs detached from the foot and it fell in the same direction the first machine fell. Looking ahead of him, Alec saw numerous men wearing black armor armed with a metallic contraption that matched laser cannons. As two of them turned around, Alec grasped his sword tightly and spun the blade in the direction of their bodies. He ignored the blood curdling scream as he grasped one of the laser cannons in his left hand.

“What is this?” Alec asked himself, quickly taking a glimpse of the metallic contraption.

Noticing his finger lay on the trigger, he quickly remembered pushing it let out a magical beam that would tear through his enemies. Quickly aiming it at the third man, he shot the beam and watched its destructive power as it cleanly tore through the chest of the man. He fell to the ground, lifeless and without any blood escaping form his body. Scanning the area, he noticed there were only three. Alec took a second and glanced at the powerful laser cannon and thought, “Something so small has this kind of capabilities… What a cruel battle we’re into…”

All of a sudden, Alec was struck in the back with a hard object, taking him to the ground, dropping his sword and cannon. Alec tried scurrying to his sword, but was struck in the back again; this time was held to the ground with a pointed object to the back of his head.

“Who are you?” a man asked with a deep voice.

“Let me up…” Alec struggled to talk, feeling the pressure push against his stomach, making it hard to breathe.

“What kingdom…!? How did you defeat two of those mechanical beings single handed?!” The man shouted; pushing harder onto Alec’s back.

“Let this man up! You’re not the general!” Another man shouted.

Alec heard a bone crunching punch as the pressure was lifted form his back. As fast as he could, Alec darting for his sword and rolled to his feet; only to touch the blade of another man. The man wore a thick armor that shaded the color of space, and has small stains of blood all over it. In his left hand he held a long katana, and in his right he wielded a sturdy shield with spikes all over the face and one longer spike in the middle. He also wore a black helmet that had smaller skies and two long horns that sprout out the top of it.

“Who are you…?” The man asked; his voice so deep it seemed to rumble the ground.

“… I’m Alec, I have no home… Who are you?” Alec asked, his blade barely touching the blade of the armored man.

“Allow me to introduce myself… I am Lieutenant Nax, the highest rank in the Eurlia army… Next to the all mighty Indalecio… I have seen your fighting style and I must say I’m really impressed… a person such as you is very valuable on the battlefield…” The man stated.

Alec watched as they dragged, punched and threw men, women, and children into this large circle of armed men.

“Now then… Alec, whoever the hell you are, I’m giving you one opportunity to ally with us. If you deny, not only will you die…” The man stated, waving his left hand in the air, “all these innocent pukes will die along with you…”

All the soldiers watching the man’s hand wave pulled back a lever and trusted it forward on their laser cannons. As Alec stood, looking at all the people scared and terrified, shielding themselves from their horrible fate, a drop of rain fell from the sky. It splashed onto the ground between Alec and the man, echoing throughout the burnt city. Then another splashed elsewhere, also echoing throughout the area. Clouds became thick in the sky, covering the moonlight and the stars, and began a decent rain, dousing the fires that burned in the homes.

“You have ten seconds, boy…” The man laughed.

Starting to count down from 10, Alec began to shiver in his knees at the thought of such a decision; a whole town’s life based on one man’s decision. Alec looked at his battle scared blade and began to pray. His decision was made up in the back of his head. As he slowly grasped the blade tightly, he listened to Nax count to 2.

“I made my decision!” Alec shouted, silencing Nax.

“Good, joining us is it? Kneel before me!” Nax shouted.

Alec, taking a large deep breath, lowered his sword in sorrow. The surrounding people began watching the bold man began to lower to his knee. Quickly grasping the sword he possessed, he dashed upwards. Reacting like lightning, Nax quickly blocked the attack and thrust him into the air. Alec held tightly to his blade as he saw Nax jump towards him. Using his body weight descending towards the ground, he held his sword next to him, ready to stab Nax as he came close to him. Nax, approaching rapidly towards Alec, held his sword next to him, ready to hit Alec with all his might with the sharp part of the blade. The people below watched as the two collided. When the two blades collided, a force of air rushed to the ground, blowing everyone around into burnt buildings and debris.

Alec gasped for a split second as he saw Laura counterattacking Nax. The two began fighting in the air as Alec descended to the ground. Looking around the area as he fell, he watched as Arc Angels fell from the sky, brutally attacking the mechanical beings. Approaching the final seconds of his fall, Alec closed his eyes, preparing for his end. Suddenly, two gracious hands reached out and grabbed Alec under his shoulders. He screamed to the top of his lungs as he began to fly parallel to the ground, and then ascended into the air again.

“Am I flying?!” Alec gasped.

“No… I saved you…” replied a peaceful voice.

Flying a short distance away from the town, Alec landed, and he dropped his sword.

“I… I almost…” Alec sighed.

Turning around to see his rescuer, he took s small step back, startled.

“Alec…” Alana sighed, looking into his luscious brown eyes.

“Alana…!” Alec shouted with joy.

Reaching his arms out, he pulled Alana into his arms.

“Oh Alana…!” Alec cheered, embracing Alana’s fragile body.

“Alec… It’s good to see you again! I was so worried!” Alana smiled, crying into Alec’s shoulder.

“Why are you here…?” Alec asked, looking into Alana’s stainless face.

“I… I came to fight… and get to the Kingdom of Eurlia… so I can face this evil turning this beautiful world into disaster… and seal the Netherworld from ever being discovered by future generations…” Alana mentioned with a voice of sorrow.

“Alana… Why not go with me? We’ll do it together!” Alec smiled, excited and nervous.

“Alec no… I can’t…” Alana began to plead.

“Enough, Alana…! You’re not in this alone! I’m in this too! My whole life was destroyed because of these disasters! You can’t go there alone…” Alec cried, beginning to have flashbacks of his childhood.

“Alec…?” Alana asked, running her hand down his battle scared face.

“Alana… They… Alana no… You can’t… They killed everyone in my life!” Alec spurred out, falling to his knees and burying his face into her stomach.

Alana stood, dazzled at the fact that Alec, a brave man, on his knees, crying into her stomach. She felt the pressure from his arms against her body. Baffled at Alec’s conflict, she took her hand and rubbed the top of his head.

“Alec… I…” Alana gasped, her shining Emerald eyes beginning to twinkle with tears forming.

“It’s not fair, Alana! My whole family! My brother… My sisters… My mom and dad! All gone…!” Alec cried, hugging Alana’s fragile body softer, allowing her to breathe.

“You never told me…” Alana said silently, her voice dropping with a since of passion and peace.

“I couldn’t… You would only see it as an act of revenge…” Alec cried.

“We can go together Alec…” Alana replied, lowering to her knees.

As Alana lowered to her knees, Alec laid his hands on her shoulders and stared deep into her sparkling Emerald eyes. Looking into Alana’s lovely eyes put a feeling of peace in his heart, which was quivering in sorrow from the death of his family.

“Alec…” Alana smiled, running her hand down Alec’s soft face.

“Alana, I’ll protect you…” Alec smiled, touching Alana’s cheek slightly with his entire hand.

Lightly pulling his hand forward with her face inside his palm, Alec closed his eyes and felt the warmth of Alana’s soft lips. Alana took her arms and wrapped them around Alec’s neck as Alec ran his arms around Alana’s small, strong body. At the same time, soldiers from the local area began approaching the two from a distance hiding behind burnt trees, hiding in the ground in holes, and running from the town. Alec pulled his lips away, looking at Alana’s sparkling eyes. For a brief second, the two felt their hearts beating at the exact same time. The two stood up, holding each other as they did sitting down. Catching a glimpse out of his right eye, Alec quickly snatched the sword lying on the ground and held it defensively, and reflected a laser that approached them. Alana reached for Alec’s belt and unsheathed her dagger and the other dagger on her right side.

“Damnit…!” Alec shouted.

“No…” Alana shrieked; backing into Alec’s back.

With the two standing back to back, the soldiers around approached those cautiously with their weapons pointed directly at the two. From the sky, Laura fell from the sky like a falling arrow towards the town as Nax slowly landed on his feet several feet from Alec. Almost instantly after he touched the ground with his feet, he threw his hand forward. Watching his hand, one of the soldiers shot a small laser shot. Catching glimpse of it, Alec turned the blade to the broad part of the sword. He held it perpendicular to Alana and himself, reflecting the laser back to the shooter. At the same time, another man shot at the two. Alana, crossing her blades like an X, reflected the laser back at the shooter with minimal recoil towards Alec’s back.

“Alana…!” Alec shouted, grasping his blade tightly.

As Alec shouted his lover’s name, another laser was fired. This time, Alec had to move the blade swiftly towards the other side of his body, perpendicular to Alana and his head.

“Fire…!” Nax laughed, jumping high into the air.

With the battle shout chanted, the soldiers all loaded their lasers at the exact time, sending a shock of fear into Alana and Alec’s back. The two wielding their blades like lifelines, they closed their eyes for a second, taking a last breath of calmness. When their eyes opened, a sea of red lasers was flowing towards them faster than a blink of an eye. Their backs against each other, the two stood in a stance ready to defend themselves. Time became distorted as the two gracefully moved from one side to the other. Reflecting and hitting the lasers as they entered their area of attack, the lasers either disappeared with another laser shot, or it hit the soldier that found it.

“Now I shall destroy them for what they’re doing!” Nax shouted, watching the two reflect the laser shots.

Flying up just a couple feet, he went straight into a nose dive, aiming straight for the two lovers engaged in a deadly combat. Sweat could be seen flying from the grips of their weapons and the fear and anxiety, along with horror beading form their faces, evaporating form the heat of the lasers and the blades of the weapons. Fatigue began to set in, making both Alec and Alana slightly slow down form their blocking. This created a weakness; a single laser that was unseen flew through the two’s striking range and plummeted itself into and through Alana’s left ankle and her left wing, taking away her ability to fly. Alec felt Alana’s pain as she stopped moving, and froze.

“Alana, no…!” Alec shouted, quickly facing her.

Alana froze as she slowly fell towards the ground, still possessing the daggers and reflecting the lasers that approached her. Alec, watching Alana fall towards the ground, spun 180 degrees and wrapped his left arm around her body with his left hand. Doing this enabled Alana and Alec to continue fighting. All of a sudden, Alec felt a sharp, strong grip upon his shoulders, immobilizing his arms from functioning. Nax, having two great talons spurting from his sides, grasped Alec tightly and began to fly into the sky. Alec, desperately trying to hold onto Alana, watched as the soldiers aimed their weapons in their direction.

“Ha! A mere child like you has a gift of a true warrior! Be gone, shallow woman!” Nax shouted.

Taking his left hand, he had two sharp spikes ooze out the top of his left hand, like claws, and pointed at Alana, who’s dangling from Alec’s left arm. Alec and Alana could see the battleground becoming smaller and faint as the clouds covered their vision.

“Alana, hang on!” Alec shouted in pain, desperately trying to keep control of his left arm.

“Let go, wench!” Nax yelled with impatience.

Squeezing Alec harder, Alec barely able to hold his sword, screamed in pain as the talon’s claws began to dig into his skin, paralyzing the bones in his shoulders. Slowly, be begun to feel his left arm numb, for the talon on his left shoulder was squeezing tighter. Alana looked at Alec with her starlight eyes, in fear and in sorrow, hearing Alec doing everything in his heart to hold onto her. She began to cry as she felt his grip slowly loosening.

“No!” Alec shouted, tightly grasping his sword.

With all his might, as they flew above the clouds, took his sword and mercifully struck upwards, tear through the hard talons. Shrieking as loud as a siren, Nax released Alec’s shoulders and began flying in all directions in pain. Alana held onto Alec’s torso as the two began their descent towards the warmongering Earth. Alec held his sword tightly, despite the stinging pain surging through his shoulders as they fell. Above, angered from his wound, Nax allowed his black wings to emerge from his back. With one swift flap, he darted towards Alec and Alana, wielding his dark blade. Gasping in horror, Alec watched as Nax slapped his wings in the air and darted for them. He held his sword tightly, watching Nax’s determination through the darkness of his helm. Nax swung his blade up and began ready to chop downwards on Alec, as if he was chopping a piece of wood clean in half. With all his might, also feeling the stinging of his shoulders, Alec held his sword outwards, countering Nax’s attack. With his left hand, Alec grasped Alana’s dagger placed in her right hand and held it by the tip of the blade. At the same time, Nax darted back and flew a little distance to the right of him. Slapping his wings again, he darted for Alec, ready to skewer him. Taking his battle scared sword, he chopped to his side, allowing Nax’s blade to lower, just enough time to chick the dagger right into the helm of the horrid man.

A loud shriek was heard again as the dagger disappeared into the helm of the man. Looking towards the ground, Alec saw the town they defended rapidly approaching them. Alana shrieked also, trying to bury her face into Alec’s stomach, as if to hide from the upcoming death. Pain began surging to the point where Alec also shrieking, reaching for Alana with his left arm. As he grabbed Alana by her collar, he forced her body up to his, Holding onto her body tight with his left arm and the sword on his right, he watched as Nax, falling a distance from him, was holding his face in pain. Noticing Nax slowly glided towards them, Alec held the sword as tight as he could and swiped as hard as he could towards the neck of the demon. He could feel as the sharp blade bent and slid clean through both flesh and metal. The blade exited the neck, exposing his blood and a black substance into the air. Nax fell motionless as his body coasted one direction form the force of Alec’s stroke and the head flew another direction, with the dagger plummeting straight to the ground, whistling as it cut through the air.

Now exhausted, Alec felt Alana’s grasp squeeze around his body even tighter than before. He wrapped his arms around Alana’s fragile body, trying to comfort her as they were close to landing onto the ground. Alana buried her face into Alec’s chest as she felt herself almost at the ground.

“I love you Alana…” Alec whispered into Alana’s ear.

A bone crushing thud was heard for miles. Lying in the town square, Alana was curled up in a ball with Alec under her. People from all around gasped in horror as they saw their hero break the concrete of the ground with his body. A couple soldiers from the fortress, along with a man in a full white robe and a staff darted for the two down a hill. Approaching their bodies, they came across a beaten girl crying on the shoulder of a broken man. His eyes lay closed, his left arm across the girl’s body, and his right extended, wielding a severely battle scared blade.

“Alec…” Alana cried, squeezing his body as tight as she could with her face deep into his chest.

“This is so horrible…” The white robed man sighed with pity.

“This man defended us with his life…” One of the soldiers sighed, sheathing his blade.

“Alec…!” Palacio shouted, running towards Alana from a small distance.

With his sword in his right hand and covered in a black substance, Palacio sheathed his sword and ran up to Alec’s lifeless body, along with Sharon, Diane, and Kain.

“Oh no…” Diane gasped, taking a step back.

Palacio walked up to Alec and looked at his now beaten sword. Reaching down, he grasped his blade form Alec’s open hand and lifted it.

“My sword…” Palacio gasped, gazing at its damage, “I didn’t know the metal in these swords could be beaten so badly.”

“A sad fate, for this warrior…” Kain mentioned, standing overhead of Alec’s body.

“I never got to know him!” Sharon shouted, wrapping her arms around Palacio and burying her face into his back.

Alana placed her head onto the middle of Alec’s chest, feeling as his body began to grow cold. She slightly rubbed her hand up and down his chest, trying to comfort herself. Townsfolk began to close in on the area, but soldiers from the castle began to make a ring, keeping the townsfolk from getting too close to Alec and his friends. The man in the white robe gazed upon the aura surrounding Kain.

“You, my friend… You’re a warlock aren’t you?” The man asked, walking up to Kain.

“What do you need?” Kain asked, holding his staff as if he was about to attack.

“You very well might be able to cleanse this boy’s broken heart…” The man smiled.

“What? A warlock…? Preposterous! They’re nothing but pitiful emotionless magic wielders… They couldn’t possibly possess such holy magic!” A soldier shouted, standing next to the man in a white robe.

“If I were you, I’d shut up. Who has the power and who has a sword?” Kain glared at the soldier, with his staff grasped tightly.

“Hold it! As Prince Zarmia, I command you to shut up, soldier!” The Prince demanded.
“Yes sir!” The soldier shouted, snapping to as straight stance.

“Holy…?” Kain asked, looking at the man in the white robe.

“Yes. Holy… You are one of the few gifted warlocks that have potential of holy magic. I see the aura emitting from you…” Prince Zarmia stated.

“Look at my blade! It’s completely useless!” Palacio shouted, shoving the blade deep into the soil underneath him.” Palacio shouted.

Sharon, reacting to Palacio’s movements, grasped a piece of debris and smashed it onto Palacio’s head. The attack made Palacio fall to the ground, unconscious.

“Retard…” Sharon sighed.

“… Alana…” Alec voiced in a light voice.

“Alec…!” Alana cried, lifting off his hurt body.

Alana’s shout made everyone turn to the broken man lying onto the ground.

“Alana… I believe… to be… hurt…” Alec coughed, rubbing his left hand through Alana’s lovely Emerald hair.

“Oh, Alec…!” Alana smiled with her eyes beading like stars, and tears pouring with happiness.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

As she reached down to hug him, Alec boosted her body upwards, allowing him to give her the kiss of love.

“A fine gentleman…” Diane sighed, placing her hand onto her chest with relief.

“He lived… Miraculous…” Prince Zarmia smiled.

The townsfolk nearby all cheered as they began to disperse and fix up what little was left of their town. Palacio, standing up form his rock attack, began rubbing his head as he saw Alec stroking Alana and kissing. Palacio pointed to Alec and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Why did you bust up my sword…?! I worked hard to get that titanium ore smelted into that very sword! It was also blessed with the golden hair of the final era of the Elves! It meant a lot to me!” Palacio shouted.

“Palacio… Look around you… We saved the… town…” Alec struggled to talk, holding his left side, “You blade saved… so… many… of the… people…”

“Well…” Palacio felt an ass growing onto his face and mouth, “I guess you’re worthy enough… you can have it…”

Pulling it from the ground, he laid it parallel to Alec’s body.

“Thank… you Palacio…” Alec smiled.

“It’s fine! I’ll take a sword from ole Prince here!” Palacio smiled.

“Whatever! Guards, take this man to the infirmity! Fix him!” Prince Zarmia commanded.

Slowly, Alana stood off of Alec, who couldn’t move off the ground. She picked up Alec’s beaten sword as the two soldiers picked up Alec graciously from the ground. Under him laid his blue cape torn and almost completely shredded. Alana picked up the cape, following the guards and Prince Zarmia.

“What a hero…” Diane sighed.

“Wow…” Sharon gasped, picking up the dagger that fell from the sky.

“Is that the dagger Alana uses?” Palacio asked, walking towards Sharon.

“Yeah, it’s such a beautiful dagger…” Sharon smiled.

“What should we do now?” Palacio asked, turning to Diane.

“Holy…” Kain sighed, turning to the clouds where a break of light lit the town.

Agreeing, Sharon and Palacio began walking towards the fortress, where they tool Alec. Diane, getting ready to follow them, caught Kain looking into the depths of the sky. She approached him slowly and stood at his left side.

“Kain…?” Diane asked, looking at his emotionless face.

“Holy… The forbidden magic to all warlocks…” Kain sighed.

“Why is it forbidden?” Diane asked.

“Because holy magic is summoned from the heart… something all warlocks are sworn to seal away… Emotions are included in that…” Kain sighed.

“But you laughed earlier…!” Diane shouted slightly.

“And it hurt! My heart ached as if it was trying to break away from me!” Kain shouted, slamming his staff onto the ground.

He gazed into Diane’s starlight eyes and turned away.

“What? Why are you turning from me, Kain?” Diane asked, running to where his face is pointed.

“Stop looking at my eyes.” Kain cried, turning away from Diane.

“Kain, stop locking yourself away from your emotions…! You’re not like other warlocks!” Diane shouted, grabbing his face.

For a brief moment, Diane looked deep into Kain’s black eyes. She began to see a slight change in the way Kain’s eyes. Kain raised his hands and placed them onto Diane’s wrist, ready to pry her off of him, but something in his heart told him not to. Clouds from above slowly began to dissipate as she looked deeper into Kain’s black eyes.

“Kain…” Diane smiled, “You have such wonderful eyes…”

“What…” Kain gasped, confused.

“You have a very cute smile… I’d love to see it again…” Diane smiled again, taking a step closer to Kain.

“You mustn’t…” Kain shivered, releasing his grip from Diane’s wrists and slowly placing them on her hips.

Taking another step closer, Diane slowly stood on the tips of her toes, coming to eye level of Kain. Closing her eyes, she reached forward, placing her lips onto his cold lips. As she started to kiss Kain, a shadow began covering the ground, like it was bound inside of Kain. Kain, feeling the tingle that twisted and turned his heart, pulled Diane closer, running one of his hands through her hair while letting go of his staff with his right hand. Placing his right hand in the lower part of her back, he pulled Diane against him and began to run his tongue over Diane’s soft lips. Diane pulled her head away, gazing into Kain’s eyes once again.

“Kain… your eyes…” Diane smiled.

“Huh?” Kain asked, feeling warm inside.

“You eyes are of a golden color…” Diane giggled, running her hands through his hair.

“Really…? I feel a little better… I don’t feel so… sad and cold anymore…” Kain smiled.

“Wow, what a smile…” Diane smiled.

Looking to the ground, Kain watched as the staff he carried glowed with a golden color. Kain solely let go of Diane’s smooth body and lowered himself to the staff. Grasping it tightly, he felt a warm surge flow through his arm. He held the golden staff lightly and held it as high as he could. Suddenly, a beam of golden light shot down from the sky, enveloping both Diane and Kain. Diane held her arms out, feeling the golden light.

“It’s so warm…” Diane smiled.

“This… it’s so clear to me now…” Kain mentioned to Diane, “I am the holy savior brought up from the warlocks to cleanse this world from the harm it now possesses! I can’t believe it!”

With this said, he slammed his staff onto the ground. Rumbling the ground, a large shockwave emitted from the bottom of the staff, spreading throughout the entire city. Diane grasped hold of Kain as he slowly floated into the air. Inside the castle, Prince Zarmia watched as a beam of golden energy fell from the sky and shout throughout the city. He smiled and turned to his soldiers with confidence and happiness.

“That man…” Prince Zarmia smiled, “That is our savior…”

“That warlock is our savior? Be he’s…” One soldier gasped.

“He’s not heartless… but with a locked heart…. That younger woman unlocked his heart… and released all the pain and agony. He’s truly who he needs to be.” Prince Zarmia smiled, watching the golden energy subside and dissipate.

As the light dissipated, the town became what it used to be before the attack, and everyone that was hurt in the town was up and confused of what happened. In the infirmity, Alec sat up, rubbing head.

“What happened…?” Alec asked, looking left and right of his bed.

Beginning to lift up, he left a tug on his left part of his body. Looking to his left, he saw Alana’s comfortable body rested against him, with her ankle bandaged and her right wing folder over both himself and her. Alec let out a small smile as he lay back down. He took his right arm and slipped it under Alana’s beautiful head. Letting out a slight moan, she snuggled up closer to Alec, laying her head on his shoulder. Smiling from her warmth and comfort, he laid his head next too hers, thankful for being alive.

Kain floated back to the ground, his golden light subsiding into the small crystal on his staff, His clothes and hair now stained with the color of gold, he kissed Diane on her cheek once again.

“Diane…” Kain smiled once again.

“Alec, we should go check on him.” Diane smiled.

Townsfolk began hugging the once deceased and loved ones that were killed during the battle. As Kain stepped onto the ground, a light aura surrounded himself and his lover. Flowers slowly sprouted from the cracks of the concreted town square. Threw clouds in the sky finally clearing, allowing the golden sun to shine upon the town, giving the sky a chance to show its beauty and hope to all who look upon it.

Meanwhile, Alec and Alana snuggled up in the infirmary, Alec and Alana slept silently together. As Kain and Diane walked into the room, Alec quickly opened his eyes. Due to reaction, Alec jumped out of bed, grasped his beaten sword, and darted for Kain. With his staff wielded in his right hand, Kain slammed the staff onto the ground, emitting a wave. This wave countered Alec’s attack, and pushed Alec back a small distance form Kain. Shocked and surprised, Alec stood to his feet with the sword down by his side.

“Kain…?” Alec gasped, gazing upon Kain’s new founded power.

“I have been touched by… the light, Alec…” Kain spoke with a deep and low voice.

“Are we still going to Eurlia?” Diane held onto Kain’s left arm.

“Of course…” Alec murmured, gazing onto his beaten blade, “The evil must be stopped.”

“How do you plan on getting in?” Prince Zarmia asked, walking into the room.

“Prince Zarmia…” Alec gasped slightly.

“Ah, Alec…” Prince Zarmia smiled, “I can’t believe after all these years you finally decided to come back…”

“What…? This is your hometown, Alec?” Diane asked.

“… It was fifteen years ago… Our beloved homeland was so beautiful back then… Tall green trees, healthy streams… the water was the most purified water in the entire continent… Until one day… A large band of bandits raided our town… At the time, I was being really mean to my family and I hid away at the farthest river north of here. I saw smoke pouring from the direction of home and I ran there. I didn’t get too far in because a man on a horse ran by and kicked me down into a deep ditch… There was a small hole in the ditch, where I saw all the townspeople being killed, raped… tortured… and then I saw him. The man responsible for this town’s downfall… Indalecio… For so many years, I exiled myself to intense training with any type of blade in hopes of avenging my family’s death…” Alec sighed, beginning to head out the door.

The small bunch of people began to watch as Alec started to leave the room.

“Wait, Alec…” Prince Zarmia yelled, placing his hand on Alec’s shoulder.

“I’m leaving in the morning.” Alec snapped, brushing the Prince’s hand off.

In total silence, with his blade in his right hand, he left the room. At the same time, Alana stretched, rubbing her eyes.

“Alec…?” She asked in a sleepy, soothing voice.

“He just left.” Diane replied, letting go of Kain.

“What a sad person.” Kain stated, watching as Alec turned the corner.

“Huh?” Alana asked, looking at Kain.

“Pain… sorrow… loneliness… I feel all of his pain… He’s been so lonely…” Kain sighed.

“What are you talking about…?” Alana asked, letting her legs dangle from the bed.

“This is Alec’s hometown…” Diane replied.

“What? But I thought it was… Alec…!” Alana shouted, running out of the room.

Alana ran out the room, turning corners and turns, chanting Alec’s name as if she was late for an important meeting. Prince Zarmia looked at Kain once more and took in a deep breath.

“Sir Kain… We are beginning a counterattack against Eurlia’s forces. May we speak in private?” Prince Zarmia asked.

“Sure… Let’s go Diane.” Kain replied.

Following Prince Zarmia, Kain and Diane left the infirmary and began to proceed to the conference room of the fortress. Meanwhile, Alec exited the newly built fortress, not remembering any part of the castle form his childhood. Slowly, he paced himself through the small alley that led to the castle, entering the town square. He stopped in the middle of the square, and looked at all the newly built buildings.

“This is all fresh… No resemblance of the home I used to live in…” Alec sighed.

“Alec…!” Alana shouted, running out of the castle.

Alec turned at the shout of Alana’s voice. At the same time, he began to have a flashback of his younger sister. Gasping at his flashback, he took a brisk step backwards. Alana stopped running and looked at Alec with worry shaking her heart.

“Alec… Where are you going?” Alana asked.

“No… My family…” Alec shouted.

Fear began to set into Alec’s mindset as he ran towards the gate of the town. Watching Alec run was like watching a little boy running for his life. Alana proceeded to follow Alec, snatching a sheathe leaning on a nearby house. Exiting the town, the land was still bare and lifeless, Alec ran towards a small patch of dead trees with a small crevice short after. Running through the dead trees gave him more flashbacks of what happened to Zarmia. Suddenly, Alec stopped running at the edge of the crevice, and sat at the edge with his legs dangling from the edge. He laid his sword behind him and closed his hands together, gazing upon the empty crevice.

Not too far away, Alana came to a walk, exhausted from running. She stopped and looked at all the dead trees and let out an exhausting sigh.

“Wait… I have wings… I can fly.” Alana giggled, extending her wings.

With her wings extended, she jumped into the air, and began flapping her wings above the treetops. All around that she looked; she saw endless dead trees with a large crevice in the middle. Tying the brown jeweled sheathe to her waist, she snapped her wings, dashing her swiftly to the crevice. Within seconds, she passed over the edge of the forest, entering the crevice. An upwards wind blew from the crevice, enabling Alana to fly back to the edge of the crevice. Descending to the ground, she folded her wings and landed on her feet at the edge. Closely to her right, Alec gazed straight forward, as if he was in a trance. Alana slowly walked to him, while untying the sheath from her waist. She slowly sat onto the ledge, close to Alec and began to rub his back. With her left hand, she ran her hand through her hair, letting it lightly flow in the breeze blowing to them.

“Alec…?” Alana asked, looking at Alec’s stern face.

“Fifteen years, I have been alone… Exiling me to this very area… and fought against my sanity… as well as fighting with the blade that was shortly bestowed on me… The Ragnarok…” Alec explained, looking to his left.

Emeralds glimmered in Alec’s eyes as he looked upon Alana’s soft, luscious face, eyes and lips. A small tingling began to turn Alec’s heart into a spiral of excitement, but was hidden from his dark sorrow.

“How come you came out here, Alec?” Alana asked, glaring into Alec’s lovely brown eyes.

“Well…” Alec turned his head towards the other end of the crevice again, “I’ve been here my whole life, living on myself and my own instincts… I never left this area… I was here as this crevice… it used to be the most beautiful river… now it’s nothing but a mere hole in the ground with two cracks reaching out to what was supposed to be lakes… but they’re dried up too… I was here and saw it al as the land died… Animals stopped coming, birds stopped cheering… Life began to die in this area… and I couldn’t live here anymore… I had to abandon my home I’ve lived in for 15 years. I went towards that large dark cloud because I had nowhere to go for one and two, what else could I do… so I went… and then I saw merciless killing of people… their bodies reused as beings that I’ve never seen before… Transforming them… They took the children to a lower part of the large, horrific, dark castle… All the men were transformed and women were drained of their beauty and youth and sent to spend the rest of their days as slaves… It was so horrible… I met one of the women beforehand… she was really sweet, but… she and I were seen, so we started running… We got close to the edge of the land, and she and I agreed to jump but the machine got her… I reached for her hand, and almost pulled her away, but the contraption squeezed her too much… I watched it squish her, and then leave… With her dying words, she handed me this necklace and this ring, and asked me to find her lover, and tell him of her demise… More machines came, and then I jumped… When I landed, I tried to run to a neighboring town… but when I got there, it was already too late… the town was completely destroyed… and I continued my search from there to find some kind of life… then I found the one I met you in Alana… and then here I am now…” Alec explained.

A slight breeze blew, allowing Alec’s short hair to wave like silent grass in a meadow. Alana watched as Alec’s mind became blank, and one with the surrounding weather. He became at ease with his thoughts as he slid his hand across Alana’s left hand that was on her lap.

“If I never met you, I probably would be one of them…” Alec sighed.

“Do you have that ring and necklace?” Alana asked.

“Yeah, right here.” Alec answered, lifting his right hand.

Raising his right hand, he reached to the back of his neck and removed a small piece of metal and removed it from his neck. He held it closed up in his right hand and opened her hand with his left hand. Placing his right hand in her left hand, he released the object he had on his neck and closed her hand so that she couldn’t see it. Gazing in her eyes the whole time, he smiled and pulled his right hand away.

“I hope you like it” Alec said with a warm and soft voice.

“Alec…?” Alana gasped, opening her hand.

“I’m giving this to you, to show you I’ll always protect you… through thick and thin… Until my last breathe… I’ll always protect you…” Alec smiled, gazing into her Emerald eyes.

“Alec…” Alana gasped, looking into her hand.

Inside her hand sat a bright, silver necklace that could pierce the darkest evil. It had small, unnoticeable links holding the whole thing together, indestructible.

“Alana, I love you…” Alec smiled.

Alana’s eyes slowly began to sparkle with small beads that developed under her eyelids.

“Alec…” Alana smiled once again, with a loving look sparkling in her eyes.

Alec raised his right hand and lightly placed it onto Alana’s right cheek. Not even using any of his muscular strength, he pulled her head towards him, and closed his eyes. A warm feeling traveled through both bodies as their lips began to kiss. The wind blew again slightly, raising Alana’s soft, green hair. Alec took his left hand from her lap and wrapped it behind the lower part of her back. Allowing his hand to travel, Alec rubbed up the spine of her back and sifted it through her heir. Taking his right hand, he slowly felt down her warm, soft body. Making a slight moan, Alana relaxed herself and wrapped her arms around Alec with her arms going around his neck. Passionately, Alec pressed against Alana’s neck, feeling her clutch grow tighter, and her lips cling to him more. Unnoticing her wings, her wings unfolded, and wrapped around Alec and herself, creating a seal around the two.

“Alec… I’m so glad you’re okay…” Alana smiled, her eyes beading with tears of joy.

“Thank you for not flying away…” Alec smiled back, his eyes having an assuring look to them.

Alec placed his right hand onto Alana’s neck and pulled lightly. Falling into Alec’s trance in his eyes, she leaned forward with a little strength to her and kissed Alec. With the force she had against him, the two fell over, with Alec on his back and Alana on top of him. The two burst into laughter as Alana made herself comfortable on top of Alec.

“You’re so dreamy Alana…” Alec smiled with his deep voice, stroking his left hand down Alana’s soft face.

With a tear falling from Alana’s eye, she smiled. A certain glow began to shine form Alana’s face as she gazed into Alec’s face.

“Alana… I…” Alec sighed, looking away from Alana.

All of a sudden, Alec’s eyes became slightly cautious and pointed to his right side. He became stiff and didn’t move, even when Alana began to run her soft hand down Alec’s chest, towards the lower part of his body.

“Alana… Get down!” Alana shouted, pushing onto Alana’s shoulders.

The force of Alec’s push allowed his body to move into the air, breaking free of Alana’s grasp. Alec then pushed himself upwards, barely missing the fiercely swift blur. The startled woman lay silent and still as Alec flew into the air with his arms open. Plummeting towards Alana, Alec let out a horrific scream as his arms trusted down.

“Alec…?” Alana gasped, clutching her hands together.

“Alana…!” Alec shrieked as he caught the blur in his arms.

Terrified, Alana scurried to her feet and Alec’s sword lying on the ground and grasped it tightly with her left wing. Knowing her wing had more strength than her arms, she threw the sword high into the air. Dreading what is happening, she watched as the sword glistened in the wind. Suddenly, the blue past the sword, making it disappear. Only seconds after it disappeared, a drastic shout was heard in the sky.

“Alec…!” Alana shouted, looking around in the sky for Alec.

“Run…!” Alec yelled as his voice was fading fast.

Grabbing her daggers, she slid them onto her belt and spread her wings out proudly. Alec fell to the ground, his clothes torn and his body beaten. Ready to shriek, ran to Alec’s beaten body and fell to her knees. She placed her left hand onto her back and her right hand onto the top of his head as she examined his beaten body.

“Alec…” She gasped, her voice stuttering, “Alec! What happened…?”

“Be…” Alec struggled to speak, “Behind… you!”

Alec laid helplessly as the blur appeared inches from Alana’s back. The man briskly flapped his dark brown wings behind him, and his black armor glistened in the sunset light. An evil aura sparkled from his body, making anything that passed him tremble in fear. Alana froze silently as she felt the presence of a terrible demon behind her. Slowly, with a horrid look on her face, she rose to her feet and slowly grasped her daggers from her belt.

“Are you afraid of death…?” murmured the voice.

Bones began to rattle under Alana’s fragile skin as she let the words of this demon crush her mind and body. She tried looking to her left with her eyes only, only to see a long blade as black as night.

“Who are you?!” Alana shouted, spinning around 18- degrees.

Without hesitation, the man jumped backwards, disappearing into the wind. Alana glared into the winds, listening to the wind blow silently through the trees and the ground. Dust swirled inches from her slightly, letting her know that danger was gone. Alec struggled to his hands and knees, but fell again form the pain he was enduring.

“Alec, just don’t move nor speak…” Alana murmured.

“But… He’s…” Alec coughed, laying down on the ground again.

As Alec tried to warn Alana, she took off into the sky with full flight speed. Shocked at Alana’s action, Alec jumped to his feet, and held his sword in his left arm and used it to steady himself. He watched into the sky in great terror as the blue dashed left and right into the sides of Alana. Every strike that Alana endured into her sides she let out a blood boiling scream. Her daggers still grasped tightly, she tried to counter a strike on her right side, but the man appeared behind her again.

“Answer me!” He shouted.

Hearing the loud roar and power of the man’s voice sent Alana darting away from him.

“The power of his voice was strong enough to blow me away! Oh no…” Alana thought in the back of her mind.

Sustaining herself, she stopped and held her daggers ready to attack. Silence filled the air again, and the wind did not blow. Nothing moved, shouted, nor whistled, like everything was dead in the atmosphere. Quickly, she darted towards Alec, with her daggers in front of her like an arrow. Then, as she got within striking range of Alec, she turned around, and pushed onto the ground and darted upwards. She didn’t fly upwards too far, for she countered a sword attack from the man. They collided, and the force was pressured between the blades of the two sent Alana twirling towards the ground once again. Alec, being severly battle scared, left his sword into the ground and jumped as hard as he could towards Alana, catching her.

Seconds before she landed into his arms, the blur dashed into Alec’s back, taking Alec with him. He let out a bone shattering scream as the blue stopped at the ground. Dust blew from the impact, along with small fragments of Alec’s clothes. The man stood tall as Alana fell onto her shoulders, rolled onto the ground, and pushed off the ground, flying into the air again. She met eye to eye with the demon as he stood on top of Alec’s body.

“Alec…!” Alana shouted, a tear dripping from her eye.

“Ha!” The man laughed, extending his left arm.

Alec lay only with his eyes open, traumatized with the pain his body has upon him. He couldn’t move, only watch as a large orb began to gather at the man’s black gauntlet. The energy gathering was so black, even the midnight sky couldn’t compare. Hell raged inside of this orb, compelling any life around it to ash. Alec felt cold and felt his body relax.

“You are the poor excuse for an Imperial Angel! I will be rid this world of your kind and allow our master to reign supreme!” The man shouted, pulling his left arm back slightly.

Thrusting his left arm forward, the ball shot from his hand faster than a bullet. Alana snapped her wings as hard as she could downwards, barely avoid the black energy ball. She turned around briskly as the ball flew into the sky and exploded. Dark clouds emitted from the ball in the sky, swirling like a whirlpool for a few seconds then subsiding. Clutching her daggers tightly, she turned around and snapped her wings again, almost disappearing from sight. Her ambition that burned in her heart filled her with great pain and sorrow. She watched as the man held his left hand out again in her direction. This time, black energy gathered a lot faster than the last one and immediately launched from his hand. Alana took her daggers and held them in a cross shape. She shouted loudly as her daggers collided with the dark orb. From the speed she was darting for the man, the impact made her stop suddenly, giving her more force and push. The darkness flowing from the orb started to absorb her daggers, and slowly sunk into Alana’s hands. A loud shriek was herd as Alana tried to pull away.

“Alana, no…!” Alec shouted, trying to move his arms.

The man looked at the ground, looking at Alec’s trapped body as if he was a piece of gum under a show. He swiftly lifted his foot up and stomped Alec’s body, feeling his bones cracking under him. Alec shouted again, this time slight drops of blood spurt from his mouth. Alana tried harder to pull away from the orb, but watched helplessly as the orb was absorbing her.

“Alec… I’m… sorry…” Alana shouted; also with a silent tone that only Alec could hear.

She let out a drawn sigh as her head disappeared into the orb. The man laughed insanely as he pulled the orb back to him and placed it in his hand.

“This orb contains the one Imperial Angel the master needs! Nothing will stop the resurrection now!” The man cheered.

“I… I won’t let you get away…” Alec choked, blood beginning to run down is cheek.

“You little pest…!” The man shouted, holding the orb high into the air, “Speak another word and your friend here will disappear from this world!”

“I won’t forgive you!” Alec shouted, lifting his arms free.

In the blink of an eye, Alec lifted the man’s foot up, tipping the man over onto his back. At the same time, Alec jumped up and caught the orb. As Alec’s hands touched it, his arms became harshly cold and choked his heart. His bones crackling and shaking, Alec desperately ran to his sword and grasped it as hard as he could. Because of the force he was running, he grabbed the hilt of the sword like it was a handel and swung around it. Thinking fast, he kicked his feet up, then jerked the sword from the ground. Now gliding in the air, he darted for the man, who had his sword close to his body ready to attack. Alec glared at the sharpness of his blade as he rapidly approached the blade.

“Take this! I learned it here in the wild, training!” Alec shouted, holding his sword up high.

Alec held his sword high into the air and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Shin-Kakie-Dou-Han!” All of a sudden, a large lightning bolt struck down from the sky, striking his blade. At the same time, the man dashed towards Alec. The two both swiped their blades at the exact same time, creating a metallic ring throughout the area. Alec placed his feet down onto the ground, with his blade extended to his left, with his foe using his sword to hold himself up.

“No… How did you know that…?” The man gasped, holding his body with his left arm and using his right arm to steady himself with his sword.

“Like this…” Alec smiled, turning himself to face the man.

Putting a grim look onto his face, Alec held his sword into the air again and shouted to the top of his lungs, “Sheme-De-Sai!” From the ground, a swirling infernal erupted from the ground, like a fire typhoon surrounding Alec.

“I will put an end to your senseless killing!” Alec shouted, dashing towards the man.

“You have… potential!” The man gasped, watching Alec come at him with fire in his eyes.

One swooping strike, and Alec jumped back and swung his sword, declaring he is the victor. As the blade’s tip touched the ground, the man’s armorhas in it a large straight line, and through the cranks poured a black substance. When it dripped onto the ground, a light mist rose from it, as if it was acid. The man looked one last time at his murderer as he melted into the back substance, except his sword. His sword stood tall, shoved into the ground with no wielder.

“Strong minded… weak perception…” Alec sighed, shoving his sword into the ground.

With two hands, Alec held the black orb in front of him and kneeled. He set the black orb onto the ground and looked upon its dark glow.

“Alana…!” Alec shouted, smashing his fists onto the ground.

Chapter 5: Chapter 5

He glared at the darkness that absorbed Alana, and stood to his feet. With both hands, he wielded his sword and swung it up high into the air. Tears slowly began to form into his eyes as he let out a battle cry with sorrow twisting his voice. As if it was reacting to the pain in Alec’s voice, rain began pouring from the thick clouds from above. Strains of pain edged through and squeezed the joints and the bones holding Alec to his feet, bringing the pain harder on himself, filling his tears of more than just the pain of his best friend.

The blade whistled silently towards the dark orb, cutting the drops of rain with its beauty. Terrible throbs crept up Alec’s arms as the sword approached the orb, as if his body was trying to retaliate. Alec closed his eyes and looked the other direction when he felt the edge of the blade sink slowly into the depths of the orb. Suddenly, a large beam of light emerged from the cut Alec slid into it. An unexpected spark flashed from the outside of the orb, sending Alec into the air a few feet. His sword flew out of his hand and he landed several feet from the orb onto his back. Struggling to stand, Alec knelt, shielding his eyes from the light.

“Alana…!” Alec shouted, as the light began to subside.

Alec’s sword plummeted from the sky with the blade sinking deep into the ground where the orb lay. When the light faded, Alec gasped in horror as the sword was sticking out of the orb. Rain began to sprinkle from the dark clouds hovering in the sky. It seemed to create a different sadness lurking inside Alec’s heart. All hope the hero felt before that moment subsided, creating an empty shell of depression and sorrow. As fast as he could, devastate from the blast, Alec ran to the broken orb and fell to his feet. Running his hands through the soil under the orb, he raised his hands. Crushing the soil between the clutches of his fists, he felt every grain of sand fall to the ground. As each grain of sand tinkled over the broken orb, a tear accumulated in Alec’s eyes.

“Alana… I couldn’t…” Alec busted out as the last grain of sand fell from his hand.

With the last grain falling from his hand, as it hit the ground it sent a surge through Alec’s whole body, as well as his heart. Pain began to strangle his heart, which gave him fists of fury. With all his sorrow and might, he slammed his fists into the ground, crushing what was left of the dark orb. Rain began to fall harder at that very moment the shards of the orb were absorbed into the soil. Alec buried his forehead into the ground, shouting Alana’s name in pain.

Unnoticed, wounded from the previous battle, Laura stood afloat in the sky above Alec with Alana at her side.

“That was a close one…” Laura sighed, holding her damaged left arm.

“Alec…” Alana murmured to herself as she watched Alec cowering in pain.

“Alana, we must leave.” Laura shuddered at the sound of Alec’s holler in sorrow.

“I’m sorry, Alec… But I won’t return form this and if you don’t know I’m alive… then you can’t hurt anymore…” Alana murmured to herself.

“Let’s go. Our main battle isn’t too far from here.” Laura stated, pointing her weapon in the direction of a large black cloud circling around a mountain peak.

“Yeah… Let’s go. It’s better this way… Good-bye, Alec…” Alana sighed.

Snapping her wings back, Laura darted for the clouded mountain peak, with Alana a short distance behind. A lonesome tear fell from Alana’s sparking eye as she glared at Alec’s crushed soul. At the same time, Alec looked into the sky, into the rainy abyss, and put his hands together as if he was making a prayer. The lonesome tear fell between his hands, unnoticing its unique rainbow shade.

“By the lord heavenly Christ… Let it be known that Alana’s soul lay silently in the evening breeze… and the glowing sun shine a new beyond for the afterlife which is now hers…” Alec cried.

From above, a ray of light broke through the depressed clouds, filling Alec with a feeling of hope. Alec put his closed hands to the ground and opened his hands, with his palms facing to the ground. With all his might, he pushed up from the ground, grasping his sword for support standing, and pulled it out of the ground. The blade whistled through the wind as he pointed it towards the break in the clouds and shouted a cry that will be remembered in his mind, as well as Alana’s.

“King of Eurlia, you have too many deaths to akin for! I will put away your life and make you feel the same pain you have given so many in this world!” Alec shouted, sheathing his sword to his right side.

Alana’s eyes glittered with hope, and worry. She watched as Alec helplessly darted for his hometown, Zarmia.

“Why does the world play a cruel card in life…?” Alana asked herself as she snapped her wings.

Echoing through the area, Alana snapped her wings to catch up to Laura. Not even a few minutes away, Alana was forcefully stopped by a horrifying sight. Laura, locked her staff with a man covered in black feathers, was fighting for her life as a man continuously tried to strike her.

“The sword has overpowered you!” Laura shouted, struggling to push the man away.

“You’re out of your league here, woman!” the man shouted, thrusting his blade aggressively towards Laura’s chest.

“Laura…!” Alana shouted, placing her hands onto her daggers.

“No!” Laura shrieked, collapsing her wings.

As she collapsed her wings, the man attacking her flew forwards, descending towards the ground. Immediately after he was unable to attack her suddenly, she opened her wings again, retaining balance in the air.

“Go, now Alana! We are all counting on you! Fly to Eurlia and do what you have to do! I can no longer stay with you! I must keep this man at bay while you escape to the castle! We’re almost there! When I finish here I’ll catch-up to you… go, Alana I believe in you… so does what’s left of our race!” Alanauqa shouted, darting for the descending man.

Using the pressure, the man stretched his legs out, using the ground as a counterweight and pushed off it like a little boy bouncing on his bed. The force was so strong, a fierce wind smashed into the ground, creating a powerful wind gust that ripped up the deepest rooted trees. Descending from the sky, with her staff held strong and mighty, she looked into the fiery eyes of the man.

“Indalecio… Brother… I hope you feel the same pain that you’ve given so many people… Goodbye…” Laura murmured silently, watching as Indalecio’s blade sung towards her fragile body.

Through the hatred and evil form Indalecio’s body, all his rage was sucked away into the Sword of Ragnarok. Not even a second later, the sword began to glow a faint aura around it. This made Indalecio stop with the blade grasped firmly in his hand. Laura, unnoticing the aura, uttered out a loud battle cry as she skewered the staff towards Indalecio’s chest cavity. Orbs emerged from the blade’s aura, striking both Indalecio and Laura, Laura quickly recovered, prepared for a counterattack, only to watch as Indalecio plummeted towards the ground. Swiftly, Laura slapped her wings, darting for Indalecio. As she flew through the wind, seeing the sword whistle in the wind next to her, she held her staff and wit hall her might, she hit the blade in the center. Strapping the staff onto her back, she reached out for Indalecio’s body falling towards the ground. Instantly, as son as she grabbed his body, the two hit the ground with a bone crushing thud.

Dust covered the area, making it unable to see. Laura, shocked from the fall, held the broken and battered body close to her with her heart swelling. Slowly, a cold chill ran up her battle scared face.

“Do you… remember… what mom use to say…?” Indalecio whispered softly.

“… Don’t speak… You need to… rest…” Laura whispered back, clutching his hand from her face.

“I should never have… gotten us mixed up in this… have I?” Indalecio mentioned, coughing.

“Why… why did you do that? Why did you stop…?” Laura shouted, still unable to see.

“Because… I let the sword crowds my mind… I now am thinking clear… I shouldn’t have lived so long and you know… that…” Indalecio coughed again, trying to grasp Laura’s hand tighter.

“No… Who are we to say when our time is up? You are too young Indalecio…” Laura whined.

At the same time, the Sword of Ragnarok slowly began to crack apart, releasing its fury upon the surface with dark lightning emerging from it. Small explosions were all around the area, destroying the earth it touched.

“You broke the sword…” Indalecio gasped, with the sound of liquids gurgling in his voice.

“Its terror is gone… finally…” Laura smiled, slowly opening her eyes.

Dust finally cleared, only to reveal the destruction all around it. Straight above, the Sword of Ragnarok began crumbling to a small black orb that slowly descended to the position Laura and Indalecio are.

“You… need to get out of here…” Indalecio sighed, holding his chest with his other hand.

“No…” Laura sniffed, with a tear slowly falling off of her face.

“Mom and dad… are waiting for me… It’s not your time yet!” Indalecio shouted, coughing horridly.

“You’re the last of the family… I can’t let you just die!” Laura cried, holding Indalecio tightly.

“I know Laura” Indalecio shivered, holding back his tears, “You have a planet to save…”

“What is there… to save if I don’t have you…?” Laura sobbed.

“Live your life!” Indalecio shouted, jumping to his feet.

As he sprung to his feet, he thrust his wings forward, creating a powerful wind gust that threw Laura into the sky, off in the far distance. Trying to recover, Alanaquqa watched Indalecio’s body cry as it uttered a powerful shriek of pain. The orb expanded as a small beam of light penetrated it. Taking the ground with it, the orb exploded, throwing all around the explosion farther into the distance. Laura, taking her staff out, snapped her wings to keep up with the force of the explosion, only to exhaust her.

Farther off in the distance, Alana looked and laid her eyes on a dark castle, with black clouds floating in a circular rotation around one of the towers. She gasped at the sight, only to be shaken by a large explosion. The force of the explosion threw Alana towards the ground. As she descended to the ground, she caught glimpse of a large black colored explosion.

“Laura…!” Alana shouted, recovering only a couple feet from the ground.

Alana darted back into the sky and stared in the direction of the explosion. Suddenly, she felt claws grasp her wings.

“You don’t need these!” A thunderous voice laughed, jerking on her wings.

Alana shrieked so loud, she passed out as a dragon ripped her wings from her back. Unconsciously, Alana plummeted towards the ground, with blood beginning to soak her clothes; Seconds before Alana smashed against the ground, she was grabbed by two large talons. The dragon landed onto the ground and flapped his wings a few times. It held up Alana towards its mouth and smoke began snarling through its nose.

“No! Don’t eat her!” A man said, sitting on the dragon’s neck, “This is the woman that’s opening the portal! And all it took was one loud explosion!”

Meanwhile, Sharon sat on a balcony, looking off into the meadows in the far off distance in her room in the castle. Kain darted into the room, gasping for air holding a small note that was torn. A feather was taped to the letter with a pinch of red stain at the tip of it.

“Kain…! I was busy!” Sharon shouted.

“We need to go! Something horrible has happened!” Kain shouted, darting out the room.

“Douche…” Sharon murmured, walking to her bed to put her clothes on.

Kain ran to the throne room of the castle, where a crowd gathered to celebrate the defeat of Nax’s army. It took only minutes for Sharon, Palacio, and Diane to enter with cloth wrapping around their bodies as pajamas.

“Prince, Madam Alana… she’s been taken by Eurlia!” Kain shouted.

“What…?” Palacio shouted.

“This note states as follows… People of this planet… we have the goddess of the Imperial Angels. At noon tomorrow, the portal the Netherlands will open, and all will be in order… My order… The last of the Imperial Angels has fallen to the Sword of Ragnarok, which now is in my possession. You may still live if you come to my castle with all your belongings to surrender. From noon tomorrow on, you will be my slaves!” Kain shivered.

“Oh my god…” Diane gasped.

“Damnit…! I thought Alana was with Alec!” Palacio stated.

Not a moment later, Alec stumbled into the room, bruised and busted up. He collapsed onto the entrance of the throne room; his sword falling to his side.

“Alec…!” Diane shouted.

Scurrying to Alec, Palacio, Sharon, and Kain all ran to Alec. Diane, rolling Alec onto his back, looked as Alec’s wounds were small, but deep.

“They… came… and took Alana from… me… she died…” Alec struggled to speak.

“No Alec… She’s with Eurlia… This note came here with a messenger this morning… She’s alive.” Kain gasped, reading the note to Alec.

Reaching up, Alec snatched the feather from the tattered note and examined it.

“No! They ripped her wings!” Alec shouted, jumping to his feet.

Right when Alec jumped to his feet, he fell onto his knees, hurt form the previous fight.

“Alec…! Calm down! You’re in no condition to move…!” Kain shouted, watching Diane and Palacio catch Alec.

“You don’t understand! She needs to be treated immediately… Imperial Angels that have their wings pulled off need have an antidote to grow more! Or they die in 24 hours!” Alec shouted.

“All of you stand down. Guards… take that battered man to the infirmary and fix him! Do it with haste, we don’t have much time! Kain, you and your comrades come with me, we have much to discuss and little time to do it!”

Alec, revolting against everyone, threw himself back, knocking his friends to the ground. Swiftly grasping his sword, he looked scornfully at Prince Zarmia and pointed his sword at him.

“What is this?!” The prince gasped.

“Don’t be fooled guys… That is an imposter. The real Prince was killed a long time ago… his body is in the dead forest away from here.”

Prince Zarmia grabbed a spear from a standing guard at his throne and held it high into the air.

“You fool! The time of Nexus has begun! You cannot stop it!” Prince Zarmia laughed madly.

Using all his remaining strength, Alec jumped towards Prince Zarmia as a small portal opened under him. Thinking fast, Prince Zarmia held the spear out, ready to strike through Alec. Grasping his blade as tight as he could, Alec sliced through the spear, and slit though Prince Zarmia’s gut, throwing him out of the portal. Before Alec could get away, he fell through the portal seconds before it shut. Diane gasped as she watched Alec plummet into the portal.

“Oh my god…” Diane shivered.

“Ugh…. Wrenched humans… Your bodies are so fragile…. They can be harmed with the slightest flesh wound…” Prince Zarmia moaned, holding his fluently bleeding stomach.

“Kain… What do we do now?” Diane gasped, tugging Kain’s right arm.

“… We head to the Castle of Eurlia… That’s our only real option… Staying here won’t do us any good…” Kain sighed.

“What about all these people…” Diane asked.

“Well… One thing is for sure… We will not give in! We shall defeat this evil that is upon us!” Palacio shouted, thrusting his sword into the air.

Sharon grabbed a nearby rock and with all her might, hit Palacio on the top of the head.

“Retard… Stating the obvious once again…”

“Sir Kain…” One of the soldiers approached Kain, holding his spear in scarce.

“Yes, knight?” Kain answered, with deep depression in his voice.

“What are we to do…? Our prince was all we had, and now we’re guideless…” The soldier mourned.

“No, you’re not misguided… Palacio will be here, along with Ms Sharon and Misses Diane… and when they’re not present… Advisor Caim will be in charge.” Kain mentioned.

“What?” Diane gasped.

“You gotta’ be shitting me!” Palacio shouted.

“No freaking way!” Sharon exclaimed.

Kain turned to his friends, with a blank look on his face. Reading his face, Sharon walked forward of Kain and began talking with the soldier from a distance. Palacio, looking downwards in disappointment, walked to nearby citizens and began talking with them. Diane, still shocked by Kain’s words, began to feel hurt.

“What do you mean, stay here…?” Diane gasped.

“I mean what I said… You three are staying here… You’ll get hurt; possibly die from this mission… I doubt I will live… I would have stopped Alec… the reckless fool… I will send him here once I…” Kain began to explain.

“No… Don’t say anymore… Alec went because he knew what he must do… and Me.… and Palacio… and Sharon too! We all have our own missions and…” Diane cried.

“This is a Kingdom, Diane… This isn’t like a group of people traveling… These people need guidance… Some even look up to what us four have done… That is why you all must stay here… to take care of the Zarmia kingdom… I will deal with Eurlia…” Kain finished explaining.

Kain placed his hands onto Diane’s fragile shoulders and dragged her close to him, enabling him to wrap his arms around her.

“I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the woman… I love…” Kain whispered, stroking her long, black hair.

“But Kain…” Diane sighed, tears beginning to come from her puffy eyes.

“Diane… I have been infused with Holy… My soul mission is to vanquish the evil plaguing this world… I must do this… and I cannot allow the people closest to me get hurt…” Kain whispered.

Kain quickly released Diane, holding his staff into the air.

“I love you, Diane!” He shouted, as a weird light bestowed onto him from the tip of his staff.

Within an instant, he was gone. Diane looked where Kain once stood, still shocked over what happened. Thinking about what Kain said, Diane walked over to Sharon and began talking with the soldier.

Meanwhile, Alec, with his sword grasped firmly, he fell through a long portal swirling with a black and purple color. All over were sounds of fighting, crying, and pleading. Suddenly, in the distance, Alec saw a sparkle and it was growing at a considerable speed. Only seconds after he saw it, he was blinded by its light, following a thud onto the ground. Opening his eyes, he found himself in a room that had looked like a purple cavern. The ground, along with the walls and the ceiling, was a deep, dark purple. Alec wielded his sword, pointing to the ground, and stood to his feet. No life has set foot in this cave for eons, as if it was an ancient tomb.

“Alec…!” A voice echoed.

Afraid to answer, Alec ran behind a pillar a small distance from where he was standing. He slowly peaked over a side of the pillar as he gazed into the room. Devastated at his sight, he shivered in his bones as he saw Alana inside of a dark blue orb. It hovered over a man in a black cloak and robe.

“Do you know what this room is, my dear angel?” The person spoke.

“This… is… the top of Eurlia…?” Alana coughed, kneeling in the orb.

“Wrong… This is where I personally twisted the souls and spirits of Imperial Angels and made them into Imperial Demons. For instance, Indalecio was one of the toughest Imperial Angels I’ve ever faced…” The person explained.

“You… created them…?” Alana gasped.

“Now I shall use your body and open the gateway to the Netherworld… where I shall reign supreme and rule this wretched planet…” The person laughed.

The person raised his hands into the air, and then straightens them out to form a T with his body. All of a sudden, the ground began to shake. From the ground, two spikes grew; following it was a large oval shaped frame.

“That must be the gate to the Netherworld…” Alec gasped.

About ten feet from the gate was a small pedestal. The pedestal was shaped like a vase, with spikes coming from the top of it, allowing an orb to be clutched and held tightly. Laughing silently, the person gazed at the orb, making it lift into the air. He placed the orb onto the pedestal carefully, like it was some kind of thin, fragile glass. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind that flew throughout the room, blowing off the robe of the person.

Underneath the robe was a man with white, silky hair that stretched to the back of his knees. With eyes as red as blood, they were able to cast any man, woman or child straight to hell with their evil. He wore a metallic suit that was light as a feather, but the strongest sword ever made can not pierce through its durability. Large rings were banded to his wrists, and strong titanium gloves were on his hands, making his fists able to break the strongest metals the world had to offer in its time zone. On the left side of his waste, he wielded a pair of nun-chucks, and on the right side, he wielded a Sai. Shining on his back was two lengthy Katana’s.

“Damnit… Not that it matters if you know my identity or not. You’re going to die anyway, so it makes no difference!” The person laughed.

“No…” Alana gasped, lying onto the bottom of the orb.

“You…” Alec cringed, grasping his sword so tight; the leather on the hilt was slowly tearing apart.

Without warning, Alec lunged from the pillar, aiming for the man standing in front of the orb. Unable to catch his attack, the man grabbed the blade of Alec’s and punched him once in the face, making his senses groggy. Alec, holding onto his sword with his right hand, dangled left and right, unable to attack.

“You worm… You really thought some dirt low life could attack me with my back turned? You’ve always been useless…” The man laughed.

With one aggressive swing, the man punched Alec in the gut, sending him and his sword through two pillars. Blood trickled down Alec’s head, for he busted it on the pillars, and his clothes were torn. Still having his sword in his right hand, he eagerly struggled to stand using the sword as a crutch.

“X…” Alec murmured as he stood to his feet.

“So you remember my name… you little bastard. The gates of the Netherworld can wait. I have a score to settle with you… Vagabond…” X laughed, approaching Alec.

X, reaching his hand out with his right hand, drew Alec to him with an unknown energy beam by his throat. With his sword in hand, Alec thrust it towards X as he approached him, only to be knocked away by X’s left hand. Laughing like it’s a joke, X hoisted Alec up, and applied a small pressure to his throat.

“You’re weak. Ever since I met you in your little home of Kuran… I wanted to squish you like a little fly… But that damned woman took off with you at hand… and now that troublesome woman happens to be the woman I’ve been looking for this whole time? You could have saved so many lives and not tested my patience! Now look what it’s come to… Now your whole damned race will bow down to my order!” X shouted.

With his left hand, he placed it onto Alec’s chest and murmured a quick phrase.

“This is going to be hilarious… I wonder how you’ll resist it.” X chuckled.

All of a sudden, a great force gushed from his hand, destroying pillars behind them. Alec, now dangling motionless in X’s clutch, was set onto his feet. As X let go, Alec’s sword released from his hand, and began staggering left and right, as if his body has been broken. Alana, watching everything, gasped in horror.

“No! What have you done to him?” Alana shouted, banging on the walls of the orb.

“Shut up!” X announced, thrusting both of his hands to the floor.

Instantly, the orb filled with a strange, black fluid, making only Alana’s head visible. She struggled to get out, but her struggles were useless.

“Now you will watch as I begin the ceremony… But first, I need an audience!” X chuckled.

With one circular motion with his arms clockwise, a weird aroma filled the room. It felt like a thousand pair of eyes was watching every movement in the room. X approached Alana, laughing hysterically, “See… What I’ve done is I want ever living being to see the glory I’m bestowing on every demon on this galaxy. I’ve tapped into every subconscious that draws breath and they can see everything that’s happening right now. This is all apart of a game… and you madam… are what you would call… a game over…”

Light began to emit from under the orb. X, holding his hands in front of him, began to mummer a language unreadable for any human to decipher. As he murmured these words, the light slowly crept up the orb and inside, Alana began to cry and shriek in pain. Hearing her pain could not only break glass, it could break any man’s heart. Alec, shaking his head, wiped off the sweat and blood in his eyes, and glared scornfully at X. Picking up his sword, all his senses in tact, he charged for X.

“I won’t let you do this!” Alec shouted.

X, shooting a look at Alec approaching him, gave him a look that could crush his soul. Moving his hands towards Alec, he shouted, “You pest! Die!” With that said, a small black orb shot from his hands. Screaming with both pain and anger, Alec leaped into the air, barely escaping the orb.

“Open! The Netherworld is open!” X laughed, throwing his arms outward.

At the same time, Alana’s face was enveloped with the white light. Also, Alec took one desperate swing at X’s face as the light enveloped the room. Alec saw nothing. Everything was silent and black. He didn’t even feel his body. It was like he was falling, but there was no wind passing him.

“Where am I?” Alec asked himself.

“Alec…” Alana whispered in a warm, comfortable voice.

“Alana! Are you okay?” Alec gasped, trying to reach out in the direction of her voice.

“Everything will be fine… Open your eyes… Awaken and see the wickedness of true evil. You are about to face X, The King of Demonic power…” replied Alana, sounding like her personally has been purged from her body.

Slowly, Alec opened his eyes, unaware of what happened. He tried to stand to his feet, but fell back to the ground as pain shot up from his left leg. Using his sword that he still possessed in his right hand, he used it as a crutched to stand up. Looking straight forward, he saw an endless plain of ruined earth. Nothing was alive, not even grass. The sky lit with stars and different shaped planets, comets, and asteroids.

“You are in the Netherworld, Alec…” Alana sighed.

“Alana…?” Alec shouted, looking in all directions, “Where are you?”

“I’m not in this world… I’m in our world… You, along with X got sucked into the void… I am free from the orb which I was imprisoned in thanks to your attack before the void opened… X is there with you… and I’m afraid I can’t let you out…” Alana sighed again.

“How do I get out? I want to go home…” Alec shouted into the mists of space.

“Alec… I want you to come home… but if you do, X will and wreak havoc on this planet with his newfound power… I love you Alec…” Alana cried.

“Alana!” Alec gasped at Alana’s words.

She did not reply. Alec began limping, trying to run shouting Alana’s name, but no echo was heard, nor her replying. A few minuets past before Alec realized what has actually happened, and allowed himself to fall onto his back.

“I’m in the Netherworld…” Alec gasped, with sorrow and pain in his words.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Alana sat where both X and Alec were fighting, crying with both hands in her face. Light began to shine through the cracks of the ceiling as the sun came out of the dark clouds. Palacio, along with Sharon just made it to the top of the tower, ready to fight with their weapons at hand, only to find Alana.

“Alana!” Sharon shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Wait…” Palacio gasped, sheathing his weapon, “It’s over…”

“What…?! No way, I want to whop some ass!” Sharon shouted, glimpsing her surroundings.

“It’s over… Look at the area. Alec was here…” Palacio sighed, approaching Alana.

At the same time, Kain, with Diane at hand, broke through a crack in the ceiling, only a few feet from Alana.

“We… need to leave… now.” Alana sighed, looking into what was left of the orb.

“What? We can’t… We need to seal up The Netherworld forever… so nothing can enter or escape…” Palacio shouted.

“You can’t! Alec is in there! X too…” Alana cried again, burying her face into her hands again.

“You’ve gotta be shittin me! Alec is in… there?! How…?” Palacio exclaimed.

Sharon grabbed the closest piece of rock and swung it at Palacio’s chest. Unaware of catching it, Palacio was stuck, sending him to the ground.

“Calm down Palacio… this is serious…” Sharon sighed.

“We need to get him out of there…” Diane replied.

“But how… if we open it again, Alana will die, and not only will Alec be free, X will be too… and that doesn’t even add the factor that Alec is still alive. That unknown dimension does things to your body… mutation… super human… you just don’t know what the possibilities are…” Kain explained.

“I… I will die for him… I want him to be free… he had nothing to do with this… He attacked the orb I was possessed in so when the void opened, it stayed open temporarily… and then dissipated… So there’s still a chance we can open it again.” Alana explained.

“Alana, no. We don’t know what will happen if we open it again… how do we know we can shut it again? It’s a bad idea. No!” Diane shouted.

“So ladies and Palacio… we have two choices. Open the portal, killing Alana, freeing Alec and X… or we seal it up… and never speak of it again.” Kain sighed, holding his staff in front of him, “Touch my staff if you want to seal the gate up. Once your mind is made up, there is no turning back.”

The group sat there, devastated at the choices. Alana, pouting and sniffling on the ground, already made up her mind. Secretly closing her eyes, she pushed hard onto her chest, like she was trying to pull something out. With one loud, blood boiling shriek, she pulled out of her chest a small, blinding lighted orb. Everyone shielded their eyes except for Alana as she stood to her feet. Walking towards the shattered orb she was once possessed in, she extended the small orb out. As it centered onto the remains of the orb, she fell to the ground, as if she was now a mindless zombie. The light imploded, dissipating into the air. Once the light subsided, Kain darted for Alana, now lifeless onto the ground.

“Alana… no… why…?” Kain asked himself.

“No!” Diane cried, turning her back on the group.

“She… sacrificed herself…” Sharon gasped.

All of a sudden, the tower began to shake. As fast as he could, Kain put his staff in front of him, enveloping him and the rest of the group in an invisible orb. The orb stayed stationary as the tower crumbled before them. While Kain stayed stationary also, concentrating on the orb, Diane held Alana in her arms, crying. Sharon, holding onto Palacio, shrieked in horror as a large array of dark clouds began to form above them in the sky. Large amount of wind gusts and rain began blowing around the orb, making it very hard for Kain to concentrate on the orb. Slowly they began to descend towards the ground.

“What are we going to do now?” Sharon shouted towards Kain.

“I… don’t know… We must pray… and hope we pull through…” Kain replied.

Below them, the ground now beginning to be visible, you could see two characters aggressively striking each other on top the ruins of the destroyed tower. Alec, his clothes town, and skin scarred and bloody, kept aggressively striking at X while X, also beginning to show blood, kept striking towards Alec.

“They’re… fighting…” Sharon gasped.

“We must help them…!” Palacio shouted, grasping his swords in their sheaths.

“No… we can’t.” Kain replied scornfully.

“What? Why not…?” Diane, Palacio, and Sharon asked.

“They’re two different beings now. The Netherworld changes your mind, body, and soul to what you’ve always desired. Their strength, and their bodies and minds, are not of this world. If we interfere, we will certainly die.” Kain explained.

“But… Look at Alec… he can’t keep that up!” Diane shouted pointing at Alec’s battle scarred body.

“As I said a minuet ago… They are now Nethedians…” Kain explained.

The four watched in terror as Alec and X both exchanged bloody and body crushing blows. With each blow, some sort of blood was thrown into the air, or a noise of bones grinding would echo through the rain. Sparks flew as X drew his blades, catching Alec’s blade, like a pair of needle nose pliers holding onto a nail.

“I will crush… you!” X shouted.

“Not while I still live!” Alec shouted.

X shouted as loud as he could as he threw Alec up into the air. Immediately after throwing him into the air, X jumped after him, his swords pointing towards the ground. Alec, catching wind of what X was about to do, faced him with his sword in front of him. Ascending higher into the air, they passed Kain and the group in the sky. To Kain, they passed by them so fast they looked like a blur.

“You’re a human… A fragile weakling that doesn’t deserve to live…!” X shouted.

“That’s where you’re wrong! We surpass villains like you! Humans survived through even the darkest days!” Alec shouted.

Alec watched past X as they slowly stopped at the borderline of the atmosphere. Above Alec you could see the darkness of space, along with the other planets. X clutched his swords tightly as they began their descent. He put the min front of him in the shape of an X as Alec thrust his sword towards his chest. Using the power of their descent, Alec forced his sword as hard as he could against the blades, and straightening his body out like an arrow, making the descent faster. Gasping at Alec’s move, X tried to move his blades, but from the force of their fall, he was unable to move. Heat began generating from his back from the heat, making him both burn and unable to do anything about it.

Kain and the group watched from above as they saw a small ball of flames falling towards what remained of Eurlia tower. Kain moved the orb farther as Alec and X descended faster. Only moments before they got a few meters, X and Alec impacted the ground, creating a violent shockwave. The shockwave not only brought up the earth surrounding the tower, but the sky turned a beat red from the flames entered in the atmosphere. Wind and debris from the earth flew in all directions, destroying anything it touched. Kain shouted Alec’s name as they were blinded by a light emitting from the explosion.

Moments later, after the shockwave subsided and the dust lifted in the air, the land lay defiled. Rushing, they ran to the point of impact, only to find bits and pieces of the tower they used to call Eurlia. Diane clutched Kaim as hard as she could.

“The effort… was in… vain…” Diane cried.

“It was… meant to happen this way… Alec would never have been accepted into this world as he stood being Nethedian… His body would stay rugged and he would eventually go insane from the horrid time he spent in the Netherworld.” Kaim sighed.

“Look! Over there!” Sharon shrieked, wielding her weapons.

In the short distance stood a figure; Alec, now finished with the battle, had his sword in hand, prepared to fight again. As he limped towards Kaim and the group, he fell to the ground. Kaim and Palacio ran to the battered man while Diane and Sharon tended to Alana’s body. Kaim went to his knees and laid his staff onto the ground. He rolled Alec over onto his back and began to shake him wildly.

“Alec! Wake up!” Kaim shouted.

A storm began brewing in the sky, and the rain began to die down.

“I did it…” Alec smiled, coughing, with more blood trickling down his mouth.

“Yes, you did… You saved us all Alec…” Kain sighed.

“Alana… where is… she…?” Alec asked, unable to move his head.

“She sacrificed herself… To release you out of The Netherworld; She died… Alec… I’m sorry.” Kaim explained in sadness.

“She’s alive… I feel… it…” Alec smiled, clutching his heart, “I… feel… it…”

Palacio and Kaim watched as Alec rested onto the ground, motionless, with his sword resting in his palm comfortably. The smile Alec had on his face slowly faded into an emotionless face, with his eyes shut.

“After all of this… It’s over… The fighting… the war… is over.” Diane mentioned.

“That it is… Let us remember this day as the day Alec and Alana saved us from extinction… Palacio… grab Alana… and let’s go home…” Kaim cried, reaching for Alec.

Two weeks later, from the reunited Kingdom of Zarmia, Kain and Diane were made king and queen. King Kain and Queen Diane sent out search parties and sent scouts to other parts of the continent, and to other continents to get in contact with the other kingdoms of the planet. With the news quickly spreading of the destruction of the Eurlia tower, many cities and towns were reformed over the two weeks. At the same time, Advisor Caim and a few of his bishops and knights began searching what remained of the defiled land of what used to be Eurlia, now remained the Defiled Lands. Palacio, along with Sharon, returned to the peaceful Kingdom of Fuhmol. There, hearing and seeing the good deeds him and Sharon done, they became Knights of Fuhmol. Shortly after their knighthood, they were married and settled down in a house not far from the Kingdom.

Several years have passed since the Eurlia War began. In memorial of the Great War that cost the lives of hundreds, a statue was built in the middle of all the major cities, of a man wielding a sword into the air, with his angel wife beside him, holding his arm. The statue’s were named, Alec and Alana, Defenders of Raven


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