The Deployment: Kathy’s side

Chapter 1: Kathy July 26th 2006

July 26 2006

3 days left… it really hit me 2 days ago that you’ll be leaving soon. I know that it hit you this past morning after you’ve been packing all your shit for Ft. Belvoire, esp. after what you wrote in my journal. Matthew, I don’t think I’ve told you why I love you, of all the people out there, you. I know that I’m a gorgeous, sexy, hot, dirty blonde, but you’ve loved me for who I am, not my looks, not for sex, but me. I can sit with you for hours, days, weeks, on end and we can talk the whole time and never be bored of each other, and for the past 5 months, I thank you for that and putting up with me. I’m a bitch, yes; but I have a softer side, and you know it, no one else does. How the hell did I found so attached to you in such a short time? DeMint, I’m going to miss you so bad: All the hugging, when I lay my head on your shoulder, my arm on y our chest, hand on your other, my legs wrapped up in yours, your softer kisses, so passionate and caring, and everything we’ve done for the past 5 months, even the 5 hour conservations online and on the phone. I hope you remember this while you’re wherever you are: Indiana, Germany, Kosovo, I don’t care. But I want you to come back here in 8 months, got it? Don’t leave me stranded here to die. What will I do without you, Matthew? I mean it… We’ve been each other for so long, we can barely stand to be without each other. Shit I put my life to a halt being with you so much! And now, you’ll be gone… for 18 months… Gone…

And don’t you dare die while you’re overseas! I’ll kick your dead behind at your funeral for it! PROMISE! I love you too much to see you dead… I couldn’t go on the same after what you’ve done to me… or what we’ve done together… I’ve seen you cry like a bawling baby! I’ve seen you happy, mad, sad, pissed, everything… But I’ll always remember you crying… those big brown eyes of yours all puffy and red with little streams of tears coming down. That’ll probably be my last image of you. It’s not a happy 1 but it’ll stay in my memories, etched for eternity. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve been missing a lot more, really soft kisses. I would keep my lips on yours even when you’re trying to speak because I want each kiss to last forever, and I want you to stay there forever! And I know each won’t and I know you won’t but they’re always in my heart. And as long as they’re in my heart, I’ll never loose them.

So I’ll never forget you, no matter what happens. Even if we don’t work out, I’ll be here for you. You’re not my Boyfriend, nor my best friend, but you’re ½ of me and for that, I can’t forget you even if I tried for years on end. Matthew, No matter what happens, please come back You ARE ½ of my heart, and I hope that’s enough of an oath keeper for you. And matt, never forget me. When you see the moon, think of me. If you need a hug, look to the starry night sky, for this is my shimmering embrace for you to take every night when you’re crying about. No matter what, I’ll be there for you, promise.

Chapter 2: Kathy July 29th 2006

July 29th 2006

(This was the first time I left… I came back home that night.)

It’s been a few minuets since you left; maybe an hour. You should’ve heard me cursing in the car:

” You son of a bitch!”

“You military bastard!”

“Damn leaving me for the military!”

It was kind of funny. I was just screaming it to no one like a crazy. I was reading your lil notebook you handed me. What the hell is with my signature?

“Don’t join the VNI?”

And you read 1984 also? Big Brother is watching you! Eh it doesn’t show much in here, but I miss you… and don’t come back in 3 months. Everytime I see or hear you, I start crying again. Kinda natural since I miss you and you’re the one I talk to about EVERYTHING! But I’ll start playing KHII in a minuet to keep my mind busy; nd no, I wasn’t crying my ass off while I was driving home…. But I think I’ve come to some conclusions.

You’re not coming back after 3 months in Indiana.

you’re a lmilitary bastard.

The last face I saw was you crying… I was right!

You’re a son of a bitch.

I’ll miss you, but I’ll keep myself distracted so I don’t think about it.

“Simple and Clean” needed to be playing when we said goodbye. (Yeah that’s our song to me… for now)

And I have one last quote for you… which you’ll get in 3 months… lol…

“Hold me. Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on… Reguardless of warnings the future doesn’t scare me at all… Nothing’s like before…” Ain’t it the truth?

I love you, have a morning!

Chapter 3: Kathy August 27th 2006

August 25th 2006 to August 27th 2006

Ok… you FINALLY left… on August 25th… It was sad, but it’s okay… You’ve been gone for 3 days… Funny thing is im on the phone with you… its 8:14pm. I thought you’d like to know what’s been going on the past few days.

August 25th 2006

The REAL first day! Lol… You saw me crying on the front porch… Yeah I wanted to run down and hug you 1 last time, but I didn’t want to cry any harder… I remember when you ran in the house with just your brown shirt on… I thought u weren’t wearing a shirt for a moment… One word: Hot… I cried at school when I got there… And I had soup at home. Haven’t had it in a long time, but its beef Barley Campbell’s soup. Good stuff! My mom asked me to talk to grandma… I was crying so I said no. She wanted me to say happy bday…

August 26th 2006

Work from 7 – 3. Easy day, though… Tab was cool… She used to play Halo a LOT… Godly, like you, she’s in college. Awesome girl… Went to the lake from 9pm – midnight… I hate night driving esp. when I’m sleepy… but whatever… went to sleep at 2am, pissed at parents.

August 27th 2006

Work form 7-9am and 3-5pm. I’ve been eating a little more than usual and my body ached on Saturday. Probably because I’M thinking o you… but not much today… I need to sleep soon because I never slept in all weekend. That… Sucks… I’m sorry I don’t have much to write… Oh, Kara gave me cherry blossom scented stuff, which by the way… AWESOME!

Chapter 4: Kathy August 29th 2006

August 29th 2006

Oops… Skipped a day… Oh well… Nothing really important. On with today! I had a dream in study hall… First, I’m swimming with some pretty dolphins in a coral reef… Then new place and I’m now a Syra. This one guy in a boat sees me, so I fly off to a nearby clock. That guy on the clock tries to kill me because I’m a spy or alien, so I fly back to the Cypress tree and try to land, but I fail and fall into the water with the guy in the boat. Somehow, he ends up in the water with me, so I grab him to keep him afloat, while trying to protect us from the dolphins controlled by the dock guy. The dolphins go away at nightfall, so the dock man comes looking for us in a boat with a spotlight. Since I don’t want to be his next science experiment, I carry this man downstream with me a little upstream of a bridge, ( I didn’t want to swim under it in pitch darkness) and land us ashore. He gives me a little kiss, but I give him a hug… I swear he had really dry lips… but eh… and he sucked. Then we walked up to the bridge-now-chemical factory. So me, the good boat dude, and evil dude – in that order – walk through it toward a stairwell that went a few steps out then back down under. The bad dude posses my friend and asks how I got permission to enter thee chemical plant. So, trying not to get caught, I used my ability to become air, (aka “Air Possession”) and go through the stairwell, but I hit the ground and my back stunned and injured. Then I woke up…

Sorry, but more details will come from me directly! Like the scenery… Good luck wit the 50 caliber tomorrow! Bona Fortuna! ( lol penis is Latin for tail 3 )

PS: I’ll give you the 1001 – 1500 OCREMOIX when I download it all.

Chapter 5: Kathy August 30th 2006

August 30th 2006

Ah, another morning with strange as shit dreams.

Kara and I were in desks at school. We were trying to change this check and go buy some burger king. We go into the drive thru and see a little tornado, so we left. Kara wanted to go back because the tornado was gone, but I didn’t. So I ran out and tornado a “Welcome” station. I look down at Kara’s giant out-of-proportion white SUV and this jet fighter slowly slams into it. Then I look off to my right and the tornado, now fucking huge, comes back to the Burger King Lounge and slams into the wreck. I was screaming at Kara to get out of the way. So I ran down there and saw the dead guy from the jet in a square hole, his mud print on the ground a few feet to my right, then Kara’s body was nowhere in sight.

Another dream I had was you were playing SNES Mario vs Computers…. Don’t ask… lo. Screen looked like 4 lines. You were on the bottom one. The killer shell was coming down from the top left , then the middle, then he slowed down enough to fall from the middle to the bottom on the left side, then he killed you ( aka Mario)

The end! Lol

School was boring… as usual. Those pictures with the 50 caliber gun were awesome! And I’m proud of you… Whether you know it or not… you have accomplished so much you’re doing something I would never do… so 2 Kudos + and comment!

Chapter 6: Kathy September 4th 2006

September 2nd 2006 – September 4th 2006

September 2nd, 2007

Your letter came in. I loved the new tag. I’ll have to add that to the first one… Thanks! You’ll get something… But in other news… Kayla’s a pushy brat! Wanted me to play with her… I’m sorry, but I have neither patience nor time to deal with her! And they stayed for dinner. Wasn’t bad, esp. wit the CHINESE! But it was from chink wok ( Breeze wood) NOT golden china. Chicken Fried Rice… eh… salted beans… spicy… wtf? And that little mental breakdown… It’s okay… when you read this, you’ll probably understand it better. Ms. Pugh got married! Ms Pugh evolves to… Mrs. Foree! LOL NOO!

Oh, remember that dream about Syra’s. That ability, “Possession” Syra’s, Lyros’s, and Pharus’s can “Possess” their specific element. They go as follows:

Syra – Air

Lyro – Earth

Pharu – Water.

Rosi – Fire

Now a Lyrosi is a Lyro and Rosi, they have the possession ability, but not the ability to mve Earth. Lyrosi also don’t receive the fur and major shit that makes a Lyro look like a Lyro! (AKA Cat-like lower half) Tail… maybe. But I’ll tell you this tomorrow. Hopefully, in the morning, but you can read this if you want to… lol… I’ll have to write the major story about my ” Dream” World.

September 4th 2006

Jacci called, Told me she works 1 day a week for a few hours at 7 an hour. I make more money than her! Steven, Erin and Kayla came by. Steven and Dad were bugging me about college and shit…. – ugh… I played a little Diablo and no work or school today! YES! And I finished that pixelart of you and me/ I think it came out nice!

Chapter 7: Kathy September 5th 2006

September 5th 2006

Shit…. I had a dream about you… Just a little part, but bad enough… You were standing with some army soldiers. I came up to you to see you because I assumed you were coming home. Well I tried to reach a hand out to you and you to me, but the platoon Sergeant told you to move out. I stood there and cried. The Platoon Sergeant told me to go with you and the others but I told him that I’m not in your group, so he left with you. Maybe it means that you’re going out in the field today… because it was in a large open building with a huge door, garage size but wider. Or maybe I’m thinking of you leaving again. But it’s shower time… YES!

Chapter 8: Kathy September 7th 2006

September 6th 2006

Choir Auditions! Lol Chamber singers! Vocal ensembles that is… They were a lot harder than usual, esp. sight reading with another person ( Tommy). But anyways, I’m hoing to get in this year as the last 2 since its my senior year. LOL and we talked on the phone for almost 2 and ½ hours. Damn, O and that wicked dream you had aboutus as anime characters of my pixel art…. 3!

September 7th 2006

I’m thinking about getting some ramen noodles this morning or calling you… Guess what? Calling you wins!

Chapter 9: Kathy September 13th 2006

September 13th 2006

It’s been a busy weekend, I think… and many Dreams!

Runescape – I was playing in the game as the character and walking through the world. The ‘Levels’ were going good, then evil, then repeat that as harder. In a good part, a unicorn came after me. Then I became the unicorn and started to fly away. Then I became the unicorn and started to fly away. The ghosts in the next level floated up to my height. Some looked like the Super Mario gost, some like out of a Miyazaki movie. So I landed again and kept on walking into this part at the end that looked good, but evil monsters popped out, then into a part that looked evil, but good. Then I went to the end of the tunnel and -FIN- Woke up!

I was allowed into this lady’s church and I walked around. I went through the hallway into this atrium that looked like the main church, but had a giant staircase in the middle. So I flew over the left staircase into another small room with a table and chair, both woods. Then I went over another room to go ring the bell, but the lights cut out. I thought there was a motion detector that would cut the lights out if anyone went to the bell. A woman was coming up to check on the circuit breaker in the room next to me so I went back and then -FIN- Woke up!

I was in a Jedi training place in the woods. So I walked in and sat at a desk. Then the teacher told me I had to kill him, or someone had to kill him. So some guy hits him wih the light saber and his cloak without him in it falls to the ground. So I cry and say something like, “It had to be done!” and go to the shrine to pray for him. Then I walk back to the front of the table and pick up a wooden disk with a fine symbol on it. Then if there was anything else, I forgot. -FIN- Woke up.

I went to work with Jess today and OMG did we have a laugh! She told me that some people worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster as a GOD! XD we had a hoot laughing about it, and adding on to it…

– FSM had a sister, Spaghetti Monster who couldn’t fly, and they created pasta. All the pasta we eat is their dead babies

– They don’t eat any pasta because its god.

– “Where is your flying Spaghetti Monster now?” and so on and so for… LOL!

Oh and I must not forget the hand sigh wiggling fingers at mouth level. That’s the sign of the pasta people or kind of like a salute. I better end this now before the FSM decides to send his minions macaroni pasta salad and ½ cousins in law rice after me.

Chapter 10: Kathy September 16th 2006

September 14th 2006

I woke up around 3am… Had to pee… While I was trying to go back to sleep, I was trying to remember your touch. Problem was I couldn’t. Sorry I didn’t call you sooner than 5am. I didn’t want to wake you… Oh… and the sex… you know… 😛

And the Devon thing… I’ll explain. No I didn’t kiss him so don’t even start… Devon and I were kicking each other across the desks. Then matt said that our legs were like

And not like so yeah… LOL… It was funny.

September 16th 2006

Damn I slept like a big boy… Coffee is needed.

September 25th 2006

Equinox has come and gone, and I forgot to put an egg on end. Oh Poppycock! Other than that, I may not write my story in here because it’s a work in progress. So I’ll write it online! Ha!

Oh and about the Spaghetti monster… their creation story involves a pile of spaghetti, FSM, and a midget OO! Yeah…

Chapter 11: Kathy October 1st 2006

October 1st 2006

It’s 11pm. I really want to call you right now but I don’t want to disturb you. I miss you… and calling you won’t fix it. I don’t know if its horomones or you coming back in a week, but I want you to hold me so badly right now… I love you…

October 2nd 2006

I think misty is quitting Chamber Ensembles for good, which means I’d be the only senior Soprano. Lara broke her leg OO Thought it was her ankle, sprained… but NOOOoooOoOoOO!

October 11th 2006 to October 13th 2006

I need some time to write everything down! Better make a list:

1. Misty and Choir Concert

2. Kara

3. Work – Sucks lol

4. Auditions (10/7)

5. Misty didn’t quit. She was frustrated with the choir. Kara’s okay… still alive! And Auditions, I got a 176… I didn’t make it… it was 176 / 180.

Chapter 12: Kathy October 14th 2006

October 14th 2006

Today was your last night in VA. I know you’re gonna cry about it, but I’m not all that depressed right now. You left once, and I know you’ll come back eventually, so I’ll try and smile instead of cry. Homecoming was nice. You met billy, Phillip, Mike (not so evil, is he?) and John… and they all called me an attention whore! Lol and its true! 😀

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much in this, I talk to you everyday and right now its midnight and I need to sleep. If you need me you can always call me… I love hearing your voicemails and I’ll respond on pager. Doing the Email thing you have about a 90 chance of me not checking it.

Sweetie I love you, and I already miss you… I don’t know what’ll happen but I want you to come home alive no matter what happens between us. You have a special place in my heart and even if we break up, I care for you. I care about what happens to you! I will NOT see you on the street as a freaking hobo! NO, NOT EVER! You’re not that stupid… Take care baby… I love you…

Katherine Christine Beegle.

Chapter 13: Kathy October 16th 2006

October 18th 2006

-You left me to die-

Is this the end?

You left me to die.

Can I go on?

You left me to die.

Where did you go?

You left me to die.

Are you alive?

You left me to die.

Or did you die…?

Baby please be safe… Call me when you’re in Germany. I want to know you made it to Germany in one piece. That and I just want to hear your voice again. I miss you, simple as that, but if I don’t hear from you until Kosovo, I won’t cry. I’ll wait a month to hear form you again. Remember though, that I’ll probably cry, and remember you. I love you sweetheart, take care.

We, once the falling, will fly, fly far away. If you can hear me, come cross the day. Oh, I will mis you as long till my dying day. Return to my hear and we’ll fly away.

(Sing to KHII Dearly beloved)

Heh… Choir class and we’re still trying on the dresses. I cant get ” Growing wings” + ” Passion/Sanctuary” out if my head yet. I blame you!

Chapter 14: Kathy October 17th 2006

October 18th 2006

-You left me to die-

Is this the end?

You left me to die.

Can I go on?

You left me to die.

Where did you go?

You left me to die.

Are you alive?

You left me to die.

Or did you die…?

Baby please be safe… Call me when you’re in Germany. I want to know you made it to Germany in one piece. That and I just want to hear your voice again. I miss you, simple as that, but if I don’t hear from you until Kosovo, I won’t cry. I’ll wait a month to hear form you again. Remember though, that I’ll probably cry, and remember you. I love you sweetheart, take care.

We, once the falling, will fly, fly far away. If you can hear me, come cross the day. Oh, I will mis you as long till my dying day. Return to my hear and we’ll fly away.

(Sing to KHII Dearly beloved)

Heh… Choir class and we’re still trying on the dresses. I cant get ” Growing wings” + ” Passion/Sanctuary” out if my head yet. I blame you!

Chapter 15: Kathy October 22nd 2006

October 22nd 2006

It’s been a long day. 4 hour trip home, 2 hours of napping AT home and now homework… Does this suck or what? Never mind… Germany must be A LOT worse!

Description of Lunaqua

Hair – Dark Golden Blonde.

Skin – Light / Tan (seasonal).

Eyes – Deep green / yellow (powers).

Height – 5’7″ (tall).

Body Type – Skinny.

Clothing – Leather Halter with lace back; beaded (war).

Other – Syramia blue feathers with white tips.

Likes – Music (singing) listening to strangers, flying.

Dislikes – Running from Rosi, Fighting (War) keeping her secrets from others.

Character – Very emotional, even when silent; open to info, not religious ideas; ghostly loner, but wants friends.

Family, Ancestors, Friends – Family killed in Rosi attack on Rami’ali.

Ceilious (Seli’es) – Lyrosi, friend, Special Forces.

General Mesatrin – Rosi, commander of Special Forces.

Nasylas – Syrami’a, survivor of Rami’ali, Special Forces, friend.

Tsalev – Syrami’a, survivor of Rami’ali, childhood friend.

Chapter 16: Kathy October 27th 2006

October 24th 2006

Stayed up into 2:30am trying to make a bridge made of spaghetti for physics; never finished it. Bought some nice heels and purse at Target! Made me very happy!

October 25th 2006

Woke up at 6:38(6:33) and took a good few minuets to figure out that I had to go to school. Dad yelled at me for not completing the bridge and practically called me a failure. Nice timing asshole, now I’m crying and now you’re telling me to drive safely to school after that!? INFURIATING! I arrive late but I sat in the nurse’s office because I was crying. Thank you dad, for giving me an excused tardy – . . I love you too… Work was a drag with Richard, I almost fell asleep walking the dogs! 4 Hours of sleep isn’t enough…

October 26th 2006

Sports physical! Slept in until 9-ish, physical around 12 at the Courthouse center, and came into work early. Urine samples are a bit awkward, but interesting none-the-less. Doctor told me that since there was protein in my urine, I needed to drink more water! She was right! At work, Kyle had an ear infection, Cindy felt bad, so I came in an hour early. Kyle’s a normal guy… A little too huggy for my liking. Freaky boy in my opinion.

Oh, the crabs on the sock, some died. Mom took them to the salt water aquarium. Time for sleep! Almost midnight and I’m getting a cramp from writing! And please stop calling me at bad times! ;p YOU HAVE A KNACK FOR IT!

October 27th 2006

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been stressed out with commitments to everyone. I swear I can’t find a 20hour period for me to write/compose/relax/anything I want to do. I need to remember to see Bradley tomorrow, his birthday and all.

Chapter 17: Kathy October 28th 2006

October 28th 2006

Work form 7 – 3 then brad’s birthday, that was the plan anyway… but I talked to you form 3:30-4:30, played piano, then fell asleep from 5 – 9! Told you I was tired… but I need to wish him a happy birthday anyway, so I’ll go find a card and stop by tomorrow between my 2 shifts.

October 29th 2006

Benchmarks this week! I’m a bit excited… and scared… Work was okay with Jess. Forgot (More like decided not to so Jess would not be on my ass) to sweep + mop the front. There was a power outage yesterday. This transformer screwed up and a power line fell onto Route 1 next to the kennel. That marked the end of the day for everyone since it was only 2:45pm when it fell. Power came back on shortly after that day so nothing big.

October 30th 2006

World Geography + Java benchmarks easy. I watched X-men 3, awesome movie. And I miss you… A lot… I want to hug you… I’m blaming movie + monthly problems for this ; P… I love you…

October 31st 2006

Didn’t trick-or-treat esp. without you! But I ddi paint my face black with glowing eyelids. Scaring didn’t work too well. Poppers x popping balloons No good! Worked till 6pm.

Chapter 18: Kathy November 8th 2006

November 8th 2006


Syra in the field with buddies walking towards out house; Walked around back and tried to fly, but couldn’t because of the trees. Walked back to the front and went into the house. Walking around finding friends, (two in one room); Then I found the exit and a group at the exit but not my friends. So I walked around the auditorium. Then jumped up to the upper balcony and then spotted the ninja’s from Naruto. (I morphed into Sakura) The”Bg guy” said ‘Energy’ and al the ninja’s attacked me. I leaped off the balcony and looked for the secret hideout for the ninjas. I dodged some magic tracking shuriken’s and when I ran past the turn for the hideout, I turned around and kept running. In the hideout, I went into this locker room. This guy stopped them, but when he said ” Some kind of energy” he became a brainwashed zombie and he started to chase me! So he chased me to an old seafood place. I became Syra and told them to chase me… and I flew far far far up! Bit spoermane came up to me… he dropped the hulk on me and missed… Then The Thing… I had to dodge him, he was saying something… I dunno, but it wasn’t cute. That’s all… Really weird I suppose.

November 9th 2006

I was thinking about how women love military men, and maybe it’s because you look like you can take all control and you know what you’re doing. That is hot… very… It makes me melt and melt even more when you embrace me…

November 13th 2006

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.

Chapter 19: Kathy Final Journal Entry

January 3rd 2007

1st day of school.. I’m glad! I haven’t written in this since the start of winter break. Between work and talking to you, I didn’t want to write. Now, I look back at my story, it ended kind of awkward! I’ll start it again later… I’m in Physics waiting for lunch… Wow do I want some ramen noodles… gonna make that when I get home! 😀

January 9th 2007

I don’t know what to write now. I was thinking about drawings for a character set… but that must be done n the computer pixels. Michel and I went to get cookies and I thought we were walking as a couple! OMG it was awkward to say the least! We’re into one hell of a pattern aren’t we… Call… work… call… sleep… lol lots of calling involved. I haven’t any ideas for writing lately… strange enough…

January 15th 2007

Well I started blogging my story online from the destruction of Rami’ali, where Lumias, Tsalev, and Nusylas split up… More like Taslev escapes, Lumias gets captured and taken back o the med. Camp and Nustlas wont leave Lumias side.

Chapter 20: Author’s note

Folks that’s all that there is for Kathy’s journal. I got 100 hits as I put this last post up Please tell me what you guys think! I’d love to hear some feedback. All these entries are in the journals I have at home… so they’re right out of her mouth. I’m now working on what I wrote while I was overseas. Hope you guys read that 1 too… it’s called The Deployment: Matthew’s side.

Thanks 3


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