Shining Fantasy: Chapter 2 Complete

Injured from the battle On Raven, Zilan used the demonic gateway, and returned to Silan. Inside a room made of obsidian, infused with fiery edges, Zilan materialized, falling to the ground. With great haste, two guards made of obsidian ran to one of their fallen leaders. Struggling to stand, Zilan grabbed hold of the two guards, and hoisted himself to his feet. Smelling the sulfur and ash in the air seemed to enlighten the demon as he rose to his feet.
“Sire, are you alright?” One of the guards asked in a very monotone voice.
“I have a small whole in my chest you rock buffoon!” Zilan shouted, pulling away from the guards.

Stumbling away from the two obsidian guards, the guards returned to their standing position across the room. Zilan, now standing on his own two feet, began feeling relief on his chest wound as the very air blew across it. At the same time, another demonic figure walked into the room. Standing shorter than Zilan, the creature was infused with fire, with Lava rock eyes. The flames that made up her body formed the shape of a woman. Enlightened by the sight of the demonic spawn, Zilan ran to her, grabbed her with his hands, and brought her to his body in a tight embrace.
“I missed you, bitch!” Zilan shouted, holding her tightly.
“Your highness… “The woman replied, snuggling into his chest.

The moment the woman’s head touched his chest, she felt eerie warmth on her face.
“Your highness! You’re-“She began uttering.

With all his might, Zilan squeezed so hard, she was shoved not only into the wound of his chest, but absorbed into the rest of his body as well. He began radiating a fiery aura around him as the wound on his chest began closing. A relieving sigh echoed throughout the room as the aura slowly dissipated. Not a moment after Zilan healed, the same woman entered the room, and glared at him with much anger.
“You could have warned me, your highness…” The woman yelled, putting her hands on her hips.
“You know you are my number one babe…” Zilan smiled, “Two weeks…”
“What?” The woman questioned Zilan’s remark.
“We march! In two weeks!” Zilan shouted, thrusting his hand into the sky, pointing at Raven.
“Sire…!” The woman gasped, worried, “Isn’t it a little too soon?”
“No… It is time we annihilate that miserable toxic prune. The very air… Poisons my way of judgment… One human, Jessie… One human, damaged me.” Zilan growled, clutching his fists together, starring at them.
“Sire…! How? Your enhanced armor… How?? Their technology isn’t advanced enough to penetrate that!! Only the angels have…” She began worrying, bending her knees, grabbing hold of Zilan’s left arm.
“Shut up, you insolent fool!” Zilan shouted, pulling his arm from Jessie’s grasp, “It wasn’t an agent!”

As Zilan exited the building, the woman pondered at his statement. Giving it only a couple seconds thought, Jessie ran out of the room to keep up with Zilan. Outside, buildings, along with the ground burned with the passion of destruction, along with the boiling lava in between the buildings. The roads were paved with molten rock, and ash, making the air unbreathable for humans, mystics, or angels. Due to the texture of the air, and the conditions of the planet, the sky was lit with stars from space, along with sides of Motavian, and the moons of Crothan, and Raven. Even from other moons, and Motavian, you can see the smoldering rock on the moon Silan.

Jessie ran up, and lightly tugged on Zilan’s cloak, still thinking about what he said.
“It wasn’t a human? Who hurt you??” Jessie begged.

The tiny portion Jessie held and tugged onto ripped, sending her to her butt. This made Zilan stop walking, and aggressively turn around, glaring into her eyes.
“It was… an ordinary human… I must have answers! His name was Mateo…” Zilan answered, becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation and Jessie.
“What? Just a pathetic bag of flesh and bones…? But…”Jessie gasped, shocked at her discovery.
“He put… some sort of blast liquid on my armor… It wasn’t crafted by humans.” Zilan stated, “It’s been eons, since something of that caliber was used as a weapon…”
“Was it angel-like weaponry?” Jessie asked, clutching her hands together in worry.
“No. But it doesn’t matter…” Zilan laughed, slinging his hand, pointing at the moon of Raven, “In two weeks, we will finally conquer that moon. I even took the liberty of warning them, that we are coming. This time, with our secret weapon… We will annihilate their whole moon!  Our foothold around Motavian will be complete! Then we can begin phase two!” Zilan shouted, laughing out loud.

Jessie giggled, and began jumping for joy, hearing the sound of her master cheer on with the mention of war. Unaware, a large distance away, the two were being watched by couple individuals wrapped up in obsidian-like cloaks. One sat on the top of a hill, with a pair of high-frequency viewing binoculars, and two others in the same obsidian-like cloaks on a flay area next to the top of the hill, sitting on the ground. Listening to Zilan’s declaration, the person lowers his binoculars and slides down the hill to the other two people. The two rising to their feet, the three take a couple steps away from the hill, entering an invisible wall. Using the surrounding area as camouflage, the three stood inside a temporary living area. On one side, there was a sink, next to a refrigerator, with a door that led to a small bathroom. The north side was equipped with a couple beds that could fold out of the wall. The west wall was equipped with racks with weaponry, along with different styles of clothing; as well as lockers. In the middle of the room, say a small table with 4 chairs around it, with a radio on top of it.

One of the people took their obsidian cover off the moment they walked in, and hung it on a hanger next to the door. She exhaled loudly, and rand to the other side of the room, jumping onto her bed. Elena stood about 5’3 wore a light blue skirt, and had a small red belt attached to her waist to hold the dress onto her body. Also, she wore a light blue t-shirt with a small red mantle attached to her back. The red straps were over her shoulders, buttoned at the top of her chest bone. Her eyes shined the color of a deep sapphire that glowed at the end of a dark tunnel. Like silk, her hair shaded the color of the boldest Emerald as it would sparkle in a woman’s eye, filtering the sorrow. On her belt, she had attached a pair of Sai, along with a retractable staff.

The other person took theirs off as well, and hung it on a hanger. Alec stood with short brown hair, wearing a blue cape and wielding a chipped and beaten jeweled sword. He looked about 5’7 with an average build. Even from far away, his eyes shaded the color of a crimson gem. Under his cape, he wore a pair of loosely dark blue pants and on top he wore a dark blue T-shirt. Usually he would wear a black leather jacket, but due to the terrain, the jacket is also hanging in his locker. On his feet, he wore black boots that buckled up a small portion of his shin, making it very easy to move around in sharp, edgy areas. Being a high level agent, on the back end of his belt, he had attached a black bag, capable of compressing items inside of it. Due to the current mission he was on, he normally carried a high caliber buster sword, but he left it lying next to his locker. On his belt, he had two SMG-type plasma guns, along with two beam sabers.

The last, removing her obsidian cloak, folded it neatly, and placed it on the hanger. Lyra took a bow, allowing her hair to point at the floor. With both hands, she shook out her hair, knocking tiny particles of ash, and dust. As she rose up, her dark brown hair stretched to her collar bone.  She’s about 5’4”, with slightly tanned skin, and a slim body. One of her eyes was a light blue, but the other was a light green, allowing her easy access to camouflage. On her body, she wore an integrated white dress that stretched midways down her thighs allowing her to move fast, and freely. Around her waist, she wore a black utility belt, with multiple On top of her clothing; she wore protective plating on her shoulders, her breasts, and two rings that surrounded her mid-section painted silver. Being an expert sniper, and long ranged expert, she wielded a high caliber bow and arrow, along with a high caliber rifle. Due to the current mission, her belongings were locked in her locker. On her belt, there were multiple pouches for ammo, grenades, and other throw able items. On the hips, she wielded one regular plasma pistol, and on the other side, she possessed a pistol with a small scope. She also possessed a French-like accent.
“Man, this place seriously sucks…” Elena whined, placing her arms onto her head, “What’s the latest scoop?”
“So, Zilan was whining to a fire demon… that there’s an attack coming to Raven. ETA… He said about two weeks… He looks really beat up…” Alec replied.
“Say… what?” Lyra questioned, walking to her locker.
“Yeah… he mentioned something about… getting attacked by someone on Raven.” Alec replied.

As Alec continued his conversation, Lyra began hanging up her weapons and equipment in her locker.
“I must warn the commander…” Alec suggested, walking towards the radio in the middle of the room.
“You sure you heard him right…?” Elena whined, sitting up, looking at Alec, “Like… He could have tripped…”
“I doubt one of the generals of Silan’s army would be hurt by such folly accidents…” Lyra giggled, reaching for a black wool towel, and a little toiletries bag from her locker.
“He specifically said a human damaged his upgraded armor.” Alec explained.
“How would someone from like… Raven; get Angelic technology to do that kind of work? You know… Only the top tier Agents that actually go into the field get that stuff! Ugh… Seriously…” Elena whined…
“Beats me…” Alec answered, sitting at the table with the radio, “But I’m warning the commander… I would think someone else would back on Raven… But… CYA…” Alec giggled, grabbing the radio.

Lyra, watching Alec about to page home, she reached for some clothing out of her locker, and proceeded to the bathroom. Elena lay on her stomach and faced Alec as he began turning knobs. With a smile on his face, Alec pressed the microphone in his hand, and began speaking through it.
“This is agent Strider… Paging Commander Arthur…” Alec spoke a couple times.
“This is… Arthur…” Arthur replied in a monotone voice.
“Commander…! It’s good to hear from you again!” Alec smiled.
“You too, Alec… What’s the emergency report? You know this line is for dire emergencies…” Arthur giggled.
“Was there an attack on Raven recently?” Alec asked, concerned.
“Not to my knowledge. I’ve had no recent reports of any attacks…” Arthur replied.
“One of the generals of the Silan military just returned from a mission. He says that he was attacked on Raven by a human not of the agency, and he declared a major attack in exactly two weeks.” Alec explained, lightly sweating.
“Wait… Wait wait wait… An all about frontal attack…?” Arthur gasped.
“Yes sir, the general was General Zilan…” Alec replied.
“Preposterous…” Arthur replied, sounding annoyed, “Sounds like a setup to me…”
“One second, let me pull the recording.” Alec replied, pulling out his high caliber binoculars.

He set the binoculars on the table, and pressed a small red button on the big side.
“No. But it doesn’t matter…” Zilan laughed, slinging his hand, pointing at the moon of Raven, “In two weeks, we will finally conquer that moon. I even took the liberty of warning them, that we are coming. This time, with our secret weapon… We will annihilate their whole moon!  Our foothold around Motavian will be complete! Then we can begin phase two!” The machine repeated Zilan.

Over the microphone, you could hear much commotion, and rumbling. Suddenly, the mic was being ruffled around, and then became steady after a couple seconds.
“You mean to tell me, they warned us?? Who…?” Arthur anxiously asked.
“The only name I saw him mention was a Mateo Leohan…” Alec replied, confused about the name.
“Mateo…” Arthur responded over the mic, “Excuse me…” Arthur answered.
“Sir! What do want us to do, here? Keep monitoring?” Alec questioned.
“Um…” Arthur replied, “Keep a sharp eye. Watch every movement. This will be a dangerous mission. Because this attack is coming, we need an advantage. I need your team to get into their plans, and find out strategy, battle tactics, everything you can find. We need an advantage to beat them. I will begin preparations to meet with the Archbishop on Gethos. Good luck on your mission, and please come back in one piece. I need my top agents.” Arthur answered.
“Yes, sir…!” Alec replied happily.
“Arthur out…” Arthur quickly replied.

Instantly after Arthur said out, the radio fizzled, and turned off. Alec placed the mic on the table, and looked at Elena, whose mouth was dropped.
“Well now… I guess we’re not going home yet…” Alec giggled, hiding his rage.
“Damnit…!” Elena shouted, punching the bed, “I had shopping to do with all this overtime!”
“Yeah, well….” Alec giggled, “Let’s get a good night’s rest… well need for this mission… It will be a doozy that’s for sure…”

Opening the bathroom door, Lyra comes walking out with her clothes hanging on her right arm, with her towel wrapped around her head and her bathrobe around her body. She smiles, looking towards Elena and Alec,
“That shower felt… amazing!” She yelled, throwing her clothes in the washing machine, “I love getting all that soot out of my hair!”
“Don’t get used to it…” Alec sighed, sitting onto his bed.
“Pardon…?” Lyra questioned, closing the washer, “I thought we were taking a trip to Motavian…?”
“No.” Alec sighed, looking towards the floor, “We have to… infiltrate the home base, and gather intelligence on a pending attack on Raven…”

Hearing Alec and the tone he used, Lyra’s mouth dropped. Turning towards Alec, you could see the hidden fear in her eyes.
“We will be… Returning…?” Lyra gasped.
“Is… there something wrong in that? We have to go home sometimes… I miss my bike, and I know Elena misses her family.” Alec explained, looking at Lyra scornfully, “Playing recon is fun and all… But I’d like to get back to my life.”
“But…” Lyra hesitated, turning away from Alec, bowing her head.

She clutched her hands together and pressed on her chest. Closing her eyes, she began imagining her home on Raven. Alec, seeing Lyra being upset and distort, gets up from his bed and walks over to her. As he placed his hands on her shoulders, she seemed to nestle a little into his hands, lightly pressing against his body. Feeling her body slightly trembling, put Alec in a state of sadness.
“Lyra? Is something wrong? I figured you would be happy going back!” Alec asked, concerned.
“I… I can’t explain…” Lyra commented softly, shrugging away from Alec’s grasp, “It’s nothing… So, when are we getting up?”
“We will get up and prepare for this mission once the Demon Solstice happens. We will have exactly one hour to get in, get the information, and get out. Or else; we are on our own.” Alec stated, lowering his hands.

Lyra lowered her arms, and raised her head enlightened at the task.
“Then we should get some rest…”
“There’s my happy Lyra!” Alec cheered, stepping towards Lyra.

Raising his right arm, he began petting Lyra’s hair. Lyra, feeling Alec’s touch, extended her head, and straightened her body. Enjoying the feeling of the pet, she began tapping her right leg on the floor, as if she was a cat. Elena looked at Alec and Lyra, and began giggling, hearing Lyra purr slightly.
“See? Everything’s going to be alright!” Alec laughed, pulling away from Lyra.
“Yea… You’re right…” Lyra smiled, turning to Alec, “Thank you…”
“Now, let’s get some rest…” Alec smiled, turning towards his bed.
“Alec, you’re so dreamy”! Elena cheered, throwing herself onto the bed with her back.
“I know… I’m the master of charm!” Alec shouted, power dashing to his bed.
“I’ll set my alarm for 8 hours from now. “Elena giggled, reaching the right side of the bed, hitting buttons on the alarm.
“Alec, you’re a klutz…” Lyra laughed.

Lyra then took the towel wrapped around her head, and placed it in her locker before heading to her bed. Finally snuggled in the bed, the three turned off their lights, beginning a peaceful sleep. Hours passed like minutes as Lyra lay awake with something troubling her mind. She was still awake, looking at the ceiling with the faint glow of the smoldering rock outside through the tinted windows outside. She snuggled more and more into her blankets, but was unable to shake a weird cold feeling going up her back. Looking harder into the ceiling, she began talking to herself.
“That’s a cathedral of death… Commander Arthur is an interesting… leader. Telling his people to walk into a death trap like that… Alec is such a nice person… and so is… Elena… Why throw their lives away like that?” Lyra questioned, sitting up on her bed.

She brought her legs to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them. Burying her face into her legs, she closed her eyes, and began talking to herself again.
“If we attempt this mission during the Demonic Solstice; they could die… Maybe… Maybe I should go ahead of them, and bring the Intel… That way we… THEY … can go back home…” Lyra spoke softly.
“Eh…?” Elena replied, waking up from Lyra’s voice.
“Oh…” Lyra gasped, quickly burring herself under the covers again.
“I heard you…” Elena said, groggily, slowly rising out of the bed.

Lyra quickly closed her eyes, hoping Elena would lie back down.
“Were you… Thinking about… leaving without us?” Elena questioned, moving her body towards Lyra, still staying in bed.
“Yes…” Lyra replied, unburying herself, looking back at Elena.
“But… why?” Elena asked, curious of Lyra’s remarks.
“Elena…” Lyra sighed, “There’s a… problem… I need to tell you about…”
“I could… use some coffee my god!” Elena complained, scratching her head.
“So, Remember how… I snuck on your ship to come here?” Lyra explained.
“Yeah… You were looking to make rank…” Elena replied.
“Well… This is the truth…” Lyra explained, “I… I’m not a part of… the… agency…”

Suddenly, Elena swiftly grabbed one of her Sai, and jumped off the bed in one swift motion. Grabbing Lyra while hurling into the air, Elena landed next to the wall, with Lyra by her clothing. She held the Sai next to her neck, as she pushed Lyra hard against the wall. Her left forearm put more pressure on Lyra’s left shoulder making escape impossible.
“What??” You’re not a part of the agency?” Elena shouted.

The quick commotion made Alec jump from his bed, swiping one of his beam sabers off of his night stand. He quickly turned it on, and landed at the foot of his bed, ready for action. Confused, he quickly lowered his weapon, and turned to Elena holding Lyra against the wall.
“Wait; please… listen to me…” Lyra gasped, struggling to stay on her feet.
“You traitor! Who are you really??” Elena demanded, pushing harder on Lyra’s shoulder.

Feeling more pressure on her shoulder, Lyra let out a slight moan of pain. Alec, still confused, turned off his beam saber and quickly approached Elena. He placed his hands on Elena’s arm, attempting to remove the grip from Lyra’s body.
“Get off me you curd!” Elena shouted, “She’s not involved in any organization of Raven!”
“I know! Stop it!!” Alec shouted pulling Elena away from Lyra.

With great force, Alec flew across the bed, and landed followed by Elena. Lyra fell to her knees, holding her shoulder in pain. Aggressively, Elena stood up and grabbed her Sai again. She then walked around the bed, holding tightly the Sai, and pointed it towards Lyra again.
“What is… going on? I’m gonna stab the bitch!” Elena shouted.
“Elena, stop!” Alec shouted, jumping to his feet, “We… need to talk…”
“You knew? This goes against the Agency code!” Elena shouted, “I knew there was something up the moment I saw the weaponry… And your freaky eyes!”
“Stop it!” Lyra pleased, attempting to stand.

Elena quickly forced her back down, pointing the Sai closer to her.
“She is a product of… B-labs…” Alec hesitated to answer.
“Wait… what?” Elena questioned, lowering the Sai.
“She’s… a product of… an experiment. Deep below the capitol building is a top secret lab. Random people are selected to be… tested on. It’s against the treaty between Raven and Gethos… to attempt any kind of DNA testing. But secretly it happens. They decided to mix different DNA of multiple races, to forge our own elite team… Lyra here, was named… Project Lyra… Her real name is Rei Yanamora. But I happen to call her Lyra. I was charged, and tasked to watch over her, and her abilities. To make sure she doesn’t go into shock… and to make sure she doesn’t go over the edge. She was enhanced with angelic and mystic DNA… Her eyes are the keys to her power. Light blue symbolizes the sky, the air, the angelic… and the light green stands for nature, and the mystics. Combined with her human DNA, and imbedded with a sniper program, Lyra here is the perfect sniper and long ranged fighter.”
“That’s inhumane!” Elena gasped, throwing her Sai to her bed, “She was infused with DNA?”
“Yes…” Alec sighed, sitting on his bed, “We deceived you Elena… because you’re… the daughter of Commander Arthur.”
“You could have told me, Alec…” Elena sighed, kneeling to Lyra to help her to her feet.
“It’s a top level sworn to secrecy! You can’t say anything… or else… she will be… terminated…” Alec pleaded.
“Yeah… There’s much more… to… this…” Lyra sighed, standing to her feet with Elena’s help.

Suddenly the alarm began buzzing. Alec, already sitting on his bed, reached over and turned off the alarm.
“We have to go! The Demonic Solstice is starting soon!” Alec shouted.
“When we get back… we have a lot to talk about, Alec…” Elena demanded.
“Maybe…” Alec smirked, winking towards Lyra.

Smiling from Alec actions, the three ran to their lockers, and began equipping their weapons, along with putting on their normal attire. As they were buckling their belts, and preparing their weapons, Alec reached into his pouch, and pulled out a large piece of paper. Walking to the table in the middle of the room, he picked up the radio and set it on the floor. Unraveling the paper, he set it on the table. As he gazed upon the paper, he took a deep breath at the magnitude of what was to be the mission.
“Alright ladies, here’s the plan. We need to get some intelligence on our enemy. In less than two weeks, the forces here will be invading Raven. We need to get as much of an advance as possible so we can win. So here’s what I want. Lyra, you’re the expert sight. I want you on top of the hill we are residing in, and I want you to watch the Demonic Solstice. Communicate through this visor I’m about to give you… And let us know what’s going on. Elena you will be on my six. We will be going through this western wall with a tremendous hole in it. Lyra, you will be our warning. If any demons decide to come back inside the cathedral, you must stop them by any means necessary.” Alec explained.

By now, the two ladies were standing at the table, geared up and ready to go.
“This Solstice… How long is it supposed to be?” Elena questioned.
“About an hour at the very most, our time…” Alec answered.
“What if… one of us get caught?” Lyra asked.
“Then; Finish the mission. We have to get those plans. A planet’s worth of people is depending on this… We can’t let them down.” Alec explained, “Lyra, if you get captured… Please try to communicate over the visor immediately. Same goes for us. If you hear us tell you we’ve been captured… Get out of here, as soon as possible and warn Commander Arthur that we have been… terminated…”

Lyra’s face dropped for a moment hearing Alec’s response.
“Terminated!? But what if….” Lyra gasped.
“No. If we get captured by demons, we will be tortured, and then killed. It’s how they do things. By the time you get back to Raven, we would have already been dead.” Alec answered, “Okay here’s everyone’s visors…”

Reaching into his pouch, he pulled out three head devices. It wasn’t very big; just a white circular object that sits on your ear. Towards the front, attached to the same side of the head, was a glass; see-through glass. As everyone turned the visor on, the glass displayed a smaller map of the cathedral, and the current position.
“The visors will transmit whenever you need to say anything. There’s no buttons, so don’t say something over the mic’s unless you want it to be heard. Lyra, now, go outside, and get set up. We will be on the move on your queue”
“You got it… Be careful, please…” Lyra pleaded.

Given the command, Lyra began proceeding to the door. Before grabbing the door handle, she reached for her obsidian cloak and threw it on. As she grasped the door handle, she looked back at Alec and Elena, who looked back at her with a glance of confidence.
“Good luck you two! Come back to me…” Lyra smiled, opening the door.

With great haste, Lyra ran outside, and ran up to the tip of the hill where Alec was doing patrol. Taking no time to spare, she pulled off her bow and arrow, and stuck it into the ground behind her. Taking out her sniper rifle, she extended the stand, and rested it in the dirt. Lying comfortably parallel to the gun, she took out a tiny cable from her pocket, and attached it from the scope, to her visor. This allowed her to aim, look around, and even shoot the rife buy the commands on her voice. Smiling at her timely setup, she began speaking into the visor.
“Surveillance is set up.” Lyra said happily.
“Roger that, we are heading to the cathedral.” Alec whispered.

Alec, wielding his SMG, and Elena, wielding her retractable staff, began walking alongside the hillside, approaching the building complex leading up to the Cathedral. As the two were dashing between buildings, Lyra followed them with her sniper scope. It wasn’t long before the two reached one of the heavy pillars on the corner of the Cathedral. Alec immediately began speaking again through the visor.
“We’ve reached the Cathedral! How’s the Solstice going?” Alec asked.

Lyra quickly turned the scope almost 90 degrees to the east. In the distance, she saw an arena outlined with dragonheads that were breathing fire. On the ground, she saw numerous sizes and shapes of demons everywhere.
“I see… Lots of commotion” Lyra replied in her visor, quickly turning back to the cathedral, “I see no signs of movement at the Cathedral…”
“Acknowledged…” Alec responded, “Elena, ready?” Alec asked.
“Let’s go…” Elena replied, beginning to feel shaky in her knees.

Alec noticed Elena beginning to quiver slightly, and placed his hand on her shoulder. With his touch, she looked up at him with both fear, and comfort.
“This… this place… this unholy altar of hatred… and death… I’m scared…” Elena pleaded, placing her hand onto his shoulder.
“Listen… Now isn’t the time to be fearful… This isn’t just a regular mission. This is one of the most important missions we’re going to encounter…” Alec responded, cracking a comforting smile.

Alec’s voice began calming Elena down, allowing her to stop shaking. At the same time, hidden from sight, Alec’s heart was in his throat.
“Let’s move…” Alec snapped, quickly withdrawing his hand, and pushing back against the pillar.

With great haste, Alec ran between the pillars, and gazed upon the great stair leading into the cathedral. Elena, slowly following behind Alec, grasped her staff as tight as she could. While Alec swiftly went up the stairs, Elena slowly crept each step, turning 360 degrees, being too cautious of her surroundings. Each quick glance at the gargoyles starring towards the stairwell between each pillar sent shocks up Elena’s spine, throwing her emotions into a rut. Lyra spotted Elena, and began looking in random directions for movement in fear that she would be caught. In a matter of seconds, Alec reached the top, and quickly hid behind between a pillar, and the wall of the cathedral itself. He peeked around the pillar to see Elena slowly ascending the stairs. Horrified that she’s struck with fear, he quickly put his back onto the pillar, and began whispering in his visor.
“Elena, hurry up! If you get caught, there’s no way we can save you!” Alec whispered forcefully.
“I… I’m scared Alec! Do you realize where we-“Elena began shouting.

Suddenly, a sharp crackle went off at Elena’s feet, startling her so bad she ran up the stairs in panic. Scared Elena was captured; he quickly glanced around the pillar only to see Elena screaming for her wits as she ran up the pillar. As she swiftly reached the top, she began stepping towards the main doors of the cathedral. Watching her be unaware about what she was about to do, Alec sheathed his weapon, ran from the pillar he was at, and quickly snatched Elena. Using his left hand, he closed her mouth while wrapping his right arm around her midsection, and quickly dashed back to the pillar he was hiding at.
“Elena!! Calm yourself!” Alec whispered, forcefully shaking Elena.

To no avail, Elena began to seem hopeless to get to, as she was screaming through Alec’s hand. Suddenly, Lyra commented through the visor,
“Alec, I fired a pop shot… There were a couple flyers above… and Elena almost was spotted… Just be thankful the flyers can’t hear that range of sound…”

Hearing Lyra words relieved Alec greatly. Looking back at the frantic Elena, he pushed forward with her in hand, and spun around. Now Elena facing the pillar, Alec released her mouth and midsection, and pushed her against the pillar with all his might. With his right fist, he punched Elena in the back of her head, making it ricochet off the pillar. From both impacts, she immediately collapsed, only to quickly be caught be Alec. He rested her against the pillar, and looked down on her with disbelief, and disappointment.
“Lyra, I have a question…” Alec asked, “It’s not my place to talk about my partner, or my follower… But what… Why is Elena so scared suddenly?”
“You can talk to me about anything, Alec…” Lyra replied, with a comfortable voice.

Alec stood, gazing down at Elena, resting against the pillar.
“This isn’t the place, or the time… To be acting a fool!” Alec murmured to himself, “When we get back… I’m decommissioning you as my follower…”

Lyra gasped, overhearing Alec over the visor.
“Lyra… Keep an eye on her. I’m going in alone.” Alec stated.
“Yes sir…” Lyra gasped.

Pushing his back against the wall, he slid himself towards the door. As he reached the door, he slowly peaked into the cathedral, and realized the place was a ghost town. Now pulling out his pistol, he positioned it at the low ready as he pushed off the wall and proceeded into the cathedral. Lyra’s stomach skyrocketed into her throat, watching Alec walk into the demonic Cathedral. Watching her fearless leader waltz into the demonic Cathedral of Silan, thoughts began chiming through Lyra’s head.
“This… is the pinnacle of demons. The home of the leadership of the Demonic Empire… We are on a mission… to… take battle plans from this place… and make it home… Unnoticed…” Lyra murmured.
“Stop it.” Alec exclaimed, surprising Lyra through the visor.
“Sir…!” Lyra gasped, “Shouldn’t you be quiet?”
“Don’t lose focus. You’ll psyche yourself out like Elena did. Stop it.” Alec snapped.
“Sorry…” Lyra replied, taking a deep breath.
“Listen, this place… is massive. It’s going to take me some time to complete this… I realize this is jeopardizing the mission… Can you pick up Elena?” Alec asked.
“But… you’re asking me to take eyes off your only escape route…” Lyra gasped.
“Don’t question my requests. Do as I say…” Alec snapped.

Lyra stood up from the shock of Alec’s tone.
“Alec… There won’t be anyone to scout for demons…” Lyra mentioned, shocked at Alec.
“It doesn’t matter Lyra… Listen… This mission… This is one of those missions where… We may not make it back in one piece…” Alec stated.

Hearing those words made Lyra slowly fall to her knees, feeling disgusted and anxious.
“They have declared war upon our entire way of life. Every man, woman, and child will be killed or turned into mindless demons… We can’t let that happen, Lyra… Elena, who has been my partner for years… Succumbed to the mission at hand… Please, don’t do the same. I need you to do exactly what I say… And we may get through this alive.” Alec stated.
“Yes… You got it.” Lyra replied, aggressively standing back on her feet.
“Get Elena… and get back to your post as fast as you can. I’m going in dark after this message. Keep an eye out on point. If, for any reason, you get too scared, or your position is uncovered; Take Elena, and get out of here.” Alec stated.
“But-“ Lyra gasped.
“My word is final… Be ready to leave the moment I get the package. Be on standby…” Alec stated.
“Yes… Yes sir.” Lyra sighed.
“Be careful… Lyra. This is Agent Alec Goran… Going dark until further notice…” Alec said.

Suddenly, there sounded a slight fuzz, then complete silence. Without wasting any time, Lyra reached next to her sniper rifle, and grabbed her bow and arrows. Sliding the quiver on first then the Bow, Lyra began swiftly sliding down the hill, heading to the Cathedral. Pulling out her pistol with the scope, she kept it at the low ready as she ran straight for the Cathedral. Still watching the sniper watch from her visor, she continued to check around the buildings she was running by before proceeding. To Lyra, seconds seemed like Hours, slowly allowing anxiousness get ahold of her sense of time and judgment. In no time, she reached the base of the Cathedral. Pushing herself against the pillar at the base, she used her visor and began scanning the Cathedral, the surrounding areas, and the sky for demons. Taking a deep breath, holding her pistol tightly, she turned the corner and began sprinting up the stairs. Trying her best to not look at the gargoyle statues, a cold shiver crawled up her spine with each step on the stairs. Lyra then noticed she was standing in front of the large doorways of the Cathedral. Quickly looking to her left, she saw Elena’s resting body where Alec knocked her out. Before stepping to help her, she looked back into the Cathedral.
“The… Cathedral…” Lyra gasped.

She took two steps, feeling the obsidian-infused brick of the Cathedral platform, into a room where the walls were made of gold. Large arches spanned each of the walls of pictures of the solar system, and all the races made of colored metallic glass. In the middle of the room, hung a gigantic chandelier, which radiated enough light to make the entire room sparkle in a bright orange-looking color due to the light source in the center being lava. Mesmerized by the perfect shape of the crystalline shapes of the chandelier, and the floor being checker boarded with gold and obsidian, Lyra began walking into the Cathedral.
“I’ve… never seen…” Lyra began murmuring to herself.

Suddenly, something snapped in the back of Lyra’s head. Instantly, she spun 180 degrees, and darted out of the Cathedral. Looking to her right was Elena again. Thinking fast, she holstered her weapon, and picked up Elena. Throwing her over her shoulder, she pulled out her pistol that had no scope, and began backtracking. Using her inner strength, she began moving faster than before, allowing her genetic powers to allow her to move faster than a human. Within minutes, what took twenty minutes to run the distance, turned into five, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of her sniper rifle again.

Now back at the site, Lyra quickly holstered her rifle, took Elena into their invisible bunker, and laid her down in her bed. Taking safety precautions, she pulled a couple straps from under the bed, and began securing Elena. Removing her utility belt, weapons, and her visor, Lyra made sure Elena was perfectly secure, in case they had to make an emergency departure. Grabbing all of her equipment, she walked to Elena’s locker, and locked up everything. Anxious to get back outside, Lyra took one more glance at Elena, who was still passed out. She took in the image, and walked back outside, to her sniper rifle. As she positioned her bow once more next to her sniper rifle, she pondered her past actions.
“What spooked me?” She asked herself, now focusing back on her visor scope of the sniper rifle, “How… How did I get back here so fast?”

Lyra turned towards the coliseum, curious on how the Demonic Solstice is going.
“I hope Alec gets back soon…” Lyra told herself, zooming in to the entrance of the coliseum, “I… I can’t take this…”

Suddenly, the visor began fizzling again. It was the exact same noise as when Alec went dark, but it lasted longer.
“Lyra… I’m sending you some data… Get it to Raven immediately!” Alec shouted, distorted and garbled.
“Alec? Alec, are you alright??” Lyra replied back.
“Get… data..  Arthur… Now…!” Alec shouted, followed by a round of shots.

Inside the Cathedral, Alec stood with both a beam saber in his right hand and his SMG in his left hand; he stood across a little table with a holographic cube floating on top of it. Alec stood fearless as he pointed the pistol at the demons. Wearing hooded crimson robes with an X across their chest, aggressively pointing the gun at each member for half a second, he slowly began backing away from the table.
“Get out of here! I sent everything you need!” Alec shouted into the visor, attempting to cover his angles.
“Human…” One of the hooded men grumbled.
“Human has breached the sacred halls…” Another hooded man grumbled in the same tone.

Suddenly, Zilan kicked the double doors open behind the hooded men, wielding one of his large swords. He glares at Alec, who is almost against the wall, and begins grinning.
“Stupid human….” Zilan chuckled, “Stand down my Crimson knights.”

Immediately, the knights backed away from the table, swiftly walking towards the wall. Zilan approached the table, and sheathed his sword, still glaring at Alec.
“You can stand down, human. I’m not going to kill, or fight you…” Zilan smiled, gazing into the floating orb.
“I have the data, demon! I will destroy it if you don’t let me out of here”! Alec shouted.

Completely ignoring Alec’s demands, Zilan waved his hand over the orb, making it slowly transform.
“So, you were after so called… Battle Plans, I’m assuming?” Zilan questioned, slightly leaning over the table.

Alec not only said anything, he reached for his visor, turning the mic on 100% uptime. He lowered his pistol but kept his beam saber in front of him.
“So… here’s the thing. You humans seem to think we have a code of how we keep track of things… Plans to attack and such… Well, I got news for you!” Zilan shouted, throwing the table across the room, “We don’t need tactical plans for what we’re going to do!”

Zilan slowly began approaching Alec, who was now backed against a wall.
“This is how we’re going to do it; Full, frontal attack. We are going to invade you. No tactical advantages… No prisoners… No maneuvers… We’re coming for a straight up extermination. Using every single demonic presence we have, we will fully invade your planet. Silan himself will be leading us all to victory… You, and your race, will be annihilated!” Zilan laughed hysterically.

Alec froze for a split moment, and held his beam saber higher, preparing to block an attack.
“The Demonic Solstice was nothing more than a great gathering; to prepare for the upcoming invasion… Special demons are being crafted from our demonic wells… for the sole purpose of this battle. Even the souls of the fourth dimension are being summoned. Thanks to an ancient artifact we found on Motavian… This war will shift into our favor. And your miserable existence will be eradicated!” Zilan laughed hysterically.
“Why… Why are you telling me all this…?” Alec asked, catching glimpses of the surroundings for an escape.
“Hope gives the soul fuel to be much stronger… When a soul has hope inside… It’s much more powerful. When this is over, we shall harness your souls… And be immortal!” Zilan shouted.
“Over my dead body…!” Alec shouted, taking a step forward.
“Wait, stop!” Zilan shouted, holding his hand forward, watching Alec begin a charge to attack him, “I have one question… Do you know a Mateo Leohan?”

Alec froze before taking an aggressive step towards Zilan.
“What…?” Alec questioned, stunned.
“Mateo Leohan…” Zilan replied, walking up to Alec within arm’s reach, “Do me a favor. I’ll let you leave in one peace with whatever you acquired here, if you pass on this for me.”

Zilan reached into his roe, and pulled out an envelope that was colored black. He held it out for Alec to take, but was hesitant to take it.
“Here. I won’t attack you, you have a demon’s promise. Take this envelope… and go home. I have no quarrel with you, human.” Zilan said, holding out the envelope.

Alec swiftly snatched the envelope from Zilan and stuffed it into his pants pocket. Zilan lowered his arm, and chuckled at Alec’s body language.
“You may leave. Go.” Zilan smiled, pointing to the double doors.

Partially scared, and cautious, Alec pointed the saber towards Zilan as he slowly began approaching the double doors. As Alec glared deep into Zilan’s eyes, fear began climbing up his spine, noticing he was completely surrounded.
“It was pretty clever of you to come here during the Demonic Solstice. I almost guarantee you would have been cut down the moment you came within eyesight here.” Zilan smiled, watching Alec.

As Alec reached the double doors, he quickly saw the exit to his right, and began running as fast as he could. The moment Alec left Zilan’s eyesight, she looked to the ground with delight, and then pointed towards the double doors.
“Kill him if you wish, just make sure that letter gets to its destination!” Zilan laughed.

Suddenly, the mend against the wall faded in a small cloud of smoke. Appearing only feet from Alec, who was fleeing the Cathedral, the men began chasing after him. Each man thrust out their hands, emitting a fiery glow in the form of a sword. Glancing back, Alec gasped in horror watching the knights swiftly running up to him at an alarmingly fast rate. He quickly looked ahead, and saw the hill Lyra was perched on.
“Lyra…! I have five on my six!” Alec shouted.
“I’ve been watching you run, but I don’t see anything behind you!” Lyra replied.
“Damnit, and you can’t use Info-red… The very air is lit with particles that will prevent that… Shit! Prepare to lift off!” Alec shouted, pulling out his SMG in another hand.

Beginning to panic, Lyra quickly grabbed her sniper rifle, and threw it into the invisible bunker. Throwing her bow and arrows on her back, she jumped into the invisible bunker, and ran towards the wall with a bunch of buttons. She quickly pushed a red button, and swiftly ran back outside. Coming up to the hill, she pulled off her bow from her back, and armed herself with a bow. She drew it back, and aimed it down the hill. Using the visor’s zoom in feature, she zoomed in to see Alec. Watching Alec swat into the air began making Lyra nervous, due to he’s fighting an enemy she can’t see. Looking closer, she began to watch Alec’s movements. With every swat with his beam sword, she began to pull the arrow harder. Feeling confident, she released one of her arrows. Within four seconds, the arrow grazed Alec’s cheek, and striking into the hood of one of the hooded men. The force was so violent; it knocked the hooded man backwards, tumbling across the ground. Alec glanced back to see only for a brief second, before approaching the hill.
“What are you doing??” Alec shouted into his visor.
“Saving you…” Lyra replied with no expression, releasing another arrow.

Being Alec was closer to the hilltop, it took only two seconds for the next arrow to graze Alec’s hair, and blast through another hooded man through his hood. Because the arrow was shot at such a close range, the hooded man stopped dead in its tracks, and fell to the ground. Paying it no mind, Alec quickly holstered his pistol, and began jumping up the hill. With each leap, the hooded men continuously attempted to hit Alec because they were below him.
“Lyra! Get in the ship! It’s about to take off!” Alec shouted.
“I have to help sir!” Lyra shouted, releasing another arrow.

Due to how close they were, the arrow traveled within a second. This arrow barely grazed Alec left arm, plowing through two of the hooded men that were lined up on top of each other. The force was so strong, it send the two hurtling, and tumbling down the hill at an alarming speed. No sooner than Lyra pulled another arrow back, Alec ran up the hill, and landed in front of Lyra. Thinking fast, Alec grabbed hold of Lyra’s bow, and with all his might, slung both her and Alec into the invisible bunker. The force sent Lyra tumbling in the bunker, while Alec landed onto his feet.
“Computer, liftoff…!” Alec shouted, running to the door and pressing on it as hard as he could.

While pushing a button, it locked the door Alec was pushing on. Alec turned towards Lyra, and sat onto the floor, exhausted. Lyra attempted to stand, but was knocked back on her butt due to the constant shaking of the building. Outside, the remaining hooded man watched as the ship’s invisible cloak began fading, revealing the small Rocket.

Back in the cathedral, Zilan walked towards the entrance, and put his arms behind his back, watching with delight. He smiled as the rocket began powering up to take off. Behind him, stood a female that wore a very short black skirt, along with a strapless tank top. Her hair was also black, stretching all the way down her smooth back, touching her thighs. With tanned skin, beautiful brown eyes, she was known as a demonic beauty, but cold and deadly. On her hands, she wore two black bands, symbolizing claws emerging from them, along with a black retractable staff that hung from her belt; As well as a pistol. Her voice was soft enough to make anything succumb to her.
“Why… Why did you let them get away?” The woman asked, placing her hands on her hips.
“To prove a point, Shimara…” Zilan smiled, watching the rocket seconds to launching.
“They have important data…” Shimara replied in a monotone voice.
“What could they do with it? They’ll get on their toy; get back to their planet… And do what? With the power we now possess… Once we invade, that information will be completely irrelevant.” Zilan laughed.
“I highly doubt the rest of the council will agree to your actions.” Shimara replied.

Ignoring Shimara’s talk, Zilan glared at the rocket as it began taking off. Annoyed at Zilan, she reached up, grabbed his shoulder, and threw him against the door that led into the Cathedral. The force was so strong, it nearly shattered the door. She held Zilan against the wall with her hand on his chest, and gave him a look so terrifying, Zilan began to feel intimidated.
“Your little game of tipping them off was bad enough. But letting them waltz in here, and take information that could possibly give them an advantage on defeating our forces. Then, you send some of our lower ranking guard to pursue them…  And you don’t follow them! For a demonic general like yourself, you’re setting a horrible example!” Shimara shouted.
“Hey! Chill…!” Zilan shouted, grabbing Shimara’s arm.

As hard as Zilan could, he began trying to push off Shimara’s grip on his chest, but failed from her immense strength.
“Your games are becoming troublesome… If you keep on this path, I will personally dispatch you… And your soul won’t be terribly refreshing… But a soul it is.” Shimara laughed, releasing Zilan.

Zilan fell to his knees, grasping his chest. He looked up at Shimara in disgust.
“Back off, bitch. Don’t forget your place!” Zilan shouted.

Shimara smiled, and turned her back towards Zilan while crossing her arms.
“I have word from King Silan… We’re moving up the attack. Begin preparations. Our inside lead has told us the most vulnerable time to strike. Go to the Soul Well, and begin absorbing souls. We will continue our meeting there…” Shimara explained.
“But…” Zilan asked.

Shimara quickly jumped in the air, and spun towards Zilan, kicking him in the head with the left side of her right foot. The force sent Zilan tumbling in the air, and landing a small distance away. She rand to Zilan, and placed her foot on his chest, and smiled again.
“This is not a fun and games tour! Complete annihilation! There are bigger and better plans coming, and this moon… has to be destroyed! The time of the human and mystics are over!” Shimara shouted.

After yelling at Zilan, she began leaving the Cathedral. Attempting to shrug off the damage done by Shimara, Zilan stood up, and shook off the dust and debris from the wall he impacted. He quickly ran to the entrance, and put his hands to his mouth, watching Shimara walk down the stairs.
“I’m still going to have fun, whether you like it or not, hussy!” Zilan grumbled.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on January 2, 2015.

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