Shining Fantasy: Chapter 1 Complete


Legends… Prophecies… War…  Heroism… Genocide…  These are some of the characteristics that rest in the Algian solar system. Four planets existed in the solar system and each had their own unique twists to them. Palmara, the first planet in the solar system closest to the sun, was a small planet made of mostly molten rock. Not many habitants could exist in such a planet, unless they were branded to the molten heat of the planet and the sun. Thanks to current technology, very few settlements of demons, angels, and humans alike lived there. Motavian, the second planet from the sun, was a planet ideal to our current Earth. Due to the recent attacks from a planet far off, and war, the planet’s resources and technology has downgraded to swords, hatchets, and old buildings like castles and huts. Motavian has been the middle point of war between four different ideals for over 1000 years; making it battle scarred, and a monument of death. Somehow, civilizations continue to thrive. Due to Motavian’s size, it had four moons that orbited the planet named Raven, Silan, Gethos, and Crothan. Farther in space, rested the icy planet of Dezian. Due to its extremely cold temperatures, and atmosphere, the planet is listed as an inhabitable planet, and caution is given to all space exploration to avoid it as much as possible. Any ship that has entered the planet’s atmosphere never returns. Finally, the last planet is also an uncharted planet. Every fifty years, the planet comes in alignment with Motavian, Palmara, and Dezian creating a distortion on every planet, resulting in a vacuum towards the mystery planet. Each planet has taken special precaution over the strange event, and lists it as a national “Clean up” holiday. Being uncharted, and unexplored, the planet has undergone numerous name changes… and currently it’s called “The unknown Planet”; or planet U.

The four moons around the planet Motavian is where the story takes off. Each moon is home to specific races. Raven is the native home to humans and elf-like people called Mystics. Being listed as the most technologically enhanced moon in the solar system, Raven plays a key role in the war over the solar system. With technology, strategic superiority, and the willpower to fight, all knew of the force Raven became. Gethos, the second moon around Motavian, was a holy ground for angels of all types. It is the only society ruled by one royal family, and the only race to have no interaction with any other race. Their main enemies are the demons that live on Silan. Using an ancient artifact called “The Holy Elevator”, they transport anywhere in the solar system at the blink of an eye, making them the fastest moving force. Silan, the third moon, is the main threat to all moons and planets of Algian. With the ability to be reborn in the “Pit of hell”, the demon-spawns are listed as immortal unless struck with a holy weapon carefully forged on Gethos. Lastly, the moon of Crothan is listed as inhabitable due to its weak atmosphere and structure. The core of the moon has been destroyed, making it completely inhabitable.

Currently, between the forces of Gethos, and Raven, they are at an even standoff with the forces of Silan. Working together, they’ve successfully purged Motavian of the demons from time periods to time periods. With Gethos having the only means of killing demons, Raven has to maintain the truce between the two, forcing interracial interaction. Within each society, this has split some of the populations apart, creating enemies and problematic groups. Fighting one another, and the common enemy, has taken its toll on the truce, and its own people while Silan has recently been gaining ground on Motavian.

Chapter one: A new beginning

Buildings stretched from the surface of the planet to the tip of the sky. Its massive city stretches across the entire planet. With the core being stabilized by technology, there are small parts of the planet that have barren patches, or exposed lava. Vehicles no long require road to run; they are able to fly at their content. Bridges and support beams connect a majority of the buildings, also holding them from leaning. From space, you could see massive domes covering the cities, and towns. With the toxins being released from the core, and the chemicals used to stabilize it, the air is unbreathable. It’s the capitol’s job that every city and town stays connected with tunnels; and to sustain oxygen. By default, the wealthy could afford using the tele-porter system, which would instantly teleport you from one place to another; with a fee.

The streets of the capitol of Raven, Zerma, are not kind to the non-wealthy. Unless you are involved with the agency, or a business, you lived in an alley, or the sewers, scrounging for food and water. Every day, people die due to starvation, or being unable to tend to their families; or worse, suicide. Organized gang attacks against the capitol building have become more common, reducing the recruitment for more agents to join the war against Silan. In fear, or disarray, the population began getting complacent with how things are and are unwilling to pitch in to help the war, including donations or pitching in fundraisers. One organization, in particular, was not like the gangs attacking, but they strived to help where the Agents were unable to help. Because of large crimes, agents had to prioritize the cases, resulting in small robberies, murders, and crimes to be under looked. This organization claimed the title “Reunionites”.

Mateo, the leader of the Reunionites, was a bulky man with dark blue eyes, smooth black hair that reached to his shoulders, and slight brownish skin, standing about 5’10”, wore khaki pants with black combat boots. On his chest he wore a black T-shirt with a black trench coat that stretched to the floor. He wore a small utility belt with little vials attached to it, along with a beam pistol holstered on his left and right side. In his left combat boot, he had attached a combat knife, so if he was stuck in a hairy situation, he could easily escape. On his left side, he holstered a hilt that emitted a beam of light capable of piercing through anything it touched; known as a beam saber. Inside his trench coat, Mateo liked to carry shades, in case the sun was too bright.

Emmy, Mateo’s best friend, was a tiny, skinny mystic woman with a touch of tan skin, long green hair that dangles down her lower back, deep green eyes, standing about 5’2″, wore a green skirt that stretched to her knee caps with a green tank top that stretched to the length of her skirt top. On her feet, she wore loose traveling sandals. Her belt was pure black, with beam pistols on her left and right side. She also has a retractable staff holstered behind her pistol. Unlike Mateo, Emmy often carried a green purse and kept all her weapons inside, being a fashion nut.

The two were walking down 17thAvenaue, a street that had a direct connection to the capitol building, licking on ice cream. Emmy, having a strawberry ice cream come and Mateo, having a turtle dipped Chocolate ice cream come, smiled as they were walking happily down the street. As they came to a stop sign, Emmy slowly looked at Mateo’s face and smiled,
“Beautiful day isn’t it?”
“Very…” Mateo smiled back, “But this ice cream is seriously over the chain!”
“Yea! Of course! It’s scrumptious! Feeling the succulent taste of strawberries and ice cream swirling in my mouth is like a mouthful of explosions! I could take over the world with this feeling of excitement and joy!” Emmy shouted, thrusting the ice cream into the air, standing on one leg.

Mateo paused, and sort of stepped away from Emmy, glaring at her like she lost her mind.
“One day I will be queen of strawberries!” Emmy jumped with excitement.
“I… I get the idea, Emmy!” Mateo laughed, stepping close with Emmy again.

Catching the corner of his eye, Mateo looked towards the other side of the street, watching the sun glisten over the water. As Emmy began walking forward, Mateo started walking across the street towards the banister of the road. Emmy, not paying attention, clutched her ice cream with both hands, and began staring at it maniacally,
“One day, when all the strawberries are collected, I shall grab my strawberry outfit, and begin my reign of terror as the strawberry queen of raven! Everyone will bow down to me!”

Unnoticed by the people passing her, she began shaking her ice cream violently. People began looking at her like she lost her mind. After a few seconds, Emmy caught herself, and glimpsed at the citizens passing by starring at her. She first blinked two times, then slowly lowered her ice cream to her midsection, and had the look of embarrassment on her face. Emmy quickly looked left and right for Mateo, who was standing at the banister, looking into the ocean. With a burst of speed, Emmy dashed to Mateo, blushing and holding her ice cream into the air. She then stood next to Mateo, panting. Quickly realizing she was in disarray, she took a deep breath, and starred into the ocean with Mateo, continuing to enjoy her ice cream.

“Mateo, whatcha doing?” She asked, innocently licking her ice cream.
“Does it bother you all this is artificial?” Mateo sighed, licking his ice cream.
“Huh?” Emmy looked at Mateo, resting her left arm on the banister.
“Look at the water. It’s glistening in the sun, but beyond this dome; is space. We live off machines, and democracy. Everything here is man-made, and artificial… It bothers me.” Mateo sighed.
“Lighten up!” Emmy smiled, leaning over the banister in Mateo’s vision.
“Sorry, Emmy. It gets to me sometimes how artificial our lives really are.” Mateo sighed, eating more ice cream.
“Unless you become an Agent, there’s no way we can get out of this dump then; which I have to be on par with you to be your official follower!” Emmy smiled, licking more ice cream.
“I know… Mystics have no problem getting through the academy… You know that…” Mateo laughed.
“My only problematic issue is I get bored with their silly tests… If you’re hurt, I fix you; done.” Emmy giggled.
“Ha, there’s more to it than that, little missy!” Mateo laughed again, firmly grasping his slowly melting ice cream cone.
“Oh, really…? Do tell, master of minds…” Emmy questioned.
“Yeah. But you have to catch me first!” Mateo shouted, thrusting his ice cream into Emmy’s face.

Mateo quickly turned away from Emmy and began running down the side walk. Emmy, who forcefully stuffed her mouth with her own ice cream, wiped the ice cream out of her face with one stroke, and began chasing Mateo. She balled up her fist, and raised her hand high in the air in anger,
“Come back here jerk! That wasn’t nice!” Emmy shouted.
“Have to catch me!!” Mateo laughed, looking back at Emmy.

Grinning, Mateo turned his head in front of him and continued running. The moment Mateo began focusing on what was in front of him; a horrible sight bestowed his eyes. In the sky, Mateo saw a ball of flame rapidly approaching him. Thinking fast, Mateo stopped dead in his tracks turned 180 degrees. Emmy, ready to punch Mateo, was unaware what was going on, but noticed Mateo’s face was no longer enjoying the moment. With the force of Emmy smacking into Mateo, he grabbed her with both of his arms, and launched the both of them off of the banister as the fireball smacked against the pavement. Thinking fast, as Mateo and Emmy began descending off the road, Mateo reached out and grabbed one of the bars that hold the banister together, and began dangling with Emmy tight in his left arm. Stunned and completely confused, Emmy wrapped her arms around Mateo, looking down at the oceanic waters.
“The hell just happened!?” Emmy yelled, wrapping her legs around Mateo as well as hold on tight with her arms.
“I… don’t know…” Mateo gasped, struggling to hold onto the bar.

Beginning to succumb to the weight of both him and Emmy, Mateo’s grip began to slip. Above, citizens were running out of the buildings surrounding the smoldering object, unaware of what it is. Mateo pleaded for help as he saw people rushing past him.
“Help…! We’re slipping! Someone help us!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo… I don’t think they’re paying attention to us…” Emmy pouted, slowly burying her face into Mateo’s torso.
“Hold on… I have an idea.” Mateo announced, “Reach onto my belt, second vial from the left of the buckle, and open it. Pull the thing inside out and throw it as hard as you can above the road!”

As instructed Emmy used her right hand, and done what Mateo said. Pulling out a small, white glass vial, she chucked it as hard as she cook. When it landed, it emitted a blinding flash, followed by smoke; adding to the confusion. Thinking fast, Mateo began swinging back n forth, allowing him to gain a better grip. He looked at Emmy, who was scared,
“Do the thing, NOW!” Mateo commanded.

Without a second thought, Emmy released from Mateo and placed both hands on her chest. Closing her eyes, for a brief moment, a faint purple glow emitted from her hands, and her chest. Mateo smiled as he released from the banister, now in free fall. Emmy quickly threw herself towards Mateo, and snapped her fingers. In a blinding flash again, the two dissipated from sight; and appeared above the bridge. Mateo fell to his hands and knees, exhausted form the adrenalin rush as Emmy kneeled, placing her hands on Mateo’s back as the glow on her chest and hands dissipated.
“Are you alight? I forget… using mystic magic is taxing on humans bodies…” She asked, in a soft and concerned voice.
“Yeah…”Mateo panted, “Help me up…”

Emmy firmly grasped Mateo’s left arm, and placed it over her neck. With all her strength, she stood to her feet, helping Mateo to his feet. As the smoke cleared, Mateo and Emmy stood close at the smoldering rock. Mateo slowly removed his arm from Emmy, and grasped one of his pistols. Holding his weapon at the low ready, he slowly approached the rock, curious. Emmy attempted to walk with Mateo, but he pushed his left arm back, signaling to stay back.  All of a sudden, three vehicles began descending on the object. This made Mateo holster his weapon and back away, as did Emmy. The wind from the vehicles was so intense, it blew all the smoke away, and forced people a good distance from the rock except Emmy and Mateo. Watching the three cars land, Mateo prepared to approach the people as they got out of their cars. From two of the cars, three men in suits stepped out, embracing a small, white rod.

The third car, stepped out two individuals embracing massive weaponry. One was a blonde haired woman that her hair stretched to her knees. She was about 5’5″ and skinny. You could see where she had tanned before in the hot sun. Her hair shined like a block of gold. Her eyes were like Sapphires sparkled in her eyes like a full moon at midnight over a calm lake. Her clothes fit her hourglass body perfectly; blue jeans that fit her figure perfectly, along with a strapless tank-top that showed off her belly. On her left finger, a large diamond sparkled, indicating she was married. On each of her sides, she also wielded two plasma pistols, along with a retractable staff. On the surfaces of her hand, she wore two metallic bands that had four holes imbed on the side against her knuckles. On her back end, she wore a dark brown pouch with numerous tools in it.

The man had hair stretching to almost his shoulders, with a small beige tint to it. His eyes were a glossy green, deep enough to melt any woman’s heart, but make a man fearful of him. He stood about 5’7” wearing regular black tennis-shoes, grey socks along with khaki pants. He had a black T-shirt that hugged his body, showing off where he’s worked out his whole life, with a dark blue and green checkered plaid shirt on-top hanging loose and open. On his left finger, he wore a golden band, indicating he was married. On his back, he wielded a large buster sword, and on his sides he had two plasma pistols, with two beam sabers behind them.

Mateo looked scornfully at the man,
“Specter” Emmy growled, walking and standing next to Mateo.

Zane swiftly turned towards the rock, and immediately caught Mateo in his eye. Specter, his wife, glared at Emmy as if she was a block of meat. Instead of assessing the rock, the two walked towards Mateo and Emmy. With his deep voice, Zane waved at Mateo.
“Mateo! Hey!” Zane smiled.
“Hey… Zane…” Mateo replied, obviously showing he wasn’t excited.

Zane and Specter were now within arm’s reach of Mateo and Emmy. Zane extended his arm out to shake Mateo’s hand. Mateo looked at Zane’s hand and looked back at Zane. For a brief moment, as Zane is standing there with his arm extended, Mateo was filled with anger, and hatred.
“Oh, come on Mateo… Don’t be so bent out of shape… It was one accident! Get over it!” Zane sighed, lowering his arm.
“It cost me everything… You can’t just shrug it under the fence!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo, calm down… Stop… Before you make a mistake… you’ll regret.” Emmy replied, grabbing hold of his arm.
“Yeah, Emmy… Calm your dog down, or else…” Specter giggled, pointing at Emmy.
“Excuse me?” Emmy snapped at Specter, giving her the glare of death.
“You heard me under-bitch. Keep your dog down!” Specter giggled, laughing at Emmy.
“You…” Emmy growled, slowly reaching for her staff.
“What do you want, Zane?” Mateo asked.
“Well, the boss tasked me, the Agent, to come out here and investigate this rock. So, here I am. Now to get to work…” Zane smiled, turning away from Mateo.

Mateo began cringing. Emmy, looking at Mateo’s growing anger, grabbed Mateo’s arm, and began tugging him gently.
“Mateo… It’s not worth it… You remember last time… I hope…” She said in a concerned voice.

Specter grinned, sticking her tongue out at the two, and turned towards the molten rock. Zane crossed his arms, placing his left hand on his chin in thought.
“Where did this come from?” Zane pondered, starring at the rock.
“Oh! From space…!” Specter giggled, placing her hands on her knees, bending over.
“Well duh…” Zane sighed, placing one knee on the ground, resting his hand that was on his chin to his bent knee, “It looks like… a small meteorite…”

Mateo began turning around, walking away from the scene along with Emmy at his side, still clutching his arm. Emmy squeezed tighter, feeling Mateo’s intense emotion.
“Mateo, you have to let that garbage go…” Emmy sighed.
“Shush, hussy…” Mateo growled.
“Say wha?” Emmy gasped, looking at Mateo’s face.
“Every time I see him… I want to fight him…” Mateo sighed, glancing back at Zane and Specter.
“That was so long ago…” Emmy sighed, leaning her head onto his arm.

As Mateo and Emmy walked out of distance of Specter and Zane, Specter stood up from examining the meteorite.
“I’m going to tape off the area…” Specter said, reaching into her pouch.
“Do it, hurry…” Zane shouted, pointing towards nearby citizens.

Slowly, the noise and smoke began attracting nearby citizens. From the surrounding buildings, to passing by vehicles, the crowd began growing. Pulling out some yellow caution tape, Specter ran towards light poles, and began tying the tape to form a perimeter. As commotion began getting louder, Specter then put the caution tape away, and pulled out a small phone-like contraption.
“Sir, we need some reinforcement… This object is attracting a ton of commotion…” Specter said haste-fully, putting the contraption back in her bag.
“Hurry, Specter… We may have an issue…” Zane Gasped, jumping back form the meteorite.

Instinctively, Zane pulled out one of his beam sabers and turned it on, glaring at the meteorite. Confused, the citizens began gasping, looking at Zane’s actions. Specter ran to Zane, and clenched her hands together, looking at her confused husband. The men that stood next to the cars suddenly began attempting to control the citizens, directing them away from the area. Specter looked around, watching the commotion, and looked back her husband.
“Honey, what’s the matter…?” She asked.
“That’s not a meteorite…” Zane exclaimed, eager to pounce on the meteorite.
“What is…?” Specter asked, looking at the meteorite.

The moment Specter looked at the molten meteorite; it began to budge on its own. Becoming fearful, Specter then forcibly threw her arms down, ejecting four metallic rods protruding from each hand. Watching closely at the budging meteorite, a sense of fear bestowed the two agents.
“Is it… an egg?” Specter gasped.
“It’s …” Zane began speaking.

Suddenly, a stream of darkness emitted from the meteorite, traveling in the air like a snake. People watching began screaming in horror as the darkness circled and twisted around itself in the sky.  Zane watched in horror as the meteorite began bouncing erotically. Being unnerved watching it land and leave a mark in the ground, Zane braced his second beam saber, and turned it on. Specter paid no mind to the rock, as she was staring at the growing darkness in the air, twisting around itself.
“Of all times for this to happen…” Zane growled, “We were supposed to pick up our dry cleaning…!”
“Of all times, you’re thinking about that disgusting outfit?” Emmy gasped, becoming distort at the darkness.
“Uh… Yeah…!” Zane smirked, glancing at Emmy for a second.

All of a sudden, a shadowy figure exploded from the meteorite, sending fragments of the rock hurling into the nearby scrambling crowd and buildings. Thinking fast, Zane kicked Specter from being near him, and formed an X with his sabers, apparently blocking the shadowy figure from attacking either of them. The kick was so fierce; it sent Specter smacking the wall of a building across the street. She shivered in pain as she slid from the wall, to resting to her knees in pain. Zane glanced at Emmy again, realizing how hard he kicked her for a split second, and then focused back on the shadowy figure against his blades.
“Sorry, Specter… I didn’t want you to get too hurt…” Zane muffled under his breath.

The shadowy figure pushed itself off Zane’s blades, and soared into the swirling darkness in the sky. Now a few blocks away, Mateo began hearing commotion coming from behind him. Turning towards where he was walking from, he gasped at the sight of the swirling darkness in the sky, and immediately snatched Emmy from walking in the other direction. He swung her to the direction he was looking at and pointed.
“The hell is that?” Mateo shouted, looking at Emmy.
“It’s… Um… Oh!” Emmy smiled, “ It’s Zane’s bullshit!”
“Ha…” Mateo giggled, “Let’s go!” Mateo shouted.

Releasing Emmy, the two began running towards the darkness. Mateo pulled out his shades , placed them over his face, and grasped one beam saber. Emmy grabbed hold of her retractable staff and spun it above her head, extending the sides. Holding the staff to her back, and Mateo holding the beam in front of him, the two began charging towards the swirling darkness. Looking around at the citizens running from the opposite direction, Mateo began feeling guilty from walking away to begin with, began running faster. Emmy, horrified at the carnage the debris from the meteor caused, began shedding a tear at the people who were smashed by the debris of the meteorite.

Zane forcefully jumped into the air, with both sabers in hand, towards the darkness. He was quickly swatted out of the sky like a fly by the swirling darkness, hurling him back towards the ground. The force caused him to lose grip on one of his beam sabers. Regaining his ground, Zane spun, landing on the ground with his feet and his left hand on the ground. Zane watched in horror as the darkness began manifesting into the shadowy figure. Thinking of all his resources, with his left hand, he pulled out his beam pistol, and began wildly firing into the darkness. Specter, finally able to move from being stunned against the wall, struggled to her feet and gasped at the sight in the sky.

As it began forming the shape of a human, the entity lowered to the ground. Once it touched the ground, the very essence of its darkness began emitting in a circular rotation around the being. Suddenly, the darkness that enveloped the entity lifted, and began rotating around the being. Standing about 7 to 8 feet, the man wore a black robe with red outlines on the sleeves, and the opening of it. With two swords on his back, coated in a yellow swirl of liquid, the creature stood with his hands in the sleeves. His skin was almost the color of his robe, and his eyes were a crimson red. He stood, glaring at Zane, as if he was a parasite in front of an exterminator.
“Ah, you…” The creature spoke.

Hearing the creature speak was like 1000 needles going into your heart. The coldness of his words threw Specter out of combat stance. She quickly retracted her claws, and placed her hands to her ears and balled up, pushing herself against the wall in fear.
“Am I supposed to know you?” Zane gasped, clenching his beam saber.
“I doubt that…” The creature laughed, “I was looking for Commander Arthur… Have you seen him?”
“No! And you won’t, demon filth!” Zane shouted, placing his pistol on his belt.
“Pity… I wish you stupid humans would be more co-operative…” The creature laughed.

Zane, beginning to succumb to the creature’s thought shattering voice, clenched his saber so tight, it shorted out the beam portion, and caused it to shut off. Zane, now horrified at his saber, began smacking it with his left hand, praying it would magically turn back on.
“Allow me to introduce myself… I am Zilan, a commander from Silan. I am here to speak terms with the commander of your military. It’s obvious you are one of his soldiers… So it would be wise to let me speak with him with no resistance.” Zilan spoke, taking a couple steps closer to Zane.
“No!” Zane shouted, holstering his defective beam sword, and pulling out his pistol again, “To date, we have never negotiated with demon garbage, and we won’t start now! It is our duty to put you in check, and defeat you on sight!” Zane shouted, pointing his weapon towards the face of Zilan.
“You fool…” Zilan laughed, reaching back for his blades, “You think you can stand up to me? My blades are infused with acid… You will melt where you stand!”

Swiftly unsheathing his blades, small droplets of yellow liquid slung around, pelting the nearby scenery. Specter, scared out of her wits, quickly took refuge in a nearby building, barely escaping the acid. Zane narrowly dodged the acid, still able to move quickly on his feet. Nearby, a citizen was attempting to escape, but due to a piece of the meteorite on his foot, he was unable to. One of the men in suits were attempting to free him, but as Zilan unsheathed his weapons, a few droplets of acid landed on both the trapped civilian and the man in the suit. Zane began shaking deep in his bones as he watched the two men’s skin melt onto the ground like water. Zilan quickly glanced to his right to watch the acid eating away at the men, and began laughing hysterically.
“Does that pain you, little man?” Zilan laughed, pointing his blades at Zane, “Don’t worry… You will be joining them!”

Zilan jumped, throwing himself into the air, with his blades locked at Zane. Zane stood completely helpless, knowing his pistol would not phase his demonic skin. He lowered his pistol to the low ready, and starred into Zilan’s demonic face, stunned with despair. Specter stood at a window eaten away by acid, watching as her husband stood in front of the storm, and began shivering herself, gasping at the severity of the situation. Her eyes began sparkling with anguish, feeling helpless. Suddenly, from the right of her vision, she saw Mateo and Emmy running towards Zane. Mateo, watching the demon in the air, about to strike Zane with one blow, reached into his belt, and pulled out a red vial. He looked at Emmy, and shouted, “Maneuver 6!”

Emmy stopped where she was, and placed her staff in front of her. Instantly, her eyes began to glow a purple, same with the tip of her staff. Thinking fast, Mateo watched as Zane fell to his knees. Using Zane as a boost, Mateo stood on Zane’s back and thrust himself into the air, towards Zilan. With his blade held to his left with his right hand, and Zilan swinging his blades, Mateo smacked his blades with his. As hard as he could, Mateo threw the red vial onto Zilan’s robe, placed his feet on Zilan’s chest, and used the momentum he pushed off of the ground to kick again towards the ground. This force threw Zilan into the air, surprised a human struck him. Landing on the ground with both knees, and one hand on the ground, Mateo dropped his beam saber. Using his right hand, Mateo grabbed a piston on his hip, and aimed for Zilan. Zane, staggering to his feet, looked at Mateo,
“You can’t pierce his skin with that!” Zane shouted.
“I’m counting on it!” Mateo shouted, shooting a laser from his pistol.

Time froze as the laser beam traveled through the air. Emmy, watching the fight, gazed at Zilan while Specter stayed hopeful Zane would be alright. Zane looked straight up, watching the laser travel towards Zilan. One thought went through Zane’s mind as the laser traveled to Zilan.
“When that laser hits, I will be quested as to why someone not of the agency took down… Not just a demon, but a commander of the demonic military. I’m an upper class agent… Would I be doing Mateo a favor in letting him have this? I am going to be the laughing stock of the whole agency…” Zane said to himself.

Time sped up once more as the laser struck Zilan. Though the laser didn’t pierce his skin, it was enough to imbalance him in the air. He quickly sheathed his swords, and landed onto the ground on his feet. He glared at Mateo, and put his hands back in his sleeve.
“You… What is your name?” Zilan asked.
“Mateo Leohan…” Mateo smirked, holstering his pistol, reaching for his beam saber.
“You’re not part of this pathetic military. Your actions are… interesting.” Zilan laughed.
“Mateo, don’t speak to this filth! Look at what he’s done!” Zane shouted, pulling out his pistol, aiming it at Zilan.
“You can put that down, Zane.” Mateo smirked, holstering his beam saber.
“Mateo Leohan… I shall remember that name… How do you know I won’t strike you? Your guard is apparently-“ Zilan began speaking.

An explosion emitted from Zilan’s chest. The force was so violent, it threw Zane off balance, and caused him to roll form Mateo’s position, to Emmy’s feet. Mateo, putting his arm in front of his face, shielded his face from the blast, as Zilan was thrown into a building. Emmy stepped over Zane’s body, and ran to Mateo’s side as they both glared at the building Zilan plummeted through. Mateo smiled, looking at Emmy, who was intent, and still battle ready.
“He’s done, Emmy.”  Mateo smiled.
“But…” Emmy gasped, lowering her staff.

Zilan emerged from the building, and fell to the ground, mourning in pain. Hearing the cries made the horrified Specter lower into a ball again, placing her hands over her hears. Slowly rising from the ground, he clutched his chest, and turned towards Mateo and Emmy. A weird combination of yellow and red liquid poured from his hands.
“You… You mortally stuck me!” Zilan shouted, poking his head in the air, startled.
“I know. I know how you bastards work… I did my homework, I guess you could say.” Mateo laughed, pointing at the mortally wounded Zilan.
“I will be back for you… Just wait… I’m going to murder you… and your entire race! Everything you know and love will be blackened by my blade; personally…!” Zilan shouted, releasing his wound.

Reaching into his shredded robe, he pulled out a wand. Thrusting it into the air, he shouted,
“I will be back with an unstoppable army… Two weeks from now. When I return, you will all be nothing more than a puddle of flesh and bone!”

He began laughing hysterically as his body began turning into particles. Zane, now exhausted from the battle, rose to his feet, and staggered to Mateo’s side. Because of the blast, Zane’s left shoulder was damaged, so he began holding it. They all stood, watching as Zilan’s particles dissipated into the air. Immediately after they dissipated, Mateo glanced over at Zane, and took his shades off.
“Learn that from the academy…” Mateo chuckled.
“Mateo…” Zane gasped, looking at Mateo.

Emmy retracted her staff, and holstered it on her belt, and jumped into Mateo with open arms.
“Mateo that was amazing!” She smiled, burying her face into Mateo’s chest.

Specter ran out of the building, and rand to Zane’s side, looking at his badly damaged shoulder.
“What happened to you, Zane…?” Specter questioned Zane’s actions.
“I… I don’t know…” Zane sighed, holding his arm.

Mateo pushed off Emmy, and grabbed her arm.
“Quickly! Before their life force dissipates!” Mateo shouted, running towards the acid eaten men.

Zane and Specter watched as Mateo and Emmy ran to the men that got hit by Zilan’s acid.
“Emmy, do you have anything to fix this?” Mateo asked, pointing at the two half destroyed men.
“I can try…” Emmy replied.

Emmy fell to her knees, and closed her eyes. She placed her hands on her chest, and looked towards the two men. Specter, curious, began to step towards Emmy, but Zane placed his hand on her shoulders.
“Call headquarters… We’re finished here…” Zane exclaimed.
“But…” Specter questioned, reaching for her phone in her pouch.
“Yes! We are done here. Call headquarters, and tell them there’s a code 7 in Livia town.” Zane replied.
“What do you want to do about Mateo…?” Specter asked, glancing at both Mateo and Zane.
“What about him? The job is done, we have to go…” Zane began answering.

As Zane answered Specter, Mateo glanced at the two from the corner of his eye. Feeling eyes on them, Specter glanced back at Mateo.
“… And we will tell Commander Arthur… That we have a promising lead on a potential attack in two weeks…” Zane finished answering.
“But Mateo-“Specter gasped.
“But nothing! He’s not an agent! Not even a follower!” Zane shouted, pointing at Mateo, “He’s nothing more than rouge acting on his own! Sworn to no cause and does whatever he wants…!”

Zane shouting caused Mateo to turn towards him in disbelief.
“But he mortally wounded a commander… Something no agent has done since they became immune to our weapons… Suggest him to be a part of the Agents of Raven…!” Specter sighed, looking at Mateo.
“No…! And as my follower, you will do as I say! End of discussion.” Zane shouted, stomping the ground in anger.

Mateo sort of glared at Zane, taking a step forward.
“Zane, why…?” Mateo asked softly.
“You are a troublemaker… Do not get into the affairs of Agents… If you do it again, I will have you arrested…” Zane sighed, turning his back on Mateo.

Specter, shocked at Zane’s response, placed her hand on his good shoulder and held him back from stepping away.
“I realize there are inner problems Zane… But Mateo would greatly help in this battle. He’s knowledgeable… and he obviously knows more than we do on demons… “ Specter stated, grasping Zane’s shoulder tightly.
“And followers are supposed to stick by Agent’s commands…” Zane sighed, shrugging her hand off his shoulder, “I know we’re married… but you must do as I say. You’re letting personal feelings cloud your inner judgment…”
Emmy rose from the bodies, to her feet. She was soaked and sweat.
“They’re back… but they’ll be asleep for a little while…” Emmy panted, exhausted from using her power.

Quickly succumbing to exhaustion, Emmy smiled, and began falling towards Mateo. Watching his dear friend pass out in exhaustion, fell to his knees, and caught Emmy before smacking the ground. Mateo glared at Specter and Zane one more time, and let out a sigh.
“You may want to get out of here; there are many lower ranking agents on their way to take care of this mess…” Zane smiled, glancing again at Mateo, “If you’re here when they get here… I promise you will be locked in a cell, and never see the light of day again. Mystics aren’t supposed to perform their magic so openly… ”

Mateo dropped his jaw as Zane began walking away. Specter, slightly concerned, rand to Mateo, and fell to her knees.
“I know we aren’t friends or anything… But don’t worry; I will attempt to get word in to Arthur… You at least deserve thanks… And Emmy deserves more of a thanks for healing these two… Mystics are rare, and a few… Don’t worry.” Specter whispered.

In one swift motion, as Specter stood up, she dropped a small piece of paper in front of Mateo, and then began trotting towards Zane. He caught it, and placed it into his pocket. Mateo, holding an unconscious Emmy, sat in disbelief listening to Zane. Putting Emmy on his shoulder, Mateo stood from the ground. Turning his back on the two men that Emmy healed, Mateo began walking down the same road they were walking down earlier. Deep in thought, Mateo concentrated on what was in front of him, thinking about Zane’s words.
“I’ll never forget that day Zane. You took it all from me… Everything…” Mateo murmured to himself.
“Mateo…?” Emmy asked softly, exhausted, “Thank you for carrying me…”
“No problem” Mateo smiled, relieved Emmy is alright.
“Were you… talking about Zane again…?” Emmy asked in a soft, concerned voice.
“Yeah, Sorry, I need to stop it.” Mateo sighed.
“Tell me again… Talking about it makes you feel better…” Emmy commented.
“About 10 years ago, we were about… 14, or 15… Zane and I were training to be agents. We were friends back then, and we did everything together. But one thing was different between him and me… He had parents… and he had everything… I had… well… None of that… My parents left me in that damned building and went off to battle demons on Silan… And they never returned. I wanted to be an Agent, so I may join the battle against this evil… Zane wanted to join, because his family wanted him to succeed. So we both tried at the academy… We passed the tests, the trials… I even surpassed Zane from time to time… But… at the final, Zane challenged me to Mal’korak level three… right after my final trial. The instructors, and Arthur himself, watched as he challenged me… So I had no choice but to accept… Even though I was at a huge disadvantage…  I was exhausted, and my body was hurt… The battle lasted several hours… but he ultimately beat me… I got expelled from the academy, and Commander Arthur even said to me in front of all those agents, that he’s never seen such poor swordsmanship… and he said I would never be in his Agency. That my family would be so embarrassed… So I left…  And the only way I would get back in is if I challenge another agent at level five… which is to the death.”
Mateo, stopping his story, stopped at a half broken door.
“Can you stand?” Mateo asked.
“I think so…” Emmy replied softly.

He gently set Emmy down to her feet, and stood back up. Mateo opened the door, allowing Emmy to enter first. Following behind, Mateo shut the door and began continuing his story.
“Zane didn’t want competition… He wanted all the glory, and fame. So he began challenging several higher ranking agents to reach his current stature. To date, no other agent can beat, or withstand him… Unless they’re infused with mystic,  and that’s its own entity in the military.”

Emmy grabbed hold of Mateo’s arm, and tugged him to the stairs.
“Continue your story please! I would like to shower, while you’re telling it… Please?” Emmy pleaded.
“Fine, let’s go.” Mateo sighed, taking off his trench coat, and hanging it on the coat rack next to the door.

Before proceeding up the stairs, Mateo took off his utility belt, and laid it on the floor, under his coat. Emmy grasped his left arm, and dragged him into the bathroom where their shower was. Mateo walked over, and sat on a chair, as Emmy shut the bathroom door.
“Now continue…” Emmy smiled, dropping her clothes to her undergarments.

She proceeded to remove her clothing, which made Mateo partially uncomfortable. He shielded his eyes, hoping not to see her luscious curves. Emmy giggled, watching Mateo covering her eyes, and stepped into the shower. Removing her undergarments and throwing them over the shower, she turned on the hot and cold water.
“Continue… cutie-pie…” Emmy smiled, feeling the water flowing over her body.
“So, over the years… I never found out why Zane feels the way he does about me. I’ve tried again and again to find out… but he never told me. So I trained on my own… I went to the forbidden library and trained there… I also read up on agents of the past… fighting styles… and information of our planets… Until today, I haven’t spoken to him. Just here say… And from the looks of it, he hasn’t changed one bit. And it’s sad.” Mateo explained, looking up from covering his eyes.
“Damn, I should have slapped him with my dick!” Emmy shouted, slinging her hair from one side to the other.
“That would require you to… never mind…” Mateo replied, being caught in her joke.
“Loser! Clean yourself! You’re nasty!” Emmy shouted.

“I don’t stick!” Mateo replied, standing from his seat.

Mateo then lifted his arm, expecting not to smell anything, and got greeted with funk. He quickly withdrew his face, and looked to the ground. Slowly taking his boots off, he began to remove his clothing.

Meanwhile, Zane and Specter get back in their blue car, and begin heading towards the capitol building. Still slightly injured, Zane chose to be the passenger. As the car lifts off, Zane puts his seat belt on, and glances outside the window in deep thought. Specter, glancing over at Zane, and began pondering why he is neglecting to tell the commander what Mateo did.
“I’m not very happy with you…” Specter sighed in disappointment.
“Don’t give me that shit…” Zane replied snarky, “I have an image to upkeep.”

Specter quickly glanced at Zane, enough for him to realize she was staring at him for a brief moment.
“Mateo saved your life. Not only did he save your life, he saved mine… and that girl Emmy saved two people that were almost completely melted…” Specter shouted, paying attention again to driving.
“We could have done the exact same thing! It’s called protocols! We have guidelines to follow! Mateo doesn’t want to, or feel the need to follow them!” Zane shouted back, glaring at Specter.
“Yes you are right…” Specter sighed, “But that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t man-up and tell him thank you for saving your life… He even saved mine!”
“I know that!” Zane shouted back.
“I realize there’s some emotional sob story between you two, but you need to man-up and suggest to Arthur that Mateo deserves a shot at joining the Agency…” Specter explained, “You saw what he did to that demon back there…”
“No! Absolutely not…!” Zane answered, stomping the floor board.
“But… why?” Specter replied, beginning to feel hopeless for Mateo’s cause, “He obviously still cares for you… If he didn’t you would be a puddle of flesh!”
“You don’t understand; damn-it!!” Zane shouted, slamming his fist against the door.

Specter hit the brakes, stopping the car instantly. Zane’s head rocketed forward, almost bashing against the dash. Almost

Hearing the hit against the door startled Specter, slightly jerking the car.
“When we were much younger… We used to be friends. I lived a noble’s life… While he technically, lived in the slums. People would make jokes… and trash his house constantly…  Of course, I would defend him, because deep down I felt it was the right thing. I’d give him money, and I’d make sure he was doing alright from time to time. We also trained together, so we could join the academy. Over the years we grew up… Kind of got a little distant…” Zane sighed.
“Wait whoa… So you were actually nice to someone that didn’t have a vagina??” Specter gasped, dropping her jaw in astonishment.
“Shut up…” Zane replied, “As time passed… We were finally of age to join the Agency. We walked in together… as friends. Deep down, I knew Mateo was better than me. He’s more cunning, faster, and strategically superior… But he gets his drive from his emotions, and it can cloud his judgment at times. But, as we were performing our tests, some of the other recruits were catching wind of Mateo’s exotic actions… I, trying not to pay attention, watched as the metallic gladiator he was teamed up against, was sabotaged…” Zane explained, looking towards the floorboard, “So, Mateo went to battle against an anti-human android… And there was nothing I can do. I wanted to say something, but when I tried to warn him, I withdrew…  Afterwards, Commander Arthur knew it was sabotaged… but didn’t know anything about it. We all watched as Mateo was slung across the room, crushed, beaten, punched, and almost sliced in half…” Zane shivered.
“Oh my god…” Specter gasped, “How…?”
“He survived somehow. He decapitated the machine with only one swing from his good arm and his beam saber… But when he landed, he looked like a dead body. Everyone thought he was dead from the last hit he took… I jumped off the wall, and ran to him to check his vitals… And they were good. But; I overheard the other Agents to be… Agents… Level 2, 3 and 4 agents… Along with Arthur murmuring something on the lines of… Throwing him out like garbage… Or humiliating him because of who his parents were… Commander Arthur looked at me with his wicked eyes… I knew what that look was… He wanted me to challenge Mateo right then and there… To a Mal’korak level five…  I got sick, because level five means death. Someone will not walk away with their life… So I turned to Mateo, and turned on my saber… I looked at him, struggling to even move… And challenged him to a level three… That’s not what everyone wanted… But… he was my friend… What was I supposed to do? I didn’t want to kill my friend… but I also wanted to be an Agent. Mateo stood up… With his saber… and asked me…” Zane cringed, grasping his torn pants.
“You… You do care about him… “Specter gasped, shocked at Zane’s story.
“He asked me why I would challenge him at the pinnacle of the Agency. Why… Would his best friend challenge losing what he fought for all these years? For the sake of his family…; for his beliefs; And when he looked at me… the amount of hatred, scared me. Because I think at that moment, Mateo gave up trying to achieve the Agency. He wanted me dead, and as he pulled out his weapon again, he told me I was nothing but an egotistical pile of trash… and he was ashamed to call me his friend. Even with his body broken up, and bruised, he fought me with everything he had. All his hatred, his sorrow… I felt everything as we collided. Throughout the fight, he shouted words… And these words ripped apart our friendship…  And pushed me to the edge, to where I had to win. I had to succeed.” Zane sighed, grinding her teeth together.
“That is horrible!” Specter shouted, taking her eyes off the road for a second to see Zane.
“One thing that rang out to me was… He mentioned everyone in his life betrayed him for their own selfish ambitions. One day, everything will catch up and strike every person down with a beam of righteousness. But the thing was… I do care about Mateo… But I wanted to stay in the Agency. So I beat him. Despite all his injuries, I beat him to the point where I almost had to run him through… Finally succumbing to his injuries, he held his saber up to strike me; he dropped his weapon… and passed out. I dropped my saber, and grabbed him, lowering him to the ground. Commander Arthur thanked my charisma, but I should have challenged a level 5 to make a higher rank at the start. Because of the hefty battle Mateo done, and since I beat him, I made a level 2 agent… As the tests continued, I picked up our sabers, and I carried him to his house. It was trashed, like always, and I laid him down in his room. I put all his stuff on the table, and I left a vial to cure him when he woke. I also left him a check for 10 billion lexus… That was my entire life long savings… And I left a note, telling him from this point on… We are no longer friends, and it would be to his interest not to peruse the Agency anymore. If he does, I am personally coming… and I will challenge to a level 5… And end it all.” Zane growled a little bit.
“Zane…” Specter moaned in pity.
“So, when I said I have an image to upkeep… It’s to protect him. Nobody in the Agency wants him in… And to be frank, I’m not about to question Commander Arthur. With a flick of his finger, multiple agents will be more than eager to strike anyone he commands down with no question. He’s a humble gentleman… but…” Zane explained, wiping tears from his face once more.
“I see…” Specter shivered.

Suddenly, the car came to a halt.
“We’re home, Zane.” Specter attempted to smile, letting Zane’s story get to her.
“Thank god…” Zane screamed, opening the car door.

Each agent and follower was given their own quarters. Blue pillars surrounded by circular barriers stretched from the ground, to the dome in the sky. Each building was imbedded into the pillar, housing two individuals with a small parking garage attached to the building. Also, every building had a gated grassy field, allowing the agents to have a flower garden or fountain. Zane, stepping out of the car, approached the door to his house when Specter jumped in front of the door, with her hands extended.
“Hey, what gives? I want to shower…” Zane gasped, confused.
“I doubt you’ll be showering first…” Specter growled.
“Excuse me??” Zane asked, leaning to be eye to eye with Specter.
“You are horrible! Trying to make a girl go last…!” Specter screamed, pushing forward with her arms.

In one swift motion, Specter pushed Zane, throwing him off balance. Taking the chance, Specter pushed a button to open the electronic door, and dashed into the house. Zane, regaining balance, realized he was tricked by Specter, and began chasing after her. Entering the house, Zane pushed a button on his belt, allowing his belt to fall off his body, and land on the tiled floor. He heard Specter laughing down the hallway, already in the bathroom. As he turned down the hallway, the floor was covered in Specter’s clothing. As he approached the door of the bathroom, Zane quickly took off all his clothes.
“I’m coming in!” Zane shouted, giggling.
“You’re too slow, slowpoke” Specter laughed, turning on the water.

Zane grasped the door, and slowly opened the bathroom door, revealing Specter’s curvy body to him. He began drooling as she stepped into the shower, and closed the curtain.
“Get in, you pervert…” Specter shouted, feeling like a piece of meat.
“Uh, sure…!” Zane giggled, sliding the curtain far enough to step into the shower.

Stepping inside, Zane closed the curtain to see Specter standing under the water. Zane smiled, looking at his gorgeous wife, and reached out his arms.
“Thank you… Specter…” Zane smiled, placing his hands on her hips.

Specter, wanting to shower, punched Zane in the middle of his chest.
“No… Not the time! I feel disgusting…” Specter shouted, turning 180 degrees, “My hair is a wreck, my nails are all jacked up… Oh, my hair smells horrible and now has split and frayed ends, my skin is bruised… I am going through a crisis, and all you’re concerned about is wrapping around me like a pretzel…!”

Now out of breath, Zane turned to the opposite side, and turned his side of the shower.  As Specter began ringing her hair out of all the lose water, she glanced at Zane, and giggled slightly.
“Thanks for telling me… About Mateo…” Specter smiled.
“Oh?” Zane questioned, reaching for the soap under the shower head.
“Yeah, thank you… Should I… treat him like you do?” Specter asked, reaching for the shampoo.
“You were never involved… I don’t care what you do… But whatever you do, don’t tell him what happened that day. Let him stay with the story he has… I definitely don’t want to hurt him… But I have to keep him away from attempting the Agency… No matter what…” Zane replied.
“Understood…” Specter sighed, slightly confused.
“Specter…” Zane sighed, turning to Specter’s back, “I know what you’re thinking… If you were to jeopardize what has already happened, you’ll be going against the code of the Agency… You would have to be expelled, and possibly terminated for going against the Agency’s word…” Zane explained.
“But… He hates you over a sort of… corrupt system. Maybe… I don’t want… to be a part of it… anymore… Zane…” Specter pleaded, turning to Zane, “I want out of this horrible battle-ridden life. I want to live like a normal person! I’m tired of the Agency… I’m tired of fighting… I.. I don’t want to lose you, or anyone else…”

Zane reached out, grabbing Specter’s shoulders, and brought her to his body. He embraced her delicate body with a slight squeeze to comfort her.
“ I know you do… if the opportunity opens up… We can try to get out…” Zane replied.

Specter swiftly lifted her head, looking into his eyes with delight.
“Really…!?” Specter smiled with joy, “Do you really mean it?”
“Getting out of the agency after 7 years of service… Sounds about the right time to leave…” Zane smiled, looking down at his beautiful wife.
“Oh Zane…!” Specter shouted happily, lifting herself up with her tip toes.

Leaning upwards, Specter placed her lips onto Zane’s, and wrapped her around him while he wrapped around the lower area of her body.


~ by Mateo the Wonderer on December 20, 2014.

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