Monty, the best Pomeranian. 5/2010 – 6/30/2018

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August 2010, I was in the works of preparing to come home from Iraq. I instructed my mother that I wanted 2 personable Pomeranians, and I trusted her judgment because of the Chihuahuas that always wanted to kill me because they loved her so much. So… her it is, almost time to come home, and my mom tells me that she has 2 Pomeranians ready to go home with me. Monty the white poof, and Kizzie the alternate poof.

My mother fell in love with Monty immediately. Spoiled him to death, to the point where he was allowed to drink coffee out of a coffee cup, eat / drink from the dirty dishes, and just was an all around amazing dog. He learned to fetch too [I think form there]. When I went to retrieve him, my mother cried, because she grew insanely attached to the dog. But… He was mine! lol.

Within the first week of being at the house, he dug under the fence, and began digging holes. The first order of business was to NOT neuter him. I wanted to breed Monty and Kizzie so I could have more Pomeranians! Dumb choice?! Fack yeah it was, because there’s enough dogs in this world. I don’t need to bring more in that would possibly create more problems than relieve them. It was December of 2010 [2 months after I drove to VA Beach and purchased another Pomeranian, Bluebie… Just to find out her ass is not even 5 pounds] , and when I walked outside, he was stuck under the fence, trying to get out… Oh man, that day was bad. Within a month, he and Kizzie were neutered. Within the year, Monty mellowed out… I mean MELLOWED OUT. He went from super crazy hyper running around; to chillax 2/3rds of the day. But he would come to you if you called him.

One of the greatest things about Monty: He would come to you if he was called. Any. Time… Well, except for if you did something he did NOT care for. For example, holding up a plastic bag. A loud noise like a Vacuum cleaner. Stomping your foot on the floor. Making a startling motion towards him. If you did ANY of these things, he would do kind of a huff, puff, and walk away. Now… If you force him to get close to these objects, especially a vacuum cleaner, his anal glands would release, and shit would go EVERYWHERE… I MEAN… EVERYWHERE. Followed by a super high pitch whine, followed by scattering and never coming back to sight lol.

So… Now we’re sitting in 2011. I got this bright idea to clean the yard. As I start cleaning, throwing sticks to fetch, I see Kathy rattling a log with her foot. When I come over there, there is Monty scratching at this thing, screaming, hollering, barking loudly, and ripping at this log.

It was just unheard of… I mean, I heard of pitbulls and other big dogs doing this, but not Pomeranians. Just super mind blowing. From here until… Things went down, this is kind of how Monty lived his life. During the day he would play outside, and inside, he would wrestle the Beagle, and let Kizzie clean his ears. Man, Kizzie cleaned Monty literally all the time. Hence why I wanted Kizzie to breed. Everything Kizzie and Monty did, they did together… Except sleep together. They weren’t having any of that shit lol. Kizzie hates when anything moves near them. Monty would hate any dog, or any PERSON budging him when he tried to sleep.

His sleeping posture was super adorable also. This is how he slept 99# of the time. If not in a cozy chair, he was perched on a couch somewhere.

He also loved walks. OMFG This dog could walk. He would walk at an astronomically long distance, but if he pooped, that speed would die down fast… As in he would walk against your ankles.

One day, when I was home, I decided to play a video involving other dogs barking, and when he heard it he came into the room like lightning… And started twisting his head. This I played it again, and got it on video.

From then on, anytime I played this video, Monty would go from barking, to yapping, to howling, to annoying combination of all of that. This made the other dogs, including Kizzie, bark and howl.


So, lets fast forward a few years, to 2011. Once we moved into our new house, he continued these amazing, loveable things. One thing I hated the most about him though, and it almost cost us to relocate him, is that he HATED Jackson when he was born. Absolutely hated him. Would growl if he was near, walk away, and stayed away… He started peeing and pooping everywhere, and it almost pushed us to get rid of him… Until he started chasing the ball with Jackson in my lap [The video is on FB]. From then on, Monty warmed up strongly to Jackson. It was amazing!!!

Fast forward a few more years, and Monty became super protective of Kathy. I couldn’t even pick her up without Monty biting me. Literally biting me… It sucked. But, I even miss that about him.

This year, I watched as my fetching, happy, lazy, food craving, insane dog slow down immensely over the past few months. With each month, he started slowing down, panting a lot, and started falling over randomly. For a month or two, I shrugged it off as if it was nothing to worry about. Tripped, tired, exhausted from the heat, that kind of thing. Well, while Kathy and I were at the Tough Mudder, my mother noticed him falling over constantly more, and by this point, he wasn’t even running.. And for my mom, that’s not a good sign. So… Literally an hour after we got back from the Tough Mudder, scarred, sore, tired, and beaten up, I took Monty to the Vet ER in Central Park. I SAT THERE ALMSOT 4 FUCKING HOURS… They did an XRAY of his stomach, and I did… a dumbass move. I brought him home, and took him to my normal VA visit. +$350 right there. So I took him, and they had me take him BACK to VET ER… That visit was #300ish. Then… Come to find out he needed a complete blood transfusion, due to his red blood cell count dropping to 9%. The fact he was still able to walk, eat, and bark normally was a mind blower even to the doctors. +$1600.

With meds on hand, the transfusion was a success… His red blood cell count went from 9 to 18%, and we THOUGHT Everything would be fine. From June 9th to the 28th, he went from mostly normal Monty to… Even more lethargic, tired, and started growling if I touched him… After much conversation about it, Kathy and I agreed to take him a second time to the Vet ER. Come to find out, his red blood cell count was at 9% again. That night, when Kathy brought him home, she cooked him a huge steak, and we were both at a loss… We didn’t know what to do. We talked about going ahead with ANOTHER blood transfusion, and seeing what happens [THe last one was a blood transfusion, this one was a perfect match for his blood or something like that]. From that point, I was considering the… Ultimate option. But Kathy said to me, we should do it, and give his next couple weeks the best weeks of his life. Eating tons of table food, lots of walks, and doing EVERYTHING Monty… Well, after Kathy took him back, after he got to enjoy lots of steak, she took him back and agreed to another blood transfusion. +$1600.

Then something happened… His blood cell count went up to 32%, which was fucking FANTASTIC! Kathy and I were super super excited, because he could actually pull through! The doctors told us that his energy is coming back, and he’s sooooo happy go lucky! Kathy went to visit him, because she wanted to see… And she was right. He was back to old happy Monty! But I requested him to stay another night, due to his constant bloody puke, and diarrhea. He also caught a crazy fever, which NONE of us even considered was an issue.

The next morning, as I got ready to pick him up, his energy was borderline completely gone. Even in his face, he was… Checked out. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The doctor suggested we get an ultrasound done, because his abdomen is highly pained, and they didn’t have the instruments to do anything. So, after coming this far Kathy and I were like “Shit, this should be a piece of cake!” I let him walk in the house for… about 15 minutes before Kathy took him to Richmond. He walked right to his crate, bypassing all the dogs, which was heartbreaking on its own. He laid in HIS NORMAL crate, then laid in the small one with his back facing everyone… When I went to get him, he growled at me. This wasn’t a normal growl, this was a “GTFO me” growl… It scared me. So, I put him in the car, and Kathy took him to Richmond.

So, when she got home, we anxiously waited to hear what’s going on with our Monty. How we’re gonna handle him after all this craziness is over. Kathy came back home around… 3? Every hour we were either calling there, or they were calling us. The procedure to remove the 3 rocks in his stomach [Ultrasound, $600 showed positive in that, along with a FUCKTON of abnormalities] started at 5. Before this, they told us he has a ton of fluid in his abdomen, in his intestines, and he hasn’t stopped pooping and throwing up blood.

So, the next 2 hours, we talked some more, along with playing World of Warcraft to get our minds off of it. So… Here it is almost 7 – 8PM… We get a phone call. Kathy and I are looking at each other like “Here it is! He’s gonna have one hell of a recovery, but we’re gonna bring him home, feed him steak, and treats galore”.

No. The DR got choked up, and told us that he passed away on the table 10 minutes after coming back from the anesthesia. They got the rocks out of his stomach though, but the lining of his stomach was almost nothing but dead tissue, his stomach was severely abnormally thick, and he had fatty tumors growing around the 3 rocks. By this point, Kathy and I were like “No way… NO… NO!”

When we hung up the phone, Kathy got her clothes on, and went to retrieve the body. Being it was the weekend before the 4th, the trip was long, and tiring… Kathy got home with a huge white box around 12:30. She sat it in the kitchen, her and I both full of tears, to let the dogs smell it so THEY understand what’s going on. Buster would not stop sniffing the box, and I watched his hair stand up, as well as his tail lower.

Against my inner judgment, I left the room when she opened the box. All the dogs stopped moving. Buster touched Monty’s nose, and then hauled ass into the computer room doorway… His tail was wagging, but he refused to go back in the kitchen. I walked over, sat on the couch, and Buster jumped to me in a way he never did before… He was crying. Buster, the lovey dovery chunky fat, playful meat chunky dog was crying in front of me, and whimpering. He was rubbing his face onto my shirt, and pushing into me… It shattered me more than I thought it did. Of all thing, I remember that moment. Manx laid down, and Kizzie. My god that little thing. Her eyes water, but I had to wipe the crusting liquid from her face. She was so sad…

Even now, the dogs are super loafy now. It’s been almost 2 weeks, and though things have been adjusting, Buster just… wines in his crate now at night from time to time. Kizzie has adjusted a bit, putting all the cleaning and umph towards Manx, but you can tell it’s not the same. None of the dogs are the same. You cannot mention Monty without Buster coming at a high rate of speed… It shatters me, so I refrain from even talking about him.

Kathy has been coping by putting her attention outside, as well as mulcting and de-weeding the yard. I have been PVPing, and trying hard to get my mind off my dog, but… It’s hard. Coping is so hard when your best friend passes away. Cliffnotes version, I had one hell of a time adjusting to civilian life when I got back from Iraq… Monty played one of the biggest roles during that time. You all may not believe it, but Monty was my best friend, and I’ll never forget the support and fun he brought me.

Today, I go to retrieve his cremated box, along with a paw print. I’m bringing my dog home, so he may be at peace.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I know he was just a dog, but… Of any dog I ever met, he had such a crazy personality, such a crazy life, that I had to share. I will never forget him, and I will honor him as much as I can the rest of my life. If I share stories, or talk about him… Please, just listen to it. I don’t need tons of sympathy, or anything like that… Just listen. It’s hard to believe, but despite what I do post on Facebook… I don’t give out how I truly feel about shit willy nilly. It’s hard to talk about what I feel without the thought of backlash. This is the video I made, to contribute to the loss of my amazing dog.

Have a good one, and I appreciate the time you took to read. 🙂




Chapter 18: The Great Disaster Explained

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The next morning, Mateo, Achilles, Lauren, and Diana began finishing their preparations to leave the area. While Mateo finished tightening the last of a duffle bag, Achilles placed his bag onto the floor, and looked at Mateo.
“Can I ask you something?” Achilles questioned.
“Sure.” Mateo responded, placing his bag onto his back.
“When we get to the town in the south, where to after that?” Achilles asked.
“I… I don’t really know, honestly. Once we get to some kind of civilization, then I guess we keep traveling. If we are to go to Infinite Tower, then we need to be one hundred percent ready.” Mateo responded.

Suddenly, the tress in the surrounding area started ruffling harshly from the sudden wind. Within moments, Diana and Lauren came charging into the room with bags on their backs.
“We have to go! Something’s wrong!!” Diana shouted, grabbing hold of Mateo’s arm.

She violently dragged Mateo outside, and pointed to the sky. Mateo was horrified to watch purple rings pulsing into the sky, followed by sparking lights raining from their afterimage.
“Oh… no. We have to go! Now!!” Mateo shouted as loud as he could.

Grabbing all they could, Lauren and Achilles charged out of the room, following Mateo towards trees. For a brief second, he glanced back and saw Shimara standing from her deck, glaring at Mateo with evil-festering eyes. Behind her was Palacio, starring down towards the ground in disgust. With no time to survey them, Mateo continued through the forest.
“What is that light??” Achilles shouted.
“That’s the terra-former! We need to hurry!” Mateo shouted, knocking more branches from his face.
“Then what’s… that??” Lauren shouted, pointing in the distance.

Ahead of them stood a person bathed in a purple-like color. They wore a cloak, covering all but their faces, and a long blade was sitting in their hand. Unfamiliar with the being, Mateo reached for his beam saber. As they approached the being, its solid white eyes opened, and wielded the blade in an attempt to strike at them.
“Keep going!” Mateo shouted, pointing to the left of the being.

While the other three turned a few degrees, Mateo pulled his weapon out and jumped straight into the unknown being. It not only blocked Mateo’s attack, but deflected it and him into a neighboring tree. Mateo quickly bent to his knees, barely dodging the being’s attack and followed with a forward slash, slicing it in two. As Mateo jumped ahead a little, he dropped his jaw in astonishment. The creature turned towards Mateo while its midsection wound reattached.
“What the hell are you??” Mateo gasped, holding his saber tightly towards the creature.

Mateo slightly caught glimpse of its mouth movements before it charged him once again. Unable to do damage to the creature, Mateo quickly put away his saber, turned towards the direction Achilles and the others were running, and sprinted to catch up. As he ran faster and faster, he saw in the slight distance Lauren and Diana with Achilles at the front. Unknowingly to Mateo, the creature was right on his backside, barely in striking range. When it tried to strike Mateo, it barely scathed his backpack, and the force of the swing struck several trees, making them completely explode. This caught Mateo’s attention, shocking him to the core. Thinking fast, he reached for his saber again, and pressed a button on the bottom portion and chucked it to the ground. The moment the creature stepped on it, a blinding green light emitted from the saber, causing a small explosion. The force of the explosion pushed Mateo speeding swiftly past Achilles. Achilles caught glimpse of the explosion, and saw a tumbling Mateo fly through trees and branches.

Unable to find out what happened, the three continued to charge in the same direction. All of a sudden, the same creature that attacked Mateo, started appearing all over the place in the forest. At the same time, Achilles ran across Mateo, who was bruised and scratched from the previous explosion. As the three vastly helped him to his feet, they attempted to run again, but was faced with hundreds of the glowing purple beings.
“What’s going on??” Diana asked.
“The hell are these things?” Achilles asked, nudging Mateo with his arm.
“I… I don’t know… I can’t hurt them.” Mateo responded, wiping blood and dirt from his face.

This struck fear in both Lauren and Diana. Mateo, who reached in his pocket, realized he still had his plasma blaster, to his surprise. Before he had a chance to pull it out, a thundering voice echoed amongst the group.
“Run…!” It shouted.

As the four heard the voice, large explosions erupted form the direction they ran, followed by the purple beings floating back into the air. Confused, and Mateo being distorted, the four continued to run at an even more accelerated pace. The explosions were so violent, the four could feel the shockwaves pressing on their bodies, almost tripping them. It wasn’t long before they came across a blinding light at the end of the forest.
“There’s a clearing ahead!!” Mateo shouted.

Feeling the sheer pressure of the shockwaves, they all braced themselves for the bright light. As soon as they stepped into it, the light quickly subsided, and unveiled to them a large cliff. Below raged a fierce river. Before Mateo and the others could stop their momentum, they helplessly stepped off the cliff, starting in a free fall towards the river. Diana attempted to reach for the cliff, but one of the shockwaves blew them too far, sending them down. She watched as the very cliff they were reaching for quickly exploded, sending debris falling along with them. In the free fall, Mateo quickly reached for Lauren and Achilles’s hands. Still a little disoriented from the explosion earlier, he was unable to quickly locate Diana. Within seconds, they all impacted the water.

Lauren, who quickly swam to the surface, gasped for air as she tried to locate the others. Above, the sky was quickly covered by debris shrouding them all in darkness. Lauren helplessly tried to stay above the raging river as the current washed her down the stream. Streaks of light shined only for a brief moment from above, giving her glimpses of the surroundings. She was completely surrounded in tree fragments, rock, and random things. Suddenly, she caught glimpse of a glimmer of light at the end of the river, but at the same time she felt the current pick up significantly faster. Unable to move from the stream, or see anything but that glimmer, she knew exactly what was coming.

Desperately, she attempted to swim against the current. Not only was she quickly unsuccessful, something caught her leg, pulling her under the current. As hard as she could, she kicked her leg away, freeing herself. When she returned to the surface, the light subsided, showing her the tip of the waterfall. For a brief second, she was able to fully see the landscape. The clouds were churning with smoke, golden sun light, and a purple mix all over, as well as explosions all over the cliffs. To her surprise, random building began sprouting from the explosions. Her curiously quickly ended, as she fell with the current over the tip of the waterfall. The only thing she could do was let out a blood curdling scream as she passed out before impacting the bottom of the waterfall.

She then opened her eyes, finding herself to be laying in a large golden room.
“What…? Where am I…?” Lauren gasped, grabbing hold of her body.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly threw the covers off her body, and jumped to her feet. Looking downwards, she realized she was wearing a black shorts, with a tank top covering only her breasts. On her neck she felt a white necklace on. Her hair was also tied into a ponytail. On her feet were black tennis shoes. Her sack sat next to the bed where she stood up.
“I’m… I’m alive?” Lauren gasped.
“Of course you are, silly…” Said a man walking in to the room.

As the man’s voice echoed through the room, Lauren turned to the man in disbelief.
“… Max?” Lauren gasped, gazing at her old lover, “How… are you alive?”
“Sweets… Are you alright?” Max asked, walking towards her.

She quickly refrained from him touching her.
“You were running a fever, so…” Max responded, pulling out a bowl of soup from his back, “I made you some ramen.”

He slowly placed the ramen onto a table sitting next to the bed.
“I will leave… this here. Are you feeling alright still? You were having a god awful dream…” Max asked, taking a step back.
“You… You were dead…! Achilles…” Lauren gasped.
“Who’s that?” Max asked, sitting onto the bed, “Come sit down with me.”
“No…! I can’t! You’re dead…!” Lauren shouted, backing up towards the wall.

Max stood from the bed, and approached Lauren with a concerned look on his face.
“Lauren… Please… You’re actually starting to scare me.” Max stated, concerned, “You were out for days… Please, what’s wrong?”

As he reached his hand out to touch her, she clinched up, burying her face into her palms. The moment his touch rested onto her shoulder, a warm feeling soothed Lauren, allowing her to relax. She slowly stood firm, looking at Max.
“Tell me… What’s wrong?” Max asked.
“I…” Lauren responded calmly for a brief moment, “I… Was all of it a dream?”

Max put both hands onto her shoulders,
“I guess so… I’m literally standing in front of you in the flesh. How could I be dead?” Max smiled.

Drawing her in, he embraced her comfortably, placing his head on top of hers. Feeling much more relaxed, she placed her hands into his chest, and let out a snug sigh.
“What were you dreaming about?” Max asked.

Lauren peeled off of Max, and pulled him over to the bed. She sat him down, and sat next to him. Glancing at her sack, she realized it was soaked. There was a puddle still formed around the bag.
“I’ve… been out for days?” She asked, looking back at Max.
“Yes, I’ve been worried sick.” Max responded, “Now tell me what happened.”
“But you were at central station…!” Lauren stated, trying to withdraw from Max, “You tried to…!”

Max continued to hold Lauren to his body.
“Shhhhh!!! Lauren! Calm down…!” Max begged, stroking her blue hair, “Maybe a stroll around the block will calm your mind?”

After thinking about the decision for a second, she nudged him, signaling an agreement.
“You should grab your jacket before heading out… It’s rather cold.” Max suggested, pointing at a rather long coat hanging next to the door.

When they stood from the bed, Max scurried to the coat, bringing it off the coat hanger. Lauren slightly blushed when approaching him, extending her arm for him to put the coat over her arm.
“Max, are you… alright?” Lauren questioned, “I don’t ever remember you being so nice!”
“Thing’s changed, and I regret… Everything I done, Lauren.” Max smiled, sliding the other sleeve onto Lauren’s arm.

He quickly spun her around, grabbing her by her hips. Slowly, he pulled her towards his body.
“I’ve done a long of bad things to you… I am sorry, Lauren… From the bottom of my heart. I won’t ever leave your side, ever again…” Max spoke in a warm, soft voice.

His voice not only convinced her, she melted in his arms.
“I love you.” Lauren smiled, embracing him.
“I… Love you too. Now, let’s go get some fresh air.” Max smiled.

Max opened the door for her, and the two walked down a red carpeted hallway towards two large golden doors. As the two stood at the towering doors, Lauren could hardly breathe from the sight of the beautiful doors.
“Where are we Max??” Lauren gasped, looking up at the towering doors.
“We are in Raven!” Max smiled, opening the doors.

Hearing Raven immediately shook Lauren to the core, but was overwhelmed at the sight when he opened the door.
“Oh… This is Raven???” Lauren gasped, running outside to the balcony.
“Yes…” Max responded, approaching Lauren at the balcony edge.
“The trees… The vegetation… The buildings… The homes… Look over there!” Lauren started spewing everything that came to sight in an excited tone, “I’ve never seen such a stunning view!”
“I know… You’re very beautiful too…” Max smiled, gazing at Lauren’s radiating light.
“What is that…? Gleaming pillar of light in the distance??” Lauren asked.
“That’s the Shining Tower. It had a cryptic name beforehand, but now it’s called The Shining Tower. It’s where the president resides.” Max smiled, gazing at the tower’s beauty.
“Cryptic… name? Infinite tower…?” Lauren questioned, turning towards him.
“Yes…” Max replied, “Come with me, there’s a lot I need to show you.”

Grabbing Lauren’s hand, the two walked down a curved stairwell that circled a waterfall from the foundation of the building. Once below, he continued holding her hand as they walked down the beautifully maintained road.
“Everything’s so pretty…” Lauren gasped, looking around in astonishment.
“Indeed. Things have come a long way thanks to Arthur.” Max explained.

Hearing Arthur’s name almost made Lauren slap Max. Unfortunately, she couldn’t budge her hand from the passion she started sharing for Max again.
“After The Great Disaster, what was left of the scientists, Commander Arthur, and the demons of Silan all worked together, and stabilized the core of Infinite Tower. With the help of Zilan, Silan’s second in command, and elite demons, they were all able to purify the core of Infinite Tower, turning it into a beacon of light. The very moment the light emerged from the tower, great and powerful magic were unleashed for miles… It healed the wounded, resurrected the dead, mended amputations, everything you could possibly imagine!” Max explained.

During his explanation, he stopped at a statue in the middle of the street.
“There’s a statue built here in the name of the alliance.” Max smiled, gazing at the statue.

It was a statue of Zilan, and Commander Arthur standing side by side, with Silan between the two holding a crystal in his hand.
“We all now co-exist with not only demons, but the habitants of this planet as well!” Max smiled.
“What…? But…!” Lauren gasped, remembering the events that took place prior to.
“But?” Max questioned.

After a few seconds of looking at the statue, and the confidence Max had while looking at the statue, she shook her head for a moment, and smiled along with him.
“It’s nothing.” Lauren replied with a warm smile, “So… The residents here settled down?” Lauren questioned.
“Absolutely. Within days, both scientists of human and demonic cultures started combining their technologies and powers. Our culture is back!” Max cheered.

The two started walking around the state, and continuing down another road.
“Look over there.” Max pointed out.

As Lauren gazed over, she saw a dog park. Humans of all different colors mingling in with strange humans with a tail and fox ears.
“Those are known as Elven Foxes of the Forest. Research shows they have inhabited Gethos before coming here, to Motavian.” Max explained, “Those shaded humans are not just humans, they’re humans that needed to be fused with Demonic DNA to survive. The Agency, though proud to serve, is no longer called the Agency. It’s now The Supreme Army. Only the select few are infused with a special serum created by the Great Doctor, and are able to join this military. Me, I’m a part of the Royal Guard; to maintain and uphold peace here in Raven.”

Soaking in the information, one thing Max said queued her in on a little suspicion.
“So… What was The Great Disaster?” Lauren questioned, becoming more and more suspicious.
“The Great Disaster?” Max responded, “From what Commander Arthur explained, some rebellious group ruptured the core of Raven, and destabilized the planetary plates; sending them in all different directions. Two plates remain intact… The other two…”
“Max?” Lauren questioned, watching his face drop.
“The others… Were destroyed by Angels.” Max explained, “So many of them perished…”

A tear beaded, and fell off Max’s face. Lauren continued to be more interested.
“Any… idea who would have done such a horrid thing?” Lauren questioned.
“Them…” Max explained with a deep grumble, “The Leohan family. They are the ones responsible for Raven’s destruction! Specifically, Mateo Leohan.”
“Mateo…?” Lauren gasped, suddenly stopping from the walk.
“Yes! He and his accursed family is solely responsible for the destruction of our home-world!” Max grumbled once more, “They trained among Commander Arthur himself, and tried to sabotage everything… Word through the forests say he’s on the planet somewhere. If we find him…”

Lauren suddenly started putting things together in her head.
“I… I gotta go.” Lauren stated, taking a step back.
“Wha…? Why?” Max asked, reaching for Lauren, “I have more to show you!”
“No, no… That’s okay… I want to head back to my room… Thanks for everything!” Lauren attempted to smile.

Before Max could grab her once more, she took off running in the direction which they came. Max stood, confused.
“What’s her deal? Women are freaking strange.” Max shrugged.

Facing the original direction he continued his stroll. Meanwhile, Lauren darted for the building with the huge double doors.
“I know I’m not crazy…! There’s something wrong…” Lauren said to herself.

Bolting up the stairs, she wasted no time in opening the doors. Once she sprinted down the hallway, barely dodging some locals, she ran into the room that her and Max were in. To the other side of the bed, she grabbed hold of her damp sack, and opened it.
“See, I knew it! I wasn’t dreaming!” Lauren shouted, reaching for her retractable staff.

Suddenly, once she grabbed it, she had an idea.
“Maybe… I should stay here… The last thing… I remember is an avalanche, and many explosions… I remember…” Lauren stated.

All of a sudden, a man and a woman ran into the room and quickly shut the door. Lauren, startled, backed up a few steps as the two started pushing things towards the door.
“You! Where’s the nearest exit out of this building??” The man shouted.

He wore disgusting rags, just like the female. They both appeared to have a saber and a pistol attached to their hips.
“I… don’t know!” Lauren gasped, reaching for her bag once more.
“Open the door! We will destroy it on three!” A voice shouted from outside.
“You, come here!” The man shouted, pulling out his gun, “Let’s go!”

Overwhelmed and scared, she quickly attached her sack onto her back, and willingly went with the man. He took no time in restraining her. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a zip tie cuffs. The woman started raiding one of the closets for a bag and other supplies as the man pointed the gun towards Lauren.
“Put those on! Hurry up!” The man shouted, pointing the gun closer.
“Who are you…?” Lauren gasped.
“None of your concern!” The man shouted, using his other hand to tighten the zip tie cuffs.

Once he got her to her feet, he snapped at the woman to finish what she was doing. Turning to the back of the room, the man pushed Lauren to the ground, and holstered his pistol. At the same time, he pulled out his saber. With no effort at all, he thrusted the blade into the wall, forming a fiery hole. It took only seconds for him to cut a clean hole, allowing them the escape.
“Go! Now! We don’t have much time!” The man shouted, signaling the woman to run.

Tying up her medium sized sack, she jumped out of the hole, and ran into some bushes in the distance. The man quickly grabbed Lauren’s hair and threatened her.
“Do what we say or I will kill you!” The man shouted, throwing her through the hole.

Before Lauren could reply, she fell onto the ground, with the man falling behind her. He landed inches from her body. The man grabbed hold of Lauren’s bound arms, and threw her into the bush with the woman, and followed through into the bush just as the door exploded above. Followed by Max, he and a bunch of crimson soldiers ran into the room, immediately checking every nook and cranny. Max continued directing the soldiers, instructing them to look harder, and broaden their search.
“Shit… She got away…!” Max snapped his fingers.
“Sir, they escaped out of this hole.” One of the soldier’s reported, “They could be anywhere in the city!”
“Then search the whole area! They can’t be far!” Max shouted.
“For…?” A thundering voice echoed into the room.

Hearing Commander Arthur’s booming voice made all the soldiers stand at the position of attention, while Max kneeled.
“Commander Arthur, they escaped.” Max explained, sweat pouring from his head from nervousness.

Arthur no longer wore his golden clad armor, he wore nothing but simple white robes with a circlet on his head. On his side he possessed the same saber as before, but no other weaponry. He looked down at Max with a content look on his face.
“Its fine, Maximus. Rise.” Arthur spoke, lifting his hand up to signal to stand.

Once Max stood to his feet, Arthur placed his hand on his shoulder.
“Master Maximus, do not be frightened of me…” Arthur spoke softly, “Our people are at peace, and we have no more need for conflict at this level. Calm yourself.”

Max gasped at Arthur’s words and lifted his head with disbelief. Sweat poured from his forehead.
“She may have had the information we needed, but we do not need to worry. As long as the townsfolk are safe from harm, that’s all that matters. Now, go to the Shining Tower, and get some rest.” Arthur smiled, lowering his arm.
“But sire…!” Max questioned.
“Farewell, Master Maximus” Arthur smiled, turning away from Max.

With the guards that charged into the room, they and Arthur exited the room. Max, who fell to his knees with relief, looked towards the hole cut in the wall.
“Acknowledged, sir.” Max grumbled.

Meanwhile, as the two that kidnapped Lauren ran down a dank sewer, they reached a point where they had nowhere else to go. That’s when the man, still pulling Lauren by her hair, threw her against the wall and pointed a gun to her head again. The woman quickly removed the zip tie cuffs with a knife, and quickly jumped back. Scared and shaken, Lauren started to cower in fear.
“You, who are you?” The man asked, aiming the gun towards her head.
“I am Lauren… Please don’t…” She started pleading.
“Silence!” The man shouted, “You are who we came for…”
“Alec!” Elena said, “If she’s the one we are looking for, stop pointing that damn gun at her…! She’s been through enough…”

Lauren gazed at Elena with an extremely puzzled look.
“We have a lot of ground to cover…” Alec replied, “We need to get a move on, we’ll explain on the way.”

Walking towards Lauren, Alec slid Lauren to the side. He pushed on a random brick against the wall, activating a trap door in the wall. Once it started sliding open, Lauren took a step back, still confused and disoriented.
“Go…” Alec said, pushing her in the door.

Once inside, Lauren saw a log with a hole inside it, being held by a chain above the water. Looking back, seeing Alec giving the motion to get in the boat, she jumped into it, and held onto the sides. Elena sparred no time jumping in, while Alec jumped in still standing. Reaching to his side, he grabbed hold of a knife. With one stroke, he smacked the chain that was against the log, and the rushing current of the water violently hurled the log forwards.

Lauren desperately tried holding to the edges of the log for stabilization and keep from being thrown out, while the other two hunkered down, pressing against the sides. As Lauren looked above, she saw random streaks of light, assuming it’s the surface. The longer they flowed down the tunnel, the thinner the lights became until they were nothing but twinkles in the darkness above.
“Hang on!!” Alec shouted, bracing himself.
“Brace onto…!” Lauren tried to question.

Before she could finish her question, light suddenly engulfed them. Lauren then let out another blood curdling scream as her sight came back. Below her was the river from before, only slightly higher. Alec quickly reached forward, grabbed hold of Lauren by her midsection and mouth, and threw themselves out of the log. Lauren started panicking, grabbing hold of Alec’s arms. All of the sudden, Alec was snatched in the air by Elena. As Lauren started to calm down, she reached with one hand and removed Alec’s hand from her mouth.
“We’re flying???” Lauren shouted.
“Yes… With Elena’s mechanical wings.” Alec stated, wrapping around Lauren’s mid-section with his free arm.

Lauren looked down, looking at the harshly raging river below. She looked to her left and right to absorb her surroundings.
“What… What did they do…? Lauren asked.
“Shut up…! You’ll bite your tongue!” Elena shouted, taking a hard left turn.

She looked around, continuing to soak in the surroundings. From all the explosions, the clouds above were polluted by smoke with the sun attempting to break through the pollution. Trees laid to the side with debris falling off the edge. Long strands of black ash and polluted water poured from the cliffs above, turning the river into a murky; green color with black stains. When Lauren attempted to look behind her, she saw a large beige building with funnels coming out of it, spewing greenish water as well.

It didn’t take but a few minutes before they were past the cliff walls. Below, the trees began to turn brown from the polluted water around.
“There, that’s where we are going.” Alec pointed out.

Hidden deep into the decaying forest was a broken up town, but barely visible. Elena quickly flew through the tree limbs, letting Alec and Lauren go once they were close enough to the ground. By the time Alec and Lauren were standing on their own two feet, Lauren immediately felt wobbly from the flight. She fell to her knees when he let her go. Achilles, who watched them from the building he resided in, staggered and ran outside as fast as he could.
“Lauren!!” Achilles smiled, falling to his knees to her level.
“Achilles…!” Lauren gasped.

Seeing Achilles sitting beside her filled her with great joy. With tears forming in her eyes, she reached for him and embraced him as hard as she could. Alec cracked a grin, and looked over back at Elena.
“Who would have thought we would find her so fast.” Alec said to Elena.
“Look at her; it’s kind of not hard to miss her. Look at that hair.” Elena remarked sarcastically.

Hearing the ruckus sent Mateo running out of another one of the torn buildings.
“What happened??” Mateo shouted.
“She was taken in for questioning…” Alec explained, “She was attended to by a Royal Guard.”
“Oh.” Mateo responded, “Lauren are you alright…?”

Lauren glanced over at Mateo, and gave him a kind of stink eye.
“Fine… Mateo. What happened on Raven…?” Lauren asked.

Using Achilles, Lauren stood to her feet.
“… In what regard?” Mateo asked, puzzled at Lauren’s response.
“Back on Raven… When the plates took off. What happened?” Lauren asked, sounding demanding.
“What’s the deal?” Achilles asked, “Now that we are all together-“
“Shut up.” Lauren snapped to Achilles, “Mateo Leohan, what happened on Raven??”

Mateo looked towards the ground with great sorrow in his eyes.
“What happened?” Mateo repeated back, “I would rather not talk about it.”

Lauren sternly walked up to Mateo, grabbed him by the shoulder, and spun him around with great force.
“Tell me!” Lauren shouted.

Mateo looked into Lauren’s eyes and saw much confusion mixed with hatred. He took a step back, and looked at Alec, Elena, Achilles, and Lauren, and let out a deep sigh.
“Vakarra explained…” Mateo attempted to respond.

Lauren became more upset.
“She explained how she got in her position…! What happened up there, Mateo?!” Lauren shouted, clenching her fists.

Mateo uttered a sigh; catching the attention of the others around him.
“I saw lots of horrors. Things I wouldn’t imagine seeing in my lifetime. Sure, I dreamed and through about pursuing my family, trying to find out the all mighty secret of where they went. But at the same time, with Emmy around, I shrugged it and tried to live a good life. Myself, Emmy, and Cecil, another agent with his follower, Chelsea, were in my house, trying to figure out some strange anomalies that happened in the area, when… Specter, a follower for Zane, a high level Agent, appeared before us. Her body looked dead but fully conscious. She told us in a specific timeframe, everyone on Ravel will die with the exception of Infinite tower and that specific province.” Mateo explained.

Alec and Elena looked at each other, and bowed their heads with sorrow.
“Cecil explained to us that there was an infiltration of demons among the ranks of the Agency. Just about all, with the exception of him and Chelsea, rebelled. So, putting two and two together, we figured out that there is a possibility that there may be a way to release the other plates, giving everyone on Raven a chance to survive. As farfetched as that sounds, I decided I was going to try and save them. All… On my own. As Cecil prepared our vehicle for takeoff, I put Emmy in the vehicle with the two. She wanted to come with me so bad… But… I knocked her out, and went on my own.” Mateo explained further.
“Lauren, are you satisfied?” Achilles questioned, glaring at Lauren.
“No! Continue the story!” Lauren shouted.
“Then…” Mateo choked a little with tears coming to his eyes, “Once they took off, the armada of Silan’s army showed up. It must have been hundreds of infused humans, with small and large battleships entering the atmosphere… I never seen an invasion like that. Ever… in my life.”

Mateo grew increasingly uncomfortable.
“I used what mystical energy I could control, and infused myself. I didn’t have long, so I left for the Gravitational station. As I was heading there, I saw… things you wouldn’t even imagine. Demons devouring humans… Tainting, corrupting, destroying, killing everyone around me…” A tear beaded down Mateo’s face, “One fiercely attacked me and almost took me down due to his brute strength… But I managed to power through. Once I got to the station, I was met by one of Commander Arthur’s Lieutenants. Her name was Vakarra. We engaged into a fierce battle, but I over-powered her and she came back to her senses.”

Alec gasped at the name.
“You fought Vakarra??” Alec gasped.
“Under her instruction, we headed down the Gravitational Station to the bottom floor. There is where the core was stabilized. I was greeted by Zilan, and Shimara…” Mateo explained.

Achilles and Lauren froze, hearing Shimara’s name.
“That’s why… you had such anger towards her…!” Achilles gasped.
“There’s… more.” Mateo responded, “Vakarra took on Shimara but was ultimately overpowered. Using a few maneuvers I learned when I was a kid, I was able to beat her. I found my way into the Gravitational Engine room. When I walked towards those panels, I was greeted by Zilan…”

Mateo turned his back towards Lauren and the others. He started balling his fists with rage.
“Zilan and I confronted after he revealed…” Mateo sobbed, reaching into his pocket.

He pulled out the slightly burned around the edges picture that Zilan gave him. Lauren, who was immersed into Mateo’s story, took the picture and held it with both hands. To their curiosity, Alec, Elena, and Achilles all walked up behind her.
“Zilan is a lost brother of mine. Although I do not remember him, he’s related to me. We engaged shortly after that. When I got the chance, I jumped over to the controls, and pushed the release mechanisms to release the rest of the plates.” Mateo grumbled.

Lauren handed Achilles the picture, and walked up to Mateo. She put her hand onto his back and attempted to rub it.
“I pushed the buttons… And prayed something good would come of it.” Mateo sobbed, “By now, Vakarra pummeled Shimara back to her senses, and we found a way to escape quickly to an emergency escape pod. Zilan charged back into the room with his Demonic Wings out. I, preparing to fight to the death, stayed behind to give Vakarra and Shimara a chance to escape. I fought Zilan once more with all my might. I lost all hope in surviving, and came to a conclusion that I was going to die… Then it happened.”

Mateo turned back towards the group.
“Emmy talked to me telepathically… She empowered me, and I continued to fight Zilan… Until he showed up.”
“Who??” Alec asked, immersed in the suspense.
“Silan, the Great Demon King. His very aura disabled my saber… To the point where I had a severe burn on my hand. Zilan kneeled at the king’s power. He… He walked towards me. The very pressure of his power took my breath away, and I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything but stand there, like a helpless child. Then… everything went dark. When I came to, I was in a cell inside the basement of the Infinite tower.” Mateo finished explaining.

Lauren, taken by Mateo’s explanation, attempted to hand him back the photo.
“So, you did push the controls and sent the plates hurdling into space…” Lauren questioned.

Mateo nodded as he took the photo away from Lauren.
“I did… Specter told us the explosion with all the debris would cause catastrophic damage and death to many lives on all the planets on the solar system.” Mateo responded, wiping a tear from his face, “Then I… Separated from Emmy when I escaped Infinite tower… As Emmy and I were escaping, Commander Arthur and I dueled… and I lost. Silan also appeared, and just when I was about to be dealt the final blow, Emmy… Gave herself up to save me. Vakarra rescued me at the last second… And the last thing I remember is seeing Emmy and Silan disappear in a blinding light…”

With all that said, Mateo headed back to one of the destroyed buildings. Lauren attempted to stop him, but her efforts were meaningless.
“Why… Did you ask him that?” Achilles asked.
“… Max… was right…!” Lauren gasped, “The Leohan Family…”
“What are you on about? I killed Max… I thought?” Achilles responded.
“When I came to, Max informed me about… The Great Disaster, and how the Leohan family brought upon death and destruction to Raven.” Lauren explained.
“You can’t believe those lies, girl!” Alec shouted, approaching Lauren, “They are blinded by the truth! I dug up facts on that dreaded tower. It was built and manifested by Angels… Back in the old days. Both Silan and Arthur, using the ancient crystal below the tower, they activated it, and are now living in a fabricated world. The shockwave that tower sent out destroyed everything for miles… For miles and miles beyond the walls… Is nothing but decaying forests, rotting animals, and towns such as this one…! They brainwashed everyone inside that… monstrosity…”

Lauren started comparing the story to Max’s story.
“So what Max said was true… That holy shockwave resurrected the dead, mended wounds…” Lauren gasped.
“That may be so, but they’re living an artificial life. It’s not a life that’s natural… It’s built off someone’s ideals… Are not fair.” Alec explained.
“But…” Lauren questioned, “Living a peaceful life, not remembering the horrors of Raven. That sounds… Kind of appealing…”

Alec and Elena both glared at each other for a split second.
“It’s brainwashing! It’s not realistic to live that kind of abnormal life…!” They said.
“But it’s better! No crime, nobody’s suffering… Nobody is in pain!” Lauren shouted back.

Achilles walked towards Lauren and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Lauren.” Achilles asked calmly, “Do you want to go back to it?”

Lauren walked from Achilles’s grasp, giving Achilles an astonished look on her face.
“I…” Lauren responded, “I…”
“Let her go!” Diana said, rolling out of one of the buildings nearby, “If the bitch doesn’t want to continue our cause, there’s no point in arguing. There’s nothing here binding anyone to do anything. Just go! If that life suits you… But if you go, don’t you dare come back!”

Before anyone could stop her, Diana pushed forward, pushing Lauren to the ground.
“You’ve seen first-hand what they’re doing. “ Diana shouted, “What makes you think that life is suitable for you?”

Lauren scurried to her feet with a look of shock on her face.
“You… Don’t get it!” Lauren shouted, “Crystal blue skies, luscious green fields, wondrous plant life, people are happy. People are on the streets, walking their kids and their animals. Not a soul that I saw had a worry or complaint. Just the little time I spent there… Even though I was full of questions, it was peaceful. It was good to breathe clean air again and see people not panicking. I saw my boyfriend happy, and he was treating me right. Everything… Just felt like it made sense. Even though Mateo’s story is gut wrenching, I’m having a hard time digesting the fact he, being classed as a level 2 agent, was able to take on not only Vakarra, one of the Lieutenants, but managed to thwart Zilan, one of the generals of Silan, and being related to him as well! I don’t buy it! I just can’t. You all can’t stand there and tell me you automatically believe it all! Alec, you’re a seasoned agent yourself!”

Lauren snapped back, looking at Alec.
“You’re a level 5 agent yourself, Alec! The level of training you were pushed through to become one of the few level 5 agents! How could someone like Mateo be that powerful and fail to be an agent?” Lauren shouted, pointing towards the building Mateo was in.
“Because I know when someone’s bleeding their hear out, Lauren.” Alec responded coldly, “Regardless of stature of the agency, there’s inner strength in all of us. When backed into a corner, there’s no telling what will happen. You don’t know his backstory, and you don’t know him, much like I don’t. But I will tell you this. I am a good judge at reading people… And I think its best you just go.”
“Maybe it’s best I do leave…” Lauren spoke softly, astonishing Achilles, “I pray for whatever you all hope to accomplish.”

Before she finished, she took off in the direction she believed was the city. As Achilles attempted to chase after her, Diana stood in his way.
“No.” Diana said, “Don’t chase after her…”
“But why…?” Achilles asked, trying to push her out of the way.

There was a brief silence between the two. Glaring into each other’s eyes, they could have said a thousand word towards each other.
“Because she made her decision.” Alec responded, halting Achilles’s advance, “I can tell you care for that girl, but you need to realize… She’s made her mind up…”

Achilles pulled away from Diana, and turned his back towards her.
“So disappointing…” Alec sighed.
“Let the bitch go.” Diana laughed, “She’ll realize she fucked up eventually.”
“Regardless, we need to get our head together… and get moving.” Achilles sighed, shaking his head, “We need to head… South towards Devils tower.”

Alec glared at Achilles.
“Devil’s tower? Why…?” Alec questioned.
“Because… Bri told me.” Achilles responded.

Both Alec and Elena scratched their heads in confusion.
“Bri was a mystical person that came to me in a dream. She told me to head south; towards Devil’s tower. We would find answers there… Which, at the time, was Lauren, Diana, Palacio, and myself. So… That was the plan of action.” Achilles explained.
“We totally have nothing to go on…” Elena said towards Alec, “We can’t go back in that city peacefully, so let’s see what happens. Maybe we’ll find more people and places so we can get out of these nasty rags!”
“Okay… we’ll leave in the morning… Let’s rest up.” Alec nodded.


Chapter 17: Lover’s ruin

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Chapter 17


As Zane awoke, he quickly realized his entire body was really hot. Being uncomfortable from the heat, he reached over and grabbed the blankets. Immediately he realized the blankets he grabbed hold of were nothing more than a thin layer of sheet. “Wha…?” Zane murmured to himself.

While pulling the sheet off himself, as he pulled his legs over the bed, pain shot through his legs. He uttered a horrid scream, alarming two of the white robed people outside. When they entered the room, Zane became spooked and he scrambled to the other side of the bed. To his surprise, he was unable to get off of the bed due to his unresponsive legs. “Calm down, Zane!” One woman pleaded, reaching for him. “Stop scurrying around! You’ll do further damage to your body!” The second woman pleaded, grabbing hold of one of his legs.

Being soothed by the women’s voices, he slowly relaxed and sat up in the bed once more. “What… Where am I?” Zane asked. “You’re in our sacred city, Zane. Princess Sophie and her Four Leaf Tribe scouts were able to successfully bring you and your friends here.” One of the women stated. “Sophie… Wait…” Zane sighed, closing his eyes for a brief moment, “Specter… SPECTER! Where’s Specter??”

Before Zane could jump out of his bed again, both women held him down. “Stop squirming!” One woman shouted. “If you keep it up, your back will never heal!” The other woman shouted.

This caused Zane to stop moving altogether. “What… do you mean?” Zane questioned.

The women took a couple steps back and looked towards the floor. “Zane.. Your lower back was severed, and your legs were shattered and burned. There’s… not much we can do except keep you here to heal.” One of the women said.

Hearing those words put Zane in shock. He pushed himself back under the blankets and stared into the ceiling. At the same time, Lyra came running in the room. “Zane…!” Lyra shrieked, running between the two women to his bed, “Zane! You’re alive!” “Lyra…” Zane smiled, looking towards Lyra, “I’m glad to see… you’re okay.” “What did you do to Specter Zane?” Lyra questioned, grabbing hold of his sheets.

Zane gave her a puzzled look. “How is she? Is she okay??” Zane asked. “Yeah, she’s better than ever…” Lyra spoke softly, looking towards the side of the bed, “She had to have her eye replaced… Unlike Raven, there wasn’t the technology to replace it so… She has an eye forged from the mystical wilderness here… “ “Whoa…” Zane gasped. “She inherited some mystical abilities which is nice… but the moment she was able to move, she said her goodbyes, grabbed a ton of supplies, and left.” Lyra sighed. “What??” Zane gasped, struggling to sit up. “Don’t act super concerned. I remember the argument Zane…” Lyra growled, “You told her… You wanted to leave it all. To ditch her… And to run away…”

Zane looked down towards his legs with his eyes closed. “She was heartbroken, Zane.” Lyra spoke with a storm behind her voice. “But…” Zane tried to speak.

Lyra, refusing to listen to Zane, smacked her hands onto the bed. Small jolts of lightning began festering in her eyes and her fingertips from her emotion. “You are a coward Zane! I can’t believe I came here to check on you…” Lyra shouted, “Maybe it was my conscious telling me to because you saved me… But I see you’re nothing more than a coward…”

With that said, Specter walked into the room. Due to the crash, it trashed her old clothes. Now, she wore a golden circlet around her forehead with her blonde hair in a bunn. She wore a black short tank top with two golden braces around her left arm. Her butt was covered by black short shorts, revealing large portions of her legs, with black tennis shoes on her feet. Wrapped around her left thigh, she had a white bandage covering it with slight blood stains. On her left side, she holstered a plasma pistol, and on her back she had a sack filled with anonymous things from before. Across her face, going underneath the circlet, she had a black bandage going across her left eye. The right hip holstered a retractable blade with a jeweled hilt. “Zane…” Specter spoke softly, looking at her broken husband.

Lyra, gasping at the sight of Specter, stood to her feet and backed towards the wall as she approached Zane’s bed. “Zane, my poor hubby…” Specter spoke softly. “Specter…!” Zane gasped at the sight of his wife. “Specter, I thought… You were gone already…!” Lyra gasped. “I did. But I had to come say good-bye.” Specter spoke to Lyra softly with a smile.

Zane’s eyes lit up with anxiousness and sadness. “What…?” Zane questioned. “I came to say good-bye Zane. After I got a complete update on the situation with Infinite Tower crashing along with one of the provinces, I tend to work towards making things right. I’m finding Mateo and Emmy, and we are going to work towards making things right.” Specter explained. “But…!” Zane started to jump out of bed, but was unable to due to his legs being paralyzed. “I’m… leaving Zane… And I don’t plan on coming back to find you… When we were in space… You hurt me. You hurt me so bad, I don’t think I could ever forgive you. Despite everything we’ve been through together… You turned your back. That’s something… I just can’t forgive. I wanted to come by and get closure before I go…” Specter explained.

Hearing her words knocked Zane’s heart down to his feet. “Can… I come with you?” Lyra asked Specter. “Of course not… You have to stay and train with Sophie…” Specter responded, “You have a power that almost brought down the entire forest… It sparks from your emotions… It needs to be harnessed and controlled… I’m sorry Lyra, you’re a danger to yourself and everyone around you.” “Specter!” Zane shouted. “You have absolutely NO room to talk, let alone yell at me!” Specter shouted, “I have done everything to support you and your decisions! I at least took the liberty of making sure the craft we arrived in is ready to go back into space for you.” “But Specter…!” Zane began to plead.

Before Zane could speak anymore, Specter drew her pistol and held it towards Zane’s head. “No more excuses, no more anything Zane… I’ve grown tired… of… everything with you…! I’m leaving… And I wish you luck wherever you may go.” Specter shouted.

With her left hand, she removed the ring from her right ring finger. She softly set it down onto the bed, and took a step back. “I’m sorry… Specter…!” Zane pleaded. “Sorry is for the self pitiful cowards. Good-bye, Zane.” Specter spoke with a thunder rattling her voice.

Looking towards the floor, she holstered her weapon and started to walk out of the room. Zane, grabbing hold of the ring, brought it to his chest and squeezed it as hard as he could. Lyra, shocked by what happened, chased after Specter. Once out of the house, Lyra quickly grabbed hold of Specter’s left hand. “Specter…” Lyra spoke softly.

Specter, still staring at the ground, said nothing. “Don’t leave us… I know he’s a hard headed baffoon, but you can’t just up and leave like that…” Lyra pleaded.

Instantly becoming furious, Specter jerked her arm with such force, Lyra fell onto the ground in front of her. “I can’t? Sorry, there’s more at stake than a coward. Your genetic code was tampered with, Lyra. There’s tens of thousands of things that could spark from it, and Princess Sophie of the Four Leaf Tribe is going to teach you to harness those abilities without getting yourself killed! You tagging along with me can’t fix that!” Specter shouted. “But I… I don’t care…” Lyra murmured, sitting onto the ground with a tear rolling down her face, “You’re the only family I have…” “Lyra! I realize that… And as family, you have to understand there’s things at work that is bigger than the both of us! We all need to do our part… My job is to get these supplies to Mateo and Emmy, and yours is to harness the great power residing inside of you. Once you’re able to fully harness it, we can be together…” Specter explained, “Be an adult and get off the ground…”

With that, Specter turned to the right, and quickly darted off out of site. As Lyra stood from the ground, she looked in the direction that Specter ran off, and held her left arm. “Fine…” Lyra murmured to herself, “I hope… Zane is going to be okay.”

Walking back into the hut, Zane laid back with his arms across his face. Tears were streaming from his face, even though he wasn’t whimpering. “Ms Lyra, we need to get you back to Princess Sophie. It’s almost time for your first training session.” One of the women mentioned. “Fine fine…” Lyra snapped, “Is Zane okay…?” “I’m fine… Go Lyra!” Zane shouted, turning his back on her.

Slightly shocked by being yelled at, Lyra turned around, clutched her hands onto her chest, and slowly stepped out of the building. Not even a few steps were taken that she ran into Sophie. Sophie stood with her red hair flowing into the wind. Her crimson eyes shocked Lyra as she looked into her eyes. “Lyra…” Sophie questioned her, “Why are you down here…?” “I was checking on my…” Lyra replied, still heart stricken by Specter and Zane. “No. You stay where we put you until we can figure out how you can control your power! You don’t understand the danger you pose to everyone, including yourself! You’re unlike any mystic I’ve encountered. From your friend’s knowledge, your genetic code was altered, and you’re highly unstable. With proper training, you’ll be a great asset in this war against the Crimsons…” Sophie explained.

Lyra didn’t respond. “Lyra, come on…” Sophie said, grabbing hold of Lyra’s arm, “Let’s go…”

Lyra quickly pulled her arm away. “What if I don’t want to train? What if I just want to be left alone??” Lyra questioned, glaring at Sophie, “Ever since I got here,

As Lyra glared at her, the sky started to turn dark; as if a thunderstorm was brewing. Sophie looked into the sky, and immediately identified what was happening. “Anger is fire… Sadness is thunder?” Sophie said to herself, “Lyra… Are you sad?” “One of my friends is lying in a bed with a broken back, and the other just walked out of our lives. Who knows where she is… and you’re telling me what to do… I… I am very upset!!” Lyra shouted.

Just as Lyra shouted lightning started striking from cloud to cloud, echoing loud thunder through the woods. “Do you see Lyra? You’re conjuring this storm!” Sophie shouted, trying to talk over the thunder. “Screw the storm! I just want to be…” Lyra started shouting.

In a blink of an eye, a bolt of lightning crashed down, hitting Lyra. Sophie shielded her eyes from the flash, catching a slight glimpse of her body being electrocuted. Once she uncovered her eyes, the storm quickly dissipated, and Lyra lay on the ground. Sophie quickly ran to Lyra and placed her fingers on her neck to check a pulse. “She’s… just unconscious.” Sophie murmured to herself.

A few scouts then fell from the neighboring trees, also checking on Lyra’s body. “Princess! What happened?” One of the women said. “It was… Nothing. Bring the girl to my training ground at once. Give her some medical herbs.” Sophie commanded, standing tall.

She watched scornfully as the patrol carried her off into the trees. Turning towards the medical hut Zane resided in, she walked forcefully into it with her fists balled up. “You.” Sophie growled. “Go… away…” Zane snapped back.

Without any remorse, Sophie grabbed Zane by his left arm, and slung him from the bed towards the door. Unable to use his legs, he tumbled helplessly. While the two medical women attempted to grab him, Sophie held her arm out, signaling to stay away. “This man has the teachings of the Crimsons.” Sophie stated, “He will show us what he knows!” “But Princess… He’s injured from his lower back down… He can’t…” One of the women suggested.

Sophie walked up to Zane, and towered over his body. Using her left foot, she rolled his body over until he was back side up. “And… What was his injury again?” Sophie questioned. “The body check we did stated his lower back was severed, and his legs are shattered.” One of the women said. “Really…? Then let us fix that.” Sophie grinned.

Using great force, Sophie jumped toward the ceiling of the hut. She placed both of her feet together, pointing her toes upwards, and came down onto the lower part of his back with her heels. Zane shrieked in pain as she jumped off of him and stood firm between the two medical doctors. “I felt that his back is just fine.” Sophie smiled, looking at Zane’s body from the side, “Stand.”

Zane pushed his body off the ground with his arms, and glared at Sophie with great confusion. “How…?!” Zane shouted.

Shocking to the two medical women, Zane brought his legs under his body, and he hoisted himself to his feet. “I… My legs! Who are…?” Zane questioned.

Before Zane could finish, Sophie charged him. Unable to react in time Sophie done a jump kick into Zane’s chest, sending him tumbling out of the hut. As Zane quickly scurried to his feet, Sophie was already towering over him. “How did those Crimsons come toe to toe with me, and you’re barely able to stand? Hm…” Sophie smirked. “Who are the Crimsons??” Zane questioned, staggering away from her.

Sophie quickly zipped behind Zane without him knowing it. She lightly pressed her back against his and spoke softly. “When the Devil Moon exploded… Fragments landed in our very forest. Soon after that happened, men wearing red garments flooded the forest, killing my folks-men and women. Not only did they kill them, they were dragged back to that infernal place… For what, I don’t know. Their way of battle tops our own in many ways… And we don’t have any prior knowledge on how to combat it. The weapons they use are much more advanced than our own… “ Sophie explained. “I…” Zane started to speak.

Before Zane could speak, Sophie tripped him and elbowed him in the stomach in mid-air. When he impacted the ground, she towered over his head. “From what your lovely companion said, you are a former high ranking soldier in that military. I wish to exploit your combat maneuvers, and study them… So that my people can defend themselves.” Sophie explained. “Could you stop beating the shit out of me…?” Zane begged. “No. Defend yourself!” Sophie replied.

With no remorse, she hard-kicked Zane in the side, making him roll towards the medical hut once again. Using the momentum he jumped to his feet and stood tall once again. “Tell me more on what these Crimsons look like at least!” Zane asked, holding his side with his left arm. “Like you… But red armor and a red X across their chest. Their chest armor is black, with moving stars on them.” Sophie explained, “Some had capes, some had multiple weapons, some had battle skirts.”

Zane turned his back on Sophie, placing his right hand on his chin in thought. Sophie gasped at Zane’s actions from all the abuse she put him through, but quickly snapped back to an attack stance. “I… It’s a farfetched idea, but that sounds like infused agents with demonic DNA.” Zane stated. “What…?” Sophie questioned, standing relaxed instead of an attack position. “Have you fought one on one with one?” Zane asked, turning around. “I… I have. I barely escaped with my life.” Sophie explained, looking towards the ground, “Several of my brethren sacrificed themselves so I may flee…” “Then, show me how you fought them…” Zane replied, charging Sophie.

Before Sophie could defend herself, Zane quickly picked up a stick on the ground, and hit Sophie with it in the side. The impact threw her onto the ground with her back facing the sky. Shocked slightly, she jumped back to her feet and faced Zane once more. Again, before she realized it, Zane approached her from the side and struck her once more with the stick, shattering it across her back. Taking the momentum towards the ground, she put her arms forward, catching herself. As she drawed her legs in, she pushed forward, kicking Zane in the chest. Swiftly he grabbed hold of her legs, and positioned his legs around them, locking her in place. When they landed on the ground, Zane began twisting her ankles, making her emit a curdling shriek.

From inside the hut, the two nurses came charging out from the commotion. As they approached the two, Sophie, while covering her mouth with her left hand, used her right hand and signaled them to stay put. “Wait… What…??” Zane gasped, feeling something furry touch his arm.

Freaked out, Zane released Sophie’s legs, and jumped back. He quickly glimpsed underneath Sophie’s robe, and scratched his head as it disappeared under it. Sophie slowly worked her way back to standing while dusting herself off. “Why did you stop…?” Sophie asked. ‘What was that under your robe??” Zane gasped, pointing at her.

Sophie’s face started turning red. She tugged onto her robe, pushing it far enough down to touch the ground. “You… pervert…!” Sophie growled, her face turning red. “Wait… Wait, no! It wasn’t that! It was furry, and it touched me!” Zane gasped.

The two nurses started staring at each other and started giggling. “Oh…” Sophie replied embarrassingly, “Oh…!”

Grabbing hold of her robe, she threw it to the side, revealing her body. Sophie stood about 5’5 with  skin shading a slight pink. Under her robe, the only articles of clothing she had on was a black strapless sports bra, and black shorts that barely covered her butt. Her eyes were a piercing red, along with her short hair stretching to her shoulders. To Zane’s surprise, he noticed a brown tail hanging from the backside of her stretching until the tip barely touched the ground, and small triangular ears on top of her head. “What… What is that??” Zane gasped. “What… this?” Sophie questioned, grabbing her tail, “You don’t know what this is? Haven’t you heard of an Elven Fox before?” “Elves? We read about mystical creatures from eons ago back at the academy… But nothing about Elven Foxes.” Zane responded, “Sources also said Elves in general were extinct…”

Sophie released her tail, turned to where her robe fell, and picked it up. “Not extinct per say… But rare.” Sophie replied, looking towards the ground, “Rare as in this sacred forest is all we have left… As long as I can remember, I was always told of the Purple Moon; it was our homeland. As I grew up, I watched as the lovely Purple Moon slowly deteriorated until it was nothing more than a floating rock in the sky. Soon after, stars started falling into the forest, creating fires and killing my brethren left and right… Hunters from the neighboring areas also started chasing and hunting us for our… tails… and demons of the darkest kind started harvesting our mystic energy. In a valiant attempt to keep the predators at bay, and to quiet the raging fires, my father sacrificed himself and put down a mystical veil to protect us. Now, there’s no way of entering the forest… But, as of late, when the Demon Moon exploded… The energy released from that monstrosity destroyed the barrier around the forest. It’s only a matter of time… before…”

Zane caught Sophie’s eyes tearing up. She quickly took the robe, and put it back on. “Before this forest is no more, and we all die.” Sophie sniffed, starting to sob. “But… you’re such a great fighter!” Zane replied, taking a step forward, “Why can’t you defend…?”

Sophie became insanely angry, and charged after Zane. “Do you not think that’s what we did??? Being at peace for eons, I took lots of villagers to that infernal place to examine and find out what all happened… But when we got there… I saw three individuals in the middle of the place… Lights all around were kind of fizzled. One man wore shiny golden armor, with a golden weapon striking some man…” Sophie explained.

The explanation caught Zane’s interested greatly. “Did… you say shiny?” Zane gasped. “Yes, and a kingly dressed man. His very energy gave me such fear… And sadness. I couldn’t bare to look more than a second at him. I observed a fight with the two, with shiny weapons. One lost his arm, to which another woman came to fix him… With the way her energy shinned, she resembled a very powerful mystical person… And then…” Sophie explained. “Did the…” Zane attempted to ask.? “There was a great light, and then they were all gone… Suddenly, those Crimsons came out of the buildings, and started picking off our brethren…” Sophie explained. “No way… Mateo…? No… Couldn’t be!” Zane asked himself. “Mateo?” Sophie questioned. “He’s… An…” Zane started to speak.

Out of nowhere, Sophie charged Zane by surprise, and knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up, she placed her foot onto his chest. “Specter explained to me who they are… And what her mission given by the mighty Angels themselves. I’m well aware of all this, and this disapproval between you two. From the description I received from Specter, she identified him as Mateo, and his partner Emmy. The fact that lone man fought such a demon on his own is remarkable. “Sophie explained. “But…” Zane again tried to speak. “Silence!” Sophie shouted.

Becoming agitated, Zane grabbed hold of Sophie’s foot, and pushed her off of him. Using his legs and slingshot himself, he jumped back to his feet. Sophie quickly gained her footing again. “Why do you keep silencing me!?” Zane questioned. “We are engaged in traditional combat. As a princess, I have to uphold a certain level of standards. But… As a woman, I can’t help but to engage in conversation… I’m simply curious. I’ve never met a perfectly shaped humanoid.” Sophie explained. “So why not just talk, and not fight??” Zane questioned, “I remember coming from orbit! O R B I T! That’s not exactly good on the mind you know! So much has changed in my life in the past couple weeks… I need time to figure out what’s happened myself!” “From a woman’s perspective, I think you’ve had plenty of time dealing with your situations. What you did to that woman, and how you turned your back on the entire ordeal… Sickens me. Now if you’re finished, you have a fight to finish.” Sophie stated, giving Zane the stink eye.

As Sophie stared at Zane, he looked towards the ground for a brief moment to reflect her words. Only for a brief moment, for he looked back at Sophie, and glared back. “You don’t know me, and you haven’t been through what I have. There’s things that have taken place personally that have molded and turned me into who I am. You know nothing of what I went through, and reasons why I believe the way I do. You need my combat skills, I’ll give them to you. But once you’re satisfied, then I am out… Just like I said I would.” Zane explained. “As I thought…” Sophie smiled, “Then let us continue this fight! Show me everything you know!”

Meanwhile, Specter, with a small black backpack on her back, strolled through the woods as she exited the borders of the village. With every step, she felt a slight regret for leaving Zane and Lyra behind. With the shake of her head, that feeling quickly faded away, and she was suddenly filled with great motivation. Looking towards her, she saw endless amounts of trees and vegetation. Before she knew it, when she turned back, she saw nothing resembling the village she once stood in. She cracked a grin, and looked back in her original direction. Hours passed like seconds as she leaped through the forest.

Suddenly, looking towards the sky, she realized the sky was setting. “I… I better make a camp…” Specter murmured to herself, hanging off a large tree branch.

As she let go, she used one of the vines hanging down to slow her descent. Once on the ground, she set down her bag, and cleared some of the leaves around it. When she finished, she walked over to the bag, and pulled out a small capsule. Holding it in her right hand, she glared at it with confusion. “So… Sophie told me to press this button… And…” She said, clicking the top with her thumb.

Feeling it vibrate violently, she quickly threw it forward. When it exploded, she shielded her eyes, in case there was any debris. Dust quickly filled the area, then dissipated after a few seconds. Once it cleared, she opened her eyes, and was shocked to see a dome like tent sitting right in front of her. “What the…!” Specter gasped.

When she approached the tent, she realized inside the tent rested a sleeping bag, a small bin with food in it, artificial heating logs, and a small pale to wash clothes and personal hygiene. “These tents were given only to top class agents…! How did Sophie get ahold of these?” Specter asked herself, walking into the tent and instantly dropping her sack, “And there’s fresh food, and everything! I don’t even need to start a fire…”

Realizing her legs were exhausted from the travel, she decided to lay on top of the sleeping back near the heating logs. “I wonder how long it’ll be before I find Mateo… Or anyone really. What a crazy few weeks…” Specter spoke to herself.

Before she could realize what was happening, a bright light engulfed her. Completely surprised, Specter shielded her eyes with her arm and tried to stand, but realized the ground disappeared form under her. Suddenly, a figure stood before her as the light faded away. “Specter…” Vexon called out to her. “What??” Specter gasped, staggering backwards.

Vexon quickly materialized and grabbed Specter as she quickly staggered towards the edge of the cloud they were standing on.. “Calm yourself!” Vexon shouted, throwing her to the other side of the cloud.

Specter stood tall, but shaken. “Where… Where are we?” Specter asked, looking at Vexon floating in front of her. “We are in your subconscious.” Vexon explained, “Humans are most vulnerable when they are asleep.” “So…” Specter pondered, looking around the crystal blue skies, “What are you doing here? I assumed we would never see you again… Being that you can’t interfere with humans and their affairs…” “I was sent on behalf of the Angelic Counsel to you, specifically, Specter. As I stated before, I went to the Counsel’s meeting, where you were judged. Our top archeologists and librarians discovered through ancient text, that time travel was forbidden, and any who attempt it shall be slain.” Vexon explained.

Specter slowly reached for her weapon behind her back. “Calm yourself, Specter. I am not here to slay you. Quite the opposite. The Counsel was pleased with what you have done…” Vexon explained, “One of the cities from Raven crashed onto our planet, as I’m sure you’re aware. The citizens of Crothan were more than pleased to help the humans, despite the laws passed down. Not only were the injured healed, the deceased were able to be revived using simple magic. As we speak, volunteers all over the world are striving to teach humans the way of angels, our magic, and our origins. Same goes for teaching them their origins. Even being explained what transpired on Raven. The ones that do not wish to learn our teachings are being sent to Motavian, to that accursed city where they considered home, and their minds altered to where they believe they were on that East Province. “ “I… I don’t know what to say.” Specter responded, feeling speechless. “A great battle is brewing, Specter. Because of your selfless efforts, and that mystic that pulled you into that time glitch, you have set in motion the works of melding our once great alliance.” Vexon explained. “But… All I did was…” Specter gasped. “No, my dear.” Vexon calmly replied, “Without you, countless more would have died, and Silan would have resurrected the souls of all the humans that would have died, and invaded Crothan by now with a force to be reckoned with.” “Why are you telling me all this…?” Specter asked. “Your next task.” Vexon replied happily. “My next task…? But my next task is to find Mateo and…” Specter started to explain. “To find the mixed breed, Mateo Leohan and Achilles Torelami, but there’s another task you are being put on. This one is being passed by the counsel itself.” Vexon stated, approaching Specter. “Why… can’t you just meet with him? You can travel into people’s subconscious!” Specter asked, trying to back away. “I’m unable to interfere directly with humans as of the meeting. Until they accept, what I’m about to task you with.” Vexon replied, now standing before Specter. “What do you…” Specter tried to ask.

Vexon pulled his arm from his side, and placed it onto Specter’s shoulder. The moment it made contact, Specter dropped her arms. She looked straight to the sky, and her eyes started turning all shades of the rainbow. Vexon, also looking into the sky, began murmuring words unable to be understood by humans. Although Specter tried to move away, she was unable to with the immense feelings flowing through her body. From the feelings, she attempted to scream, but when she did, she felt a jolt go through her throat, silencing her voice. A tiny tear started forming at the corner of her eye, that quickly crystalized, and fell off her face. Fear started to set in, making her stiff body tremble.

Suddenly, a rainbow colored light enveloped the two. The immense feelings trembling through her body quickly subsided, exhausting her. Vexon, chuckling, took a couple steps out of the light. “You may rise…” Vexon said with comfort in his voice.

Specter, completely exhausted, used her hands and pushed herself up, but was unable to move her legs for a short time. “What… did…?” Specter asked, barely able to speak. “Observe.” Vexon shouted.

All of a sudden, a shining blade appeared in Vexon’s hands. He held it firmly in front of him, pointing it at Specter. With his wings extended outwards, he used them as momentum as he charged for Specter. Shockingly to Specter, her senses quickly picked up on Vexon’s actions, making her instantly jump to her feet. Reaching for her backside, she pulled out a blade similar to Vexons. As she stood in a position to defend, a great surge of energy pushed her forward. Within a flash, the two collided. Sparks flew from the blades, pleasing Vexon and scaring Specter.

Specter quickly stumbled backwards. As she pulled away from Vexon, the white blade disappeared, and the surge of energy dissipated. “I have given you the gift of our people. You are now an Archangel of Crothan, Madam Specter.” Vexon responded, crossing his arms again. “What…?” Specter gasped, looking at her hands and examining her body, “I feel so different… SO light, but so…!” “You’ve been given wings of an Angel of Light, like myself. Your wings do not protrude from your back. They are made indefinitely of light. Same goes for your weapon. You may use them at any time, but due to your original heritage, you may only use them for a time.” Vexon explained, “Whenever you need to harness your power, just clear your mind of any negative thought.”

Specter excitedly closed her eyes, and faced towards the floor. She stood for a few seconds, then looked up at Vexon with a concerned look. Before she could speak Vexon responded, placing his hand on her shoulder. “My child, there are mixed feelings in your soul. You must clear your mind and let go of all the negativity in your mind. Only then, will your powers come to fruition. I must leave you, for I must prepare our own military force to combat invading Demons. Farewell, and good luck, Specter.” Vexon explained.

Before Specter had a chance to reply back, she was blinded by a flash of light. It only lasted for a second, then she opened her eyes. To her surprise, she noticed she was lying in her sleeping back next to the fire that’s now burned out. Feeling stuff from sleeping on the ground, she turned her head towards the door to realize the sun was rising. She quickly peeled out of the sleeping bag and jumped to her feet. “I feel the same as I did in… that dream?” She gasped.

Quickly, she opened the door and ran outside to the sun’s morning light. Looking down at her feet, she still couldn’t believe how weightless she felt. Placing her feet together, she looked towards the sky one time for a few seconds. She placed her hands to her hips and bent her knees. Using enough energy to jump, she pushed off of the ground. Within seconds, she jumped almost above the trees. When she looked down, she immediately started waving her hands in panic as she plummeted towards the ground following a shriek. As she descended smacking the trees, she aggressively attempted to grab hold, but was descending too fast. Onto her back, she landed on her tent, crushing it.

Specter quickly jumped to her feet, expecting to be in pain. She glanced at her arms, and legs, shocked she wasn’t bruised or scarred. “No… Injury at all…!” She gasped, examining herself.

Looking towards the trees ahead of her, she took a step back, preparing to sprint. As she pushed off, her tent stuff she crushed flew from her wake as she took off. Leaving an imprint into the tree, she slammed against the trunk. When she pulled herself out of it, she was blown away from both her speed, and damage to the tree. Looking back at her crushed tent stuff, she put her hand on her forehead. “That… wasn’t the smartest thing…”

As she gazed onto her arms, she approached the tree. Feeling optimistic she reached down and grabbed the tree firmly. Shockingly, she was blown away yet again as it took almost no effort to pick up the tree. With no effort at all, she chucked the tree in front of her, just enough to free her camping stuff. Again, she looked at her hands and fell to the ground to her knees. “This… Power… This… Energy!” Specter gasped, feeling overwhelmed.

Sophie’s Description

Shining Fantasy: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16



Meanwhile, back at the tower, Arthur watched as Vakarra swooped Mateo from his grasp. He watched as they flew away at a high rate of speed. Just as Arthur prepared to give chase, Silan spoke with his thundering voice.
“Leave him, Arthur!” Silan shouted, “There’s nothing more to interfere.”

Accepting what he said, Arthur turned off his saber and holstered it. He turned towards Silan, who started moving his hands up to Emmy’s head, and stood tall and firm.
“Are you scared?” Silan asked.

Emmy took a quick breath, and closed her eyes, feeling his cold hands slide up her shoulders to her neck.
“You… You make me sick..” Emmy spoke softly.
“Child…” Silan spoke, attempting to lower his thundering voice, “I don’t wish harm on you.”

Hearing his voice, Emmy opened her eyes, and placed her hands onto his arms.
“No harm??” Emmy gasped, struggling to pull his arms away, “Look at all this… destruction!”

Purple mist started flowing from Emmy, creating an eerie wind, causing Arthur to take a couple steps back.
“Child, I wish nothing more than for the salvation of this galaxy.” Silan said, looking deep into Emmy’s eyes, “The races of this age… Do not see the bigger picture. You, young lady, are the salvation we’ve been looking for…”

Creating enough mist, it was able to empower Emmy enough to spring backwards from Silan’s grasp. Reaching behind her, she pulled out her staff, and pointed it towards Silan. Retaliating, Arthur started to charge her with his saber in hand. To Emmy’s surprise, Silan stepped towards Arthur, making him jump back.
“Calm yourself… We don’t want to hurt you…” Silan spoke, his voice sounding more thunderous.
“No! You’re a demon! And, you, Arthur, are a traitor!!” Emmy shouted.
“Silan…” Arthur sighed, “You pitter patter here if you want, I have a city to save…”

As Silan answered him with a nod, Arthur quickly turned his back, and took off into Infinite Tower.
“My dear, please… Don’t make this any harder…” Silan sighed, opening his arms, “Let’s start off with… just a talk.”
“The lord of Demons wants to… speak… with a Mystic?? I read what your kind has done… And what happened on Gethos… You wiped us out! And you expect me to talk, after staining your hands with the blood of my people??” Emmy shouted, making a jab motion towards Silan as he slowly approached her.
“We… do have a certain apatite… for mystical energy, I won’t deny… But my lady… you have a power you have not yet realized… And there’s history to do not understand. You, and you alone, are the sole pure blooded Mystic with the bloodline of Queen Xion.” Silan explained.

Hearing this made Emmy lower her staff.
“Queen Xion and I had an inseparable alliance. It didn’t used to be this way…” Silan explained, lowering his arms, “Before I explain… Let us go to somewhere more private… In about fifteen minutes, these streets will be craqling with refugees…”
“How…” Emmy started to question.

Before she realized it, Silan grabbed hold of her shoulders, and squeezed her tightly.
“Brace yourself!” Silan shouted.

Within a single blink, the two resided inside a golden room with a red carpet in the middle. Above, light shined through church-like windows and filled the room with a warm light. As the light shined into the chandeliers above, it made the room even more bright. Silan released Emmy, and turned his back on her.
“You may relax…” Silan smiled, walking across the room.

Pulling out a jeweled chair, he slowly relaxed himself into it.
“Ah…” Silan smiled, leaning back in the chair, “What a day!”

Emmy, puzzled, holstered her staff and gazed at the beauty of the room.
“Wha… Where…?” Emmy asked.
“Ease yourself… You’re in my private chambers, on Silan.” Silan replied.

She jumped back, and started panicking.
“Calm down I said!” Silan shouted, slamming his arm onto the arm of the chair, “Damn, just like before, unable to keep calm!”
“Why… did you… How…?” Emmy gasped, clutching her hands in hopelessness.
“Demonic Magic… I’m the Emperor of Demons… Have been for thousands of years. You learn to cheat the system a little bit…” Silan replied, “Now… sit down… I have much to share with you…”
“But…” Emmy hesitated, looking for a door.
“Emmy… Is it?” Silan smiled, “If I wanted to suck you dry… With all my great power, don’t you think I would have done so?”

For a brief moment, Emmy glared at Silan with a look of confusion, but understanding. Releasing her clutch on her hands, she approached a chair next to Silan. Still, thousands of thoughts ran through her mind as she approached the seat.
“Why… Why did you bring me here…?” Emmy asked, cowering in fear.
“As I said on Motavian… You are the sole bloodline to the heir of the throne; Queen Xion.” Silan explained, “Your bloodline was declared a total loss during the Great Lunar War… Ask yourself this… Have you had a voice inside your head all this time?”

Emmy froze in astonishment.
“But…?” Emmy attempted to ask.
“The only place that has a record of all the wars in the past one hundred thousand years were recorded on Crothan. The text didn’t steer you wrong, since you were able to obtain that information. As a result of the war, Gethos turned into what you see today. I regret those events ever took place, but it was unavoidable…” Silan explained, reaching for a glass on a table next to him, “Those damn imperial Angels and their Planetary Technology…”
“Planetary Technology? Nothing in that recording…” Emmy started to explain.
“Exactly. Let me share this info with you. I was there the day their scouts were approaching Queen Xion. They begged her to allow them to drill to the center, and install a gravitational engine… Similar to what was on Raven. The original claim was to manage the Great Crystal’s radiating energy… But it’s that same crystal that gave Mystics such great power. In fact, Mystics mined this crystal, and used it to boost up their power. At that time… We even helped mine this crystal, and used it to empower ourselves instead of drinking the mystical energy… But, Their leader… Their Emperor… King and Queen Cross ascended into that very throne room. They explained the crystal was apart of a dark legend from eons before our solar system ever formed and demanded they let them do their thing. Leaders of all four races were in that room when everything changed. it was the Imperial Angels that took the first shot… Following Queen Xion, and the human lead, as well as I. I quickly grabbed the wounded Queen Xion, and attempted to get her to safety, but she died when the Imperial  reinforcements came… Which started a bloodbath. Overall, the Worldstone was destroyed, destroying the atmosphere, and everything about Mystics. Along with it, the alliance.”
“That… wasn’t recorded…” Emmy stated.
“That’s because about two hundred years ago, there was a cease fire. Due to the rarity of Mystics, and certain Mystics going rogue over the years, because they are so powerful, they were separated from main populous of each planet. Yes, even here on Silan. Once this happened, tension rose. There was one less power in the galaxy. That’s when I struck a deal with Commander Arthur. We agreed the Imperial Angelic Council is too much a threat to be left alone. Since the cease fire, they’ve closed their borders. My intel shows that they are harnessing what power is left in the shards of the Worldstone and planning on using it to obliterate Silan. Weather you like to think so… Mixed breeds are welcomed here of all races and genders. We don’t discriminate.”

Emmy stood from the seat and backed away a few steps.
“But… Raven… All those people… What about all the attacks on Raven…??” Emmy gasped.
“It’s… complicated.” Silan stood up.

Silan, with a small orb in his hand, slowly approached Emmy.
“In my hand… is a Quartz Orb. This orb contains things you need to know, if we are to continue. But… To answer your question… The attack on Raven was nothing more than a plan made from Commander Arthur. He has ambitions that don’t settle well, but had to come to pass for the phases of our plans. Raven’s core was growing unstable. That was thanks to the Imperial Angels. When we were all at peace, they drilled into Raven’s core and stole their Worldstone. They promised Humans that when they did this, they would build an artificial Worldstone capable of bringing more technology, and prosperity to the whole planet. Well, when the cease fire happened, and they closed their borders, so did the flow of energy, causing the energy holding in the artificial Worldstone to rupture. It would have been a matter of time before the planet itself exploded… That’s why there was a core evacuation plan… ” Silan explained.
“Demons… They… killed so many…” Emmy gasped, looking towards the floor in shock.
“Commander Arthur is to blame, my dear.” Silan spoke softly, placing a hand on her shoulder, “It was his doing. My soldiers were to go to Raven, and destabilize the core. When I gave my legion to Arthur, he is the one that told them… No survivors. If it were me, I would have seen to it those same demons be executed on the spot, with no way of their souls reaching the well. Such dishonor…” Silan sighed.

Emmy looked up, feeling soothed by Silan’s words.
“You… You’re telling… the truth…” Emmy replied.
“Humans have taught you, and each other that Demons are nothing more than blood thirsty savages that wish to suck Mystics dry, and conquer the galaxy. Quite the opposite… We are a proud warrior race with honor… We follow any rule, and do as we are asked. We are duty bound. During the war, Mystics and Demons were unstoppable allies. With Humans, we were invincible… Although some of our kind act on their own… I see to it personally that they are punished with the worst punishment of all. Soul drifting… You know them as shadowy apparitions. Emmy, Help me rebuild the kingdom of Gethos… Mystics can come out of the woodwork, and with our might, and our code, we shall triumph over the Angels, and reforge the peace we had so long ago!”

Emmy took a quick step back again, just enough to be out of Silan’s reach. As she looked down, she noticed the orb he was holding was now in her hands.
“Take that Quartz Orb, and hold it over your head, and chant as you did fighting my son.” Silan said.

She looked at Silan, puzzled.
“But how…?” Emmy gasped.
“I’m the Emperor of Demons. You think I can’t hear murmuring from a Mystic?” Silan chuckled.

Taking a deep breath, Emmy held the orb high above her head. The moment her arms were locked, she looked at the orb, and closed her eyes.
“amin wish ten’ i’ val en’ i’ makers, tena amin plea!” Emmy shouted.

Uttering those words seemed to thunder through the halls. Silan took a few steps back and sat in his chair. Emmy held her pose with the orb in her hands, frozen in place as a blue and purple mist started surrounding her.
“Atta girl!” Silan smiled, watching the orb disintegrate.

All of a sudden, unknowing to Emmy, a crystal with the same color as her hair appeared around her.
“What…. is… happening…” Emmy asked, unable to move.
“My dear…!” Silan replied, “You’re entering a Mystical Slumber. Don’t panic.”

Before Emmy could say anything, the crystal completely formed, encasing her in a frozen state. Silan, watching the crystal float in the same place Emmy was standing, stood from his chair with a smirk on his face. As he got within arms reach of the crystal, he placed his hand on the crystal to feel its texture.
“Let’s give you clothes suited for royalty…” Silan smiled, snapping his fingers.

In an instant, the shredded clothes Emmy wore disappeared and replaced itself with a completely different look. Across her body, she was wrapped in a green silky sash showing off her stomach, and on her bottom half she wore a golden skirt with a long skit on the right side, showing her right. On her feet, she wore a pair of golden flats. Her wrists had several golden bracelets, with random symbols on them. She did, however have her retractable staff, but it was tucked in her golden sash hugging her hips.
“There we are… Now when you are prepared, you will fit the role.” Silan smiled, turning his back to the crystal, “Now… We shall place you above my throne, for safe keeping.

Raising his right hand, the crystal lifted from the ground, and slowly hovered the room, and placed itself above Silan’s throne. Silan stared intently at the crystal as Zilan came in, along with his flame apparition.
“Yes?” Zilan spoke swiftly.
“I want some of your best men to guard this room. Nobody is to have access to it. If I catch anyone in here, you will answer for it.” Silan shouted at Zilan, looking deep into his eyes with rage.
“Y… yes…” Zilan shivered.

Vira glared at the crystal.
“You… caught her?” Vira gasped.
“No, you dolt!” Silan shouted, stomping the floor with his boot, “She is regaining her past memories!”

Pizzled, Zilan glanced over at Vira, who glanced at him back.
“Do you question my motives, Zilan?” Silan questioned.

Zilan quickly fell to his knees, and bowed at Silan in fear.
“No… your majesty…” Zilan groveled.
“That’s what I thought. Take some soldiers and go to Motavian. Meet up with Commander Arthur and help his people.” Silan requested, turning his back and staring at the crystal.

Shocked by his request, Zilan slowly rose up.
“But sire… “ Zilan questioned.

In an instant, Silan disappeared from sight. Within a second, Silan had Zilan by his collar, held up against a wall. He watched Zilan dangle by his collar, grabbing hold of his arm to let him go.
“But what? I have no problem destroying you, son.” Silan stated calmly.
“He had us… Kill… people…” Zilan coughed.
“I don’t care! Do as I say! Take apparitions then! Take whatever you want with you, but my order stands firm!” Silan shouted, releasing Zilan.

He impacted the floor. Silan put his hands behind his back, and approached the  crystal once more.
“Soon we will have another powerful ally…” Silan spoke softly, “With the special abilities this woman possesses, along with her ancestral background forges the perfect heir to the throne of Mystics. I’ve been waiting for eons for someone like this to arrive at my doorstep…”

Silan looked to the floor, with his eyes filling with water.
“Queen Xion…” He sighed, “If only you had listened to me… “

Zilan stood from the floor, and took a step towards Silan.
“Sire…” Zilan questioned, “My Vira accompany me…?”
“Go! Now!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

The power emitting from Silan spinning throw both Zilan and Vira to the door.
“Leave!” Silan shouted louder, his booming voice shook the entire structure.

Gaining their composure, Zilan and Vira scurried out of the room. As the door shut, Zilan looked to his side, to see Silan kneeling towards the crystal as the door shut.
“What… happened to him??” Zilan questioned, walking down the lit halls.
“Darling?” Vira questioned.
“An almighty emperor of Demons… Most powerful demon on Silan… Bowing to a mere Mystic…” Zilan shook his head, staring to the floor.

Vira grabbed hold of Zilan’s arm.
“Zilan… Talk to me.” Vira stated, preventing him from continuing down the hallway, “You’ve been acting strange since you came back…”

Zilan pulled himself from Vira, and only took a few steps before stopping again.
“I am a servant of Silan. I’m a General to the Demonic Empire. My skills are top notch, and yet… Mateo, that hick human could fend off my attacks. Not only that, he fended them off as if he was… Dancing with me.” Zilan explained, balling up his fists, “I have trained for hundreds upon thousands of years… Why is it he can compete with me?”

With a great amount of force, Zilan punched one of the walls. The impact cracked the wall, along with leaving an imprint of his fist. Vira, startled by the amount of force, reached her hand out to comfort Zilan.
“No.” Zilan murmured to Vira in anger, “I don’t need your comfort! I need to get stronger! But our glorious leader and saviour has me helping the very scum we have been at war with!”
“Zilan…” Vira sighs, lowering her arm.

She backed away just a couple steps, Only to see Zilan spin around and glare at her.
“I want answers!” Zilan shouted.

With his fists balled up, he started storming towards Silan’s room with great strength behind every step. If you were in the floor below, it sounded like large trees smashing onto the ground. Vira, gasping at his reaction, attempted to grab hold of Zilan, but was unable to due to her being a fiery construct.
“Zilan!” Vira shouted, “If you storm that room…”

As she yelled at him, Zilan reached the door. Just as he was about to open them, he completely froze.
“It’s… an act of defiance.” Zilan sighed, relaxing his fists to his side, “If I push open this door… I’d surely be killed. Am I afraid of death…?”

Zilan looked into his right palm, and stared at the creases in his hand.
“Defiance…” Zilan murmured to himself

Just then, Vira was able to place her hand onto Zilan’s, directing his gaze to her.
“Zilan…” She spoke softly, “Look at it… like this. Maybe his wish is to have a strong alliance between us and all humans. We’ll need that kind of alliance if we’re to defeat angels…”
“I… Defiance…” Zilan spoke again, looking away from Vira.

Suddenly, Zilan shook his head, holding one of his hands to his head.
“Ugh… That was… weird.” Zilan mumbled, “Let’s go! To Motavian to help the scum!”

Before Vira could ask what was wrong, Zilan stormed down the hallway without looking to see if she was behind him. Swiftly, he ran down the great halls with no kind of recollection of what just happened. Vira, staggering to keep up with Zilan, kept that in her mind as he approached a room full of well suited demons. As he entered the room, the entire force in the room dropped what they were doing and stood at attention. Before any chants were said, Zilan stood tall, and took a deep breath.
“Our leader has instructed us to go to Motavian and lend our aid to humans! Recently, if you haven’t heard, their planet was destroyed!”

Commotion rumbled quietly over the room.
“Silence!!” Zilan shouted, raising his arms, “My brethren, it’s orders from Silan himself! His intent is to rebuild the alliance we forged ever so long ago! If we are to beat our arch nemesis, we need each other’s power! In order to realize our King’s dreams, we must help our fallen allies!”

More commotion spread around in the room.Amongst the crowd, a small demon standing about two feet came wobbling towards Zilan.
“But…Didn’t we just destroy their civilization? A lot of us died, and some are still awaiting to be reborn in the pit…” The demon said.

Suddenly, a bolt of energy flung from Zilan’s arm, exploding on the demon’s face. The force sent it ricocheting off the wall, and into the floor with its face down.
“You don’t question orders! We are proud conquering demons of Silan! We do as he says and not question his authority!” Zilan shouted.
“Sire…” The demon coughed, standing to his feet once more, “We are indeed proud demons, but we deserve some… sort of explanation…”

Before Zilan could speak, the large door behind him opened slowly. Becoming frustrated, Zilan drew his fist and quickly turned around.
“Zilan!” Silan shouted, allowing the door to shut.

Zilan, struck with fear, jumped off the balcony, and landed with the rest of the soldiers. Without saying anything, him, along with all the demons in the room kneeled, and put their hands down. Silan reached towards the smaller demon, and clutched his hand shut. As his hand shut, a small orb emerged from the demon, making it grasp its chest in agony. Unable to breathe or talk, the creature stared helplessly at the orb rising towards Silan.
“The soul is a precious item. Weather you’re any race, the lifeforce of any being has limitless potential. Just a simple touch could tarnish the soul for eternity…” Silan spoke softly, glaring as the orb rotated around his open palm, “ If you don’t cherish life that’s been bestowed upon you, then you’re nothing more than… dirt.”

WIth that said, as the orb passed over his open palm once more, he closed his hand, shattering the orb. The moment it shattered, the demon’s body instantly turned to stone and started turning into powder on the floor.
“Zilan, I ordered you to take these soldiers to Motavian and help Commander Arthur with his citizens. What part of that command required debate?” Silan questioned.

Struck with fear, Zilan started to shake to the bones.
“My orders are final. Unless you want to end up like the runt before you…” Silan spoke, pointing at the powder in the middle of the room, “You will not question my authority. Zilan, take these knights and away with you all!”

Without hesitating, Zilan stood tall, turned towards the back of the room, and ran out with the rest of the demons following. It took ten seconds for the room to completely clear out, with only Vira standing in the middle of the room. Silan and Vira glared at each other with a stern, uncomfortable look.
“Silan.” Vira said, watching Silan attempt to leave the room.
“I have nothing more to say.” Silan spoke out loud, “You’re supposed to be going with him.”
“Silan!!” Vira shouted, “What are you doing??”

Silan took a brief pause, and uttered a deep sigh.
“Come with me, Vira…” Silan spoke, walking towards his chambers.

In an instant, Vira disappeared, and reappeared on the balcony walking behind him.
“We just put a huge dent into the seal! Why are we helping those wretched humans, Silan?” Vira questioned.
“Vira… “Silan spoke softly, turning towards her, “Now the seal is weakened, which was one of our solid goals. Despite how much we despise humans, we need them.”
“No, with that Mystic in the room! Why do you keep her in there?” Vira shouted, “Why not let your loyal servants suck her dry? Or our son even?”
“Because we need her too!” Silan shouted, spinning around.

With Silan’s right hand, he was able to grab hold of Vira, and slam her against the wall. The impact made an imprint of her body into the wall. She struggled to breathe as he pushed her harder and harder into the wall.
“We had a deal…” Silan grumbled.
“You… “ Vira coughed, struggling to breathe.
“If it wasn’t for the agreement, I would have put you where you belong. Under my boot…” Silan grumbled, “The mystic is going to stay protected until our plans succeed. Then I, and I alone, will harvest her. You will not question me again.”

He released her neck and took a step back, watching her body hit the floor. She held herself up by her hands and knees, gasping for air as Silan turned his back on her again.
“Vira, as I said before, accompany Zilan. The next time you question me, I will break you.” Silan spoke softly once more.

Disgusted by his voice, Vira stood up staring at the floor.
“Yes… master…”

Wednesday Blog#2 Men are pigs… Not!

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I do a majority of the cooking, cleaning, dog grooming, and… outside work. If Kathy needs me to do something car wise or something I’ll do it. I’m not much for outside work I won’t lie… But I’ll do it if I need to. I wasn’t raised with a dad… I was raised with only a mom that wished the best for me.

I wasn’t raised on “Man” things like changing tires, getting dirty in the mud, dirt bikes, hiking, camping, being social outside, that kind of thing. I was raised on how to take care of the house, and raise a family. Things I should look out for in a significant other, and how to bide my time without spending money [Which lead to video games, and a VERY VIVID IMAGINATION.] I took basic cooking classes, auto mechanics, technology classes, theater, and advanced math so I could be more efficient for MYSELF. I did it for myself, so when I moved away from my mom, I wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone.

When I joined the military, it was a huge jump into what the world was… I honestly hated the atmosphere. I hated how women came out of the woodwork to meet men in such a nasty environment. I feel sorry for the generation of today, truth be told. Women expect men to have every duck in a row, a house, and everything before they’re 21. It’s not 1960 anymore, that just doesn’t happen! You’re delusional as FUCK if you think that’s going to happen.

Some men don’t get the opportunities others do. Not everyone gets an opportunity to have a father figure, and a dad. Reporters like Tomi Lahren don’t see it that way though. When you have a penis, you’re expected to do / know everything! It’s mandatory that you know basic automobile stuff! it’s mandatory you’re shown hospitality in a social environment! Not everyone was blessed with a perfect family! Women of today… Sorry, but if I ended up single… You wouldn’t catch me dead with a high and mighty woman like Tomi Lahren. I would rather have someone I can build myself with, and form an everlasting relationship. Independent women are cool. I can live with that… Independent women that generalize a sex like she does… Make me sick.

Not all men are the same, and everyone has a different story to tell. Maybe those living the big life need to meet people working 2+ jobs and trying their best to support their family. Not everyone was graced with a paid college degree, and a walk through life. But Tomi Lahren doesn’t acknowledge that. MEN ARE PIGS! DISGRACEFUL SOFT PIN CUSHIONS… >_>

I mean if you want to attack men to be men… What about women cooking and cleaning? do YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN I KNOW THAT HAVE NEVER TOUCHED A DISH??? Never ran a vacuum cleaner? What about fending for themselves? What about basic skills and manners? How about how to take care of children? Wait, I’d be a socialist pig if I said anything about women huh?


Shining Fantasy: Chapter 15

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Palacio jumped from the tent, sending the tent crashing down on Achilles, Lauren, and Diana.
“I’ll protect you guys!” Palacio shouted, pulling out his laser gun.

The moment he shouted, he squeezed the trigger. Chaos erupted inside the tent as the three others were desperately trying to see what was going on after waking up from a deep sleep. Noticing he shot into the trees, he quickly holstered his laser gun, and proceeded to remove the tent from his friends.
“Sorry! I got spooked… I heard something.” Palacio giggled, removing the fabric off of the others.

Achilles was the first one to roll out. He jumped to his feet, and gazed at the crashed tent. You could tell his heart was racing 100 miles a second.
“You’re crazy…!” Achilles shouted, putting his hand to his chest.

Diana kicked Lauren from the tent, and rolled out gracefully. She jumped to her feet and quickly bashed Palacio on the top of the head.
“What the…!” Palacio shouted, placing both hands on his head and kneeling in pain, “Why did you hit me??”
“Stupid bastard… Are you trying to get killed?” Diana shouted.

Suddenly, there was another flicker of movement from the direction Palacio shot. The four stood calmly, watching the trees shuffle. Lauren quickly glared at Achilles, watching his movements. Achilles, on alert, reached to his side and grabbed his half working saber, and held it tightly. It was only for a second, and then the leaves and tress were silent again. It was so silent; you could hear a pen drop a mile away.
“… I…” Palacio started to speak.

From the bushes, a shadowy figure rushed from the leaves, and quickly hit Achilles before he could pull out his saber. When he fell to the ground, the shadowy figure threw itself straight up into the air, flying far away from the range of the laser guns. Lauren quickly fell to Achilles’s side, trying to bring him back to his feet.
“What was that??” Palacio gasped, jumping back.
“That… looked like a shadowy apparition…” Lauren replied, helping Achilles back to his feet.
“But during sunrise?” Palacio asked.
“That’s really odd…” Lauren replied, helping Achilles dust off.
“Lauren… I got it…” Achilles snapped slightly, dusting himself off, “What’s a shadowy apparition?”
“It… It’s like a scout of Silan. They scout out areas directed by Silan himself… But, this is Motavian. Why would demons be here…?” Lauren explained.
“If he’s scouting the area, how about we get moving? I’m not thrilled with being demon food or anything…” Achilles responded.
“Not arguing that.” Lauren replied back, smiling ear to ear at Achilles’s words.
“Sounds good…” Palacio responded.
“Good… This ground is jacking up my hair…” Diana pouted, holding her dirty, dry hair.

With this said, the four gathered what they could carry. Using the slightly torn Tent sheet, they loaded what supplies they gathered from the area into it and bundled it up tight. Palacio volunteered to carry the sack with a large stick over his back due to his strength overall.
“So, which way do we go…?” Lauren asked, looked at Achilles intently.

Achilles looked back at Lauren, confused.
“I… I HAVE…” Achilles started to respond.

There was a silent voice in the back of his head.
“Go south… The sun rises to the east… The sun sets to the west… Head south, to the Devil’s tower…” A warm, soft voice spoke to Achilles.
“Um, Achilles…?” Diana asked, drawing a blank.
“The sun… rises to the east… So, let’s go this way…” Achilles responded, pointing towards a direction.
“Why… that way? It’s the same way as every way!” Diana responded, growing slightly impatient, “This is… a forest! We’ve never experienced this amount of vegetation before…”

Palacio and Lauren both looked at Diana with a curious look on their faces.
“I… I just know.” Achilles spoke back.

This said, Achilles started walking towards the direction he pointed. Lauren, who didn’t doubt Achilles, eagerly ran to his side. Diana, however, was extremely curious at Achilles’s actions.
“Palacio…” Diana asked, starting to follow Achilles, “The hell was that about?”
“What do you mean?” Palacio replied, walking side by side with Diana, “He’s… being Achilles I think? I’ve only known him a couple days.”
“Huh…” Diana replied, crossing her arms, “It’s strange. He woke up four days after we got here, and then that night he and Lauren come back from the forest… A girl that we just met mind you…  And now, he immediately knows what direction to go. It’s like he… has an inner voice telling him what to do…!”
“Why not let him decide where to go…?” Palacio asked, looking at Diana, “If you really think about it, he’s the only one with real combat training… You are a thief in a gang… Lauren is a certified follower for an agent… and then there’s a houseboy, me. So, what’s the problem…?”

Diana glared at Palacio, puzzled.
“Really now…? I guess I’m some dumb slut that steals from the poor huh?” Diana snapped.
“Wait, no… I didn’t mean it like that…” Palacio responded, a bead of sweat running down his head, “I don’t know about the dumb slut and stealing, but I’m just going by off what you said earlier… I am, for certain, that Achilles and Lauren will take us wherever their instincts tell us. Just have faith, cutie.”

Diana started turning red hearing his compliment.
“You think… I’m cute?” Diana smiled.
“Yea, you kind of remind me of a cute older woman I ran into in a grocery store!” Palacio smiled.

He looked up in thought.
“Yea! She was old though… Too dusty for my taste; but she did have some cute-“

Without letting him finish, Diana jumped onto Palacio’s back, and started pummeling his head relentlessly. He attempted to fight back, but with the position she was on him, he was unable to avoid being struck. Lauren, looking back at the two, smiled, and looked back at Achilles.
“They’re so cute together…!” Lauren giggled.
“Yeah, they are funny…” Achilles chuckled only for a second.
“Achilles… You’re acting strange today.” Lauren sighed.
“The fact that we’re on Motavian… Our home is destroyed… and you want to ask me why I’m feeling strange? That’s kind of stupid.” Achilles shouted, “I’m borderline ready to snap! My whole life’s work has been destroyed! Everything! My sandwich shop, my beloved, my ambition, died along with our home planet. Do you think we’re here to save the world?? Since we got here, I’ve done nothing but resent doing anything but being in my shop as our planet exploded!”

Hearing Achilles shout brought everyone to a halt.
“Achilles…?” Palacio gasped, pushing Diana away, “Really now? Is that why you’ve been acting retarded…?”

Achilles turned towards Palacio with a devastating look on his face.
“Retarded, no… Logical, yes! My whole life exploded with that planet. My whole way of life; everything…!” Achilles shouted.

Palacio quickly walked up to Achilles to the point where their chests were touching.
“That sucks for your sandwich shop doesn’t it?” Palacio spoke softly.

Diana started to grab hold of Palacio, as well as Lauren with Achilles.
“Yes! Do you even know how long I worked to achieve my dreams??” Achilles asked Palacio.

Taking his right hand, Palacio balled up his fist and with all his strength, punched Achilles in the face. The force sent Achilles straight to the ground. Before he could react, Palacio once again pushed Diana away and jumped on top of Achilles.
“I lost everything! You talk about your precious shop! I lost my daughter, you conniving bastard! My wife disappeared a few years ago, and I had to leave my daughter behind… But you lost the most didn’t you?? You piece of shit! I’ll kill you!” Palacio shouted, pummeling Achilles in the chest, arms, and face.

Lauren and Diana started to grab Palacio’s arms, but were unable to due to his strength.
“You’re acting like you lost everything! You could put a shop out here! I can’t get back what I lost, no matter how bad I wish for it! You think your struggle is maddening?? I’ve almost lost the motivation to live!” Palacio shouted.

Taking a deep breath, Palacio stood up from a beaten Achilles, and took a few steps back while shaking his hands.
“I understand you lost your shop. But take into consideration what others have lost as well. Diana lost all her friends, and her family. Lauren lost her family as well… I lost my only daughter, and now I have no hopes of finding my wife. Think about that before bitching about some shop.” Palacio spoke softly, “Now… Let’s go.”

Without hesitating, Diana walked near Palacio while Lauren helped a beaten Achilles up. As he stood to his feet, Lauren took a step back from him.
“He’s right… you know.” Lauren replied.

Achilles wiped the blood on his face onto his sleeve, and spit a mouthful of blood as well. He looked at Palacio, and looked down in shame.
“I… I’m sorry.” Achilles replied softly.
“I know… you are, but I think this is when you really need to pull yourself together, and figure out what you really want to do.” Lauren spoke, turning away from Achilles.

Turning her back on Achilles, she walked swiftly to catchup to Palacio. Achilles stood, with blood dripping from two small open wounds on his face, and looked at the ground in shame.
“I’m… Sorry…” Achilles continued to murmur to himself.

As he also started walking behind Palacio, Diana walked rather close to him.
“I… lost control…” Palacio murmured to himself.
“No, Palacio… It’s alright… “ Diana replied, attempting to place her hand onto his back.

Palacio shrugged, slightly pushing Diana’s hand from him.
“No… There’s… Too much on my mind.” Palacio responded, gazing into the floor.
“You can… talk about it, Palacio…” Diana sighed, retracting her arm.
“… I… I miss my family.” Palacio sighed, looking at his bruised hands, “I… Miss Shimara, so much… I would have done anything to see her again. My daughter was sick… And she made me leave her on that cursed planet…”

Diana placed her hands in her pockets, hearing Palacio’s sorrowful voice.
“How… did you guys meet?” Diana asked.
“How…?” Palacio sighed, and cracked a grin, “It was about twenty years ago… I was in the peace corps. Man that was a good year! I saw Shimara, I call her Sharon, training for the Agency. That day; that very important day, her squad was training in the field next to our building. She was in charge, and she looked so gorgeous… Those amazing legs, that beautiful hair swaying…”

Diana cracked a grin also, watching Palacio get excited.
“She wore literally nothing. Like a black tank top with her belly showing, and a black skirt that barely trickled down her thighs. She also had some kind of silver wrist brace, but… I watched as her and her squad were sparring with each other. She was like lightning all over that field. Quickly capacitated every single one of her people, and helped them back up afterwards. Never seen anything like it… But in the distance, I saw some kind of creature. It was red, with tentacles coming out of it. It also moved really fast. My unit got deployed as well, being that Sharon’s unit wasn’t activated.” Palacio explained.
“Wait, I thought Agents were always active?” Diana asked.
“Not exactly. Whenever there was civil disturbances in the Peace Corps get deployed. If it manifests into a bigger situation, the Agents get deployed. About ten years ago, the Peace Corps got disbanded, and the Agency increased its manifest. Anyway, we all grabbed our gear and headed out. As we got closer, I watched as Sharon started to combat the beast. Although she was superb in her fighting technique, she wasn’t acting with her team. Her teammates were killed by the time we got there. Before we could fight the beast, I watched Sharon get grabbed, and thrown into the ground like a rag doll. Watching her body impact the ground at that level of force, I’m shocked she didn’t splatter like a tomato. Naturally, being a man of my own code, I ran to her side. Once I checked her vitals, I was about to run back into battle, when my team lead ordered me to get her to safety. While my teammates fought the creature, I worked on getting her broken body to a safe place. I remember feeling her bones crinkling and fragmented in my arms while I ran into the building… Never felt anything like it before.”Palacio shivered slightly.

Diana started to shiver also at the same thought.
“Anyway, we got inside, and she woke up. I almost dropped her… because she was so bruised and banged up, I didn’t understand how she could be conscious without screaming! I took her to one of the cots in the back, and grabbed some medicine. When I got to the cot, she was desperately trying to get out of the cot. But of course, when you have virtually every bone in your body shattered, it’s kind of hard to. She did, however knock the medicine out of my hand, and pointed to the pouch on her waist. Not going to lie, where she was pointing, my brain hit the gutter real fast! I reached for the pouch and pulled out a tiny golden vial. I opened it and fed it to her slowly. The moment she closed her mouth to swallow it, she jumped out of the cot, pushed me to the wall, and kissed me.” Palacio smiled, blushing.

Diana’s face drew blank from Palacio’s reaction.
“So, she pulled off me, and told me… She wanted to marry me. I didn’t know what to say, or think… She slipped a piece of paper in my pocket and ran off again. Man, she was fast too. When I reached down, I saw that it was information to her number, address, rank in the Agency, the chapel she wanted to get married at, and her entire name. I just couldn’t believe it!” Palacio giggled.

Diana stood with her eyes and mouth wide open.
“So… they killed the monster by the time I get outside… Sharon was nowhere to be seen, and my guys were tending to the wounded, and the dead. To make an even longer story short, I went to her home address the next day, and she was waiting on me.” Palacio smiled, looking ahead of him.
“That’s a crazy story!” Diana cheered him on.
“Yes… Yes it is, isn’t it?” Palacio smiled, looking into the sky, “And… you know something Diana? I don’t think she would like if I spent my last days mourning…”

Diana smiled, and grabbed hold of Palacio’s arm.
“I don’t think she would either…” Diana smiled.
“Wow, what a crazy story…” Lauren smiled, walking up to Palacio.

Hearing Lauren startled Palacio.
“Uh, yeah… don’t sneak up on an old guy like me, okay?” Palacio smiled, with a bead of sweat rolling down his head.
“Sorry!” Lauren replied.
“How’s Achilles doing?” Palacio asked, turning his head to see Achilles.
“He’s… lost in thought.” Lauren sighed.
“Is he… thinking about that shop, or Alicia?” Diana asked, crossing her arms.
“Diana!” Lauren snapped, throwing her arms to the ground.
“Shush… Lauren.” Achilles murmured, walking beside Palacio and Diana.

The three others walked in silence at Achilles’s presence.
“No… It’s… alright.” Achilles replied, holding his face where one of his wounds were bleeding, “It’s about time I shed some… light.”
“Achilles… I’m sorry I lost control.” Palacio said, pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket.

Achilles pushed Palacio’s hand away.
“It’s alright… I have a thing against using other people’s snot rags. I heard everything you said Palacio… I was touched… I can’t help but laugh at some of your remarks, but I was touched… and I’m… sorry for… Everything that you…” Achilles froze.

This made the other three stop, and turn to face Achilles.
“I hear… something.” Achilles whispered.

Without hesitating, Achilles darted to the left at a high rate of speed. Curious of Achilles’s actions, the other three followed him. It wasn’t long before they passed by several large trees, and stood next to a river with a large bank on it. Achilles stood tall at the bank, looking down at another ledge. Below, he saw two people fighting each other. One person wore torn, black clothing while the other had pink hair, also wearing rags with rusted armor.
“Who… are they?” Palacio asked, panting.
“P… Palacio?” A warm voice was heard from the distance.

Palacio stood straight up; a tear instantly started to roll down his face. To him, it felt like a large dagger shot straight through his emotions. Diana, hearing the voice turned around and was greeted by a similar woman that Palacio explained, standing next to a girl that wore a stained gown.
“I…” Palacio swallowed hard, “I recognize that voice, but…”

The woman with the torn gown tackled Palacio from behind, bringing him to his knees. Out of instinct, feeling the warmth of the hug, he clenched her arms, and held tightly. He looked up to the sky, and tears started flowing from his face.
“This… can’t be!” Palacio cried.

Lauren, grabbing Achilles, started to head down the hill as Diana watched Palacio cry in happiness. Shimara, who was standing next to Becca, put her hands to her face at the sight of her husband.
“Palacio…” Shimara gasped, slowly walking towards him.
“This is so amazing!” Diana cried as well, with tears of joy.

Down below, Mateo and Vakarra were sparring.
“Left jab, Mateo! Let’s go!” Vakarra shouted, lunging at Mateo.

Mateo attempted to guard, but Vakarra faked the attack, and followed with a right knee to the gut. The impact immediately sent Mateo to the ground. Vakarra used this opportunity to kick Mateo in the face, sending him to his back.
“You’ll never get the chance to kill Arthur fighting like this!” Vakarra shouted, circling Mateo.
Mateo coughed, unable to speak.
“Get up! We have much more training to do!” Vakarra shouted, ripping off a shoulder piece, “I did not rescue you to be bullshit!”

Hearing Vakarra infuriated Mateo. Grabbing his stick with both hands, he jumped to his feet once more, and lunged at Vakarra. Cracking a grin, Vakarra quickly dodged the attack, and with the hilt of the stick, struck Mateo in the back sending him to the ground in pain.
“You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You lack the proper skills needed to be an agent.” Vakarra sighed, placing the stick on her shoulders, “If you can’t even defend yourself with me, do you honestly think Arthur is going to show you mercy?”

Achilles and Lauren stopped at Vakarra’s words.
“Um… ma’am? Why are you savagely beating him up?” Lauren asked.

She glared behind her and caught a glimpse of Lauren.
“Lauren Techanol… a follower from the C14B sector.” Vakarra smiled, turning around, “And Achilles Torelami,  former agent. Left due to unknown causes. Affiliated with Alicia Forndike, A mystic – angel mix. You started a sandwich shop.”

Lauren and Achilles gasped at her words.
“But… How…?” Lauren gasped.
“Up on the hill, Palacio, Shimara, and Becca Forlamini. Married twenty years ago and had a child, who fell terminally ill. Diana Besley. Wanted for countless crimes against the Agency, and the government. Affiliated with a crime lord. Do not underestimate me.” Vakarra explained.

Before Vakarra said anymore, she caught Mateo attempting to get up. With her foot, she raised it, placed it on Mateo’s upper back, and drove him back into the ground.
“Whoa! Why are you pummeling him?” Achilles asked.
“It’s not pummeling… It’s training for the Agency. Mateo asked me to train him hard, and make him strong. So I’m doing it.” Vakarra explained, glancing at a struggling Mateo.
“Wait… The Agency?” Achilles gasped, reaching for his saber.
“Yes.” Vakarra smiled, “What are you going to do about it?”

Without hesitation, Achilles charged for Vakarra and turned on his saber. To her surprise, she dropped the stick, pulled out her saber, and blocked Achilles’s attack before it could hit her. Vakarra stood motionless while Achilles pushed as hard as he could, with both hands on the saber.
“Stop this!” Vakarra shouted.
“The agency is corrupted by demons! Leon… he tried to kill us as one of the provinces came to this planet…!” Achilles shouted

Hearing Leon’s name made Vakarra shove against Achilles so hard, he flew past Mateo and Lauren, and impacted into the rocks. His impact knocked the saber from his hands, and he fell to all fours stunned. Seeing he was incapacitated, Vakarra sheathed her saber, picked up her stick, and walked towards a struggling Mateo.
“You fell… with the province?” Vakarra gasped.
“Yes…” Lauren gasped, running to Achilles’s stunned body.
“Get up!” Vakarra shouted, attempting to kick Mateo in the midsection.

Using Achilles as the distraction, Mateo pushed with all fours, missing Vakarra’s kick. With the stick in hand, he swiped towards Vakarra’s midsection as fast as he could. Right when it made impact, Vakarra ensnared the stick with her right arm against her body, and used her left fist to punch Mateo in the face as hard as she could. Even though he ricochet, he spun around Vakarra, wrapped his arms around her midsection and started to pick her up in the air. Smirking again, she grabbed Mateo’s hands, squeezed them to the point where they crackled, and pried herself from his grasp. Grabbing the stick she ensnared, she started relentlessly attacking Mateo with it.
“This is not how you protect yourself! Get with the program or you could die before you ever get the chance to lay a finger on Arthur!” Vakarra shouted.

Becoming more infuriated, Mateo grabbed hold of the stick, and swiftly kicked Vakarra in the mid section. To his surprise, the kick didn’t even phase her. She took the stick, and made a jabbing motion towards his head. Once the stick touched his skin, she held back, and relaxed her body. Coming to a full standing pose, she dropped the stick as Mateo hit the ground.
“That’s enough for today.” Vakarra smiled, reaching down to help Mateo up, “Let’s clean you up and take a rest.”

Mateo struggled even to look at Vakarra’s hand. Out of anger, he took what little strength he had, and smacked Vakarra’s hand out of the way.
“No… We… can’t stop yet.” Mateo coughed, wiping blood pouring from his mouth.
“Mateo you’re worn and broken… You need to rest, if you’re to get better…” Vakarra explained, reaching out to him once more.

He stared at her hand, and started filling with anger once more.
“Would Arthur? Would Silan??” Mateo shouted, blood and sweat dripping from his face, “What about Emmy? I have to save… her!”

Vakarra took a step back.
“You’re not going to get there without resting! Think logically, Mateo!” Vakarra shouted.

Mateo relaxed his arms, and looked towards the ground.
“I guess I could…” Mateo sighed.

Unable to keep himself up, he fell to the ground on his back. Vakarra, Achilles, and Lauren watched as his body hit the ground.
“You beat him to death…” Lauren gasped.
“He asked for it.” Vakarra sighed, kneeling to check on Mateo.
“Why on earth… would someone ask for something that stupid…?” Achilles asked, slightly struggling to stand.
“What is it to you?” Vakarra snapped, grabbing hold of Mateo to hoist him up, “You people don’t realize what has transpired… do you?”

Lauren looked at Achilles, and looked back at Vakarra.
“A province landed here, and some ploy involving demons?” Lauren explained.
“Missie…” Vakarra sighed, bringing Mateo to his feet with his arm strapped around her neck, “More is at work than you realize. Let’s get back to our camp. We will continue to discuss more.”
“Sure…” Achilles agreed.

Walking beside Vakarra, they scaled the small hill towards a small path where Palacio was reuniting with his family.
“Are you guys coming??” Vakarra asked.
“We… need a bit. We’ll catch up Vaka…” Shimara responded, still embracing Palacio.\

Following a shrug, Vakarra started walking down the path with Mateo at hand. She did a slight nudge with her right shoulder into his torso to see if he was conscious.
“He’s either unconscious, or asleep. Either way, he pushed way too hard…” Vakarra sighed.
“Who… is he?” Lauren asked.
“I recognize him… Him and a girl came to the shop the other day.” Achilles remembered, snapping his fingers.
“Mateo Leohan. Lived in the Northern Province. Him and his friend, Emmy. Mateo is the son of Julius and Vira Leohan, two of the best agents on the force. I trained with them specifically. It’s been his lifelong ambition to be an Agent of Raven, but thanks to Arthur and the corruption of the Agency and government, his parents disappeared and Mateo was banished from joining.” Vakarra hesitated.
“That’s really depressing…” Lauren explained.
“When the order to dispatch the Eastern Province went out, I started heading to the Central Reactor to detach the rest of the Provinces because I didn’t see the need to leave them. My counterpart… Leon dared me not to do it… Then I came across a demonic general, Zilan. He… did some kind of mind control, and turned me against my own people…” Vakarra explained, glaring towards the ground, “Next thing I knew, Mateo was standing above me… We went to the reactor, to find Zilan, and Shimara, who was also being controlled. Although it confused me at first, as I watched Mateo fight Zilan one on one… I noticed he infused himself with mystical energy… All in all, I defeated Shimara, and I took her to safety and escaped the explosion barely… When we got here, Shimara came to her senses… We found a ride, got it running, and as we were leaving, we snatched Mateo from being attacked from Arthur and Silan, King of the demon Empire… They have his friend Emmy in captivity… Because she has emitted large pulses of Mystic energy… levels not recorded for years. Mateo here, wants to save her.”

Lauren uttered a sigh.
“That’s a mouthful huh?” Lauren grinned.
“Sounds like an adorable love story to me…” Achilles replied.
“The fact he took on Zilan the way he did intrigues me… But he barely was able to hold his own. He even mentioned holding a conversation with Silan before being swallowed by a white light. No human has ever successfully done that before without being corrupted. Being one of the highest ranking officers in the Agency, Mateo asked me to train him. Every day, every night. Rain, snow, whatever came our way. He wants to get better and stronger.” Vakarra explained, looking forward on the path.
“All that sounds dull and bull.” Diana laughed, running up to the group.

Vakarra glared at Diana, watching her stand close to Mateo. She started poking his back, and his arm.
“If you consider getting your ass kicked by a girl with pink hair training… You sure jacked him up really good!” Diana laughed.
“Hold your tongue, little girl! What would a criminal know?” Vakarra shouted.
“You tell me, pink eye! I’ve never met a natural pinky…” Diana replied, plucking a piece of hair from Vakarra’s head.
“Show respect, thief!” Vakarra shouted.

Escalating her frustration, she took Mateo’s arm off her neck, and started to place him on the ground. Taking initiative, Achilles and Lauren nodded, and grabbed hold of Mateo’s arms as well. As they held him across their shoulders, they watched as Vakarra stood tall. Diana placed her hands on her hips and started laughing hysterically.
“I heard your prissy ass earlier. You know all about me huh?” Diana smiled.

Vakarra gave Diana a blank stare.
“What about you girly? With that hair of yours, you could be some freak demon with pink powers or something. Yeah! How do we know you’re not allied like Leon, and the other freaks in that Agency? Maybe a spy?” Diana laughed once more.

Vakarra looked down to the ground with a pained look on her face.
“You want the truth?” Vakarra responded.
“Diana, that’s enough!” Lauren shouted.
“Stop being a bitch, Diana!” Achilles shouted as well.
“Can it cheese!” Diana shouted, flipping Achilles the bird, “Lets see some clarification!”

Taking a deep breath, Vakarra balled her fists up, and glared at Diana as if she was dirt.
“Do you see this armor I’m wearing?” Vakarra asked.

Diana took a few glimpses of Vakarra.
“I see some, but not much. What’s that have to do with anything?” Diana asked.
“To become a Lieutenant… You must be willing to give your life to the agency. This armor prolongs life and enables us to draw unlimited mystical energy. On the day you are sworn in, the armor is infused onto your body… Unable to remove it. The only time you can remove it is if you die or you are banished from the Agency.” Vakarra explained, placing her hand on her chestplate.
“Really, now? That’s not good enough… Tell us more!” Diana shouted, reaching to her backside.
“I’ve been with the agency over two hundred years. I’m not much older than the rest of you, truthfully… That’s when I made the rank Lieutenant. I can hear the call of Commander Arthur in my head, as well as my counterpart, Leon. Their calls are faint now, but I can still hear them. With each day passing, more of my armor comes off, and I become what I once was so many years ago. This chest piece… and this left gauntlet is all I have left.” Vakarra explained, looking at her left gauntlet.
“You won’t… die will you?” Achilles asked.
“Heavens no!” Vakarra replied, “I will be twenty-seven again.”

Diana took a small step back.
“All my life, I wanted to stand tall and proud among my peers and lead them all to victory. And I achieved that, and watched slowly as the organization I loved and cared for fade away to corruption, greed, murder, and sex. Things never were like this. Not like before. Since Arthur took command our order has fallen apart… “ Vakarra explained, looked to the ground once more.
“Wow… that’s a touching story!” Diana shouted, pulling out a dagger, “Anything else to add?”
“Yeah, there’s more. When this armor comes off completely, my memories of everything I learned in the past two hundred years will repress to nothing, and I’ll have the exact same memory as I did back then. I won’t remember anything… “ Vakarra sighed, with a tear beading on her eye.

Feeling the tear bead on her face, she closed her eyes and shook her head slightly, getting rid of the tear.
“That doesn’t matter right now. I have to train Mateo as much as possible before I revert… My former self… wasn’t too keen on training others.” Vakarra explained, “I learned so much in this timespan… To lose it all in a blink of an eye, is hard for me to digest.”

Diana lowered her dagger.
“That’s… That sounds horrible… Why won’t you retain your memory?” Diana asked.
“It’s the law of a lieutenant. It’s been like this for generations.” Vakarra explained, “Since the foundation of our home, Angels, Mystics, and Humans lived together peacefully. Among them were six defenders with the leader of them being the almighty ruler over the races. The defenders were crafted magical armor that allowed extended life, enhanced strength, stamina, durability, wisdom, and sight. The ruler’s armor was crafted to be near immortal, due to countless assassination attempts from the Demons. Over the years, rituals were starting to be performed, and leaders as well as protectors, were switched out every so often to give the people something to look towards. Hence why the Agency was formed. Commander Arthur, when he decided to pick up the mantle, he somehow gained the rank Commander, and dismissed four of the six protectors. He single handedly destroyed the armor, and chose a leader himself. Although by then the peace between the Mystics, Angels, and Humans were broken, people still looked towards the leader as the authority figure.”
“So why is your armor coming off? We watched you rip a piece off…” Lauren asked.

Vakarra lifted her right hand, and stared into her palm.
“I have enjoyed these two hundred years as a protector… Or as Commander Arthur put it a Lieutenant. But I watched what my beloved society has transformed to… I do not wish to be apart of the organization anymore… Its meaning has severely tarnished over the years… The sooner this armor comes off, the better. I kind of miss my younger self. Rambunctious, always thirsting to fight, I miss having the dream of achieving something big. Two hundred years is a long time… I’m tired.”

Vakarra lowered her arm, and turned her back towards Diana.
“Let’s get back to camp. We’ll talk more there.” Vakarra stated.

This said, Vakarra motioned to continue forward. While Achilles and Lauren followed Vakarra, Diana followed a short distance pondering everything Vakarra said.
“I wonder if my gang is alright…” Diana asked herself.

It didn’t take too long before they reached where the camp was. The camp was nothing but a crashed, destroyed ship with very few open compartments. From the few days Vakarra and the others stayed, You could see random torn sheets hanging over the compartments where they stayed at.
“Put Mateo over there.” Vakarra pointed to one of the ground level compartments.
“So uh… Where do we stay, captain lady?” Diana asked walking next to Vakarra.
“Doesn’t matter to me, just keep your belongings to yourself.” Vakarra replied, glaring at Diana.

As Diana shrugged her shoulders, Vakarra walked towards a compartment next to Mateo’s and closed the sheet. Achilles and Lauren came from Mateo’s compartment not soon after.
“This… looks like a ship!” Diana gasped.
“Yes, it’s a scouting ship.” Shimara said, walking up from behind Diana.

Startling Diana, she jumped ahead a tiny bit, turned around, and grabbed hold of her dagger ready to unsheathe it. Realizing it was Palacio’s wife, she released the dagger and placed her hand across her chest.
“Scared the shit out of me…” Diana panted.
“Relax!” Shimara smiled, “So… you’re Diana!” Shimara smiled.
“Yup, I’m beautiful and dangerous!” Diana shouted.
“Well you certainly are, aren’t you?” Shimara giggled.
“She’s a handful, I’ll give you that!” Palacio laughed, with Becca next to him, “She saved my hide a couple times!”

Diana blushed slightly.
“I heard a lot about you… Shimara…” Diana replied, feeling embarrassed with Palacio’s comment.
“As have I!” Shimara smiled, approaching Diana, “You’re quite the fighter, I was told.”

Diana looked slightly puzzled as Shimara started circling around her. Palacio and Becca stared at her; confused.
“I… do what I have to to survive…” Diana replied, feeling uncomfortable.
“Who taught you how to fight?” Shimara asked scornfully, her circles getting closer towards Diana.
“When you live on the streets, you have to do what you can to survive…” Diana replied, feeling more uncomfortable.
“Interesting.” Shimara said, her voice going more dark.
“Um… honey, what are you doing?” Palacio asked.
“Mom…?” Becca questioned.
“You’re kinda in my space…” Diana murmured.

With one swift motion, Shimara reached for Diana’s back pocket and pulled out a shiny necklace. She held it high enough for Palacio and Becca to see it.
“My, what a pretty necklace.” Shimara shouted.

Diana attempted to grab it, but was shoved back by Shimara.
“Palacio… This looks like Becca’s necklace, doesn’t it?” Shimara asked, chucking it to Palacio.

As Palacio caught it, he examined it in his hands, to quickly see the initials B.M. He looked at Diana with a pained and confused look.
“How… did you get this, Diana? It was right in my…” Palacio questioned in shock, patting his pockets on his body.

Diana, also looking shocked, looked at the necklace again, and back at Palacio.
“Wait…” Diana replied in a stuttering voice.

Palacio stormed to Diana, coming nose to nose with her.
“Despite everything that’s happened in these few days, you had the audacity to steal from me??” Palacio growled, “I thought she was dead… I thought my wife was gone forever… and one of the heirlooms I kept on me you stole?”

Diana’s face turned white for a brief moment. A sense of pain coursed through her body.
“I didn’t steal that… Palacio…” Diana replied, looking into his face, “I had no idea you had something like that…!”
“You disgust me… Stay away from me, my family… and don’t you ever come near me again. I was a fool to trust you as I have…” Palacio growled.

Ramming Diana’s shoulder, he stormed towards the camp, with Becca following. From the force, Diana almost fell to the ground but quickly staggered to her feet. As Shimara passed by Diana, she came to whisper distance.
“Come near my family again… And I’ll kill you, understand? Might want to hightail it out of here missy…” Shimara whispered with a sense of delight.

Diana made eye contact with Shimara as she passed by. To her surprise, Shimara was twirling the same necklace she pulled from Diana’s pocket. She gave a miniscule grin, then turned her back onto Diana. Diana stood mortified, and stunned by what just transpired.
“I… didn’t steal anything… from him.” Diana murmured to herself, “I… really didn’t…”

With her head towards the ground, she approached one of the compartments of the camp. Seeing all the ground level ones were full, she jumped and climbed to another level and used that. Instead of taking in the view of a temporary home, she found the closest object that resembled a bed, sat in it, brought her legs up to her body, and buried her face into her legs. Unable to keep in what just transpired, she started sobbing.

At the same time, inside Mateo’s compartment, Lauren reached for her backside and pulled out her pouch.
“I have some medicine that should clean some of these wounds.” Lauren stated, pulling out a couple green herbs.
“Alright…” Achilles responded, looking out the hole of the sheet covering the compartment.
“Something the matter?” Lauren asked, dabbing the green herbs on some of Mateo’s wounds.
“It’s weird, but… Diana is standing there with Palacio and his folks… Just… “ Achilles replied.

Curious, he stood up, and peeked closer out the hole in the sheet. He watched as Shimara started circling Diana. From that far distance, Achilles could tell something was wrong, or was about to happen.
“That woman… I think her name… was Shimara? She’s circling Diana like she’s a demon or something… It’s weird.” Achilles said.
“It’s probably nothing…” Lauren shrugged her shoulders.

Lauren pulled out a red leaf, and started dabbing a piece of a damp cloth with it.
“Mateo, this is going to burn a lot, but it will heal really fast… Alright?” Lauren said, closing her eyes.

Before Mateo could say anything, she placed the rag onto his left arm with a deep gash. She pushed onto it as hard as she could as Mateo let out a horrid scream. He held back flailing as hard as he could, but this only caused his whole body to shake. Within a few seconds, she released the rag and the wound was completely gone. Mateo quickly jumped to his feet, and grabbed hold of Lauren. This caused Lauren to throw her hands up in the air.
“You’re a fucking psyco!” Mateo shouted, pushing Lauren against the wall, “But… Thank you…”

With a sigh of relief, he lowered Lauren back to the floor, and sat back down on the bed. Lauren, slightly terrified, lowered her arms back to her side, then sat down in a chair next to the bed.
“Sorry…” Mateo sighed with relief again, “Force of habit… I haven’t felt pain and exhaustion like this in so long… If we were back at home, I could just conjure up a vial of angelic potions, and be healed instantly… But… I only have two vials left… I’m trying to save them for dire-need situations…”
“You know angelic alchemy?” Lauren gasped, looking at Mateo.
“I do… I brought some books but… I have no clue where my vehicle landed… So I can’t make anymore. I know some off the top of my head but…” Mateo started explaining.

Lauren grabbed hold of Mateo’s left arm.
“You must teach me!!” Lauren smiled, staring at Mateo.

Mateo looked at Lauren, attempting to pull his arm away.
“Uh… sure!” Mateo smiled, struggling to get his arm aray.

Instead of releasing his arm, Lauren pushed off of the floor, and running into Mateo, causing Mateo to fall onto the bed and Lauren to end up on top of him. She looked deep into Mateo’s eyes, and smiled.
“I’ve loved alchemy since the day I went into the follower’s academy… It’s been my life’s passion to get ahold of that level of alchemy…”

Mateo, becoming really uncomfortable, started trying to pry himself from Lauren.
“I’ll teach you what I know, now get off me!” Mateo shouted.

Blinking for a couple seconds, Lauren shook her head and quickly realized what she was doing. A bead of sweat started to roll down her face, realizing she was sitting directly on top of Mateo. She quickly jumped off of him, and sat back in the chair with her face turning beat red. Mateo rolled back to a sitting position, glaring at Lauren like she was crazy.
“You’re crazy… Lauren, was it?” Mateo giggled.
“Uh, yeah…” Lauren smiled, her cheeks turning more and more red.

Achilles turned from the hole in the sheet and looked at Mateo with a concerned look on his face.
“Mateo, who is that girl? Shimara?” Achilles asked.
“Shimara was a top level agent…” Mateo shrugged his shoulders, “Besides that… I’m guessing that is Becca’s mom, and that man’s wife?”
“Something just took place outside… and left Diana in tears…” Achilles replied, crossing his arms, “It was unnerving to watch, to say the least…”
“Meh, don’t worry about it too much. Remember, our home just exploded.” Mateo stated, “A lot of people died… The fact we survived, and in one piece, is a miracle on its own. On top of that, she could be going through survivor’s guilt.”
“I… guess so.” Achilles answered, “She wasn’t like that ever. Even when we landed here…”
“Wait… you made us that sandwich!” Mateo pointed at Achilles, “You ran that sandwich shop a few days ago!”
“Yeah… I used to…” Achilles sighed.
“Cheer up boss!” Mateo smiled, jumping from the bed and placing his hand onto Achilles’s shoulder, “We’ll fix things… I guarantee it. Somehow, someway.”

Achilles looked at Mateo for a slight second with disbelief. He was sort of blown away with the tone of hopefulness in his voice. Becoming slightly eager, Achilles smirked, and placed his hand back on Mateo’s shoulder.
“Yeah… somehow, we will.” Achilles smirked.

Releasing Achilles, Mateo walked outside, and stretched for the sky.
“What a beautiful day…!” Mateo smiled.
“… to get crushed!” A female voice echoed.

Quickly reaching for his saber, Mateo was unable to pull it out as he was kicked in the back. He stumbled forward, pushing his hands out to catch him. Using the momentum he was falling forward, he quickly turned around, and used it to lunge himself forward. Within those couple seconds, he was able to pull his saber out. As the figure he was closing in on came to his vision, he attempted to run the figure through. Suddenly, he stopped with only centimeters from the figure’s body. Vakarra swiped Mateo’s attack with her golden saber, and pursued to run Mateo through. Thinking fast, he took a few steps back, followed by a lunge to gain a tiny bit of distance.
“I see you’re healed and ready to go…” Vakarra smiled, her saber in front of her.

Mateo held his saber behind him, in a defensive stance.
“What are you doing, crazy woman? Are you trying to kill me for real??” Mateo gasped.
“To train hard, you must fight for your life!! Prepare yourself!” Vakarra shouted.

Without hesitation, Vakarra lunged forward at Mateo. Feeling hesitant and uncomfortable, Mateo stayed in his defensive stance. As she swiftly got closer, several beads of sweat began running down his face. Gripping his saber, he countered Vakarra’s lunge and in the same motion, spun around and swiped at her midsection. Vakarra and Mateo went a good distance away from each other before they touched the ground again. At the same time, the two spun back around and glared at each other.
“I need to explain a couple things to you, Mateo.” Vakarra smiled, lowering her saber, “I didn’t expect… this to happen so soon so you need to listen to me…”

Mateo lowered his saber, and shut it off. While holstering it, he gazed at Vakarra’s movements as she approached him.
“My time has come sooner than I expected… All the wisdom I wanted to pass down to you is going to fade in just a few moments…” She smiled, shutting off her saber, “I wanted to test your reflexes… You’re definitely not ready to take on a force like Arthur…”
“But why all of a sudden, Vakarra?” Mateo asked.
“Here…” Vakarra said, grabbing hold of Mateo’s hand, “Swap me sabers.”

Placing her saber into Mateo’s hand, he handed his saber to her at the same time.
“With this weapon, you will be able to pierce Arthur’s armor. It was forged directly from the Angelic Forge of Nazdoo… Nothing can pierce its light, and it can cut through any object… Even Angelic armor. The armor Arthur wears can be destroyed with this also… “ Vakarra explained.
“Vakarra… why… All of a sudden? You said earlier you have about a week or so…” Mateo asked.
“You’re a tough fighter, Mateo… Our of all the people I trained, you can take a beating, and don’t know when to quit. You’re really courageous, and I wish I could have seen you be administered as a real agent…” Vakarra explained some more with a smile on her face.
“Why… are you telling me all this?” Mateo asked, puzzled.
“Listen…” Vakarra smiled, feeling the chestplate on her chest falling off, “When this falls off, you must convince me to stay with you. There’s a journal in my room I’ve been writing things down incase something like this happens. You must get me that journal…”
“Wait… why?” Mateo asked.
“Everything up until now… I won’t remember any of it. Since I was granted this armor…” Vakarra said.
“But…!” Mateo gasped.
“It’s alright… I want this. I no longer want to be apart of an organization… that betrayed everything I ever believed in…” Vakarra nodded, “ My old self is kind of like you… I’m smart, but I can’t do tactics very well. I’m very nervous when it comes to following orders”

Vakarra glanced up to see Shimara looking down at her with a black expression. They made eye contact for a few seconds before Shimara turned the other way to go back into her compartment.
“… And above all things…” Vakarra looked into Mateo’s eyes, “Be wary of who you trust…”

She started to radiate light from her chestplate. Mateo looked closely at Vakarra’s face to see a tear form up. Watching it streak down her face put pressure on Mateo’s heart.
“Please… Keep me safe…”

Before Mateo could agree, Vakarra’s chestplate fell into pieces. Its shards glimmered until they hit the ground, where they completely disintegrated. Mateo took a step back and covered his eyes as Vakarra was enveloped into a blinding light.
“Vakarra!!” Mateo shouted.

Once the light subsided, Vakarra fell to the ground on her hands and knees. She started to pant from exhaustion with sweat beading and falling off her face. Staggering, she was able to stand to her feet. She now stood about 5’2 wearing brown rags enough to cover her body. With holes in it, you could see small portions of her body such as her stomach, chest, hips, and legs. She wore wooden sandals with the bottom of them coated in a rubbery substance for excellent traction. Across her shoulders and her upper body, there was a lighter tanned piece of cloth with a hood on the back of it. On her belt that was made of rags as well, she had holstered Mateo’s old saber. Instead of her hot pink hair being long, it stretched to her shoulderblades. Her skin was slightly tanned, and she had pink eyes.
“Huh…? Where is this? Are we at Northern province?” Vakarra questioned, pointing at Mateo, “You, explain… where are we?”
“Uh… “ Mateo replied, lowering his arm from the blinding flash, “Hi… I’m Mateo.”

Vakarra walked up to Mateo and put her face extremely close to Mateo’s face. Due to her height, she stood on her tippy toes.
“Huh… You’re an interesting one… Mystic? Angelic? Human?” Vakarra asked.

While Mateo tried to answer, Vakarra started walking circles around Mateo, making him slightly uncomfortable. At the same time, she was making a “Mhm” sound.
“Um… I’m human…” Mateo replied, standing stiff.
“I don’t see human here… I see Human with mystical energy radiating… Also a tad bit of Angel and demonic blood. You’re a Quad!” Vakarra gasped, jumping back.
“Vakarra…” Mateo said her name softly.
“How do you know my name?? Where are we? The air is so fresh, it’s nothing like central station.” Vakarra snapped, looking around at her surroundings.
“Vakarra, calm down!” Mateo shouted, attempting to calm her down.
“This is… Motavian? Are we banished? What’s going on??” Vakarra gasped, grabbing her head.

Noticing her starting to hyperventilate, Mateo lunged for Vakarra, grabbing her by the shoulders. Feeling his grip on her shoulders made Vakarra stiffen up with confusion.
“Vakarra… Listen… A lot has happened. Please come with me, and I’ll show you everything you need to know, okay? You are 200 years into the future… You became a Lieutenant for the agency.” Mateo explained.

Vakarra started calming down, beginning to breathe normally.
“Uh huh…” Vakarra replied.
“Good… This way…” Mateo said.

Releasing her shoulders, Mateo walked towards Vakarra’s compartment with her behind.
“So… This is Motavian right?” Vakarra asked.
“Yup.” Mateo replied.
“How did we get here? The last thing I remember was kneeling before our leader and savior… Arthur. I was on this glorious stage with hundreds of agents watching me.” Vakarra responded.

Mateo stopped at the doorway of the compartment only for a second.
“You really need to read your journal.” Mateo said, walking into the compartment.

Curious to what he was talking about, she followed him into the room. As the flap shut, Vakarra looked around the room to see how clean and sturdy everything looked.
“Wow… This is a really nice room for the environment it’s in.” Vakarra said, admiring the room.
“I think you were a neat freak.” Mateo said, walking over to a box across the room.

As Mateo opened the box and sifted through it, Vakarra took baby steps around the room, admiring how nice everything looked. The walls were a reddish color, with the ceiling looking like white tile. The floor looked exceptionally polished and clean with a dark grey carpet on it. In the middle of the room against the left wall from the entrance sat a cot with three different fleece blankets on it. On the other side of the room, adjacent from the bed, sat a small table with three chairs around it with papers on top of it. Vakarra sat on the cot, and slowly leaned back until her back was perfectly snug on the cot.
“Wow, this is all mine?” Vakarra asked.
“Yeah… You were a lieutenant. You had the best of the best.” Mateo responded.
“I really don’t believe you… If I was a lieutenant, why would I be on Motavian? Was I on a mission or something? And Why wouldn’t I have a squad of agents with me?” Vakarra questioned, placing her hands behind her head.
“There’s… It’s complicated.” Mateo responded.

After digging through the box for a couple minutes, he finally found a book with a blue cover with Vakarra’s name on it. He walked over to Vakarra, and laid the book next to her.
“You told me to tell you to read this.” Mateo said, taking a couple steps back, “I’ll be back later on when dinner is ready. Take your time. I’ll be next door if you need anything.”

Vakarra rose up from the cot.
“Who said I even wanted to stay in a stuffy place like this?” Vakarra snapped, “How do I know this isn’t some ploy to rape me or something? I don’t even know who you are…”

Mateo looked deep into Vakarra’s eyes.
“Look… YOu told me to-” Mateo started to explain.

Vakarra quickly grabbed the book and tucked it into a pocket inside her ragged clothing. She stood up and started walking towards Mateo.
“You said that a couple times already. I haven’t seen any kind of proof that I was anything you have said so far! As far as I know, I’ve been brainwashed and you’re trying to control me!” Vakarra explained.
“But…!” Mateo started to say.

Vakarra grabbed hold of Mateo’s collar, and spun him to where his back was facing the room. With all her strength, she pushed Mateo into the room.
“Stay away from me!” Vakarra shouted.

Without hesitation, she turned her back on Mateo and ran as fast as she could away. Even though Mateo quickly got to his feet, when he walked outside she was already gone out of sight.
“Damnit…” Mateo sighed, looking towards the ground, “Now… what do I do?”

Sulking, he walked back to his compartment. Inside, Lauren and Achilles were leaned against the wall sitting on the ground with their eyes closed. Mateo sat on his cot, and looked at the two.
“They’re completely exhausted.” Mateo sighed, “What craziness…”

Following another deep sigh, Mateo reached for a book titled “Angelic Elixirs” under his cot, opened it up, and laid back. He slowly opened one of the pages, and began reading it. Meanwhile, above a couple floors, Palacio sat in the room with Shimara making food while Becca sat on the cot across the room, her eyes still swollen from crying so much.
“I… can’t believe I’m lookin at you right now…!” Palacio said, struggling to keep his excitement down, “What happened? I left you at that shop…”
“Dad… There was a boy that came in…” Becca explained wiping her swollen eyes, “He was in the shop before, with a green haired woman. Mateo, that’s what I heard him being called.”

Palacio took a quick gasp.
“He saved you…” Palacio sighed with relief, “Thank the heavens.”
“It’s a shame you needed saving…” Shimara snapped, slamming down a can of soup, “Your father shouldn’t have left you in the first place.”

Becca stood up and slowly walked towards Shimara.
“Mom… I wanted dad to leave me… I was sick…” Becca explained.

Shimara turned to the direction of Becca with a scorned look on her face.
“That doesn’t matter to me. He should have either stayed with you, or sat by your side like a true parent should have!”
“Sharon…” Palacio said softly, standing from his seat, “Please…”
“No, Palacio…” Shimara snapped.
“If you want to yell about something like that mom, where did you go those years huh?? You are fussing at Dad over something him and I agreed on! You were gone for how long??” Becca shouted.

Shimara looked at Palacio, then snapped back to Becca.
“I had a job to do. You know what my-” Shimara started to say.
“No, mom! Dad had a job to do too! You can’t scold him for something him and I agreed on years ago! From the day I got sick until now!” Becca shouted.
“Sharon… Becca, enough!!” Palacio’s voice thundered.

Hearing the base of Palacio’s voice made Becca go back to her cot, while Shimara turned back to the tiny stove. Struck by shock, Shimara didn’t dare to look back as Palacio took a deep breath to speak.
“We aren’t here to fight each other!!” Palacio shouted, “Too much has happened, and we’re all on the edge of our seats! It’s a miracle that we’re here at all… SO shut the fuck up, and enjoy the family time we do have! Who’s to say we’re not going to die in the next few minutes??”.

Shimara released the pot on the stove and turned to Palacio. With tears forming in her eyes, she ran and jumped into him, knocking him on his back. She laid on top of Palacio, and snuggled into his body.
“I’m… so sorry…” Shimara whimpered, “I’m sorry…”

With his hand, he put it through Shimara’s long hair and played with it.
“Shh… It’s alright…” Palacio said softly, “It’s alright…”
“So… where… were you Mom?” Becca asked.

Hearing the question, Shimara rose up from Palacio, and walked back to the stove. Tears started to form on her face again.
“Dear… I don’t know if I’m ready to speak of it…” Shimara hesitated.

Palacio also sat up, concerned at Shimara’s response.
“Yes, Becca… Let’s save it for another time…” Palacio spoke.
“Fine…” Becca responded, “I’m going outside for some air.”

Before her folks had a chance to say anything, Becca was already out the compartment. As she stepped out, she turned to the right and started going upwards, towards the top of the debris. As she walked on and across small gaps in the walkway, she looked towards the sky to see that the sun was setting. Once she reached the top, she sat down and gazed at the sunlight disappearing over the tree horizon. She drew up her legs and wrapped her arms around them.
“Mom… What happened to you…? You’re different… I don’t even recognize you anymore…” Becca sighed, pushing more into her knees, “Things are so different…”
“You don’t say?” Said a familiar voice.

Slightly startling Becca, Diana walked up beside Becca and sat down next to her.
“Every alright missy?” Diana asked, propping one leg up for her arm to rest on.
“Hi…” Becca responded, without even looking at her.
“I heard some screaming in y’all’s room… Is everything okay?” Diana asked, attempting to sound concerned.
“Yea… Everything’s…” Becca hesitated, remembering her mom’s words, “No… Everything’s not okay.”
“Well, speak up buttercup. I won’t bite…” Diana replied.

Hearing Diana’s voice seemed to relax Becca a little. She lowered her legs, and placed her hands in between them.
“My mom said not to… speak to you.” Becca stated, “But… I don’t see why. You don’t seem like that bad a person to me.”

Diana snarled up for a split second, then relaxed.
“So… What’s on your mind?” Diana asked.
“You can kinda guess can’t you?” Becca joked, “Everything went to hell. Dad and Mom are so much more different now than before… It’s… so hard to not think about what’s going on right now…”

Diana sat on the floor next to the cot.
“With coming here?” Diana asked, wrapping her arms around her legs.
“When Mateo rescued me… I saw so many things… I think he thought I was unconscious… But I was well aware of what was going on… The streets were covered with people running, and fighting with each other. It appeared to be different factions of the syndicates were looting and fighting amongst each other. The hierarchy was gone… In the sky was littered with people who looked identical to soldiers from the Agency. Demons of all sizes were raining down from the ships and other things I’ve never seen before… It was horrifying. The demons were eating people…” Becca started to sob, “Then I blacked out. I woke up to see my mom standing on an embankment, looking off into the sun. She turned around and said hi Rebecca… Then I realized I could actually move on my own. I didn’t spend any time figuring out why. I just…”

Becca put her hands over her face, trying to hide the tears from Diana.
“I jumped in her arms and buried my face into her chest… She talked to me as if she hasn’t been gone one day. I was… still happy she was there, but… Something was really off. Out of place.  I took a few days to figure out why I was healthy, and had all my strength back. But, then I found Daddy. I just lost it, and here I am. Alive and completely healthy. It’s so hard to think for the better when I was so close to death. Then there’s survivor’s guilt. So many people lost their lives, who shouldn’t have died. I was chosen to survive… For what? I’m just a child with no special purpose…” Becca sobbed even harder.
“Becca…” Diana sighed, reaching over to her hair.
“Other people should have been saved… So many people died…” Becca pouted.

Tears started streaming down the sides of her face while Diana attempted to console her. Hearing her emotionally filled words brought pain to her own.
“Missy, don’t think like that…” Diana said in a soothing voice.
“It’s hard not to… All those men, women, and children were not ready to die. I watched frightened people sit in their windows awaiting commands on what to do. Children that play in the streets were cowering together from the confusion. I could have grabbed one or something as Mateo put me in that vehicle…” Becca cried.

Diana’s eyes started to tear up hearing her cry.
“I also had to come to terms with losing both of my parents. People even died now knowing if their children were safe…” Becca cried even harder.

Unable to bare anymore, Diana stood up and looked down on Becca. At the same time, she wiped the sprinkle of water from her face and clenched her fists.
“Becca! That’s enough!” Diana shouted.

Becca removed her hands and gave Diana a puzzled look.
“You can’t say anymore of that… That’s enough!” Diana shouted, “More survived than you think! As we left the provinces, we watched as the other three detached and flew off in random directions… A lot of people died, but it could have been much worse…!”
“But…?” Becca asked, raising up from the cot, “That doesn’t matter… Our way of life is gone… How much longer do you think we’ll survive on our own like this?”

Diana reached down and grabbed hold of Becca’s shoulders.
“Hey, hello? Earth to Becca?” Diana shouted, shaking her slightly, “I said enough of that!”
“And… My parents… They don’t seem like they know each other anymore… All they did coming back here was argue and fight.” Becca spoke softly, making Diana stop shaking her, “I… don’t know what to do but… to just give up. If… only they were more… hopeful”

Unable to hear Becca’s heart anymore, Diana pulled Becca to her chest, and hugged her tightly. Stunned for a moment, Becca wrapped her arms around Diana loosely.
“It’s… Going to be okay, Missy…” Diana responded softly, “Everything’s going to be okay…”

Becca took Diana’s words deeply. As they sunk into her heart, her grip onto Diana got tighter, and her face started tearing up again. While she did this, Diana could slightly feel Becca’s heartbeat from her chest, making her eyes tear up as well. At a lost for words, Diana squeezed her tightly.
“Excuse me… What are you doing in here?” Shimara snapped, walking into the compartment.

Diana didn’t budge.
“What are you doing to my little girl?” Shimara snapped again.

Without hesitating, Shimara took a couple bold steps forward, grabbed hold of Diana’s shoulder, and jerked her back. The amount of force she used to pull Diana forced Becca to let go of her. Diana staggered until she hit the wall across the room.
“What did I say about staying away, thief??” Shimara shouted, “And I see you’re brainwashing my daughter??”

Diana’s left hand slid to her backside, grabbing hold of one of her daggers.
“If you stopped being a bitch, and listened to your daughter for a minute, maybe I wouldn’t have to fill your role!” Diana shouted, glaring at Shimara.

Becoming frightened, Becca stormed out of the room. As she exited the room, Shimara smirked, and relaxed her arms.
“A long time ago when I was in the academy, I studied crime organizations…” Shimara smiled, walking over to a cabinet, “I had a term paper I titled Criminological Psychology. It wasn’t too hard to get information, because while I was at the academy, I still had assignments to patrol, and calm criminal threats. My favorite one was The Raiders Gang. Heard of it?”

Diana’s eyes got really big, hearing her former gang.
“Bound by honor and blood, am I mistaken?” Shimara giggled, pulling something from the cabinet, “One of the men I questioned… He seemed really attached to his family. I had to rough him around a good bit, but finally answered my questions. You might know him. Large guy, few tattoos on his back, and his left ankle… I think then, he was in his upper twenties, maybe thirties?”

Hearing the description brought the open-eyed Diana to a heated glare.
“He attacked me in cold blood after that, giving me this scar…” Shimara turned, pulling up her shirt, showing her abdomen with an X across, “He ran some unique claw through my abdomen. In a sense, I was impaled. Luckily, in the courses I took in the academy, I can block out pain…  So in response, I decapitated him. Was so sad, he had such a huge family back then…”
“… What…?” Diana gasped.

She released her dagger, and fell to her knees while Shimara approached her while holding something behind her back.
“So… You…” Diana shivered.

Shimara kneeled, coming eye to eye with Diana, who was completely overcome by grief.
“From that tattoo on your left hand, That would only mean you were apart of his crew, am I right? Maybe family perhaps?” Shimara spoke softly.

She watched as Diana trembled with grief.
“Ah, he was someone close to you I see… To be frank, he was trading some goods he found at the local donation and was headed home to see his family. He ran into a nobleman, and his voice is what caught my attention…” Shimara smiled while giggling, “Straight up didn’t do anything wrong… If anything, he was the most polite person belonging to any gang I’ve ever heard of.”

Diana quickly jumped to the side, reaching for her dagger. The moment she closed her fist against the dagger, she realized it was missing. Once she made another move, she realized Shimara is not only behind her, but holding the dagger to her neck.
“Don’t move…” Shimara said in a slightly darker tone, “I not only got recognized by my report, but it was published in the Regional Times as a big seller. From that incident, I crippled crime and crime syndicates such as The Raiders Gang. Without big name corporations funding them, society would only see them as uncommon thieves, murderers, and scum.”
“You… killed him? He was provoked… by something…” Diana said, trying to stay calm.
“Yeah, and that was with the simple questions I asked him. He feared for his life afterwards, and I defended myself.” Shimara said happily, “At that time, the code wasn’t enforced so…”

Becoming angered, Diana thrusted her arm into Shimara’s midsection, forcing her to drop the dagger. In a split second, Diana jumped to the other side of the room.
“Why… Why would you say such a thing, you heartless bitch! You killed him for… for… some paper?? Are you… Are you serious??” Diana shouted.
“Well, I didn’t do it on purpose…” Shimara smiled, holding her scar with her left hand, “But if you next some sort of context, there you go… And… Goodbye.”

Before Diana could react to her statement, both Becca and Palacio walked into the room. Diana’s mouth dropped as the two lay eyes on her, and then looked at Shimara holding her stomach with a dagger in the middle of the room.
“What… What’s going on here…?” Palacio asked, reaching for the jeweled dagger, “Diana, why is this even out?”
“The bitch tried to attack me…” Shimara whined, falling to her knees.

Palacio also fell to the floor to catch and console her. Becca, on the other hand, looked at dIANA concerningly.
“What did you do to her…?” Palacio shouted, glaring at Diana.
“What… I…” Diana tried to speak.

Without hesitating, Palacio reached in his back pocket and pulled out his pistol. Coming to a full stand, he aimed it at Diana, to the shock of her. Diana stood back a little, and slowly brought her hands to her chest.
“You bitch… I trusted you… All this time! How could you strike her??” Palacio shouted.

Becca looked towards Shimara by the corner of her eye, and saw a smirk as she coddled her stomach.
“Palacio… I… I didn’t…” Diana tried to explain.
“Shut up with your lies!” Palacio shouted, shaking his head, “I should never have trusted you! You are a menace! I’m giving you five seconds to leave…”

Uttering a sigh, Diana’s arms dropped to the floor, and she looked at Palacio with a helpless look.
“I’ll… just leave.” Diana sighed.

While following her with the gun, Diana walked slowly towards the door. As she passed Becca, she brushed against her and put something in her hand. The moment Becca went to say something about it, Diana softly nudged her and shook her head no.
“If I ever see you around here again, I will shoot you…” Palacio said.

Suddenly, Mateo came around the corner, grappling the weapon, and pushing Palacio against a wall. Before he could retaliate, Mateo put his foot into his chest and pressed in.
“Fool! Nobody’s shooting nobody!” Mateo looked out of the room, “Diana, come here!”

In shock, Diana ran back into the room, puzzled about Mateo’s appearance.
“Get off…!” Palacio struggled.
“No.” Mateo replied, looking at Shimara, “Get up, and whatever happened, fix it.”

At the same time, Lauren and Achilles walked into the room.
“Listen to me, and listen to me carefully… Vakarra… is gone. Her lieutenant armor is gone, and she’s no longer able to… be here with us. She lost all her memory up to two hundred years ago, took some supplies and ran off. So… We need to make a plan of action.” Mateo explained.

Shimara stood up, seemingly unharmed.
“So what we need to do is…” Shimara started to speak.
“No.” Mateo responded scornfully, “There is a plan Vakarra already wrote down, and that is what we’re following.”
“Excuse me?” Shimara questioned, waLking up to Mateo, “I’m still a high ranking Agent.”

Mateo turned and came chest to chest with Shimara.
“You really think that is a level of authority that’s respected after everything that’s happened? Seriously? If you’re going to pull that card, shut up and get out of my face.” Mateo snapped.
“How dare…!” Shimara gasped.

Before Shimara could say anything else, Mateo pushed her against the wall, and pointed at her.
“No. As of now, there is no more Agency! Anyone in this room that wants to throw their rank around for stature can leave now… And don’t show your face around me again! They have sided with Demons, and destroyed our way of life! To call yourself an Agent is like calling yourself a Demon!” Mateo shouted.
“Mateo…” Achilles gasped.
“I have a plan, but we can’t be fighting each other to do it.” Mateo explained.
“To rid yourself of the agency??” Shimara gasped, “You can’t brush aside what it really is! in a sense it’s a form of treason! Just because things are crap doesn’t mean we can’t re-establish it!”
“Then leave.” Mateo responded, lowering his finger, “We have to pack up and leave by tomorrow. If Vakarra’s notes were true, the Agency will be here by tomorrow evening. We can’t be here when they get here. She said that anyone they come across, are being detained, and taken back to Infinite Tower for… as she called it, forceful re-educating and reconditioning.”
“Reconditioning…?” Diana questioned.

Mateo turned to Diana with a disgusted look on his face.
“In the basement of Infinite Tower, there’s a medical lab where they test subjects and commit heinous DNA experiments. Who knows what happens…”

Diana shivered slightly.
“So I could have a third eye? Or a tentacle come out of my stomach?” Diana attempted to kid around.
“More like… You turn demonic. They’ve been poisoning the Agents and turning them into half demons. I saw it with my own eyes when I fled the Tower.” Mateo explained, watching Diana back away a tad bit, “So we need to head in the opposite direction… At least, out of this forest. They plan on making a one hundred mile perimeter around Infinite Tower in hopes of terraforming the land… Achilles showed me a map of the area, so we’re heading south… Towards a town just outside the borderline.”
“I say we stay, meet up with the Agency… And figure out the next move!” Shimara shouted.

Angered, Mateo approached Shimara with his fists clenched.
“Then stay, I don’t really care… Achilles, Lauren and I are coming with me.” Mateo snapped.
“Then who’s staying with me?” Shimara snapped back.

Behind Mateo, Diana, Becca, and Palacio looked to the floor. As Mateo turned around, Diana looked up at him, and nodded.
“Come… Let’s get packing… We leave at dawn. Diana, come down, you can stay with us…” Mateo smiled.

Without uttering any words, Diana walked out of the room, followed by Achilles. Lauren, being paranoid by Shimara’s defense, stayed at the door.
“I guess the rest of you are staying…?” Mateo questioned, looking at both Palacio and Becca.
“I…” Becca uttered.
“They’re staying with me, kid.” Shimara smiled nudging Mateo in the shoulder, “That’s my family right there. They’re going to do whatever I say.”

With his fists still clenched, Mateo turned back to Shimara, and let out a sigh towards the floor.
“You… You’re a damn shame… and you’ve failed your family…” Mateo sighed.

His head facing the floor, Mateo walked towards the doorway, towards Lauren. Before exiting the room, he turned his head to the right to see the three in the room.
“I expected more from someone of your stature… When you saved me, I figured you and Vakarra were on the same page… I was completely wrong.” Mateo spoke softly, “I suppose you have your reasons… And I bid you all farewell…”

That said, Mateo exited the room, leaving Becca and Palacio shrouded in a blanket of confusion while Shimara stood with her arms crossed.
“It’s nice to see some things don’t change…” Shimara smiled, turning around.
“Yeah… I guess…” Becca murmured, looking towards the door.

Palacio slapped his hands together and forced a smile on his face.
“Who’s hungry? I know I am!” Palacio cheered.

Becca’s eyes instantly widened while Shimara smiled. Down the stairs, as Mateo entered his room with Diana, Lauren, and Achilles, the four sat around a table in the middle of the room with a lamp on. Outside, the sun was starting to set, making everything outside pitch black.
“Dude, you’re pro!” Diana smiled, looking at Mateo.
“What… happened up there??” Mateo questioned, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead, “That was tense…”
“I… “ Diana hesitated, “I’m not sure… Something’s off with that woman…”
“Seriously…” Achilles agreed.
“Something’s definitely off, but we don’t have time to fight. Some of the supplies I’ve already gathered, as well as some rations for a few days. I hate camping… Probably as much as the next person, but we have to push to this town here…” Mateo explained, opening a map, “It’s a decent hike, but we’ll stay long out of the Agency’s reach.”

Achilles, remembering the dream from before, stood up and pointed to a point on the map.
“Here…” Achilles pointed out.

Puzzled, Mateo looked at Achilles.
“What…?” Mateo questioned.
“Here… We should go here…!” Achilles shouted, constantly tapping the spot.
“Well… I’ll figure out the cords tonight…” Mateo replied, “Does anyone have any objections to this?”

Mateo waited for a brief second, looking around the room for disagreements. After a few seconds, seeing nobody disagree, Mateo sighed with relief.
“It’s settled. Let’s get some things tied up and ready to go, then pass out. We leave at dawn.” Mateo smiled.
“Wait!!” Diana shouted, standing up.

Hearing hear shout started both Mateo and Achilles.
“Is there anywhere in this hunk of shit we can clean?? I’m so nasty!” Diana complained.
“As a matter of fact… No, there isn’t. On the way to our destination, it shows there’s a river… We can freshen up and camp there…” Mateo giggled, “I thought thieves were used to getting dirty?”
“Getting dirty, and getting our hands dirty are two completely different ideas, douchebag!” Diana shouted, sitting down.

She crossed her arms, and began to pout as Achilles, Lauren, and Mateo chuckled.
“You guys comfortable staying in here, together?” Achilles asked the two females.

Both Diana and Lauren looked scornfully at Achilles.
“Uh…” Lauren blushed.
“YOu perverted jerk!” Diana shouted.

Unable to react in time, Diana leaped over the table, grabbed hold of Achilles’s face, and started smearing her chest into his face.
“Is this what you want, you perverted little shit??” Diana shouted, pressing his face hard against her chest, “It’s sweaty, grimy, and not adorable!! The fact you could suggest a thing at a time like this shows me you’re a typical man that wants his dick wet!!”

That said, Diana jumped off Achilles, and started walking towards the door.
“Lauren and I will stay in the room next door, so perverted men can’t touch these boobs.” Diana snobby said.
“Uh… okay…!” Lauren replied, quickly exiting the room with Diana.

Mateo, unable to cope with what just happened, folded the map into his pocket and put his face to his head.
“Achilles… You’re a damn idiot…” Mateo sighed.
“Yea…” Achilles replied in a daze, “I suppose that wasn’t smart of me… huh?
“Asshole!” Mateo shouted, pointing at stuff across the room, “Now we have to pack everything ourselves! Good going! Lets get to work, asshole…”

Lauren and Achilles’s last name

Wednesday Blog #31 “Professional” Social Media Groups

•December 11, 2015 • 1 Comment

Good evening everyone! I know… It’s Thursday and I promised to have Chapter 15 up. Well, something important came up I need to address. Before I go into it… This is dedicated to one of the sweetest people I have met in the Fredericksburg area. She’s very nice, has a LOT [And I do mean A LOT ] Going for her, and I look forward to seeing her become a professional hair stylist some day 🙂 ❤ LOVE YOU! I am putting pictures of what was said so you know the TRUTH!

So, lets get to the “nitty gritty.” I’m going to call her… Nicole. [Not affiliated with my siblings so fuck off] She’s a sweet girl that has a lot going for her, like I said. Last week, [Between November 30th to December 5th] It was raining and really cold… Miserable, if I do say so myself. It was around noonish – 3PM. Nicole was heading down a back-road to get to work… She was driving like she does any other day, But more cautious than usual because it was wet on the roads after a downpour. On a turn, her back tire hit a deep water hole. This threw the ass of the car to one direction, causing her to skid. She attempted to correct it, but even though the car went towards the right direction, it started going the other way and it hit an embankment , causing the car to topple over on its topside. This deployed the airbag, causing Nicole to be pinned against a seat, unable to breathe for a small amount of time. Once the car stopped skidding, she struggled relentlessly, but was able to get her seat-belt undone after the air bag deflated. She crawled out of it with only a slightly split thumb [Broken bone. It fractured from the top] here’s the picture below. Smashed car

It takes a no brainier to say the car was completely totaled. Luckily, there was a truck incoming that saw the whole thing [Ironically, it was her EX-Boyfriend’s neighbor] and rushed to her aid. To his surprise, he saw her completely unharmed…  He called 911… The paramedics checked her out and everything. Form that, she showed no signs of injury or a concussion but she was told if she had any signs of a concussion to get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Also, they said her thumb was jammed, and to keep an eye on it. If anything funny happened, to go to the hospital. Because she showed no signs, she was able to be left there [She opt’d out of going with the ambulance]. Once that was finished, she called her mother, and then lastly, her boss. Her boss, only being a couple minutes away, raced over there to meet her. I will note, the paramedics and police that spoke with her were amazed [As well as I] she walked away form this so… NOT injured. People die from accidents at this magnitude, and not flipped over…

So, her boss brought up the idea of taking a picture for her boyfriend to let him know she was alive. Below is what she sent him.


This picture was to let him know she was alive. At the time, she hasn’t found out about her broken thumb [It’s broken across the top part of the joint and then up at an angle so it’s in three pieces] Or her concussion, which she passed out that night from blurred vision. She drew a diagram for you all. lol


To speed up time a little bit, that evening is when she found out everything [When the adrenaline and all went down and things were going back to normal] The next day, she posted the picture of her in front of the car, stating,

Thank you to everyone who helped me and was there for me today. If anyone needs to get a-hold of me this week just message me on FB. My phone was crushed in the crash.” – Nicole

Her facebook was filled with happiness, roses, rainbows, get well soon’s, etc. Everything was said and done and it was time for healing. Well… All that came to a pause when Nicole got a message from her aunt about pictures of her accident were taken by a woman… Even though I’m personally pissed off at her retarded way of reflecting her professionalism…, lets call her… Mrs. Meddlesome Once I picked up on the conversations that took place I got rather sick. This all happened a little over the 24 hour mark. Mrs. Meddlesome passed the accident after it happened, when Nicole was still out there getting herself together, and took the need to take pictures of the car with Nicole in front of it. Instead of offering assistance, she felt the need to post the pictures on the Fredericksburg Wall of Shame with no permission from the original owner.  Myself, I’ve been on that page and the incriminating things I see on there… are disgusting. I left because I was seriously disappointed on how social media has led to so much hate [I’ll get back to this at the end of the blog] Here is the post that started it.


With this picture, I’m going to show… some incriminating comments it received. I cut out names and faces for obvious reasons.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Now here’s where things get bad. Nicole found out from her Aunt that this was happening. In a fit of rage, she let loose on this woman and said the following [WARNING… THIS IS GRAPHIC]:

Marie Speech 1

Marie speech 2
Time don’t act concerned and be a lying cunt to the public. Just mind your own damn business and get a fucking life.

This was said. Before I continue… There’s a LOT of hate in this message… Do I think it’s justified? Yes and this is why. At the time she wrote it, she was still in mental shock. Not many people could have walked away from this and she did. For the rest of her life she will recall this point in her life where she almost died. INCHES from death, I might add. To know her picture was taken by some stranger passing on the road and threw it up on a huge public website… That was a “Crime scene” of sorts. Reports were being done, etc. This COULD HAVE BEEN evidence. Anyway, lets continue.

So this was said to the woman that originally took the picture. In my mind, if I saw this, I would try to at least reason with Nicole. What does this older woman do? [She looks in her 30’s 40’s… maybe… 50’s?] She does something better than leave it alone or be somewhat professional as an ADULT… She puts a 19 year old’s business out there. Let me show you:

Marie Harassment .png

FYI, The red pointing is Mrs Meddlesome… The blue pointing is Nicole. This post was put publicly on the facebook page for all to see the conversation, and Nicole’s full name. This led to SO MUCH MORE HARASSMENT!!! She got personal messages, but a CRAPTON of tags and posts.


So… In the end of this, she attempted to get hold of some admins to get the post removed. Even though it got taken down, This followed.

Harass 13

And… Followed by more trolling… Similar to what I posted above. This is about the whole story. The harassing stopped, but there was no apologies. There was wishing well, but from the sounds of it, the picture remains in the top 5 of Fredericksburg’s Wall of Shame. [There was a 21 year old woman found dead in her car and she’s ranked 5… What does that tell you?]

NOW TIME FOR MY PIECE AND MY COMMENTS!!! Viewer digression is advised.

From a professional and responsible “Facebook Group” with “Adequate Admins” I find it hilarious they feel the need to harass a 19 year old woman. Not one time did I see them ask for permission for ANYTHING here. If there were honest admins, they would have seen Mrs. Meddlesome’s post, and asked if they got permission from the person that got into that accident if she could post. Instead, Mrs Meddlesome had to be “Barney badass” and take a picture of the girl’s FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME and post it on the thread for “Help” when Nicole called her out. Mrs Meddlesome acted all innocent but she sounds dumb as shit! Her grammar is worse than a 15 month old’s. Her, and all the people that replied to her as “White knights” sound just as stupid, showing there’s so much ignorance and stupidity there is. Freedom of speech is one thing. Directly disrespecting someone isn’t a view of freedom of speech. Saying she fucked everyone in high school isn’t a “Viewpoint”. Just about every comment she got… There was nothing free about it. It’s straight up online bullying. There was trolling also, but this isn’t a topic to troll. Touring to countries that have accidents similar to this and worse… I’m personally amazed she came out of this almost completely untouched.

What urks me more is this is the kind of talk over the internet that people accept as normal conversation online. It’s sickening. How can you sleep at night knowing you said that about an event that could have almost cost her her life?? Just because she was standing there doesn’t mean she wasn’t jacked up! If you took two seconds, you would realize Nicole isn’t one of those unsafe drivers! For 19, she has accomplished so much more than what some people my age has yet to do. It’s so sad to see people that are so ugly inside [And seeing how old they are amuses me greatly] ridiculing such a beautiful and smart young woman.

On a side note, there were a couple people that reached out to Nicole and was really glad she was alright. Kudos to them… I took her and her mother to lunch to talk about the escapade and she talked me through every single thing. Step by step as to what happened, and what happened with the Fredericksburg Wall of Shame. We also talked about random things, and ate at our favorite restruant, “Kobe”. It’s a habatchi grill with sushi. You should check it out if you’re in town!!!

What bothers me the most… is people that have died due to cruel acts, murders, rape victims in the worst way, etc… have their mug shots and what not posted on this stupid “Fredericksburg Wall of Shame” for people to tease and laugh about. Nothing about these pictures is shameful. It’s posted by idiotic people who don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on. They post the stuff, hoping to get attention, and hoping to bash others to make themselves feel good… It’s a fucking shame, and it’s a disgrace to the county of Fredericksburg that groups like this get their kicks out of shaming the dead, and shaming those that miraculously survived these horrific events.

That’s all I have for this week. Rather lengthy but I had a lot to say and to cover. Nicole, you’re freaking amazing and I’m glad you made it out alive of that nasty accident. Kudos to you love! If you need to talk to someone about the PTSD that comes from things like that… I’m here. I also have PTSD. I share your pain 😦

Take care everyone! Have a lovely week! NEXT WEEK! Couples social experiment! Stay tuned ❤ Stay safe, and get fat on candy!!!!!


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